National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 01/2006


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
1/31/06 20:00GastonSCUSALight5 secondsLarge Green Ball(?) of Light Plummeting towards Ground2/14/06
1/31/06 14:29Changchun (China)ChinaLight2minsI've took this pic from the 16th floor of a hospital. and maded the shut at 14:29 pm. And after i zoom out the pic, the track of mov2/14/06
1/31/06 03:00KirklandWAUSA10 minStrange blue lights in Kirkland WA2/14/06
1/31/06 00:40PortlandORUSAFlashcouple secondsA bright light that raced across the sky and suddenly shot upward and dissapeared.2/14/06
1/31/06 00:00Lake Havasu CityAZUSAMystery Solved...?2/14/06
1/30/06 20:45PhoenixAZUSALight5 minutesThree Lights reappearing over the NW valley...again!2/14/06
1/30/06 18:10SarasotaFLUSAFireball5 minutesFireball in the evening sky2/14/06
1/30/06 10:40BurnetTXUSALightstill happeningmany green,blue and red light. no sound just + just hovering. location 786112/14/06
1/30/06 00:00Bragg Creek (Canada)ABCanadaDisk8 hoursAt about 2am, A freind and I were awoken in his country home south of Bragg Creek. We heard a low humming noise and clattering against2/14/06
1/29/06 23:00Mt. VernonINUSAOval?UFOs over pharmaceutical company in Mt. Vernon, IN2/14/06
1/29/06 23:00VisaliaCAUSAEgg30 minutesOrange objects in the sky2/14/06
1/29/06 21:00Mount PoconoPAUSALight1 secondVery large and bright flash at treeline - directly in front of me2/14/06
1/29/06 20:00BakersfieldCAUSASphereprolongedFriend and I saw a planet or moon. Reddish yellow and craters. Half showing in west, 20 times size of moon half showing with horizon.5/15/13
1/29/06 19:00AmboyCAUSACigar1 mindriving in the desert saw lights moving rapidly, and saw the craft on the ground.2/14/06
1/29/06 18:35Iron GateVAUSACircle1 minuteLight approached town , low on horizon, increased in size and intensity, then disappeared.2/14/06
1/29/06 17:00El PasoTXUSACircle15 minutes50 UFO spotted at the same time performing geometric movements2/14/06
1/29/06 15:00DavidsonNCUSAOther2 minutesLarge Silver Dome: Sunday, January 29, 2006 2:35 PM Going north on I-77, crossing Lake Norman from Cornelius, NC toward Davidson.2/14/06
1/28/06 23:00Indian RiverFLUSACylinder2 minit looked like it may have haad black squares on it,but it was very bright orange/white color and big2/14/06
1/28/06 20:50Noosa (Queensland, Australia)AustraliaTeardrop2 secondsGreen Object streaks across the sky while jet fighter crashes in ocean...2/14/06
1/28/06 18:15HeflinALUSATrianglea few secondsLow flying angular object seen near Hollis Crossroads. Heflin, Alabama. Jan. 28 20062/14/06
1/28/06 12:30WickliffeKYUSAOval15 secondsOval shaped UFO disapeared into the first of two long clouds in clear blue skies.3/19/09
1/28/06 12:00WickliffeKYUSAOval1I viewed one elongated wide oval shape with a cloud-like color heading North at altitude 15-20K feet then stopping behind clouds.4/20/17
1/28/06 05:00Santa BarbaraCAUSALight2-5 minutessome stars are ufos.....2/14/06
1/28/06 03:00HemetCAUSADisk1 minute((POSSIBLE HOAX)) ufo in the orange groves.2/14/06
1/28/06 03:00Dikaia-Evros (Greece)GreeceDiamond24' min.On 10/23/2006, at 03:00 two of my best friends and I where at Dikaia, which is a small vilage near Orestiada of Evros GREECE, and we2/24/07
1/27/06 23:30StaffordCTUSADisk3 minutesSlowly moving silent craft with red and white lights. About 100 feet off the ground.3/11/06
1/27/06 21:00OcalaFLUSADiamondOn january 27,2006 me and my mom and dad were taking our dog for a walk.As we were walking twords the house again we decided to get ou2/14/06
1/27/06 20:20BillericaMAUSALight1secondExtremely fast bright blue light2/14/06
1/27/06 19:30BeloitWIUSAOther3 minutesa row of white lights, red flashing lights, no sound2/14/06
1/27/06 19:00FerndaleARUSAUnknown2 hoursStrange cloud with pulsating greenish lights moving in a circular pattern within that cloud.2/14/06
1/27/06 06:08Northwich /Cheshire (UK/England)United KingdomOvala bright oval light just hovering in the next feild from were we was night fishing.2/14/06
1/27/06 01:00OrlandoFLUSAUnknown9 secondsRadiating lights changing from color to another filling the sky2/14/06
1/27/06 01:00Armagh (Republic of Ireland)Northern IrelandUnknown20 minutesthe lights in our town were too bright for anyone to see stars, and there was no clouds2/14/06
1/27/06 00:00AbileneTXUSALightseveral minutesStrange lights in Abilene2/14/06
1/26/06 23:00BloomsburgPAUSADiamond10 minutesDiamond-shaped flying object with lights at the corners, near Bloomsburg, PA, travelling NNW, lasted from about 23:00 to 23:10.2/14/06
1/26/06 21:45Madrid (Spain)SpainSphere10 minutestwo white spheres2/14/06
1/26/06 21:00Corinth/BradfordVTUSALight5 minbright white lights appearing in sequence in a diagnol line in the eastern sky.....very bright not many stars that night2/14/06
1/26/06 21:00DenverPAUSACircle20minSix Bright Lights in Static Formation2/14/06
1/26/06 18:30WheatonILUSASpherea few minutesBig sphere blasts off2/14/06
1/26/06 01:00GrandvilleMIUSASphere2 hoursColorful sphere moving in theMichigan sky above US 1312/14/06
1/25/06 22:30MuncieINUSAFireballA few SecondsBright lights in the sky over Muncie Indiana2/14/06
1/25/06 21:30CentraliaILUSARectangle10 to 15 secs.large rectangular dim lighted object low flying visable for 10 to 15 secs on 1/25/06 9:30 PM2/14/06
1/25/06 21:15UK/EnglandUnited KingdomChanging2 hours +colour changing shape changing flashing light in the sky over warwickshire in England2/14/06
1/25/06 20:15Annapolis/Severna ParkMDUSAOval5 to 10 secondsObject appeared only a few miles from the Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD2/14/06
1/25/06 20:00BakersfieldCAUSALightExtremely fast moving light high in the stars!!2/14/06
1/25/06 19:30AntelopeCAUSATriangle90 secondswhile driving on a country road we observed a large triangle with many blinking lights hovering at a very low altitude.2/14/06
1/25/06 19:00ChicagoILUSAOval10 minutsUFO over the Midway airport in Chicago.2/14/06
1/25/06 06:10WoodbridgeVAUSALight30 MinutesBright white, slightly flickering light that "wobbled" slightly, but VERY rapidly and wastoo bright and big for a star or planet.2/14/06
1/25/06 02:30AuroraOHUSAOther20 minutesAurora, Ohio, string of lights deep in the woods at 2 in the morning hovering above the ground, revolved and whistled. 20 min.3/11/06
1/24/06 23:15OrovilleCAUSATeardrop45 secondsObject seen in Kelly Ridge2/14/06
1/24/06 22:01New York City (Staten Island)NYUSADiamond1 hourBlue, red and yellow lights flashing. It was moving back and forth very low. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius? PD))2/14/06
1/24/06 20:00WashingtonPAUSADisk15 minutesUFO I seen in Washington, PA?5/15/06
1/24/06 18:30BunkerMOUSATriangle30 SECONDSMISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: Over the hill to the North there were weird looking strobing lights....7/5/08
1/24/06 17:30CharlotteNCUSALight60 SECONDSBRIGHT WHITE TO BLUE LIGHT2/1/07
1/24/06 15:30Sunrise Beach VillageTXUSAUnknown~ 2 minutesUpon examining digital photos taken from my plane, I discovered an unexplained object in the picture. I first thought it was a spot on2/14/06
1/24/06 02:30Willow CreekCAUSALight2 minutesBright light into the bedroom window woke us up.2/1/07
1/24/06 02:00Perth (Australia)Australia20 minutesMany flashing lights on a half-oval shaped object2/14/06
1/24/06 01:00StanwoodWAUSALight1.5 hoursUFO spotted twice in one month (January 2006.) Exactly like what was reported in 2003 in Snohomish.2/14/06
1/23/06 22:35MidlandTXUSALight3 to 5 minutesStrange flashes of light near Sirius.2/14/06
1/23/06 21:50WyckoffNJUSA60-90 secondsI was watching TV and wanting to stretch my legs I walked over to my front window and looked outside. As usual there was nothing to se2/14/06
1/23/06 17:50CallawayVAUSALight15 secondsRound bright lights moving rapidly seen over mountain in Callaway Virginia January 20072/1/07
1/23/06 03:00WestbranchMIUSALight2minMe and my associate were driving south on hwy I-75 at 3am, as soon as we enterd westbranch MI we saw a bright light hovering over the t2/14/06
1/23/06 02:00Camp Taqaddum (Iraq)IraqLight45 Minutes +Beams of light with an extremely slow pulse to it, seen over vast desert and only seemingly visible through NVGs, with a bright glow2/1/07
1/22/06 20:00BrunswickMEUSAUnknown40 MinutesI'm 35yrs old and love to look at the stars. Tonight however I saw something extremely weird. 3 UFO's that where flying hoovering abo2/14/06
1/22/06 19:00Battle CreekMIUSASphere2 min.1 sphere almost like a big star. moved from one side of the sky to the other in about 2 min. moving in all diretions and then dissapear2/14/06
1/22/06 09:44WoodbridgeVAUSAOval2 minutesTan and Shiny object2/14/06
1/22/06 07:30Sandys (Bermuda)BermudaLight5 minsI saw a flashing light in Sandy's Bermuda. The light would fade and then go bright again.2/14/06
1/21/06 22:00Pe EllWAUSAUnknown25 minutesBrilliant blue light hovers and disappears near small forest town2/1/07
1/21/06 21:45DickensTXUSAOther5 secondsSmall football-shaped object travels silently over neighborhood in Dickens, Texas.2/14/06
1/21/06 20:00Corringham (UK/England)United KingdomOval20:25pmstrange light flashing in sky and object not moving.2/14/06
1/21/06 18:30BerkleyMAUSAOther10 secondsI was driving north on rt.24 when I noticed what looked light lightning in a cloud formation. I enjoy watching thunderstorm so I am qui2/14/06
1/21/06 17:50Elton, Derbyshire (UK/England)United KingdomOther20 seconds2 large lights (over each other) and two small flashing lights in the centre (red and blue) went very fast then slow then it vanished2/14/06
1/21/06 17:45MerriamKSUSAOtherEstimate: 5min.Ax-shaped black and yellow U.F.O. seen over Merriam, Kansas.2/14/06
1/21/06 16:15AuroraCOUSALight10 minutesApparent bright sundog, brilliant aqua green, yellow and pale orange2/14/06
1/21/06 04:30Victoria, Aireys Inlet (Australia)AustraliaLight4 minutesBright white light that changed to red that was viewed at night over the ocean from the beach...5/15/06
1/21/06 03:15Camp Taqqadum (Iraq)IraqOtherApprox 30 secondsStarfox shaped craft with blue glow and smoke/debris trail behind with no sound within 2500m and an altitude no higher than 400 feet.2/1/07
1/21/06 00:00FairbornOHUSAUnknownAll day3 foot humaniod on back porch, 10 foot or so dark metal triangle in woods, talking to a religious pastor.2/14/06
1/21/06TampaFLUSAUnknown15-20 minutesComet like object seen over South Tampa emitting red spheroids.2/14/06
1/20/06 21:30AbileneTXUSALightFew Seconds4 Round Orange Glowing Objects2/14/06
1/20/06 19:20CallawayVAUSAUnknown10 minutesseethrough square with elongated pentagon shapes on all sides and long poles with lights surrounding object.2/14/06
1/19/06 23:15Cabo San Lucas (Mexico)MexicoOther<1 minute4 star-like objects with a surrounding halo appeared in succession to form an arc northeast of and close to the moon, then suddenly dis5/15/06
1/19/06 23:00Riverside/NorcoCAUSATriangleseveral different occasioMany people observing similar objects over California2/14/06
1/19/06 19:45Mountain GroveMOUSACircle15 min.Bright orange lights in sky over Mtn Grove Mo.2/14/06
1/19/06 19:21Skegness (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle40 SecondsTriangle formation of lights rotating in North Eastern Sky, England, United Kingdom.2/14/06
1/19/06 19:00Beach LakePAUSATriangletwenty minsMovement of three from a delta pattern to a line of three.2/14/06
1/19/06 19:00WimberleyTXUSATriangle3-5 minA stationary bright light, which as it began to move and fly over us to the NE it appeared to be a triangle with many lights.2/14/06
1/19/06 19:00TorranceCAUSAOther2-3 minutessquare shaped object over Southern California5/15/06
1/19/06 18:45Sheffield (UK/England)United KingdomLight1 minuteWe do not have aircraft that fast which can turn so sharply2/14/06
1/19/06 11:31ByronILUSATriangle2 minutesOne triangular craft observed over the Rock River during night time. Near a local saloon between Rockford and Byron. Object was seen b10/30/06
1/19/06 05:00WakefieldRIUSALight5:45They appeared as stars and then they moved.2/14/06
1/19/06 04:00CurrituckNCUSAFireball2 hoursthe object would move up and down slowly, object appeered as a star flikering violently. sparks were visible every so often without a p2/14/06
1/18/06 19:43GoodlandKSUSAUnknown45 minutesBrief Orange Stationary Lights and Misc. Unusual White Lights5/15/06
1/18/06 18:15Almere (Netherlands)NetherlandsOther1 minStrange Redlight Object in sky!2/14/06
1/18/06 16:20Hampstead/PlaistowNHUSATriangle5-10 min.triangle object seen by 2 people5/15/06
1/18/06 15:00AnnapolisMDUSAOval3 secondsI was sitting in my truck at the stop light on Riva Rd waiting to cross under Aris T> Allen overpass and go up the ramp. Suddenly an ov2/14/06
1/18/06 09:49Palm Beach GardensFLUSALight1 hourWhite lights, slowly moving. Distinctly different from stars, meteors, and comets due to appearance and movement. To ensure that it was2/14/06
1/18/06 09:05Opposite of Clearview hill, ClearviewWAUSADisk30-45 secondsKing dome sized saucer2/14/06
1/18/06 03:00NatchitochesLAUSALight40 minutesMy friends and I witnessed 4 objects of orange light moving across the sky in formation for about 40 minutes. ((Advertising lights??))5/15/06
1/17/06 22:30King of PrussiaPAUSASphere10-15 secondsSmall Spherical Object moving silently to the West2/14/06
1/17/06 18:00FolsomCAUSATriangle5 minutesblack government triangular shape hovering above Hwy 50 in Sacramento2/14/06
1/17/06 17:30Fredericton (Canada)NBCanadaCigar20 minit was a dark metalic long object, the smoke trail was faint.2/14/06
1/17/06 15:20PhoenixAZUSAOther1minute 30 sec.long missile shaped object2/14/06
1/17/06 12:00BellevueWAUSACircleongoingIntensely bright disk (painful to look at), barely moving (maybe 60 degrees an hour?), silent, very, very large, seems to be above the2/14/06
1/17/06 06:00Orange GroveTXUSARectangleless than a minutestrange yellow 2 x 4 shaped object floating off the ground2/1/07
1/16/06 23:00DecaturTXUSADisk1 minute1 night. 2 witnesses. 3 lighted disk. And a whole lot of confusion.2/14/06
1/16/06 23:00ClintonMEUSACircle2 secondsgreen object trailing haze2/14/06
1/16/06 22:15WallingfordCTUSAOval5secbrightblue light decending at high speed it was the size of small car about 1/4 mile from my location and end was red it shocked me2/14/06
1/16/06 21:06Glasgow (UK/Scotland)United KingdomLightapprox 3 minutesglowing object of great speed with alternating directional movements in the night sky10/30/06
1/16/06 21:00FreeportMEUSALightApprox 1 hr 45 minThree lights form a triangle over Maine2/14/06
1/16/06 03:25Winnipeg (Canada)MBCanadaDisk3 minUFO sighting on Bishop Grandin Boulevard2/1/07
1/15/06 23:00SynderTXUSAOther15 minssmall beam of light in west texas jan 15 appox 2300 hours3/11/06
1/15/06 22:30Gaillac (France)FranceFireballten secondsLarge light orb traveling at enormous speed2/14/06
1/15/06 21:00ClermontFLUSAChanging1 hourChristmas lights, spot lights through the clouds, cruising crafts, hovering crafts with lights showering down.2/14/06
1/15/06 21:00FultonNYUSACircle1/2 a secondA white-circle objects flew by my window with no sound or anything!8/7/07
1/15/06 20:15CentraliaILUSARectangle5 minutesReturning home from shopping with two other friends, we got out of the car with our packages and I noticed this extremly large rectangl3/19/09
1/15/06 18:00Depok (Indonesia)IndonesiaOval2-3 minutes6 lights flown over dark clouds5/15/06
1/15/06 15:00Charleston ?? (in-flight sighting)SCUSAOther30 secondsOn a flight from Tampa to Baltimore, somewhere over the Carolina's, saw a large white hockey-stick shaped object, flying along with us.2/1/07
1/15/06 14:00Victoria (Canada)BCCanadaOther2 minutesmy mother took this picture. There is no way she could have doctored this or changed this image in any way. Though she uses a compute2/24/07
1/15/06 10:15MoberlyMOUSATriangle1-2 minutesSlow moving black triangle. No sounds no lights.11/28/07
1/15/06 06:15Nottingham (UK/EnglandUnited KingdomTeardrop2 minutesa great big shape that changes2/14/06
1/15/06 02:00WaterlooNYUSASphereSeveral minutesWhite spherical object and missing time3/11/06
1/15/06WilmingtonILUSATrianglePICTURE PROOF NOT SEEN BEFORE12/7/06
1/14/06 23:00Gold Coast (Australia)AustraliaCircle2 minutesAt first I thought it was the moon and the small large number of clouds were being blown by a fast wind in an easterly direction. Then2/14/06
1/14/06 22:46PortlandORUSACircle3 secondsLarge fast moving White Light headed Northeast in Portland, Oregon2/1/07
1/14/06 20:30ClermontFLUSACircle30 minutesThe objects were not traveling at a normal aircraft speed or motion, I have never seen circular lights on a plan.2/14/06
1/14/06 20:00FletcherNCUSATriangle5minA large triangle object w/ 3 lights and a glowing center which made no sound. Flying below the full moon.2/14/06
1/14/06 19:47SandersvilleGAUSAUnknown15-30 seconds a pieceMy husband and I were driving on Linton Rd. headed south, when he said did you see that and I replied no see what? Then he pointed sout5/15/06
1/14/06 19:19Swansea (UK/Wales)United KingdomSphere7 minutes3 lights flashing simultaneously. 2nd one chased the 1st. 3rd one began spinning, emanating pinkish light. All three did this.2/14/06
1/14/06 13:00Fergus FallsMNUSAOval1- 2 minUFO sighted near Fergus Falls MN.2/1/07
1/14/06 12:30Lisieux (France)FranceTeardrop1 minuteObject flew over the car at high speed, then turned and vanished.2/1/07
1/14/06 10:10MendenhallMSUSADiamond3 minutesI saw about 30 winged lights and together made a diamond shape flying low in the sky and disappeared in seconds.2/14/06
1/13/06 20:00Citrus HeightsCAUSATriangle8 minThree lights in atriangle shape flew across the sky below the cluds heading northeast over Citrus Heights.2/14/06
1/13/06 18:36SallisawOKUSAFireball10 minutesorange fireballs with a streak moving very fast.3/11/06
1/13/06 17:30SallisawOKUSAFireball15 to 20 minutesHuge Fireballs going east in the sky by Sallisaw Oklahoma!2/14/06
1/13/06 15:12LebecCAUSAUnknown1 hoursmall streaks of light (or cloud) shooting out of huge cloud formation and returning in the cloud.2/14/06
1/13/06 04:00HudsonNHUSAUnknown10minseveral blinking lights, like fireflies in the southern sky at 4am, behind a cloud for several minutes.2/14/06
1/13/06 02:20ProvidenceRIUSATeardropEarly MorningIt was being chased by a plane!2/14/06
1/13/06 01:30West IslipNYUSAUnknown10 secondsNo sighting. Just an unexplainable swoosh of air as if a plane was going to crash. But then NOTHING!3/11/06
1/12/06 19:00New CumberlandPAUSALight1 minuterows of bright lights in the sky2/14/06
1/12/06 17:05South KingstownRIUSALight7 secondsBright light fades to nothingness2/14/06
1/12/06 16:34LittletonCOUSADisksecondsDiamond shaped light above foothills near Rockies2/1/07
1/12/06 07:00LaurelMTUSAFireball30 minutesOn my way home from work in Billings, Montana, I observed a huge, firey thing hanging in the sky North of Laurel, Montana where I live.2/14/06
1/12/06 05:54SicklervilleNJUSALight2 min.Very bright light or lights in close proximity seemed to hover over South Jersey in the Sicklerville area.2/14/06
1/12/06 02:00CyrilOKUSATriangle1.40The sound of it made me go outside.8/30/13
1/11/06 23:52BranchlandWVUSATriangle5 minutesA brightly lighted, fast moving, triangular object.2/14/06
1/11/06 23:26Ankara (Turkey)TurkeyOvali saw somiething behind the clouds it was turning and it had a lot of ligths.2/14/06
1/11/06 23:00GainesvilleFLUSAOvalmy housesaw 2 ufos@my house on jan 11 2006 took pixes from my digital 7.0 megapixs cameralyl3/11/06
1/11/06 21:31Washington DC (Suitland, MD)Washington, DCUSACirclesurface on the is in the same landscape as Africa continent3/4/22Yes
1/11/06 04:38North PlainsfieldNJUSACone1 minThe noise was extremely loud and there were 3 layers of red lights2/14/06
1/10/06 19:30Sydney (Australia)AustraliaCircle5minswe saw an circular object flashing a light at us10/30/06
1/10/06 18:30GladstoneMOUSALight10 secsbrilliant blue-green light traveling at high rate of speed2/14/06
1/10/06 12:30ElmiraNYUSALight2 HoursMy wife noticed it first at 12:30 AM on the porch. She called me out and I saw it too. We decided to walk down near the Chemung river2/14/06
1/10/06 04:00PlymouthMNUSAUnknown15 minutesPossible sighting in Plymouth, MN2/14/06
1/10/06 04:00La CrosseWIUSAOther5 minuetsI was skiing on my birthday, and while I was going up the ski lift I saw what looked like a burning boomerang.It was falling out of the5/15/06
1/10/06 03:25Bairnsdale (Victoria, Australia)AustraliaCircle2 to 3 minutesEast Gippsland , Australia Sighting of a strong beam of light at ground level , then assending into the sky .2/14/06
1/10/06 01:00Exeter (UK/England)United KingdomTeardrop30 secondsFour Craft Circle Above House - Devon UK ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD))2/14/06
1/10/06Srinagar, Kashmir (India)IndiaCircle3 minutesA rotating circular and saucer shaped object changing colour with falshing lights and fast coming down towards the earth.2/14/06
1/9/06 20:00MesaAZUSATriangle3 hoursBlack Triangle glides over the night sky2/14/06
1/9/06 18:54Manhattan BeachCAUSAUnknown10 to 15 secI was standing at the top floor of our home lookng south, a fire ball passed over our home and disapeared over the neighbors roof tops2/14/06
1/9/06 18:53El SegundoCAUSAFireball10 secRotating fire ball moving very fast, few hundred feet above the ground, south east end of LAX2/14/06
1/9/06 18:00WellfleetMAUSAOther30 secondsI noticed two bright stars to the right of the moon. They were stationary and side by side. I was on the cell phone and described how t2/14/06
1/9/06 03:20Bangalore (India)IndiaCone130secA BRIGHT LIGHT IN THE SKY FOR TWO MIN AND FINALLY IT BECAME INVISIBLE2/14/06
1/8/06 22:00Palm SpringsCAUSARectangle22 secondsLarge Rectangle object traveling south to north, no sound,over Palm Springs.2/14/06
1/8/06 21:00Pembroke PinesFLUSATriangle40 minutestriangular object with flashing red, blue and white lights.2/14/06
1/8/06 21:00OrlandoFLUSAUnknown20 minutesPossible "Triangle" shaped craft w/3 flashing white lights seen North of Orlando.2/14/06
1/8/06 20:00HuntsvilleTXUSADiskthis report you may put in file 13, but before you do. Please take the time to read it. All that is in it is correct.1/21/08
1/8/06 14:00SequimWAUSAOther45 - 60 secondsJanuary 8, 2006 I first observed a vertical rectangular dark colored object that looked to be hanging about 500 feet or so above the w2/14/06
1/8/06 06:05AuroraCOUSALight30 secondsAn aircraft that is so close and no noise?2/14/06
1/8/06Panama City BeachFLUSASphere2-3 hoursWe were Hurricane evacuees, was at this point that we knew it was something extraordinary,..2/14/06
1/7/06 22:00West PointTXUSALight1-2 minuteswhite light moving rapidly across night sky, got brighter/faded then reversed direction, West Point, Tx2/14/06
1/7/06 21:25Markham (Canada)ONCanadaCircle5minutesSlowly moving orange light moving in southern sky, heading directly north2/14/06
1/7/06 21:04Darwin (Australia)AustraliaLight12 Min2 Bright orange lights moving and hovering over northern suburbs of Darwin NT Australia.7/16/06
1/7/06 19:30Warminster (4 miles from) (UK/England)United KingdomSphere60 secondsA bright ball of light moving towards us faded from sight. Object seen by 6 people and captured on video8/7/07
1/7/06 18:00CoxsackieNYUSATriangle30 secondsTriangular flying craft with red lights on points and on triangle framework, flying low, silent, traveling quickly in Hudson Valley, NY2/14/06
1/7/06 17:30Mt. LookoutWVUSACigar20 secondscigar shaped object disappeared in the sky2/14/06
1/7/06 15:30Sydney (Australia)AustraliaUnknown1 secondFleet of objects in Sydney Australia7/16/06
1/7/06 14:00HillsideNJUSACigar2 -3 mini was looking up at the clouds and noticed a white cigar shapped object. it looked like it had two little fins on each side. it was mov2/14/06
1/7/06 13:00FairfieldCTUSACircleunknownbright circualr object appeared to rotate horizontally2/14/06
1/7/06 06:40Lyme Regis (UK/England)TNUnited KingdomTriangle20-30an amazing crafts with very bright lights and high speed2/14/06
1/7/06 03:30Faro (Portugal)PortugalLight20SECONDSGLOWING WHITE LIGHT LOOSING THREE RED SPARKS7/16/06
1/7/06 02:40High PointNCUSAFireball2-3 secondsBright green streak falling towards earth2/14/06
1/7/06 02:25PhoenixAZUSASphere4 seconds2 Women Witness Falling green shere in Phoenix @ 2AM on Dunlap Avenue; unusually desolate2/14/06
1/6/06 09:30Weston-super-MareUnited Kingdom15 minutes((NUFORC Note: No information provided by source PD))12/23/20
1/6/06 04:00WhitehouseTXUSADisk3-5min1/6/06 a round silver object in Whitehouse ,TX2/14/06
1/6/06 00:00HoustonTXUSALight2 hoursTwo lights in the sky with orbs surrounding them.2/14/06
1/5/06 00:00?MSUSADisk2 secondsCirlcular disk seen flying along I-20 in Mississippi on January 5, 2006.2/14/06
1/5/06 22:10Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)BrazilFormation5 minutesgroup of red and white flashing lights moving slowly through the sky for a period of at least 5 minutes.5/15/06
1/5/06 21:30PowayCAUSALight20 MinutesTwo bright objects floating in the sky, all of the sudden dim and fly away.2/14/06
1/5/06 18:45RoswellNMUSAFlash1 secondUnknown flash of light, High altitude2/14/06
1/5/06 17:35ProvoUTUSATriangle6-8 secondsdetails above2/14/06
1/5/06 15:00Idaho (rural)IDUSATriangle5minutesStationary triangle flying object, silent with double lights at each corner of the triangle.3/11/06
1/5/06 13:10Chestnut HillTNUSALight2 minutesTwo bright red lights above English Mountain2/14/06
1/5/06 12:30Santa AnaCAUSATeardrop1/2 hourA statonary Round Metallic Object, Hovering at High Altitude over Central Orange County, CA. in early January 20063/11/06
1/5/06 12:00Newport BeachCAUSACircle1 1/2 hrs.strange bright object observed at noon over southern california2/14/06
1/5/06PascoWAUSAHi Peter, Just finished listening to your radio broadcast on the O'Hare sighting. Since this occured in November and everone has a cam2/1/07
1/4/06 23:12Encinitas/CarlsbadCAUSAFireball~ 3 secondsBig green fireball fell into ocean near Carlsbad/Oceanside, CA at 23:12, 01/04/20062/14/06
1/4/06 22:50Aliso ViejoCAUSAOther20 secAliso Viejo, CA 1/6/06 10:50pm square shape in sky w/ dim lights in corners flying erratically all directions above neighborhoods.2/14/06
1/4/06 22:30Santa MonicaCAUSALight2-3 secondsfast green light shooting down from sky2/14/06
1/4/06 22:30Lake ElsinoreCAUSAOval3 secondsLarge semi transparent green flash2/14/06
1/4/06 22:00Los AngelesCAUSAFireballa few secondsBright falling light over Passadina2/14/06
1/4/06 19:30Gulf BreezeFLUSAFireball10 minutesNavarre / Gulf Breeze birght orange fireballs horizontally aligned2/14/06
1/4/06 17:20FletcherNCUSAOval35-45secsSmall Very Black Oval Moving Oddly At High Rate Of Speed Over Horizon2/14/06
1/4/06 16:50Little RockARUSAOval5 or 6 secondsSolid, orange ,oval shaped object seen moving through the sky. No noise or after effect accompanied it.2/14/06
1/4/06 13:20Mt. PleasantSCUSAOval30-45 secondsTwo stainless-steel oval shaped objects hover over Mt. Pleasant, SC2/14/06
1/4/06 07:45ScotlandPAUSALight45 sec - 1 minSmall, white, light in the northeast sky...disappeared2/1/07
1/4/06 07:00ColumbusMTUSAFireball60 secFireball over, and landing or hitting somewhere north of Columbus Mt, in stillwater county2/14/06
1/4/06 06:28AthensGAUSATriangleit was like a triangle with a lot of lights around it it floted over the tree and then it disappared2/14/06
1/4/06 05:40Orange ParkFLUSAOvalsecondsLook like a bright star flying very fast with no trail behind it.2/14/06
1/4/06 05:00Grand ForksNDUSALight3 secondsThe sky turned green and electricity went haywire!2/14/06
1/4/06 01:26York (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle3 secsCraft was very fast and slim, with coloured lights2/14/06
1/4/06SequimWAUSA20 minutes5 brief but intense flashes of light at 4 minute intervals2/14/06
1/4/06Neuville (Canada)QCCanadaOval5 minutesReally bright star in the sky NOT Normal2/14/06
1/3/06 23:55DenverCOUSAFireball2 minA flash of light hovering over a lake.2/14/06
1/3/06 18:50Aliceville/Carrolton/LivingstonALUSASphere1 hourGreenish-Blue Sphere Shape Object Seen Over Alabama's Skies. People In Multiple Sites Witness Same Thing.2/14/06
1/3/06 18:00Seoul (South Korea)South KoreaFlash2 secondsGreen arrowhead shaped light traveling at high speed in upper atmosphere2/1/07
1/3/06 16:15MonroviaCAUSARectangle4 minutesTwo mysterious rectangle objects.2/14/06
1/3/06 12:12unknownVTUSASphere21 miitesthere were twelve spectrum organized spherical shapes that distorted my perception of distance2/14/06
1/3/06 11:30Rainham (UK/England)United KingdomDisk40 secsdisk shaped craft with intense bright white lights travelling northwest.2/14/06
1/3/06 09:00FountainCOUSAUnknown5 minObject hovered low over homes, we followed it for several minutes.2/14/06
1/3/06 08:00Maidstone (UK/England)United KingdomFireball3mins3 purple/grey firball object, 2 chasing 1,observed 8.00 clear morning over penenden heath,maidstone,kent,uk2/14/06
1/3/06 07:30Brighton (UK/England)United KingdomOval2 MinutesBlack oval with 3 flashing lights and 20 white lines.2/14/06
1/3/06 06:00LantanaFLUSAUnknown2 minutesRed pulsating light seen in Lantana, Florida2/14/06
1/3/06 05:45La QuintaCAUSALight4 MinutesAbnormally bright object moved across the night sky at very low altitude in a slow, momentumless "surging" fashion.2/14/06
1/3/06 04:08West OliveMIUSAOther?Same swaying light2/14/06
1/3/06 03:21West OliveMIUSAUnknown?Sorta swaying light2/14/06
1/3/06 02:00dont knowTXUSATriangledrivingWell we driving down the road and my mom was listening to her music and my brother i were relaxing because we where going to san antoni2/14/06
1/3/06 02:00not sureTXUSATriangle10-15 secondslarge gliding triangular machine with beam over Texas sky2/14/06
1/2/06 19:00CairoILUSALight10 minThis is a follow up on my last report, one more witness. strange pulsating lights in cloud, over alex. and pulaski counties in so. il.2/14/06
1/2/06 17:15HarlingenTXUSACone7 minsCone shape that changed to circle seen over Tamaulipas Mexico from Harlingen Texas.2/14/06
1/2/06 14:30VeniceFLUSACircleapproximately 5 minutesSmall black object seen over Venice, Fl2/14/06
1/2/06 11:39Pie TownNMUSADiamond3 hours14 dimond shaped objects cought on NRAO website cam2/14/06
1/2/06 00:00Ann ArborMIUSAChanging5 minsProbable HOAX: 5 ufos, silent black objects, moving slowly10/30/06
1/2/06FredericksburgVAUSALight2 min.clear sky looked like a star 10:00 am in the morning. west in the sky went left the right then it was still and then disapeared.2/1/07
1/1/06 23:00San Antonio/Laredo (between)TXUSATriangle1: 45 minutesThree separate sightins which ocurred in rural south Texas between 01/01/03 and 03/01/09.6/9/09
1/1/06 23:00Prince George (Canada)BCCanadaCircle15 minThere were four red balls of light flying in formation over the neighbourhood for about 15 or 20 minutes.8/7/07
1/1/06 22:30RiceCAUSADiamond30 minutes25-50 aircrafts white and one red light(diamond shaped) strobing furiously headed in one direction2/14/06
1/1/06 22:30MilliganCAUSADiamond30 minutesDozens of spacecraft strobing white lights with one red (appearing diamond shaped) headed to southwest.2/14/06
1/1/06 21:30Clovelly (Devon, UK/England)United KingdomOther8 seconds4 square different coloured panels were 100% visible~ headed out towards the Bristol chanel and was out of sight2/14/06
1/1/06 21:30BrattleboroVTUSAOtherunknownthis was not a plane,hellicopter,star or the moon2/14/06
1/1/06 17:00CrosslakeMEUSAFireball1 hourDull orange ball/disc hovered over camps across the lake. Thought was a sodium light, or reflection until it moved up to about 50-12/14/06
1/1/06 17:00AlbuquerqueNMUSAChanging1 minuteVertical, white cigar shaped object, seperated into 3 white round spinning objects, disappeared and a gold metallic object appeard.3/11/06
1/1/06 15:45Castle RockCOUSA5 to 10 min.Bright light in early sunday afternoon sky, looking west nothing else in sky but the sun.2/14/06
1/1/06 11:00San Luis (Mexico)MexicoUnknownUFO'S in san luise mexico.2/14/06
1/1/06 05:00Sudbury (Canada)ONCanadaLight4 secondsVery bright light falling on an angle.2/14/06
1/1/06 04:45ClaremoreOKUSALightongoingBright geosynchronus light that appears every morning. ((NUFORC Note: Probable sighting of celestial body. PD))5/15/06
1/1/06 01:40PanamaPanamaOvalaround 60 secsRed oval object flying over Panama sky at 1:40am on 1/1/062/14/06
1/1/06 01:20I-80 (unknown city proximity)NYUSAFormation20 secondsTraveling from Brooklyn, NY to Groton, NY on I-80. My friend and I left out of New York City on New Years Eve. It was approximately 1:36/7/19
1/1/06 01:10Senagambia Region (Gambia)GambiaRectangle30 SecondsTwin orange rectangular lights over Gambia 01/01/062/14/06
1/1/06 00:06San FranciscoCAUSALight15 minutesI saw 4 groups of small glowing orange lights generally traveling North, one of which made a manuever impossible to any known aircraft.2/14/06
1/1/06 00:00London (in outskirts of) (UK/England)United KingdomCross20 minutesTwo very oddly shaped UFOs in London night sky, hovering, circling then flying away.11/19/15