National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 09/2005


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
9/30/05 23:50Orland ParkILUSALight15-20 minutesTwo pulsing bright red lights in eastern sky seen around 11:30 p.m. from my backyard in Orland Park, IL10/11/05
9/30/05 23:45TucsonAZUSALight30 secondsBrilliant light over the Catalinas10/11/05
9/30/05 23:30Orland ParkILUSATriangle10-15 minutesThree red lights that formed a triangle.10/11/05
9/30/05 23:30Tinley Park/Oak ForestILUSAFormationnot sureTinley Park Lights May have retured Three red lights in a triangular formation10/11/05
9/30/05 23:30Grande Prairie (Canada)ABCanadaLight7 - 8 seconds4 lights moving across the Grande Prairie Night Sky10/11/05
9/30/05 23:30Tinley ParkILUSACirclehourThe 3 red lights of south chicago10/11/05
9/30/05 23:30Oak ForestILUSACirclefive minutesred circle in sky flashing on and off10/11/05
9/30/05 23:30Tinley ParkILUSAChanging15-20 minred lights over tinley park, IL10/11/05
9/30/05 23:25Orland ParkILUSALight10 minutesRed lights over sky of Orland Park, IL10/11/05
9/30/05 23:25Tinley ParkILUSALight7-10 minutesTwo red lights in the sky10/11/05
9/30/05 23:23Palos HeightsILUSALight5 minutesUFO spotted over Chicago's Southwest suburbs10/11/05
9/30/05 23:18Tinley ParkILUSACircle10 minSept. 30th 2005 Red Lights Sighting 11:18pm Tinley Park, IL10/11/05
9/30/05 23:15Orland ParkILUSAFormation20-25 minutesTwo red lights of undetermined origin over Orland Park, IL (USA)10/11/05
9/30/05 23:15Sugar GroveILUSALight15 Min3 red lights - triangle shape N NE sky 45 degree angle off of horizon5/15/06
9/30/05 23:15Oak ForestILUSACircle20 minutestwo bright lights moving slowly from west to east. bright red stars10/11/05
9/30/05 23:15Oak ForestILUSALight30minutes2 Bright Red lights above my house, then gain altitude before heading east very slowly10/11/05
9/30/05 23:15Oak ForestILUSASphere10 minutes approx2 Red light ufo's passing across sky 9/ 30/05 from west to east and 3 red lights ufo's on 10/1/05 w/ ext. video10/11/05
9/30/05 23:15Tinley ParkILUSAUnknown15 minutes2 red lights moving west to east10/11/05
9/30/05 23:10Joliet/Orland HillsILUSALight25minRed Lights over Illinois10/11/05
9/30/05 23:00Tinley ParkILUSAUnknown30 minutesUFO red lights in sky over tinley park, very descriptive explanation.10/11/05
9/30/05 23:00Orland ParkILUSALight45minthere were 3 red lights seen in the east sky, in the shape of a triangle. there was originally one light and then 2 more came from the10/11/05
9/30/05 23:00Orland HillsILUSAUnknown15minTwo red light just hovering10/11/05
9/30/05 23:00Orland ParkILUSALight5-7 minutesStrang red lights appear in the sky.10/11/05
9/30/05 23:00Orland ParkILUSAOther10-15 minutesMy friends and I saw three lights that resembled bright red stars rearranging themselves in the northern sky.11/3/05
9/30/05 23:00Tinley ParkILUSALight1 hour2 objects that moved uniformally slowly, quickly, and stopping and staying together10/11/05
9/30/05 23:00Orland HillsILUSALight15:00 min.My wife and I both watched 3 red lights to the east of our home for about 15:00 min. They didn't do much just slowly got closer to e10/11/05
9/30/05 23:00Oak ForestILUSALight20:00 minutesred dots seen in sky looked like a cell phone tower10/11/05
9/30/05 23:00New LenoxILUSALight5 minstrange red lights verticle in a row in the sky.10/11/05
9/30/05 23:00Tinley ParkILUSALight10 minTwo round red lights moving from wws to een in the night sky.10/11/05
9/30/05 23:00Tinley ParkILUSALight15min2 red lights nest to star. hovered for fifteen minutes or so, moving in a vertical fashion(up&down). Had blinking red lights10/11/05
9/30/05 23:00Oak ForestILUSATriangle30 minutesStrange red lights as big as stars, blinking slowly.10/11/05
9/30/05 23:00Orland ParkILUSALight45 minutesSeptember 30th sights in Orland Park Illinois of the 3 red lights.10/11/05
9/30/05 23:00Orland ParkILUSACircle2 hours3 red objects in the sky10/11/05
9/30/05 23:00Tinley ParkILUSATriangle20 minutesOn Friday,September 1st at 11:00 PM, four of us who live in Tinley Park spotted 3 red lights that formed a triangle in the night sky. I10/11/05
9/30/05 23:00Tinley ParkILUSALight20-30 minRED LIGHTS IN TINLEY PARK THIRD TIME IN 13 months10/11/05
9/30/05 23:00Tinley ParkILUSACircle10-15 MinutesTwo bright red objects move across sky west to east with no set speed or direction.10/11/05
9/30/05 23:00Oak ForestILUSASphere10 minutestwo red lights were dangling in the air looking just like stars just disappeared after about 10 minutes10/11/05
9/30/05 22:30Crystal LakeILUSACigar4 MinutesCigar shaped oject over Crystal Lake, IL with one red and several white lights hovering slowly then faded into space leaving a trail10/11/05
9/30/05 22:30AshlandPAUSACircle45 minutesCircle of lighst ((NUFORC Note: Suspected sighting of a star or planet. PD))10/11/05
9/30/05 22:00MitchellINUSALightHours((NUFORC Note: Star or planet? PD)Brilliant white light, very high, swaying left, right, up, down, slowly but continuously moving up10/11/05
9/30/05 21:45PuebloCOUSATriangle20 SECTRIANGLE IN THE SKY10/11/05
9/30/05 21:35Waterford (Republic of Ireland)Ireland30((NUFORC Note: Satellites. PD)) TWO SITINGS 28/9 30/9/05 TOO STAR LIKE OBJECTS MOVING NORT TO SOUTH IN TANDEM10/11/05
9/30/05 21:15ChicagoILUSALight3 minsseveral peculiar red lights flew about in a formation and appeared to climb5/15/06
9/30/05 20:52VenturaCAUSASphere5-8 seconds2 "cotton balls" of light on same course moving quickly East to West10/11/05
9/30/05 20:30SummitILUSAFlash2 min.I was sitting in the back seat of my mom's car at the Summit Amtrak station waiting for my sister's train to arrive. It was approximat10/11/05
9/30/05 20:20OvergaardAZUSASphere30 - 40 secondsBrilliant white sphere instantly appearing in night skies over Heber-Overgaard, Arizona10/11/05
9/30/05 20:15New York State Thruway / CatskillNYUSALight15 minsUFO Spotted over the New York State Thruway !!10/11/05
9/30/05 19:35Ulaanbaatar (Outer Mongolia)Outer MongoliaDisk3 minutsUFO over Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia10/11/05
9/30/05 19:20BourbonnaisILUSALight6 to 8 seconds((NUFORC Note: Possible satellites? PD)) Bourbonnais, Il, 09-30-05 (2) bright moving lights,very high - lasting 6 - 8 seconds10/11/05
9/30/05 18:45RenoNVUSAFireballless than a minuteFireball seen in sky over SE Reno.10/11/05
9/30/05 18:28Coral SpringsFLUSADisk1 minuteSHIP BY THE SUN TOOK A PICTURE IN AMAZEMENT10/11/05
9/30/05 16:00New York City (Manhattan)NYUSAOther10 minsSilver object above Manhattan, NYC10/11/05
9/30/05 15:15MonticelloKYUSARectangle30sec.&1mim.We saw a sm, rectang. object 2x with a hum & circ., wavy-patterned air around it make quick 90 deg turns w unbelievable speed10/11/05
9/30/05 10:00BellefontePAUSACigar2 hoursBlack tubular telephone size object flying over the Bellefonte PA (near a airport & Penn State) approximately 10:30am on 9/30/2005.10/11/05
9/30/05 09:30San AntonioTXUSALight4 minutesThree bright orbs of light over San Antonio suburb.8/7/07
9/30/05 07:50New HavenINUSACigar6 minutesBig as a jumbo jet, silver and red, no noise, no smoke, danced acrossed the sky.10/11/05
9/30/05 07:50VacavilleCAUSADisk10 minutessaucer octagon shape lights on corners and a blue light on the bottom10/11/05
9/30/05 05:04FarmingtonUTUSARectangle25 SecondsFarmington Utah bright white light with blue in the middle in the shape of fixed wing aircraft flying Southwest to Northeast.10/11/05
9/30/05 04:55PaducahKYUSATriangle8 minStrange encounter with unknown craft.10/11/05
9/30/05 04:45New LenoxILUSATriangle5 minutestriangle of stars breaking off in diffrent directions10/11/05
9/30/05 02:10Prescott ValleyAZUSAFireball6 minutesAt 2:10 AM i was in my back yard and saw an orange glow through my neighbors trees. It was going up (or approaching from the distance)10/20/05
9/30/05 01:00LapeerMIUSALight((NUFORC Note: Suspected advertising lights. PD)) 3 glowing objects making a unique pattern in the sky.10/11/05
9/29/05 21:30PlymouthPAUSASphere7Sphere shaped object very similar to a star very close to it, only larger and brighter.10/11/05
9/29/05 20:45FayettevilleARUSACigar10 secondsUltra black, cigar shaped object streaks across night sky over Fayetteville, Arkansas10/11/05
9/29/05 20:40FranklinTNUSALight120 secondsFast moving noiseless object with three solid red lights shining at approximately -2.5 magitude.10/11/05
9/29/05 20:30MediaPAUSAFlash4 minDuring Astronomy Lab course at Delaware County Community College. Students were looking at the constellation Cassiopeia when left of th10/11/05
9/29/05 20:25Ocean CityMDUSACircle20 minsNorth of Ocean City Md on 9/29/05 white blinking light moved quickly north then returned and left again10/11/05
9/29/05 20:00Port RicheyFLUSAUnknown1 hourBright Lights Above Port Richey.10/11/05
9/29/05 19:15East MeadowNYUSAOther5 secondsBright Shooting Object Observed Flying North at Rapid Speed and Appeared to Loop Straight Down10/11/05
9/29/05 19:00Florida (coastline)FLUSAFireballabout 20 secsFireballs seen along Florida's coastline in a couple weeks10/11/05
9/29/05 18:50Lake WorthFLUSAUnknownsecondswe just saw a big flash in the sky on the eastern horizon , when we looked up the only thing there was a line of smoke like if a airpl10/11/05
9/29/05 18:00West Palm BeachFLUSAUnknown30bright light streaking and smoke floowing the burn up.10/11/05
9/29/05 12:00FresnoCAUSAFormation10-15 minutes15-20 flying formation objects seen from Fresno, CA10/11/05
9/29/05 08:45Spring ValleyCAUSAEgg10 secondsEgg-shaped metal object that remained stationary in sky, and disappeared as I watched.10/11/05
9/29/05 06:10St. MichaelsAZUSALight50 minutesMultiple Lights Appear in the Morning Sky, Persist For At Least 40 Minutes10/11/05
9/29/05 04:07RenoNVUSAChevron10 secondsDimly lighted chevron object moving quickly over NW Reno.10/11/05
9/29/05 02:00CarpinteriaCAUSACircleCircle of lights in the sky over Carpinteria CA10/11/05
9/28/05 23:00Bamfield (Canada)BCCanadaLight6 houresWe watched a light for 6 houres drag somthing off Diana Island and ride it out over the hurison.10/31/08
9/28/05 23:00DuxburyMAUSALight10 MinutesStrange bobbing light above horizon.10/11/05
9/28/05 22:30ShoreviewMNUSACircle7secondsglowing orb10/11/05
9/28/05 22:00Chicago HeightsILUSACigar5 minuteshigh pitched whirling noise and random lights moving very quickly with sharp turns.10/11/05
9/28/05 21:30KinstonNCUSAFormation2 mins.Vshape with light orange glow to it....very wide in shape10/11/05
9/28/05 21:30Oak BluffsMAUSAOval15 minutesWent on my second floor balcony at 8:30 pm and noticed very bright yellowish light at 30 degrees above the horizon. Object too bright t10/11/05
9/28/05 21:10Valley SpringsCAUSALight5 to 6 minutesVery bright light appears, disappears, reappears.10/11/05
9/28/05 16:30Wyoming (I-80, westbound)WYUSAOther20 minutesInterstate 80, westbound, Wyoming, flying object seen by police officer and family.3/11/06
9/28/05 13:30PinecrestCAUSADisksecondsspider like threads and a saucer10/11/05
9/28/05 05:52Port RicheyFLUSAOther3 SecondsUnique Flying Boomerang Seen !10/11/05
9/28/05 02:38Jacksonville BeachFLUSATriangle15 minutesHuge triangle of lights gliding smoothly southeast with no sound.10/11/05
9/28/05 02:29Long BeachCAUSAFireball1 secondBright green fireball decended straight down from the sky, it faded about 100 feet before hitting the ground.10/11/05
9/28/05 01:38St. CharlesMOUSAChanging20 secondsWe watched 4 lights expand and contract at astonishing speeds in the night sky, then vanish.10/11/05
9/28/05 01:00MorgantownWVUSAChevron45 minutesorange orb seen rising into large chevron shaped object, plus other crafts visible10/11/05
9/28/05 01:00Colorado (site unspecified by witness)COUSAFireballI went outside to have a cigg. before I go to bed , and about 2 minutes after looking up at the sky a blue and orange something shoots10/11/05
9/27/05 21:00GailTXUSACircle3 mini live on lake thomas in borden co. we were out looking for sign of some wild hogs that go up and down the colorado river just after da10/11/05
9/27/05 20:35GoffstownNHUSALight23 minutesTwo Bright Lights Hovered over Power Lines10/11/05
9/27/05 20:30San AntonioTXUSALight10-15 secLight in night sky10/11/05
9/27/05 14:00Dockstader ParkUTUSADiskTwo Disks Over Park.10/11/05
9/27/05 06:30BakersfieldCAUSAUnknown10 minutesWhile driving to work at 6:30 am I observed a jet trail streaking across the sky at a very fast rate. what appeared to be faster than m10/11/05
9/27/05 00:15JacksonNJUSALightLight dimming and brightening.10/11/05
9/26/05 23:48Bay CityMIUSATriangle1 minHuge non lite craft with spheres attached and trailing over Bay City Michigan.10/11/05
9/26/05 23:39Indian Harbour BeachFLUSAFireballone minute11:39 pm watched a huge yellow ball of flame slowly cross the sky leaving glowing pieces falling behind10/11/05
9/26/05 23:30Warrenville/WheatonILUSAChanging3-4 minutesRAPID MOVING< COLOR CHANGING OBJECT. NORTH TO SOUTH < STRAIGHT UP AND ACROSS10/11/05
9/26/05 22:00Kings ParkNYUSALight4 secondsIntense Bright light appears to make jet alter flight path10/11/05
9/26/05 21:52Hyvinkää (Finland)FinlandOther30 seconds"Unusual" satellites seen over the town of Hyvinkää, Finland10/11/05
9/26/05 20:00Kansas CityMOUSACircle20 minutesOrange Glow over Kansas City seen for 20 minutes.10/11/05
9/26/05 20:00EllsworthWIUSAFormation2+ HoursI was driving home from Hudson, and had just driven through River Falls when I spotted the first one. It was a very bright light, large10/8/07
9/26/05 19:00WatsonvilleCAUSATriangle25minutesit was similar to a manta ray with no tail bobbing in the sky, black with soft edges10/11/05
9/26/05 11:00Teton National ParkWYUSAOtherI like to look at this web-cam at the Grand Tetons about a couple of times a week because I think the Tetons are the most beautiful mou10/11/05
9/26/05 09:24HollandMIUSATriangle4 Objecst Flow over us and the hot tub we wactched then all the objects disapeared.10/11/05
9/26/05 03:15Panama CityFLUSAFlashIn The SkyUnidentifed Flashing Object In Sky, Observed.10/11/05
9/26/05 00:05Palm SpringsCAUSAChevron1 minuteDark, unlit, wing-shaped UFO flew over Palm Springs - NNW to SSE - 12:05 am 9/26/0510/11/05
9/25/05 23:45Port St. LucieFLUSAFireball45 SecOrange firebal went across the sky from ~WNW to ESE over the ocean12/16/05
9/25/05 23:18GrantvilleGAUSALight3 minutesMysterious Lights that seemed to have landed and taken off again10/11/05
9/25/05 19:41Lannoy (North part of France)FranceRectangle22 minutesBlack little square floating in the sky, North of FRANCE.5/15/06
9/25/05 19:15Prescott ValleyAZUSAFireballapproximately 2-3 minutesExtremely bright glowing orange ball of light with some sort of dim object obove it, possibly a reflection on a larger surface10/11/05
9/25/05 19:00Nottingham (UK/England)United KingdomChanging3 minutesUFO sighting ,Nottingham England.Bright light eventually appeared to grow and change shape b4 vanishing10/11/05
9/25/05 18:45Tokyo (Japan)JapanTriangle5 secAs I was looking up the sky I noticed a black triangle shape flying object with three amber color round light source on all corners fly10/11/05
9/25/05 13:45MelbourneFLUSADiamond1Unusual object in digital photo noticed only when downloaded on laptop...nothing seen during photo shoot10/11/05
9/25/05 12:00SayrevilleNJUSAOval3 minutesblimp-like craft over the Raritan12/16/05
9/25/05 08:15ShongalooLAUSALight8-10 minutesIt was a light with a haze around it.10/11/05
9/25/05 02:00Chateauguay (Canada)QCCanadaChanging1-2 minutesPulsating bright greenish white object that hovered and then disapeared into thin air10/11/05
9/24/05 23:00Colorado SpringsCOUSAFlash6 MinBright Flashing extremely white lights.11/3/05
9/24/05 23:00Deerfield BeachFLUSATriangle30 secondsI saw a boomerang/triangle shaped object sort of swimming through the air. It moved like a jelly fish and looked like it was plasma.3/19/09
9/24/05 22:00Winnipeg (Canada)MBCanadaTriangle5 minutesWeird triangle shaped object with 3 oval shaped things on the back which got small to big, no sound, slow moving.10/11/05
9/24/05 20:30Chicago HeightsILUSACircle1 hourThree strange lights in the night sky on Sept. 24th, 2005. Were they were man-made or terrestrial?10/11/05
9/24/05 19:35Red BluffCAUSAOther3 secondsFlash lighting entire skyline11/3/05
9/24/05 19:00DurantOKUSAOtherAbout 20 Min.A Bright Light High Up in The Southern Sky...10/20/05
9/24/05 18:30ChicagoILUSAOval5 minTwo oval objects flying high over Chicago Sky10/11/05
9/24/05 14:30Grand RapidsMIUSAChevron5 minutesRed chevron shadowing small plane.10/11/05
9/24/05 13:00Noack (near Thrall)TXUSARectangle20-25 minutesIt looked exactly like a plain white shirt box you would put a dressing robe in to give your dad for Christmas...12/12/09
9/24/05 09:30Spring CreekNVUSARectangleunknownrectangle object with plus and minus symbols was not seen until pix was enlarged.11/3/05
9/24/05 05:30Fort MadisonIAUSALight20 minutesRecently my friends and I were on a mission trip just outside of Fort Madison, Iowa. We had just finished doing some work on a house wh7/16/06
9/24/05 03:10StratfordCTUSAUnknown2 HoursTwinkling multi-colored light in the South Eastern sky of Stratford, CT sky at around 3:00am. Lasted for over 2 hours, hovering.10/11/05
9/24/05 00:30TrinidadCOUSAUnknown:012 large white lights moving N/NE. (We were facing North) Each light was about the size of Mars in the night sky. There was no sound, n10/11/05
9/23/05 00:00Welland (Canada)ONCanadaCircle30 minutesround very bright white light10/11/05
9/23/05 23:40Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaTriangle10 secondsTriangle of dim star-like lights on object(s) travelling silently at high speed NNE to SSW in Vancouver,BC.10/11/05
9/23/05 23:30Chipley (15 miles southeast of)FLUSALight10 minsBright lights with no sound in NW Florida area. Jets in full AB's in area also.10/11/05
9/23/05 21:00Palm CoastFLUSALight30These sightings began on 23 Sep 2005 at approximately 2100. Two lights one traveling north to south and the other one east to west. T10/11/05
9/23/05 20:00GorhamNHUSAFormation2 hoursOrange V-Pattern Lights Viewed in Mountains of Northern New Hampshire2/24/07
9/23/05 20:00In-flight (Georgia)GAUSAUnknown5 MinutesPilots See UFO Over Southeast Georgia11/3/05
9/23/05 19:00BunaTXUSALight2hrs/1mo.bright light10/30/06
9/23/05 16:37BeckleyWVUSATriangle5 minutesTwo lighted upsidedown V's in sky side by side with UFO craft at tip.10/11/05
9/23/05DelcoNCUSAFlashhomei seen one circle in the air and then three little one's came up and they where flashing and going back and forth in sky four about 45m10/11/05
9/22/05 21:30Seaside ParkNJUSALight5 minbright orange lights observed from beach to east-southeast in repeating pattern10/11/05
9/22/05 21:20RandolphNHUSALight45 minutes9/22/05 -Red lights (5-8) stationery changing to small white with roar10/11/05
9/22/05 21:00RifleCOUSALightminuteBrillant Large Light10/11/05
9/22/05 21:00Lareto (Baja Mexico)NVUSAUnknown30 minutesBright Lights 30 miles North of Lareto, Baja Mexico11/3/05
9/22/05 21:00SaltvilleVAUSAOther5 minutesWitnesses claim they saw object maybe "500 feet" in the air, red and green lights, stationary for a minute or so and then moved slowly10/11/05
9/22/05 20:43Silver CityNMUSALight8TO 9 SECONDSbright object emits spherical cloud like something out of WAR OF THE WORLDS.10/11/05
9/22/05 20:10Silver CityNMUSA5 minutesmy wife and i saw a half-moon shaped light emerge to the northwest of town....perfectly symmetrical it expanded for about 5 minutes to10/11/05
9/22/05 20:00Baja (Mexico)MexicoUnknown15 MINS((NUFORC Note: Missile launch from Vandenberg AFB. PD)) SOME SORT OF CRAFT AND MUSHROOM CLOUD, TO THE NORTH10/20/05
9/22/05 20:00San DiegoCAUSACircle1:00smoke like obect in air looked like meteoroid.. other object was small movign in zig zag movements and no lights.10/11/05
9/22/05 19:40PhoenixAZUSAOval1 minthe boject had a large bright tale like a comet then it turned off like a light it was huge thousands of people had to see it10/11/05
9/22/05 19:30PleasantonCAUSASphere5 minutESBay Area Ball of Light10/11/05
9/22/05 19:30Yorba LindaCAUSATriangle2 minutes((NUFORC Note: Vandenberg AFB missile launch. PD)) Boomerang shaped object with bright light emanating from the rear of the craft.10/11/05
9/22/05 19:30CornvilleAZUSALight>5 minutesBright white light emitting circular beam fills horizon over Mingus mountains10/11/05
9/22/05 19:30Sand Dune Recreational Area (west of, on I-8)CAUSA3 minutesWe were heading to Arizona on I-8 E through the mountains when I saw a bright shining light behind us that seemed to be dragging a flou10/11/05
9/22/05 19:30MaricopaAZUSAFireballBright Fireball streaking across sky West of the city of Maricopa10/11/05
9/22/05 19:30San DiegoCAUSAFireballbright light((NUFORC Note: Vandenberg AFB missile launch. PD)) The bigger bright light was travel in san diego and left trail behide10/11/05
9/22/05 19:30ChandlerAZUSALight30 minutes((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD)) Glowing trail of orange-white light low in the sky accompanied by super-bright, blue-white light.10/11/05
9/22/05 19:30Yorba LindaCAUSALight30 secondsComet-like object with a white light and contrail.10/11/05
9/22/05 19:30SurpriseAZUSAFireball3 minutesComet like light seen in the western sky near Surprise, Arizona10/11/05
9/22/05 19:30RiversideCAUSAFireball3 minutesTHis siting was of a fireball spiraling through the western sky. It looked like it might have disipated but again flaired up. Not sure10/11/05
9/22/05 19:30Laguna HillsCAUSAUnknown10 minutesVery Bright *V* shaped light coming from aircraft. HUGE amount of Light uncomparable to a plane in the same vision of field.10/11/05
9/22/05 19:30San DiegoCAUSA3 minuteslarge cone shaped vapor trail northwest of San Diego10/11/05
9/22/05 19:30PeoriaAZUSAUnknown10 secondsSlow moving bright white light emitting particles10/11/05
9/22/05 19:30PowayCAUSACircle4 minutescraft spun around then twisted then flew up10/11/05
9/22/05 19:30TucsonAZUSAFireball15 secbright object in the western sky, traveling north to south, with fan like trail.10/11/05
9/22/05 19:30El CajonCAUSAunkownOur nieghbor was sitting outside his house talking to his sister when the sky (North East) became white, then there was a circle white/10/11/05
9/22/05 19:30Camp VerdeAZUSAChangingapprox 5 min.Object sighted in Yavapai County, could be damaged craft.10/11/05
9/22/05 19:28Simi ValleyCAUSAFireball6-8 minBright lights and glowing ball seen over Simi Valley, Ca..2/14/06
9/22/05 19:26North HollywoodCAUSALight10 minutes((NUFORC Note: Vandenberg AFB missile launch. PD)) Bright Light that left a Trail behind.10/11/05
9/22/05 19:25CoronaCAUSALight1 minute((NUFORC Note: Vandenberg missile launch. PD)) Strange light in the W side of the sky like a search light.10/11/05
9/22/05 19:20West HolloywoodCAUSAUnknown15-20 minutes((NUFORC Note: Vandenberg AFB missile launch. PD)) long trail of lights and gases above West Hollywood, Ca10/11/05
9/22/05 19:20RamonaCAUSAFireball3 minutes ?((NUFORC Note: Vandenberg AFB missile launch. PD)) Point of light leaves an expanding glowing pear-shaped cloud of gasses.10/11/05
9/22/05 19:00Country Club HillsILUSAUnknown2 minCloaked object, with lights to disguise it as an airplane when viewed from a more horizontal standpoint.10/11/05
9/22/05 04:00BakersfieldCAUSADisk1 minutecivilian sighting, can not be explained has to be experienced, Dreamland encounter, happend while dreaming.10/11/05
9/22/05 02:41VashonWAUSAFireball1 secondExtremely bright white light dropped down from Orion to the ENE for one second covering apx 30 Deg.10/11/05
9/22/05 01:45BrentwoodCAUSALight2 minutesTwo bright white lights travel quickly over Brentwood, Ca.10/11/05
9/22/05 00:23College StationTXUSADisk2 minufo10/11/05
9/22/05 00:00ConroeTXUSATriangle3minsI was evacuating from the hurricane Rita down the conterflow of I45 highway. I had been driving several hours and decided to jump the10/11/05
9/21/05 23:45LyndenWAUSADisk15 minutes10 disc shaped lights hovering at an angle between the cities of ferndale wa. and lynden, wa. They were light blue in color almost like10/11/05
9/21/05 23:00ManalapanNJUSAUnknown5min.extremely bright lights hovering over the tree line before dipping below the tree line10/11/05
9/21/05 22:39MoundsvilleWVUSAOtherapprox 5 minsBright then fade10/11/05
9/21/05 22:30Lake Havasu CityAZUSALight10 minutesWhat looked like a bright orange star over the lake, as we gazed at it, it totally disappeared right before our eyes, like it knew we s10/11/05
9/21/05 22:00Whitefish (?)MTUSAFlashhalf hourflashing red and green object at night.. then suddenly a flash bulb type of light went off right below it.10/11/05
9/21/05 21:45SanborntonNHUSADisk4 minutesA friend and I went to the observatory ontop of Steele Hill Inn. We could see in every direction for miles and observed the usual plane10/11/05
9/21/05 21:00WautomaWIUSALight45 minutesFour lighted objects with irregular flashing light with erractic flight pattern, occasionally emitting bright flare like flashes.10/11/05
9/21/05 20:30WinnisquamNHUSALight5 minutesBright flashing light slowly moving over tree tops and lake10/11/05
9/21/05 20:00GorhamNHUSAOther40 Minuets2 craft were flying around vally and appeared to be fighting with orange light balls at close range.12/16/05
9/21/05 20:00Christchurch (New Zealand)New ZealandLight2-3hrs then saw same thinstrange light seen in christchurch skies possible a UFO10/11/05
9/21/05 19:30San DiegoCAUSAUnknown20 secondsFlew in and out of atmosphere leaving weird trails.10/11/05
9/21/05 19:30GlendaleAZUSADisk30 secondsI saw a round object moving across the sky after dark heading east from Glendale,Az towards Phoenix. It was just getting dark and it se10/11/05
9/21/05 19:30ExeterNHUSALight.03A bright light to the northern sky, then goes dim as it leaves.10/11/05
9/21/05 19:30NorthridgeCAUSAOvalaround vannys airportOval object with a white and blue florescent glow in Los Angeles, Northridge close to van nays airport10/11/05
9/21/05 19:00BoontonNJUSAOther20 minutesThree flare-like objects slowly moving vertically at a great distance10/11/05
9/21/05 15:00LaconiaNHUSADisk10 minutesDisk seen hiding in cloud hovering over city10/11/05
9/21/05 10:14IrvineCAUSADisk2 minutesGreat gift idea for posters on this board...10/11/05
9/21/05 07:00Las VegasNVUSACone30 minutesLarge glowing streak in sky with two strange objects.10/11/05
9/21/05 05:45Albion (rural)NEUSAFlash5-10 secondsUnexplained bright light in early morning hours10/11/05
9/20/05 23:45New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSATeardrop10 minutes"Whining" cross between quiet helicopter and blimp seen sailing low going southwest over Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY10/11/05
9/20/05 23:00LurayVAUSALightpast few nightsstrange flashing blue green and red lights suspended in the night sky10/11/05
9/20/05 23:00MolineILUSATriangle20 secondsMISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: Black triangle ship moving west to east,12/12/09
9/20/05 22:00DecaturGAUSAUnknown20 secondsit was not a police helicopter and it was close and hovering about telephone pole height.2/1/07
9/20/05 22:00Burke (north of)SDUSAOther40 secondsAir Force bombing runs mistaken for UFO's10/11/05
9/20/05 21:30RomulusNYUSAFlash2-3 secondsI saw a bright blue/white light in the South East sky.10/11/05
9/20/05 20:30SunnyvaleCAUSAFormation10 minuteswhile walking my dog two objects appeared on my left over railroad tracks10/11/05
9/20/05 20:15LaconiaNHUSACircle6 minutes3 white craft in triangle formation, 1 red craft shot out a white light10/11/05
9/20/05 19:30Jacksonville to Ft. PierceILUSASee BelowGlowing fireball .... no gov't. agency "saw it." ((NUFORC Note: News article in "FLORIDA TODAY." PD))10/11/05
9/20/05 19:30AlbuquerqueNMUSA20 minfrom the flightline of Kirtland AFB looking west, an extremly bright light was witnessesed. the light was stationary and viewed by 6 ai10/11/05
9/20/05 19:28AlbuquerqueNMUSALight10 minutesBrilliant white light west of Albuquerque10/11/05
9/20/05 19:00PhoenixAZUSACone2-3 minutesCone shaped craft with fire and smoke trail in Phoenix sky.10/11/05
9/20/05 18:30DeltonaFLUSAFireball2 seconds?Very bright fireball over Deltona Florida skies10/11/05
9/20/05 17:00PortlandORUSACylinder10 secondsI was riding in the passenger seat of my best friends car my fiance in the backseat behind me, when i noticed a large black shadow over5/15/06
9/20/05 15:00Lithia SpringsGAUSAChanging2 minutesI was riding as a passenger in the car on the way to to buy a present for my brother as it was his birthday. We were riding through10/11/05
9/20/05 13:39San Juan (Puerto Rico)Puerto RicoSpheree minutesBouncing, white spherical object near building in san Juan Puerto Rico.10/11/05
9/20/05 07:30HarlanKYUSAFireball20 minuatesThe shape was oval. It moved across the sky. 5 UFO's were observed. It looked like it was burning and had red lights. The background10/11/05
9/20/05 07:30ManyLAUSALightone minuteflying light similar to venus, but venus does not move ;)10/11/05
9/20/05 07:00AdamsNYUSADisk10 minIt was fast made no sound and left no trail.10/11/05
9/20/05 03:00Ulladulla (Australia)AustraliaFireball10 minutes((NUFORC Note: Hoax. Note date indicated by source. PD)) Theres alien's in the woods near my house.10/11/05
9/20/05 00:15BertramTXUSALight1 minutethree orange lights moving left to right10/11/05
9/20/05 00:00BelfairWAUSACircle5 minutesLarge, full round object that hung in the sky without moving.10/11/05
9/20/05 00:00Medical LakeWAUSALight3min.Connection to a Craft, the feeling we feel when seeing such an unexplainable event10/11/05
9/19/05 23:45Willow SpringsNCUSADisk30 minThis is the third sighting I have had.10/11/05
9/19/05 22:30FairbornOHUSATriangle10-20 secondsI am licensed radio operator and a trained weather spotter. On this evening I was outside to make weather observations while attempting10/11/05
9/19/05 22:00SonomaCAUSADiamond5 Minutes09/19/05 about 5-10 minutes at approximatley 23:30 hours, diamonds shaped Red Blue Yellow White flickering lights.10/11/05
9/19/05 21:30DuluthGAUSALight3 minutes2 different moving lights over Duluth.10/11/05
9/19/05 21:30PortageWIUSAFormation20 minutesFour orange lights in a row with a single orange light to the lower right of them.10/11/05
9/19/05 21:01CentrevilleMIUSAOther5 MINUTESIt looked like a giant Fourth of July sparkler roaming the sky.10/11/05
9/19/05 21:00Orange/ DerbyCTUSACross2 minsStrange hovering lights over Orange/Derby CT10/11/05
9/19/05 20:30Bancroft (northeast of)WIUSAUnknown5 minutesUnexplained large, bright lights with a yellowish tinge in remote, desolate area, moved in an atypical way.10/11/05
9/19/05 20:20BoulderCOUSACigar10 secondsBOOMERANG shaped. no lights on craft. Nighttime sighting. DEFINITLY under intelligent control. utterly silent.10/11/05
9/19/05 20:15Portage (near)WIUSALightAround a Hour or soLights in the sky around Portage seen on HWY 5110/11/05
9/19/05 20:01WautomaWIUSACircle3 secondsTwo bright lights in the evening sky10/11/05
9/19/05 19:30PhoenixAZUSALight30 SecondsBright white light - brighter than North Star, no visible blinks or flicker - moved directly UP/out of the atmosphere, and fast.10/11/05
9/19/05 19:30MiamiFLUSAOther30 secondsObjects photographed over Miami10/11/05
9/19/05 15:00DragoonAZUSALightAt least 3-5 Minutes fromSeeing a Group of shiny UFO's while a Military plane "flies low"10/20/05
9/19/05 14:39Chiricahua National MonumentAZUSASphereUnknownAnomalous object photographed and not noticed until closer examination. ((NUFORC Note: Image due to camera flaw. PD))10/20/05
9/19/05 14:00LaconiaNHUSADisk35 secondsdisk seen hovering beneath a cloud10/11/05
9/19/05 12:00Sequoya National ParkCAUSADiskNoticed on Film LaterDidn't see in person, but noticed on digital picture later.12/16/05
9/19/05 11:50IrvineCAUSACircle8 minutesThe objects were a whitish light in color and moved interactively10/11/05
9/19/05 11:00CharlotteNCUSAFireballfoggyI was outside when these big fireballs came neer my house i took out my shot gun and shot at them they came back and shot theyr guns at10/11/05
9/19/05 10:47Patras (Greece)GreeceLight3minA circle with many lights over Panahaikon mountain in Patras Greece10/11/05
9/19/05 08:20HoplandCAUSAOther2 minutesI have in the past thought I saw, or hoped that I saw, a UFO. Now I know I have never before seen something like this.10/11/05
9/19/05 00:00Fort McMurray (Earth) (Canada)ABCanadaUnknowncouple minsStrange light moving around the moon observed from front walk way10/11/05
9/18/05 23:50PlantationFLUSALight5 minWhile driving in my jeep with my top down an object in the sky caught me eye so I pulled over to watch it. It looked like an extremely10/11/05
9/18/05 23:30MequonWIUSAOval30 minutesOval objects with red lights fly at sporadic rates of speed and change direction seemingly randomly.10/20/05
9/18/05 22:30LawtonOKUSAFireball20 min4 fireballs orbiting eachother for 20 min.10/11/05
9/18/05 22:00MequonWIUSASphere30 minutesYellow core with orange red Atom with circling electron like object above Milwaukee moving at incredibly fast speed for 30min2/7/20
9/18/05 21:30Collings LakesNJUSAOther20 secondsnot a UFO, but what I believe to be an actual alien in my wooded backyard.10/11/05
9/18/05 21:00Dalton GardensIDUSALightSecondsNight time view of (possible space craft)10/11/05
9/18/05 21:00LynchburgVAUSACigarabout 15 secondsmaybe sighting of ISS?10/11/05
9/18/05 21:00WoodridgeILUSALight2 MinutesI live up on a relatively large hill when I exited my car i looked southwest towards a landfill you can see about 2-3 miles from my hou10/11/05
9/18/05 20:30DaytonOHUSAFireball1minuteA fireball in the southwestern hemosphere that was five times the size of a planet that lasted for 60 seconds10/11/05
9/18/05 19:00TappanNYUSALight45minAnd saw a huge light in the sky were it hovered for a time.10/11/05
9/18/05 18:00TacomaWAUSATriangle20 + minutesV/Triangular Object over Tacoma Washington10/11/05
9/18/05 14:00Atlantic OceanAtlantic OceanDisk1 minutelenticular cloud to disc10/11/05
9/18/05 13:00United Kingdom (Southern coast; inflight sighting)United KingdomDisk7 disk boomerang formation10/11/05
9/18/05 08:30SnowballARUSAOvalGray Oval ,Bright orange square lights, viewed from open sky10/11/05
9/18/05 01:17Mewmarket (Canada)ONCanadaLight10-15 secondsSeptember 18 2005 1.17 AM Newmarket Ontario Canada I was sitting out side in my deck (second floor) having coffee, facing south west10/11/05
9/18/05 01:10Liverpool/Bootle (UK/England)United KingdomFlash00:05light flashes over liverpool10/11/05
9/18/05 01:00Lake GenevaWIUSALight10 minutesBRIGHT, GOLD, FLYING BALL. Moving from one horizon to overhead to up and away at a constant speed10/11/05
9/17/05 23:00MatthewsNJUSADiamond5 min.It was diamoned shape and green.10/11/05
9/17/05 23:00RockawayORUSALight20 secBright lights in the sky over the ocean.10/11/05
9/17/05 22:00HavreMTUSAFireballSeveral MinutesBright Lights on the High-Line3/4/08
9/17/05 21:30AustinTXUSAFireball2 or 3 SecondsA bright green glowing sphere, almost teardrop shaped that fell extremely fast and disappeared,10/11/05
9/17/05 21:15LesageWVUSALight5 secondsFast-moving bright white light that suddenly disappears.10/11/05
9/17/05 21:00Lake GenevaWIUSACircle45 minutesLights over Lake Geneva, WI.10/11/05
9/17/05 21:00Tillamook/Bay CityORUSAFormation5-7 minutesRows of very large bright Yellow/Orange panels of light above the ocean: 5 sightings in 7 minutes2/14/06
9/17/05 21:00OceansideORUSALight3 secOver the ocean, 1 bright white light blinked off became two, another blinked on became five horizontal10/11/05
9/17/05 20:00Cape Lookout/TillamookORUSAFormation7 minOne light above horizon, splits into 5 orb-like lights that brighten and then fade out left to right10/11/05
9/17/05 20:00NewarkDEUSATriangle1 minute3bright lights trianglular shape like an airplane, but hovering10/11/05
9/17/05 19:44NewnanGAUSACigar1-2 minutesA stubby oblong/circular shaped UFO sighting occured over Newnan GA 40 minutes south of Atlanta.10/11/05
9/17/05 19:30FresnoCAUSADisk3 minMany lit up flying objects in the sky that my digital camera found.10/11/05
9/17/05 14:00Beijing (China)ChinaDiskUnknownObject caught on camera over the Great Wall of China. ((NUFORC Note: Possible bird. PD))10/11/05
9/17/05 10:40São Paulo (Brazil)BrazilTriangle20 minutestriangle stoped on the air I have the movie on my camera12/16/05
9/17/05 08:56Federal WayWAUSALight30 and my friend were talking on the phone and i look out the window and saw a ball of light orange-red and it was slowly speed up and10/11/05
9/17/05 07:45NephiUTUSADisk20 min.went to set up the Gps base station for the survey crews in morning at 7:00am,it took 3 of us to set up the antenna tower 40 min.while10/11/05
9/17/05 02:30GriffinGAUSALight45 minuteslooked like star with a haze aroud it, had a yellow light that moved very fast in different shapes watched for about 45 minutes. woke m10/11/05
9/17/05 01:50San German (Puerto Rico)Puerto RicoTeardrop25 secsfalling star-like UFO10/11/05
9/17/05 01:30Lake GenevaWIUSALight15minsTwo bright amber lights flying in diagnol formation over downtown under a full moon10/11/05
9/16/05 23:30MaypearlTXUSAUnknown24:00mysterious object10/11/05
9/16/05 23:00PenacookNHUSATriangle10 minutestriangle over Camp Spaulding10/11/05
9/16/05 22:30MaypearlTXUSAUnknown24:00mysterious object10/11/05
9/16/05 21:00Pacific North WestWAUSAFormationAll nightImages – The first ones of PROOF are on there way, will put them onto my domain the moment they are received. www.fantasiaproductions.c10/11/05
9/16/05 20:45EugeneORUSAChanging3m:40sec.Plum red flash gets my attention10/11/05
9/16/05 19:20EdgewaterFLUSASphere30 secondsFire from the sky10/11/05
9/16/05 07:45AcworthGAUSARectangle2 minutesLarge rectangular shape, almost colliding with jumbo jet over Acworth, GA. on September 16th, 200510/11/05
9/16/05 07:33SwitzerlandSwitzerlandOthersome hundert meters a smoke or cloud which looks really strange and three strong lights a bit black to the side and a big smoke ......10/11/05
9/16/05 05:49LovelandCOUSAOther10 secondsBright starlike object slowly fades at initial viewing10/11/05
9/15/05 23:00Forest HillsNYUSAChanging2 min2 handglider sized birds/crafts? with transparent wings over Queens blvd. and 67th Ave.Waved wings,flew around each other and seemed to11/3/05
9/15/05 21:30North Myrtle BeachSCUSALight45 minutesPeculiar lights in the sky2/24/07
9/15/05 21:30StarksLAUSAFireball5-7 secondsfireballs intersecting3/11/06
9/15/05 21:15LaconiaNHUSALight10 minutesHuge formation of blinking lights over lake10/11/05
9/15/05 21:00ChandlerAZUSACircle20 minResponse to orange balls of light seen: I've seen them since 20045/15/06
9/15/05 20:20OsseoWIUSACircle5 secondsThere were 2 yellow globes in the sky close to each other-when we noticed them first 1 blinked out-then the other blinked out. Drove do10/11/05
9/15/05 19:50Longford (Republic of Ireland)IrelandLight30secwhite star like object over horizon.10/11/05
9/15/05 19:30Pacific Palisades (L.A.)CAUSATriangle1 min. at leastTriangular flying vessel studded with green lights performing amazing maneuvers over Pacific Coast Hwy.10/11/05
9/15/05 19:00Dhaka (Bangladesh)BangladeshLight15 secStar-like dot of light travels away. ((NUFORC Note: Possible satellite?? PD))10/11/05
9/15/05 18:30KerrvilleTXUSALight3white lights making a triangle, and 2 red lights to the right with 1 more wite light10/11/05
9/15/05 18:30Lower Hells Gate (Dutch Antilles)Netherlands AntillesSphere2 minutes2 lights the size & brightness of Venus appeared in the NE sky from 17 38 N, 63 13 W. Lights lasted about 2 minutes, disappeared.10/11/05
9/15/05 16:30GaithersburgMDUSAOther24/25 secondsIn parking lot walking to store, happened to look up and see black object cross from west to east and was turning point to point (sidew10/11/05
9/15/05 15:00AthensGAUSADisk1 minuteI was sitting in my car with the sun roof open, waiting for my wife. As I was waiting I was looking at the cloud formations because th10/11/05
9/15/05 14:00BuffaloNYUSAOval3 minutessilent soft green shimmering craft10/11/05
9/15/05 12:00HatterasVAUSACigar30 secondsOn my way home from an exciting vacation at Hatteras, NC, while driving, i noticed a cloaked cigar shaped object gliding parallel to so10/10/11
9/15/05 09:10AnnapolisMDUSADisk4 secondsUFO SIGHTED IN ANNAPOLIS OVER WEST ST.10/11/05
9/15/05 07:00LouisburgNCUSATriangle15 minutesThere was a black triangle object with three glowing disk beneath the craft hovering in the eastern sky as the sun was setting, pausing10/20/05
9/15/05 05:30ThornvilleOHUSAOval8-10 secondsan oval ship appeared in the northwest sky up about 60 degrees that was traveling west on edge , bottom to the south. it then disappear10/30/06
9/15/05 00:00TacomaWAUSAOval10 minsBright lights fading in and out, one after another. Then moving accross sky and stopping.10/11/05
9/14/05 22:45VincennesINUSAChanging5-6 minutesNight sighting of shape changing object sighted over Vinncennes IN, by experienced balloon pilot.10/11/05
9/14/05 22:40AshlandMOUSATriangleFast moving object with three or four lights over Ashland, MO9/15/05
9/14/05 22:20EsteroFLUSATeardrop15 secondsLarge bright green object with a small amount of red in back was observed rapidly crossing the sky moving west to east at a low angle t10/11/05
9/14/05 21:30ShoreviewMNUSASphere40 secondsRound, bright, low flying object silently flys overhead!10/11/05
9/14/05 20:58CarthageILUSAFlash2 minutesit looked like a big roman candle shooting off9/15/05
9/14/05 20:50GilbertAZUSARectangle15 minutesTwo Boomerang or V shaped crafts with green lights over Gilbert, Arizona9/15/05
9/14/05 20:40HavreMTUSALight10 minutesMany lights appear at once, 4 known witnesses.3/4/08
9/14/05 20:40HavreMTUSAFormation10 min.Many lights in the sky all at once, four witnesses.4/17/08
9/14/05 12:15West JordanUTUSAOtherAirplane-like shape hovering in sky9/15/05
9/14/05 06:00MuscatineIAUSAFireball5 SecondsFire ball in the western sky from Muscatine10/11/05
9/14/05 05:50Various countiesIAUSAFireball5-7 SecondsIOWA MUFON REPORT: Fireball/greenish light seen from various Iowa locations by many witnesses & reported to radio show.10/20/05
9/13/05 23:40Great FallsSCUSAOval13 minsOval object 90 yards above field.10/11/05
9/13/05 22:30Sounth Atlantic/Caribbean (at sea)South Atlantic/Caribbean (on cruise ship)Other30 secondsQuick Moving Red Dot While on a Cruise. Around the South Atlantic or Caribbean2/1/07
9/13/05 22:00Novalja, Island Pag (Croatia)CroatiaCircle1minLast week UFO over Croatia?!10/11/05
9/13/05 21:45Taos PuebloNMUSATriangle3.5 minOn the above night stated, a friend and I were driving on Pueblo Lands. (Closed to non-tribal members of Taos Pueblo Indain Reservatio10/20/05
9/13/05 21:45Pierrefonds (Canada)QCCanadaLight30 secfast moving strobe light over montreal moving east made a stop and 90º turn to the north9/15/05
9/13/05 21:25CatskillNYUSATriangle2 minutesMom and Daughter see triangular craft with bright white lights in New York.10/11/05
9/13/05 21:15SalemORUSALight5-6 secondsI was in the parking lot and happened to look up and saw a bright light (-6 or -7 in magnitude) traveling southeast from approximately9/15/05
9/13/05 21:00ClovisNMUSALight2 hoursUFO seen, possible govt test10/11/05
9/13/05 20:40Litchfield ParkAZUSALight20 minutesAmber lights near Luke AFB10/11/05
9/13/05 20:30GoodyearAZUSAUnknown15 to 20 minutesSlow moving lights in the night sky.10/11/05
9/13/05 19:50Stockholm (Sweden)SwedenOvalOval shaped orange glowing object10/11/05
9/13/05 19:45WaverlyNEUSALightapprox. 5 minbright ufo passes military plane10/11/05
9/13/05 18:53PaysonAZUSADisk10 to 14 second'sPossible U.F.O. captured in photo, while out by the river with my dog, at dusk, snapping some "Moon Rise" pic's w/digital camera.2/14/06
9/13/05 16:47GlendaleAZUSALight5 minutesMore "Phoenix Lights"10/11/05
9/13/05 16:15RockvilleMDUSAChanging~5 minstrange dark shape changing object with an "aura"10/11/05
9/13/05 12:00Mount Shasta (time lapse camera)CAUSA Monday 12pm sept 13 20059/15/05
9/13/05 01:40Adelaide (South Australia)AustraliaTeardropfew minutestear drop fast ships10/11/05
9/12/05 22:45CumberlandRIUSAUnknown2 minutesIn line strobe lights over Cumberland, RI10/11/05
9/12/05 22:35San AntonioTXUSAFormation5 minutesStar like objects hovering in sky, slowly moving, disappearing and reappearing10/11/05
9/12/05 21:30TucsonAZUSAOther20 minThey almost looked flamelike, very bright, very large - amber or orange-colored.10/11/05
9/12/05 21:00ClovisNMUSALight1.5 hoursPerforming maneuvers near Clovis, NM, same craft as 9/1110/11/05
9/12/05 20:56Fort CollinsCOUSALight20 secHow aircraft shouldn't move10/11/05
9/12/05 20:45Mt Rainier Nat Park, Cougar rock campgroundWAUSALight15 secondsFast moving light with a zig-zagging path.10/11/05
9/12/05 15:16PhoenixAZUSADiamond15 minutewit made a strange noise like a loud humming nosie.10/11/05
9/12/05 12:15BurbankCAUSAUnknown15 secondsdaylight obstruction / eclipse before area wide power outtage in Los Angeles.10/11/05
9/12/05 09:56RoanokeVAUSATriangle09:57bottem was covered with lights. and it was a big black triangle like shape.10/11/05
9/12/05 06:00Florence/VicksburgMSUSAFireball10 secGreen flash then witness high altitude slow moving large fireball trajectory intersected by10/11/05
9/12/05 05:10SammamishWAUSALightAbout 15 min.A "Twinkling" huge light that moved around and changed colors10/11/05
9/12/05 01:30HennikerNHUSAUnknownI watched for 1/2 hr2 bright lights moving erratically in sky and blinking.10/11/05
9/12/05 01:00Algeciras (Spain)SpainLight6 minutesA very big light... i was sleeping.. after the light, i was dizzy. when i wake up, i had blood in my foot.11/3/05
9/11/05 23:00Dade CityFLUSALight3-4 minutesbright light-moved slowly over city for a couple of minutes then,at a high rate of speed, zipped away.2/14/06
9/11/05 22:30ClovisNMUSALight2.5 hoursI acrobatic, 3 in formation, bright light coming from ground near ranches10/11/05
9/11/05 22:30HesperiaCAUSATriangle2minlong triangle in night ski going west to east four lights on each side had night vission goggle to see it..2/14/06
9/11/05 22:00Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaLight10 secondsSometime between 21:30 and 22:30.. Along with 2 guests, looking northward from an apartment balcony in southern toronto, we noticed an10/11/05
9/11/05 21:03West Des MoinesIAUSALight3 secondsBlue light that look about as bright as Venus streaked across the sky from the south to the north. I am in apartments sw of the I-23510/11/05
9/11/05 20:10Chapel HillNCUSAUnknown10 SEC 5 MINlow quick moving light10/11/05
9/11/05 19:15KernersvilleNCUSAFlash2 secondsbright flash heading southeast about 10 degrees left below a half moon, towards Greensboro,very possibly a meteorite,but very definetly10/11/05
9/11/05 19:00Dorset (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle10 mins((HOAX/Student report.)) Triangular, metallic object, hovering, beings were seen beneath. Dorset,England.12/7/06
9/11/05 19:00West TisburyMAUSALight10secsmall bright fast moving group of lights West Tisbury Marthas Vineyard Ma 20 secs10/11/05
9/11/05 19:00HaikuHIUSADiamond1 hourI spotted one black disk/diamond shaped object hovering and leaving a faint exhaust trail just at cloud level.10/11/05
9/11/05 17:00BaldwinNYUSASphere20-30 minduring daylight, three bright "stars" maneuvered and disappeared.10/11/05
9/11/05 05:25AlbuquerqueNMUSACircle10 secondsA dim orange sphere, traveling in a sweeping curve.10/11/05
9/11/05 05:00Three RiversCAUSALighttaking out trahsThe obgect was in the stars it started to move then shot out of the atmisphere. I was with my dad. He saw it to. We both thout it was a10/11/05
9/11/05 03:00Blockhouse (Canada)NSCanadaDiamond2 hoursLight in the sky, followed by three, different crafts.10/11/05
9/11/05 03:00Blockhouse (Canada)NSCanadaDiamond1-2 hours3 strange, fast moving crafts over Blockhouse10/11/05
9/11/05 01:20Kure BeachNCUSATriangle3 - 4 secsTriangular Shape with a Reflection of the Stars behind it (cloaked or something)11/8/05
9/11/05 00:30PlanoTXUSAOther5 minutsDisappering Plane?????10/11/05
9/10/05 23:15Grass ValleyORUSALight5 -10 minutesBright streaks across the night sky light up surrounding area's below as if it were daylight10/11/05
9/10/05 22:45NeedhamMAUSARectangle5 MINUTESNeedham, MA event. (NUFORC Note: Probably local aircraft. PD))10/11/05
9/10/05 21:00Alamosa (Madano Pass)COUSAUnknown5-10 minutesLight in NW sky appears to be a planet, then moves off to west at a HIGH rate of speed.9/15/05
9/10/05 21:00LeRoyKSUSATriangle5 minThe lumbering giant8/7/07
9/10/05 21:00PocahontasIAUSALight45 seciondsbright white- blue light in northern Iowa skies10/11/05
9/10/05 20:45FairburnGAUSACircle5 seconds9/10/05 Bright Light with tail moved quickly southward in Fulton County, Georgia10/11/05
9/10/05 20:00Marana (Avra Valley)AZUSALight45 MinutesA dozen unknown lights form a trailing line and a wall of light in the face of fighter jets over Tucson, Arizona.12/16/05
9/10/05 18:30LaconiaNHUSADisk30 minutes6 disks look like white lines in sky10/11/05
9/10/05 18:05Gig HarborWAUSAUnknown5 minutesGig Harbor, WA Sept. 10th, 6:00+ p.m.: Three lights in triangular formation cross telescope field of view...10/11/05
9/10/05 18:00TeterboroNJUSALight5 minutesThree lights in the sky forming a triangle in a clear blue sky.10/11/05
9/10/05 17:00CarrizozoNMUSASphere15 minuteswe witnessed a silver spherical craft move silently across the desert sky.7/4/14
9/10/05 15:30Casa GrandeAZUSASphere3 minutesMore than two dozen sphere object traveling southwest to northeast.10/11/05
9/10/05 12:00ColumbusGAUSADisk5 minutespure white,saucer shaped,going 100 miles per min.,0ver 100 ft above me, faster than a jet or rocket12/16/05
9/10/05 12:00Mae Chang (Thailand)ThailandUnknownseveral minutesSeveral people in Mae Chang (Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand) witnessed a strange creature.10/11/05
9/10/05 12:00PayetteIDUSACircle10 mintwo white circles flying and then one hovering.10/11/05
9/10/05 08:15McCookNEUSACircleNOWThe light moved through the sky then stopped and is still sitting there. Its in the south west sky, more west than south. It still ther10/11/05
9/10/05 03:00ChesapeakeVAUSATriangle25 minuteslarge triangular object that was seen over our home2/14/06
9/10/05 02:00Haifa (Israel)IsraelTriangle2 secondsBlack triangular craft flying over Haifa, Israel10/11/05
9/10/05 00:35Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaCircle20 secondscircular object, glowing dim whitish yellow passes over toronto sky.10/11/05
9/10/05Upshire Essex (UK/England)United KingdomCircle10 minthree orange balls in formation over Upshire in essex10/11/05
9/10/05Van BurenARUSAForget about the UFO`S concentrate on what comes out of them check out Van Buren Arkansas !!!!!!!!!!!!!9/15/05
9/10/05WhittierCAUSAOval5 minutestoy ballon shaped ufo9/15/05
9/9/05 22:00Markham (Canada)ONCanadaDisk2 hoursSeven of us were sitting in a backyard socializing when someone made a comment of small lights moving in an un-natural motion. Some cou10/11/05
9/9/05 21:30Gold CanyonAZUSAUnknownone hour or soAmber lights hovering over Apache Junction, AZ as seen from Gold Canyon, AZ10/11/05
9/9/05 21:00Sault Ste. Marie (Canada)ONCanadaOther5 to 10 secondsI witnessed a low-flying, flat and round, blue-lighted object travelling at a great speed.10/11/05
9/9/05 21:00Montreal (Canada)QCCanadaFormation30 seclooking at the stars, and at that veru moment, what looked like 4 stars, they were moving, what seemed to be at speed of light...i watc10/11/05
9/9/05 20:55BertramTXUSAFireball20 secondslow steaking fireball10/11/05
9/9/05 20:30Georgetown (Canada)ONCanadaLight2 secondsQuick light bluish-purple light shot across the sky (leaving a sort of bright streak like a comet), and then disappeared10/11/05
9/9/05 20:00PinevilleMOUSALight20 minlarge amber yellowish light10/11/05
9/9/05 19:00NodineMNUSALight15 secondsorange ball of light in the horizon moving rapidly then instantly disapeared10/11/05
9/9/05 11:35BeavertonORUSAOther5-10 sec.Four Silver Objects10/11/05
9/9/05 04:00West Palm BeachFLUSALight15 minI woke up to get a drink of water. I looked out of my 2nd floor terrace doors and saw 2 small red lights.10/11/05
9/8/05 00:00MiamiFLUSALight40 minutesDarting light, popping ears10/11/05
9/8/05 22:30Bryne (Norway)NorwayTriangle5 secLow and slowflying triangle.10/11/05
9/8/05 21:30Spirit LakeIDUSALight2 minutesObject due north very bright (redish) and stationary then faded and 30 seconds later moved rapidly downward10/11/05
9/8/05 21:10AlbanyORUSAOval4 secondsProbably a meteor10/11/05
9/8/05 20:30BuckeyeAZUSAFireball1 hr X's 3 daysAT LEAST 19 LIGHTS OVER BUCKEYE-GILABEND AREA , 3 NIGHTS IN A ROW FROM 8:30-9:30PM10/11/05
9/8/05 20:00WestboroMAUSALight1 hourBright Light looked like enormous star....Hovered over noise....moved away silently and very rapidly until out of sight...m10/11/05
9/8/05 19:00Chenango ForksNYUSADisk10 minrotating light seen in sky and watched while it came closer then turn10/11/05
9/8/05 15:30Los Angeles (downtown)CAUSAOval3-5 min.Flashing light over the Little Tokyo in L.A.10/11/05
9/8/05 14:00MoreheadKYUSACircle5 minMetallic, circular object seen in daytime sky10/11/05
9/8/05 11:18Montréal (Canada)QCCanadaCigar5 minutesCigar shapeed over park in Montreal canada and militairy helicopter followed minutes later10/11/05
9/8/05 05:43GainesvilleGAUSAOther1-2 minutesWas observing Mars overhead when flashing light caught my eye from the northern sky. They were extremely bright, flashing almost strob10/11/05
9/8/05 05:25ColumbianaOHUSAOval5minutesAbout 1,500-2,000ft agl. traveling from west to east about 150knots. circular/oval in shape with red lites around perimeter and 5-10 st10/11/05
9/8/05 05:00AmboyWAUSALighthourGlittering small lights changing from red to blue to green, moving in erratic circles and lines, two days in a row.10/11/05
9/7/05 22:00WilloughbyOHUSAUnknownless than 5 minutesBright, high flying, quick moving object moving south to north10/11/05
9/7/05 21:30Crown PointINUSAChanging2 minutesReddish fireball with tail/sphere over Crown Point, Indiana10/11/05
9/7/05 20:10Gold CanyonAZUSALight15 lights in sky10/11/05
9/7/05 19:53Bethel ParkPAUSADiskabout five minsOn my way home I saw this flashing light which soon was showing different colors.10/11/05
9/7/05 19:04Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaCigar3 MinutesTime I saw object: 19.04 Hours, September 7th 2005. I'm one of those unfortunates or fortunes to see many of these things in my li10/11/05
9/7/05 18:15OradellNJUSALight10 minutesJust a few moments ago while sitting in my car, I noticed a bright light. It was nearly as bright as the sun but of course very tiny in10/11/05
9/7/05 17:30MarltonNJUSAOther3 minutesBright object in sky changes direction in a split second10/11/05
9/7/05 17:00LisleILUSAOval4 minscrazy moving lite in the sky.5/15/06
9/7/05 14:00WilliamsportPAUSAOther1 hourShape is boomerang and white with colors on bottom, which takes off sideways at blinding speed while other objects are below.10/11/05
9/7/05 13:30RedmondWAUSAOther4 minutes +Tumbling balloon-like object, very large and high, square angles, white.10/11/05
9/7/05 02:00Big SurCAUSADiamond30 secondsLarge Bright Object, intially stationary, moves quickly across large area of sky, dropping "balls of light", accelerates into space.10/11/05
9/7/05 01:56Los AngelesCAUSALight2 minutesOrange light climbs 3 minutes straight up into night sky over Los Angeles10/11/05
9/6/05 23:00Whitecourt (Canada)ABCanadaLight5 secondsFrom the East I saw 4 lights streaking across the sky moving in close proximity to one another.10/11/05
9/6/05 22:15HedgesvilleWVUSALight30 plus minutesa star like light moving irratically and changing colors (red,green/blue, white)10/11/05
9/6/05 22:04PhoenixAZUSAUnknown>5 minutesNighttime lights moving over the Northwestern Valley of Phoenix.10/11/05
9/6/05 22:00SeattleWAUSATriangle10 secondsTriangular craft w/ large,dim yellow-orange lights @ corners over N. Seattle 09/06/0510/11/05
9/6/05 21:30CoronadoCAUSACigar15 Minutes4 bright flashing light seen at a very high altitude in south Coronado bay area10/11/05
9/6/05 21:17WacoTXUSALight2MINUTESdescending blue light changes colors stops then rapidly disappears heading nothwesterly in waco,tx.5/15/06
9/6/05 21:00McDonald ObservatoryTXUSALight2 hoursSlowly flashing stationary whitish light observed by 75 witnesses observed during a star party over Mcdonald Observatory.12/12/09
9/6/05 20:00MeadvilleMSUSAOtherapprox.5or6 minPlease don't laugh at this10/11/05
9/6/05 17:45OlinNCUSAUnknownAbout 6 secondsWhile scanning the sky with binoculars for the planet Venus a strange object flew into the field of view.10/11/05
9/6/05 11:20WilmingtonNCUSAOther5 Min.UFO in the vicinity of chemtrail10/11/05
9/6/05 05:30ColumbiaPAUSADisk30 seconds9/6/05 05:30 AM Columbia, PA 30 second duration, disk-shaped craft with lights flying at low altitude7/16/06
9/6/05 05:00Columbia CityINUSATriangle1 minuteappeared to rise up in south east heading west very very low over trees and houses in neighborhood. 3 lights in "V" form, no sound as o10/11/05
9/6/05 03:00Grimsby (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown>1 hr.apx 45 degrees up in the East sky. It is as bright as the brightest star out with a reddish tinge, on this clear night. It is in the sa10/11/05
9/6/05 02:00Grants/AlbuquerqueNMUSADiamond5 - 10 minuteswe were driving on I 40 E, a long diamond shaped craft appeared on the passenger side, approximately 300 ft in length with flashing red10/11/05
9/6/05 00:48Morgan HillCAUSALightApprox. 60 sec.A white bright star like object moving slowly in the 15 degrees above the horizen from Henry Co State Park!10/11/05
9/5/05 23:30SummervilleSCUSATriangle1-2 minMy 2 children and I were heading out to the store. We live near an air force base so we constantly watch the skies for odd aircraft.10/11/05
9/5/05 22:47WendoverUTUSACigar30 secsWe were headed on 80east heading east and we saw this very bright flashing light that just sat in the sky10/11/05
9/5/05 22:15BothellWAUSALight4 minutesStar-like object changing luminosity while meandering from SE to NW direction before vanishing10/11/05
9/5/05 21:00ArlingtonTXUSAFireballAround one minuteA distant explosive sound as the area around me turned deep blue for a second and then I witnessed two bright lights in the sky.8/14/07
9/5/05 20:18Simi ValleyCAUSALight10 secondsBlue Dot like light10/11/05
9/5/05 20:00Fife (UK/England)United KingdomLight5 hoursreflected cloud white glowing lights randomly apearing and spinning around a center piont and reversing10/11/05
9/5/05 19:55Las VegasNVUSA5 minutesThree bright craft traveling at immense speeds at impossible trajectory variants displaying some type of cloaking capability.10/11/05
9/5/05 13:30EugeneORUSALight1m. 10sec.Video on infrared records something9/15/05
9/5/05 10:30Mount WashingtonKYUSADisk20 to 25 secondsI saw a metallic disk over the shoulder of a realestate agent in the distance in Mt. Washington,KY on 9-5-053/4/08
9/5/05 04:37New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSALight20 secEarly morning Labor Day, I was sitting on my front step looking at the stars. I focused on 3 stars in a triangular format. That's when10/11/05
9/4/05 22:58WichitaKSUSACone2 minutesCone-shaped light that changes colors9/15/05
9/4/05 22:30SchenevusNYUSACircle1 hourRed, blue and white lights continuously moving on unidentified object in Upstate NY sky9/15/05
9/4/05 21:45VeniceFLUSA15 secondsVenice Florida boomerang shaped group of 10-15 objects9/15/05
9/4/05 21:45Zevenaar (Gelderland, Netherlands)NetherlandsFireball4minutesyellow orange light spotted over Zevenaar, Netherlands9/15/05
9/4/05 21:10Berry CreekCAUSALight6 secondsA bright light that left a trail.9/15/05
9/4/05 21:00Redwood CityCAUSACircle15 minutesA flashing ,stretching light in the south west sky in redwood city10/11/05
9/4/05 21:00Ann ArborMIUSALight5 secondsTWO RED-ORANGE LIGHTS IN "FORMATION" OVER ANN ARBOR, MI.9/15/05
9/4/05 04:00Punta Cabras (Mexico)MexicoLight15 secondsBrightest light in the sky "S Curves" and shoots straight away and fades into nothing.- - Punta Cabras, Mexico9/15/05
9/4/05 04:00Puntas CabrasMexicoLight30 secbright light moved in slow "S" motion then it changed speeds and straight up and disapeared9/15/05
9/4/05 02:00Sherwood Park (Canada)ABCanadaTeardrop30 minutesbright light spinning around with flashing lights9/15/05
9/4/05 00:45South PasadenaCAUSAFireball2 secondsLarge, glowing, bright green "fireball" falling fast south of Los Angeles.9/15/05
9/4/05BoonvilleNCUSACigar3+ hoursUnusual activity in our small community, crafts seem to hover with lights not like anything recognizable.9/9/13
9/4/05Redondo BeachCAUSATriangle5 minutesTriangulat UFO seen over Redondo Beach, California at 6:00 a.m. lights were not blinking, making strange patterns12/16/05
9/3/05 23:35StatesvilleNCUSAUnknown30 minsTri-colored light in eastern sky attracts attention of star gazer near midnight in Statesville, North Carolina.9/15/05
9/3/05 23:00Pelican LakeWIUSADiskAbout 3 hoursPelican Lake UFO sightings, Amazing and very large. They emitted a beam of light and orbited,about 3/4 size of the moon was their size.9/15/05
9/3/05 23:00Pelican LakeWIUSAOval3 hoursThree-Hour UFO Sighting Accompanied By: A Beam Of Light - A Nosey Helicopter - And A Creature,11/21/10
9/3/05 22:30SeattleWAUSALight5 minutesBright blue lights in the night sky above downtown Seattle.11/3/05
9/3/05 22:20SeattleWAUSALight5 Minutes5 dark blue lights traveling east then south9/15/05
9/3/05 22:00BridgewaterNJUSADisk20 minAs I was driving on an open highway I saw what looked like a huge white sail from a viking ship. I had followed it and then saw it slow9/15/05
9/3/05 21:30CarrboroNCUSAUnknown15-20 minutesI looked into the sky and saw an unusally bright light and thought it was a helicopter going to the nearby hospital. The lights flicke9/15/05
9/3/05 20:45Browns SummitNCUSAChanging15minsdiamond*triangle ( couldnt tell) amber colored with greenish purple glow with lighting bolts coming off it.9/15/05
9/3/05 20:30LauglintownPAUSASphere20-30 seconds2 bright white lights moving away from the ground rapidly over the mountains of western PA5/15/06
9/3/05 19:23FindlayOHUSATriangle9 secondsTwo triangle parallel objects in the eastern sky in Northwestern Ohio9/15/05
9/3/05 18:23Yorktown HeightsNYUSASphere0:00:35;00White Spheres Sail Across Early Evening Skies.9/15/05
9/3/05 17:00RentonWAUSALightincompleteBright light in the sky over Ikea9/15/05
9/3/05 13:00Brighton (Canada)ONCanadaTriangleAn unknow object shown up in a fotograph9/15/05
9/3/05 12:45Kent CityMIUSAOval4 minutesWhite, pulsating oval shaped unidentified craft.9/15/05
9/3/05 02:00Glendale HeightsILUSATriangle20 secondsI meet with a local astronomy club,& have a telescope to stargaze, & have never before seen anything so clear with unaided eye!9/15/05
9/3/05 00:25Lisalmi (Finland)FinlandLightI was with my friend looking for northern Lights. I saw small, RED POINT bouncing on sky. Then it dissappeared. Well, we wait and watch9/15/05
9/2/05 23:48CarneyMIUSACircleat least 1 hourPictures of a distinct round shaped (beach ball sized) object - taken in a 10 minute sequence in the woods by a motion camera.9/15/05
9/2/05 23:45Stockholm/ spånga (Sweden)SwedenTriangle5-6 secondstriangle9/15/05
9/2/05 23:30West ChesterPAUSALight1 hourlight flashing for about an hour and started slowly moving away9/15/05
9/2/05 23:00BoliverPAUSACircle1 hour +Sept 2nd 2005 11pm Boliver, PA Witnessed an object in the night sky that moved at impossible speeds in horizontal directions.9/15/05
9/2/05 22:40SalemORUSALight4 secondsObserved slowly moving white light at 10:40 pm heading north from direcly overhead9/15/05
9/2/05 22:30TiltonNHUSALight3-5 minuteswhite blinking lights flying very close together10/11/05
9/2/05 21:30MinneapolisMNUSA1 secondFlash of light in sky9/15/05
9/2/05 21:15TacomaWAUSAUnknown3 minutestacoma wa sighting9/15/05
9/2/05 19:55SteubenvilleOHUSACircle15 minutesMore than a shape, they looked like stars,flashing red, green and white. One was much larger than the other - both moving slowly in a9/15/05
9/2/05 19:15MilwaukeeWIUSALight3 minwhite wavering light9/15/05
9/2/05 19:00GastoniaNCUSAFireball15-20 secondsNCCPO REPORT: All things considered, this is an odd sighting and I cannot possibly begin to explain it.8/14/07
9/2/05 18:30BaltimoreMDUSACylinder30-60 secondsTwo distant shapes going west9/15/05
9/2/05 17:00TempleTXUSALight4 secondsscreaming whistle with bright light hit windshield with a shocking vibrating noise and disappeared.9/15/05
9/2/05 16:00LouisvilleKYUSALight10 minutesRound objects spotted in Louisville, Kentucky.9/15/05
9/2/05 15:00Leicester (UK/England)United KingdomOval6-10 secondsDaytime sighting - fast object, trick of the mind, I dont know!9/15/05
9/2/05 13:22ShelbyMIUSACigarone miniuteShinny silver tube craft no wings - some dark areas.9/15/05
9/2/05 10:21Willow CreekCAUSACircle1hrbright star like flash in the same spot every night9/15/05
9/2/05 09:40LynchburgVAUSACigar3 minutesWhite cigar shaped object was stationary in the sky and then it was simply no longer there.9/15/05
9/2/05 05:30Mt GileadOHUSAFlash5;30 friday morn bright light travelling at extreme speed9/15/05
9/2/05 02:30Tracy Arm (near; on cruise ship)AKUSALight15 min.Balls of light seen from cruise ship in Alaska!10/11/05
9/2/05 02:20Issaquah (ouside of)WAUSACircle5 secondsBlue and orange object in the sky9/15/05
9/2/05 02:00New OrleansLAUSASphere2+ hoursI saw several high speed sphere shaped objects with purposeful erratic turning ability , with night vision goggles10/30/06
9/2/05LisbonOHUSACigar3 minutes2 UFO's 1plane and a military jet fighter this morning WOW!!!!!9/15/05
9/1/05 23:00ShaftsburyVTUSASphere1 hourRandomly flashing lights of red; blue; green; yellow ,small sphere quickly; randomly darting back and forth .9/15/05
9/1/05 23:00LemontILUSAUnknown15min.Bright light observed hovering above the refinery and then changed directions twice as it flew off to the north.9/15/05
9/1/05 22:00Cape HatterasNCUSAFireball1 min.sitting on the deck of an oceanfront beach house, at approximately 10:00 p.m., an orange plasma ball appeared about a mile or less out10/10/11
9/1/05 22:00BanningCAUSAEgg1 hourObserved several egg shaped objects. The first appeared on the western horizon around 10 pm PST. we were able to observe the craft for9/15/05
9/1/05 22:00WarrenOHUSATriangle5 minTriangle craft with a bright blue and white light in 2 corners, and a red blinking light in the other.9/15/05
9/1/05 21:55Great FallsMTUSALight3 minutes eachFirst Incident: At 21:55 I was outside and noticed a light in the sky moving. It looked just like a star. There was no flashing strobe9/15/05
9/1/05 21:50BooneIAUSAChevron2-3 min.Slow moving boomerang moves across a Central Iowa town.9/15/05
9/1/05 21:30WarrenvilleILUSASphere10-15 sec.ALOT of activity over Big Dipper, with Large BRIGHT White , turning red Sphere and then dissappearing. Pulsing light over Big Dipper.9/15/05
9/1/05 21:00MurfreesboroTNUSATriangle1 hourTriangles hovering close to ground over Mufreesboro, TN1/21/08
9/1/05 20:30BlufftonGAUSALight10 minsBright red moving light in the sky that dims and brightens up and disappears some times reappearing and stationary9/15/05
9/1/05 20:15Fort WayneINUSATriangle15 secondsTriangle shape with low glow seen for about 15 seconds9/15/05
9/1/05 20:00NapervilleILUSALight20 minLights in low clouds. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly advertising lights?? PD))12/16/05
9/1/05 20:00MarionINUSALight5 secondsA bright light, traveling at high speeds, disappeared after 5 seconds.9/15/05
9/1/05 19:50Fall RiverMAUSACylinder8SECONDSOBJECT SPEED APPX. 70 MPH10/11/05
9/1/05 18:25Jefferson CityTNUSALight25 Seconds??Strange Object Passes over House3/11/06
9/1/05 15:00FlintMIUSADiskabout 2 minutes or soufo while driving on exspress way2/1/07
9/1/05 13:00MaryvilleTNUSACylinder10 secondsHuge black cylinder, in front of cloud.10/20/05
9/1/05 05:00San JoseCAUSALight10 MinutesRed Ball turns to Star and shoots off Stars!10/20/05
9/1/05 04:00GoodlettsvilleTNUSARectangle5 secondsShinny or lighted object going very fast then maneuvered as if to dodge something, like a Bat would do, then the whole thing tilted bac9/15/05
9/1/05Ramadi (Iraq)IraqLightabout a weekorange lights in the sky in iraq, not anything military6/12/07