National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 10/2003


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
10/31/03 23:00TucsonAZUSATriangle8 HoursVisible by the naked eye, appear to be several bright, triangular objects in the East and West sky.11/8/03
10/31/03 22:30Evans CityPAUSATriangle3-5 minutesstrange lights in the sky4/27/04
10/31/03 22:07PantonVTUSATriangle3 minutesOddly lit, semi-triangular aircraft captured on video11/26/03
10/31/03 22:00WakefieldRIUSATriangle2 minutesLarge triangular object flying fairly low over Route 1 in wakefield Rhode Island on Halloween. 4 large white lights.11/8/03
10/31/03 21:30GranvilleIAUSACigar3-4 mins5 strange lights hoevering above ground2/1/07
10/31/03 21:30RooseveltownNYUSACircle10 + minhad bright lites then flashing colored lights ,silent, slow moving and low2/1/07
10/31/03 20:30Vancouver (Maple Ridge) (Canada)BCCanadaOther2-5 MinutesSmall Orange Object, With a tail. Irratic movements.5/24/05
10/31/03 19:00Hamilton (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown5 minutesOddly lit large craft over Hamilton at or shortly after 7pm on Haloween.11/8/03
10/31/03 19:00SpurgerTXUSADisk45 min.45 minutes left to right and circular motion seen several times since11/26/03
10/31/03 18:30StaffordVAUSARectangle2-3 secondsOn Halloween night 2003, the night was clear when a huge retangular object flew directly over my house.8/16/16
10/31/03 18:10StanwoodWAUSATriangle5 secondstriangular shape with lights on bottom hovered, then vanished in night12/9/03
10/31/03 17:30DeKabeTXUSACircle45 sec.1 black object with 2 lites, no sound, hovered nearly over us. Came from the south west, stopped. moved south.12/9/03
10/31/03 15:05MiltonFLUSAChangingten minutesBlack cloud vortex appears, and I lose tens minutes of time that I cannot account for.11/8/03
10/31/03 07:30SeattleWAUSALight10-15 secondsa steaking light in the bright morning sky11/11/03
10/31/03 03:40SeattleWAUSAUnknown15-20 minutesStrange hovering and engineless jet noises too near for comfort.10/31/03
10/31/03 03:00Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaDisk15 minutesFrom right put of "Lost in Space The original. Rotating multi-colored lights bottom and side, silent low hover, EERIE10/31/03
10/31/03 03:00Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaDisk10-15 minutesUpdated from 10/31/2003 Van BC Ca. with a much clearer discription.11/8/03
10/31/03 02:00RoswellNMUSAFlash5 secondsGreen flash traveling at high velocity12/19/03
10/31/03 02:00BaytownTXUSAOther10 to 15 minutesoff "v" shaped, non-reflective, huge in size, did not make any sounds12/16/05
10/31/03 00:00SacramentoCAUSASpherecouples of secondsSPEAR SHAPE OBJECT BLUE IN COLOR10/31/03
10/30/03 23:30MelbourneFLUSASphere5 secondsWhile driving a white sphere crossed road in front of us at high speed then turned straight down and disappeared.11/26/03
10/30/03 23:24Port Moody (Canada)BCCanadaChevron35 secThe craft was V shaped with large orangey lights along the bottom it flue low and slow with no sound over the bay.11/8/03
10/30/03 23:00ScappooseORUSATriangle5 seconds (x2)2 more fast, noiseless, triangular objects seen above Scappoose, OR within 1 week of first sighting10/31/03
10/30/03 22:00TroyMOUSATriangle20-30 secondsUnknown triangular (Kite-like) seen in sky over home11/8/03
10/30/03 21:17Spokane (35 miles north of, Hwy. 395)WAUSA2 secondsWhile I was driving, a green light streaked so low overhead that I thought it was going to crash into the hills.11/8/03
10/30/03 21:00FindlayOHUSAUnknown15 minutesStrange Jet11/26/03
10/30/03 21:00Luquillo (Puerto Rico)Puerto RicoLight20-30 secondsThe object was like controling our bodies so we could not move. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly not a serious report? PD))3/28/04
10/30/03 20:00ComptonCAUSALight10 minutesRed Star like light in LA night sky10/31/03
10/30/03 16:45Michigan CityINUSAOval5 MinutesBright orange light that appeared after the solar flare, disapeared within 5 or 6 minutes.10/31/03
10/30/03 07:10Sagamore HillsOHUSALight15 minutesAt about 7:10 PM on the 30th of October, halloween(halloween was changed to the 30th in this area because of a major football playoff g10/31/03
10/30/03 07:00TopekaKSUSADisk5 minutesI was driving north and saw a silver disc in the northern sky.10/31/03
10/30/03 06:35WhittierCAUSALight5 seclight that was not a plane10/31/03
10/30/03 04:35WilliamsonNYUSAOthercircular square object with flagging movement w/no sound10/31/03
10/30/03 04:00SolonOHUSAOther10 secondsCream (light tan) colored half circle near Richmond Rd. Aurora Rd Intersection north of Hillcrest Memorial Park Cemetary.11/11/03
10/30/03SingaporeSingaporeOval4 oval lights circling and merging10/31/03
10/29/03 22:50Scipio CenterNYUSAOther3minutesA flying pea pod with four lighted peas on top.11/26/03
10/29/03 22:00New IberiaLAUSACigar5 sec.Very bright object along busy highway.12/9/03
10/29/03 20:15BartlettILUSALight45 minutesMysterious white orbs in night sky - moving in a repetitive sequence - within the same circular area - which stayed in the same spot .10/31/03
10/29/03 20:00PalatineILUSAUnknown2 secondsBooms associated with Bartlet sightings 10/29/03.11/11/03
10/29/03 19:49MiamiFLUSAOther5 secondsAn irridescent boomerang shaped object in the western sky, and five minutes later it came back moving the same direction10/31/03
10/29/03 19:15Powder SpringsGAUSALight15 minutesVery Bright Blue Star10/31/03
10/29/03 18:55RayneLAUSALight3-min.THERES SOMETHING WEILD GOING ON UP THERE !10/31/03
10/29/03 18:50RussellvilleARUSATriangle<1 minuteThree Lights Form Triangle in Sky Near Russellville, AR on Evening of 10/29/0311/8/03
10/29/03 17:45AlpharettaGAUSASphere30 secodsTarnished bronze sphere hovering in close proximity to a radio tower11/8/03
10/29/03 12:00LynnwoodWAUSAChevron208th St. SWLarge V shape. No sound. Large white lights 5 on each side. One small light moving forward and back to larger craft. Moving at steady11/8/03
10/29/03 06:15TallahasseeFLUSASphere30 secondsflash of light, great speed, rounded turn/change of course, abrupt full stop10/31/03
10/29/03 00:34Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaLightsecondsThis Object was no sattellite!10/31/03
10/29/03 00:15ThomsonGAUSAFlash3-5 secondsI've seen a bright flash of light three times in the same area.10/31/03
10/28/03 20:24MarfaTXUSATrianglePhoto shotDigital photo of possible flying triangle over Marfa Tx 10-28-20038/24/10
10/28/03 16:00Victoria (Canada)BCCanadaLight1 minuteI saw a light travel faster and at angles I've never witnessed before.1/17/04
10/28/03 14:20SpanawayWAUSADisk1 minuteThe object traveled at a steady pace towards Mount Rainier.11/8/03
10/28/03 11:35AtkinsTXUSAThis is in reference to an entry you posted on 2/01/03. The informant wrote about a green light he and his grandson saw as they watched10/31/03
10/28/03 10:10New York City (Manhattan)NYUSASphere5 min.I looked up and saw a sphere very high up over the Helmsley Palace Hotel...10/31/03
10/28/03 05:00Malshej Ghat (India)IndiaFireball10 minsUFOs Sighted in India10/31/03
10/28/03 01:00PasadenaMDUSAUnknown2 hoursI was starting to doze off durring the david letterman show. i was awaken by a repetitive sound kinda resembling a phone of the hook bu10/31/03
10/27/03 20:30Hot Springs VillageARUSATriangle30 minuteOn October 27, 2003 was heading home from seeing friends in Hot Springs Village which is 8 miles Northeast of Hot Springs, AR. The eve10/31/03
10/27/03 20:00Corfu (Greece)GreeceLight15 sec.While fishing with my friends iI saw a light moving in the sky, and I realized it was too fast for a plane!11/8/03
10/27/03 18:10Rohnert ParkCAUSAOther1 1/2minuteHorseshoe flat disklike craft with oval shaped white strobing head lamps with pale yellow lights each outer edge.10/31/03
10/27/03 18:00FarsonWYUSACylinder30 seconds30-second sighting. Tumbling, silver-grey cylinder. 30 degrees off horizon. Eight miles distant. Steady course & speed4/20/17
10/27/03 17:00TroutdaleVAUSAFireball5 minutesFireball visible at low horizon in dusk sky11/8/03
10/26/03 23:00StauntonVAUSACigar1.5 hrs.Cigar w/ two lights (--). Staunton, VA10/31/03
10/26/03 23:00ColumbiaMDUSASphereNighttime Walk-a-thonTWO FLYING ORBS IN A CHASE AT NIGHT10/27/04
10/26/03 22:30O'FallonILUSAOtherAprox. 3 minutesI am now a believer in UFO's because of my experience with a Green object last night.10/31/03
10/26/03 22:30Lake HiawathaNJUSALight5 secondsA flying yellow silent explosion-esque shape, faster than any plane I've seen.10/31/03
10/26/03 22:05Vale (Guernsey) (UK/England)United KingdomLight2 secondsa fast red light shot appeared across the sky with vapour trail and disappered in seconds.10/31/03
10/26/03 21:30Bristol (UK/England)United KingdomOther3 secondsOkay, this is a new one on me, maybe someone else has seen these too. Towards the end of October 2003, around 9:30 pm with a clear sky,12/19/03
10/26/03 19:35YorkPAUSATriangle1 minuteout side with sons, 3 large trangle shape, each with 3 red trangle shapes under body. made no sounds, moved slow going east to west.12/16/05
10/26/03 18:30Stevens PointWIUSACircle5 MinutesI observed a circular yellow-orange-red flashing light go above the tree line straight east of Wal-mart at Hwy 10 and Brilowski Road11/26/03
10/26/03 17:00Stoner (Canada)BCCanadaLightapprox: 5 minutesHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Large bright object at tree top level.11/11/03
10/26/03 16:25Vernon (Canada)BCCanadaOther5 minsI was standing behind my car, waiting for a phone call and I looked up to the clouds and notice a white dot moving at a slow pace. I wa11/8/03
10/26/03 16:20AllenTXUSAUnknown2minsthis afternoon while sitting outside on my patio, I saw it again, last week I saw it and now again!! it is like the shape of a boomeran10/31/03
10/26/03 14:45Westerbork (Netherlands)NetherlandsPhoto of UFO in the Netherlands Hello This is a picture taken at 26 october 2003 at the radiotelescope in Westerbork, the Netherlands10/31/03
10/26/03 10:00Birmingham (UK/England)United KingdomSphere10 SECONDSplaying golf, frosty morning no wind at ground level,completely blue sky,no cloud at all. looked up to see if buzzards about and the ob10/31/03
10/26/03 02:30Telkwa (Canada)BCCanadaOtherunknownHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: ball of off white light with a ring of bright white light running around it.10/31/03
10/26/03 00:30MaudOKUSAUnknown2-3 minutesobject moved from south to north but had an unusual vertical bobbing action to it.1/17/04
10/26/03 00:00Los MolinosCAUSATriangle10 secondsA large "V" shaped object passed overhead, it flipped or banked, then disappeared.10/31/03
10/25/03 22:40TrotwoodOHUSAOther2 minsI saw a object hoovering approx 6 - 8 feet above some trees as I was approaching a 4 way stop.10/31/03
10/25/03 22:40TrotwoodOHUSAOther2 mins.MUFON/OHIO FOLLOW-UP INVESTIGATION REPORT: I spoke with the witness from Trotwood, Ohio (suburb of Dayton).12/9/03
10/25/03 22:00KilleenTXUSASphere3 secondsSpherical object that emitted a blinding white light.10/31/08
10/25/03 22:00San LorenzoCAUSAChanging15 minutesTubular shaped thing,that changed shape and seemed to navigate its directions was flying over my home. several witnesses10/31/03
10/25/03 21:39WestminsterCOUSATriangle15 secondsSilent, Black Triangle with lights on the corners and amber, glowing lights at rear of craft.10/31/03
10/25/03 21:15ScappooseORUSATriangle5 secondsSwift hard-to-see triangular object moving in a straight line across night sky with 3 luminous tips, one at front, two at rear.10/31/03
10/25/03 21:00San DiegoCAUSATriangle5 minutes((name deleted)) see's a Ufo land on her property10/31/03
10/25/03 18:24FleetwoodPAUSAOval15 secondsAn oval shaped craft flew directly behind and to the left of a low flying 747 passenger jet. The craft rflected sunlight and it was obv8/11/04
10/25/03 13:00New MexicoNMUSAOther?Pictures of a landscape in New Mexico where my husband and father-in-law were hunting, in the pictures unidetified objects are seen.5/12/10
10/25/03 02:30BinghamtonNYUSAFireball1 minuteOrange fireball5/22/15
10/25/03 02:00SpringfieldILUSADisk2 minutesIn the sky over my head 2 bright white disk shaped objects that seemed to be chasing each other just playing around. Then they just too10/31/03
10/25/03 01:00BruceWAUSAOval30 secondsthe object did not emit any light onto the land10/31/03
10/24/03 23:45MobileALUSATriangle1 minuteFirst sighting of triangular bright white object moving over Mobile, AL. at night from the south11/8/03
10/24/03 23:00Shawnee and GearyOKUSAUnknown45min.strange things in the sky10/31/03
10/24/03 22:16Lancaster (UK/England)United KingdomSphere2 minutesBright metallic Spherical object chased by military aircraft.11/26/03
10/24/03 21:00HuntingtonWVUSATrianglei seen two ufos,one last sep,2002 near crum wv,one oct 24,2003 on 64 going to huntington wv,they both was triangle shped10/31/03
10/24/03 20:15Rockwood (Canada)ONCanadaDisk3 MinutesI saw a saucer shaped object with red blue and yellow lights above a cornfield one night on my drive home from work.11/8/03
10/24/03 20:15WickiupAZUSATriangle10 minThe triangular craft reminded me of the one seen over phoenix a few years ago.10/31/03
10/24/03 20:00OaklandCAUSALight5 minutesClear night in Oakland and my family saw five UFOs over the house3/2/04
10/24/03 20:00El Paso (East)TXUSADisknot knownAn unknown object was seen floating in a deserted place not far from homes.10/31/03
10/24/03 20:00AliceTXUSALight5 minTiny fast moving ball of light, also an airplane flying nearby but had NO landing lights visible10/31/03
10/24/03 16:00HollywoodFLUSADiskless than 1minDevins clouds an uncexpected sighting10/31/03
10/24/03 02:29Fort SmithARUSATeardropfor an hour nowquivering flashing object high and distant in the Northeast sky ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a "twinkling" star. PD))10/31/03
10/24/03 01:45HoustonTXUSARectangle10 secondsStrange Happenings in Houston 200310/31/03
10/24/03 01:30HurstTXUSATriangle2 hours+ and still going Triangular shape light in Hurst texas that stayed making small movements for over 2 hours ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling star?? PD))10/31/03
10/24/03 00:00LexingtonTNUSALight2 hrs.I witnessed it on my back porch a; an object hovering around with a bright white light with a red light behind it.10/31/03
10/23/03 23:15Buenas Aeres (Argentina)ArgentinaOval45 segundoseran dos ovalos de color negro mate.direccion n/este hacia el sur/este se intercalaban es decir primero iba una y luego la pasaba la ot4/9/04
10/23/03 23:00Hot SpringsARUSAUnknownapprox 5 minGlowing clearlike color hovering over Lake Hamilton10/31/03
10/23/03 23:00RentonWAUSAUnknown1 hourMy wife & I saw 100+ UFO's last night!10/31/03
10/23/03 22:30PensacolaFLUSATriangle5 minutesReplicating triangle light patterns over I-10 in Florida10/31/03
10/23/03 21:40SeattleWAUSACircle10 secondsA bright white circular object moving quickly from north to south.10/31/03
10/23/03 21:30West SeattleWAUSAFireball5 seconds10/23/03 9:30pm I saw a glowing blue object with a long blue tail hurtling towards the ground and disapearing after 5 seconds.10/31/03
10/23/03 21:18VancouverWAUSACirclesecondsIrredescent green circular ball of light flying easterly at 10 to 15 degrees off horizontal horizon.10/31/03
10/23/03 21:18SeattleWAUSACone10-12 secondsIt was a red and green coneshaped object that flashed briefly across the night sky.10/31/03
10/23/03 21:16Bainbridge IslandWAUSASphere2 secondsVery pretty bright lime green spherical object moving very fast10/31/03
10/23/03 21:00PuebloCOUSALight20 secondsSuspended orange lights in Northwest sky10/31/03
10/23/03 21:00HoustonTXUSALight2 minutesMundane Satellite?10/31/03
10/23/03 21:00SeattleWAUSAUnknown3 seconds"W" shaped meteor burns up above Seattle10/31/03
10/23/03 20:30Kuusamo (Finland)FinlandOtherWell we were hunting with my son in Kuusamo. We went to the car about 20:30 a clock, and started to bag our hunting stuffs. The sky was10/31/03
10/23/03 12:30Salt Lake CityUTUSAUnknown4-6 secondsUTAH UFO HUNTERS REPORT: I had a strange feeling the object was following me.11/8/03
10/23/03 10:15South KingstownRIUSAUnknown2 secondsLoud explosion heard along southern Rhode Island coast.10/31/03
10/23/03 06:30San Luis ObispoCAUSAChanging8 secondsfireball flying in a straight path across the horizon10/31/03
10/23/03 00:15Dade CityFLUSAUnknown2 minsa bright yellow object floating from the heavens.10/31/03
10/23/03 00:10Puerto Vallarto (Mexico)MexicoLight30-45 minsbright white lights over the Sierra Madres in Mexico10/31/03
10/22/03 23:40North HollywoodCAUSADisk30 minutesAn absolutely undeniable half hour view of a ship with a dramatic and identifying departure3/17/04
10/22/03 23:00ChathamVAUSAFlashsecondsBig Flash.10/31/03
10/22/03 21:11MartinsvilleINUSADiamond20 sec.they had flashing lights and left a green and red formation in the sky it 4 red lines and a green one10/31/03
10/22/03 21:00AbingdonVAUSAFireball30 minutesFireball reported by numerous persons in rural VA10/31/03
10/22/03 21:00BouseAZUSALight3 minutes, twiceMultiple rows of bright yellowish lights seen against night sky10/31/03
10/22/03 21:00Cheltenham (UK/England)United KingdomFireball30minsFireballs on garden10/31/03
10/22/03 20:55WikieupAZUSAFormationHOUR AND HALFUFO ENCOUNTER IN ARIZONA10/31/03
10/22/03 20:54Houston (Canada)BCCanadaFireball3 to 4 secondsHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Large blue fireball steaks across the sky.10/31/03
10/22/03 20:00DoverARUSAUnknown5 hrsTo whom this may concern and please take seriously, We could not contact or find a no. to call.While looking at the northen star on 10/10/31/03
10/22/03 20:00RockfordIDUSAOvalufo sightingMy sister and I were leaving Blackfoot to head out to Aberdeen where Ab-Cent Myndid (local band) was recording a EP. when we came up to10/31/03
10/22/03 19:20RachelNVUSAOval55Iam an insurance salesman born April 9, 1947, age 56. I have lived in Northern Nevada since I was age 16. I am college educated in the11/8/03
10/22/03 19:00Houston (Canada)BCCanadaLight3 minutesHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Huge bright light drops right over the tree tops.10/31/03
10/22/03 18:40Skyline DriveUTUSADisk4 min.Watched 3 disk shaped objects, stationary, and in a v-formation, for about 4 minutes.10/31/03
10/22/03 18:30CliffsideNCUSASphere30 secsouth of post office in cliffside. moveing east to west almost as fast as you could turn your head10/31/03
10/22/03 18:24CentertonARUSASphere5-10 secondsSaw an object flying higher and faster than anything I've seen before, travelling in a straight line10/31/03
10/22/03 14:00Murrells InletSCUSADisk30 minutesA Huge Silver Disk was Hovering 300 ft. over our Pontoon 15 minutes while fishing near the jetties in the Atlantic Ocean!6/2/13
10/22/03 10:20WichitaKSUSACrossSoutheastCross Shape UFO Seen Wichita,ks and then vanishd.10/31/03
10/22/03 08:06New RiverAZUSAOther1 minuteI looked out of the bus window and saw a horseshoe-shaped thing flying away like it had just taken off.12/19/03
10/22/03 08:00Winfield (Canada)BCCanadaRectangle?i have a picture of what can only be a ufo10/31/03
10/22/03 07:00AnchorageAKUSAOther30secMe and my freinds saw a red light and it whent straight up fast (no plain can move up that fast)then disapered after about 30 sec10/31/03
10/22/03 06:45RockfordILUSALight1 -2 minSpectral kind of light 20 degrees above the horizon than vanished.10/31/03
10/22/03 06:30Asker (Norway)NorwayUnknown30 seconds3 lights floating soundless some hundred meters up in the sky, a dark and starry morning.10/31/03
10/22/03 02:45Las CrucesNMUSAUnknownongoing...Just a little to weird to be a star.10/31/03
10/21/03 22:20CocoaFLUSAFireball3 to 4 secondsA green ball of light in the north west sky moving in an arc shape as if it was falling, then it dissapeared.1/17/04
10/21/03 22:15Rancho Santa FeCAUSALight3 seconds (approx.)Short-lived white "shooting star"11/8/03
10/21/03 22:00CaswellNCUSADiskThey wre like little lights but, I could see suff comeing off them.11/26/03
10/21/03 22:00BellmoreNYUSAOvalhalf hourwhite light and becon spotted over bellmore "New York12/14/06
10/21/03 21:10ChillicotheOHUSAFireball3 secBright green light streaks twice in Ohio sky between Waverly and Chillicothe on clear night.10/31/03
10/21/03 21:00OlatheKSUSALight5 minutes5-10 small objects that look liek little stars shooting around the sky, follow by to large possible planes.10/31/03
10/21/03 21:00RacineWIUSASphere30 minutesCircular craft over Lake Michigan10/31/03
10/21/03 20:45ScandiaMNUSALight15 minutesBright pulsating multi-colored light turning into disk shape with circle of red lights.10/31/03
10/21/03 20:30Grand BlancMIUSATriangle2-3 minutesI was driving south on Saginaw St. in Grand Blanc at about 8:30pm and I noticed a triangular thing hoovering just above the trees above10/31/03
10/21/03 19:40FresnoCAUSAOther30 SecondsThree Red lights observed hovering over Fresno, California1/17/04
10/21/03 19:00WaterfordNYUSATriangle20-30secondsA very large slow moving triangle with bright strobes and no sound10/31/03
10/21/03 19:00BellflowerCAUSAFireball5-10 MINBURNING ORB FLOATING OVERHEAD3/2/04
10/21/03 16:15AustinTXUSAOval5 minutesAn oval, saucer-shaped object moving slowly with brilliante colors of light flashing.10/31/03
10/21/03 03:00Yukon Territory (rural) (Canada)YTCanadaTriangle30 minutesTriangle of lights in the Yukon.10/31/03
10/21/03 02:45VacavilleCAUSARectangle2 minutes2:25 am while satelite watching noticed an object moving sw to ne,with binacs,saw 3 objects or triangle formation now going w-east10/31/03
10/20/03 23:30KannapolisNCUSALight< 60 secondsA long light, like a star that moved fast and kinda sparkled. Moved in full view, low in the sky in less than 60 seconds10/31/03
10/20/03 22:30Swanley (UK/England)United KingdomLightapprox one minuteat approximately ten thirty pm i was standing outside my house. i had been photographing the moon. suddenly, i became aware of a very11/11/03
10/20/03 22:00HarrisonGAUSACircle1 hourAmber-colored crafts, and strange sounds.11/3/17
10/20/03 21:50CullowheeNCUSAFireball2 or 3 secondsMy wife and I saw a huge glowing blue ball enter the atmophere.10/31/03
10/20/03 21:30Pollock PinesCAUSALight40 secondsbright white light get bigger then smaller and then travel away from or into space.10/31/03
10/20/03 21:15ProphetstownILUSAOther15 min.we saw a star and it raised above the clouds, a few nights later saw the same thing and it then dissappeared1/17/04
10/20/03 20:55Indian TrailNCUSAUnknown1-2secondsI saw a bright light flash that lit up the sky, and I caught a glimpse of a orange/red tail die.10/31/03
10/20/03 20:50GreensboroNCUSAFireball15 secondsBig brilliant white fireball, size of full moon with long white tail falling from overhead to the South of Greensboro, NC10/31/03
10/20/03 20:45JacksonvilleFLUSAFireball5 secondsGreen object with tail headed from the sky straight down10/31/03
10/20/03 20:45Honea PathSCUSAFlashThe sky lite up blue then a streak of greeninh white light came down from the sky and exploded.10/31/03
10/20/03 20:45HamptonFLUSASphere15 secondsA green and yellow object traveling at a high rate of speed10/31/03
10/20/03 20:45BeckleyWVUSACircle10seconds?I saw an amazing bright flouescent green fireball fall to the earth from the south on a clear night that took only seconds.10/31/03
10/20/03 20:45MartinezGAUSAFireball3-4 sec.I saw an object with a greenish tail trail across the sky in an easterly direction in Augusta,Ga area 10/20/03.10/31/03
10/20/03 20:45BeckleyWVUSARectangle3-5 secondsI was driving down S. Kanawha St about 8:45. My friend and I suddenly saw a huge glowing flourescent green flash shooting down from the10/31/03
10/20/03 20:45ClaytonNCUSAFireballbriefwitness to the too close meteor in durham, nc. : meteor or ufo?10/31/03
10/20/03 20:45ShippensburgPAUSACircle5-7 minGlowing orange object in the sky moving slowly. Could not be a star clouds behind it1/22/04
10/20/03 20:45VanceboroNCUSAFireball10 to 15 secondslarge yellow fireball with long green tail10/31/03
10/20/03 20:45MaconGAUSAFireball20secondssaw same light in sky10/31/03
10/20/03 20:38JacksonvilleFLUSAFireball3-4 secondsIt appeared to be a very bright and large shooting star falling downwards with a trail10/31/03
10/20/03 20:00SwannanoaNCUSAFireballaprox. 4 secondsOn Mon. Oct. 20, 2003 at approximately 8:45 PM I saw a fireball like object streak across sky in a east to west direction.10/31/03
10/20/03 20:00SebastopolCAUSASphere1.5 hrsPlasma balls emanating from vortex in glowing cloud formation, seen several times with USAF recon next day.12/19/03
10/20/03 19:30Ft. CampbellKYUSAFireballless than 1 secondGoldish fireball with green tail in Kentucky/Tennessee10/31/03
10/20/03 16:45ChicagoILUSADisk1 minStanding on my backporch I saw a disklike object gliding slowly through the air10/31/03
10/20/03 16:05MemphisTNUSACircle15 minutesRound circular object, small cross section10/31/03
10/20/03 13:30OklahomaOKUSACylinder45 secondslow flying object just fadded away slowly as we watched it.10/31/03
10/20/03 13:00AustinTXUSATeardrop3 to 5 minutesTeardrop/triangle silver and shiny object moving at slow steady speed in perfect weather during broad daylight in Austin, TX.10/31/03
10/20/03 09:45AtlantaGAUSAFireball2 secondsGreen streak of light sighted in Atlanta, Ga. around 9:30 p.m. on Monday, October 2010/31/03
10/20/03 07:35Sydney (NSW, Australia)AustraliaUnknown4 or 5 minutesAustralian UFO sighting10/31/03
10/20/03 01:30MercersburgPAUSA1hr and still goingObject hovering at top of mountain rising slowly but steady up and to the right. The object has a bright white light that stays on all10/31/03
10/20/03 01:00Three SistersWIUSACircleover night at log cabennight , wooded, ufo, big, three aliens seen, the stuf the goverment don't want you to know about but i seen some!5/15/06
10/20/03 00:00HaywardCAUSATrianglepyramid-like/triangle un-identified object - colorful lights, only three - seems to be moving - Hayward, California10/11/05
10/19/03 23:30MonsonMEUSATriangle10 - 15 MinutesFirst of all I'm 17/M and I am a Junior at HS. I was sitting at home after the 2nd World Series game, when I was about ready to go to b10/31/03
10/19/03 23:30Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaLight3 secondsHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Red light falling vertically.10/31/03
10/19/03 21:30Buena ParkCAUSAOther15 secondsBright star like object overhead that went dim, then disappeared from the sky.10/31/03
10/19/03 20:40Van NuysCAUSALightpm2040Two stars blinking at nite with same colors10/31/03
10/19/03 19:00Fareham (UK/England)United KingdomOthersecondTurquoise smoky light crossing the sky, duration:second10/31/03
10/19/03 17:30FontanaCAUSAOther3 secondsneon green glowing blob10/31/03
10/19/03 17:05IndianapolisINUSAUnknown1 to 3 SecondsSky Boom possible Sonic Boom10/31/03
10/19/03 16:30Turners FallsMAUSALight3-5 minutesIn the clear afternoon sky I saw two bright lights moving in a random motion.11/26/03
10/19/03 16:00CenterTXUSAOval10 secondsOdd Object in the Sky Over Northeast Texas in Broad Daylight10/31/03
10/19/03 15:30Fort MyersFLUSAOval6-8 sec.10/19/2003 Very high very fast silver diamond/oval shape, observed with naked eye and through binoculars 6-8 sec before it disapeared11/11/03
10/19/03 12:30LaredoTXUSASphere25 MINMetallic sphere seen by many over Laredo Texas.10/31/03
10/19/03 12:00RomeGAUSADisknot sureSilver disk seen over the Rome, Georgia area.10/31/03
10/19/03 12:00Telkwa (Canada)BCCanadaSphere6 secondsHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: A large glowing white globe of lights flew very quickly over the tree tops.10/31/03
10/19/03 07:00Yermo/Ft. IrwinCAUSAEggUnknownPossible Craft Landing Site in Southern California Desert Near Military Base10/31/03
10/19/03 05:45Cottage GroveMNUSATriangle7-10 min,A large black trianle shaped aircraft with three lights quietly and slowly hovering very low.10/31/03
10/19/03 02:45ModestoCAUSAChanging2 hoursUFO 's video taped over Modesto, California on Oct. 19th 2003 , showing bright starlike objects10/31/03
10/18/03 23:20BonoARUSALight5 secondsstationary blue/green orb quickly shot off to the South-Southwest10/31/03
10/18/03 23:00Bridgewater (Canada)NSCanadaCircle5 MinutesWhite ball flying in the night sky, very fast.12/19/03
10/18/03 21:40Kansas CityMOUSAFireballless than 20 secondsShooting stars that changed direction.10/31/03
10/18/03 21:30MukwonagoWIUSAFireball20 minutesFireball flew over our heads on a clear night.10/31/03
10/18/03 21:30OaklandCAUSASphere15 SecondsDistant bright sphere, cruising...10/31/03
10/18/03 21:30MukwonagoWIUSAFireball15 minutesOrange Ball in the West Sky.10/31/03
10/18/03 21:00Los AngelesCAUSASphere3 minutesa fast moving object over Los Angeles.10/31/03
10/18/03 21:00BerkeleyCAUSAUnknown5 minutesFlickering orange light (on fire?) moving across the sky; possible debris stream10/31/03
10/18/03 21:00SchenectadyNYUSALight1 ourCloud dwelling lights in the sky1/17/04
10/18/03 21:00ColumbusINUSALight4-5 minutesSteady, non-flashing, rotating red light moves off to west.10/31/03
10/18/03 21:00West ChesterOHUSAChevronAbout 1 minuteSeveral strange aircraft, directed light my direction and retreated when spied upon with telescope..10/31/03
10/18/03 20:45NashuaNHUSACircle1 minute8 to 12 Very bright round objects seen over Nashua, NH10/31/03
10/18/03 20:15ClearlakeCAUSAUnknownThirty secondsStrong bass sound that cycled up and down from the sky . No crafts in sight .10/31/03
10/18/03 20:00GreeleyCOUSADiamondall nightthese ufo's are just hovering, and more seem to be adding to the night skys10/31/03
10/18/03 20:00Port WashingtonNYUSAUnknown3 minutes2 giant craft flying very low at high speeds, with changing color lights!4/9/04
10/18/03 19:00Tuscumbia/Cherokee (between)ALUSAOtherabout 10 minutesI saw an red glowing arrowhead shaped object hovering in the sky.10/31/03
10/18/03 18:45AustinTXUSAOther20Slow-moving high-altitude object seen in Austin, Texas the evening of October 18th.10/31/03
10/18/03 18:43LibertyTXUSALight2 secondsLit object spotted near aircraft.10/31/03
10/18/03 17:35ColumbiaMOUSACircle5min3 silver circles floating in the air in a triangle pattern.Traveling east to west with the point of the triangle to the south. Insatntl10/31/03
10/18/03 17:00North BendWAUSADiskfive minutesWhat appeared to be a disk zigzagged over a small town10/31/03
10/18/03 17:00KnoxvilleTNUSACircle2 minutesLarge seemingly round object burning up with tail that dissipated towards end of sight, too big to miss,orange tail10/31/03
10/18/03 16:10ModestoCAUSASphere8 minutesTwo luminescent spherical ufo's in flight pattern over Modesto, CA.10/31/03
10/18/03 15:45WatersmeetMIUSACigar1-2minsDaylight Cigar Shaped Craft10/31/03
10/18/03 15:00AlexandriaINUSACircle2 minutesPlease take this serious.2/24/05
10/18/03 14:23BedfordTXUSARectangleabout a minuteon the drive home from work at the airline i work for i started seeing movement in my forward vision. Iwas driving and looking almost d10/31/03
10/18/03 13:30Fair OaksCAUSADisk4 minI saw a disk shaped black and white very sleek and shiny, at least a 1/4 mile in front of me able to travel very slow or very rapid10/31/03
10/18/03 12:48KingsportTNUSAChanging2 minutesIt stayed in the clouds darting back and forth changing shapes, it reminded me of a Dragon!10/31/03
10/18/03 12:34BlountvilleTNUSAChanging4 minIt was an object that changed shapes while seeming to be swooping down. It looked like a taradactal.10/31/03
10/18/03 11:15EverettWAUSASphere30 secondsRed, blue, and green lights, in one sphere shaped object.10/31/03
10/18/03 03:30MarionARUSALight1 minuteWhite lights race through the sky in clear daylight, fighters in persuit10/31/03
10/18/03 02:00MasonTXUSALightstillLooking to the East, it looks like a "sparkler" type fireworks, it is radiating blue, green, silver and red light, it's hovering. And i10/31/03
10/18/03 02:00Route 80 W (between ex 25 and 24)PAUSASphere10 mins about3 craft on interstate 80 west took control of my auto10/31/03
10/18/03 01:44SalemORUSAOtherbout 10 secs.saw red light appear move rapidly through the sky in salem, or and then dissapear.10/31/03
10/18/03 01:00PurlearNCUSAUnknown2+ hoursfor 2 hours observed object moving slightly colored lights blinking randomly10/31/03
10/18/03 00:00Union BeachNJUSALightunknown2 sets of 4 dancing lights in the sky!11/8/03
10/17/03 23:40Las VegasNVUSATriangle1-2 minutesClassic "V" shaped formation7/8/04
10/17/03 23:14North PlatteNEUSACircle3 minBRIGHT LIGHT CHASED BY AIRCRAFT.10/31/03
10/17/03 23:00PetalumaCAUSALightover 2 nights so farrapidly blinking far off red and blue bright lights10/31/03
10/17/03 22:00LovingstonVAUSAUnknownseven secondsThere was a bright light in the distance a few miles away with the intensity of a radio tower beacon. The light was bright white and a10/31/03
10/17/03 22:00State CollegePAUSAOther5 secondsObject observed on infrared camera.8/11/04
10/17/03 21:00MissoulaMTUSACircle20 minthere was a haze around object10/31/03
10/17/03 20:45OppALUSATriangle15 minsTriangle Shaped craft between Opp and Andalusia10/31/03
10/17/03 20:15Montreal (Canada)PQCanadaLightapprox: 70 minutesHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: The 4 lights at equal distance from one another.10/31/03
10/17/03 19:30VeniceFLUSATriangle2 minutesTriangular craft spotted over Venice, FL10/31/03
10/17/03 19:00RichardsonTXUSACircle20 minutesIt has been several years since I saw a hovering large ball outside, barely moving, for several days. Last night, while reading in my l10/31/03
10/17/03 17:00PaysonAZUSAOvalabout 10 minAm not sure of the day. We were traveling by car from Tonto Basin. Wesaw a brilliant golden star NE of Payson. There was no other s4/27/04
10/17/03 16:54Cape Town (South Africa)South AfricaSphere30 secRound sphere speeding along a horizontal path10/31/03
10/17/03 06:40MariettaGAUSALightApprox. 10 seconds2 luminous objects seen traversing sky(space?) @high speed, VERY high altitude10/31/03
10/17/03 02:45Little RockARUSAOther15 secondsabout 2:45 am saturday morning, my boss and I were standing outside and talking. we saw a blue flash in the eastern sky that was simila10/31/03
10/17/03 02:00DallasTXUSAUnknown5 minutesI noticed a "plane" headed directly for my building at some distance thought nothing of it until it got closer and I kept an eye on it10/31/03
10/17/03 00:30OppALUSASphereseveral hoursStrange stationary lights in the sky.10/31/03
10/17/03 00:00Baghdad (Iraq)IraqUnknown?Object tracked and annotated by Air Ops Center covering Iraq10/31/03
10/16/03 22:30SumnerWAUSAChanging45 min-1hr.Odd lights and shapes in Sumner, Washington10/31/03
10/16/03 20:17Pinos AltosNMUSAUnknown1.5 - 2.0 sec.Very unusual atmospheric entry of unknown Craft.10/31/03
10/16/03 18:46EastonPAUSAUnknown2 minutesAn object was seen hovering above a suburban neighborhood.11/21/10
10/16/03 18:30Buckeye LakeOHUSALight2 minsWeird lights in the early evening sky around Buckeye Lake and thornville area10/17/03
10/16/03 18:00ColumbusOHUSALight15 minutesBright, slow moving light.10/31/03
10/16/03 17:34HaywardCAUSAUnknownat least 10 minutesA black object that was stationary for at least 10 minutes in the clear sky. Flat and circular base with a strangely shaped top.10/17/03
10/16/03 13:00HannaUTUSAOtherFew secondsUTAH UFO HUNTERS REPORT: Flaming piece of Meteroite falls.11/8/03
10/16/03 12:00SeattleWAUSAAn appreciation of every effor at the National UFO Research Center10/17/03
10/16/03 08:15StevensvilleMDUSALight5-10 minsWe see these lights very often at night looking towards the bay just to the right and above the Baltimore area. These whitish orange li10/31/03
10/16/03 02:45MckinleyvilleCAUSALight22 MinutesSmall Light Like the size of a star that moved fast and in radicul turnsa Red, Yellow, And Orng color lght10/17/03
10/16/03 02:00OppALUSAFormationtwo nights straightMostly stationary blinking lights(one set in a formation), seperate witnesses. ((NUFORC Note: Suspected "twinkling" stars. PD))10/17/03
10/15/03 23:30DelawareOHUSALight2-3 secondsFlashing Large lights like intense headlights on the bedroom wall over my bed at night!12/9/03
10/15/03 23:00BrewsterMAUSACigar10 minsoldiers observe large unidentified craft as fighters give chase8/7/07
10/15/03 23:00TuolumneCAUSALight1 minute (?)single,round white light object approached&tailgated airliner@nite, made U turn, then L turn & crossed in front of me,call FAA.11/26/03
10/15/03 23:00MaryvilleMOUSALight10 SecondsAmber Lights in formation, and then changing alignment6/4/04
10/15/03 22:00Sylvan BeachNYUSAFireball45 seconsLarge fireball falling to earth5/24/05
10/15/03 21:15MesaAZUSACircle10 minutesComing Home11/11/03
10/15/03 20:45HamiltonOHUSADiamond10 minutesDetailed sighting in Southwest Ohio a little over an hour after the Collinsville sighting.11/8/03
10/15/03 20:30Wofford HeightsCAUSACircle15 to 20 minutesBright light broke into 6 objects two turn toward us the others vanished metal sparks fell from sky to ground10/31/03
10/15/03 20:30KnoxvilleTNUSALight30 minutesBright light attracts 8 planes10/17/03
10/15/03 20:30AberdeenWAUSADisk15 secDark colored semi-disked shaped craft flew over Aberdeen Wa.12/12/09
10/15/03 20:00North Little RockARUSAChanging5 minHuge object spotted over Batesville Pike road in North Little Rock Arkansas10/30/06
10/15/03 19:25CollinsvilleOHUSALight10 minutesSeveral UFOs reported in southwest Ohio over several days and this may be another sighting.10/31/03
10/15/03 19:15ElizabethPAUSADisk5 minutessaucer shape seen from bottom with triangular lights with point in center, grey in shape.300' up.10/31/03
10/15/03 18:45SheridanARUSACigar10 minIt was a slim cigar shaped silver metal object (like a plane with no wings). It had a orange glow-possible reflection from the sun.10/31/03
10/15/03 18:00WestervilleOHUSAUnknown40 minutesUFO over Westerville, Ohio?5/24/05
10/15/03 17:30IndianapolisINUSAUnknown3:00Strange Looking UFO and others12/9/03
10/15/03 17:20RichmondINUSACircle2-3 minutesObject paces commercial jetliner then leaves at great speed11/26/03
10/15/03 17:00ChieflandFLUSACigar2 or 3 minutesTwo cigar shaped UFOs meet near a small plane in the afternoon Florida sky.4/27/04
10/15/03 15:00IronwoodMIUSADisk5 minutesUFO hovers above Lake Superior.11/8/03
10/15/03 13:00Granada HillsCAUSADisk15 mini submited a earlier case but this is the full long story . me and my friend were out side in my front yard on a clear cool day on12/9/03
10/15/03 11:30Little RockARUSACircle<1 minutesCircular white object seen over the Arkansas River10/17/03
10/15/03 11:00Plant CityFLUSADisk2 minutesOn my way out to the shed in our back yard to put a tool up, I wittnessed over the Oak tree tops behind our shed a saucer hovering. The10/17/03
10/15/03 10:00WeatherfordTXUSAChanging2 to4 minutesMyself and a friend were standing outside on the west side of our place of employment when he said to me what in the what hell is that.1/17/04
10/15/03 06:30San JoseCAUSATriangle4 mintransluscent pink tree like object -2 ft tall hovered and then floated horizontally10/31/03
10/15/03 04:00FlagstaffAZUSAOval15 mini was traveling at this time in my life and called a VW van home...camping out was what i did to save money on rent, flagstaff, arizon4/14/09
10/15/03 03:00CrandallINUSALight2+ hoursLight over Southern Indiana town of Crandall ((NUFORC Note: Suspected sighting of a "twinkling" star. PD))10/17/03
10/15/03 00:30Boise (south of)IDUSATriangleNew Area 51 in Idaho3/2/04
10/15/03 00:00Ft. McKay (Canada)ABCanadaLight4 secondsBlue light in canada10/30/12
10/14/03 23:50TregoWIUSAUnknown1 minuteOct 14th,2003 - about midnight, huge ufo in eastern sky in Trego, Wisconsin10/15/03
10/14/03 23:00MinneapolisMNUSAOtherNOT minnesotaufo.html8/24/04
10/14/03 23:00IndianapolisINUSAOvalsplit secondI was outside and a large brite perfect ball of lite with a mist trail behind zoomed from the sky very fast to ground just one or two b10/31/03
10/14/03 23:00IndianapolisINUSAOvalsplit secondlarge brite white ball with mist trail falls just half mile east of downtown10/31/03
10/14/03 21:24OrlandoFLUSAFormation15 secondsThree small lights in formation seen at low altitude. no body visible.10/17/03
10/14/03 21:00Los AngelesCAUSATriangle30 secondsTriangle Formation Over Los Angeles10/31/03
10/14/03 19:58San LeandroCAUSALight10 secindsparrallel lights coming towards me, no sound and then just disappeared11/26/03
10/14/03 19:00PlainsPAUSATriangle1 minuteThe object was low and stationary. It appeared to be triangular in shape.It produced a white beam of light. There were red, white , and10/15/03
10/14/03 13:15Chicoutimi (Canada)PQCanadaCylinder2 secI've see a big cylidner maybe 30-40 feet long in the sky in low altitude don't know what it is but it was really fast .like a flying c10/15/03
10/14/03 11:30YelmWAUSAOval15 minutesOval obj: FLASHING RED N WHITE KEOPPEN RD YELM WA10/31/03
10/13/03 23:15ZanesvilleOHUSARectangle3 minutesVery large object w/ white and blue flashing lights..10/31/03
10/13/03 23:15HoustonTXUSALight10 minsObjects that zip in and out10/15/03
10/13/03 23:00WaterburyCTUSADisk10 secondsWe saw something I can't explain.....10/15/03
10/13/03 22:20Laval (Canada)PQCanadaTriangleapprox: 3 minutesHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: The lights changed into the shape of a large triangular craft.10/17/03
10/13/03 21:30TrentonOHUSAOther2.5 to 3 minutesStrange "Passenger Jets"10/15/03
10/13/03 21:30WarsawINUSAOther2-3 min.Occurred : 10/13/2003 21:30 (Entered as : 10/13/2003 21:30) Reported: 10/14/2003 12:43:11 AM 00:43 Posted: 10/15/2003 Location: Trenton10/30/06
10/13/03 21:20DenverCOUSAChevron45 secondsV formation of white lights move with no sound10/17/03
10/13/03 21:00ProvoUTUSALight15 minutesLarge Orange light gave us chills10/31/03
10/13/03 20:15Bolton (Canada)ONCanadaLight2 minutesStar like object flying/wobbling.10/15/03
10/13/03 20:00BinghamtonNYUSASphere30 secondsSphere heads north, turns, and then goes up!10/15/03
10/13/03 19:15Runcorn (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown90 SecondsA group of lights.1/17/04
10/13/03 19:12PhoenixAZUSASphere10 secondsPlease tell me that its no big deal because my nine year old son is scared stiff after seeing this!10/15/03
10/13/03 18:30WiltonCAUSADiskabout a half houlIn a clear sky at approximatley 6:30 pm on 10/13, I and my daughters observed a white shaped dics object in front of the setting sun mo10/15/03
10/13/03 17:00Kansas ?? (In-flight sighting)KSUSAUnknown15 - 20 minutesHuge Unknown Phenomenon (Distant Stobe Effects) Seen From Airplane Window on Cross-Country Flight3/23/04
10/13/03 12:30Guasave SinaloaMexicoChanging8 MINUTESChange form getting energy11/26/03
10/13/03 11:50PocatelloIDUSAOval10secdisc shape or deffinitly oval shape.10/15/03
10/13/03 07:00Mississauga (Canada)ONCanadaFireball3 minutesLarge fiery meteor-like entry10/17/03
10/13/03 06:00CraigCOUSATriangle17 minit was sitting in the sky like it diddent care that i was watching10/31/03
10/13/03 01:00Deerfield BeachFLUSACigar15 minsFlashing red,blue & white lights, hovering over deerfield beach in florida10/15/03
10/13/03 01:00EvansvilleINUSALight10minconfirm coast to coast caller Sullivan Indiana1/17/04
10/13/03 00:00Dayton (WPAFB)OHUSAPossible explanation for 10/13 Weird Aircraft Siting10/31/03
10/12/03 23:00Prince George (Canada)BCCanadaLightunknownHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: 5 balls of red light running across the sky at an equal distance to one another.3/17/04
10/12/03 22:20DallasTXUSASphere5 minutesLuminous translucent red sphere10/31/03
10/12/03 21:15Pickering (Canada)ONCanadaCircleA few hoursThere were 4 sometimes 5 seperate crafts with one bright light each which was all you could see and were changing formations.1/17/04
10/12/03 18:35ReevesvilleSCUSAOther12 to 15 mins.october 12th sunday 2003 6:35pm. /distorted airway/sky perhaps portle 15/20feet high same width on our land facing westnorthwest10/31/03
10/12/03 18:30South BendINUSAOtherTen Plus MinutesOrange Ball Joined By Second That Formed a Debris Field - Filmed11/26/03
10/12/03 18:25RosamondCAUSAOther8 minutesTwo Brilliant Star objects in twilight sky10/15/03
10/12/03 13:08AuburnPAUSAFireball10 minutesbright red light10/15/03
10/12/03 02:00AlbanyNYUSAUnknown30 secondsobject emmited bright light then sped off in a flash.11/26/03
10/12/03 02:00AntiochCAUSACircle25 minutesPeculiar lights over the Antioch, CA sky10/31/03
10/12/03Salatiga (Indonesia)IndonesiaDisk22 secondsUFO in Salatiga,Indonesia10/31/03
10/11/03 22:40IndependenceMOUSAChevron10 minutesUFO with black exhaust sighted in Independence, MO Oct. 11, 200311/8/03
10/11/03 20:30BloomingtonINUSADisk3.minutesSaucer shaped craft with kaleidoscope lights.10/15/03
10/11/03 20:00FrederickCOUSAUnknown10 secondsLarge flash outside the house rattling the windows with a low hum.10/15/03
10/11/03 19:05PlacervilleCAUSALightTen minutesUnverified pair of bold star lights diminishing in perfect unison.10/31/03
10/11/03 13:00Nebraska (above?, or above South Dakota)NEUSACigarsecondsrather large cigar shaped object photographed from airplane window10/15/03
10/11/03 11:32NewaygoMIUSACircle30-40 secTwo fuzzy disks chaseing each other.11/26/03
10/11/03 07:00Fort KnoxKYUSAFireball2-3 secondsi saw a large fireball falling to earth in the early morning hours on Oct.11,2003 in Kentucky11/8/03
10/11/03 03:20East ProspectPAUSATriangle2 minutesIt was in the early morning in the fall of 2003 when my step-brother and me snuck out of our house and stole our parents car; when we s6/7/19
10/11/03 03:00TruckeeCAUSASphere2-3 secsRound very light blue object goes behind a small mountain10/15/03
10/11/03 01:29New York City (Manhattan)NYUSAEgg2 minutesobject discharged another, flew at first low then went higher hovered around empire state building4/16/05
10/11/03 00:00San DiegoCAUSA2 days?Lost two days awaken to power out tv fried and blood from ear.Disoriented10/31/03
10/10/03 23:25GleasonWIUSASphere30minUFO Contact, Amazing close sighting9/2/05
10/10/03 23:00Bickerton (near Wetherby) (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown45minutestwo bright, but fuzzy lights going in a hovering circle about 200 yards of the ground, with a grey cloud above them10/15/03
10/10/03 22:00AlbuquerqueNMUSALight3 minutesThree bright lights that were huddled together than began to seperate and disappeared.2/1/07
10/10/03 21:10Crescent BeachSCUSAFormation1 1/2 hr.For two consecutive nights, we watched a pattern of lights before we were stunned by a discovery on the beach.1/17/04
10/10/03 20:25TemperanceMIUSAOvalover 5 hourspulsating green white and red object in the northwest sky at 45degrees10/31/03
10/10/03 20:05Grand ViewIDUSALight12-15 secondsBright light above Mt. Home AFB10/15/03
10/10/03 19:15CentrevilleVAUSAOther10 minutesAliens check out local high school football game.10/15/03
10/10/03 18:00IndianapolisINUSASphere30 minutesSphere shape object with flashing bright white lights10/15/03
10/10/03 12:00AlhambraCAUSAOval5 min3 Black ovals in the sky and a floating movie camera1/17/04
10/10/03 09:00New BuffuloMIUSALight2 minuteCraft that suddenly vanishes and another one that shows up and does strange things at high speeds5/24/05
10/9/03 23:00Santa RosaCAUSACircleIt was about 11:00 PM I was sitting on the hood of my car in my driveway,waiting for my friend to bring my youngest daughter home.I was10/15/03
10/9/03 23:00CorvallisORUSAOther2 HOURSA LARGE UFO, LARGER THAN THE BRIDGE THAT DISAPPEARED IN FRONT OF ME.. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly not UFO related?? PD))12/12/09
10/9/03 21:30Port OrangeFLUSADisk5 SecondsThree red disks flying from west to east in a staggered formation, spanning the sky in five seconds at a high altitude.3/17/04
10/9/03 20:15San JoseCAUSALight1 minutesHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Red and it looked like it shot straight out - towards space.10/15/03
10/9/03 20:10Brookings HarborORUSALight3 minutes5 lights moving in different directions over ocean10/15/03
10/9/03 19:30BinghamtonNYUSAOval10 secondsround bright circular object,wentsoutheast then turned 90 degrees northwest and went out of sight below tree line10/15/03
10/9/03 19:10Toulouse (France)FranceLight15minsA bright light could be seen in the sky, it divided into 2 smaller lights that moved appart.10/15/03
10/9/03 16:48EverettWAUSACylinder2 minutesPolished metallic cylinder stationary in daytime sky slowly rotates then disappears instantly10/31/03
10/9/03 14:35Smithers (Canada)BCCanadaOther10 minutesHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: The object was described as being very flat, silver in color.10/15/03
10/9/03 11:30UticaNYUSACircle1 min. +Large bright white circle. Moved upward irregularly, stoped for a good 15 seconds, then began moving southerly, went to get camcorder a10/15/03
10/9/03 07:30FerndaleMIUSARectangle10 minutesRectangular object hovering over I-696 in Ferndale, Michigan10/31/03
10/9/03 03:45Isle of PalmsSCUSADisk1 minutephotographed white disk with red light on top/center10/15/03
10/9/03 03:00LivoniaMIUSALight40 mins"star" darting from one place to another and stoping abruptly, chnged colors and went in loops10/31/03
10/9/03 02:45Colorado SpringsCOUSALight5 MinFalling star?10/15/03
10/9/03 02:15Kista (Sweden)SwedenCircle1-3 sek2 flying objects appearing in two diffrent locations in the sky and both flying with incredible speed.10/15/03
10/8/03 22:36Salmon Arm (Canada)BCCanadaCigar1 1/2 hourswalking with a cigar shaped object white/yellow10/15/03
10/8/03 22:20TonawandaNYUSAOtherone secondA fluorescent light blue object leaving a trail behind it, traveling at a very fast speed in the clear night sky10/15/03
10/8/03 22:00SylmarCAUSALight10 secondssaw a light suddenly shoot down from a flying object towards the groud.10/15/03
10/8/03 20:23Bel AirMDUSALight7 secondsGreat speed of lights10/15/03
10/8/03 20:20ArcadiaINUSALight10 secondsBright white light, appeared to be moving away at an extremely fast rate --10/15/03
10/8/03 19:30KennedyvilleMDUSALightabout an hourMr. Davenport, I reported a sighting that occurred on 10/8/03. You commented on the ufocenter website that you think that I may have11/8/03
10/8/03 19:30KennedyvilleMDUSAChanging1 hourseemed to be practicing formations10/15/03
10/8/03 19:30IntervalleNHUSAChanging30 MinThis information is passed on to the National UFO Reporting Center with permisstion from the observer of this event which was reported10/15/03
10/8/03 19:05ArthurNEUSALight25 secondsVery bright light 4x size of Mars.10/15/03
10/8/03 19:00Rising SunMDUSAOther10 min.A cluster of lights, then suddenly a head light moving slowly and lower. No landing gear rounded shape. No sound.10/31/03
10/8/03 18:00Banks (outside of)ALUSADiskfew secondsLarge disk shape moving across the sky,then dissappers10/15/03
10/8/03 17:00RinggoldVAUSATriangle10 minutesobject was huge triangle that moved silently and could see it's 3d shape.10/27/04
10/8/03 03:30LowellMAUSARectangle30 secondsQuickly, I tugged the shade hold down. Previous experience had taught me not to get mesmerized!!10/31/03
10/7/03 23:06WaterlooIAUSATeardrop2 minThey had flashy lights10/15/03
10/7/03 21:35San DiegoCAUSALight2 minutesOrange light dripping flames.10/15/03
10/7/03 20:00UrbandaleIAUSAFormation2 minFormation of white lights moving in a random pattern in a northwesterly direction10/31/03
10/7/03 19:30FairfieldIAUSAFormation20 secondsJust after nightfall I observed a cluster of white blinking lights high overhead, moving steadily in a westerly direction.10/15/03
10/7/03 19:30FairfieldIAUSAFormation25 secondsMUFON/IOWA FOLLOW-UP REPORT: This Fairfield report of group of 5-6 lights is one of 3 reports at same time on same night in Iowa1/17/04
10/7/03 18:00Vonda (Canada)SKCanadaCircle10 secondsTHERE WAS ALOT OF LIGHTS FLASHING IN A CIRCLE10/15/03
10/7/03 18:00MeridenCTUSADisk1 MinBright reflection off an object but not like an airplane it moved from the left of the sky to the right and then to the left again10/31/03
10/7/03 15:35CarbondaleILUSATriangle45 secI saw a metalic triangle with semi-cirles at the points traveling above the tree line N to NW at 3:35 PM. It picked up speed and left.10/15/03
10/7/03 10:00Walnut CreekCAUSAOval15 minutesIt was oval/disk shaped object, brilliant white aura, moved slow, stopped, appeared and disappeared, got 4 photos10/31/03
10/7/03 07:40Pleasant HillMOUSAOval20 min.I saw 6 very bright lights perfectly spaced apart and they werent moving, when we cam back to were they were 5 min later they were gone10/7/03
10/7/03 06:20Las CrucesNMUSATriangle15 minutesAlong I-10 about 15 miles south of Las Cruces, large triangular craft outlined with very bright, white, lights. There was a lighted dom10/7/03
10/7/03 05:45TampaFLUSAOval4 minutesTwo unidentified crafts noted over the Gulf of Mexico.11/8/03
10/7/03 01:30Perth (Western Australia)AustraliaTriangle1 second1 mile away on the other side of the Canning River at 1:30am10/31/03
10/6/03 22:53Kansas CityMOUSATeardrop5 secondsthe object,while lit, flew faster than any plane I've ever seen.10/7/03
10/6/03 20:30ParkerCOUSAChevron1 MinutesBoomerang-shaped object travels over suburban neightborhood toward Rocky Mountains in Denver, Colorado.12/19/03
10/6/03 20:12AnnapolisMDUSATriangle2 minutesA black triangle near the Naval Academy moved silently and would hover.10/17/03
10/6/03 18:30Lebanon ChurchVAUSACigar15 MinutesUnexplained Objects in a Very Clear Sky , Cigar Shaped w/ a possible split tail configuration, both Shiny/Bright10/15/03
10/6/03 11:45Rainbow Lakes EstatesFLUSAOther45 secondsGhost airplane, so large dissapears with no sound in day time.10/31/03
10/6/03 04:00Shell KnobMOUSASphere15MUFO SEEN HOVERING OVER FIELD ON ROUTE 13 ABout a 1/4 mile from Washington Street. THis was no plane! Had no sound nothing! Beam of ligh10/7/03
10/6/03 03:55HollandMIUSACone5-7min.To sum it up,hmmm....what was it?10/7/03
10/6/03La VistaNEUSAOther1.5 hrsThe motionless objects sparkled like jewels,then came together and back to formstion in a split second.10/7/03
10/5/03 21:15KingmanAZUSADisk20 minutesKingman Gold saucer Sighting10/15/03
10/5/03 21:10JenkinsMNUSAChevron10 secsA chervon object floating in the sky suddenly drops towards the earth and disappears.10/15/03
10/5/03 18:30WapakonetaOHUSALight20 minsStrobing Red-White-Blue lights splitting in the sky.10/7/03
10/5/03 18:15PhoenixAZUSAFormation15 to 20 minutesThere was a constellation of "stars" in the sky, except it was broad daylight and no clouds, some moved, then they faded away.10/7/03
10/5/03 15:00Rio Grande CityTXUSACigar5 secLarge cigar object floats and disappears over texas brushland, all in five seconds2/12/04
10/5/03 08:00CarpentersvilleILUSATriangle10 SecondsWe witnessed a Pyramid shaped object just above the tree line about 500 feet up moving west southwest at a rapid rate around 8:00ish Ce10/7/03
10/5/03 06:15SusanvilleCAUSALight2 secondsI was on a boat in Eagle lake, I looked up and seen a light streak across the sky from NE to SW at dawn. It was moving faster than any10/7/03
10/5/03 05:30Salt Lake CityUTUSACigar10 minutesUTAH UFO HUNTERS REPORT: I noticed they were flying in unison.11/8/03
10/5/03 04:37Beamsville (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle3 minutesTriangular "v"-shaped object with 3 lights that looked like a plane and slowly descended in a downward "zig-zag" motion10/15/03
10/4/03 23:45SyracuseNYUSAFormationstill goingcluster of lights (with a few steaming out) flashing in serial order from red to green stayed in same spot, but appeared to be moving10/7/03
10/4/03 23:30No.HollywoodCAUSAUnknown10 min.After staying stationary for 5 minutes, the craft quickly accelerated toward the south and disappered.2/14/06
10/4/03 23:05Kansas CityKSUSAChanging20 min.Flashing, skipping lights from a disc shaped object moving extremely fast in Kansas City.10/7/03
10/4/03 23:00HaywardCAUSALight2-min-3-minBright light drops other bright light.10/31/03
10/4/03 23:00Mississippi River (from aboard a cruise ship)LAUSALight1 minuteCarival Conquest 10/04/03 Mississippi river mouth (inbound) (port-side) 2 bluish-green glowing orb's heading up-river2/14/06
10/4/03 21:30La MoilleILUSAChanging45 minMy wife used to be a skeptic, now she doesnt know what to say but that it was the most amazing thing she`s ever seen10/7/03
10/4/03 20:00MurrayKYUSAChanging1.50 hoursHoovering object w/flashing red, blue, and green lights. There were three cited at the same time, but differnt sections of the sky.10/7/03
10/4/03 19:58LawrencevilleGAUSAFormation3 minutes9 or 10 lights in perfect (silent) formation in a trapazoid pattern moving around 30 mph in front of us at approx 500 feet above us.5/15/06
10/4/03 18:10BrightonCOUSATeardrop45-60 secondsMy husband and I saw a bright white light with a short tail glidding fast accross the sky from east to west.10/7/03
10/4/03 16:30LafayetteLAUSALight15 min2 very bright balls of light dancing. The brightest light I have ever seen.10/7/03
10/4/03 10:00Pleasant HillMOUSAWhile working in corn pasture My brother-in-law came upon a 10ftx10ft square of cut corn in the middle of the pasture he was working in10/15/03
10/4/03 01:00ConcordCAUSAFireball10 secondsOval Shaped Firey Object Near Concord Naval Weapons Station10/7/03
10/4/03 00:15AugustaARUSATriangle1 minute00:15 10/04/03 Augusta, Arkansas Observed 3 stationary bright lights in the shape of a triangle.10/17/03
10/3/03 22:45Beaver Crossing (approx. 15 miles from I-80 loop; near )NEUSAOther30 sec-1 minBlack flying object beside our van...12/12/09
10/3/03 20:51ClarkWYUSALight5 minutesClark, WY. object or Light heading S.W. at 20:51 hours11/8/03
10/3/03 20:40New BedfordMAUSAFormation8 minutesFive lights fly over New Bedford Harbor in strange formation10/7/03
10/3/03 20:30Ootischenia, Castlegar (Canada)BCCanadaLight15 minutesHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: there were five of these objects in the sky at one time flying in various directions10/7/03
10/3/03 18:45Quesnel (Canada)BCCanadaOther8 minutesHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: An oblong in shape and traveling at an angle of approx: 30 degrees.10/15/03
10/3/03 18:20BurienWAUSADisksecondsRandom Photo taken at traffic light reveals UFO?10/14/13
10/3/03 12:50CoventryRIUSAFormation1 minutea triangle formation of crafts10/7/03
10/3/03 06:45MadisonOHUSALight5 secondsBright white light abruptly disappears in identical fashion as other examined tapes of UFO's10/7/03
10/3/03 06:15Las VegasNVUSAUnknown1 minuteblinking light vanishes into atmosphere10/15/03
10/3/03 02:30New Delhi (India)IndiaCylinder3 min (approx)UFO SEEN OVER NEW DELHI (INDIA)10/7/03
10/3/03 02:00BaltimoreMDUSADisk30 secondsi dont know what it was but i saw something it wasnt any form of aircraft that ive ever sen10/31/03
10/2/03 22:15Pueblo WestCOUSAOther10-15 secondsIntense red light, spinning rapidly, droning sound.10/31/03
10/2/03 21:45MarletteMIUSALight3 secondsstrange light seen by 2 private pilots from light aircraft at night at appx 3500 feet agl to the NE over thumb of Michigan10/7/03
10/2/03 21:00Goose CreekSCUSADiamond60 secondsObject moved the full view of night sky in less than 60 seconds10/7/03
10/2/03 21:00BayfieldCOUSATriangle5 minFlying triangle in Bayfield, CO10/31/03
10/2/03 19:30MobileALUSAChevron15 secfast moving Chevron/ V formation of lights10/7/03
10/2/03 19:15Smithers (Canada)BCCanadaUnknown2 minutesHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: A huge orange ball with a very short tail10/7/03
10/2/03 19:13CharlotteNCUSAOval2 Minutessmall orange oblong craft seen over Charlotte, NC at 19:14 on October 02, 200310/7/03
10/2/03 12:00Hanna (Canada)ABCanadaCigar3 minutesThey were aligned in a triangle formation they appared to be rotating in a circle. There was a burst of green light then they disape10/15/03
10/2/03 10:32Ghent (Belgium)BelgiumCircle13 secFloating disk above Ghent10/7/03
10/2/03 02:45KerrvilleTXUSACircle15 secondsfirst i saw 8 white lights in a V formation of wich i thought to be one single craft with the 8 lights on it .then they moved west towa10/7/03
10/1/03 23:00CirclevilleOHUSALight5-10 min.Bright orange lights go on, and off in Circlville, OH.1/17/04
10/1/03 22:40Slocan Park (Canada)BCCanadaLightfew secondsHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: A glowing white ball dropped from the sky.10/7/03
10/1/03 22:30Quesnel (Canada)BCCanadaOther1 1/2 minutesHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: The witness said the object was a brilliant red in color.10/15/03
10/1/03 22:00GranvilleMAUSACircle3-5 secondsClear light zig zags through night sky on clear evening12/7/06
10/1/03 21:30OologahOKUSAOther5-10 minutesUFO that was silent and very large in Northeastern Oklahoma3/11/06
10/1/03 21:00BellevueWAUSALight8-10 secondsStar seen in Seattle moves east then quickly fades away, no meteor trail.10/7/03
10/1/03 21:00RyeCOUSASpherea few secondsOrange balls in the sky10/7/03
10/1/03 20:05San DiegoCAUSAUnknown4 minutesus and the object4/27/07
10/1/03 18:15Perry TownshipOHUSACigar20 minan object appeared to get larger then smaller till it disappeared4/30/04
10/1/03 18:00KennesawGAUSATriangledusk til dawnhovering lights1/31/04
10/1/03 16:00HartlandMIUSAUnknown2 Minutessaucer positioned between line of sight and sun.12/19/03
10/1/03 05:40Long Beach (sports arena)CAUSAOther10 min.UFO watching the harbor of long beach.1/17/04
10/1/03 00:20RedmondWAUSALight2 secondsBlue-White orb shoots across sky rapidly, then disappears, on an unusally clear, calm night.10/15/03
10/1/03 00:00SacoMEUSACircle2 minutesMy wife and I watched a stationary bright white star much larger than a planet hover above the Ocean for about 2 minutes, and then it d10/7/03
10/1/03West Central MissouriMOUSALightMISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: West Central Missouri UFO Flap In Early Autumn 200311/11/03