National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 04/2003


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
4/30/03 23:41SeattleWAUSATriangle3 minutesLarge triangular craft seen flying over Lake Washington homes near Seattle.5/2/03
4/30/03 23:37Port AransasTXUSAOther3-4 MinutesI saw 3 U.F.O.s they scared the heck out of me, loud noises and bright lights.5/2/03
4/30/03 21:45Terrace (Canada)BCCanadaLight40 minute eventHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: 17 objects all over the sky5/2/03
4/30/03 20:50Southern PinesNCUSALight4 secondsWhile driving home we saw several bright,very white lights that seemed to merge into one larger light and streak across the sky.5/13/03
4/30/03 19:00Waterford (Republic of Ireland)IrelandLight5minVery bright light seen above Waterford Ireland early evening 30/4/035/2/03
4/30/03 13:20PottstownPAUSACylinder30 seconds"reflective" white "tube" flying 100 ft or so under passenger plane during daylight.5/2/03
4/30/03 04:00BeaumontCAUSATriangle30 minutesV shape to U shape object in Sky April 2003 this item was hugh!12/9/03
4/30/03 02:30Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaTriangle1 hourgreen/blue and red lights, object was moving extremely fast and sporadic. (dipping and left to right)5/2/03
4/29/03 11:48NorwayNorwayDiskUnknown disc in the sky above pyamide of Uxmal, Mexico5/27/03
4/29/03 03:30KnoxvilleTNUSASphere1 minuteround object with rotating outer ring.evenly lighted moving slowly5/2/03
4/28/03 23:00CheboyganMIUSAUnknown5 minuteswe were looking for satellites when we saw three objects flying in a triangular formation in space6/3/03
4/28/03 22:30Des PlainesILUSATriangleit was a very bright triangle shaped object5/2/03
4/28/03 22:25EverettWAUSATriangle10 secondsthe craft was a "V" shape and had 5 lights. it was so low i saw the actual shape of the object. it was larger than any plane ive seen,5/2/03
4/28/03 22:10Terrace (Canada)BCCanadaLight30 +HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: object was spotted at a high altitude.5/2/03
4/28/03 22:10GreenvilleSCUSAFormation1 minuteMy brother and I were watching the stars when I noticed that there was something wrong. What looked to be a three stars in a triangular5/2/03
4/28/03 22:00Toluca LakeCAUSACircle75 minutesCircles of Light dance behind clouds for over an hour.5/2/03
4/28/03 21:50Woodland HillsCAUSAOther3-4 minutesTwo Ch-47 Chinook fly low and look for something then disappear.5/9/03
4/28/03 20:55CalabasasCAUSAUnknown5 minsTwo large white lights in the sky over the hills in Calabasas, CA.5/2/03
4/28/03 20:00WethersfieldCTUSADiamond6 secit came from one side of the sky and flew across the sky over us (mom ,step dad me) it was almost dimond shape but cut off half a dimon5/9/03
4/28/03 07:25MilpitasCAUSACircle2-3 minutesThe UFO was VERY CLOSE to the ground, it was perhaps 60-70 ft over the freeway7/16/03
4/28/03 06:06Los ChavezNMUSADisk10 minutesEarly morning, flying craft, thought it was helicopter til radical movements began, then it departed at high rate of speed. (See Photo)6/3/03
4/28/03 01:00WilliamsportPAUSATriangle2 minTriangle shapes two of them all black no sound at all low flying prolly about 1,000 feet.7/16/03
4/28/03Baden (Switzerland)SwitzerlandCigarcigar or ballonet shape, on gray color, in the middle of blue sky4/9/04
4/27/03 22:30LynnwoodWAUSATriangle15 secondsThree lights. They one in front corrected itself by moving right and backwards to form a triangle.5/2/03
4/27/03 22:20San DiegoCAUSAFireball10 minOrange Light in the Sky Pacific Beach5/2/03
4/27/03 20:30QuebeckTNUSAOval5MINSoval with orange lights with balls shooting off of it5/2/03
4/27/03 15:49Zhenhai, Ningbo, Zhejiang (China)ChinaChangingDonot knowUFO was appeared in one of my pictures5/27/03
4/27/03 14:15OlympiaWAUSACirclecameracaptured strange lights in the sky with a digital camera.5/2/03
4/27/03 14:00Alberta Rocky Mountains (Canada)ABCanadaDiamond30-45 secWhile caving a diamond shaped object flew past our team with no sound or wind.4/30/04
4/27/03 04:30AustinTXUSAFireballsecondsgreen fireball4/27/03
4/26/03 23:00ArlingtonTXUSALight5 secondsLeap-frogging lights - 3 in front group and one trailing behind.5/2/03
4/26/03 21:30Costa MesaCAUSALight30 minutesstar-like objects in changing formations5/2/03
4/26/03 21:15Adelaide (South Australia)AustraliaFireball5 secondswe were standin on the driveway looked up and saw it come at a great speed hovered made a weird buzz sound shot off came back then went5/9/03
4/26/03 21:00Melbourne (VIC, Australia)AustraliaLight10-15 secondsappeared in one spot for 5 secs, then went away fast My Mum and me could see far away since it was a clear4/27/03
4/26/03 20:35Miramar BeachFLUSASphere5 minutesAn orange ball over Choctawhatchee Bay, in Walton County5/2/03
4/26/03 19:00Banos (Ecuador)EcuadorFireball30 minutesGlowing orbs in the sky in Banos, Ecuador6/3/03
4/26/03 17:00AtlantaGAUSADisk30 secondsThe saucer was flying south, parallel to I-755/2/03
4/26/03 15:30FallbrookCAUSACylinder15 minwhite marbell shaped object5/2/03
4/26/03 14:00LittletonCOUSADisk30secondsI was walking behind the strip mall next to my house on my way to the gas station. I looked up, and just above the roof of the strip m5/2/03
4/26/03 07:00El DoradoARUSACircle5 minutesEight Purple Circle like objects...Could it be a UFO?5/2/03
4/25/03 21:00Hot SpringsSDUSALight30 Min5 points of light moiving quickly and erratically at different times4/27/03
4/25/03 20:10East MeadowNYUSADisk10 secondsSaw 1 greyish disk shaped object for about 10 seconds than it dissapered4/27/03
4/25/03 04:30Dakar (Senegal)SenegalLight5minutesamazing. Just incredible sound and the light coming out from the object which seemed to be powerful as the sunlight.4/27/03
4/25/03 01:04Glendale/PhoenixAZUSAFlashminuteBright bluish lights follow my wife car early in the morning, no sounds, lit entire area.4/27/03
4/25/03 00:00Kanab (10 miles south of on Hwy 89)UTUSALight1 minuteMoon like object that exploded into burst of bright lights *Highway 89 just outside of Kanab utah*4/27/03
4/24/03 22:30Los AngelesCAUSAFormation45 minutesArrow shape lights over Los Angeles, CA5/2/03
4/24/03 22:05Kitchener (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle2 minutesLarge black triangle objects with globe shaped lights moving through the sky extreamly fast with no sound.5/13/03
4/24/03 22:01HammondNYUSAUnknown20 MinutesUFO that appeared out of the corner of my eye, hovering up and down while going vertically southeast.5/2/03
4/24/03 21:55Houston/Quick/Telkwa (Canada)BCCanadaSpheredifferent periodsHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Northern British Columbia Glowing Sphere In 3 Communities witnessed by 5 people.5/9/03
4/24/03 21:50Guelph (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle35 secondsV-Shaped object(s) sighted above Guelph Ontario April 24 20034/27/03
4/24/03 21:30PloverWIUSALight7 seconds4 bright orange lights in a horizontal line "leapfrogged" eachother a few times before fading away.4/27/03
4/24/03 21:04NewarkCAUSAOther10 secondsNever saw anything like it - If it's military (ours) is decades ahead of "known" technology!4/27/03
4/24/03 05:20ConyersGAUSAFireballSECONDSbright blue fireball7/16/03
4/24/03 01:00Cancun (Mexico)MexicoFireball3 minsRed fireball moving across the night sky in Cancun, Mexico6/3/03
4/23/03 23:45SandpointIDUSASphere3 secondsAn aqua blue sphere with a long trail shot across the night sky.4/27/03
4/23/03 23:00Montcalm CountyMIUSAOtherStar/Satellite Object5/9/03
4/23/03 22:20San FranciscoCAUSADisk00:10Object moving slowly then at an extremely fast pace from the skyline4/27/03
4/23/03 21:42HazelKYUSAFireball10 minutesburnt orange fireball separates and becomes three fireballs4/27/03
4/23/03 20:10HemetCAUSA8 minutesA beautiful, round, pure red light in the sky just after dark.7/16/03
4/23/03 06:00Chandigarh (India)IndiaUnknown1 minutean unkown object with a long trail4/27/03
4/23/03 01:34Sydney (NSW, Australia)AustraliaLight21.45sec.A wierd satelite or a UFO...5/2/03
4/22/03 22:45Fredrikstad (Norway)NorwayCigar15-20 sec.Cigar/bus shaped object moving across 90 deg. from me, no sound, slow moving, flashlighted on me, faded out12/16/05
4/22/03 22:10Dundee (UK/Scotland)United KingdomCircle1 minutering of light moving across the sky4/27/03
4/22/03 22:00OlympiaWAUSADiamond15 minutesDiamond Shape light with beams over Capital Forest in Olympia, WA across from Mud Bay4/27/03
4/22/03 20:53GainesvilleFLUSACigar6 minutesElongated, orange object traveling south4/27/03
4/22/03 18:00BellinghamWAUSALight5-8 minutesVery bright light at first, then a small sleek craft that disappeared a little while after the lights were out. It's been back once.8/28/03
4/22/03 01:00Golden ValleyMNUSAFireball1-2 secondsVivid green fireball4/27/03
4/21/03 23:45Houston (Canada)BCCanadaTriangleapprox: 10 secondsHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Large flying triangle slowly moving.4/27/03
4/21/03 22:30Houston (Canada)BCCanadaOther20 - 30 minutesHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: C shaped object hovering with lights5/27/03
4/21/03 21:45PhoenixAZUSAOther2-5 secondsbright diamond object over south Phoenix4/22/03
4/21/03 20:00ConcordNCUSATeardrop10 minutesFork lift attacked by aliens craft5/2/03
4/21/03 16:00Lincoln (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown15 minutesSmall black object seen over a common.4/22/03
4/20/03 23:43College StationTXUSAChevron7-10 secondsobject having a V chevron shape moved rapidly below cloud cover S-N then turned east and vanished no sound.4/22/03
4/20/03 22:30Chadron, NE/Oelrichs, SD (between)NEUSALightsecondssaw a light driving home from friends house11/26/03
4/20/03 21:30RiversideCAUSALight30 seconds2 star looking lights that fly in the same direction and blink before they dissapear.11/26/03
4/20/03 21:30Victoria (Canada)BCCanadaCircle10-15 secondsa round ,glowing green object apeared in the northern sky, remained stationary for seconds and then went out, definitely not the moon10/31/03
4/20/03 21:07Cardiff-by-the-SeaCAUSATriangle6-10 secondsTriangular object with three LARGE, white lights seen on Easter night4/27/03
4/20/03 21:00Wolverhampton (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown1 -2 minunidentified craft seen accelerating to masive speeds then instantly change direction.4/22/03
4/20/03 15:00PhoenixAZUSADiska few minutesUFO or not??7/16/03
4/20/03 14:00Vernon (Canada)BCCanadaUnknown30 minutesHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Lights were on the ground and randomly flashing colors.8/28/03
4/20/03 14:00IssaquahWAUSACircleunknownThe object lumminated by the suns rays7/16/03
4/20/03 13:45AuroraCOUSARectangle30 secondslarge very black object3/23/04
4/20/03 11:00Fort WorthTXUSAUnknownunknowObject on Photograph4/27/03
4/20/03 03:00BrandonFLUSAbright white room with big rectangular windows,dancing lights in the distance,and no sound7/16/03
4/20/03 02:10YorktownINUSAFormation~5 secondsFormation of lights appeared in the sky, dashed away to the horizon.4/22/03
4/20/03 02:00GallupNMUSALight3:00 minutesSW view. Very sharp, fast flashing red light. Very similar to what I thought was an airplane. Light was traveling SW at a slow pace. S4/22/03
4/20/03 01:00MiddletownDEUSATriangleabout 3-8 minutesSaw a craft with bright lights, watched it, saw it do an ABOUT FACE in midair and come straight back the same path it had been taking11/8/03
4/20/03 01:00San DiegoCAUSAFireball8 Min.Outlined below is information regarding an early morning Sunday, April 20, 2003 sighting. LOCATION: North Park/San Diego area.4/22/03
4/20/03 01:00ChesterfieldMOUSASpheresplit secondI saw a grate ball of fast moving flying gas.12/3/04
4/19/03 22:30FentonMIUSACircle4 and red ufo seen 60-70 ft.up in sky perfectly still three to four min.9/12/03
4/19/03 18:00Humboldt (Canada)SKCanadaTriangle10 secondsHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Large triangle stopped abruptly in the air and hovered.7/23/03
4/19/03 16:00LafayetteKYUSASphere30 sec.Fast moving Metallic Sphere - movements were impossible for balloon of aircraft to execute.6/18/03
4/19/03 00:30AnchorageAKUSALight15 seconds"Stars" moving together over Anchorage4/22/03
4/19/03 00:00SeattleWAUSAUnknownunknownPossible abduction? MILAB? Strange visit from the health department?2/8/05
4/18/03 22:30LeavenworthWAUSATriangle>1 mindistant sighting of unexplainable triangle formation lights above north central washington state5/2/03
4/18/03 19:30RoyalARUSADisk10 minutesWe were taking pictures just before dark on a lake.We did not see objects until we downloaded pictures on our computer.4/22/03
4/18/03 11:45LapeerMIUSAOval3 minutesHuge, cloaked craft seen over unpaved runway at small local airport.6/20/05
4/18/03 05:45JacksonOHUSACylinder3 or 4 min.we seen a pill shaped object in the sky5/27/03
4/18/03 01:00Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaUnknown2 minutesi was comming home from work and i was walking my usual route home at around 1 am. As i came out of an alley to transfer to another5/9/03
4/17/03 20:05Colombo (Sri Lanka)Sri LankaLight03The ufo which amused in good thursday.4/22/03
4/17/03 16:00Arequipa (Peru)PeruLight10 minutesBright and Big light in Arequipa Peru4/27/03
4/16/03 23:00Limington/NaplesMEUSALight45min.2 in car driving to Naples Me, followed ? bright flashing white/blue lights others saw from houses we never sleep now6/3/03
4/16/03 23:00NaplesMEUSAFlash45min2 in car followed by ship others around town saw6/3/03
4/16/03 21:00Wikieup/Wickenburg (enroute)AZUSAOther45 mingolden orange lights seen on and off for about 45 min in arizona on wed. 14 april 2003 1 to 7 lights seen at a time4/27/03
4/16/03 21:00PlattsburghNYUSACircle1 minIt6 moved at a high rate of speed from northwest to southeast leaving no trail and showing no indication of being a manmade aircraft.4/22/03
4/16/03 20:30Clay CityKYUSACircleBright light and round and it dispeared into the clouds. I looked and looked for it, for a long time and it isn't crazy okay but i thin4/22/03
4/16/03 15:30In-flight sighting (over NE??)NEUSASphereseveral minutesMysterious sphere darts into clouds5/24/05
4/16/03 11:00New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSADisk15 secs.Invading Laguardia's Air Space.3/19/09
4/16/03 00:00Cement CityMIUSATriangle5 minutesi saw a triangular shaped craft with lights at each angle then flew away.4/22/03
4/15/03 22:50Lake Macquarie (NSW, Australia)AustraliaEgg1 minuteObject enters with flash of light and explosion,flys, hovers,exits with bang & disappears, 3 sitings same location.4/22/03
4/15/03 21:50Hoensbroek (Natherlands)NetherlandsDiamond2 hoursTriangle or Diamond shaped objects in Limburg, the Netherlands5/27/03
4/15/03 20:00Miramar BeachFLUSAFireball30The light lasted for approximately 30 minutes.4/22/03
4/15/03 17:10BristolNHUSADisk15 minsTwo silver disks above Bristol, Grafton Co. watching the sun set. And I was watching them.5/24/05
4/15/03 08:00ReadingPAUSADiamond20 secondsdiamond shaped craft hovering over area disappered quickly4/27/03
4/15/03 04:55Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaUnknownLess than 1 minuteLout jet noise heard in Toronto - but no jet.4/22/03
4/15/03 03:15Houston (Canada)BCCanadaLight4 to 6 minutesHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT:: multi colored object sitting in one position - not a star.5/27/03
4/15/03 01:00Goderich (Canada)ONCanadaEgg20 secondsenergy glows seen over town following aircraft5/24/05
4/15/03Hot SpringsARUSAOval2 min.Ovel shaped craft moving north east /no wings no sound Huge.10/27/04
4/14/03 23:20Houston (Canada)BCCanadaLight5 to 6 secondsHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Single red light low over China Nose Mountain4/22/03
4/14/03 16:00Cedar RapidsIAUSAOval3 minutesThe following is the result of an investigation by 3Iowa MUFON investigators into a sighting of 5 oval/disc shaped objects on April 14,7/16/03
4/14/03 16:00Cedar RapidsIAUSAOval3 minFormation of five shiny metallic ovals4/22/03
4/13/03 23:30Santa MariaCAUSATriangle2 minutesTriangular shaped object, motionlessly hovering in sky over ocean, with blue neon rings on either end and spotlight in center.4/27/03
4/13/03 22:00New York CityNYUSALight2 minutesbrownish lights forming triangle shape4/22/03
4/13/03 21:40Meriwether County (rural)GAUSAOther15 to 25 secondsLast Sunday, April 13, '03, my husband, his brother and I made a trip from Greenville, Ga. to Albany, Ga. to visit my husband's sister.4/22/03
4/13/03 21:15Meriwether County (Greenville)GAUSAOther15 - 25 secsA hoard of bright red strobbing and some laser-like lights manifested inside my automobile, while I was driving.4/22/03
4/13/03 21:15Meriwether County (rural)GAUSACylinder15-30 secondsLast Sunday, 4-13-03, my brother, my wife and I were coming home from a day's visit to my sister in Albany Ga. We were appx ten miles f4/22/03
4/13/03 21:15GreenvilleGAUSAOtherAppx. 30 secondsMUFON/GEORGIA FOLLOW-UP REPORT: Joint NUFORC/MUFON of Georgia Investigation, Meriwether County Georgia10/31/03
4/13/03 21:00GreenvilleGAUSAUnknown1 minutesightings of Numerous UFO's6/10/03
4/13/03 19:30Old Town (Indian Island)MEUSAChangingless than 2 minIndian Island, Old Town ME. (Driving home)4/27/03
4/13/03 16:16Gresham/ Wood VillageORUSAChanging8 - 10 minMulti-colored orb sighting report, low, slow-moving11/8/03
4/13/03San DiegoCAUSAUnknownsplit secondmy camera caught this, not me.4/27/03
4/12/03 23:06Eau ClaireWIUSAFormation30 seconds3 lights flying west to east 4 to 5 times airline speed maneuvered as if one or on same wave length.4/22/03
4/12/03 22:05MontereyCAUSACircle10 secondsCircular blue object traveling east to west over Central California Coast.4/22/03
4/12/03 20:30PensacolaFLUSALight1 minuteI thought it may be a satellite, but now I don't know because of the way the light it emitted just simply turned off.4/22/03
4/12/03 20:30PensacolaFLUSALight1 minuteunidentified traversing light or sighted object3/17/04
4/12/03 19:17Port St. LucieFLUSASphere2min. 15sec.11 year old Boy spots UFO overhead while waiting for school bus.7/23/03
4/12/03 16:40PlantsvilleCTUSADisk2 minutesSmall metallic saucer spotted over I-84 near Plantsville, CT.4/22/03
4/12/03 15:30MuskegonMIUSACircle2 MINUTES04/12/2003 3:30PM CIRCULAR OBJECT VERY HIGH IN THE SKY4/22/03
4/12/03 13:45PortagevilleMOUSADisk5 minutesDisk over MO bootheel4/22/03
4/12/03 04:00Oak ParkCAUSALightminutesSighting of white foggy illumination on ground6/18/03
4/12/03 03:18DelawareOHUSACircle3-4 minites4-12-03 Delaware ,Ohio Large White light across field hovering and zipping in straight lines "curious"5/24/05
4/11/03 22:30Terrace (Canada)BCCanadaLightapprox; 2 secondsHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Noticed to very bright lights.4/22/03
4/11/03 22:15HazelKYUSAChanging30 minutesmorphing object emitting pulsating lights4/22/03
4/11/03 21:30Regina, Saskatchewan (Canada)SKCanadaFireball5 secondsOrange ball of light.8/28/03
4/11/03 20:31ApopkaFLUSACigar8:00-8:30On April 11th at 8:31 .We saw a cigar shaped U.F.O,with non-flashing red color light and flashing white lights.First the U.F.O hovered4/22/03
4/11/03 20:10FresnoCAUSAFormation20 minutesTriangular light pattern over Fresno CA4/22/03
4/11/03 20:00Houston (Canada)BCCanadaLight10 minutesHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: lights were, yellow, blue and red and zipping around.4/22/03
4/11/03 19:16CoronaCAUSACylinder2 minutesCaught on video, another object in the sky5/9/03
4/11/03 19:00Hobe SoundFLUSATriangle5 SecondsTriangular Object Photographed -- Not Noticed at the Time4/27/03
4/11/03 15:40Stockholm (Sweden)SwedenDisk40-60 secondsMe and my girlfriend saw a disc hovering over housing area in Stockholm, got about 3 sec on film.
4/11/03 15:00CharlotteNCUSAEgg30-45 secsBrief sighting of Egg/Orb heading North to South4/22/03
4/11/03 09:30Los Realejos (Tenerife Island/Spain)SpainOval00:00:20a oval craft moved in oposite direction´s with no lights and no noise.4/22/03
4/11/03 02:00Norwich (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown40 secondsthe object directed us into the road, and hovered from left to right and then completly disappeard4/22/03
4/11/03 01:55MagnaUTUSAUnknownsecondsA streak of smoke just appearing from over the Oaker Mountains.4/22/03
4/10/03 23:15PensacolaFLUSAChevron30 secChevron shaped lights slowly moving south to north.4/22/03
4/10/03 22:30MilfordMIUSALight15 minuteswe could not detect any "object" only the EXTREMELY bright color changing lights- seemed to be spinning-it was not a helicopter or plan4/22/03
4/10/03 21:00PeruINUSACircle3 minOrange/amber globes appeared to come out from behind an object till fully round ,very bright a mist surounded the lights.5/10/04
4/10/03 19:17CoronaCAUSADisk1min.40secsingle bright saucer shaped object slowing propelling forward, with the front tilted downward4/22/03
4/10/03 18:00Santa MonicaCAUSACigar15 minutesSilver cigar-shaped UFO hangs over Santa Monica Beach10/31/03
4/10/03 17:35St. Albans (UK/England)United KingdomOther3 to 5 minsblack figure eight object shimmering moving side to side at slow pace at 150ft4/22/03
4/10/03 12:10YaphankNYUSAOther10 secondsWhite Blob Hovering over Minumum Security Facility4/22/03
4/10/03 02:00BaytownTXUSACigar30 secSilvery glowing cigar shaped object moving very fast then dissapearing.5/24/05
4/9/03 22:00HoweINUSACirclelooked like a star from the ground but when seen through binoculors and video camera it was round displayed different colors ,such as a4/22/03
4/9/03 03:30MillvilleMNUSAOval1/2 minutestar shaped moving south to west in straight, and up and down direction flashing and growing to return to star like self4/22/03
4/9/03 01:00FeltonPAUSACircle10 secondsthis was a craft of some sort. not a star and not a plan.4/27/04
4/8/03 23:45Torquay (UK/England)United KingdomFormation15 secseven silent gliding sphers8/28/03
4/8/03 23:30Cranbrook (Canada)BCCanadaOther1hrit was hovering and rotating4/22/03
4/8/03 22:51Uppsala (Sweden)SwedenUnknown light shown over Uppsala, Sweden witnessed by many people4/22/03
4/8/03 21:50Gold BarWAUSACigar10 secondsThree bright lights observed hovering over Skykomish River in Gold Bar, WA4/22/03
4/8/03 12:05TempeAZUSACylinder1 minute or soNoontime sighting on a sunny, cloudless day of a long, brightly glaring craft that disappears from view.4/22/03
4/8/03 01:36DubuqueIAUSALight5 secondsFollowing is the result of 3 Iowa MUFON members' investigation of an incident reported to NUFORC on: 4/9/2003 3:04:06 PM 15:04. A d7/16/03
4/8/03 01:30Dubuque (County Highway 151)IAUSALight5 secondsa very bright gold-bronze light appeared in front of my car and passed through and around the right side of the car.4/22/03
4/8/03 01:00Fort KlamathORUSAOval25 minutesWhite oval light with in touching distance .5/15/13
4/7/03 22:47Winnipeg (Canada)MBCanadaCirclea couple of secondsI'm bewildered. I don't have a clue as to what i've just seen it make no logical sense!4/22/03
4/7/03 21:00Armidale (Australia)AustraliaLight10 minutes8 rapidly moving lights over Armidale2/22/05
4/7/03 14:30FranklinTNUSADisk7 SecondsMy family and I were driving home from a grocery store when I saw an U.F.O. out the side window.4/22/03
4/7/03 08:30WillingtonCTUSALight30 secyellow and white circular lights above the tree tops5/9/03
4/7/03 01:07AnacortesWAUSARectangle5 minutesIt came straight down towards us the stopped and floated in mid air for a minute or two then went straight up and was gone!7/8/04
4/6/03 23:59Saint JamesMNUSAFormationat least 30 minutesI saw a cluster (7 min.) of tiny lights stationery in the sky like stars with shimmering lights for at least a half hour.4/22/03
4/6/03 23:35Kabul (Afghanistan)AfghanistanCigar30 secondswe heard this strange beeping sound then we saw it a cigar shaped object which just hovered there for about 20 seconds and then another4/22/03
4/6/03 23:30Studio CityCAUSAChevron30 secondsStately progress of 25 or so round white lights in a chevron formation4/22/03
4/6/03 23:00Langdon (Canada)ABCanadaDiskAbout 5 minutesSky lit up red when it disapeared.4/22/03
4/6/03 16:50PhoenixAZUSASphere35 minsobject moved at various speeds, stopping at times and then changed direction almost at a 90 degree angle the appeared to go up and dis4/22/03
4/6/03 13:00Bagdad (Iraq)IraqRectangle5 secondsFlying drill bit2/12/04
4/6/03 03:05Isle of PalmsSCUSAChanging4 min.triangular shaped craft moves to join huge circular formation4/22/03
4/5/03 22:30AlbuquerqueNMUSAChevron15 minutesExtemely large "flying wing" hovering above a shopping center in Albuquerque NM then left southbound at slow speeds.2/12/04
4/5/03 19:00FresnoCAUSAChevron3minBoomarang object with lights floating across the night sky.4/22/03
4/5/03 18:53Dundee (UK/Scotland)United KingdomEgg15minsMy friend and i saw an egg shaped craft in the sky which we shot at and it disappeared.5/9/03
4/5/03 18:12EurekaCAUSADiskAPPROX 30 MINI was sitting in my bedroom listening to my shortwave radio when the neighbors started yelling for me to get outside.I forget the exact4/22/03
4/5/03 15:15In-flight (Texas)TXUSACigar3 MINI Saw this today! i was on a flight from LA to Nashville tn. around 3:15 central Time NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT BEFORE!!4/22/03
4/5/03 13:00TrevorWIUSAUnknown5 secondsInvsible object casts large fast moving shadow on ground7/23/03
4/5/03 12:15Los AlamosCAUSACigar1 minuteI witnessed a cigar-shaped object being pursued by two F-16's in the skies over Los Alamos, CA.4/22/03
4/5/03 12:00Los AlamosCAUSACigar60seconds12noon @Mtn Figueroa CA, near Los Alamos 2mil jets chase cigar or linear shape object just over hill top heading east from w1/17/04
4/5/03 10:30BedfordTXUSAUnknown2.5 minutesburning object came down changing trajectory as it crashed unknown type/origin.4/22/03
4/5/03 00:30Oxford (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown5 minsI turned off my CD, and engine to make sure it wasn't a plane, and there was no sound at all.5/13/03
4/4/03 23:38Coral SpringsFLUSATriangle60 secondswe saw a dark figure outside the window. at first we thought it was a man. A naked man in the middle of the road. but after about half4/22/03
4/4/03 22:00ConcordCAUSACircle10 min.its color was bright orange and it was round It moved slow and would stop and hover then it started dropping things4/22/03
4/4/03 21:30ConcordCAUSAFireball3-5 minutesfirball craft in sky over concord california4/22/03
4/4/03 20:00London (just west of) (Canada)ONCanadaSphere5-10 secondsA blue sphere crashes towards the earth, illuminating the sky in a glowing blue light.4/22/03
4/4/03 18:35AlohaORUSASphere2 secondsLarge sphere entering clouds at high rate of speed.4/22/03
4/4/03 14:00White Bear LakeMNUSADisk10minI watched this on live t.v on cnn,fox news,msnbc.It was durning the war coverage.They were showing the live feed from baghdad.Shots wer4/22/03
4/4/03 06:00JacksonvilleFLUSACircle20 seconds or lessThe objects appeared in the photo, after I "took away" the darkness of the sky.4/22/03
4/4/03 01:00Staplefield (UK/England)United KingdomEgg2 minsEgg shaped hovring craft with purple and green lights5/2/03
4/3/03 22:55Terrace (Canada)BCCanadaCrossapprox: 9 secondsHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Flying cross with panels of lights on the underside.4/22/03
4/3/03 22:30Lake Jackson/Brazoria/RichwdTXUSACircle3 secondsGreen fireball fell from sky near Richwood, Texas in the vicinity northeast of FM2004 and north of Hwy 2884/22/03
4/3/03 00:46PortlandMAUSATriangle5 minutesI was driving on a road in a wooded area just outside of Portland Maine with my girlfriend, when we both observed strange and unusual l4/22/03
4/2/03 21:45CarlislePAUSATriangle45 secondtriangular Shaped craft light in each corner seen on 4/2/03 Carlisle PA time 21454/22/03
4/2/03 16:30Brisbane (QLD, Australia)AustraliaCylinder5 minsI've seen the 4 to 6 ft cyinder in Australia10/7/03
4/2/03 16:30Sydney (NSW, Australia)AustraliaRectangle16:30the object was in a rectangular form and was hovering in the air for about 5 minutes then all of a sudden dissapeared4/27/03
4/2/03 07:53BlairsVAUSADisk3 Curves in it it was not round!!4/22/03
4/2/03 06:00Quezon City (Philippines)PhilippinesDisk5mins.i was walking in our newly bought land at the province when suddenly i caughta glimpse at a mysterious saucer-like object in the sky. a4/22/03
4/2/03 05:15WapakonetaOHUSALight2-3 minutesbright light moving through the sky, then rapidly faded away.4/22/03
4/1/03 23:00ViolaPAUSATriangle20 secondsSteady paced, low flying craft with 3 auburn lights at each point.5/2/03
4/1/03 19:00PhoenixAZUSATriangle1 minuteTwo massive triangular-shaped objects in a wing to wing formation, hovering over a casino parking lot.5/15/06
4/1/03 18:00South WindsorCTUSAOval30 sec-1min2 ufos seen so.windsor connecticut,060745/24/05
4/1/03 17:00AsheboroNCUSACylinder2 to 3 minLarge, shiny, motionless cylinder.10/31/03
4/1/03 05:10WapakonetaOHUSALight1-2 minutesAt work, approx 5:00am (still dark out) I was smoking a cigarette outback with a co-worker when I saw a large bright circular light mov4/22/03
4/1/03 02:00Jefferson (Holden)MAUSAChanging5 min +/-Three bright white lights at tree top level, then a half circle reddish orange light, and the three lights moving silently forward7/16/03
4/1/03 02:00HoldenMAUSARectangle5 minutesThe vehicle looked like a "flying car" with three large bright headlights flew slowly without sound and at tree top level.4/22/03
4/1/03 01:00HolmdelNJUSAFireball1 secondHigh speed blue white streak across the sky traveling at low attitude:streak appeared solid, then tailed off.6/3/03
4/1/03 00:00KuwaitKuwaitOval1-2minLight in sky resembles eye opening.10/30/06