National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 02/2003


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
2/28/03 21:00Crystal RiverFLUSAFlash5 secondsOn the evening stated , Feb.28th ,2003 ..myself ,my mother and father were sitting in their living room. Time was about 9 oclock . All7/16/03
2/28/03 20:30FarmingtonCTUSAUnknown4 minutes3 lights White, Red, White Circle Pattern No Sound3/21/03
2/28/03 01:00Monteverde (Costa Rica)Costa RicaFormation45 minsbright lights dancing in the soutwest sky3/4/03
2/27/03 21:10AnchorageAKUSALight10 minutesA strange orange/reddish moving object emitted smaller object and then disappeared over Anchorage Alaska!3/21/03
2/27/03 19:00DavieFLUSAChanging5 minutesI was driving with my daughter. It was dusk but getting dark quick.My daughter noticed it first. It was a big dark circle with a littl3/4/03
2/27/03 15:40HudsonOHUSACircle2/3 minutesobserved objects for 2-3 min,there were 10-12- of them moving in and out, lined up one headed north then vanished3/4/03
2/27/03 07:00Somerset (UK/England)United KingdomCigar15secondsWe saw a UFO in Bridgwater Somerset UK3/11/06
2/27/03 05:00AntiochCAUSAFireball7minutesFireball like object, dropping flare like objects then disappearing3/11/03
2/27/03 05:00NashuaNHUSAOval4 MinutesWhat was the Airforce chasing?3/4/03
2/27/03 04:05Houston (Canada)BCCanadaLight6 to 7 secondsHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Bright light split into two and shot into different directions, then shot up into the sky.3/21/03
2/27/03PatokaINUSAUnknown5 minutes off and onon a morning jog me and my friend saw lights in the sky, it was early morning and saw an arrow looking object in the sky with about 5 l3/21/03
2/26/03 22:00BremertonWAUSAChevron5 minutesTriangular/chevron shaped craft flying low over the city of Bremerton, WA3/4/03
2/26/03 21:30Dunsborough (Western Australia)AustraliaFlash1 hourSeveral flashes from a stationary point source of light in the night sky seen over a period of time.3/11/03
2/26/03 21:15WestonCTUSALight5 minsWhite/green/red stationery light in sky...2nd light nearby flashing...then faded away.3/21/03
2/26/03 03:43AntiochCAUSAFireball5 minutesFireball like object, dropping something then disappearing3/11/03
2/25/03 22:30Buenos Aires (Argentina)ArgentinaChevron4 secondsOrange Chevron shaped.3/4/03
2/25/03 19:48Palm SpringsCAUSALight38 secondsThe sphere of light was silent and being followed by a helicopter with no visable lights.3/11/03
2/25/03 19:30BremertonWAUSAChevron5 minutesChevron shaped craft seen flying over PSNS in Bremerton, WA3/4/03
2/25/03 19:25ShawanoWIUSA40 to 60 secondsredish square lights that ran in a sequence3/4/03
2/25/03 12:40EverettWAUSAUnknown1 SECunknown cause of shadow3/4/03
2/24/03 21:45Twin FallsIDUSALight30 secThe blue light light up the sky and then disappeared as if it came out of nowhere.3/4/03
2/24/03 19:00HomesteadFLUSAUnknown40 secondsWitnessed a UFO sighting in south Florida moving very rapidly.2/25/03
2/24/03 19:00RudolphWIUSAFlash5 minflashes of bright yellow "stars"3/4/03
2/24/03 14:58San FranciscoCAUSAFireball4 minutesa bright fireball like object that hovered for severall minutes then dispersed and shot high into the clouds3/11/03
2/24/03 11:30Olympic MountainsWAUSADisk10 secondsAirliner paced by small disc over Olympic Mountains.2/25/03
2/24/03 11:30EverettWAUSAOthernot surePossible explanation of 24Feb2003 sighting over Olympic Mountains3/4/03
2/24/03 07:34WestlakeLAUSATriangle10 secondsAs Me and a co worker were on the job ,I noticed something out of the corner of my eye .High In the sky were three Triangular Craft tha3/21/03
2/24/03 01:38HomesteadFLUSALight120 secondsVery distant light blinking at set interval, moving in erratic/non-aircraft manner.2/25/03
2/23/03 23:00SodusNYUSALight30 secondsMars observers witness light moving in roller coaster pattern from east to west.8/28/03
2/23/03 22:00PuyallupWAUSA7 hours3 bright looking stars that had red blinking,moved in circles and fast up and down motions at time stood motionless2/25/03
2/23/03 20:45Cork (Republic of Ireland)IrelandFormation1-2 secsUfos over Cork Harbour 23th Deb 20033/21/03
2/23/03 20:30New York City (Astoria; Queens)NYUSACircleAbout 1 HrI was out side smoking when I looked up and saw what I thought was a Large star. Then it started moving vast then very slow then not at3/21/03
2/23/03 20:20LynnwoodWAUSAFormation2 - 3 secondsTwo of us were observing the stars when what looked like 3 dull lights in a row (unlike that of an airplane) flew silently across the s2/25/03
2/23/03 19:30OlympiaWAUSAChanging15 secondsDancing in the sky...2/25/03
2/23/03 13:30College StationTXUSACircle1 minute2 circular lights moving very slowly.3/4/03
2/23/03 06:30Oswestry (UK/England)United KingdomEgg1 minuteEgg shaped object travelling about 100 to 150 m.p.h flying below 1000ft, I was about a mile away from object.12/9/03
2/23/03 02:00DallasGAUSACircle15 minutesObject with lights was spinning in the western sky. It appeated to be spinning and hovered for about 15 minutes.3/21/03
2/23/03 00:10Wisconsin DellsWIUSAUnknown1210am-1230amSilent, rotating lights, strange movements and speed. Witnessed by 2 police officers.3/4/03
2/22/03 23:30American CanyonCAUSACircleThere were two crafts miles from each other.The first one we saw would stop and go,stop and go. Suddenly we saw a second craft it just 3/11/03
2/22/03 23:15PortlandORUSA60 sec.Two adults witness a peculiar "light orange" ball of light move horizontally across the eastern sky of Portland.2/25/03
2/22/03 22:30Terrace/Prince Rupert (Between) (Canada)BCCanadaDisk1 1/2 minutesHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Couple driving Highway #16 witness large dish shaped object.3/21/03
2/22/03 22:20Kitiamt (Canada)BCCanadaDiskapprox; 2 minutesHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Large disk shaped object travels slowly over Douglas Channel3/21/03
2/22/03 22:00Camp VerdeAZUSAUnknown1 houras a crop circle in the sky2/14/06
2/22/03 21:15Mill Bay (Canada)BCCanadaDiskabout 5 min.I was driving and I saw a large flying disk with lights fly quite low and irratically across my view, and I stopped to have a look.3/21/03
2/22/03 18:00PelionSCUSAUnknown2 hrsWe heard a very loud, tarp flapping sound with electrical overtones, just above our heads.10/15/03
2/22/03 14:00Winnemucca (West of)NVUSADisk5 minuitesthe real deal!!! driving west on i80 we saw to silver disks looked to be above Cosgrove restarea. they were larger than anything ive ev3/21/03
2/22/03 12:00Silver SpringMDUSAChanging1 to 5 hrHave you ever been abducted? I have. My story in detail.3/21/03
2/22/03 10:30Auckland (New Zealand)New ZealandSpheretwo spheres captured on photograph Waitakerie , Auckland . NZ 10.30am Feb 22. 033/21/03
2/22/03 02:00WinnemuccaNVUSADisk5 minuitestwo disks hovering near Winnemucca Nevada,20 wittness, stayed untell six jets chaced, sky was clear. the real thing!!!3/21/03
2/21/03 22:30Valley JunctionORUSAOther12 minutesMissing time2/25/03
2/21/03 22:00Wellington (Canada)PECanadaChanging25 minuterbright lights moved very fast hovered up and down side to side lost our power pets went nuts and skidoos shut off2/25/03
2/21/03 02:20UK/ScotlandUnited KingdomCircle15minsIn a clear sky the Star shone bright with what appeared to be white glowing fireflys buzzing aroung it.3/4/03
2/21/03 01:00TulelakeCAUSACircle10 min.something that looked like a star but shined colors and grew and shrank then disappeared.3/11/03
2/20/03 22:15Wellington Cap-Egmont (Canada)PECanadaLight1 hour 10:15pm-11:15pmMe and my father have seen a odd light on top of the Northumberland Strait almost every night from 10:00pm to 11:00pm for at lease the 2/25/03
2/20/03 22:00PhoenixAZUSA1-2 sec.Bright green "fireball" seen streaking from east to west over Phoenix, AZ.3/21/03
2/20/03 21:50TooeleUTUSAFireball5 secondsRound fireball with a tail, green in color.3/21/03
2/20/03 21:32HauppaugeNYUSALight1:20Three lights in triangular formation traveling in a North-East Direction in sufflok, LI, from brentwood direction towards hauppauge.3/21/03
2/20/03 21:09DallasGAUSADisk45 secsobject with red blue and white lights came close to hitting an airplane3/21/03
2/20/03 20:30FlorenceKYUSACircle30 minat first i thought they were stars i was out side vidio taping my puppy because it was his first winter when i noticed that one star wa3/21/03
2/20/03 19:45San DiegoCAUSAFlash5 seconds?Star-like light streaks across night sky3/11/03
2/20/03 18:30GlendaleAZUSAFireball2 sec.i saw what appeared to be a meteor traveling east to west. it seemed extremely large, and frightfully close8/28/03
2/20/03 09:13FullertonCAUSAOval20 secondsThe craft was a silvery type and moved much faster than any plane I've seen before.3/11/03
2/20/03 05:00San FranciscoCAUSACircle5-10 secondsBig, bright green ball3/11/03
2/20/03 04:30WheatonILUSAUnknown30 secondsThree white steady lights and a strange whirring noise.3/11/03
2/20/03 02:40Smithers (Canada)BCCanadaCircle5 minutesHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: White/Orangy fast moving bright light comes to complete stop.3/21/03
2/19/03 23:00SpringfieldMOUSAUnknownabout 30 minAn odd humm3/21/03
2/19/03 22:15PamplicoSCUSALightYellow lights in the sky.3/2/04
2/19/03 19:00KearneyNEUSATriangle30-40 sec.Triangle Crafts over Kearney, Nebraska12/12/09
2/19/03 17:49RaleighNCUSAFireball<1 minuteFireball drops out of late-afternoon sky in Raleigh, NC7/16/03
2/19/03 03:00Prince Rupert (Canada)BCCanadaSphereapprox: 30 sec.glowing sphere, red and orange-ish at low level4/22/03
2/18/03 22:35SacramentoCAUSA5 secondsA large firey green light passed at a high rate of spead, north to south, over a passenger jet going east.3/11/03
2/18/03 18:20BillingsMTUSACrossseveral minutestwo black objects seemed like they fluttered3/11/03
2/18/03 17:15Hingurakgoda (Sri Lanka)Sri LankaOther8minsGolden, shining object in the Sri Lanken sky -18th sept 03 at 1715hrs3/4/03
2/17/03 23:42San DiegoCAUSAUnknown27minutesSaw a bunch of U.F.O.'s flying around for about a half an hour in our mountains in east San Diego.3/11/03
2/17/03 22:20BurbankCAUSAFireball5 minFifth sighting of red/orange lights that drop or shoot sparks and then disappear.3/11/03
2/17/03 21:30Bunschoten (Netherlands)NetherlandsLightunknownit moved up and down and changed light-color2/25/03
2/17/03 21:15BurbankCAUSALight2-3 minRedish lights cought on video over Burbank3/11/03
2/17/03 18:30MattoonILUSALight2 hoursI noticed this light a month ago and it seems to be in the sky almost every night.... It is scary how it moves around so quickly at tim3/11/03
2/17/03 11:00ScottsburgINUSASphereI seen a bright, circle like object in the air, that disapeared as if it was getting higher.3/21/03
2/17/03 05:30RoslindaleMAUSAOval1 minuteOn my way to work, walking down a road, about 5:30 am, before sunrise, I looked to the northeast and saw a descending shape, like an ai3/4/03
2/17/03 02:00PriceUTUSAFireball10 secA bright fireball object in the sky followed by increase of electrical power.3/21/03
2/16/03 23:00Seattle (Juanita area)WAUSA5/2/03
2/16/03 22:30Camano IslandWAUSADiamond5 minutesIt was a raining out side. When my husband came to bed. He just layed down when the dogs start to act funny. It was just then he heard 2/25/03
2/16/03 21:30ArcoIDUSAFireball12 secondsI was heading sw toward the craters of the moon, and directly ahead I saw what I thought was a star falling from the sky. It was larger2/25/03
2/16/03 21:30Quail ValleyCAUSAOther15 minutesVertical elongated diamond shaped Light in sky flashing every five seconds and getting smaller as it faded away.3/11/03
2/16/03 21:30San RamonCAUSAOther2 minutesI was looking at the moon and a large star to the right of the moon. A star-like shape appeared between the moon and the star. It sat l3/11/03
2/16/03 21:00Eaton RapidsMIUSACirclesecondsRound, glowing circular object shoots down from the sky at a 45 degree angle3/21/03
2/16/03 20:40ChicoCAUSASphere5 secondsA bright glowing blue sphere shaped object with a firey tail falling to the earth.3/11/03
2/16/03 20:36Sackville (Canada)NBCanadaLight15 secondsSingle white light that dove downward3/4/03
2/16/03 20:27RichlandWAUSAFireball10 secFeb 16, 8:30PM, Blue / Green fireball moving NW to SE over Southeastern Washington State2/25/03
2/16/03 20:27ChicoCAUSAsecondsMultiple reports of bright light in northern California.3/11/03
2/16/03 20:25WingvilleORUSA5-10 min.Man witnesses dramatic fireball in southern sky, followed by sighting of 5-6 tiny lights moving slowly west in the southern sky.2/25/03
2/16/03 20:22ChicoCAUSAFireball3-5 secondsA firey ball of light descending from left to right and high to low in front of us changed colors from white, to yellow to green.3/21/03
2/16/03 20:22ChicoCAUSAFireball5 secondsI saw a bright blue/green fireball in the East/Northeast sky travel from left upper corner to the lower right horizon.3/11/03
2/16/03 20:15ChicoCAUSAFireball6 sec.Driving home in the evening headed east, I looked north out the van window and saw what apeered to be a rocket entering the atmosphere.3/21/03
2/16/03 20:00BurbankCAUSAFormation15minsPolice spot 6 objects over the Burbank Airport on the evening 2/15/03.3/11/03
2/16/03 20:00OrlandoFLUSATriangle30 secondsPerfectly shaped black triangles flying low over Orlando tourist area.2/24/07
2/16/03 18:00BowieMDUSADiskufoLoud noise, bright lights and a new part of me was opened!3/21/03
2/16/03 16:00Hamilton (Canada)ONCanadaOval2 minutesthe object was flying for a bit than vanished3/11/03
2/16/03 15:10KenilworthNJUSAOther7 minutesGiant hangliding apparatus seen over rte.22 in N.J.3/21/03
2/16/03 14:33CrestviewFLUSACylinder5 minutesI was outside when a weird looking object showed up a few miles from my house. Cylinder shaped with flashing lights at top and bottom.5/9/03
2/16/03 00:05BrooklynCTUSATriangle10-15 minutes3-5 bright lights, sporatically flashing and forming a triangular shape3/21/03
2/15/03 23:30Mly (Norway)NorwayTriangle15 minutesObjects flying in triangle formation.2/14/06
2/15/03 21:30MiamiFLUSAUnknown5 to 10 mintsTwo pilots, we were coming in for a landing at night at Tamiami airport. The tower was closed so we were communicating with flight serv3/11/06
2/15/03 21:00HoustonTXUSALight5 min.Flashing Lights Over Houston Texas8/28/03
2/15/03 20:30Birmingham (UK/England)United KingdomFlash120 minsMy sister Kate and her family were looking out of a window in the family home at what they thought was a particularly bright star in th2/25/03
2/15/03 20:00BuffaloTXUSAFireball3 secFlorescent green light drops down from sky and disappears3/17/04
2/15/03 19:10MilwaukeeWIUSADisk15 minutesround or rectanular, lightes, hovering3/4/03
2/15/03 19:00LinwoodPAUSALight1-2 min.A UFO stopped in its path and hovered. It then trailed an airplane.1/17/04
2/15/03 19:00SaffordAZUSASphere0:05A brightly glowing, luminous [craft] was chased by military jets from a location NE of Phoenix and E of Superstition Mountains.12/12/11
2/15/03 19:00Fort StocktonTXUSADisk45 secsSaucer Sighting in Fort Stockton, Texas 02/200311/2/04
2/15/03 16:00BuffaloNYUSAOther10 secondsHalf a Yellow Blimp4/22/03
2/15/03 15:37Fort LauderdaleFLUSAOval1 minuteshiny metallic oval object over the everglades2/25/03
2/15/03 14:00Huntington (near)WVUSACigar4 minutescigar-shaped ufo spotted .4/22/03
2/15/03 13:00Lake CityFLUSALight10secondsit was dark and i was standing outside in front of my house and all of a sudden i saw a bright light coming towards me i watched it as1/10/09
2/15/03 10:30Surrey (Canada)BCCanadaSphereapproximately 30 minutesHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Three colored spheres.3/17/04
2/15/03 07:45Leicester (UK/England)United KingdomLight10 secslooked up to see a lit up patch in the sky. An almost giant plane (football pitch size) went through the gap where the light was. my fr3/4/03
2/15/03 04:00Virginia BeachVAUSAFlash15 seconds2 FLASHES OF BRIGHT GREEN LIGHT, 10 SECONDS APART3/21/03
2/15/03 03:45Bendigo (Australia)AustraliaLight10 secondsA Bright star-like light moved in an arc across the sky and grew fainter as I watched. Duration 5-10 seconds4/22/03
2/15/03 02:00Cannon FallsMNUSALightuntil daylightcircular blue/white light with sparks shooting out from all sides3/21/03
2/15/03 00:45BeniciaCAUSAFireball5 minSlow moving, low flying fireball. Moved erratically and faded away.3/11/03
2/14/03 23:15Bilbao (Spain)SpainDiamond2 minutesI was driving home, from a party where I have been drinking a little. I was alone in the darkness when I suddenly saw a huge craft whic3/4/03
2/14/03 21:54MiamiFLUSAOval32 minutessaw oval shape, time-21:54, after what seemed like 2 seconds time was 22:26. dont know what happend.2/25/03
2/14/03 21:30BrandonFLUSAFireball30 minutesa ufo with what appers to be a sheild around it2/25/03
2/14/03 21:00BaltimoreMDUSACigar15 minsMy brother clock stoped working and then look out his window and saw a Ufo.3/21/03
2/14/03 20:48BurbankCAUSALight10 minutesStrange orange light over Burbank Ca, it appeard to land in one of my sightings.3/11/03
2/14/03 14:00Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaEggsliver bullet3/21/03
2/14/03 07:20Karachi (Pakistan)PakistanDiskIt was a white disk hovering very high up in the sky.8/28/03
2/14/03 07:00LakewoodWAUSAN/AMan reports that he awoke in the morning, only to find that 1) his watch was off by 1 hour, and 2) he had 3 strange marks on his neck.2/25/03
2/14/03 00:30SanfordNCUSAEgg10minOval shape object with big bright light on the top and a ring of colored lights around it.3/21/03
2/13/03 23:59SmithtownNYUSALight13 minsLight Hovers in the NY sky... and it's not the first time...3/21/03
2/13/03 22:00South ParisMEUSASphere4 hoursLots of sightings in and around South paris Maine.3/4/03
2/13/03 21:00KingstonMIUSALight9:30p.mFeb 13 four people seen flying object in the ski that stoped and light up and other once flying around it..3/21/03
2/13/03 19:30ColumbiaSCUSAUnknown1 minuteThe three craft where flying with very little sound, low and slow.5/13/03
2/13/03 14:00HillsboroALUSAOther10 minutesFloating bell shaped object with pure white lights tinged with silver angel or ufo?3/21/03
2/13/03 14:00YakutatAKUSAChanging20 minutesALASKA UFO, 2003, YAKUTAT, ALASKA.4/27/07
2/13/03 02:30Seattle (Outside)WAUSATriangle33 minutesUnexplained time loss, on the road, blinded by blue light from triangle object, automotic phonomenon.2/25/03
2/13/03 00:15North CharlestonSCUSAChevron15 secondsVery large triangle craft that was only lit on leading edges, silent and not actually visiable against night sky3/4/03
2/12/03 22:30South Selkirk (Canada)BCCanadaLight5 to 6 secondsHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: orange colored ball with a short tail, boke into two parts3/21/03
2/12/03 22:15BoulderUTUSAFireball10 sec.moving eas to west, looked like a superbright meteor, ball of fire, melted away suddenly, fairly slow moving10/30/06
2/12/03 22:00Apache JunctionAZUSAOvalUFOIT WAS ODD3/21/03
2/12/03 21:30Interstate 80. Between York, Nebraska and Aurora, Nebraska NEUSALight2-3 minStrange object in the sky over Nebraska12/12/09
2/12/03 21:02Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaTriangle3 minutes3 lighted triangular craft (Very silent)2/25/03
2/12/03 20:00Friend (Hwy 15, approx. 4 miles SE of)NEUSALight1-2 minWe were not sure if it was 1 large craft with 3 individually moving lights in a triangle formation or 3 individual crafts. But we were12/12/09
2/12/03 18:00SeattleWAUSACylinder10-15 seconds2-12-03 orange fiery/glowing circular object flying above tree level watched for about 10 seconds in Shoreline Washington2/25/03
2/12/03 10:30McVeytownPAUSAOther30-45 secondsdaylight sighting,no wind, crescent-shaped object3/21/03
2/12/03 06:35HuronSDUSATriangle2 minA triangular shape light that hovered for about 2 min and then just faded away.3/21/03
2/12/03 02:35Saddle Lake (Canada)ABCanadaDiskwestI went out side for a smoke, on my stairs and i look up in the sky then i seen three disc shapes.Theze shapes were like lights.There mu2/25/03
2/12/03 02:30Slough (UK/England)United KingdomLight6-10 minsOrb of light Observed3/4/03
2/12/03 01:30Calcutta (India)IndiaOvalTen minutesTwo shiny UFOS'7/16/03
2/12/03 00:29Hamilton/New MiamiOHUSALightA few secondson 2-12-2003 at 12:29AM.On the way home from work with my wife we saw freakish flashes of blue lights over HAMILTON & NEWMIAMI OHIO .My2/25/03
2/11/03 23:45Canberra (Australia)AustraliaFormation30 seconds3 bright white circular objects flying in triangle shaped formation, no sound and identification possible.6/3/03
2/11/03 22:05Bishops HeadMDUSACircle5 MinutesA circle or wheel shape, with what looked like fire around it, and a firey web shaped center.3/21/03
2/11/03 22:00FredericksburgVAUSAFireballI was laying in bed when a flash came from outside my window. It was very bright and glowing. It stayed for a while and then went off 3/21/03
2/11/03 21:40GreshamORUSATriangleTriangle2/25/03
2/11/03 20:49OrlandoDEUSAFireball14minetsI was walking my dog after i'd put the children to bed when i saw it, was huge a great fireball3/21/03
2/11/03 20:40BostonMAUSARectangle3 MinsAbove the Mugar Field I saw a square object with 2 lights hovering over the field. This field runs paralell with Storrow Drive and I do3/4/03
2/11/03 19:58Victoria (Canada)BCCanadaLight10 minutestwo lights, moving SW performing manuevers, then instantly vanishing.2/25/03
2/11/03 15:52Downers GroveILUSAOther10 minutestwo different dark color objects flying from west to north east of downers grove no lights no sound3/11/03
2/11/03 05:35New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSAEgg0630I saw something to the affect of a fireball yellowish orrange, its light got real bright .. soon after real dim and moving round3/21/03
2/11/03 01:20SeattleWAUSAOther2-3 SecondsBlue beam of light in my face....from the sky.2/11/03
2/11/03 00:13MerrillvilleINUSAOther10 minutesi was almost abducted ALONG WITH ME AND MY FRIENDS I THINK WE ARE ALL FEARED FOR OUR LIFE.3/21/03
2/10/03 20:00Medan (Indonesia)IndonesiaFireball250i dont know is it the first seeing of UFO in Indonesia for more than 20 years.5/2/03
2/10/03 18:00Duncan (Canada)BCCanadaCircle5 minutesHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: A circular object ringed what looked like fire.2/25/03
2/10/03 17:00Mexico BeachFLUSACylinder2X3 minutesThere were 4 craft - 2 sets of 2 - They looked like F16s only meatier - I was driving towards two of them, and when I got near them I n6/10/03
2/10/03 10:00MadrasORUSASphere3 min.Spherical metallic object seen about 7 miles NE of Madras, OR2/12/04
2/10/03 06:15GrangevilleIDUSALight5 minutes3 separate lights, 1moved in "S" design, stop mid flight and start again, another colorful and curved flight also stopped2/11/03
2/10/03 04:00BrinnonWAUSAUnknownabout 40 minutespulsating lights in southern sky2/11/03
2/10/03 01:15Renkum (Netherlands)NetherlandsCircle30 secondsi saw a yellow/green flashing object in the sky3/4/03
2/9/03 23:00GrangevilleIDUSALight1 minuteAt first looked like falling star but stopped and hovered then moved off again and disapeared2/11/03
2/9/03 21:10Budapest (Hungary)HungaryCircle2 minutesthere was strong light2/11/03
2/9/03 20:55La GrandeORUSAFireballabout 5 secondsobject looked like shooting star it turned green and glowing as it came closer to the ground increasing in size.2/11/03
2/9/03 19:54StamfordCTUSACircle3-4secondsspotted bright object in clear night sky going slowly due NNW and disappearing in a fast graduating fashion.3/21/03
2/9/03 19:30WaterfordMIUSATriangle2-3secondsIwas sitting in the front bedroom of my house in south waterford township mi next to pontiac, I looked out and then glanced into the ro3/21/03
2/9/03 16:50New Hazelton (Canada)BCCanadaCircleapprox: 10 secondsHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Very bright pulsing white, with a bluish color.3/21/03
2/9/03 15:00Santa ClaritaCAUSASphere15 minSmall white and bright ball over Santa Clarita skies3/11/03
2/9/03 13:30Lake ForestCAUSACircle1 minuteFive circular white objects seen flying at extremely an extremely high speed above Lake Forest California at 1:30 p.m. on 2/9/03.3/11/03
2/9/03 10:45GilbertAZUSASphere10 minutesHigh altitude oval traveling from SW to the NE, stopped then ascended upward until it vanished3/21/03
2/9/03 05:30WindhamNHUSAOther30 secStreek-of-Light moving East-to-West over Route-93 north in Windham NH3/4/03
2/9/03 02:15Trondheim (Norway)NorwayLight5 minutesBlueish-white light during the night over the city of Trondheim, Norway.3/4/03
2/9/03 02:10Indian Mountain (Canada)NBCanadaCircleapprox. 7 minutesSmooth, round orange ball moving through the sky and going down into the trees.3/21/03
2/9/03 01:45Sherman OaksCAUSALight10 minuteswhite light with flashing colored patterns3/11/03
2/8/03 21:15ChathamNJUSATriangle30 secondsTrianguliar shaped craft, silently land set it self down3/21/03
2/8/03 21:00BurbankCAUSAFireball1 minute5th sighting in burbank3/11/03
2/8/03 19:50SandpointIDUSAUnknown5 secondsBright white light moving very fast above cloud cover from east to west in eastern sky2/11/03
2/8/03 06:35San DiegoCAUSADisk15 minutesI saw a stationary light fade in and out for fifteen minutes and could see with binoculars this was a large craft with bright lights.3/11/03
2/8/03 05:30Beloit/Milwaukee (between)WIUSADisk1 hourThe object seen was saucer shaped with a dome, emitting dotted or tracer type lights from the top and bottom.3/4/03
2/8/03 03:20Schoten (Belgium)BelgiumEgg1minEgg -shaped object in the woods3/4/03
2/8/03 02:03HighlandILUSATriangle2 minuterstriangle passes by in the sky4/22/03
2/7/03 23:00HansonKYUSAFireball15 minwe watched for 15 minutes as a large glowing fireball moved in different directions thru the woods3/21/03
2/7/03 22:45Brisbane (QLD, Australia)AustraliaTriangle1minuteThree circular lights in a perfectly formed triangular shape moved accross the sky at high speed before stopping and changing direction3/21/03
2/7/03 20:45TurlockCAUSACircleI saw an orange circle was moving so fast and sudenly appired in the other site of the sky and left3/11/03
2/7/03 20:20GarrettINUSALight6 Secondsafter approximately 3 seconds of looking at it, it looked like it flipped upside down and shot straight up in the sky at the fastest ra3/21/03
2/7/03 19:45PalmettoGAUSAUnknownI saw a zig-zagging light in the sky.3/21/03
2/7/03 18:10RentonWAUSAOval5 minutesWas it2/25/03
2/7/03 10:25San DiegoCAUSASphere45 secondsBrilliant white spheres above south fortuna mountain in San Diego.3/11/03
2/7/03 05:30SacramentoCAUSALight30 min.It glowed brighter than the stars and it emited two other objects.3/11/03
2/7/03 03:00BurnaKYUSAFireball2 minutesorange fireball seen as child now as adult with friends witnessing3/21/03
2/6/03 21:00Washington Court HouseOHUSALight30 minutesLarge,round,orange balls of light,followed by fast moving craft in sky with strobe like lights.2/11/03
2/6/03 20:09BurbankCAUSALight6 minutesMore sightings of The Orange light appearing over Burbank Ca.3/11/03
2/6/03 19:51MiamiFLUSATeardrop1min aproxufo sighted in the hammocks ,miami fl.2/11/03
2/6/03 13:30PortlandORUSASphere10-15 minutesSphere moving very slowly NE to NW.2/11/03
2/6/03 06:45Geelong (Vic, Australia)AustraliaTeardrop12 mins.Looks like a sieve, with blue light luminating from the cracks. Shaped like a teardrop.3/21/03
2/6/03 06:10ArkportNYUSAChanging20 MinutesObject in sky brighter than all others, clear morning; moved from right to left and then in a circular pattern.3/21/03
2/6/03Belgrade (Serbia)SerbiaOval10 minsi couldn't see it clearly,it was very dark.suddenly my friends saw some lights on the sky,they got scared,the light was very strong,th5/4/04
2/5/03 20:40East HavenCTUSASecondsMan reports very fast moving light zigzagging in night sky over East Haven, CT.3/21/03
2/5/03 19:40TucsonAZUSALight2-3 secondsThe sighting resembled a shooting star, but the band of light was much thicker and extremely defined.3/21/03
2/5/03 19:00Spring ValleyCAUSALightA Bright Light moves back, forth, and side to side, really slowly hovering around in a small area...3/11/03
2/5/03 18:40Los Banos (near)CAUSACircle3 minutes and longerit was a flying circle that had two lights and one shining on the ground near a light colered house.3/11/03
2/5/03 17:55ClackamasORUSAMan reports witnessing four very bright white lights, appearing in a "T" formation, to the south.2/11/03
2/5/03 12:45San FranciscoCAUSAOval2 ovals flying in a straight line.5/27/03
2/5/03 06:45BurlingtonCTUSATriangleTriangle, light grey had three green lights.It was moving very slowly almost hovering in the night sky,very silent.3/21/03
2/5/03 05:30ConcordNCUSAChangingHourWe were looking at it and it was so bright and it did fly down at the camcorder one time. It changed colors all the time.3/21/03
2/4/03 23:25NipomoCAUSALightwe saw a flashing light that just disappeared3/11/03
2/4/03 23:15Hamburg (Germany)GermanyCircle0.05 hourwe saw two circles above a field, they were white and the moved to us! they came closer and we drove away, we heard some name, i though3/4/03
2/4/03 23:00Livermore/Pleasonton (area)CAUSACircle5 min or so..flying saucers seen near livermore california by driving witness on 6803/11/03
2/4/03 22:37LittletonCOUSACrosscampinga cross that was gold hovering by the north star3/21/03
2/4/03 22:30Playa del Cura (Grand Canaria Island)Gran CanariaLight30 minutes approxTwo bright reddish lights appearing horizontally in the night sky off the coast of Gran Canaria repaced 2 or 3 times by similar objects4/22/03
2/4/03 22:30Big BearCAUSACigarAbout a minuteIt was amazing3/21/03
2/4/03 18:20BillingsMTUSAChanging3min.Glowing object appears to be luminiscent balloon but dissappears rapidly to the SE at high speed.3/11/03
2/4/03 17:15OlympiaWAUSALight25 minutesTwo bright objects streaking throught the sky.2/11/03
2/4/03 13:35Victoria (Canada)BCCanadaCylinder2 minutesshiny smoothly object in clear sky above Victoria BC, Canada spotted by at least 3 people2/5/03
2/4/03 09:00Walnut CreekCAUSAOther10 minutesFive amber lights spanning 75 yards came silently towards me from the Northeast. The lights appeared connected.3/11/03
2/4/03 06:49WoodstockGAUSAOther3minMy mom saw one a about two weeks ago .I was taking the trash down to the bottom of the street and I looked up and saw this curved sha3/21/03
2/3/03 21:00FortunaCAUSAUnknown90 secondsorange glow emitting tear drop shaped orbs3/11/03
2/3/03 20:10Houston (Canada)BCCanadaTriangle2 secondsHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Fast moving blue/white lights in the shape of a triangle.3/21/03
2/3/03 20:00Plymouth MeetingPAUSAEgg3 MinutesAs my mother was driving my friend and I to the mall, I looked to my right and saw a strange sight. A egg shaped craft, slightly light3/21/03
2/3/03 18:45MiamiFLUSADisk25 minutesIt was a very big object , It remind me of a mother ship not like the small ones that you see in pictures.2/5/03
2/3/03 08:10Houston (Canada)BCCanadaOval40 secondsHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Houston, B. C. Date: 03FE03; Time: approx: 8:10 a.m.3/21/03
2/3/03 02:00MinneapolisMNUSALightunknownAfter seeing a UFO with a bunch of friends at a lake in 1974(Minnesota),I have had many odd occurances. This one happened in my home3/23/04
2/3/03 01:52Puchong (Malaysia)MalaysiaLight10-15 minstrange object with amber lights able to travel at a speed I have never seen before3/21/03
2/3/03Skudai (Malaysia)Malaysiakindly read this news about "Kong Ming lanterns" 3/21/03
2/2/03 22:20Orlando (1hr south)FLUSAOval3 minutesLow flying object hovering w/ blue underbelly and eight bright lights oval in shape central Florida2/5/03
2/2/03 22:00Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)Malaysia5 mins.4 glowing and moving objects, halogen colour, slightly bigger than a tennis ball. The sky was very clear with patches of white clouds.3/21/03
2/2/03 20:08AuburnALUSAEgg4-5 secondslarge elongated oval of light which appeared moon-like. It did not light sky adjacent to it. Roughly the size of 3 moons side-by-side3/21/03
2/2/03 19:10Sudbury (Canada)ONCanadaLight1 minuteblinking light moving very fast across the sky , faster than jets do and satellites don't have strobe lights2/5/03
2/2/03 19:00MiamiFLUSADisk20 minutesA big UFO, disk shape, light blue color, but intense, was seen tonight at 19:00 pm in Miami2/5/03
2/2/03 05:30Harcourt (Canada)ONCanadaDiamond30 minutesBright white diamond with red lower surface2/5/03
2/2/03 02:15SacramentoCAUSALightso far 3 nights for 2+ hoFor some reason, I was compelled to look out our bathroom shower window on Sunday morning around 2:15 am, and focus on what appeared to3/11/03
2/2/03 02:00Adelaide (Australia)AustraliaCylinder1.5 MinSmall cylinder craft spinning around, lights beaming off it, small objects flew from the craft and fell somewhere!9/4/03
2/1/03 23:15SpokaneWAUSADisk20 MinutesBlack disk seen near Airway heights, near Spokane Washington, while doing time-exposures of N. Lights.2/11/03
2/1/03 23:00EnglewoodFLUSARectangle22 secondsgiant, silent,completely black rectangle pursued by military jets over englewood Florida seen by amateur astronomer.8/27/20
2/1/03 22:58SpokaneWAUSADisk45 minssaucer craft emitted blueish light beams into the night sky pointing to stars2/11/03
2/1/03 22:30Mountain ViewCAUSAChanging30 secondsflock like formation of faint stars movind across the sky. started off strong and wound up fadding off. There where 35 to 40 faint st3/11/03
2/1/03 20:50Santa MariaCAUSASphere3 secondsthe bright white star like object speed in an arch from east to west into the horizon in the black of night.3/11/03
2/1/03 19:30Skudai (Malaysia)MalaysiaFireball1-3 minssaw UFO again and again3/21/03
2/1/03 18:00Doncaster (UK/England)United KingdomFireball18:10red fire ball free falling and disaperd3/21/03
2/1/03 11:00N./ATXUSAOther1/2 SECOND"Roswell Rod" checks out the Columbia as it breaks up.4/22/03
2/1/03 09:25Crown PointINUSAOval3 secondsThe CNN Film footage of the Shuttle Before the Break up.3/21/03
2/1/03 09:00DelawareOHUSASphere60secMORNING TIME SHIP FLY BY2/5/03
2/1/03 09:00KnoxvilleIAUSA3/21/03
2/1/03 08:00Atkins (near)TXUSAGrandfather and grandson report seeing bright green light approaching Space Shuttle from the southeast.2/25/03
2/1/03 08:00Dallas (near??)TXUSAFormationsecondsCNN video shows more than just the Space Shuttle Columbia.2/25/03
2/1/03 08:00DallasTXUSASphere5 secondsEarly news video of Shuttle decent clearly shows a silvery globe like object trailing the shuttle, keeping speed, then gone.2/25/03
2/1/03 08:00DallasTXUSASecondsWitness verification of the Feb 1, 2003 'Object" in vicinity of Shuttle by CNN News at 08:00 CST Dallas2/25/03
2/1/03 06:00San FranciscoCAUSA<1 minuteSFO Chronicle article by Sabin Russell about video tape taken of "Columbia" over Bay Area.11/3/05
2/1/03 05:45EldridgeCAUSAFireball1-2 minutesLarge slow moving ball of fire.8/5/12
2/1/03 02:00MonumentCOUSALight25 minutesA star that shined like a crystal moving around like a fruitfly3/21/03
2/1/03 02:00EugeneORUSALight20 secondsA zipzag light in the night sky hovering and flying with supersonic speeds.12/23/20
2/1/03 02:00MarfaTXUSACirclei left it was still flyinObject flying in a sloppy figure pattern changing colors is what I saw.8/7/11
2/1/03 00:45Penang (Malaysia)MalaysiaLight0.5 hours12 Objects With Yellow Light At 12:45 a.m.3/21/03
2/1/03 00:45Raub, Pahang (Malaysia)MalaysiaFireball20 minutesRed moving objects in the sky.3/21/03
2/1/03 00:35BurbankCAUSAFireball10 secs3rd sighting of fireballs over So Cal skies3/11/03
2/1/03USASpace Shuttle re-entryUFO(s) in proximity to space shuttle Columbia3/21/03