National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 01/2003


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
1/31/03 23:30Orchid IslandFLUSASphere2 hrsDancing amber stars out over the ocean2/5/03
1/31/03 23:00FarmingtonCTUSASphere10 secondsObject moved slowly and extremely fast seemingly at will, object lit sky up a flourescent green "brighter than day", object left trails3/21/03
1/31/03 19:30ColumbusOHUSAOther30-40 SECOn Jan. 31st 2003 I believe what I saw classifies as an unidentified flying objects that was hovering over the top of trees in fron2/5/03
1/31/03 19:00TustinCAUSACircleeverynightround spheres of light above my home vereyday and night, also the round spheres of light seem to be remolt control by a higher force ot3/11/03
1/31/03 19:00AlbanyNYUSASpherelong timemany Balls of light over donwtown Albany3/21/03
1/31/03 10:30LittletonCOUSAFormation3 minutesthree star-like objects moving in a straight line over Denver area3/21/03
1/31/03 09:56Herk-de-Staad (Belgium)BelgiumFormation30 secondsit flew like an ~ and it was a sort of gray eggformed dish3/4/03
1/31/03 06:30DeltonaFLUSACircle30 to1min.JAN.31-2003 ROUND FIRE ORANGE RED OBJECT JET PLANE8/28/03
1/31/03 05:45Summit PointWVUSAOtherapprox 90 minutesThe object was conical, changing colors and hung motionless in the sky.4/22/03
1/31/03 05:45Pinellas ParkFLUSASphere5 secondsLarge glowing object descending at a steep angle crashes into Gulf of Mexico, West of Tampa Bay,FL2/5/03
1/30/03 23:00ColumbusOHUSATeardrop30 SecondsA glowing object past over the columbus zoo late at night7/5/08
1/30/03 22:33Krommenie (Netherlands)NetherlandsLight4-5 minutesStrange red lights over Krommenie, The Netherlands3/4/03
1/30/03 21:25Apopka (Orlando)FLUSASphere6 minutesBright flashing light high in the sky moving fast2/5/03
1/30/03 20:16Voorburg (Netherlands)NetherlandsCircle24 secondsSmall object, colour red, within the atmosphere. Flying very fast and turning around easely.3/4/03
1/30/03 19:15BeachwoodOHUSAChevron30 secondsV-shaped light formation over Beachwood, OH2/5/03
1/30/03 19:05Spanish ForkUTUSAFormation5 secondsThere was a beautiful, sparkling, highly maneuverable craft flying gracefully and very quickly over Spanish Fork, Utah.3/21/03
1/30/03 17:30Hot SpringsARUSACircle45 secondsThis sighting was probably not worth reporting except for the Shuttle disaster happening so soon after.3/21/03
1/30/03 05:30GorhamMEUSAUnknown5-10 secs, another 5-10 sstrange, strange sound im scared3/4/03
1/29/03 22:45Oklahoma CityOKUSALight10 secondssounded like a really loud helicopter with just 1 bright pink light.... was moving really fast in zig zag pattern and some smoke beh3/21/03
1/29/03 22:36HoughtonMIUSADiamond7 minDiamond shaped craft luminating yellow/green w/ periodic purple pulses moving in tiny circular path to southeast by astronomy students1/31/04
1/29/03 22:30Los AngelesCAUSAEgg30 sec5 red orange lights coming together, forming a circle, and rising up out of sight.3/11/03
1/29/03 22:02StockbridgeGAUSAOval10 minutesFive darting lights seen briefly on a winter's night in Georgia.3/21/03
1/29/03 22:00RiversideCAUSADisk2-3 minutesspinning, orange, glowing object disappears and reappears in a different area within seconds3/11/03
1/29/03 20:30Sand LakeMIUSAChevron10min.A boomerang shaped large craft with aprox. 9 separate lights was hovering in the night sky .3/21/03
1/29/03 20:00Mazarron (Spain)SpainLightapprox: 2 minsHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Bright white light moving very slowly west to east8/1/03
1/29/03 18:45IrvineCAUSAChevron10 minutesTriangular shape3/11/03
1/29/03 18:30AzusaCAUSATriangle5 to 10 minutesTriangular Shaped Formation Flying in an unexplainable pattern.3/11/03
1/29/03 18:03North Las VegasNVUSAFireballThe U.F.O. looked very small and weird.The U.F.O. was a BRIGHT, flashing red. It moved very quikly and lop-sided. the figure moved acro3/21/03
1/29/03 07:30Mazarron. Murcia (Spain)SpainLight40 secsBright light at dawn, slowly moving west east.3/4/03
1/29/03 01:00Morehead CityNCUSACircle15 MINUTESjan.29 2003 about 0100 Morehead city,no.carolina heavy cloud cover.winds west to east about 15 mph. object appeared to look like except3/21/03
1/28/03 23:07BeavertonORUSASphere2minsaw a couple of strange air craft2/5/03
1/28/03 22:36Satellite BeachFLUSARectangle10 min.glowing square shaped object hovered over airforce base ,shortly after president 's state of the union address captured on video.2/5/03
1/28/03 18:30St. Albans (UK/England)United KingdomFlashC2flashing lights at night not moving.3/4/03
1/28/03 17:10ApexNCUSALight10 secondsI saw a bright reflection from something on the eastern horizon. It was moving fast at a 45 degree angle then suddenly shot straight do3/21/03
1/28/03 17:00National CityCAUSAUnknown60 secstrange lights over san diego3/11/03
1/28/03 14:08London (UK/England)United KingdomDisk3 minsstrange disk shapes in opening of clouds3/4/03
1/28/03 12:45PuyallupWAUSA20 sec.Two men report witnessing multiple tiny objects apparently tracking a USAF C-17 landing at McChord AFB.2/11/03
1/28/03 06:30Broummana (Lebanon)LebanonOther10-15 minutesStrange long armed creature with no hair light brown skin1/31/04
1/28/03 05:30Owings Mills (area)MDUSAFormation60-90 secondsThree lights surrounded by smoke3/21/03
1/28/03 02:00BendORUSADisk15 minutesA single, stationary fairly large saucer/disc with rotating lights that changed colors from red to green, blue and white that hovered f2/5/03
1/27/03 19:10Parksville (Canada)BCCanadaUnknown30 minsvan island 'strange light'..w/ police helicopters going after it ....2/5/03
1/27/03 19:00GreshamORUSAFlash10 secondsThree bright flashes appeared in the north sky within a 10 second period2/5/03
1/27/03 19:00Fernley @ Intersate 80 WestNVUSAFireball40secondsWhile driveing home I saw a white light in the sky then it turned red and disaperd in the clouds .The object was about the size of a si3/21/03
1/27/03 04:15DoylestownPAUSAChanging3 hoursWatched an object for three hours as it traveled to a spot, corrected itself, and took an east to west orbit.3/21/03
1/27/03 03:00MonroeMIUSATriangleabout 2 hourstriangles and balls of light appeared in monroe MI 3 carloads of whitnesses the were by the power plants and the cory's9/29/04
1/27/03 02:30Washington, D.C.DCUSALight1 hourLight hovering in sky that jerked and wobbled about, surrounded by brief flashes of light2/5/03
1/26/03 20:00MabankTXUSATriangle1 hourTriangle lights that move side to side.2/25/03
1/26/03 19:07Dun Laoghaire (County Dublin (Republic of Ireland)IrelandFireball30 SecondsIt appeared to be red in colour and emmited 2 fireballs from the back that dropped from the sky, but disintegrated.3/21/03
1/26/03 19:00ChickasawALUSAOtherapprox 5 minV shaped object witnessed in Chickasaw,Alabama ,4 very bright lights,very large in size,moving at different speeds and even standing st3/21/03
1/26/03 14:40Van NuysCAUSADisk8 sec.4 Disk Shaped Objects sighted flying in formation over Van Nuys, Ca.3/11/03
1/26/03 13:36Sherman OaksCAUSAChanging20 minutesTwo white-appearing, glowing orbs moving out of the West to the East, moving slowly (appx 30,000ft) in parallel formation, then stoppin3/11/03
1/25/03 19:30FruitaCOUSAUnknown10 minutesCraft of unknown description.3/21/03
1/25/03 19:20BurbankCAUSALight2 minutesOne single reddish light dropping same colored particles3/11/03
1/25/03 19:00SutherlinORUSAChangingLIGHT2/5/03
1/25/03 18:00Corning/Redding/RichfieldCAUSALightabout 3 hoursThree bright lights seen in many Californai towns3/11/03
1/25/03 17:45Van NuysCAUSAEgg5 minObject floating above the Van Nuys area. Did you see it?3/11/03
1/25/03 17:05LancasterPAUSACylinder2 minutescylindrical shaped craft hovering next to Amish farm house2/1/07
1/25/03 14:03Bensheim (Germany)GermanyOval10-15 secondsI saw a white spot with a white cloudy haze around it in the sky about the size of an eraser head that dissappeared after about 15 sec.1/26/03
1/25/03 07:00In-orbit (heard from Americus, GA)GAUSAFormation10 secStrange conversation from columbia space shuttle.5/24/05
1/24/03 23:35San RafaelCAUSATriangle2 minutesTriangular Object Hovers Over Marin County3/11/03
1/24/03 21:00Winnipeg (Canada)MBCanadaUnknown30 minI was on my balcony having a smoke, and happened to look to the North East. Thats when I say 3 objects movine across the sky towards th2/5/03
1/24/03 19:00San Jose (Costa Rica)Costa RicaDisk30secondsufo in costa rica3/4/03
1/24/03 18:51NatchitochesLAUSALight5 minutesStarlight object sparkels as star, drifts and travels awkwardly northeast, then fades and loses all light....3/21/03
1/24/03 18:35Dover (UK/England)United KingdomDiamond30secsDefinite sighting by 2 professional people of craft travelling N.E to S.W. in view 30 secs3/4/03
1/24/03 18:15Fort SmithARUSACircleabout 1 minuteRed light in sky.3/21/03
1/24/03 18:13Kingston (Canada)ONCanadaTriangleapprox. 2 equilateral triangle with 3 glowing white dome lights at tips... directly above my car2/5/03
1/24/03 18:00WindhamNHUSAUnknown30 secondsIT WAS SO STRANGE!3/4/03
1/24/03 12:00New York CityNYUSANAPossible explanation for beams of light....3/21/03
1/24/03 10:00PrescotAZUSACircle20minsmall white ball that would go for a short period of time and then disapear and re-apear in different locations7/16/03
1/24/03 08:30AnchorageAKUSACircle78 secondsMy brother and I were going to school on mid-hillside walking toward the west when we saw lights in the sky to the south. The object pa3/21/03
1/24/03 03:20Stoke-on-Trent (UK/England)United KingdomDisk3minsSighting first by my husband a 100% life long sceptic he awoke me to see the unusual sightquite high above the horizon over farmland/fo3/4/03
1/24/03 01:30Modesto (west of)CAUSAOther20 minvery bright light on other side of the mountain, hovering craft with bight light on top and red lights flickering along bottom3/11/03
1/23/03 23:22UK/EnglandUnited KingdomChangingIt was bright with a red haze and bright lines waving around it.3/21/03
1/23/03 23:15NapaCAUSAChanging3 secondsOrange glowing glob of light shifting shapes like a lava lamp one night while driving.9/28/03
1/23/03 20:00GilbertAZUSALight11 minutesI saw an orange halogen colored light hovering in the southwest horizon over the Chandler area.3/21/03
1/23/03 18:45St.Regis (Canada)PQCanadaSphere3 secondsA glowing greenish ball of light falls out of the night sky.1/26/03
1/23/03 16:30Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)MalaysiaDiskthree lightening object in disk shape3/21/03
1/23/03 10:53BurbankCAUSALight4 minutesAmber colored lights over burbank i saw 6 new years day and have been seeing more since then.3/11/03
1/23/03 10:11KelsoWAUSAThis is a great site!2/11/03
1/23/03 06:20Alma CenterWIUSAChevron2 minI was coming home from work. It was very cold and the night or morning sky was clear. For the past two mornings just before sunrise I3/4/03
1/23/03 02:54PrescottWIUSAUnknownAprrox @ minsHelicopter like object shoot across the sky like a meteroid, as it was chased by Military Aircraft, and left a strange trail.3/4/03
1/22/03 22:30ProspectCTUSA1 to five min.I was driving home and saw something out of the ordinary that scared me.3/21/03
1/22/03 22:00OxnardCAUSACircle5,6 minsit whent back and forth it was red in color and emited shower of lite and we caught it on video and will call on hot line.3/11/03
1/22/03 21:30MaricopaAZUSALight15 minutesAmber/Orange Lights3/21/03
1/22/03 20:30LabelleTXUSATrianglea half hour and still theUFO sighting ongoing in southeast texas ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius. PD))1/31/04
1/22/03 20:00DerryNHUSADisk5 min.It was very small and it looked like the shape of a frizzbe3/11/03
1/22/03 19:15SalisburyMDUSALight10 secondsseveral orange lights pulsating (like flares), then totally disappeared then reappeared in a different part of the sky.3/21/03
1/22/03 17:05SalemORUSACylinder1 1/2 min."A U-F-O HAS BEEN SPOTTED OVER THE SKIES OF SALEM."2/5/03
1/22/03 14:00Costa MesaCAUSAUnknownon goingNSAS photo's show ufo behind the shuttle Columbia STS-107 Day 7 2/22/033/11/03
1/22/03 00:00Union BeachNJUSACircle5 minutes2 Sets of 4 dancing lights6/12/08
1/21/03 22:55Bethesda/RockvilleMDUSAFormation5 minutesCraft with 3 lights hovering over 495 then darting away3/21/03
1/21/03 20:48SpanawayWAUSADiamond10 MINUTESUnidentified Flying Diamond shaped object with several red and amber colored lights on it no green wing light on left2/11/03
1/21/03 19:45DillsburgPAUSAFormation1 minuteFormation of lights in a < shape that where visible for several minutes and then suddenly disappeared.3/21/03
1/21/03 17:30NewarkNJUSAFireball15 minutesFive shifting fire ball objects heading west from New Jersey3/21/03
1/21/03 10:15SandwichMAUSAOval3 minsStrange white craft appears to go out of focus as if trying to engage faulty cloaking devise....3/4/03
1/21/03 03:20EverettWAUSACircleBlack orb hovers over Everett2/11/03
1/21/03 03:00HuntsvilleALUSADiskunknownConnection between my vivid dream and reported sighting of crescent-shaped ufo over Huntsville, AL?7/16/03
1/20/03 20:00Shasta LakeCAUSALight30 sec.There was a white dot traveling very fast, zipping from one point to another very fast.3/11/03
1/20/03 18:20LynnwoodWAUSATriangle20 secondstriangle craft overhead, Big, Washington state 03'2/11/03
1/20/03 15:30Byron Bay (Australia)AustraliaSphere7 minutessix spheres emerge from cylindrical cigar shaped cloud3/4/03
1/20/03 10:30Fort HoodTXUSALight2 secondsairplanes cant do what i saw that night...3/11/03
1/20/03 07:15Glen MillsPAUSATeardrop4 minutesI woke up at 7 this morning. We have windows in our house that are very large and everywhere. I got something to drink and sat on my co3/21/03
1/20/03 was triangular object with a white light flashing in the middle.2/25/03
1/19/03 22:30CedaredgeCOUSALight10 minutesA large bright round light, darting across the sky, after 10 minutes - the light just went out.3/21/03
1/19/03 01:00ConwayARUSALight1 hourAt times it would "split up" although the second light never moved very far from the initial one.1/22/04
1/18/03 23:00StrykerOHUSARectangle5 secI saw something that at first I thought was a shooting star, but then noticed that it was too spread out and dim to be a shooting sar.7/23/03
1/18/03 21:30Sequoia National ParkCAUSA10 minutesThree campers witness peculiar lights, accompanied by "roaring" sound, in eastern sky.3/11/03
1/18/03 19:30Yucca Valley (rural)CAUSADiamond15minI was feeding my dog when I saw it, the silver, dimond like craft with flames at the end.3/11/03
1/18/03 18:20BurbankCAUSALight10Strange orange lights over Burbank. Over 40 sightings of these objects.3/11/03
1/18/03 17:50La Jolla (On I-5 at Gillman Road Exit)CAUSAUnknown2 minutesu.f.o. siting in la jolla, california3/11/03
1/18/03 09:08DanvillePAUSAOvalUnknownI have a picture!3/21/03
1/18/03 04:45MokenaILUSALightIt moved up down and sided to side in a small area as it would be easy to ignore but it is noticable from the color and movement if yo3/11/03
1/18/03 02:30 MoundvilleALUSAChanging45 minthis is the third time i have seen these objects in less than a month in this area after the first time i was so scared that i wasn't s3/21/03
1/17/03 23:59TemeculaCAUSAUnknownunknownDid my son see a UFO that night?3/11/03
1/17/03 23:35National CityCAUSA10 seci was at the kitchen ,,then i heard a strange sound,.sounded like an UFO hovering on the top of our roof,.n all of a sudden,. all of ou3/11/03
1/17/03 23:05TucsonAZUSAUnknownHave you ever wondered why so many of your "reporters" lack spelling skills? A great many make very elemental spelling and grammatical 3/21/03
1/17/03 23:00Burbank/Los AngelesCAUSALight10:00 minTwo strange lights over Los Angeles3/11/03
1/17/03 22:35Panorama CityCAUSACircle15 minutesBrilliant red light above Panorama City, in the San Fernando Valley, California3/11/03
1/17/03 22:30CalistogaCAUSATriangle10 minI was working a swing shift and went outside for some air towards the shifts end and noticed what appeared to be an airplane but the fl5/2/03
1/17/03 21:50Los AngelesCAUSALight5 seconds2 light green lights appeared and had synchronized patterns, fast to be a plane3/11/03
1/17/03 21:30Skudai (Malaysia)MalaysiaDisk4-5 mina disk shape object moving with high speed3/21/03
1/17/03 21:30CypressTXUSACircle3 minutesDriving through neighbor-hood we observed a red glowing ball of light in the sky traveling at a slow speed. It appeared to be about 1/2/25/03
1/17/03 20:50Accrington (UK/England)United KingdomFireball40 secondsslowly moving fireball in the sky3/21/03
1/17/03 20:45Sydney (NSW, Australia)AustraliaChanging2 minutesUFO changing colour, direction and maybe shape.3/21/03
1/17/03 20:20AlbanyORUSALight5 minred light in sky changed direction twice before stopping and 5-6 other small red lights fell from the bottom; one veering suddenly east2/5/03
1/17/03 20:00MiamiFLUSATriangle15 minutesWhile aproaching home walking about 5 blocks from it I couldn't help noticing this light above nw 95 st and 27 ave blinking on and off 2/25/03
1/17/03 20:00MukilteoWAUSALight8 hoursLight moving slowly, haphazardly in the western/northwestern sky, nearly halfway up the horizon.2/11/03
1/17/03 18:48LaSalleILUSAChevron1 hourViewing stars with my telescope. Saw something in the lower horizon. Craft shaped as chevron, MANY lights circling Have never seen 3/11/03
1/17/03 18:00Stevens PointWIUSAOval10 secondsFour lights moving quickly in the sky. Ovals.3/4/03
1/17/03 17:30PinevilleLAUSASphere5-10 minutesSun light relecting off a metallic type surface.3/21/03
1/17/03 15:00Leyland, Lancashire (UK/England)United KingdomOval5 minutesVideo film taken of daylight object with fire and smoke contrail, moving upward at 30 degrees. Object was circular shaped.3/4/03
1/17/03 12:00FrackvillePAUSACircle3 minutes3 round objects3/21/03
1/17/03 09:00CoralvilleIAUSAOval5 minutesSingle hovering oval object in clear blue sky along with 2 commercial jets leaving exhaust trails.3/21/03
1/17/03 06:12BurbankCAUSAUnknown5 minutes1/17/03 6:12 am unknow craft moving from west to east shooting from anterior side followed by explosions3/11/03
1/17/03 05:10Colorado SpringsCOUSACircle10 secondsRound object that glowed within it.8/28/03
1/17/03 04:55Colorado SpringsCOUSALightthree secondsStrange light in vicinity of NORAD/Cheyenne Mountain Air Station.3/21/03
1/17/03 00:30Isle of PalmsSCUSALight7 minutesvery bright orange light moving steadily across the sky being pursued by an airplane3/4/03
1/17/03JacksonvilleARUSACircle1 minbig bright object rising off the ground.7/8/04
1/17/03North CharlestonSCUSAUnknown10-15 min.Object with very large bright light chased by jet with rapid flashing red and green wing lights.3/4/03
1/16/03 23:35MartinezCAUSACircle10 secondsIt was going way too fast to be a jet and it made sudden changes in direction3/11/03
1/16/03 22:00EscondidoCAUSACone10 minutesCone shaped craft3/11/03
1/16/03 21:00Mountain ViewARUSALightnot really sureBright white lights, numerous ones, like stars that shot across the sky from west to east in the evening.3/21/03
1/16/03 18:30Sturgeon BayWIUSALightso far 25 min.Two bright lights over Lake Michigan, one full of colors, the other still light, same distance above water.3/4/03
1/16/03 16:30WildroseNDUSATriangle25 minmade a humming buzzing noise grey in collor got withen an 1/8 of a mile from it.3/21/03
1/16/03 14:02PhoenixvillePAUSACircle3 secondsI was watching NASA TV on my computer and at 2:02pm EST time nasa was broadcasting a live closeup shot of the earth. i saw a round met3/21/03
1/16/03 14:00Simi ValleyCAUSACylinder7-10 minutesExtremely bright object moving very slowly at a extremely high altitude3/11/03
1/16/03 12:00BoylstonMAUSADiamondflashLight gray diamond- fighter jet style object flying over head at high speed in clear sky about 1 second to cross the sky.6/12/07
1/16/03 09:40Hudson FallsNYUSADisk5 minutes5 Disks spotted over Upper NY State3/21/03
1/16/03 07:30TuckerGAUSAChevron30 secondsFlying wing spotted in Atlanta3/21/03
1/16/03 07:26El PasoTXUSACigar15-20 secondsCigar shaped object in eastern sky.2/25/03
1/16/03 07:00DallasTXUSASphere1.5 hrsObject chased by Jets producing jagged contrails for over 30 minutes....2/25/03
1/16/03 04:25Marbella (Spain)SpainOther5 minutesthe flying object was round with three flower petal around the center, it was silver, with black cirles with silver frames visible in t3/4/03
1/16/03 01:34PortchesterNYUSACylinder2-5minsLarge dark object with water like reflection looked like a cylinder.3/21/03
1/16/03 00:30BoazALUSACircle5 minround object appeared in the sky opend parichuted out thn turned into a small plane then vanished3/21/03
1/16/03naWAUSAUnknownnahi peter, this is not a ufo report. I just wanted to thankyou for this important service you provide. I recently had an experience whic2/11/03
1/15/03 23:00Fair OaksCAUSACircle10 MinutesGlowing orange object3/11/03
1/15/03 22:00Regina (Canada)SKCanadaLight2 secondsI saw a bright, white, large light travel across the sky, like a falling plane, and disappear.4/27/03
1/15/03 19:30NapaCAUSAChevron6 secondsDark chevron shape zooming across the night sky with no lights on it.9/28/03
1/15/03 19:00ReedsburgWIUSAFireball30 secondsI saw 6 bright orange fireballs appear slowly then dissappear over Wisconsin Dells.3/4/03
1/15/03 19:00Howe Island (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle2-3 minutesLow flying triangle - Howe Island- January 20035/2/11
1/15/03 18:55Derry (Republic of Ireland)IrelandCigar25 minutes6 long lights flew at slow speed the seperated into two groups of three.3/4/03
1/15/03 17:30Dublin (Republic of Ireland)IrelandOval20 minutes+Two dim oval shaped lights behind low cloudcover seen for 20 minutes over Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin, Ireland in the North Eastern sky.3/21/03
1/15/03 14:00Sterling HeightsMIUSAEgg10 secondsSometime in early 2003, during the winter, I had been living in an apartment on the 2nd floor of an apartment complex in Sterling Heigh2/14/10
1/15/03 10:30JacksonNJUSADiskhour or soI WAS TAKEN ONTO A DISK LIKE SHIP AND EXAMINED.3/21/03
1/15/03 07:30WashingtonPAUSALight5 minutesI live beside an airport and I seen airplanes before and this was no airplane it was a ball of light.3/21/03
1/15/03 07:20North Judson/KnoxINUSALight10 minutesTwo lights in sky quickly changed positions and took off slowly in opposite directions.3/21/03
1/15/03 05:15LewisvilleTXUSAFireball3 seconds2 fast moving bright green spheres descending straight down on the horizon with green trails behind them.11/26/03
1/15/03 03:00Simi ValleyCAUSACircle3 daysSmall red globes going to and from a satellite to the earth. Satellite has since has disappeared.10/20/05
1/15/03 02:00TaosNMUSAUnknown30 minit was about 2:00 am. and i could not sleep so i went outside to the porch for some air. i was looking up at the sky when i noticed two4/22/03
1/15/03 01:15Grand JunctionCOUSALight1 hourA friend and I were out in the desert foothills near the Bookcliffs. Around 1:15am we noticed a light on top of the Bookcliffs. T3/21/03
1/15/03 01:00MillvilleNJUSACircle40secwell, it was about 1am,i waslooking southeast,when i seen a bright light in the sky.i dont think we have planes that can go as fast,?i 3/21/03
1/15/03 00:28Santa AnaCAUSAOther5 secondsI am not sure if my original entry got sent, here is a duplicate. If you read this already you can ignore this one One thing I forgot4/7/17
1/15/03 00:15BurbankCAUSALight15 minutesyellowish/orange lights over Burbank / N. Hollywood Area. 4th sighting !3/11/03
1/14/03 23:31GrandviewMOUSAOval5 mintracking me?3/21/03
1/14/03 20:00PeruINUSALight15 min.big luminous yellow light in sky that fades and then produces 3 more that blink and fade out3/21/03
1/14/03 20:00LorainOHUSALight15 minutesCrazy light beams in west cleveland area2/5/03
1/14/03 19:45RidgefieldWAUSASphereapprox. 5 secondsBright green ball of light moving from one direction to another, landing in river2/11/03
1/14/03 19:20GreenwoodWIUSAChanging1 hour5-6 orange(bright) glowing balls appear, one at a time then flicker out.3/4/03
1/14/03 19:15HendersonNVUSACylinder15 minutesTubular craft and delta shaped craft both leaving glowing red debris behind after several minute sightings.3/21/03
1/14/03 19:00Wisconsin DellsWIUSALight1 1/2 hoursWe saw 10 or more, very bright, beautifully colored round lights, darting very fast back and forth across the sky.3/4/03
1/14/03 18:45Northampton (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown3 minsCluster of intense bluish white flashing lights, no 'solid' object visible.3/4/03
1/14/03 17:00CapitolaFLUSACylinder3-5 minsblimp-like ufo seen 15 miles east of Tallahassee1/20/03
1/14/03 16:15Plymouth (UK/England)United KingdomLight1 minutestrange round lights in the sky, amazingly bright even in daylight.3/4/03
1/14/03 06:50BoiseIDUSACigar2 minutesEarly morning sighting left me dizzy2/5/03
1/14/03 04:30West BendWIUSA45 minutesThere was a humming noise vibrating through our house for 45 minutes and we now believe it could only have came from above.3/4/03
1/13/03 21:30ChicagoILUSAUnknown45 min-1 hourstrange vertical lights over chicago3/11/03
1/13/03 19:00Eden/San Angelo (Between)TXUSAOvalSighting lasted about twoOval-shaped craft with no lights and no noise seen in West Texas2/25/03
1/13/03 07:20JacksonNJUSATriangletriangle, outlined lights on each corner dark besides lights.3/21/03
1/13/03 07:10PoncaOKUSALight10 minutesChanging light that follows my truck to and from town.3/21/03
1/12/03 22:54Apple ValleyCAUSAUnknownthere is one big flashing light at the top and im seeing about 4 litte lights going in a circular motion some of the lights are red.3/11/03
1/12/03 20:12MoabUTUSAFireball40seca round object in the sky.3/21/03
1/12/03 19:00BiloxiMSUSALight2-3 Min.Biloxi couple witnesses odd lights over Gulf of Mexico3/21/03
1/12/03 10:16Pleasant HillCAUSAFireballSeveral minutesBig orangish-Reddish ball that just dissapeared!!!3/11/03
1/12/03 07:02Sharjah (United Arab Emirates)United Arab EmiratesOval6minuitsAt the time just when sun rises looking towards sun rise vertical plane with ~45 degree (elevation) a bright oval body appeared includi3/21/03
1/12/03 05:00PillagerMNUSATriangle10 minutes5:00 am, Pillager, Mn. Dark, cold, clear morning! A huge, Black Triangle hovers above the Pillager Water Tower!9/2/05
1/12/03 01:30BurbankCAUSAFireball?4 minutesFireballs hovering over Southern California3/11/03
1/11/03 21:00Pemberton (Western Australia)AustraliaUnknownapprox.1/2sec.Brief flash of bright light in southern sky 60 degrees above the horizon.3/21/03
1/11/03 18:23MahwahNJUSACircle5I WAS IN THE CAR WITH MY DAD WHEN I SAW A CIRCLE3/21/03
1/11/03 12:10Winter SpringsFLUSAOther5 minutesDomed craft, lime green colored, daylight sighting.3/21/03
1/11/03 01:27NormanOKUSAFlash1 min or lessHuge, orange ball with black streaks of various shapes and sizes on surface.3/21/03
1/11/03 00:10WilliamsburgVAUSADuration:10 seconds Silent V-shaped aircraft slowly glided over Williamsburg, VA, then disappeared instantly. My friend and I glance3/21/03
1/10/03 23:15Victoria (Canada)BCCanadaFlash4 secondsI've been meaning to write this for sometime. I believe the date was Jan 10, 2003 - might have been the week before. 4 of us were sit5/2/03
1/10/03 23:00Falls ChurchVAUSACigar6 secondsthis object in the sky affected the working of my car as long as it was in the sky3/21/03
1/10/03 22:54Johannesburg (South Africa)South AfricaLight3 hoursufo's travel in formation of orion for three hours disguising themselves as stars3/4/03
1/10/03 22:50Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaCirclenot givenHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Out of the cloudy Western skies, North of the Moon at this time1/26/03
1/10/03 22:00CullmanALUSADiamond10 minutesorange fireball in cull. al.3/21/03
1/10/03 21:45BurbankCAUSAOval15 MinutesThird sighting of yellowish/orange lights over Burbank / N. Hollywood Area.3/11/03
1/10/03 21:09Busselton (Australia)AustraliaLight5minutes3 light moviving erractically across the sky3/21/03
1/10/03 20:30Paramaribo (Suriname)SurinameTriangle45 secI saw somting last night, when i was stargazing . I live in south amerika, in the neigberhood of the capitole and have a big yard 20 a3/4/03
1/10/03 20:00HuntsvilleARUSAOval5 secondsIt was an overcast night but the stars were just barely shining through. My girlfriend and I were outside burning brush. We were look1/17/04
1/10/03 20:00OlympiaWAUSADisk4 minutesBright Glowing Orange-Red Ball in night sky, dropping exploding balls of white light.2/11/03
1/10/03 19:30AikenSCUSAUnknown30 min.Unknown Slow Pulsing Light object moving accross I-203/4/03
1/10/03 18:40Old TownMEUSAOther4 minwe saw a bommerang shaped ship hover thain take off without making a sound.3/4/03
1/10/03 18:30WoodburyCTUSAOval30 minutesOval orange glowing object hovers over Three Rivers Park, shoots laser-beam to ground. Not a balloon!3/21/03
1/10/03 17:00CarbondaleILUSACircleabout 1 min. or morethe lights were really bright like meteors burning in the sky, but they hovered and went different directions northeast and northwest.3/21/03
1/10/03 10:00RichfieldUTUSAFireball5 minbright blue light that turned night into day10/10/11
1/10/03 10:00Princess AnneMDUSAOther5-7 MINPULSATING LIGHTS OVER PR. ANNE..MD11/3/05
1/10/03 04:45LockportNYUSAFlash7 MinutesLockport, NY Sighting. Hovering object pulsating and emitting different colors.3/21/03
1/9/03 22:30PortsmouthOHUSACigar3-5 secondsoblong glowing blue light in the north, then the north east2/5/03
1/9/03 21:00VancleaveMSUSADiskI was staring at a object with about 4 bright lights across the front with one red blinking light it was shaped like a saucer.3/21/03
1/9/03 21:00SnohomishWAUSALight9 hoursOver hours of continuous blinking light in the sky, occasionally moving rapidly, as if circling.2/11/03
1/9/03 21:00St. JamesNYUSACylinder2minit was a circle with power fill lights and let out 2 other objects3/21/03
1/9/03 16:50HavreMTUSAFireball10 minutesFireball object with long, flowing tail3/11/03
1/9/03 16:40Sun City CenterFLUSALight5 SecondsTwice, sighted stationary bright star in the blue day time sky1/26/03
1/9/03 15:30PagelandSCUSASphere8 sec.Observation was on hwy 9 going east about 10 miles from Pageland SC. Area is very rural. First thought was a low flying jet fighter, 3/4/03
1/9/03 04:45CiboloTXUSATeardrop10 minutesThe gold glow and size of the object was distinct and could never have been a commercial or private craft.2/25/03
1/9/03 02:34Mittagong (Australia)AustraliaTriangle25 seccondsappeared frist as constellation, then moved quickly accross the sky.6/3/03
1/8/03 22:00AlbanyNYUSATriangle53 Triangular objects3/21/03
1/8/03 22:00Union CityCAUSAUnknown2 minutesObject enter triangular light, then light pinch shut.3/11/03
1/8/03 20:30WichitaKSUSAFlash15 minutesFlashing light keeps pace with commercial aircraft going dark and light again like a sparkler or roman candle.3/21/03
1/8/03 20:15Rock SpringsWYUSALight1 hourIt was like an airport becon that was rotating with red, green, and white lights.3/21/03
1/8/03 20:00PendletonKYUSASphereIt is now 21:00 and the event is still going on. I thought the object was a very bright star. I got my binoculars and it is a sphere sh3/21/03
1/8/03 19:33Mountlake Terrace (Seattle)WAUSACircle3 secondsGreen ball of light (10 to 20' in diameter) traveling west at about 200-mph, altitude 500', towards Edmonds.2/11/03
1/8/03 19:00WilliamsburgOHUSAOther5-10 minUfo shaped like a plane that could hover levitate and back up.2/5/03
1/8/03 18:15SpicewoodTXUSACylinder3 minutesSaw cylinder shaped object with lights that disappeared abruptly.2/25/03
1/8/03 16:30WauwatosaWIUSA5 secBird flys into Transparent Craft/Ship3/4/03
1/8/03 16:30Carol StreamILUSALight1-2 min.Stationary object like very bright large star shimmering in clear blue daytime sky.3/11/03
1/8/03 15:30Santa BarbaraCAUSAChanging30 secondsReflective metal craft seen high over mountains3/11/03
1/8/03 10:21DaedanelleARUSATriangle10:25 (4 min.??)triangle shape, one light on each end, hoovered, made no noise,looks like a picture thats on this web-site.3/21/03
1/8/03 02:36CincinnatiOHUSAUnknown3 secondsUFO heard fly over teens house and teen hears voices in braces.2/5/03
1/7/03 00:00PhiladelphiaPAUSADisk3 MinutesSting Ray Shaped UFO Over Philadelphia , PA3/4/08
1/7/03 22:54Johannesburg (South Africa)South AfricaLight1 hourhuge white ball of light moving westerly to easterly in seconds over great distance while moving erratically up down sideways changing3/4/03
1/7/03 22:30Post FallsIDUSATeardropAbout 4 hoursSeveral teardrop shaped fading lights, emmited soft sighing sound. It felt like 10 minutes, but lasted 4 hours.2/5/03
1/7/03 21:20Morro BayCAUSASphere2 minutesA round orb with flashing lights near Highway 1 coming into Morro Bay.3/11/03
1/7/03 21:00HoustonTXUSALight10 minutesBright light in the sky2/25/03
1/7/03 20:00HephzibahGAUSA30 sec.Mother and daughter witness six "yellow-white" lights in V-formation descending in western sky.3/21/03
1/7/03 17:15Middlesex TownshipPAUSAOval5 minutesOval shaped object sighted on Appalacian Trail3/21/03
1/7/03 11:00PittsburghPAUSADiamond1 minI was walking to the local Drug store when i looked in the sky and saw a huge diamond shape craft giong acoss the sky extremely fast. I3/21/03
1/7/03 06:45Bangor (UK/Wales) (north Wales)United KingdomLight15 minsTwo very very bright lights white/blue in colour which were going around each other and then disapeared3/21/03
1/7/03 05:00Chula VistaCAUSALight30 minutes20 Minutes3/11/03
1/7/03 03:30McKinleyvilleCAUSAUnknown30 minutesAn object was seen over the ocean flashing many different colored lights and moving in a quick, unpredictable fashion.3/11/03
1/7/03 03:00Stockholm (Sweden)SwedenFormation20 min.A chilly wind hit us from behind on a night with no wind at all.6/18/04
1/7/03 00:45Palos HeightsILUSACross10 minutesAn X shaped object coming from south-west, hovering in sky and quickly left to the east.3/11/03
1/7/03 00:25Washington CourthouseOHUSATriangle15 minutes2 white lights in front, 3 accross back, triangle type aircraft, hovering and slow moving, 800-1000 ft up2/5/03
1/7/03 00:00Baghdad (Iraq)IraqRectangle30 secrectangle object flying from the north to the south with no sound or light3/8/07
1/6/03 22:49MoabUTUSAFireball30 seconds2 fireball objects followed by U.S aircraft3/21/03
1/6/03 22:00MiamiFLUSALight10 secondsA light that looks like a star, then becomes brilliantly bright white light then disappears within a wink of an eye. . .10/31/03
1/6/03 19:53BellinghamWAUSACigar2min45sec+/-15 secHigh strangeness report - luminous UFO with possible satellite objects2/11/03
1/6/03 19:00Auckland (New Zealand)New ZealandLight15 secsThere was a flash in the sky for less than a second then about 2 seconds it appeared again lower down in the sky then in another far po8/11/04
1/6/03 19:00CharlotteNCUSATriangleOff and on for 1 hour3 independent bright lights form a triangular pattern...2 UFOs speed off and leave 1 that comes and goes...we have pics and video!3/21/03
1/6/03 17:00San FranciscoCAUSAFormation20sec.I saw 3 formated UFOs. They changed formation slightly and were moving to the east.3/11/03
1/6/03 16:00Kirkham, Preston (UK/England)United KingdomSphere8 secondsCircular, silver, metallic, shiny object, no bigger than a football, moving at a steady speed,3/19/09
1/6/03 10:10MontclairCAUSAFireball10 sec.burning or bright object not falling to earth but moving back to space moving from east horizon to west horizon less 10 sec.3/11/03
1/6/03 06:15San DiegoCAUSALight3-5 min.Three lights in the sky, moving in a snake-like pattern, appearing to follow ea. other. The first had 4 moving lights on it.3/11/03
1/6/03 04:00MoundvilleALUSAEgg3 1/2 hrstwp egg shaped objects with lights moving in z pattern...batteries and lights on our vehicles stooped when object approched us.3/21/03
1/5/03 21:30ClareMIUSADisk3-5 mini saw a strange, steady light about 300 ft about the ground just east of us-127. i first noticed it just passed the clare exit headed 3/21/03
1/5/03 20:30Navarre BeachFLUSALight5 MINUTESOne passing bright light does a sharp 90 degree turn as another very bright pulsating red,white and blue light sits stationary.3/21/03
1/5/03 18:15PortlandORUSALightcouple minutesRed light above Portland2/5/03
1/5/03 03:08Courtenay (Canada)BCCanadaOther45 minBright cresent moon shaped object, small, that moved fast and looped, turned fast, didn't have an orbit. flashed1/26/03
1/5/03 01:13Plain DealingLAUSALight54 minlights under clouded sky. red, blue, and green. no sounds. moved up,down,side to side, and stoped to hover at times no fast movement3/21/03
1/5/03Greenfield Park (Canada)PQCanadaTriangle10slights in a v-like formation heading towards river5/27/03
1/4/03 22:15Espoo (Kilo) (Finland))FinlandFireballabout 2 minutesThere were flames in the sky, like an aeroplane in fire or candle.3/4/03
1/4/03 22:00Northampton (UK/England)United KingdomCircle2 secondsvery strange! looked out window, saw vey fast object totaly silent go across the sky. same night as eathquake in England.6/18/03
1/4/03 21:57MedinaOHUSALight5-7 minutesJanuary 4 2003-lights in rearview mirror2/5/03
1/4/03 21:41BayportNYUSACone4.3 min.Two glowing objects chasing, swirling, dancing in the nite sky.3/21/03
1/4/03 20:50WestminsterMDUSASpherefive minutesstrange bright lights fly over rural Maryland3/21/03
1/4/03 17:25North Carolina (Rte 85 South, Exit 74)NCUSACigar10 minutesWe saw 8 elongated cigar shaped craft at twilight moving in different directions.3/21/03
1/4/03 14:30Chula VistaCAUSACircle10 minutesBright object moved slowly across the sky in clear daylight and in formation with at least 10 other objects.3/11/03
1/4/03 13:00CashiersNCUSASphere4 secondsI was outside in the snow one afternoon when the snow clouds subsided for a moment, and I noticed a sliver of orange behind a rogue clo12/16/05
1/4/03 11:25Oued Bakrat (Algeria)AlgeriaEgg5the first time in north africa seen a ufo4/27/03
1/4/03 06:25ElsberryMOUSAFlash2 secondsflash and then rapid acceleration of light through mid level cloud cover3/21/03
1/4/03 05:15San IsidroTXUSAOval1hr 15minThe oval shaped objects number 12 and they moved in the sky for well over an hour.2/25/03
1/4/03 04:10MarshallTXUSALight2 hours plusBright light, moved quickly but stayed in the same area. Something like meteors fell around it. The light reached the ground.2/25/03
1/4/03 02:40Rosswood (Canada)BCCanadaCircleapprox: 3 minsHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Three large circular white objects hovering.3/21/03
1/4/03 01:30UnityNHUSACircle15 minutesHuge Bright White Circular Light Divides Into Four & Manuvers Over New Hampshire Skies6/12/08
1/3/03 21:00Edinburgh (UK/England)United KingdomLight10 minutesflashing brightly3/4/03
1/3/03 20:23Beirut (Lebanon)LebanonDisk15 minseach craft was different one was saucer like and the other was like an oval there was much light surrounding them1/10/03
1/3/03 10:11Las VegasNVUSATeardrop2min6 taerdroped shaped ufos flew over are house at 10:11 and hovered over the mountains till" 10:133/21/03
1/3/03 03:00NorwoodMAUSAOther5 minutesSighting and message from an alien commander10/30/06
1/3/03 02:29Ft. ThompsonSDUSALight10-15 minsfreaky mann...........................................3/21/03
1/3/03 02:14Johannesburg (South Africa)South AfricaLight1 minuteExtreme bright light that moved very slow and then dissappeared3/4/03
1/3/03 00:00San JoseCAUSAOther~5minsHuman or Spaceman like object seen slowly floating down from sky, within a few hundred yards from us, landing in a neighborhood.6/25/20
1/2/03 22:00Wyreema (Australia)AustraliaOval5 secondsPale blue oval shaped light turns at right angles and disappears.3/21/03
1/2/03 20:00WinnebagoMNUSADisk1 1/2 hrs.We saw a disk shape craft with lights that circled around the craft changing colors from white,to red, green,and blue3/21/03
1/2/03 19:20Los AngelesCAUSACigar3-5 min.HUGE flying craft with 3-5 blindingly bright horizontal lights flying low overhead3/11/03
1/2/03 19:00TorranceCAUSAFlashon goingfirst looked like a hellicopter moving around with real bright red white and blue light so i got out a pair of 35 x binoctulares still 3/11/03
1/2/03 18:50Meriden/Wallingford (on Rte. 15N)CTUSAFlash6 mins1 blue flash & 2 green flashes of light in the Connecticut skies over highway3/21/03
1/2/03 17:20San JoseCAUSATriangle10 minutesSan Jose, CA Jan 2,2003 2 black triangles flying above 30,000 feet. Hovering very slowly. heading east, then west.3/11/03
1/2/03 16:30Enid/Tulsa (drive from)OKUSACigar2 minutesgray black cigar ufo hovering over fields3/21/03
1/2/03 16:05Baku (Azerbaijan)AzerbaijanLightIt was sphere and one man take into the camera.1/26/03
1/2/03 04:00Orange CountyCAUSALight15 min +bright white light in sky, stationary for 10 min. moved straight up and to the right and sat there for 15 min. too big to be a plane, s3/11/03
1/2/03 02:00DillsburgPAUSADiamond30 secondsone diamond shaped object with blue, green, red & yellow flashing lights, then we lost our power for several hours.3/21/03
1/1/03 23:43MarionINUSATriangle20secondswe were not scared they didnt look harmful3/21/03
1/1/03 23:30Oklahoma CityOKUSALight15 minutesVery high and slightly north I saw a group of 3 white objects and one below them. At first I thought they were birds, but they seemed a3/21/03
1/1/03 23:00ConyersGAUSALightMulti-colored light in Georgia back woods seemed to almost crash.2/1/07
1/1/03 20:42Port Elizabeth (South Africa)South AfricaCircle180 secondsthe craft followed a satelite from south westerly direction towards the south easterly direction crossing the path off the satelite fou3/4/03
1/1/03 19:30Coquitlam (Canada)BCCanadaRectangleapprox: 6 sec.HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Rectangular shaped object.4/22/03
1/1/03 15:00San FranciscoCAUSACircle5 minTiny object high in the blue afternoon sky, remaining motionless for 5 minutes3/11/03
1/1/03 13:00HoustonTXUSAUnknown10 minVoice mail from something not of this world5/24/05
1/1/03 12:00San JoseCAUSASphere10-15 secondsNoon an a Saturday or Sunday in mid January - Orange/Silver Sphere4/27/03
1/1/03 09:20YumaAZUSAOval50 minutesLarge white sphere observed East of Yuma for about 50 minutes. Disapeared when military craft aproached.3/21/03
1/1/03 07:37PaytonCOUSATeardrop25minUnidetified Teardrop shaped Object3/21/03
1/1/03 06:00Imperial BeachCAUSAFireball10 minutesOdd Silver/gray objects shooting above mountain range, (multiple daily sightings)5/11/05
1/1/03 05:15Blue SpringsMOUSALight1 hour 45 min.White, Red, and Green lights move in unbelievable formations in the sky.3/21/03
1/1/03 05:00Pismo BeachCAUSACircle30-45 min1 orange circle zig zagging at a very fast pace across the night sky above the ocean changing direction often. ((NUFORC: Sirius??))5/24/05
1/1/03 02:30HoldenMEUSATriangleten minutesthe vehicle ? was completely silent and very big. i assume the other one was in this one. it disappeared.3/4/03
1/1/03 02:00BellevueNEUSADisk3 OR 4 MINUTESNEW YEARS DAY SURPRISE3/2/04
1/1/03 01:30MocksvilleNCUSAUnknown1 minUFO and alien sighting1/21/08
1/1/03 01:15McAllenTXUSADisk5min.I was just getting off of the night shift on New Years night when I saw in the distances as though this large plane coming into the ci3/19/09
1/1/03 00:30LodiWIUSACone11minbliking lights hissing sounds hovering and then vanised3/4/03
1/1/03 00:25Spring ValleyCAUSALight8-10 minutesOrange reddish bright light coming from the north , it drop something then came closer we could see light turning then it dissappear3/11/03
1/1/03 00:20Brighton (UK/England)United KingdomLight4 minit moved slowly across the sky and suddenly zoomed off so all of us ran out side and the ufo glowed brighter like a star and hovered ov3/4/03
1/1/03 00:15Suisun City (Fairfield)CAUSACircle7 minutesOrange ball, silent and fast acrossed sky, stoppped, was burning? Embers falling, turn silver and move at unreal speed, disappeared3/11/03
1/1/03 00:05BurbankCAUSAFormation4-5 minIn formation/Abrupt formation change/Smaller objects shooting from larger ones/Up and out of sight.3/11/03
1/1/03 00:05BurbankCAUSATriangle3-5 Minutes6 orangish bright lights flew above us, then disappeared. . .3/11/03
1/1/03 00:05Grimsby (UK/England)United KingdomLight1 minutelight flys over Grimsby for 1 minute before disappearing3/4/03
1/1/03 00:01BurbankCAUSAFireball4 minutesNew Year's Eve Two Fireballs Move SLOW across sky in CA3/11/03