National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 10/2002


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
10/31/02 22:30ShepherdstownWVUSATriangle5 minutesUFO over Shepherdstown, WV on 10/31/022/1/07
10/31/02 22:00OcalaFLUSALightapprox. 15 minA strange circling glow.11/4/02
10/31/02 21:00HoustonTXUSATriangle30 secondsv shape ufo12/23/02
10/31/02 20:00EdmondsWAUSAFireball5-10 minA 747 in halloween costume?not with those moves11/4/02
10/31/02 07:45SeattleWAUSALightfive minuetsSmall bright light around north face of Mt. Rainier11/4/02
10/31/02 06:40YelmWAUSAOther10 minutesorange balls that stretched out for about 10 minutes.11/4/02
10/31/02 03:05OrlandoFLUSATriangle5 minutesTriangular shape in sky with bright lights.11/4/02
10/30/02 23:37Boynton BeachFLUSAOther8 secondsFlying wing like UFO siting in on 10/30/02 at 11:37pm in Boynton Bch FLA11/4/02
10/30/02 22:00AshlandMOUSAChevron3-4 minutesWhat appeared to be a stealth bomber allowed stars to shine through.10/11/05
10/30/02 21:30Crossing California into ArizonaAZUSAFireball20 MinHuge round fireball heading straight toward the ground at great speed with orange yellow streak trial stopping before it hit the ground11/9/02
10/30/02 21:30Salt Lake CityUTUSAUnknown00:222 people saw a slow moving very large "darkness" with faint light reflecting off its leading edge.11/4/02
10/30/02 20:38WendoverUTUSACross2-3 minutesI was stand by a building on the old Wendover Airfeild. Southeast I noticed something moving in the sky. As I watch it moved from south11/4/02
10/30/02 18:56Port TownsendWAUSAChevron5 minuteschevron shaped formation, bright spotlight11/4/02
10/30/02 18:20Santa BarbaraCAUSATriangle4 secondsI observed three pale white lights spaced equalaterally rapidly moving in the the sky from east to west above Santa Barbara California11/4/02
10/30/02 17:55AustinTXUSAFireball:05There was no smoke or trailing from the fireball so it wasn't a rocket or metor.11/4/02
10/30/02 16:45HammondINUSADisk30-45 secondsA floating, rolling silvery-black disk flies over the treetops in Hammond, Indiana.11/4/02
10/30/02 16:15PotomacMTUSACigar2 minutesSilver slow-moving, noiseless, low altitude, almost missile shaped object.11/4/02
10/30/02 12:00SeattleWAUSASeattle TV station reports UFO sighting.11/4/02
10/30/02 09:15MarshallvilleOHUSAOther15 secondsAt a 4 way stop, looking to my left I saw a image, that I first thought was a blimp coming at me at an angle. Realizing it was extremel11/4/02
10/30/02 09:00AuburnCAUSAChevron3 minutesThe craft began as a white triangular shaped craft with luminescent orbs around the periphery. It then changed itís shape to that of11/4/02
10/30/02 02:15SacramentoCAUSACircle1-2 minutesFour, extremely bright orange circles in the sky catch my attention12/23/02
10/30/02 01:00San DiegoTXUSA2 minutesSan Diego CA Marine Air Base Ball of Light12/12/09
10/29/02 22:37PhilippinesPhilippinesChanging3 minsufo appeared at the sky while we're eating2/1/07
10/29/02 22:30Brown CityMIUSACircle5 minutesIt was a lighted flying object that flew at a high rate of speed and was able to manuever unlike anything I have ever seen!1/22/04
10/29/02 21:38ChandlerAZUSADiamond10 to 15 secsThe object appeared to be a dimmly illuminated flying wing approximately diamond shaped with squared off wing tips.11/4/02
10/29/02 17:45AustinTXUSAFireball3 seconds"Comet Like" Blue/Green streak before dusk.......11/4/02
10/29/02 12:00BertramTXUSAEgg30 minEgg shapped craft, leaving trail of spider web like material11/4/02
10/29/02 02:20HuntingtonINUSAUnknown30 secIt sounded like a slow moving propeller, with humming noises and a louder static-electricity zapping sound.11/4/02
10/28/02 22:30SyracuseINUSAOval2 hours stillgoingoval dull lights - first there were two, one was flying right behind the other and flying in a circle then the back one caught up to th11/4/02
10/28/02 22:00Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)MalaysiaFireball15 minuteit was a red light fire ball that move slowly through the city in malaysia12/23/02
10/28/02 21:30WittmannAZUSAFlash60 SECONDSBright light falls from sky11/4/02
10/28/02 20:26Columbia CityINUSACircleCircular objects that had white lights discovered near woods and feild in sky.11/4/02
10/28/02 19:30SyracuseINUSALightcouple hourssomething wierd happened11/4/02
10/28/02 19:10LisbonOHUSADisk30 secondsslow moving unexplaned craft11/4/02
10/28/02 18:45IdahoIDUSAFormation5 minWhile driving home, we saw 8 white lights flashing in a formation for about 5 minutes. The object was moving slowly over the Idaho/O11/4/02
10/28/02 07:00SeattleWAUSAOtherHello, we didn't see a UFO this day but my 10 year old daughter woke up with a 4 inch crescent shaped scar on the right side of her abd11/4/02
10/28/02 02:30Calcutta (India)IndiaDisk2 minutesUFO seen from roof.12/23/02
10/28/02 01:10San JoseCAUSAOther10 secondsbright white sphere flyes over head10/28/02
10/27/02 23:25Perth (Western Australia)AustraliaUnknown40 secondsUFO sighting in Kwinana Perth WA10/28/02
10/27/02 17:30Marbella (Spain)SpainCircle4 distant bright circles11/4/02
10/27/02 17:00Dundee (UK/Scotland)United KingdomCigar3 minWhilst at work I looked out of the main door & saw what looked a cloud in the shape of a cigar which was white in colour. The object wa10/28/02
10/27/02 17:00Santa BarbaraCAUSADisk10 MinutesSingle saucer shaped object in sky, just before sunset. Strange energy field emitted, making it difficult to see clearly.12/23/02
10/27/02 17:00Avon LakeOHUSASphere3 secondsWhite orb descends from the ceiling in my house and disappears. ((anonymous report))9/5/17
10/27/02 00:15StevensvilleMDUSALight1 HOUR +/-Bright stationary lights11/4/02
10/26/02 21:30GarrisonNYUSALight10 minutesPossible UFO sighting in Garrison New York10/28/02
10/26/02 18:30Summit Lake Exit, Hwy 42ORUSADisk10 minutesHuge bright hovering object.10/31/08
10/26/02 17:45South PasadenaCAUSAOther1:45-ishIt was blue, crescent-shaped, and wobbling from side to side.10/28/02
10/26/02 10:30PhoenixAZUSACigarsecondsPhoto of UFO in Phoenix Arizona,12/19/03
10/26/02 05:00RoanokeVAUSAOther10min.Jackrock shaped object seen in broad daylight11/4/02
10/26/02 01:50BufordGAUSAFlash20 secondsSky fire burning contrail.10/30/12
10/25/02 07:10GuttenbergNJUSADisk2-3 minutesI was walking on Friday, October 25th. It was already dark out. As as I walking, I turned around and happened to look up at the sky a11/4/02
10/24/02 21:00Cheltenham (UK/England)United KingdomLight10 minutesGREEN LIGHT BALLS CHASING EACH OTHER10/28/02
10/24/02 19:30AtlantaGAUSADiamond7 min.Not a ufo but some type of army ship (my opinion). Moving very slow very very big. There was no sound at all. It was right over us.10/28/02
10/24/02 15:15ManchesterCTUSATriangle60 secondsWhite triangular craft flying low and slow over Manchester CT.10/28/02
10/24/02 11:00Rotherham (UK/England)United KingdomCircle40 minutesRound whitish reflective ufo followed by military helicopter not long after sighting11/20/02
10/24/02Cleveland (?)OHUSACigarOn the local news in Tucson they showed film footage of a UFO over a big city, I think Cleveland but am not sure. It was cigar shaped a10/28/02
10/23/02 20:15AlbanyNYUSATriangle15 minutesAircraft made no noise, it was black with, 2 red, 1 blue, and 1 white light, it flew a speed faster then anything have seen before.3/21/03
10/23/02 19:00Orange BeachALUSAOthercrash of air craftI was listening to a recording on a tape I had recorded a while back you were talking about a air craft that had crashed.6/28/18
10/22/02 22:30London (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle1-2 minutesThe object was low to the ground, stationary and had three bright white lights in a triangular formation, with no sound.5/24/05
10/22/02 21:00Cocoa BeachFLUSAFireball1 hourOrange glow along the horizon7/16/03
10/22/02 20:15St. ClairsvilleOHUSADisk15 MINUTESThis object had what seemed to be headlights flashing different colors at the center ofwhat appeared to be a disk-shaped object. On ei10/28/02
10/22/02 14:00Mitchell (Australia)AustraliaCylinder10 secObjects unexplained seen in the air over rural Queensland small country town of Mitchell10/31/08
10/22/02 13:00San FranciscoCAUSACigarafternoonCigar shape,sliver color,hovering,in a group of trees,and it had two lights.4/27/04
10/22/02 10:04HoustonTXUSADiskBig shiny saucers hovering over the astro dome in houston for 3 minutes.4/27/04
10/21/02 22:00TulsaOKUSALight2I have seen objects all my life in the skies. We can go on looking in the sky and reporting on these or we can create one strong natio10/28/02
10/21/02 19:40Cesena (Italy)ItalyDisk30 minCesena landing10/28/02
10/21/02 18:00MaloneNYUSALight15 MinAn erratic light being "chased" by a jet, then two floating objects quite some distance away,10/28/02
10/21/02 12:30AlbanyNYUSAOther8 secondsI saw the object reported by FOX-23 from my place of employment11/4/02
10/21/02 10:00AlbanyNYUSACigar?Strange Sighting over albany international airport10/28/02
10/21/02 09:15AuroraCOUSAFlash5sec.As i was walking facing west, i began to notice a star like flash. It happened very suddenly,then i was walking to my door to the house10/28/02
10/21/02 02:30BurbankCAUSAOval20 minutesSudden appearance of a circling group of 7 or 8 red-orange "orbs"7/4/12
10/20/02 23:30Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaLightsecondsWhite light shots across sky.10/28/02
10/20/02 21:30TemeculaCAUSACircle3 minutesHuge submarine shaped craft in the sky in Temecula 300 yards wide.10/28/02
10/20/02 19:30AltoonaPAUSALight5 min or lessStange Object over Ice Mountain10/28/02
10/20/02 19:15TruckeeCAUSAChevron25 secondsQuick flying "v" shaped object, red and white lights outside Truckee/Tahoe CA10/28/02
10/20/02 18:00CurlewWAUSASphere1 minuteThis object was in a cloud on a perfecly cloudless afternoon, seen lights red and white going around object also heard NO sound at all.11/4/02
10/20/02 17:31ManassasVAUSAOval30Silent oval/circular/disc semi-transpernt hovering object.10/19/17
10/20/02 16:00AlbanyNYUSA1/3 second (est.)Airline pilot calls to inquire about FOX 23 video; complains that U. S. government apparently is doing nothing.10/28/02
10/20/02 16:00AlbanyNYUSACigar5 secondsCigar shaped object caught on tape over albany international airport moving at an incredible rate of speed local news fox2310/28/02
10/20/02 16:00AlbanyNYUSAIs it possible the object filmed at Albany, NY was the International Space Station? The outline looks like the solar arrays and body of11/4/02
10/20/02 16:00AlbanyNYUSAHey Guys, What about the UFO reported on Headline News on 10/23 or 10/22? This thing had extreme speed (by any distance)and DETAIL!!! 10/28/02
10/20/02 12:00LathamNYUSACylinderLocal news cameraman catches UFO on film. FBI investigating.10/28/02
10/20/02AlbanyNYUSACylinder???UFO over Albany NY Airport10/28/02
10/20/02Raton/Pueblo (between, enroute)COUSALight1 1/2hrs2 Bright star-like objects follow me for over 1 hr. while driving home from NM. They followed me all the way home!!!10/28/02
10/20/02Albany (maybe New York)NYUSACigarsecondsI am passing this on from my friend, as I did not see the news report. He said that on the local news, a CBS station here in Jacksonvi10/28/02
10/20/02AlbanyNYUSAI don't know if anyone has reported this to you or not. But on October 23, FOX NEWS was reporting on the sniper shootings, and a camer10/28/02
10/19/02 18:50La CenterWAUSAOther4 secondsAn encompassing noise with no object in sight to create it.10/28/02
10/19/02 17:50Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaEgg10 minsSTRANGE OBJECT SPOTTED OVER THE CITY OF CALGARY10/28/02
10/19/02 08:45New OrleansLAUSAUnknown2minsouth to north movement, possiblt light reflected from the sun, it appeared to be rotating like on an axis.10/28/02
10/19/02 02:00Hells CanyonORUSASphere5 secondsa translucent sphere the size of a helicopter crusing over the river at approx. 40 miles an hour11/4/02
10/19/02 01:30Long BeachCAUSADisk4 Minutes8 crystal clear crafts at Queen Mary10/28/02
10/19/02 00:34Story CityIAUSATriangle5 secondsGreen triangle craft dropped out the sky and dissappeared.10/28/02
10/18/02 21:30MemphisINUSAUnknown5 secondsBright shooting object passes above clouds, several people get sick the nest day10/28/02
10/18/02 20:45Gisborne (New Zealand)New ZealandOther15-20 minutesif was as if the stars were flying across the sky10/28/02
10/18/02 20:35Manchester (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle5 SecondsSaw a triangular object at night with 3 red lights on the corners, flashing in a regular pattern. The lights appeared to be right up to10/28/02
10/18/02 05:30KotzebueAKUSADisk10 secSaucer shaped aircraft taking off. Unbelievable acceleration. A bluish neon round light (glow) underneath the aircraft.6/12/08
10/18/02StreetMDUSAUnknownCouple felt threatened by UFO in Street, MD.11/4/02
10/17/02 23:01ColumbusOHUSACircleapprox. 2 minsbehind the clouds and high speeds involved.10/28/02
10/17/02 22:30Vrsac (Yugoslavia)YugoslaviaDiamond7 sec.We saw a huge space craft from some other planet.10/28/02
10/17/02 19:42Kracow (Poland)PolandEgg3 minsEgg-shaped object traveling at high speed. Krakow, Poland.10/28/02
10/17/02 19:13SeattleWAUSAUnknown2-3 sec.Peculiar, shapeless object with several distinct lights seen streaking over Greenlake Park in Seattle.10/28/02
10/17/02 13:55El CajonCAUSALight15at around 1:55 pm me ad my friend were standing at the front door of our other friends house when we notice a red light in the air whic10/28/02
10/17/02 05:21RentonWAUSALight2 seconds>Very fast, bright , non blinking red light, traveling north, no sound10/28/02
10/17/02 01:45South Stoke, Goring (UK/England)United KingdomCircle2 HrsUFO sighted over fields and River Thames in South Stoke, Nr. Reading, UK10/28/02
10/17/02 01:45Ditcot, Oxordshire (UK/England)United KingdomCircle45 minutesFrom around 1:15 am to 2:00 am this morning 17/10/2002 I watched a circular light moving at a speed far greater than any aircraft known10/28/02
10/17/02 01:00BrightonMAUSALight5-6 min.Looked like falling star or ball of light, but as it turned another light seemed to be bright white with hues of red10/28/02
10/16/02 23:06AustinTXUSAOther1.5 secondsLooked like a bright green shooting star, much larger, longer tail and brighter than a SS, headed in dowward direction.10/28/02
10/16/02 22:30Gilmer CountyGAUSADiamondHoursObserved what at first appeared to be a star but it was moving against the star field in rotation. By this I mean it was drifting to th10/28/02
10/16/02 22:15Las VegasNVUSAEgg20 minutesI was looking up in the night sky, when I noticed some objects moveing of to the left of rio casino. I focused on them thinking they9/12/03
10/16/02 22:00OcalaFLUSALight1-2 minutesObserved ten to fourteen or so lights appearing similar to stars all traveling in the same direction.10/28/02
10/16/02 21:30Colorado (southeast)COUSAOther20secWhat is this red orange and yellow ball???? how did it just vanish into thin air?10/28/02
10/16/02 21:00HalletsvilleTXUSAOvalI walked out side and was spotlighting my hay pasture. Looking at animals with my binoculars when I noticed 2 lights and one light in t10/28/02
10/16/02 21:00PortlandORUSALight15 SecondsObserved what appeared to be a dim satellite make a U-turn, then accelerate to an unbelievable speed.10/28/02
10/16/02 20:45WacoTXUSALight15 minutesDim light at high altitude moving quite fast seen to reverse course.10/28/02
10/16/02 20:30Chaco Canyon National Historic ParkNMUSALight3 minutes?Two large, unblinking, silent, extremely bright objects travel in tandem, then disappear over Chaco Canyon.11/4/02
10/16/02 20:20GalionOHUSATriangle7-10 minutesTriangle Hovers over town for 6-8 minutes5/24/05
10/16/02 20:15SavannahGAUSAUnknown1.5 minutesAt about 8:15 p.m. I noticed two bright stars in the northwestern sky. What caught my attention was that these were the two brightest 10/28/02
10/16/02 19:37OgdenUTUSAFormation2mins.While sitting on my front porch I saw 2 orbs of light going across the night sky; They had no clearence lights of an airplane.10/28/02
10/16/02 19:00BrooklineMAUSAOval2 hrs.Ovoid , brightly lit unidentified flying object seen near Massachusetts city.10/28/02
10/16/02 19:00IndianapolisINUSAFlash5 minutesUnsual Flashes During Space Shuttle International Space Station Passing.10/28/02
10/16/02 17:28Osaka (Japan)JapanFireball10minsThick strand of light flying across the sunsetting sky at high speed10/28/02
10/16/02 16:05GermantownTNUSADiskSaucers in collision?10/28/02
10/16/02 15:00Guilford/AbbotMEUSACigar2 MinutesMy mom and I observed silverish-grayish object above Piscatiquis River in Abbot4/27/03
10/16/02 15:00Glasgow (UK/Scotland)United KingdomOther5 minutesI am a Buyer with Scottish Water working in Glasgow and after a meeting with a supplier on Wednesday 16th October I happened to glance 10/28/02
10/16/02 07:30RentonWAUSACigar3 minutesLarge cigar shaped object reflecting the sun in the morning sky. Very slow moving if at all.10/28/02
10/15/02 23:00West ValleyUTUSASphere4Two at a time for 4 hours...10/28/02
10/15/02 23:00Omsk (Russia)RussiaThree lights seen passing from west to east in the night sky.2/11/03
10/15/02 22:30Slough, Berksire (UK/England)United KingdomLightunknownThere was just rotating white lights in the sky moving back and fourth at speed.10/15/02
10/15/02 22:00MonroeGAUSALightan hour or moreColor dance in the sky in Walton county Georgia2/1/07
10/15/02 22:00San ClementeCAUSATriangle10-15 minTriangular object cruzes north slowely along the 5 freeway in San Clemente CA( 10/15/02)11/26/03
10/15/02 21:15AlbrightsvillePAUSALight3 minutesAurora borealis looking lights on the horizon shoot overhead to form a pulsating circle consisting of eight curved rectangles.3/21/03
10/15/02 20:30Darwin (NT, Australia)NTAustraliaChevron1mintwo loud noises, saw unusual lights in the sky not common for the area10/15/02
10/15/02 20:30NobleOKUSALight5secLight that streaked across sky stopped and then stopped.10/28/02
10/15/02 20:10RexfordMTUSAChevron30 secTwelve chevron shaped crafts spotte over Lake Koocanusa, Montana.10/28/02
10/15/02 19:45Lake Forest ParkWAUSASphere3-4 minutesLake Forest Park, WA: On the evening of Tuesday 10/15/02 at approximately 7:45 PM PST, a friend and I were in his backyard changing the10/28/02
10/15/02 18:00BoslerWYUSAUnknown2 minutesWomen pass through Bosler, Wyoming twice without turning around.10/31/03
10/15/02 17:00TylerTXUSACigarA cigar-shaped object flying near Tyler TX was shown as a still photo on Tyler's KLTV channel 7 but never discussed again.2/25/03
10/15/02 14:00San MarcosCAUSACigarmomentaryI was able to capture an UFO using still photography11/4/02
10/15/02 07:30SeattleWAUSARectangle2 minutesDark rectangle, almost a cube; no lights, no sound, no wings, no reflective surface, seen in daylight11/4/02
10/15/02 05:45Comox (Canada)BCCanadaFormationOn the 15 of oct a friend and I where look up at the star when we say the intention space station we followed it till it fall out of s10/31/03
10/15/02 04:30CadillacMIUSAFireball2 minssoftball size fire ball in sky4/22/03
10/15/02 03:35San Luis ObisboCAUSAUnknownUNKNOWNExtraterrestrial being in Camp San Luis Obisbo.1/7/15
10/15/02 03:00BremertonWAUSASphere20 minutesminiature lightning bolts shooting out of this thing, coming out in all directions.10/28/02
10/15/02 03:00DarienCTUSAOther10 minutesfirst noticed while looking up at the constelation plaedes. it was three points of light traveling from horizon to horizon at a slow ra3/21/03
10/15/02 01:00BlandMOUSATriangle5 minutesUFO? spoted chasing cattle1/17/04
10/15/02Los AngelesCAUSATriangle30 secondsLaurel canyon TRIANGLE craft '025/24/05
10/15/02HancockMNUSAlast fall in late oct. i was going to work and noticed a depression in a cattail slough. a week later went out to look at it the cattai3/21/03
10/14/02 22:30Oshawa (Canada)ONCanadaLight15-20 min.UP to 7 silent orange lights seen hovering for quite a while. ((Vandenberg rocket launch. PD))10/15/02
10/14/02 22:15Clarks SummitPAUSACircle10 secondsI was driving on Interstate 81 when my 10 y.o. son said"mom what kind of plane is that? I look up and saw an object that looked like a 10/28/02
10/14/02 20:15ElmoUTUSACircle10 minutesLarge very bright circular light spanding much of the countryside. ((Vandenberg rocket launch. PD))10/15/02
10/14/02 20:15GaysvilleVTUSACone1 1/2 hourMulticolor flashing cone object in Vermont10/28/02
10/14/02 20:08San JoseCAUSAUnknown16 secI have video of UFO seen over silicon valley on 10/14/02 ((Vandenberg rocket launchZ PD))10/15/02
10/14/02 20:00HollisterNVUSAUnknown10 minutesVery Bright Light in the Western Sky over Hollister, NV on 10/14/02 ((Vandenberg rocket launch. PD))10/15/02
10/14/02 20:00Newcastle-upon-Tyne (UK/England)United KingdomOval1 hour and 10 minutesThe object swayed and suddenly dropped, then made of circular motions,with the coloured lights circling it in no particular sequence10/15/02
10/14/02 19:30Cagayan de Oro City (Philippines)PhilippinesCircle3-5 mins.My boyfriend and I went outside the firexit stairs on a 4 sorey building, where the fm radio station is. My boyfriend first saw a white10/15/02
10/14/02 19:30Las VegasNVUSASphere1 minuteLas Vegas, UFO sighting? ((Vandenberg rocket launch. PD))10/15/02
10/14/02 19:30GoldendaleWAUSADisk5 minutesOct 15 - 7:30 p.m. a disk shaped object with bright triangular shaped jet blast rose from Centerville Valley then disappeared.10/28/02
10/14/02 19:30AndersonCAUSALight5 minutesalmost rocket like, but like nothing I ever saw ((Vandenberg rocket launch. PD))10/15/02
10/14/02 19:10Fall River MillsCAUSAFireball1-2 minutesComet like light in sky over Northern Calif mountains. ((Vandenberg rocket launch. PD))10/15/02
10/14/02 19:05MedfordORUSALight5 min.The hovering spotlight simply went out and disappeared completely2/5/03
10/14/02 19:05Grass ValleyCAUSAFireball10 secTest minuteman or intersepeter rocket ? ((Vandenberg rocket launch. PD))10/15/02
10/14/02 19:05MurphysCAUSAChanging1minuteMeteor like object moving slowly eventually breaking apart leaving a blue streak. ((Vandenberg rocket launch. PD))10/15/02
10/14/02 19:05MadrasORUSAChevron15-30 secondsSaw a 2 tailed chevron shaped object, head like a snowball flying over Cascades, possible Vandenberg missile?10/15/02
10/14/02 19:05IvinsUTUSAFireball3-5 secondsThree fireballs appeared which emitted orange/yellow beams, faded in, then out.11/16/02
10/14/02 19:03Redwood ValleyCAUSAFireball1 minuteHigh altitude brightly lit fireball with a brightly lit trail which ended in a huge explosion/disintegration, seen in the southern sky.10/15/02
10/14/02 19:02PortervilleCAUSAFireball1 minuteFireball above Porterville, California. ((Vandenberg rocket launch. PD))10/15/02
10/14/02 19:02CreswellORUSAFireball30econdsSLOW MOVING COMET LOOKING OBJECT SPOTTED NEAR CRESWELL, OREGON. ((Vandenberg rocket launch. PD))10/15/02
10/14/02 19:00TruckeeCAUSACircleBright round slow moving light with spotlight and colorful tail, explodes.10/28/02
10/14/02 19:00MantecaCAUSALightfor about 5 minbright light with white and blue trail ((Vandenberg rocket launch. PD))10/15/02
10/14/02 19:00Westlake VillageCAUSAFireball20 minsBright white fireball north of Los Angeles with four white streaks, surrounded by huge white vapour cloud part of which was turquoise10/15/02
10/14/02 19:00Los AngelesCAUSACircle15 to 20 MinutesWhat I saw was orange and white light radiating from one and only one cloud in the sky and it was not the sun or moon.10/15/02
10/14/02 19:00Vancouver (north of)WAUSAseveral minutesBright white round light with wide fanned tail flying slowly north then suddenly disappearing ((Vandenberg rocket launch. PD))10/15/02
10/14/02 19:00Palos Verdes EstatesCAUSAUnknown3 minutesPowerful light with odd-shaped trails pierced the clouds ((Vandenberg rocket launch. PD))10/15/02
10/14/02 19:00TemeculaCAUSACircle00:02Bright circular light that left a glowing tail with the object moving straight up and then hanging for moments before disappearing.10/15/02
10/14/02 19:00Walnut CreekCAUSALight3-5 minutesBright "searchlight" as the sun set ((Vandenberg rocket launch. PD))10/15/02
10/14/02 18:45Lebanon/BrownsvilleORUSAUnknown1 1/2 mins approxBright fan shaped light which quivered and shimmered, finally swirling and vanishing. ((Vandenberg rocket launch. PD))10/15/02
10/14/02 18:45DallesportWAUSALight1min.+Bright Light With doubble V shaped vapor trail seen over The Dalles Dam. ((Vandenberg rocket launch. PD))10/15/02
10/14/02 18:05Windsor (Canada)ONCanadaOther10 minutes5 slow moving objects near detroit/windsor10/28/02
10/14/02 16:15LittletonCOUSADisk10 minutesWhatever this was, it was at a high altitude. It did not move or change form while I was watching anyway. It was not a plane.10/15/02
10/14/02 12:25Brisbane (QLD, Australia)AustraliaOval20 secondsi just got back from work. i was taking a shower and i heard a loud bang! noise outside the back yard. my dog was barking. i thought it10/15/02
10/14/02 07:10ElyNVUSALight25 minA bright white light trailing a luminous con-trail coming from the south, changing color before blinking out, lasting 25 min.10/28/02
10/14/02 02:00JosephUTUSATriangleseveral secondsglowing green triangle passed over my truck, while driving on Interstate 70 in a Utah canyon pass at night.10/27/04
10/14/02 01:22SavageMNUSATriangle10 secondsSilent delta-shaped object seen in Savage, MN against clear October night sky.10/15/02
10/13/02 23:00Ship BottomNJUSATriangle1 minuteSmall, black triangle shaped object flying silently and slowly overhead olong NJ beach.3/11/06
10/13/02 22:00Budapest (Hungary)HungaryOval10 minutes approxBlue-greay oval over Szentendre (Hungary)7/23/03
10/13/02 21:00Port AngelesWAUSAChanging3 minuteswhat caught my attention of the evening of 13 oct 2002, at approx. 9:00pm was am occurrance that I have recorded. The object was trave10/28/02
10/13/02 19:10EastmanGAUSALight10 minutesAn object seen by my entire family that was so unusual that it would be hard to even assume it was a case of mistaken identity.10/15/02
10/13/02 19:00AlamedaCAUSACylinder4minAt time stated my friend was leaving the apartment and noticed a strange scene in the sky, An object, very small moving across the sky10/28/02
10/13/02 18:20ChicagoILUSAFireball10 sec.fireball in Chgo. western skies10/15/02
10/13/02 04:47Mary EstherFLUSATriangle20 minutesA Flying triangle with lights that looked like a planet from far away.10/28/02
10/13/02 01:00HeltonvilleINUSALight30 minutesPillars of light seen in heltonville Indiana4/14/09
10/12/02 23:45Langley (Canada)BCCanadaTriangle30 secondsI went outside to have a cigarette pretty close to midnight on Oct. 12th, 2002.I star gaze on a regular basis. I live close to the Lang10/28/02
10/12/02 20:45ParisTXUSATriangleLess than 5 minutesClose encounter in Paris, TX12/23/02
10/12/02 20:10Boca RatonFLUSALightHour and halfWhite Specks moving moving back and forth, sometimes stopping.10/15/02
10/12/02 20:00ParisTXUSATriangle5 MinutesTriangle UFO with Blue/White lights11/21/10
10/12/02 19:45Rotherham (UK/England)United KingdomLight2 MinutesStrange light in the sky10/15/02
10/12/02 19:30Rose LakeIDUSALight10 minutesStrange sphere above north Idaho.10/15/02
10/12/02 19:13Australia (rural)AustraliaOther7 minutesThis was a very close encounter with unidentifiable flying phenomenon.8/12/08
10/12/02 19:10RentonWAUSADisk3 secondsFast-moving saucer-shaped white light10/15/02
10/12/02 18:00PrescottAZUSAFormation10 minutesLarge cluster of black baloons tehered together at 1500 ft heading SW10/15/02
10/12/02 15:49Tinton FallsNJUSALight10-15 minutesI was looking at what was, only an hour earlier, CLEAR BLUE SKIES, being filled up by what might be referred to as chemtrails. As I was11/4/02
10/12/02 14:40San FranciscoCAUSAUnknown3min.Air show to the northwest, small metallic objects forming circle formations to the southeast 4th appeared out of nowhere.10/15/02
10/12/02 13:50Leeman (Australia)AustraliaCone5Cone shaped, with 4 huge lights and one at the point of the cone, shot fire balls12/23/02
10/12/02 11:00WinfieldTXUSACircle10 minutesI seen a circular obect, silver in color with no wings moving north to west at a rather fast speed.10/28/02
10/12/02 11:00San LeandroCAUSADisk10 minutesBright white disk, stationery for ten minutes, and then in an instant disappeared completely.10/28/02
10/12/02 02:40RedmondWAUSALight.054 objects in a diamond formation10/15/02
10/11/02 20:36DallasTXUSAFireball3 SecondsMeteor lights up the skies over Dallas, crashes somehere to the south.10/28/02
10/11/02 16:15RandolphMAUSACylinder5minDaylight sighting of High Altitude Light11/4/02
10/11/02 13:25RenoNVUSASphere10 minutesA small white sphere which stopped, hovered for 5 minutes, then took off and disapeared.10/15/02
10/11/02 06:17SpringfieldMOUSAFireball6 secondsbright green triangular object throwing sparks traveling extremely fast10/15/02
10/10/02 23:00FayetteMSUSALight4 minutesBright white light that slowly moves overhead and suddenly fades away, while making no sound..8/15/14
10/10/02 22:00Burnie (Tasmania) (Australia)AustraliaCross12the craft was large and noisy7/13/05
10/10/02 22:00BahamasBahamasEggwe are sitting outside and commenting on all the air traffic tonight. over to the east we were watching what we thought a plane but nev10/15/02
10/10/02 21:00PortlandORUSACircle2minThe LIGHT is the TRUTH!12/16/05
10/10/02 20:30CincinnatiOHUSAOther30 minutesLarge octagon blue lights on rim red center light hovers over downtown Cincinnati thursday October 10.10/15/02
10/10/02 19:45Victoria (Canada)BCCanadaUnknown2 minutes approxbright white light with black outline around it moving soundlessly and slowly from north banking east and disappearing upward.10/15/02
10/10/02 06:00SeattleWAUSASphere90 secondsLight falls from sky10/15/02
10/10/02 04:00Adelaide (Pt. Wakefield) (South Australia)AustraliaCircle10 minsone light became 310/28/02
10/10/02 02:00PhilomathORUSAUnknownabout5secondsi watched on the portland news that the space shuttle would be visiable and went to philomath oregon to what was known to be the apple 10/15/02
10/10/02 00:01HaywardWIUSAFlash00:43we saw pure a light that occasionaly split into 3 to 4 different lights.10/15/02
10/9/02 23:45Port Charlotte/Punta Gorda areaFLUSAUnknown6 to 8 secondsBlue object seen in the Port Charlotte Florida area.11/16/02
10/9/02 22:00GoldenCOUSAChevron15 secondsSeveral hazy images, seemingly attached solidly in space, in a "V"/Chevron shape.10/15/02
10/9/02 20:55Winnipeg (Canada)MBCanadaLight15 seksatellite? meet airplane10/15/02
10/9/02 19:30Sunderland (UK/England)United KingdomLightNISSAN UKTHATS WHAT I SAW10/15/02
10/9/02 15:21New Westminster (Canada)BCCanadaCircle25 - 30 Seconds2 Disc shaped gray objects seen over New Westminster10/15/02
10/9/02 02:38Forest ParkILUSAChevron3 minutesThrobbing chevron pulsating lights craft10/15/02
10/9/02 01:30Lone PineCAUSACircle4 secondsgot up at 1;30 am could not sleep was looking east from mt. whitney seen this ball of light from owens dry lake mo10/15/02
10/8/02 22:50Clarks Summitt (south 81 mile marker 195 in)PAUSAOvalstayed therenot only my daughter and i saw it. there was no other explantion then a ufo10/15/02
10/8/02 20:20NarberthPAUSAFireballfew secondsFireball and moving star10/15/02
10/8/02 19:02Kota Kinabalu/Sabah (Malaysia)MalaysiaOther2-3 mintuesUS training in Borneo islands or just another strange sights!!!!10/15/02
10/8/02 02:30FremontCAUSALighthoursbright lights, green, red, white, hovering high in the sky for a very long period of time.10/15/02
10/7/02 23:50San BernardinoCAUSASphereabout 15-20 minutesOrange ball of light moving in all directions and going through the atmosphere (burning). ON VIDEO!10/15/02
10/7/02 21:30Melbourne VillageFLUSADisk20sec.approx 20 min. after a large military transport passed over, six disk shaped,bright white objects in a wide v formation.they were at ab10/15/02
10/7/02 21:03EugeneORUSATriangle7-10 secondsTriangular boomerang shape, dark gray/shadowy color, low altitude, silent,10/28/02
10/7/02 20:30Port OrchardWAUSAUnknown10 secondsbright light changes to small reddish lights10/28/02
10/7/02 19:40Plymouth MeetingPAUSATriangle20 min10 Triangle craft's light's seen near philadelphia10/15/02
10/7/02 19:00LongmontCOUSA3 secondsObserved a meteorite travelling from North to South at a very steep (45 degrees) angle. The meteorite exploded when it neared the earth10/15/02
10/7/02 19:00Sky CityNMUSAFireball3 to 5 secondGreenish and Orange fireball that lasted about 3 to 5 seconds and then exploded making a ring of fire.1/17/04
10/7/02 18:45RomeNYUSALight10+ Min'sBright lights - erratic movement over Rome NY10/15/02
10/7/02 16:53Huddersfield (UK/England)United KingdomCirclearound 2 minsDark coloured round disc10/15/02
10/7/02 11:28Jersey CityNJUSASphere30 secondsCopper sphere sighted over Jersey City . Sphere maintains consistent altitude.10/15/02
10/7/02 11:00Pelarco (Chile)ChileDiamond5-7 mintesAn object triangle shape that shine and have different speeds and directions.10/15/02
10/7/02 10:00CamdenARUSADiamond30 secondspurple and green lights flew over10/15/02
10/7/02 08:00Castle RockCOUSAFireball6 secGreen and orange fire ball shooting south across the sky at high velocity.10/28/02
10/7/02 05:00HaywardCAUSAunknownLites reported over Hwy 880 at 5am in California.10/15/02
10/7/02 00:30Decatur (near)ILUSAFireball25 seconds7 Shooting stars in sky near Decatur10/15/02
10/7/02Doncaster (UK/England)United KingdomLightfast moving red ball of light.12/7/06
10/6/02 23:40Moscow (Russia)RussiaLight3 minutesStrange object glowing like a blue star(but much bigger)10/15/02
10/6/02 23:30Spring HillFLUSALight2- minUnidentified object in Florida.12/23/02
10/6/02 23:00GriftonNCUSALightunknownDear NUFORC: (article text and link found below) Feel free to forward this e-mail. Article12/23/02
10/6/02 23:00CorcoranMNUSALight1-2 minutesdisapearing light10/15/02
10/6/02 19:30DenverCOUSAFireballcaught on film2 Fireballs (green metal front rest on fire ) Sunday East to West Monday North to South (live video10/15/02
10/6/02 19:25LanderWYUSACircle1 seca green circular light appeared and then darted behind the mountains10/15/02
10/6/02 19:15ProvoUTUSAFireball1-3 secsFireball falling from the sky10/15/02
10/6/02 18:30HarrisonvilleILUSAOval20 secondsI am a 34 year man, professional engineer. Christian. Drug and alcohol free. Married with 1 child and 1 on the way. I am open minded to10/15/02
10/6/02 18:00North Las VegasNVUSATeardrop2-4 secondsshiny object went behind cloud, but nevr came out the other side.7/16/03
10/6/02 16:00BoulderCOUSACigar10 SecondsThe object tiped its wings because the sun shone in my eyes twice and then dissapeared.10/15/02
10/6/02 15:00TaosNMUSADisk1 hour or moreAbout 3:30 p.m. in Taos, New Mexico, my mother called me into the living room to look through the window. There was a Bright "star". Th10/15/02
10/6/02 13:55UnionNJUSACross2 minutesAt 1:55 p.m. on October 6, I looked toward the east over Union, N.J., and saw what appeared to be two extremely small, white aircraft t10/15/02
10/6/02 12:30Torreira (Portugal)PortugalDisk?We did not saw anything. We just saw it after downloading the pictures to the computer. I really donít know what that is. One thing Iím7/16/03
10/6/02 11:00noneAZUSAOtherunknownUnknown object appears in background of photo.10/15/02
10/6/02 07:15Thousand Island Bridge (Near)NYUSADiskaprox 20 minBright large saucer shaped object in sky 0715 in east sky on 10-06-02.10/15/02
10/6/02 05:50InwoodNYUSALight0:5BIG DIPPER HAS LOOSE STAR10/15/02
10/6/02 03:00FarmingdaleNYUSALight30 min. plusLong Island bright hovering white light eye level on a clear night sky.10/15/02
10/6/02Bladel (Brabant) (Netherlands)NetherlandsLight45 minutesReport from the Dutch news10/28/02
10/5/02 23:00AlamedaCAUSALight7 secondsstationary star moves10/15/02
10/5/02 22:00Kettleby (Canada)ONCanadaLight5 secondsbright, fast moving light in the night sky10/15/02
10/5/02 22:00Arizona??AZUSATV photos of cigar shaped craft sighted on 10/5/2002. Note data on photos.1/23/16
10/5/02 20:45BrownstownMIUSAFireball3 secondsYellow /orange fireball with a yellow to white tail about 3 second duration whitnessed by two, high in the north sky10/15/02
10/5/02 19:56IoneCAUSAFormation12 secondsVery fast,silent, "v"formation, 5-6 points of light, north to south, fairly low, not blinking, reddish hue. Fast.10/15/02
10/5/02 18:50TemeculaCAUSAFireball10 Min.Fireball seen in Southern California10/15/02
10/5/02 16:49Las CrucesNMUSADiskunknownDisk shaped object and other less distinct object was photographed over Las Cruces, NM. 10-05-02 @4:49 pm.10/15/02
10/5/02 16:30Des PlainesILUSATriangle15 minutes10 shapes were flying about a mile outside of Ohare field.10/15/02
10/5/02 15:00Texas (NE)TXUSACylinder30 seconds or morelarge red cylinder clearly visible from plane over rural farmland11/4/02
10/5/02 15:00GatlinburgTNUSADisk???Four of us were vacationing in Gatlinburg, TN last week. We were at Ober Gatlinburg and after lunch we went outside to look around. I10/15/02
10/5/02 10:15DuluthMNUSACrosssecondsred lights in cross formation traveling east.10/15/02
10/5/02 07:45Las CrucesNMUSA90 sec. arpoxMore than one saw the object over Las Cruces10/28/02
10/5/02 06:30VancouverWAUSAFireball6 secondsFuse like Fireball splits the sky10/15/02
10/5/02 01:30GarlandTXUSALight20 secondsShooting star changes directions multiple times lasting 20 seconds10/15/02
10/5/02 01:00Los Angeles (San Fernando Valley)CAUSALight5-10 secondsLight moving radiply accross the sky much faster than any airplane10/15/02
10/5/02 00:30HillsboroILUSALight5 minutesMISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: Bright flashing lights in a circ. pattern, 34-50 yards in dia. hovering about 4 stories up.10/31/03
10/4/02 00:00QuartziteAZUSATriangle3 mindriving home on I-10 west from Phoenix notice this strange triangular shape of lights gently take off from desert floor it had big ligh12/3/04
10/4/02 22:20Herzeliya (Israel)IsraelLighti was looking out my window on the night and saw a light, at first i thought it was an airplane but then i noticed thet it didnt move o10/15/02
10/4/02 21:30Pueblo WestCOUSARectangleabout 10 secondsRED LASER COMING OUT OF A RECTANGULAR CRAFT!11/4/02
10/4/02 21:30Pueblo WestCOUSAOtherAbout 4 secondsA red laser-like light came out of a cloud...10/15/02
10/4/02 20:30Newport TownshipPAUSALightabout 5 minutesIt started moving across the sky, got very dim and disapered.3/21/03
10/4/02 19:10AlhambraCAUSATriangle2minutesUFO Sighting near Los Angeles11/9/02
10/4/02 19:06Kota Kinabalu (Malaysia)MalaysiaObject photographed over Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, airport by security camera.10/15/02
10/4/02 19:05El PasoTXUSAFormation10 secondsV-shaped UFO Appears Across the Skies at El Paso, Texas Racing from North to South11/9/02
10/4/02 18:30OmahaNEUSACigarFootball gameIt was very high in the sky.10/15/02
10/4/02 14:00CarsonCAUSACircle7to12 secBall flying under jet.10/15/02
10/4/02 13:18Excelsior SpringsMOUSAOval1 minuteA large, white, wingless object sped across the sky10/15/02
10/4/02 08:45San AntonioTXUSATriangleSaw a triangular ufo.10/15/02
10/4/02 07:20Glasgow (UK/Scotland)United KingdomDiamond<10 secsRolling white diamond above hills12/23/02
10/4/02 04:10HoustonTXUSADiamond10 secondsdiamond-shaped with lights, it split into 7 pieces and fused back together.12/16/05
10/4/02 01:00ElizabethCOUSAFlash3 + hours3 extremely bright metallic strobe- like flashing objects with a spot light effect on the ground and objects below and a "grounded" so10/15/02
10/3/02 15:35SmithvilleTNUSAUnknownIT WASA WHITE DOT WATCHING ME.10/15/02
10/3/02 14:00PalmdaleCAUSADisk1 minuteUFO'S IN THE SKYS OF PALMDALE CALIF10/15/02
10/3/02 14:00Olive BranchMSUSADiskabout or around 10 minuteWe saw two disk like objects crash.12/23/02
10/3/02 06:00AugustaGAUSALight>30 secondsHigh altitude bright strobing light moving at a very high rate of speed.10/15/02
10/3/02 03:00MorrisvilleNCUSAOval5 minutesnoticed 5 round object at about 5000 ft above raleigh air port, watched for 5 minutes10/15/02
10/2/02 22:50Yukon (Canada)YKCanadaUnknown6 -8 secondsMovement of object was very unusual looking and moved with great speed10/15/02
10/2/02 19:20WatertownNYUSARectangleThe object picked up speed and followed us.10/15/02
10/2/02 07:30Santa FeNMUSAEggunknownOct. ?,2002, Santa Fe, NM, egg or football shaped object discovered after downloading photo9/24/03
10/2/02 06:34NorthfordCTUSAEgg23 secondsA Glow in the Sky......12/23/02
10/1/02 23:20New York CityNYUSAChanging3 minutes3 flying objects that changed shapes show up in midtown manhattan10/15/02
10/1/02 23:00DuluthMNUSALight60 secondsA large bright orb that changed size N.E. of Duluth Air National Guard.1/14/16
10/1/02 22:30RivertonUTUSAUnknown2 minutesRed and blue flashing lights, low to the ground, behind my car on a deserted road in Riverton, Utah.8/7/07
10/1/02 22:00EdmondsWAUSAUnknowna minute or sothree objects in perfect triangle fomation flying at extremely high altitudes10/15/02
10/1/02 20:30Castro ValleyCAUSAOther20 min?I was driving from San Leandro to San Ramon took 580 to Crow Canyon Rd. I was stunned by a hovering shape in the sky.It was hard to mak10/15/02
10/1/02 19:50New York City (Staten Island)NYUSALight15 min'sPatrolling fighter jet followed by bright green light !10/15/02
10/1/02 19:20New York City (Staten Island)NYUSAEgg5 minutesEgg Shaped Object Circling10/15/02
10/1/02 18:00OrlandoFLUSAOther4secondsunusual shaped and transparent color crafts appear and one follow the other in new direction10/11/05
10/1/02 17:56Port HadlockWAUSAFireball5 secondsbig shooting star10/15/02
10/1/02 16:00Staten IslandNYUSAEgg5 secondsEgg-shaped object parallels plane.4/7/17
10/1/02 16:00GrantsNMUSAFireball3 to 10 secondsIn October 2002, I was driving east on Interestate 40 (close to mile marker 100), when I saw a greenish "comet-like" shape movng very4/22/03
10/1/02 15:00AtholIDUSATeardrop3-5 min.high polished chrome-teardrop shaped object hovering over a busy North Idaho Hi-way in mid afternoon4/27/04
10/1/02 14:00WinslowAZUSAOther15-30 minsSilent average-looking airplane hovers over Leupp exit butte on I-40 for 15-30 mins, hundreds of witnesses.7/6/10
10/1/02 13:35Karavostasi (Greece)GreeceCross1 minutea look-through aircraft a la 'predator'12/14/04
10/1/02 09:00GermantownMDUSACigar3 minutesme and boyfriend out on the back deck drinking coffee and we see a cigar shaped craft flying struck me as odd because it8/11/04
10/1/02 08:30Santa FeNMUSAEggunknownOct, 2002 , 8:30 AM, Santa Fe, NM, caught while photographing Santa Fe RR train station, duration unknown9/24/03
10/1/02 07:30KingstonNYUSACigar10 minsnys thruway heading nrth between exit 19 and 20 cigar shaped ,reflective or silver in color , incredable fast no sound .3/4/08
10/1/02 06:30MonroeWIUSALight15-20 MinVery intense orange-yellow light moves from south to north in early A.M. and late P.M.7/16/06
10/1/02 06:30Natrona Heights/New KensingtonPAUSALight2 hoursWestmoreland & Allegheny County UFO Phenomena Pink Columns Rays; 6 UFO's: Tangerine Brillance Lights Manuevers clearly visible10/30/12
10/1/02 05:45RainierWAUSALight3-4 minI was taking my Boyfriend to work in yelm and as we entered onto koeppen rd and traveling north towards yelm We noticed to our left abo10/15/02
10/1/02 05:45KentWAUSAUnknown10 SECONDSSTREK OF LIGHT ACROSS THE SKY10/15/02
10/1/02 05:45LynnwoodWAUSAFireball5 secondsLarge fireball sighting10/15/02
10/1/02 05:43SeattleWAUSAOther2 secondsI saw a green object above Seattle, at about 5:45 AM on 10/1, occuring at the time of a northern lights display.10/15/02
10/1/02 05:42SeattleWAUSATeardrop3 secondsInitially a comet in appearance, but speed was too slow.10/15/02
10/1/02 05:35SeattleWAUSAUnknowna second?On the morning of 10/01/02 I was driving to work on HI5 in Seattle Wa. and I was south bound by the old Rainier Brewery and saw a brigh10/15/02
10/1/02 05:35PuebloCOUSATriangle10-15secondsSilent large flying v of 5 orange glowing patches gives fright.10/15/02
10/1/02 05:30EversonWAUSAOther4-5 secondsAmong the Northern lights a bright green fireball from West to East10/15/02
10/1/02 05:30SnohomishWAUSASphere2-3 secondsA large metor going through the atmosphere, white tail turning blue and then red/orange and disapear.10/15/02
10/1/02 05:30SumnerWAUSACircle05:30While traveling north on hwy 167. A green light traveling from the west, and heading east flew across the sky. The round light appearin10/15/02
10/1/02 05:30Port TownsendWAUSAFireball8-10 secondsGiant Blue-Green fireball falls from the sky at 0530 in washington state10/15/02
10/1/02 03:00OaklandCAUSAOval07:00lights moving in the sky 7 landing in Oakland over coliseum & airport10/15/02
10/1/02 02:00Nebraska CityNEUSATeardropKearny Hill; lasting 3-4 Tear shaped brillient gold light over neighborhood in Nebraska City, NE12/12/09
10/1/02 00:30CourtlandVAUSACirclesec.Look I can't recall the date exactly, but it was in that area of time especially the hour of night. It could be in a range of two wee12/23/02
10/1/02 00:30Hong KongHong Kong SARFormation30 minutesSighting in Hong Kong SAR10/15/02