National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 09/2002


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
9/30/02 20:50MacombMIUSACircle1 minLarge white object observed......10/15/02
9/30/02 18:30KingstonPAUSAOval30 secs.u.f.o. darts away from path of approaching aircraft.10/15/02
9/30/02 18:00Huber HeightsOHUSALight10/minWhile driving close home I saw the lights in the sky. Not moving shaped like a tapole. Arriving home I ran in for my camera made two pi10/15/02
9/30/02 04:00EuclidOHUSADisk15 minutesRound, red, green, bright white object10/15/02
9/30/02 03:30Curitiba - S of Brazil (Brazil)BrazilUnknown30'Visitors?10/15/02
9/30/02 00:00Utrecht (Netherlands)NetherlandsLight30 min.UFO sighting over Belgian - Netherlands border.(Europe)10/15/02
9/29/02 23:30Dewey BeachDEUSATriangleFive minutesVery largeTriangle shaped silent craft moving off of the ocean over our heads with lights at each corner5/24/05
9/29/02 23:00Brabant (Netherlands)NetherlandsLight0:45If was a flashlight wich was following a car for 45 minuts. As the car stoped the object hang still above the car, as the car drive awa10/15/02
9/29/02 22:41HoltonKSUSALight30 Sec.Bright slow moving star that dissapeared3/21/03
9/29/02 21:40Colchester (UK/England)United KingdomLight6 minutestriangular light pattern seen in sky.10/15/02
9/29/02 21:30SmyrnaDEUSATriangle30 minutesTriangle craft with 3 bright lights10/15/02
9/29/02 17:30BiloxiMSUSALight2-3 Min.Couple observes Star-like objects over Keesler AFB10/15/02
9/29/02 07:30London (UK/England)United KingdomOther3-5 minutes4 angular brown objects moving in straight path, each with smaller areas that constantly changed10/15/02
9/29/02 06:00Elk Grove VillageILUSATeardropseveral minutesOrange tear drop craft flying in the west.11/16/02
9/29/02 05:15Rush SpringsOKUSALight2-4 secondsA very fast light headed from the ground towards the sky.10/15/02
9/29/02 01:30KingslandGAUSATriangle5 minutesTriangular object over elementary school10/15/02
9/28/02 23:00Lake KabetogamaMNUSATriangle15 secondsMy 2 friends and I were star gazing in the southern sky,almost straigt above, when we all witnessed that looked like 3 satelites moving10/15/02
9/28/02 21:27HonoluluHIUSAFireball2 secgreen fireball fall from the sky.9/29/02
9/28/02 21:00New York City (Staten Island)NYUSALight5 minutesLast evening at exactly 8pm, myself and my landlord witnessed a bright white light moving from a southeastern to northeastern direction9/29/02
9/28/02 21:00Long BeachCAUSAFireball10 secondsWhen doing trash run I looked to sky and saw a scary green fireball which seemed to want to communicate, as if it were alive.10/15/02
9/28/02 20:30Key WestFLUSAFireball30 secondsCan someone tell me what this is?9/29/02
9/28/02 20:15ReddingCAUSALight2 to 3 minutesTwo bright lights, no sound, thin faint white trails behind then, travelled from west to east.9/29/02
9/28/02 20:15Glen CoveNYUSALight3 min approxbright slow moving object that started to dim then disappear as another faint "star" slowly fell to where it disappeared in the nw sky.9/29/02
9/28/02 20:15Center MorichesNYUSALight1 minute2 white objects traveling closely behind a plane9/29/02
9/28/02 19:30OgdenUTUSACircle5 SecondsRound green light in the western sky of Utah9/29/02
9/28/02 19:00FowlerINUSATriangle30 secondsElongated pyramid-shaped ufo seen flying in the country.10/15/02
9/28/02 18:30Fort BridgerWYUSADisk30 secondsSaw very bright green light in western sky.10/15/02
9/28/02 17:30MesaAZUSAOther2 minutesObserved a dark, oblong craft fly over Mesa, AZ approx. 5 minutes after watching Air Force One pass by.10/15/02
9/28/02 06:50SeattleWAUSAFireball2 minutesStreaking objects with smoke/steam tail just above the horizon, east of Seattle just before sunrise. The first appeared at 6:50Am, the 9/29/02
9/27/02 20:15West ChesterOHUSALight5 to 10 secondsLight's in the sky10/15/02
9/27/02 19:51MemphisTNUSALight20 SECS.The international space station was being followed by another vehicle of sorts.9/28/02
9/27/02 19:30KentWAUSASphere6 1/2 minI really saw a dark grey sphere hovering motionless then moved slowly got smaller and dissapeared!!!!!12/14/04
9/27/02 19:25VictorvilleCAUSA4 min.Man and son witness bright light, with second trailing object, pass overhead.9/29/02
9/27/02 18:55ScottsdaleAZUSA5 min.Three witnesses observe peculiar, maneuvering object, which emits sparks below it.9/29/02
9/27/02 15:30Grindelwald (Switzerland)SwitzerlandSphere5 mins.Observed one aluminum colored spherical object in Switzerland on Sep 27 200210/15/02
9/27/02 12:38River ForestILUSATeardrop7-10 SecondsTeardrop craft with revolving lights moving in opposite direction9/28/02
9/27/02 12:00Lake Havasu CityAZUSALightHave you seen this?9/28/02
9/26/02 22:36ShawneeKSUSALight3 min.Bright light in the sky flashing.9/28/02
9/26/02 21:15TaylorsvilleUTUSATriangle1 hour or moreOrange UFOs in Huge V Formation over Taylorsville Utah9/29/02
9/26/02 20:30Warminster (UK/England)United KingdomChanging30 secondsThis object changed shape and colour, and moved unlike anything I have ever seen.9/28/02
9/26/02 20:21Wheeler Springs (near Ojai)CAUSAOther15 secondsFour or five rectangles connected with thin filament, one degree in length, moving slowly9/28/02
9/26/02 16:00Middlesbrough (UK/England)United KingdomTeardrop10-15 mins3 witnesses to sighting of 7-9 silver/white spheres/teardrops slowly moving into 'V' formation then dispersing in diff. directions5/24/05
9/26/02 15:55Sofia (Bulgaria)BulgariaOther25 min.just like Moon of Venus phase , like hook , white in color9/28/02
9/26/02 10:00FremontCAUSAFireball5 MinutesOn Saturday morning i woke up and went outside to get the paper. The wind was calm and but it was a cloudy day. When looked up at the s9/29/02
9/26/02 07:06Vero BeachFLUSAFireballFirey object houvering in the air9/29/02
9/25/02 23:00St. Clair ShoresMIUSALight15 Sec.A white light that went from dim to birght and then disappeared.10/15/02
9/25/02 22:30OrlandoFLUSASpheretwo minutesMy wife came home from work telling me that while she was at work, doing a security check outside of her work, a co-worker stated,"what10/28/02
9/25/02 21:05FlintMIUSALightone minutea star seemed to move across the sky9/28/02
9/25/02 20:30GrapevineTXUSACirclelost timeApproached by blinking lights, lost time and location while driving.9/28/02
9/25/02 18:30ClintonSCUSAOther2-3 sec. (approx.)The HugeBlur passed my field of view in no time flat, Like it was shot from a Very Big Gun.8/28/03
9/25/02 13:02BurbankILUSAUnknownOutside taking pictures of the sky and there I seen a blue obj. ((NUFORC Note: Lens flares))9/27/18
9/25/02 10:00Lee's SummitMOUSALight40 secondsBright objects in NE Sky9/29/04
9/25/02 05:50Santa RosaCAUSAOther3-4 secondsFast moving object , possible cigar shape10/15/02
9/25/02 05:25KennesawGAUSADiamond5 minsThree diamond shaped lights spotted in kennesaw GA9/29/02
9/25/02 04:00FayetteMOUSADisksecondsIt was in the afternoon. On the way home in the country on a gravel road surounded by corn feilds. The sky was a light blue. no clouds.10/15/02
9/25/02 03:30Naxcivan (Azerbaijan)AzerbaijanDiskthat day our city was rainy.. but when i exit the cafe there was no rain.. and look up....9/28/02
9/24/02 23:50WayneNEUSASphere2 minutesBright, sphere shaped light that seemed to float back and forth, then disappeared.9/28/02
9/24/02 20:00AlamoTXUSADiamond10 minutesI had stepped out of my house to take my kids to pick up some Burger King and when I looked at the field next to our house I saw two bi9/28/02
9/24/02 19:30Sheboygan FallsWIUSALight19:43White light varying in intensity at going bright then dim across sky, then changeing to white, red, and blue in rapid succession appea9/28/02
9/24/02 17:30Dublin (Republic of Ireland)IrelandFormation10 minutesFour saucer shaped black and shiny UFOs flying in a straight line formation from south-east to north-west seen in Dublin.3/21/03
9/24/02 13:00MasonOHUSASphere8 minuteslooked like a star during full daylight--cloudless day. seemed high up, not really moving much9/28/02
9/24/02 00:36DecaturILUSATriangle45 SecondsMe and my good friend saw something very unusual at the zoo.9/28/02
9/23/02 22:30WestervilleOHUSALight3 secondsWesterville OH September 23 2002 UFO Sighting9/28/02
9/23/02 22:00VershireVTUSACircleso far: 3 hrsred, and green flashing lights in VT9/28/02
9/23/02 21:30Bridgewater (Canada)NSCanadaLight15 minutespoint of light preformed arcing movements and speed impossible for any other aircraft10/7/03
9/23/02 21:15Long BeachCAUSATriangle1hr 15minTime was about 21:15 I was in my back yard when I heard a loud jet as I looked up I could see these lights flashing I could not believe9/28/02
9/23/02 21:00Lebanon Jct.KYUSAEgg5sec.Very bright white flash of light high in the sky moving south fadding out as it went over Kentucky.10/15/02
9/23/02 20:50SpringfieldMOUSAFireball2 secondsThe trail of the fireball was very shortlived.9/28/02
9/23/02 20:45(Republic of Ireland)Ireland3 min.A woman and her 10-year old son witness a peculiar triangle hover over a nearby highway, then streak off.9/29/02
9/23/02 20:30ArlingtonTXUSAChevron1 minutechevron formation of dim lights of what seemed like either huge airplane or formation of some kind.9/28/02
9/23/02 19:30Lima (Peru)PeruCircle3 Secondsalgo raro cayo en la tierra10/15/02
9/23/02 18:12FayettevilleARUSAChanging2-3 minutesSmall white changing object seen flying curving path in blue sky. Object seen straight overhead -followed to horizon. 6:14pm Arkansas9/28/02
9/23/02 06:30Round RockTXUSASphere4 minutesround bright orange object started to decend at a very fast speed9/28/02
9/23/02 06:15Swindon (UK/England)United KingdomDisk3 - 4 secsOne thing before I start I must tell you that I am unsure of the date I saw the craft or object but I am sure it was late september ear3/4/03
9/23/02 04:00Idaho CityIDUSAChanging20 minutesAt 4 a.m., star-like, brilliant, flashing red and green colors, seemed to change shape to a thin line under binoculars.9/28/02
9/23/02 01:00London (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle16 minutesBright light and triangle over London, 23rd September 02, 1am10/15/02
9/22/02 20:00Lake CenterMSUSATeardrop3-4 Min.Trucker observes Star-like object near Lake Center, Ms.10/15/02
9/22/02 16:40GermantownTNUSASphere8 secondsObject containing connected spheres photographed in the western sky in daylight near faint clouds.9/28/02
9/21/02 23:11SingaporeSingaporeLight3 - 5Glowing UFO sighted on the Island of Singapore in South-East Asia9/28/02
9/21/02 20:20AltusOKUSATriangle30 mini was leaving work and as i stepped outside i noticed a cright white light to the north..the sun was setting so it stood the tim9/28/02
9/21/02 19:00TaylorvilleILUSALight15-20 minutesWe were traveling west just outside of Assumption, IL going towards Taylorville IL. Myself,my daughter, my neighbor,her stepson and my 9/28/02
9/21/02 18:30CarlsbadCAUSATeardrop18-19:00Pinkish Lightbulb shape over neighborhood12/23/02
9/21/02 15:00MonettARUSASphereA white object raceing over Monett towards Manila5/12/11
9/21/02 14:00PennsylvaniaPAUSAOther10 minutes"Black square" witnessed by truck driver in Pennsylvania.10/28/02
9/21/02 13:00ColumbineCOUSACircle45 MinutesRound silver object seen only through binoculars that remained stationary for over 30 minutes.9/28/02
9/21/02 07:30SnohomishWAUSACircle7 minutesDriving down the road I pulled over because I was astonished of these three lighted orbs acting in a way I have never seen before. Ther11/5/20
9/20/02 21:30AsheNCUSAFireballUFO sighting and possibleA UFO stopped owner car, car lost all power and possible abduction.10/3/14
9/20/02 21:00Gray/Johnson CityTNUSAFormation10 minutesReported to me that 4 objects in the clouds hovering and making sharp erratic movements for a several minutes.9/28/02
9/20/02 20:00HorshamPAUSALight20 secondsIt was around P.M. when I was taking my dog outback. I just happened to be looking up the sky{clear night} as I do when its clear out,3/21/03
9/20/02 20:00New Delhi (India)IndiaTriangle4 secondsUFO seen in Delhi,India9/28/02
9/20/02 19:49Elk CityOKUSAOval20 Min.UFO Orb Report9/28/02
9/20/02 19:30Genoa (Italy)ItalyTeardrop15 minutesWhite body in Genoa, Italy9/28/02
9/20/02 18:07Pretoria (South Africa)South AfricaDiskapprox 20 secondsUfo spotted near ongoing airshow at millitary base Waterkloof, Pretoria, South Africa9/28/02
9/20/02 18:00Orzinuovi (Italy)ItalyCircle30 secBlue light7/23/03
9/20/02 13:00Hong Kong (China)Hong KongLightTwo Light objects over HongKong Harbour3/4/03
9/20/02 10:30DanvilleCAUSADiskapprx. 2 mins100 people saw a neon orange glowing saucer disappear into the hills.9/28/02
9/20/02 09:01DenverCOUSASphere10 minutesTwo unknown daylight lights observed high above Denver9/28/02
9/20/02 04:51SpokaneWAUSAUnknown5 secondsMultiple, unilluminated high-speed craft flying over Spokane in early morning of 9/20/02.9/28/02
9/20/02 03:00MadisonWIUSALightunsure...maybe 5?Second sighting...Madison, WI9/28/02
9/20/02 02:00Columbia HeightsMNUSATriangle5-6 SecondsTriangle shaped object traveling east to west approximately 45 degrees above northern horizon.4/27/04
9/19/02 23:45LouisvilleOHUSAUnknown45 secunknown aircraft seen trailed at low altitude be helicopter in stark county OH.9/28/02
9/19/02 22:23Oosterhout (Netherlands)NetherlandsChanging3 minutes12 ships who changed shapes, with beautiful colours and lights in the Netherlands9/28/02
9/19/02 21:45Myrtle BeachSCUSALight10-15 secondsIt was small , but HOT in color and pulsed for about 4-5 burts then disappeared, reapeared once more in a new direction10/28/02
9/19/02 21:00Holden BeachNCUSAUnknown30 minutesRed and white lights seen over Holden Beach, NC9/28/02
9/19/02 21:00Merritt IslandFLUSAChevron5 minutesThe movement of the three lights was strange first vertical then horizontal9/28/02
9/19/02 19:45MalibuCAUSASphere30 minutesbright, large, white sphere, with flaming orange contrails over Pacific Coast Highway9/28/02
9/19/02 19:45San DiegoCAUSAChanging30 SecondsPerfect cone shape light in non foggy conditions turns to a spider web shape then fades away.9/28/02
9/19/02 19:45Yosemite National ParkCAUSALight10 minutesSlow flying very bright ball of light, surrounded by a much larger halo of light, trailed by miles of zig-zaging smoke.9/29/02
9/19/02 19:40Luguna WoodsCAUSACircle8:20pmIt was a yellow gold large ball. It was moving at a fast speed and came from the North and went South and disappeared behind a large c9/28/02
9/19/02 19:36AntiochCAUSALight2minGlowing ball that left a vapor trail.9/28/02
9/19/02 19:36CypressCAUSAChanging3minutesI don't know if it was a UFO...but I have never noticed a plane go in a straight line up so fast and with a red light leaving a trail o9/28/02
9/19/02 19:36Pleasant HillCAUSACylinder1:00 min:secAn object with a trailing white narrow line9/28/02
9/19/02 19:36ScottsdaleAZUSALight2 minutesBubble with stationary beam shining into it, lightning bolt coming out of the bottom.9/28/02
9/19/02 19:35ReddingCAUSALight10secbright white light in evening sky with cone shaped tail exploded and vanished.9/28/02
9/19/02 19:35Rancho Santa MargaritaCAUSAUnknownabout 15 secondsObject leaves illuminated cloudlike spiralling path in the night sky, before disappearing9/28/02
9/19/02 19:35Palo AltoCAUSAOther45 secondswhite light and gaseous tail resembling a comet tracking through upper atmosphere, which exploded like a firework9/28/02
9/19/02 19:35San FranciscoCAUSAFireball1 minutewhile light, very high in the outh eastern sky on horizontal or slightly upward trajectory. white flare behind it - conical shaped. mov9/28/02
9/19/02 19:30KingmanAZUSAFireball20 minuteslight trail continued to glow 15 minutes after the object disappeared9/28/02
9/19/02 19:30DuarteCAUSAOther10 minutesMissle Launch?9/28/02
9/19/02 19:30HollisterCAUSAFireball15 minlooked like a single landing light with a vapor trail that grew and grew till it was 8 to 10 times the size of the object, then with a 9/28/02
9/19/02 19:30Santa ClaraCAUSALight2 minAn extremely bright round light in the sky about 10 degrees from the zenith, was observed shortly after dusk. The diameter and height o9/28/02
9/19/02 19:30HollisterCAUSAUnknown5 minutesI was following a contrail which was not the usual contrail, it had a very robust signature and a glowing aspect to it. It was heading 9/28/02
9/19/02 19:30FlagstaffAZUSA10 minutesFirst a beacon of light like Venus then fading as if through clouds and then a cone of light remaining for many minutes9/28/02
9/19/02 19:30Tahoe CityCAUSASphere6-7minutesit looked like a comet streaking through the sky. cool.9/28/02
9/19/02 19:15CapitolaCAUSACone45 secondsAn object that looked like a bright white circle with a cone shaped tail flew with an irregular flight pattern and then disappeared.9/28/02
9/19/02 19:00LemooreCAUSALight20 minutesUFO???9/28/02
9/19/02 16:00MarionIAUSADisk3 minutesi was on hole 2 at hunters ridge and i saw a shiney silver shaped suacer the top part was spinning and the bottom part was spinning a d9/28/02
9/19/02 11:00BanksORUSAOther3 minutesWing shaped UFO spotted above the Banks city area.9/19/02
9/19/02 02:35WashingtonMOUSATriangleTWO HOURSTriangle shaped object with lots of lights showed sings of commuication with flash light9/28/02
9/19/02 02:30WinnetkaCAUSATriangle1 hour5 objects in the Eastern San Fernando Valley sky.9/19/02
9/19/02 02:00Medan (Indonesia)IndonesiaTriangle3-5 minsSilent, bright, triangle shape, high spped and high altitude9/28/02
9/18/02 22:10Grants PassORUSAOther20 minutesNoticed very bright color changing "star" 15 - 20% above horizon which had several smaller lights circle it.9/19/02
9/18/02 21:50Halifax (Canada)NSCanadaFlashwhat?Ok, I was in my room with my binoculars. I decided to take them out because it was a clear night. Then I saw a flying object which I th9/19/02
9/18/02 21:20KokomoINUSALight10 minutesYellow lights seen above the Kokomo Indiana sky9/19/02
9/18/02 21:00HarrisburgPAUSAOther45 min.There were a series of yellow and red light formations on the horizon of the night sky.9/28/02
9/18/02 20:20EnolaPAUSAUnknown15 minutesLights in the sky above Harrisburg Pennsylvania9/28/02
9/18/02 20:07VancouverWAUSAOther5 minthe craft seemed very large,and had simeltaneous flashing red lights,all in a straight line.9/19/02
9/18/02 19:15SeattleWAUSA15 min.Woman and boyfriend witness very large, bizarre, brightly lighted object to the west from Seattle.9/19/02
9/18/02 18:46GermantownTNUSACylinder4 SECONDSSilver cylinder with bulbous ends appeared for four seconds near clouds in daylight and was photographed.9/28/02
9/18/02 18:00Tenerife (Canary Islands)SpainCircle1hourSee photos sent to your email address9/28/02
9/18/02 11:00Poplar BluffMOUSADisk10 minutesDisk East of Poplar Bluff Seen and Feds come to investigate.10/15/02
9/18/02 09:50Bragg City (Peach Orchard)MOUSADisk10 minutesFlying Saucer near Peach Orchard Gin11/20/02
9/18/02 08:00SteeleMOUSADisk5 minutesBetween 0745 and 0800 hrs going southbound on I-55 through the Missouri Bootheel the skies were partly cloudy (25% clouds) that an unid12/23/02
9/18/02 01:00Spruce PineNCUSALight5minuteswhat in the hell was it11/4/02
9/17/02 23:30PortlandORUSAUnknown10 minutesSighting of a possible beam or tether directly connected from the ground to an aircraft at an altitude of 2,500 ft.9/19/02
9/17/02 23:00ChowchillaCAUSAUnknown7-8sec.two lights changing places in the sky11/4/02
9/17/02 22:30ItalyItalyFireball5 minutesi was looking at the sky, night time.. an object from south to north crossed among my head.. very fast.. the colour yellow almost white12/19/03
9/17/02 21:45Swindon (UK/England)United KingdomDisk4 secondsVery bright white disk shaped object hovered then shot upwards in an arc9/19/02
9/17/02 20:30AugustaGAUSALightover 3 hoursLights in the sky9/19/02
9/17/02 13:52BurbankILUSAUnknownWas outside taking pictures of the sky; all of a I at my pictures and there I seen a blue object. ((NUFORC Note: Lens flares. PD))9/27/18
9/17/02 10:00ColumbianaOHUSAFireball23 minutesI saw a fireball/disc like shape in the woods.2/25/03
9/17/02 08:00BloomfieldNMUSATeardrop1 hour((NUFORC Note: No information provided by witness. Possible sighting of a high-altitude balloon? PD))9/22/16
9/17/02 01:52BurbankILUSAUnknownOutside taking pictures again and all of a I at my pictures and there I seen a blue object. ((NUFORC Note: Lens flares. PD))9/27/18
9/16/02 21:50KapaaHIUSACircle4 min.Array of small white with purple belly lights following eachother in an angle over slleping giant Kapaa HI.9/29/04
9/16/02 21:30Coventry/Warwick (UK/England)United KingdomDiamond15 secondsdiamond shaped craft with coloured lights underneath.11/8/03
9/16/02 20:42MonongahelaPAUSAUnknown15 minutesIs a bright white light, with a circling red light.9/19/02
9/16/02 14:45BreaCAUSADiskA few secondsSilver craft followed by an odd flash9/19/02
9/16/02 06:00JohnstonIAUSAChanging30 minHigh flying objects spotted on Interstate-80 in Iowa on Sept 16th 200710/8/07
9/16/02 04:15San MarcosCAUSAChanging1 1/2hrs at leastCaptured on film 9/16/02 Southern California Sky9/19/02
9/16/02 01:45OntarioCAUSALight30 min.Three "lights" in the sky at the base of Mt. Baldy.9/19/02
9/15/02 23:40Las VegasNVUSACircleone secondI was outside smoking observing the stars, haven't seen stars this clear for a while when I noticed a red with yellow and white object 9/19/02
9/15/02 22:44Quebec City (Canada)PQCanadaFormation50 minutesSustained observation of multiple objects, independent and in formation, in the Quebec City night sky9/19/02
9/15/02 22:40ChicagoILUSAFormation5-7 secondsTwo strange light formations flying over Chicago at night.9/19/02
9/15/02 22:30MerrillvilleINUSAOther5 minNight time sighting of a dim, bird shaped, pulsating craft, followed by a bright light performing ariel acrobatics.11/16/02
9/15/02 22:00LaramieWYUSASphere2 hours2 oval lights in sky northeast of town. flying around, hovering, steadily growing dimmer.9/19/02
9/15/02 22:00Lake Pleasent State ParkAZUSALightAbout an HourBlue, star sized, lights that zigzag across the sky from horizon to horizon their jerky motions could not be natural.7/8/04
9/15/02 22:00MilfordOHUSAOvalThe sight was so amazing.3/4/03
9/15/02 22:00Armstrong (Canada)ONCanadaFormation5 secondsLarge formation of UFO's over sunset in Northern Canada4/16/05
9/15/02 21:35PoquosonVAUSADisk1 or 2 minutesUFO sighting in Poquoson VA.9/19/02
9/15/02 21:30Talbot/Boswell/Chase/OxfordINUSAFireball3 secondsformation of fireballs:benton co indiana, craft of red orange color flying in formation and doing complex manuvers10/15/02
9/15/02 21:00Kansas CityKSUSATriangle15 minutesTriangle UFO hovering over Kansas City9/19/02
9/15/02 20:55ChicagoILUSAOval1 hour2 shapes appearing to be round hovering in the western sky. They had red and green lights and were moving up and down, left and right l9/19/02
9/15/02 20:00Montreal (Canada)PQCanadaTriangle15-20 minsTriangular shaped crafts just south of Montreal9/19/02
9/15/02 19:28GreenfeildMAUSATriangle1 minute and 30 secondsThere were lights flashing at it vertices.10/28/02
9/15/02 15:27LortonVAUSADisk2 min.I wish I had known about this reproting system sooner, so that the explanation I am about to give would be fresher in my mind. Neverthe9/4/03
9/15/02 11:30Chichester (UK/England)United KingdomSphere20minssussex englands sighting9/19/02
9/15/02 11:00Fredericton (Canada)NBCanadaUnknown3 minuteslow, noiseless hovering object - shape indistinct.1/27/05
9/15/02 10:00RockfordILUSADisk1/2 hourthere were 4 of them and when the last one connected with the third one they looked just like the leader .9/28/02
9/15/02 08:30LyndeboroughNHUSADisk8:30-10Around 8:30 i noticed a ball of light moving diagnally and then hovering above the tree line10/8/07
9/15/02 02:30CharlotteNCUSACone2mins230 am 0n sept 15 2002 my friends and I WERE ON LAKE WYLIE fishing. WE were startled as two cone shaped objects passed oveerhead at obl9/19/02
9/15/02 02:00MahopacNYUSACone15-20 secondsBrightly lit craft comes very close to us and then disappears in the woods11/14/14
9/15/02 01:30Lehigh AcresFLUSAFlash5 SecondsLarge Blue Flash with radio outage.9/19/02
9/15/02TaosNMUSA1 secondHave video image of nine light crafts traveling at around three miles per sec dark lines in front of clouds shift to light as they pass3/21/03
9/14/02 22:10Berne (Switzerland)SwitzerlandRectangle1 minuteTwo Triangle-like shaped objects with each three red flashing lights9/19/02
9/14/02 21:00SpartaWIUSAUnknown15 secondsThe light was directly over my head, and no sound of a aircraft.1/19/05
9/14/02 11:00Nassau (Bahamas)BahamasDisk3 minSmall glowing Red light over the water in the Bahamas, shot towards us and flew over us, silent and disc shaped.10/27/04
9/14/02 07:15BrigantineNJUSAUnknown1 minuteEnlarging the digital images showed what appeared to be in shape of a saucer like object.12/23/02
9/14/02 06:30LittletonCOUSACircle5 - 10 mingroups of black circular objects9/19/02
9/14/02 05:15SpokaneWAUSATriangle25 - 30 minutes3 unidentified obects moving from east to west went through Spokane on 9-14-02 at 5:15 am and then many jets followed9/19/02
9/14/02 03:00Leduc (Canada)ABCanadaTriangle60 SecondsNightime Residential low flying black triangle captured on video.9/19/02
9/14/02 01:00PortlandORUSACircle20 mincircular object hovers over portland9/19/02
9/14/02 00:30Jacksonville BeachFLUSATriangle30 secondsStar gazing turns to UFO gazing11/9/02
9/14/02 00:05GlendaleAZUSATriangle1:30 minPHOENIX TRIANGLE U.F.O SPOTTED AGAIN- SEP/ 14/ 2002 AT 12:05 AM9/19/02
9/13/02 23:10Brühl (Germany)GermanyLightabout 10min5 bright lights, moving in formation an then fading each after another. seen in south-west Germany (crowded area)10/15/02
9/13/02 23:00Fort Walton BeachFLUSAOvalseveral secondsGlowing pinkish-red ovals flying very fast7/13/05
9/13/02 22:00Dubai (UAE)United Arab EmiratesChanging16 secondsa flash movin slow at first,changes into a spherical shape,circles,races west,leavin behind a hazy greenish smoke trail9/19/02
9/13/02 21:15Shah Alam (Malaysia)MalaysiaLight5-10 minutesBright flickering orange lights seen on a clear night sky9/19/02
9/13/02 21:00ColumbusOHUSATriangle1-2 minutesHe could clearly make out three lights, with combinations of red and white. "It was weird. I thought it was 3 planes flying together9/19/02
9/13/02 21:00PalatkaFLUSACircle10 secBright round object in the sky stayed stationary for approximately 10 seconds then took off like a flash. My friend and I only stared a9/19/02
9/13/02 20:45Manchester (UK/England)United KingdomOval45 secondsWe saw a oval shaped craft flying at about 5 thousand ft high and traveling about 500 mph from east to west displaying flashing lights 9/13/02
9/13/02 20:30JalNMUSALight5 SecondsFast Moving object...Traveling from South to North9/19/02
9/13/02 20:10EnglewoodCOUSAFormation15-17 minMultiple flying objects put on an airshow!11/4/02
9/13/02 19:01Las Gaviotas/Baja California (Mexico)MexicoUnknownphotographWhile reviewing pictures I had taken of the ocean view directly in front of my vacation rental, I discovered an image that was captured9/19/02
9/13/02 17:15London (UK/England)United KingdomChanging20 minsPulsating light over central London last Friday evening circa 17.15 -309/19/02
9/13/02 11:48MarltonNJUSAUnknown7secHigh flying object seen traveling at a high rate of speed.9/13/02
9/13/02 11:30OdessaTXUSAOther30 sec.RAH-66 black helicopters1/19/05
9/13/02 07:00Ottawa (Canada)ONCanadaUnknownvertically flying shape9/19/02
9/13/02 05:30Ft. SmithMTUSAUnknown5 - 10 minThree bright lights with no sound.9/28/02
9/13/02 02:00LorisSCUSAUnknown10 minutes-3 hoursAwakened by white light door opens memory goes blank woke/sat up 2 aliens by door paralyzed me blacked out6/20/14
9/13/02 01:15ScarboroughMEUSACircle1.5 hrsU.F.O. circle-shaped, w/"V" at top white/reddish color with brilliance and movement (as if pulled by gravity).9/19/02
9/12/02 22:33Huizen (Netherlands)NetherlandsTriangle5 SecondsTriangle shaped object with 3 red lights at each side.9/13/02
9/12/02 22:30PullmanWAUSALight30minSingle object approached from the N-NW, Twinkled, sometimes emited red-blue-gold flashes, made 90deg. turn then hovered for 20 min.9/13/02
9/12/02 21:30Fort Walton BeachFLUSATriangle10-15 mindeep red pulsating triangles flying over Ft. Walton Beach3/11/03
9/12/02 20:35MemphisTNUSASpheretime is 9:00pm and still This bright light (like a star) is being seen in the southwest portion of the sky. There is a little haze out tonight but as soon as t9/13/02
9/12/02 20:30SheboyganWIUSALight2 minutesThree red lights formed triangle and faded away9/24/12
9/12/02 19:30Hydetown/Townville (route 77 thru)PAUSAFormation40 minutes7 objects seen during daylight/dusk hours...stayed in same relative spot for over half hour.9/13/02
9/12/02 17:30OmahaNEUSASphere1 hourStationary object sighted over Omaha days apart.9/19/02
9/12/02 17:00WataugaTXUSAOval14 minutesWhile i was jogging i notice a small brite light in the northern sky, since i was near my home a ran to get my telescope, with my wife 9/13/02
9/12/02 16:00OneidaNYUSATriangle5 min.yellow triangle with yellow pulsing lights9/19/02
9/12/02 16:00CharlotteNCUSACigara few secondsWhite cigar...12/23/02
9/12/02 14:15DennisMAUSAOther5-10 secondsGray, faceted craft seen moving south over Route 6 in broad daylight.9/13/02
9/12/02 14:00DennisportMAUSADisk1 minuteExtremely bright..painful to the eyes in broad daylight, cigar/disk shaped.12/23/02
9/12/02 10:13USATriangleF3/4/22
9/12/02 05:00WilmingtonNCUSAUnknownU. S. National Weather Service forwards report of dramatic blue-green object seen flying east.9/13/02
9/12/02 03:28NewberryOHUSA2 secondsTruck driver witnesses large blue-green fireball streak from right to left in southern sky.9/13/02
9/12/02 03:00Adelaide (South Australia)AustraliaLight5 minsOrange oval shaped gas ball emits light beam.10/28/02
9/12/02 01:00Brockville (Canada)ONCanadaEggsecondsCloaked spacecraft9/19/02
9/11/02 23:55Norton ShoresMIUSAFireball1-2 secondsA brightly lighted round aircraft, traveling at a fairly slow speed and a low altitude toward Lake Michigan, clearly seen.9/28/02
9/11/02 22:47Hamilton (Canada)ONCanadaFormation6 - 8 secondsI was sitting in my hot tub looking up into an unusually clear night (nights this clear are rare in Hamilton during the summer due to h9/13/02
9/11/02 22:00PortlandORUSAOval10-15 sec.I Saw 4 oval shaped objects in the sky to the north of my house9/13/02
9/11/02 21:00Worcestershire (UK/England)United KingdomEggi was driving my truck on the M5 motorway in wocestershire in uk about around 21.00 on the 11.9.02 heading south and on the left of me9/29/02
9/11/02 21:00New York CityNYUSASphere25 minutes4 light appeard behind the president during address to the nation on 9-11-029/13/02
9/11/02 20:45RenoNVUSAUnknownLESS THEN A MINUTEI was on my way home from work. I was coming up over a small pass about 12 miles North of Reno on Hwy 395, just before the Cold Spring9/13/02
9/11/02ElmontNYUSATriangleabout a minuteI was watching tv and i heard a really loud noise. at first i thought it might have been a plane. but it kept getting louder so i thoug10/28/02
9/10/02 23:59FairfaxVAUSALight3 SecondsBlue light fell from the sky like a missle9/13/02
9/10/02 22:50Vancouver Island (Canada)BCCanadaOther4 secsBright color changing disk headed in a westerly direction. Neon blue with a red trailing edge.9/13/02
9/10/02 21:30Lake CityMIUSALight1-2 minutesThree white lights forming triangle moving through nightime sky9/13/02
9/10/02 18:57CoronadoCAUSALight20 minutesA bright, 3-4" in diameter light moving in a circle, changing directions and turning into two eyes focussing on me!10/28/02
9/10/02 16:30Mount Shasta (near)CAUSALight5 minutesMount Shasta light phenomena observed in brightly lit meadow in broad daylight for 5 minutes9/19/02
9/10/02 11:15Peterborough (UK/England)United KingdomEgg4 secondsEgg shaped craft rising behind cloud in broad daylight3/4/03
9/10/02 07:45SedonaAZUSASphere10 minutesI was driving into Sedona to work on route 179 at approximately 7:45am. Shortly before the Villlage of Oak Creek my 10 year old son wh9/19/02
9/10/02 04:00LuxembourgLuxembourgOval2-3 minlight7/16/03
9/10/02 02:00Grover BeachCAUSALightalmost 1minlight over south san luis obispo county septmeber 109/13/02
9/10/02 00:00MindenNVUSACircleabout 2 minutesMidnight Shadow On The Patio With No Visible Reason Why.9/1/04
9/9/02 20:00HuntsvilleTXUSAOthersecondsWhite light streak in the sky traveling East to West at a very very fast speed with no sound9/13/02
9/9/02 19:30Thailand (northeast)Thailand & MalaysiaChanging5-10 minsyou can see or documented another type ball of lights which be appearing in northeast thailand soon before end of oct. 26 200210/15/02
9/9/02 19:05Moriches Bay (Long Island)NYUSAFishing boat skipper reports hearing dramatic UFO report to U. S. Coast Guard over radio.10/15/02
9/9/02 19:02Moriches Bay (Long Island/Atlantic Ocean)NYUSA30 sec.Two men report witnessing a peculiar object descends from the sky, levels out, streaks east over water.9/13/02
9/9/02 19:02Moriches Bay (Long Island)NYUSA1 minute, or less.U. S. Coast Guard (Boston) forwards report of sighting off Long Island by two witnesses on sailboat.9/13/02
9/9/02 09:30MehoopanyPAUSAChevron15 min2 UFOs spotted over Mehoopany PA.9/13/02
9/9/02 02:25Lisbon (Portugal)PortugalChevron2 'chevron formed by dim white lights moving north-south9/19/02
9/9/02 01:05HollandOHUSAOval3 or 4 secondsAt first glance I thought it was a shooting star but it caught my eye and moved in a straight line and seemingly not with the curvature9/13/02
9/8/02 23:30OskaloosaIAUSAOthercontinuousStationary object with red, white and blue flashing lights.9/13/02
9/8/02 23:13FallonNVUSATriangle10 secondsFallon Triangle seen by Ufo Television Talk Show Host9/13/02
9/8/02 23:00MilfordOHUSATriangle2or3minBright flashing lights9/13/02
9/8/02 22:45FoxboroughMAUSATriangle2 or 3 minutesTriangular craft with 4 white lights seen in early September over the skies of Foxborough Massachusetts.12/23/02
9/8/02 22:30GlenfieldNYUSACircle1:00a.m.I live upstate NY, and not only on the night mentioned but a couple of previous nights have seen very clearly, as well as husband and f9/13/02
9/8/02 22:00HamburgNYUSACircleA few minutesIt was too large to be Venus or a Star, and there was multiple witnesses.3/21/03
9/8/02 21:45CalifonNJUSACircleEgg-shaped craft moving slowly, descended below horizon the headed away to West Observed with telescope a stationary cylindrical obj9/13/02
9/8/02 21:00Langle (Canada)BCCanadaDisk30 secondsUFO's light scans me, 2 other witnesses.9/13/02
9/8/02 21:00MatthewsNCUSAFireballas long as i could see itFlaming Fireball sitting in the sky immoble over a house!9/13/02
9/8/02 20:30GranbyCTUSAOval3 to 5 minutesBright stationary oval in western sky, changing from white to red to greenish blue, no noise at all, dogs barking in neighborhood9/13/02
9/8/02 20:25PomonaCAUSACircleAll night5-6 red circles, stationary.9/19/02
9/8/02 20:00JamaicaNYUSADisk15 minutesspoting in Queens, New York9/13/02
9/8/02 20:00Washington, D.C. (Georgetown)DCUSARectangle30 minRed white and green rectangular object tilted rhythmically while moving horizontally above the Potomic River.9/13/02
9/8/02 18:45Hilton HeadSCUSAOther15 minutesOver about a 15-minute period, I saw either 6 or 7 bright white, rice-shaped objects moving steadily across the sky.9/13/02
9/8/02 18:15AbileneTXUSADisk5-6 sec.I was taking a walk with a friend of mine when we looked up and saw a strange object. It was silver coloured and shaped somewhat like a9/13/02
9/8/02 16:00New York City (Manhattan)NYUSASphere1-2hrEleven objects over Manhatten for nearly 2 hours.9/13/02
9/8/02 13:30MillstoneNJUSALight<1 minuteDancing light in sky over N.J. pulsed, vanished in perfect visibility9/13/02
9/8/02 11:00Friday HarborWAUSADisk7 minutesSlowly moving black or silver flat, doughnut, saucer-shaped disk seen by 3 observers on San Juan Island10/28/02
9/8/02 03:20AccordNYUSALight2 minutes3 bright UFO over ulster county-Aliens at the Art Farm9/13/02
9/8/02 03:00WaldenVTUSAFormation2 minutestriangular light formation9/13/02
9/8/02 02:00AvistonILUSADiamond3 minutes4 craft seen hovering in illinois11/4/02
9/8/02 00:20New York City (Staten Island)NYUSALight10 secondslight splits into two objects then rejoins.9/13/02
9/7/02 23:45SterlingVAUSALight1 hour +Stationary light (flashing red, yellow, and blue) in north-east sky9/13/02
9/7/02 23:15GuntersvilleALUSAOtherLess than 5 minutesTwo comet-like objects passed in front of us, but each in two different directions (horizontally & ascending) within seconds apart.9/13/02
9/7/02 22:48Trout LakeWAUSATriangle20 secondsTriangle formation at trout lake, have video9/19/02
9/7/02 22:30St.RoseILUSATriangle2 minutes4 trinagular crafts seen in illinois10/28/02
9/7/02 22:30Hull (Canada)PQCanadaFormation30 seconds4 lights moving in losange(french word) formation at even speed, not blinking, and at least 1 km wide9/13/02
9/7/02 22:23TulsaOKUSAFlash5-7 secondsShimmering bluish/green flash in the southeastern sky9/13/02
9/7/02 22:15CastletonVTUSALight15-20 sec.I was watching the northern lights when I saw three lights in a triangular patter heading due south. I abserved them straight above me 9/19/02
9/7/02 22:10BridgewaterMAUSAUnknown60 SecondsThree bright objects move across the sky in formation then dissapear.9/13/02
9/7/02 22:00RochesterNYUSAOval1 hourUfo's seen hovering around the Rochester area9/13/02
9/7/02 22:00LaSalleMIUSAOther1-2hrsI saw what looked like a twinkling star with lights on it that were green, red and white - flashing.9/13/02
9/7/02 21:30SeattleWAUSACircle15 MinutesVery large white, green and red light hovering in one position in the southwest sky. Turned off a couple of times, but only for a few 9/13/02
9/7/02 20:30Mt. Juliet (near Nashville)TNUSALight5 secondslarge red lights hovered above dark field, then in the sky looked like star w/red-twinkling lights, saw space-ship thru binoculars9/13/02
9/7/02 20:30JacksonvilleFLUSAFlash1 secondObject appeared as a slow moving shooting star, that performed an "S" manuver before vanishing from sight9/13/02
9/7/02 15:40Elk GroveCAUSALight1 hourRed / Orange light in a fixed position9/13/02
9/7/02 15:00AstoriaNYUSACircleabout 30 minUFO over Manhattan9/13/02
9/7/02 07:15CaliforniaPAUSARectangle05A square flat-looking white object moved steadily not tumbling in a straight line NW to SE as fast as alow flying plane.9/13/02
9/7/02 04:21EssecvilleMIUSATriangle5 minutes3 star like objects in equalateral form floating slowly through the sky9/13/02
9/7/02 04:00FraminghamMAUSALight90 secThree distinct lights traveling west to east. Initially thought to be a satellite until I realized there were actually three separate o9/13/02
9/7/02 01:30Ottawa (Canada)ONCanadaFormation15 minThis massive ship, covered with bright white lights, hovered over the water passing my tent and stopped to hover 30 ft . away from me3/4/03
9/7/02 01:30SeattleWAUSATriangle20 secondsLarge black triangle w/ 3 lights on tips hovering low over office buildings in downtown Seattle.9/13/02
9/7/02 01:00Colorado (eastern)COUSAFormation3 hoursStrange objects over eastern colorado3/21/03
9/7/02PortsmouthOHUSAChanging15 minutesA bright red light hoovering in the sky.9/13/02
9/6/02 23:00West NewtonPAUSAUnknownon-goingFlashing red, blue, yellow, green lights - stationery object.9/13/02
9/6/02 22:55Bad AxeMIUSATriangle1minutewas sitting on front porch saw a triangular shaped craft pass from north to south,had three lights that were dim like a satalite flew v9/13/02
9/6/02 22:50Cleveland (Shaker Heights)OHUSAFormationabout a minute3 "stars" formed a triangle and moved and then disapeared one by one.9/13/02
9/6/02 22:50Rodney (Canada)ONCanadaLight4 minutesSouthwestern Ontario sighting9/13/02
9/6/02 22:15LawrenceKSUSATriangle15 secondsChevron or V shaped formation of hazy (no lights) objects silently moving at incredible speed.11/4/02
9/6/02 22:10MesaAZUSACircleseveral minutesAt about 10 PM I witnessed several small circles of light moving around in the sky, (South West.) I immdediatly got some friends who li9/13/02
9/6/02 22:00Kunsan City, South KoreaSouth KoreaTriangle1 minuteTriangular ,Cloud like shape9/13/02
9/6/02 22:00Central CaliforniaCAUSAOthera kind of a core that was not translucent, but it seemed as though the outer edges resembled a hazy rainbow of color9/13/02
9/6/02 21:00BaggsWYUSAOval1 minuteblue florecent oval with a red long tail,saw it out of a window,went from the west to the east at high rate of speed,went into a cloud 9/19/02
9/6/02 21:00SheridanWYUSAOval20 secondsblue-green bright oval was spotted 20 miles south of Sheridan, WY descending to earth9/13/02
9/6/02 20:30GilletteWYUSAFireball5 secondsNeon green flying object seen over Gillette, Wyoming9/13/02
9/6/02 20:30SpearfishSDUSACigar1-2 minutesI saw a cigar shaped, glowing blue object travelling at a high rate of speed.9/28/02
9/6/02 20:30FraserCOUSATriangle1 minuteTriangular shape with long, blunt nose; light fluorescent green; appeared suddenly, moving east.10/15/02
9/6/02 20:30BellvueCOUSATeardrop2 min.Teardrop shape that created a tail flying low and parallel to the gound.9/13/02
9/6/02 19:00Glen BurnieMDUSACylinder10 secondsCylinder light disapears without a trace Near BWI airport in MD. Cylinder gets skinnier and then disapears like when turning off a TV.9/13/02
9/6/02 19:00HarrisburgPAUSAChangingapprox. 3 mins3 lights in the sky which stayed lit for 2/3 seconds in one pattern, disappeared and reappeared in different patterns...9/13/02
9/6/02 10:15LawrenceKSUSACircle2 min5 objects of circular shape make a W shape in the sky9/13/02
9/6/02 05:15ColumbusOHUSAUnknown1-2 minutesIn Columbus, Ohio we heard music and saw flashing lights that appeared to be coming from something flying through our neighborhood.9/6/02
9/6/02 02:30Marble CliffOHUSATriangle10 minutesmusical triangular cratf9/13/02
9/6/02 00:00Mbour (Senegal)SenegalLight1 minuteIn Mbour, Senegal, ( 14deg.,25 min. N , 17 deg. W ) looking at the sky out over the Atlantic Ocean ( i.e. on the W coast of Africa look5/11/05
9/5/02 23:00HoustonTXUSADisk2 minsExtreme large, very bright orb gave off no light to anything else, observed in texas.4/27/07
9/5/02 22:55Pleasant PrairieWIUSATriangle5 minutesVery large triangular object seen in Southeast Wisconsin9/13/02
9/5/02 21:45ColomaWIUSAdaysAirplane like object stationary in the north sky emitting red, white, and green (or blue) light.9/6/02
9/5/02 20:30MadisonWIUSAOther10 minutesTriangular formation of what looked like stars in shape and bightness9/13/02
9/5/02 20:00Mt. VernonINUSALight2 hrsBright Light seemed to draw nearer9/13/02
9/5/02 18:00AppalachiaVAUSACrossCraft vanishes over S.W. Va. in daylight.9/6/02
9/5/02 17:00LouisvilleKYUSADisk30 secs to 1 minSilver saucer shaped craft moving in rapid eratic movements and 90 degree turns.4/27/04
9/5/02 08:45Willow BrookILUSAChanging2 minutesWhile sitting In our living room my girlfriend was alerted to the window due to a helicopter passing over, It was then she noticed an o9/6/02
9/5/02 05:30AuburnPAUSAOtherAt least 15 minutesTriangle formation of three erratically moving starlike lights9/6/02
9/5/02 00:00Agria - Volos (Greece)GreeceLight40 - 50 secsDancing Lights over Greek sky.9/6/02
9/5/02 00:00RicevilleFLUSAFlash10 seconds2 flashing lights9/13/02
9/4/02 23:59Fort WayneINUSAOther10 minutesA very strange light observant at midnight.9/6/02
9/4/02 23:45Mt. PleasantMIUSALight2-3 secondsBright amber light gently zig-zags downward and ball of light outside of my home.9/6/02
9/4/02 21:24LynnwoodWAUSALight2 minutesInteresting aerial phenomena just after darkfall9/6/02
9/4/02 21:00Washington IslandWIUSALight5 minutes4 large bright white lights in the night sky some flashing and 2 coming on together/no sound9/6/02
9/4/02 21:00Fort WorthTXUSATriangle10-15 minutesVery LARGE V shaped objects or objects9/17/03
9/4/02 20:56Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaDiamond10 minutesThey flew a certain distance from each other. The way they flew was not like an airplane. They flew in spurts really quick, sometimes i9/6/02
9/4/02 01:45UplandCAUSADiamondAs these were too far away to determine the shape of them they just looked like stars only with blinking red, white & green lights. At9/6/02
9/4/02 00:01RichmondMEUSASphere12.00AM to 4PMthese objects darted about. Quarter size objects with radiant light beams all around hovered in vertical line then darted9/6/02
9/4/02BrooksvilleFLUSASphere35minwe got photos9/6/02
9/3/02 23:00FerndaleWAUSAOther10 secondsI was watching the Northern Lights last night with my boyfriend. He was looking at constellations through binoculars when I saw it. A9/6/02
9/3/02 22:30Willernie/StillwaterMNUSAOther30 minutesWe saw two balls of light aimed at each other and after they passed each other one dissappeared, the other stayed and changed colors.9/6/02
9/3/02 22:15DelafieldWIUSA2 minutesTriangle formation of 3 objects traveling east in earth orbit.9/6/02
9/3/02 22:00RoswellNMUSAUnknown2 minutesHumming, oscillating sounds outside of Roswell, NM9/13/02
9/3/02 21:10Las VegasNVUSAFireball5 minutesRed Glow Streaks Across Southwest -- Crashes to Earth9/13/02
9/3/02 21:00Ingersoll (Canada)ONCanadaUnknowncontinuousDull to brilliant craft travelling across sky - no trails, no flashing lights, much faster than airplanes. Never seen anything like it9/6/02
9/3/02 20:00WashingtonMOUSATeardrop2 minutesI SEE THINGS IN THE SKY ALL THE TIME10/28/02
9/3/02 17:30Cathedral CityCAUSAChanging60-90 MinutesTwo white translucent "jellyfish" objects repeatedly change shape; 5-10 thousand feet high in blue afternoon sky 60-90 Minutes.9/13/02
9/3/02 12:00Rennes (France)FranceDiamondsecondsThrere was a C30 military transport fly at 200 ft at 250+ mph when this thing came into veiw pursuing the plane.9/13/02
9/3/02 05:15AustinTXUSAOval15 secondsBright Star-Like object obsevered in South-East Sky9/13/02
9/3/02 03:00HatfieldPAUSACircle15 minutes3 circular shapes moving in fast/slow intermittant speeds. Moving odd distances across sky then to another. One darted off before the o9/6/02
9/3/02 00:35OneontaNYUSADiamond3 MinutesDiamond-shaped object with 4 blinking lights very high9/6/02
9/2/02 21:55Dartmouth (Canada)NSCanadaTriangleI am entering this as todays date and time because I do not remember when these events happened even though they have been over the pas9/6/02
9/2/02 20:00BoulderCOUSALight20 secondsGlowing orbs sighted at University of Colorado at Boulder9/6/02
9/2/02 19:02SpokaneWAUSAOther30minutesa black box object11/28/07
9/2/02 02:30LodiCAUSAChevron2 hoursTwo large groupings sighted in NE and E part of the sky outside of Lodi/Stockton California9/6/02
9/2/02 02:20Peterborough (UK/England)United KingdomLight1 minuteBright Flashing light that disappeared after bright flash.9/6/02
9/2/02 00:00OwatonnaMNUSAFormation3 sec.White triangler formation9/6/02
9/2/02ChicagoILUSAten minutesUFO observation and alien visit9/2/05
9/1/02 23:59Trout Lake (Mt. Adams)WAUSATriangle1 minuteOregon UFO Review Case: Triangle formations over Washington and Oregon checked against satellite data...OUFOR.9/13/02
9/1/02 23:50ScappooseORUSATriangle15 secondsWhile camping on an island on the Columbia River with perfect visibility, four adults witnessed what I believe to be three objects, but10/28/02
9/1/02 23:34Norwich (UK/England)United KingdomOval5 minuteswhite object with green and red lights all the way round blinking in sequence. Oval like shape, with a low hummmmm sound9/6/02
9/1/02 23:15Trout LakeWAUSATriangle1 minutetriangular formation of white lights moving and making a 180 degree turn9/6/02
9/1/02 23:00RepublicWAUSALight10 minutesThe speed at which this light traveled was beyond anything we have on this earth, and then the flash was overwhelming.9/6/02
9/1/02 23:00Leeds (UK/England)United KingdomDiamond30 secondsDiamond craft - lights on bottom and top10/17/03
9/1/02 23:00Des moinesIAUSALightHoursWhen I was about 10, I had laid down in bed. I looked at the clock and it was almost 11 at night. I turned my attention to the tv and w9/5/17
9/1/02 22:00Rapid CityWYUSALight<5 minutesVery fast, silent UFO with green lights. Flying very low - just above the tree line .3/31/21
9/1/02 21:30OmahaNEUSAUnknown5 minutesWhat a way to start September.9/6/02
9/1/02 20:30TopekaKSUSATriangle15 minutesMe and my husband saw a triangular UFO very closely in KS. It was losing control, then regained and took off.1/19/05
9/1/02 20:30Puerto Vallarta (Mexico)MexicoOther3 TO 5 MINSSomething definitely seen and video taped while vacationing in Puerto Vallarta, Mex.2/22/05
9/1/02 20:10Polonnaruwa (Sri Lanka)Sri LankaDisk0509/01/2002 saucer shape , no sound, stationed at one place for 05 minutes and disappeared.8/4/03
9/1/02 20:00Lake VillaILUSASphere15 secondsSilver spherical object emitting green flame trail traveling right past me3/4/08
9/1/02 19:30OracleAZUSADisk10 minuttesDisc (100 ft diameter) came out of cloud-hovered at altitude of 200 feet for 10 minutes. -15 people witness siting.12/7/06
9/1/02 18:30CantonmentFLUSARectangle7 minutesunexplained but was nice to see9/13/02
9/1/02 11:30SturbridgeMAUSAChanging10 minutesUnidentified Objects sighted in local town!9/13/02
9/1/02 06:30EdinboroPAUSAUnknown10 minutesstrange contrail in the northwestern pa. sky over lake erie.9/19/02
9/1/02 04:00SacramentoCAUSALight3 minutesSept. 1, 2002 4 am at Sacramento, CA ....At 4am my dog started barking so I got up to see what was going on. On my way back in I glan9/6/02
9/1/02 00:15Parry Sound (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle30 secondsTriangular shaped object / lights over Parry Sound, Ontario. Sunday Sept 1, 20029/6/02