National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 03/2002


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
3/31/02 21:45WindsorCAUSAFireball2minsGlowing Balls of fire 3 Large and 16 small in the sky4/8/02
3/31/02 21:00Puerto Penasco (Mexico)MexicoCircle1 hourcamping on the beach looking at what we thought was a shooting star and it was falling from the sky over the ocean only it stopped, it 4/25/02
3/31/02 21:00Puerto Penasco (Mexico)MexicoCircle1 hourI wrote to you about the sighting my family had over the ocean on March 31, 2002, in Puerto Penasco , Mexico aka Rocky Point... you as4/25/02
3/31/02 18:31San DimasCAUSADisk1 secondUFO over Lake4/8/02
3/31/02 17:30BoulderCOUSAOval30 SecondsThe metal oval objects were there and then they were gone without a trace!4/8/02
3/31/02 04:44Amsterdam (Netherlands)NetherlandsCircle4 minutesAs it broadened in shape the centre of it would turn dark as if hallow(empty) in fact at a point it was so large that it seemed like on4/8/02
3/30/02 23:00GreshamORUSALight10 MinutesBright RED light spotted in Southern sky traveling East4/8/02
3/30/02 22:25San BernardinoCAUSAOval1-2 Min.Orange/red craft appears over backyard 2 obejects ejected from it then pulses and disappears. Twice!4/8/02
3/30/02 22:00SalomeAZUSACylinder3 hoursNobody can explain what we saw,I know it's not a weather ballon or star.4/8/02
3/30/02 21:00TexarkanaTXUSACircle1 minuteBRIGHT blue neon light going across sky(no streaks) and about the size of three stars.8/16/02
3/30/02 20:30ComstockTXUSAOtherunknownI saw no flying object.2/25/03
3/30/02 19:50JacksonvilleFLUSAChanging7 secondsCluster of lights passing overhead at high speed simultaneously changing configuration4/8/02
3/30/02 14:30Martinez LakeAZUSASphere2-3 min.The friends I was with decided to take their boat up river 10 to 15 miles and go swimming in one of the inlets. While we were out there4/8/02
3/30/02 14:30Martinez LakeCAUSASphere2 minutes5 Dancing Spheres4/8/02
3/29/02 21:30Bakersfield (I-5 north of)CAUSATriangle3minlarge triangle shaped object with 3 bright lights on front on I-5 north of bakersfield,ca4/8/02
3/29/02 21:00Bakersfield (1 hour north of)CAUSADiamond1-2 mintriangle shaped object off of I5 California 3/29/024/8/02
3/29/02 19:20SalemORUSATriangle5 minutesThree witness low hovering craft over farm field...joint NUFORC and OUFOR investigation.4/25/02
3/29/02 19:00FarmersvilleCAUSALight10-15 secondsObserved bright light traveling rapidly northwest to northeast.4/8/02
3/29/02 19:00BayfieldCOUSACircle30 minutesSaw same object as people in Washington on 22nd. Western Sky.4/8/02
3/29/02 17:45Last ChanceCOUSAEgg15 min.Unknown oval object illuminated silently, startling cattle and observers.9/13/02
3/29/02 15:00Apple ValleyCAUSAChevron20secondsReflected Impulse in desert sky.4/8/02
3/29/02 00:20Coombs (Canada)BCCanadaCircle10mini live in the woods so there are no other lights around, plus tonite is overcast so there were no stars in the sky or no moon, I was ta4/8/02
3/28/02 21:20WoburnMAUSAChevron20 secondsAn object shaped like a 'V' , flew across the face of the moon.4/8/02
3/28/02 18:54GorhamNHUSALight10 secondsthe craft was a big bright gold light that moved for one place in the sky to another in a blink of an eye4/8/02
3/28/02 18:47RocklinCAUSALight2 Sec.Light seen over Auburn Ca.4/8/02
3/28/02 17:30St. LouisMOUSADiamond11minutesFlying diamond shape in St. Louis, Missouri4/8/02
3/28/02 14:00WanaqueNJUSAOtherabout 4 min.i was playing catch with my self, when i saw something in the sky. i looked up, and i saw alot of yellow dots flying in the sky. i loke4/25/02
3/28/02 01:35HamdenCTUSACircleabout 2 secondsFast moving large bright object seen over south central Connecticut at 1:35 AM on 3-28-02.4/8/02
3/27/02 21:00Winnipeg (Canada)MBCanadaFlash45 secondsThe craft was fast and strobing.4/8/02
3/27/02 19:50Nottingham (UK/England)United KingdomCone30 secondsSingle large cone shaped flying object with red and yellow flashing lights around the base.4/8/02
3/27/02 18:00Newmarket (Canada)ONCanadaChevron3minutes"v" shaped orange/red thing in sky moving slowly in the distance.4/8/02
3/27/02 15:00Cedar RapidsIAUSASphere5 minutesspherical solid object bright white hovering high up in clear sky then moving slowly out of sight4/8/02
3/26/02 23:30BorgerTXUSACircle10 secondsSaw flying object travel very quickly, stop, then accelerate again4/8/02
3/26/02 22:25Maribor (Slovenia)SloveniaTriangle15 minMe and my 2 friends were hanging around when we heard a strange noise. We didn't know where it came from, at first we thought it came f4/8/02
3/26/02 20:47LincolnNEUSAChanging6 minutesI saw two space alien ships fighting with each other, and making weird sounds and seeing different lights and shapes.6/12/02
3/26/02 19:22NaplesMEUSATriangleit was 7:22 pm,and it was snowing out,and i was out side shoveling,when i saw this triangular shape come across the made no soun4/8/02
3/25/02 22:20El CerritoCAUSALight1 minutegreen light of varying intensity, speed and direction4/8/02
3/25/02 09:00FountainCOUSAChevron10 minJust found your site,so I thought I would send in a sighting. This ocurred before 2002,but do not know exactly. I live about 10-15 mile3/28/04
3/24/02 03:00Coventry (UK/England)United KingdomSphere10secFour round orange objects moving in an organised manner across the sky in two pairs. moving too rapidly for aircraft.4/8/02
3/23/02 23:00ColoradoCOUSAUnknownTwo Nightsthey took me up in the sky in a "dream"8/12/08
3/23/02 21:45HarmonyMNUSAFireball5 minutesWe saw a bright red orange flickering fireball moving slowly for 5 to 7 minutes then flames falling down it then it disappeared.4/8/02
3/23/02 17:06Gilbert (ene of)AZUSACircle5 minutesLarge daytime starlike craft videotaped for over three minutes north of Gilbert, Az.4/8/02
3/23/02 16:00ThomasvilleGAUSALight30 minutesLights in the sky appeared like a string of pearls.4/8/02
3/23/02 11:07AlleganyNYUSAChangingten minutesObject in the sky4/8/02
3/23/02 02:32Nashville (near)TNUSACircle5 minutesI was driving home from Missouri to Florida..near Nashville, TN at 2:32 in the morning, I saw a large circular craft in the sky. At fir4/8/02
3/22/02 23:00OxnardCAUSALight20fading light6/12/02
3/22/02 18:30WheatonILUSAChanging2 minawe struck by two lights on a collision coarce only to stop and become a single parallel line4/8/02
3/22/02 00:00Hamilton (Canada)ONCanadaTeardrop5 minstear shaped object over hamilton ontario4/8/02
3/21/02 23:12GreenfieldILUSAUnknown5 minThe ufo had two very bright lights side by side it was moving slowly and made a hovering sound.4/8/02
3/21/02 22:30SpokaneWAUSAUnknown5 minutesFriggen freaky4/8/02
3/21/02 20:26San AnselmoCAUSAChevron2 min"V" pattern over hill came towards me, zig-zagged slowly and then "flew" away very quickly4/8/02
3/21/02 19:10Los AngelesCAUSAOval5 munutesI was able to capture video of the object over the ocean in the Santa Monica area.7/1/02
3/21/02 17:35BellevilleMIUSACircle10 secondssmall circular silverish object in sky doing small circles in sky not like any airplane could do as fast and small of circle4/8/02
3/21/02 12:30Coquitlam (Canada)BCCanadaOval5 minutesThey are out there...I have seen them!2/14/06
3/21/02 03:04Greenwich (UK/England)United KingdomCircle10 MinCircular Silver craft noted above the horizon. The UFO shot directly up into the clouds. The objcet emitted an orange flame as it inc10/27/04
3/21/02OviedoFLUSASphere30 secondsTwo small Sphere shaped crafts that were zigzagging while flying quickly through the air. (Metalic, shinny surface)4/8/02
3/20/02 23:30QuartziteAZUSAOther45 secondsVery bright circular light with a rounded dark object behind it appeared, moving S to NE, then disappeared.4/8/02
3/20/02 22:00ShermanTXUSAI need to inform you of something that I recalled, after I filed (the original report which is shown below:) Occurred : 3/20/2002 22:5/8/14
3/20/02 22:00ShermanTXUSAUnknown30 minutes, at leastSherman, TX. Police Officers and People in Neighborhood See UFO Flying Above Power Lines10/15/02
3/20/02 20:50PhoenixAZUSACircle1MINThe object was traveling at high speed from the south heading north then made a sharp turn upward and disappeared (yikes)4/8/02
3/20/02 20:31St. Albert and Cassleman (btwn) (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown3 minsthey were bright firey yellowish lights4/8/02
3/20/02 19:35PhoenixAZUSAOther4hoursAmber orbs that glow bright, disappear and reappear.4/8/02
3/20/02 17:40CincinnatiOHUSASphere20-30 secondsWe spotted several spherical objects that moved in straight lines, and also hovered in place for several seconds.4/8/02
3/20/02 06:15San BernardinoCAUSALight8 minutesThree very large triangular widely separated lights in the sky which formed a triangular pattern.4/8/02
3/20/02 01:00DoylestownPAUSADisk10 MinutesAt about 1 AM three discs appeared silently over the Courthouse in Doylestown. They hovered silently for 10 minutes then quickly sped a4/8/02
3/19/02 19:32HaywardCAUSAFireball2 sec.Fast, bright and low flying UFO seen over Hayward, CA.4/8/02
3/19/02 19:30PacificaCAUSAFireball2.5 secondsGreen-white intense light darting horizontally across the clear evening sky.4/8/02
3/19/02 14:06FranklinTNUSAChevron45 min.Wavey object in the sky8/28/03
3/19/02 14:00NashvilleTNUSADisksecondsNashville, TN near airport4/8/02
3/19/02 13:00Dallas/Grand PrairieTXUSASphere15 minsthe three balls moved like three fling magic balls4/9/04
3/19/02 08:05WaterfordMIUSATriangleYellow and red lights about 200 feet in the air. Object seen for about 3 min. and then disapeared don't know if there was an effect on 4/8/02
3/19/02 04:00Wisbech (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown5 minutesoscillating noise above house4/8/02
3/18/02 23:00LaceyWAUSAUnknown10 seconds((HOAX??)) 2 Slow moving red orbs desapearing right under the trees ((anonymous report))3/23/18
3/18/02 22:00Mountain ViewCAUSAFlash1.5 secsvery sharp, very bright, intense green light - moved like a meteor3/19/02
3/18/02 22:00BloomingtonTXUSASphereapprox. minutes3 spheres flashed colrs as we were riding our bikes in a circle around a lantern.4/25/02
3/18/02 20:34Travis CountyTXUSATriangle3-4 MinutesMy friend and i saw a triangle that couldn't possibly be a plane4/8/02
3/18/02 16:22Santa MonicaCAUSACylinder6 min.Daytime UFO over Santa Monica Ca.4/8/02
3/18/02 16:22Santa MonicaCAUSACylinder6 min.Clear day cylinder UFO caught on tape over Santa Monica , California.4/8/02
3/18/02 03:00EdisonNJUSAFlash<1 minuteIn mid night, flashing big yellow white lights soared past my window but then my neighbor claims to have seen it too.7/5/05
3/17/02 22:00San JoseCAUSAFlash10 secondsVery low, very long, metor-like flash across sky4/8/02
3/17/02 20:30RichmondRIUSALight1 minuteA light followed me home and then dissapeared!4/8/02
3/17/02 18:34AlgonaWAUSAFireball2 secondsBright green fireball streaks across Northwestern sky3/19/02
3/17/02 18:30ShorelineWAUSAOther5 secondsViewed bright elliptical object descending in the north sky.4/25/02
3/17/02 11:33EastchesterNYUSADiamond3:32Diamond shaped, mid day I videotaped it.3/31/08
3/17/02 11:20EastchesterNYUSADiamond5 min+Diamond shaped in broad daylight. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting by police officer, with video footage. PD))10/30/06
3/17/02 01:55Walla WallaWAUSALight20-25 minsBright stationary light seen in NW sky.3/19/02
3/17/02 00:15Globe (20 miles east of)AZUSAEgg2 minutesEgg shaped light spotted, over an hour of time lost?12/9/03
3/16/02 22:00Lake WorthFLUSAFormation45-60 SecondsMultiple witnesses to multiple objects3/19/02
3/16/02 20:30Grand RapidsMIUSAChevron3 minutes3 quick, "V" shaped objects flew over my house within 1 minute of each other.3/19/02
3/16/02 20:20RolfeIAUSAUnknown2 min.4 lights in a row with 2 on the end at a angle at the end i think what the end was. all the lights went off an on for three or four tim3/19/02
3/16/02 19:10GranvilleNYUSA5 minutesStrange Lunar Eclipse4/8/02
3/16/02 14:00SlidellLAUSATeardrop10 SecondsAmoeba like plasma "craft".3/19/02
3/16/02 03:30LevittownNYUSADiskWatching what seemed to be a meteor shower when we saw this massive ship it was dark stainless steal with bubble top and bubble bottom.12/16/05
3/15/02 23:00Oval6 secondsufo on movie film8/28/02
3/15/02 22:45LakelandFLUSAEgg30 secondsbright egg shaped object,no trail.3/19/02
3/15/02 21:15Cape CoralFLUSAOval3 min.Low flying oval shaped craft with red & green lights4/8/02
3/15/02 21:00Manchester/York CountiesPAUSAOtherless than 1 min.friday I saw a thing in the sky went right then up then gone8/28/03
3/15/02 20:45MidlandTXUSAOvalabout 3 minutesUnidentified oval shape object seen in Texas7/26/02
3/15/02 20:45Old HickoryTNUSADiamondfew secondsIt was a black, diamond/kite shaped craft.3/19/02
3/15/02 20:30GallupNMUSALight5 minutesStrange star-like object emits lights from sky.2/12/04
3/15/02 19:50ClaytonNJUSALight20 min.we saw lights in a cloud3/19/02
3/15/02 19:30YumaAZUSALight10 minutesSomething that looked like a rocket, very bright, flying into the sky and then disappearing.3/19/02
3/15/02 19:17PhoenixAZUSAFireball1 minuteLarge zig zagging light West of South Mountain, Arizona3/19/02
3/15/02 19:15GlendaleAZUSACircle1 minuteLighted object vaporized in a cloud of "fog" before my eyes.3/19/02
3/15/02 19:00Kingman (outside of)AZUSACylinder1 hourFlash of light, sky opened-circular cloud like forms-lights on the horizon around Kingman/Laughlin area through the dam area4/8/02
3/15/02 19:00LehiUTUSAChanging10 minutesIt was leaving a thick trail of smoke, steam or exhaust and was illuminated with white and red lights and making no noise.9/29/02
3/15/02 18:30Grand Canyon (unsure, on route 66 heading to the)AZUSATrianglefew minutes3/15/02, Arizona, triangular light leaving zig zag vapor which turned into rainbow light8/16/02
3/15/02 18:30SunnyvaleCAUSA20 minuteszig-zag persistent low-altitude contrail3/19/02
3/15/02 18:25Los AngelesCAUSAFireball4 MINHello, I am a recent engineering graduate from USC. I live near University of Southern California (USC). I witnessed a very strange 3/19/02
3/15/02 18:15Las VegasNVUSALight30 secondsCrazy light in the sky disentegrates3/19/02
3/15/02 18:00Las VegasNVUSACircle3-4 minuteswhite light in a cloud like form (but no clouds) moving slowly East and than disinigrated4/8/02
3/15/02 18:00La QuintaCAUSAOtherAbout 30 min.Strange jet-trail-like thing sighted over mountains3/19/02
3/15/02 18:00Prescott (near; Hwy 89)AZUSAOther6hrs.strange cloud plumes over the northern desert sky3/19/02
3/15/02 17:30Ponca CityOKUSAChanging2 or 3 minutesObject tailing military jet7/30/02
3/15/02 16:00BokeeliaFLUSAOval20 secondsI enroute to Cayo Costa State Park via the inter-island ferry service. During the trip I was casually observing the scenery, not really3/19/02
3/15/02 14:55Aberdare (UK/Wales)United KingdomSphere10 minsSilver ball in the sky hides in a cloud4/8/02
3/15/02 13:00PensacolaFLUSADisk1 minutePensacola Florida sighting of light shiny disk object in March 20026/12/02
3/15/02 13:00Melbourne (VIC, Australia)AustraliaTeardrop15minsTear drop shiny object over Melbourne3/17/04
3/15/02BokeeliaFLUSAThis to elaborate on my sighting,and to confirm the date (I read the posted report and saw the remarks). One thing I failed to mention 4/8/02
3/14/02 22:45Lake ForestILUSAUnknown5 secondsFlourescent white-green 'fireball' from NW Corner of sky in Illinois3/19/02
3/14/02 20:30CleburneTXUSADisk12 minutes or moreThis huge object surely was seen by others just due to its tremendous size. No doubt about it: this was not any form of 'known' craft.4/8/02
3/14/02 19:00Flagstaff (north of)AZUSALight1 minuteLight beam in twilight sky5/14/02
3/14/02 14:56WanaqueNJUSAOtherabout 9minI saw 300 little dots flying really high, forming some kind of shape.4/8/02
3/14/02 00:00HartlandMEUSACircleAPX 30 MINBIG AND BRIGHT5/14/02
3/13/02 22:55DawsonvilleGAUSALight2 to 3 secondsthere was a light that lasted for 2 to 3 second maximum and it was gone over the horizon.3/19/02
3/13/02 21:00RichardsonTXUSAOval20 min.Object hovers over house in populated neighborhood.6/4/04
3/13/02 20:00ChamaNMUSACone2 hrs.A large light was seen from a distance and it changed directions. After about 30 mins of watching this strobing light more lights were 3/19/02
3/13/02 20:00Gila BendAZUSACircle20 minsUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY IN THE SKY.3/19/02
3/13/02 18:30Puerto Penasco/N. Sea of Cortez (Mexico)MexicoLight5 minutesvery bright light with huge triangular vapor trail emitting from the bottom of the light source4/8/02
3/13/02 00:00Lac du Bonnet (Canada)MBCanadaSphere30 minSphere floating for 30 min.6/18/04
3/12/02 20:15PhoenixAZUSALight1.5hrLights in the southern Phoenix Area3/19/02
3/12/02 00:00Warrington (UK/England)United KingdomDisk12secsIT ALL HAPPENED SO FAST AND I WAS SCARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!3/19/02
3/11/02 22:00Des MoinesIAUSATeardrop5 minutesIt looked like a teardrop and kept dropping and rising back and forth in a diagnol pattern. My friend was standing next to me and saw 3/19/02
3/11/02 21:03Whitby (Canada)ONCanadaFireball20 secondsBright craft followed by 6 police aircraft.9/6/02
3/11/02 21:02RockfordILUSATriangleWhen watching Who's Line It was was going at high speeds, and was triangular.5/14/02
3/11/02 19:30SebastianFLUSATriangle20 secondsTriangle shaped craft with no sound flying over house4/8/02
3/11/02 19:30SebastianFLUSATriangle10 secondsGray Triangle moving fast. no sound or lights3/19/02
3/11/02 12:00SacramentoCAUSAOthersecondspicture of police copter and two ufos.4/8/02
3/11/02 11:30New York City (Yonkers)NYUSADiamond5 minutesI watched a diamond shaped craft hover for about 10 minutes, and captured some of it on video.4/25/02
3/11/02 00:00RialtoCAUSACircle1-9 minutesthey changed color.5/29/11
3/10/02 00:00Las VegasNVUSACircle1 hourTEN OBJECT'S SEEN BY ME AND MY CREW OF NINE AND IT'S REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!3/19/02
3/10/02 22:16Bandar Seri BegawanBruneiFireball5 minutesSpotted glowing green translucent object near Chung Hwa Middle School in Brunei Darussalam.10/15/02
3/10/02 21:43Lincoln (UK/England)United KingdomUnknownUnknownSmall object that circled a star10/15/02
3/10/02 20:04Patra (Greece)GreeceCircle5 sec each oneUNIQUE OCCURRENCE ! ! !10/28/02
3/10/02 19:20Michigan CityINUSAFireballsecondsLarge Fluoriscent fireball with long tail in Northern Indiana3/19/02
3/10/02 03:00AberdeenMDUSATriangle15 to 20 mini worked nights for rite aid distribution center as a yard jockey moving trailers around the yard to be loaded for the following day.5/12/09
3/10/02 02:00ChesapeakeVAUSAOther10 Minutes TopsFrom a Senior Correctional Officers eyes, what I've seen one night at work!2/14/06
3/10/02 01:30LawtonOKUSAFormation1-3 minLawton UFO3/19/02
3/9/02 16:00GlenwoodNMUSAFlash3 minthe object made a yellowish beam and made a strange fire like noise.3/19/02
3/9/02 08:30AnchorageAKUSATriangle10 minutesLow flying triangular craft noticed traveling south along mountain range in Anchorage.3/21/03
3/9/02 03:25SyracuseNYUSAFireball5 minutesFire ball spotted while on highway3/19/02
3/9/02 02:00AshgroveMOUSAUnknownunknownstrange sounds3/19/02
3/8/02 23:49AnnapolisMDUSATriangle5 secondsThree luminous triangles flying in formation4/8/02
3/7/02 21:30Kandy (Sri Lanka)Sri LankaChanging2minlight is going without sound at night3/19/02
3/7/02 20:15West HartfordCTUSAFlash3 secondsBright light trail followed by bright explsion traced back to Aircraft.3/19/02
3/7/02 19:30London (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle5 minutesit was two sets of what looked like around 30 stars in a triangular shape the over on cam 2 minutes later.3/19/02
3/7/02 18:00DublinNCUSACircle20 minutesglowball baffles locals5/14/02
3/7/02 14:34PensacolaFLUSAUnknown1 minutePensacola beach UFO sighting 2:34 pm3/19/02
3/7/02 09:30Roellen-Dyersburg areaTNUSAUnknownabout 10 minutesred and green lights that were convex shaped couldn't make out the shape of it ,it was small enough to be beside a house and over trees3/19/02
3/7/02 08:30VanceburgKYUSALightmatter of secondswhite lights appearing then turning bright red then go......3/19/02
3/7/02 07:40Tempe/Phoenix (city line)AZUSACircle45 to 60 secondMoving White DOT near Phoenix Sky Harbor Int. Airport3/19/02
3/7/02 03:45Almeria (Spain)SpainSphere30 secondsit was a very bright light , large and circular moving that caught our attention8/28/02
3/6/02 23:50BurneyCAUSAEgg6-7 minutesCaptured on video a very bright, fast moving and color changing object.3/19/02
3/6/02 23:45Birmingham (UK/England)United KingdomLight06.0minpulsing light seen over fields longbridge birmingham england6/12/02
3/6/02 10:05Des MoinesIAUSAOvalufo hovering near interstste.3/19/02
3/6/02 07:50WimberleyTXUSAUnknownat least 2 minutesI was drawn out my kitchen door by a hissing air sound, my step son had stepped outside just before me and had become aware of the soun3/19/02
3/6/02 03:30Valley MillsTXUSAFireball5 secondsFireball or meteor?3/19/02
3/6/02 02:40Sydney (NSW, Australia)AustraliaLight5minutesblue lights making sounds like beez5/24/05
3/5/02 23:45Cascavel (Brazil)BrazilUnknown+/-10 secondsFlashing light zigzagging extremely fast in the nocturnal sky3/19/02
3/5/02 20:10MarionVAUSARectangle5 minutesLooked like the bottom of a car3/19/02
3/5/02 15:00Los AngelesCAUSAChanging17 minThe sighting was over West Hollywood/Beverly Hills area. We video taped the whole sighting with a news camera. The first UFO was a whit3/19/02
3/4/02 23:05QuakertownPAUSALight10 minutesA blinking red light chased by two smaller lights3/19/02
3/4/02 22:10MarbleheadMAUSAFireball3 secondsGREEN LIGHT DARTS ACROSS SKY THEN FALLS.3/19/02
3/4/02 22:00ClevelandOHUSAChanging10 minutesStar-like objects change into triagle shaped craft in Slavic Village area, Cleveland7/26/02
3/4/02 21:44Hingham/RocklandMAUSALight3 secondsExtra large meteorite or something more local seen 'burning' and breaking up as it covered the entire southern sky.3/19/02
3/3/02 12:00El SegundoCAUSASphere30 minutessilver sphere over refinery by LAX9/13/02
3/2/02 22:30Redwood ValleyCAUSAUnknown40 mins.White light, blinking red lights, it moved all directions, hoovered for 40 mins. there was no sound then it slowly moved away and faded3/19/02
3/2/02 20:20MaltaMTUSAFireballapprox.3 min.bright orange-red ball in sky3/19/02
3/2/02 19:15WhitestoneNYUSATeardrop2 minutesblue silvery ship, had a calming effect, dog went crazy, i was rooted to the ground, vanished into thin air3/19/02
3/2/02 14:30Bridgetown (Barbados)BarbadosCylinder8 -10 secondsFast, high altitude tubular object with short uneven narrow contrail in clear skies with silvery body.3/19/02
3/2/02 08:00Rotterdam (Netherlands)NetherlandsRectangle15 secondsCRAFT TOOK OFF. STRUCTURE BUILT AND LEFT BEHIND. THE STRUCTURE IS STILL HERE.3/19/02
3/2/02Space via nasa tvChanging5-10 minSTS109 UFO video3/19/02
3/1/02 23:30HarpswellMEUSACigar5-8 minutesI saw a cylindrical colorful object that hovered for probably 2 - 5 minutes.3/19/02
3/1/02 19:00I-84 WestboundMAUSATriangleDrove byLow flying craft which began as a ball of white light, then looked like a triangle which hung low in the air over I-843/19/02
3/1/02 18:00EdmondsWAUSALight30 minutesBright plasma looking light over the Olympic Mountains3/19/02
3/1/02 17:00New OrleansLAUSASphere<1 minuteI saw a small white sphere cross the sky in a straight line9/4/03
3/1/02 13:00PensacolaFLUSADisk1 minutesilver shinny object in sky6/12/02
3/1/02 06:30PalmettoGAUSAFireball5 MinutesOdd fireball-like object in the sky over Palmetto, Georgia. 302683/19/02
3/1/02 06:15NaplesFLUSATriangle3 MinutesBlack Triangle, clearly seen slowly moving over Alligator Alley March 1st 6:15AM3/19/02
3/1/02 01:30GreensboroNCUSALight15 secondsthe object turned bright green and shot straight up into the sky faster than anything i have ever seen.11/26/03
3/1/02 00:38OceansideNYUSA10 sec.Checking out the sky as I do almost nightly when I come home from night shift in NYC, I saw 3 strobing lighte wayyyy up there as the we3/19/02
3/1/02 00:30KellerTXUSAUnknown3-5 minutesThey looked like 4 arched windows of white light that faded into the night.3/19/02