National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 07/2001


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
7/31/01 23:50BlanchesterOHUSATriangle8-10 minutessmooth, rounded, silent, triangular object following me...8/5/01
7/31/01 23:50BlanchesterOHUSATriangle8-10 min.At 11:50 pm, I was driving home and I saw this object on the left of me. It was triangular in shape. It had a white light on each tip8/5/01
7/31/01 23:40Traverse CityMIUSALight2 minutesLight spotted over Traverse City Mi. traveling at a high rate of speed 11:40 July 31 ,20018/5/01
7/31/01 23:30WausauWIUSACircle15 secondsUFO that looked like a very big green shooting star with a red and blue trail.8/5/01
7/31/01 23:30TonyWIUSACigar8-10 sec.very large craft seen near Ladysmith Wisconsin8/12/01
7/31/01 23:29ColemanWIUSACirclesecondsJuly 31, 01 large blue light,red tail, 23:298/12/01
7/31/01 23:18WausauWIUSASphereinto the niteUFO spotted by over 500 people in central to northern WI8/5/01
7/31/01 23:15MadisonWIUSALight5 secondsSpherical greenish-white glowing light in the sky moving very fast to the North/Northeast8/5/01
7/31/01 22:00TampaFLUSACircle1-minutebright, very bright, glowing blue, circular shaped.12/5/01
7/31/01 22:00BlackstoneVAUSATriangle3 to 5 minutesTraveling home around 22:00 my friend and I spotted a triangular craft, with 3 "headlights".8/5/01
7/31/01 19:30EdgarWIUSALightI was outside because it was cooler, and i saw a greenish haze. I live by lots of trees so thats all i saw. it stayed low to the ground8/12/01
7/31/01 12:15San DiegoCAUSAOther10 minsSighting? over UTC in San Diego8/5/01
7/31/01 06:40HagerstownMDUSACigar30 secondsWhite cigar-shaped light, travelling fast NNE to SSE, emited second small light which arced downwards.8/12/01
7/31/01 00:30Southampton (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown30secsSlow moving, bright light vanishing in a clear sky.8/5/01
7/30/01 22:00JamestownRIUSALight5 minutesObject resembling airplane light blinked in random patterns, moved strangely, then very quickly for a sec., turned red and dissappeared8/5/01
7/30/01 21:40AndrewsTXUSAOval10 secondsExtemely fast large oval transparent object.8/5/01
7/30/01 12:30StanwoodWAUSASphere2-3 minutes2 spheres, same color as sky, manuvering, trailing eachother, seen through binoculars too.10/11/05
7/30/01 03:30NantucketMAUSALightprolongedBobbing and hovering lights in pairs (one bigger than the other)8/5/01
7/30/01 01:30Bronte (near)TXUSADiamond10-15 minbronte sighting8/5/01
7/29/01 23:59TucsonAZUSAUnknown?1 of 3 i saw came close, released a small slow light, then i think they just disappeared8/5/01
7/29/01 23:50Fort LauderdaleFLUSAFireball5 secondsOn the eve of 7/29/01 I witnessed a huge fireball fly accross the sky while driving So. on a Ft, Lauderdale Florida road.8/5/01
7/29/01 23:30Melbourne BeachFLUSALight45 minutesUnidentified Flying Objects off the coast of Melbourne Florida8/12/01
7/29/01 22:00Lake in the HillsILUSADisk2 min.A VERY LARGE ENGINE IN BACK7/16/06
7/29/01 22:00Wormerveer (Netherlands)NetherlandsCircle6 hrs1 ufo, with lights, several hours in one place, after dark8/5/01
7/29/01 21:43WeatherfordTXUSAUnknown1 1/2 minutesCraft(s) with 4 lights being overtaken by one light, no noise or strobe lights8/5/01
7/29/01 21:30Hamilton (UK/Scotland)United KingdomEgg5 minsHamilton is on the aircraft approach from the south to Glasgow airport (and there were aircraft in the vacinity right at that time)but 8/5/01
7/29/01 21:00Interstate 95RIUSATriangle5 minutesStill triangle with 3 points of light8/5/01
7/29/01 20:20Downers GroveILUSAChanging4 to 5 minutesThe vehicle didn't have the same dark silouette as other aircraft in the area, including aircraft near the objects altitude.8/5/01
7/29/01 02:24FlagstaffAZUSATriangle5 minI think were in big trouble.8/5/01
7/29/01 01:00CantonMAUSALight2 hoursstrange light above canton ma.would stay totally still then move allover real fast no noises at all.8/5/01
7/28/01 23:25Las Vegas/HendersonNVUSALight2 mins.7 lights near Nellis AFB in triangular formations heading towards lake mead area - fast!8/5/01
7/28/01 23:00Port Alberni (Canada)BCCanadaChanging10 secondsApproximately 23:00 July 28 Great Central Lake, my son and I watched an object that at first we thought was a satellite, turn extremely8/20/01
7/28/01 22:55New UlmMNUSATriangle15 secI was standing out on the deck, when I saw 3 round steady buring lights that were a pale orange in color. There appeared to be 1 on eac8/5/01
7/28/01 22:45Iron MountainMIUSAUnknownAbout 2 minutesWhite object seen moving across sky near the Menominee River.8/12/01
7/28/01 19:15Garden CityKSUSALight5-10 minutesTwo UFO's and a jet in pursuit.8/5/01
7/28/01 16:00Winnipeg (Canada)MBCanadaRod, Bird or Possible Bug ???4/22/03
7/28/01 11:30DallasTXUSAUnknown10 MinutesDark immobile object in the afternoon sky8/5/01
7/28/01 09:30Mississauga (Canada)ONCanadaCircle10 minutesObject enveloped by storm cloud5/14/02
7/28/01 05:00ChatsworthCAUSACircle5 to 8 minlight seemed to turn off like one was turning off a flashlight8/5/01
7/28/01 04:30Cabot Strait (near Dingwall, on fishing boat) (Canada)NSCanadaFormationfive minutestwo sets of lights in straight line going north to south one with 8 lights. one with 14 lights travelling twice as fast as airplane11/16/02
7/28/01 03:20Wichita FallsTXUSATriangleapprx. 5to 6 secondssighting of 15 to 20 white trangles in early morning hours of 7-28 01over texas8/5/01
7/28/01 03:00TemechulaCAUSAOther5 to 10 minsthree stars make a triangle, move very, very slowly heading south across the california sky, it was beautiful.8/5/01
7/28/01 03:00SandyUTUSAOval25/30 minutesI was unable to see this examples2/22/02
7/28/01 01:48Bendigo (Australia)AustraliaUnknown5-8 secondsOrange arrow shape that made an impossible manoeuvre over Bendigo, Australia.8/12/01
7/27/01 23:45HuntingtonUTUSALight2 minutestwo lights adjacent to each other going from west to east, looking light two pieces of space debris8/5/01
7/27/01 22:58GuilfordCTUSACone1-2 minutesCone shaped objects with lighted tails observed in northeast8/5/01
7/27/01 21:30Rockingham (Australia)AustraliaCircle5minutesTwo yellow lights that floated above our house the faded off8/5/01
7/27/01 20:55Whitchurch (UK/England)United KingdomOval10 SECONDSa noisy, silver oval aircraft.8/5/01
7/27/01 12:20Rubicon (Tahoe)CAUSALight40 min.A bright object very high in the sky which moved too fast to be a manmade craft, zig zaged like a bug and was bigger than a planet appe8/5/01
7/27/01 03:32Coalinga (just outside)CAUSAUnknown5 minutes3 of us saw a UFO on HWY 5 on 7/27 at 3:32 am -- 3 white lights with very bright beam, then red flashing light8/5/01
7/27/01 02:55New York CityNYUSAOvalapproximately one hourOn July 27,2001 I saw lights that outlined a large oval from which three other bright white lights detached and flew away. from8/5/01
7/27/01 02:00Castlegar (Canada)BCCanadaLight15 secondsHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: The object seemed to stop about halfway across the open sky.3/17/04
7/27/01 00:45MeridianIDUSADiamond30 Sec. - 2 hoursThree Head Lights, Plasma bottom, Different colors, Bizzar flying Patterns, 2 encounters almost exactly 1 year apart.8/5/01
7/27/01 00:20Goderich (Canada)ONCanadaFormation7 secondsThe two objects in formation left no trail , sound or other noticables.8/5/01
7/27/01Lowestoft, Suffolk (UK/England)United KingdomCircleless then 30 secondsUFO ring shaped passing by at moderate speed during airshow in England, Lowestoft, Suffolk.10/12/01
7/26/01 00:00Elkport (rural area)IAUSALight5-10min.Vivid Orange Lites In the West11/20/01
7/26/01 23:25Hastings On HudsonNYUSAFormation5 sec3 redish dots, smooth fast flight, changing trajectory8/5/01
7/26/01 22:10Collingwood/Wasaga Beach (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle2 MinutesTriangle, 3 lights like plabe but not moving8/5/01
7/26/01 20:15Dearborn HeightsMIUSACylinder2-3minSlow moving (neon light tube) shaped object8/5/01
7/26/01 19:50DenverCOUSAOval10 minutesTwo solid ovoid objects with occasional light flashes drift like balloons overhead, but against the wind8/5/01
7/26/01 01:15Santa RosaCAUSALight5 secondsBlue spherical light moving in a corkscrew spiral, very fast with no sound, moving west in Northern California.8/12/01
7/25/01 23:15PhoenixAZUSADiskone minuteAt approximately 11:15 PM on July 24,2001 I was driving home from my son's house. As I drove east on Hatcher Road to my home on 19th S8/5/01
7/25/01 22:00ShawnoWIUSALightIt was quiet and was blue then red then blue again.8/5/01
7/25/01 20:30San JoseCAUSAChanging3 minDark gray object going straight up, changing shape as it went.8/5/01
7/25/01 19:20Auckland (New Zealand)New ZealandTriangle2 minutes25 July 2001 I saw two flying triangular in shape aircrafts, which I have never seen before in my entire live. It was very load and at 8/5/01
7/25/01 18:30BellinghamWAUSADisk20 minutesLarge, Sunlight reflecting metallic saucer seen in Bellingham, Wa.8/5/01
7/25/01 14:30AkronOHUSASphere3-4 minsround orbs in the middle of the day8/20/01
7/25/01 03:00Asseteague Island State ParkMDUSALight20 minutesWe observed a triangular formation of three lights moving in a straight line, in a north by northeasterly direction.8/12/01
7/25/01GreshamORUSARound mark8/20/01
7/24/01 23:30ScottsdaleAZUSADisk3+Large silver saucer with dome on top, a light that went from right to left through its middle, hovering.8/5/01
7/24/01 23:30Kansas CityMOUSACircle5 seci went out to the barn to shut off lights and as i went out the back door of the house i look to the NNE (north north east )or 0*-45* d7/26/02
7/24/01 23:15MarylandMDUSATriangle45 secondsA triangle shaped ufo which moved accros the sky at a constant rate of speed8/5/01
7/24/01 23:03West EndNCUSADiskover 15 minutesThere was a disc shaped saucer with lights that hovered above tree level for over 15 minutes without moving at all.8/5/01
7/24/01 23:00Hamilton (Canada)ONCanadaDisk1min.ufo spotted over hamilton8/5/01
7/24/01 22:00Buckeye (outside)AZUSALight5 minutesNear Palo Verde Nuclear Power Station, lights seen moving around into a triangular-shaped formation.8/5/01
7/24/01 22:00ParowanUTUSALightThe kids wanted to see the milky way . We went outside to show them and we all saw shooting stars and one big long one. So we dicided t8/5/01
7/24/01 21:10GilbertAZUSACircle10-15 minsIt was a huge silver round craft sitting motionless in the night sky8/5/01
7/24/01 18:30East ProspectPAUSAFireball5 secondsIt was between 530pm and 630pm on July 24th 2001; me, my brother and 4 friends were walking up miesenhelder rd to the baseball field ne6/7/19
7/24/01 12:00New York City (Manhattan)NYUSADisk20 secondsthe event took place on this date and i have a copy of a video that was shown on tv in the univision was an almost mid-air c8/5/01
7/24/01 10:00Ocean CityMDUSAFlash1 secondflash of light! possibly abduction!5/15/06
7/23/01 23:15Catalina IslandCAUSATeardrop10 minspausing, pulsing objects near Catalina8/5/01
7/23/01 23:00AndoverMAUSAOtherThree MinutesRandom Moving Object8/5/01
7/23/01 22:45Aschersleben (Germany)GermanyLightI worked on my computer as my friend told me over internet i should look at the sky. I called my mother and we saw a glowing light,seem8/5/01
7/23/01 22:40EscondidoCAUSADiamond1-2 minutesSecond sighting of a craft near Escondido, CA the night of 7/23/013/19/02
7/23/01 22:08Mt. LagunaCAUSATriangle1 minuteBlack triangluar craft seen near Mt. Laguna Air Force Station.8/5/01
7/23/01 22:00Grove cityOHUSALight15 secondsVery bright light at a high rate of speed ... stopped for 5 seconds... shot off in a different sound...sceptical witnes8/12/01
7/23/01 22:00San Ysidro (Honduras) 30 sec.Did I see an Aurora contrail?3/2/04
7/23/01 21:30Oregon CityORUSATriangle15:00 minSpoted craft at a low altitude southwest of town . It appeared to be traveling about sixty miles per hour . As the craft got closer I w3/19/02
7/23/01 20:27WilsonvilleORUSATriangle5 minutesSlow moving, quiet, dark object wandered up and to the South, avoiding a big cloud.8/5/01
7/23/01 20:27WilsonvilleORUSATriangle5 minBlack rounded corner pyramid, or triangle moving slowly without lights, sound, or visible means of propulsion, Wilsonville, OR.8/5/01
7/23/01 19:45LangloisORUSACigar60 secondsA long rocket like cigar with "fins" attached to it's body flying in a seemingly upward pitch.8/5/01
7/23/01 18:30Spanaway (Graham)WAUSAUnknownsecond(s)This report is not a "sighting" of any UFO, but a happening that was strange. My neighbor was visiting, so I did not experience this al8/5/01
7/23/01 18:30Kilsyth (Australia)AustraliaLight1minLight seen over kilsth area on monday evening8/5/01
7/23/01 18:30Philadelphia areaPAUSAFireball1-2 secondsV-shaped lights, fireball witnessed8/5/01
7/23/01 18:20Washington, D.C.DCUSAFireball15-20 Mins ?Delta 434 reported flaming falling object which left a visible contrail.9/6/02
7/23/01 18:17Washington, D.C.DCUSAFireballunknownBall of fire on the East Coast.8/5/01
7/23/01 18:17Central SquareNYUSATriangle15-20 secondsTriangular metallic object emitting trail of orange, travelling extremely fast8/5/01
7/23/01 18:17LatrobePAUSAFireball2 minflaming metalic ball which tail got longer8/5/01
7/23/01 18:00Mount MorrisNYUSATriangle5 minutesMy sister, a female friend and I had just entered the portch area when the whole house started shaking. There was a very loud roar whic5/24/05
7/23/01 17:00Los AngelesCAUSAten min.approx. ten lights over Los Angeles on 7/24/20018/5/01
7/23/01 14:30Eagle PointORUSASphere5 MinutesDisappeard and reappeared in nonsequential order.4/27/03
7/23/01 03:30St. PaulMNUSALight1 hourTwelve star-like objects viewed in random patterns over St. Paul, Minnesota8/5/01
7/23/01 02:25Waynesboro (near)VAUSATriangle@ 6 minI observed a triangular shape moving strangely blocking starlight, and make a sharp(but not a right-angle) turn.8/5/01
7/23/01 00:09Spring ValleyNVUSACigar5 min.Cigar shaped craft over vegas.12/7/06
7/22/01 23:30ClearlakeCAUSALight60 secondsTwo objects steady burning / high elevation , no sound .8/5/01
7/22/01 23:30EscalonCAUSALight1/5 secondSuper fast streak of light8/5/01
7/22/01 23:21CamasWAUSASphere1.5 sec.A sphere falling from the sky in the south.8/5/01
7/22/01 23:00Fort TottenNDUSAOther1 hourmoving objects in the sky8/5/01
7/22/01 22:51Addlestone (near Heathrow Airport) (UK/England)United KingdomCircle2 minutesbright high orbit object seen near heathrow england8/5/01
7/22/01 22:35AbingtonMAUSALight1/2 secondI saw a big light streak across a good portion of the sky in very little time. It seemed to be too big to be a shooting star.8/5/01
7/22/01 22:30La PineORUSAFireball30 secondsUFO enters atmosphere in fireball and flys away erratically.8/5/01
7/22/01 22:15ParisKYUSAEgg5 minutesLights off in the distance flew close to us for a few seconds and in ablink of the eye they were gone.8/5/01
7/22/01 20:45Fort Walton Beach (Mary Esther)FLUSAOval1 minuteOval object seen following small airplane with possible evasive maneuvers by plane, two witnesses.10/12/01
7/22/01 17:30San FranciscoCAUSAOther10 minutesOrbs appearing in increasing infrared light from setting sun.5/24/05
7/22/01 14:40PortlandORUSAChanging20 minutesIn bright daylight, bright object observed-thru binoculars it looked wierd-second bright object traversed path of first.8/5/01
7/22/01 04:29Wellington County (Canada)ONCanadaOther5minTwo objects parallel to each other going 10 deg north of east . Objects shaked right to lect and disappeared.8/5/01
7/22/01 03:00La PointeWIUSALight2 or 3 minutesTwo lights and a swath of light in front move noiselessly retaining relative positions, high in atmosphere until horizon.8/5/01
7/22/01 03:00Rolling MeadowsILUSADisk10 minutesSaucer siting with chase planes in IL8/5/01
7/22/01 03:00St. Marys PointMNUSAFormationaprox- 15 sec.Two white lights,one infront of the other flying at the same ROS from West to East on 7/22/01 between 3 -3:30 am. no sound,no strobes.8/5/01
7/22/01 00:31HillsboroORUSALight5 secondsBig, bright, white, light receding quickly from view.8/5/01
7/21/01 23:12GrotonCTUSATeardrop30 secondsTwo whitish blue teardrop shapes came off the edge of the sky, stopped and took off in the opposite direction leaving a streak behind.10/12/01
7/21/01 22:39Fort MillSCUSALightObject of light seen in the sky8/5/01
7/21/01 22:35Osceola (Town of, near Long Lake)WIUSASphere3+ hoursTwo bright green objects moving wildly around an orange hazy sphere.8/5/01
7/21/01 22:05DundeeWIUSACircle1 hourMultiple colored objects seen in Dundee, Wisconsin8/5/01
7/21/01 22:05DundeeWIUSALight2 hours +Dundee, WI: 4 amber lights, briefly flashing bright white, small dark red lights falling, small blue-green lights8/5/01
7/21/01 22:05Osceola (Town of, near Long Lake)WIUSASphere3 hours +Large hazy amber orb with two bright greenish-blue orbs circling object wildly.8/5/01
7/21/01 22:00DundeeWIUSACircle2hrs 45+LOOKED LIKE A GIANT H2O MOLECULE,8/5/01
7/21/01 22:00DundeeWIUSACircle2+hours3 glowing (amber) orbs releasing 3 green orbs8/5/01
7/21/01 21:50DundeeWIUSASphere1 hour plusfour craft seen at Dundee, WI8/5/01
7/21/01 21:00DaleWIUSADisk2 hrs.Large,and smaller bright disc shaped objects moving in unison while changing brightness and color.8/5/01
7/21/01 21:00ScottsdaleAZUSAFireball10-12 secondsA slow moving green fireball was seen travelling west to east over the horizon north of Phoenix, AZ.8/5/01
7/21/01 21:00Pismo BeachCAUSALightabout 5 girlfriend and i decided to take the usual walk on beach from my house in grover.its about a 2 minuete walk to pismo state beach. we8/5/01
7/21/01 20:15PhoenixAZUSAFireball3 secondsGreen fireball in northern Arizona sky.8/5/01
7/21/01 13:45OshkoshWIUSADisk1 minuteBlack disk,changing course,going straight up very fast for half a second and continuing on its course.8/5/01
7/21/01 03:00Palm BayFLUSARectangle4minsObject seen hovering above bed.8/5/01
7/21/01 00:30BarviewORUSATriangle2-3 minutesLarge, triangular shaped object, three points of fient light as if stars.8/5/01
7/21/01 00:15Bossier CityLAUSATriangle12 minutesblack,triangle craft flying over air force installation observed with no response.8/5/01
7/20/01 23:59AustinTXUSACirclethree minuteslow-flying, helicopter-sounding, aircraft or circle shaped (from underneath), and had few lights + bright spotlight8/5/01
7/20/01 23:30HockessinDEUSAFormation15-20 minutesShifting formation of amber lights9/28/03
7/20/01 23:30Koblo, Hrubieszow (Poland)PolandLight3-4 minutesStrange moving light/object over country border (Poland and Ukraine)9/6/02
7/20/01 23:00San MarcosTXUSACylinder3 minutesIt was a cylinder that had 3 bright spotlights and moved too slowly and quietly to be a helicopter!7/16/06
7/20/01 22:45MayfieldNYUSACircle52 circular objects, very fast, with lights, Upstate NY 7/20/2001 21:458/5/01
7/20/01 22:15Surf City (Long Beach Island)NJUSATriangle3 minTwo shimmering copper-colored craft with no noise were seen flying from north to south8/5/01
7/20/01 22:10YakimaWAUSAChevron4-5 SECS.Three delta shaped objects flying in a "v" formation passed over Yakima, Wash. at22:10 on 07/20/018/5/01
7/20/01 22:00White Butte (near)NDUSACircle15 secondsRed -orange firey disk that flew past me slowly, and then speedup and was out of sight in about 10 seconds.10/31/03
7/20/01 22:00GlastonburyCTUSATeardrop5 min? 30 min?Strange teardrop shapped object appeared in the sky above us!8/7/07
7/20/01 21:40Watchung/WarrenNJUSADisk30 min.Very bright light, disk-saucer shape. Did not seem to make noise. Traveling toward Bedminster, NJ, at a speed of about 40-50 mph. Ve8/5/01
7/20/01 21:35Rancho CucamongaCAUSALight3 minutesWe would like to know what this may have been: We saw a bright light (brighter than the planet Mars) and it was moving Northeast. We 8/5/01
7/20/01 20:00RifleCOUSAFireballsecondsGreen Fire Ball8/5/01
7/20/01 17:00NapervilleILUSAOval15 minutesWhite oval shaped object over Edwards Hospital in Naperville IL8/5/01
7/20/01 16:00WaianaeHIUSASphere15 secondsthis was in broad daylight. in a populated area.9/28/02
7/20/01 14:30Auckland (New Zealand)New ZealandOther2-3 minutesLast Friday, I saw a very odd craft, it was daylight and at first I thought it was a plane but I could see that it wasn’t an airplane t8/5/01
7/20/01 12:20OK Falls (Canada)BCCanadaTriangleabout 3 secondsthree orange/pink lights in a triangle hovering in the sky, then it "sqiggled out" , kind of like fire works and disappeared.8/28/02
7/20/01 08:30Cairns (QLD, Australia)AustraliaCylinder8 minsShape looked like crushed tin foil.8/11/04
7/20/01 04:00Berellan (Australia)AustraliaLight2 minutesIt was brighter than a star. I thought it was the morning star, but I then seen the morning star and this was longer and much brighter 8/5/01
7/20/01 02:00Aberdeen (UK/Scotland)United KingdomLight4 minsUFO in North East Scotland.8/5/01
7/20/01 01:30MiddletownOHUSALight00:15A fading light in the night sky.....7/26/02
7/20/01 00:30GoblesMIUSALight1 minBright white light hovers over camp fire then takes off at high speed2/1/07
7/20/01 00:00GlastonburyCTUSATeardrop2 min.Saw large tear drop like craft hovering after 2 min vanished.10/30/06
7/19/01 23:59GodfreyILUSALight1 hourMy friend and I saw, two nights in a row, an odd "wobbley" light in the northwest sky behind our home in the country, just over the tre8/5/01
7/19/01 23:00Mineral PointMOUSALight1 minuteMISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: Aa satellite moving SW. When it reached the treeline I noticed another "star" moving N.10/31/03
7/19/01 22:25AdamsWIUSALight30 secFour large bright orange lights in straight horizontal line off of Hyw 13, three miles north to Adams8/20/01
7/19/01 22:20PloverWIUSALight40 minutesBright orange moving lights extremely high in the sky8/5/01
7/19/01 20:15Pickering (Canada)ONCanadaCylinder1 minuteAt 8:15PM July 19, 2001 myself and a witness observed an object fly across the sky directly above that appeared to be a jet aircraft si8/5/01
7/19/01 11:45North Las VegasNVUSACigar6-7 secondscigar shaped object flys u mountain range7/23/03
7/19/01 04:00WeedsportNYUSASphereunknownCrop circles in wheat field South of Weedsport,NY8/5/01
7/19/01 03:00Iron MountainORUSA8/5/01
7/18/01 20:00Puerto de Mazarron (Spain)Spain30 minstwo objects and a bright flash11/20/01
7/18/01 23:15LeakeyTXUSALightapprox 15 minBright star like object moved from W to E @ a slow pace, for approx. 15 min. w/ fading brightness in & out.8/20/01
7/18/01 22:55France (Antibes)France/AntibesDisk3minsforeign object in the sky over antibes/nice,france july 18th 20018/5/01
7/18/01 22:35Utah (South West)UTUSAUnknown41/2 to 5 minutesI was stargazing with a Meade Lx-50. As I was veiwing star clusters in the southeast section of the sky, what I thought to be a satelit8/5/01
7/18/01 22:30Oklahoma CityOKUSACigar30 secondsObject seen pacing small aircraft over Oklahoma City,OK8/5/01
7/18/01 22:00Las Vegas (north)NVUSAChevron10 secondsFlying wing, very large, silent.....8/5/01
7/18/01 21:40Harbor CityCAUSA5-10 secondsMale witness reports witnessing a bright red "fireball" move across the Los Angeles sky very rapidly from north to south.8/5/01
7/18/01 21:00RoswellNMUSAChevron2 minuteslow iredescent V shaped light8/5/01
7/18/01 16:30HoustonTXUSAOval2 minutesthe ufo was above a office8/5/01
7/18/01 04:45HattiesburgMSUSALight1hr, 15minBright, red pulsing object in the north eastern section of the sky.8/5/01
7/17/01 20:40Puerto de Mazarron (Spain)Spain30 minsdull objects very high laser type lights11/20/01
7/17/01 23:00St. John's (Canada)NFCanadaLight4minStrange light seen on horizon and followed using atronomical telescope8/5/01
7/17/01 22:00SomersworthNHUSAUnknown3 secondsDimmer light rapidly triangles brighter one, (directly above me), joins brighter light, strobes, and streaks dimly out/away.10/29/15
7/17/01 21:45Huntington BeachCAUSADiamond3 hoursStill diamond shape craft in So. Cal. northern sky.8/5/01
7/17/01 21:31Fort PierceFLUSAFireball5 secondsA bright light that was heading towards the ground and just disappeared8/5/01
7/17/01 21:30Jensen BeachFLUSAEgg6 secondsVERY LARGE GLOWING OBJECT (Greenish blue) Crashing to earth STRAIGHT DOWN at a very high rate of speed8/5/01
7/17/01 21:00MarlboroNJUSADisk3 minutesAmazing, High Defenition, and full of detail. So close , seemed like we could touch it.1/26/17
7/17/01 20:36HollywoodFLUSAFireball2 secFireball observed, about 1/4 of full moon's diameter, long flame trail, starting from zenith then moving quickly to the east, accompani8/5/01
7/17/01 20:30Marlboro TownshipNJUSADisk2-3 minutesUnbelievable Detailed Unknown Aircraft, seemed like it was about to land!5/12/10
7/17/01 20:30Montreal (Canada)PQCanadaLight15 minutesTwo high flying white objects 5 minutes apart.8/5/01
7/17/01 20:30ColumbusOHUSALight5 secondsLight in the sky that moved at a high rate of speed and that changes direction five times8/5/01
7/17/01 04:11St. AnnMOUSASpherelike a star but glowing blue/white and moving fast then disappered.8/5/01
7/17/01 03:00AuroraCOUSAFireball10MINUTESOrange fireball like seen in Aurora north of Buckley AFB at 0300.Duration of 10 minutes,Then dissappears.Recorded on camera!8/5/01
7/16/01 23:03Pueto de Mazarron (Spain)SpainOther30 minslights, high flying objects and an oval orange object11/20/01
7/16/01 23:00Steamboat SpringsCOUSAFireball5 cloud cover in area of sighting, no noise accompanied or "trailers" visible.8/5/01
7/16/01 23:00Mazarron (Spain)Spain20secsFlashing pinpricks of light of very high intensity white light ,over night sky two nights running.8/5/01
7/16/01 22:45New York City (Manhattan) (Great Lawn)NYUSADiamond30-60 secTwo bright white lights, rotating around one another in a diamond shaped pattern, and an airplane just above them.8/5/01
7/16/01 22:00EurekaCAUSAUnknown2 secbrilliant green shooting star8/5/01
7/16/01 22:00HarrisonMIUSALightunknowntime space not correct7/16/06
7/16/01 22:00Lower AllenPAUSALight2:00-3:00minsimilar to new jersey sightings ,lead to gathering8/5/01
7/16/01 21:40BuffaloNYUSALightone minutevibrating starlike point in the southern sky10/12/01
7/16/01 21:00LimaOHUSAOval3 minutesovalish shaped craft followed above plane for a few min. then disapeared over some tree's8/5/01
7/16/01 13:00DurantMSUSACircle10 MinutesStrange events in the sky above Durant, Mississippi4/27/04
7/15/01 23:00Pueto de Mazarron (Mercia) (Spain)SpainUnknown2 minsobject of dull star light moving north south accross sky11/20/01
7/15/01 23:39Carleton Place (Canada)ONCanadaLightme and my two companions witnessed a strange sort of light in the sky that had at least 2-3 light forming a pattern around the craft!. 8/5/01
7/15/01 23:37Sheffield (UK/England)United KingdomDisk<30 secondsHelp i saw this and now i have told my story i need to know if you have seen this.10/8/07
7/15/01 23:00BooneNCUSATriangle30-40 sec.3 lights in moving triangle formation - changed formation to 3 lights in a row.5/12/09
7/15/01 22:45Ashford (UK/England)United KingdomRectangle1 minfast moving, rectangular, smooth, silent bright object.4/22/03
7/15/01 22:30WaimanaloHIUSATriangle5 minutesStarted as a bright star on horizon, silently moved in a east-west direction over us. multi-colored light along the outside of the tria2/25/03
7/15/01 22:10TulsaOKUSACross15 secondsSighting of a large object that appeared as a V laying on its right side moving basically south to north east of Tulsa.8/5/01
7/15/01 22:00Santa CruzCAUSAOther60 secondsMoon in different places in the sky.8/16/21
7/15/01 21:15Coventry (UK/England)United KingdomLight1 minuteLight that moved at incredible angles with extreme speed.5/14/02
7/15/01 21:00Boynton BeachFLUSACylinder15 minutesred round-shaped objects radomnly and sharply moving at very high speed in the sky over the ocean off Boyton Beach, Florida1/31/04
7/15/01 21:00HamlinNYUSAUnknown5 mins((HOAX??)) I was fairly young, probably around 10 or 11. I live in a housing complex per say, about 21 houses.3/19/09
7/15/01 20:25PortlandORUSAUnknown5-10 minutesObserved object in Clackamas- Oregon City area.8/5/01
7/15/01 20:15Islamabad (Pakistan)PakistanFlash3 min. or soThe light was vey strange and it remained there for about 3 minutes or so and then dissappeared in the sky5/24/05
7/15/01 20:00TucsonAZUSAOtherit was bearly getting dark, and i was on the phone as i looked up in the sky for no reason i saw about 8 lights perfectly spaced togeth10/12/01
7/15/01 20:00Orange ParkFLUSADisk3 minutesDisk in the sky above city1/19/05
7/15/01 19:00EllisvilleMSUSACircle90 secondsDistant lite circular hovered briefly and then streaked away (not of this world's technology)2/8/05
7/15/01 16:15El PasoTXUSAOther2.5 hoursHuge six Cubed Superstructure Seen in El Paso, July 2001.1/23/16
7/15/01 15:00BergenfieldNJUSAOther2 minutesDaytime sighting of 7 to 11 lights, some hovering and some darting in random directions8/5/01
7/15/01 15:00Turku (Finland)FinlandLightabout 15 secondsBlinking light moving very fast in an airplane contrail.10/12/01
7/15/01 13:00PickeringtonOHUSACone10 secSmall cone shape like tip of ink pin, silver with no sound hit me in chest and then disappeared.11/3/05
7/15/01 13:00HugoMNUSALight35 minuteshovering lights that seemed to follow us around11/20/01
7/15/01 12:00Warner SpringsCAUSACylinder3 minutesPerfectly symmetrical silver cylinder flying object with no emissions high rate of speed horizontal6/27/19
7/15/01 11:00Binghamton (south of, 81 South, near PA border)NYUSAChevron10 shiny shaped like a star on its side hovering8/5/01
7/15/01 10:30El CentroCAUSALightdays?Lots of light in Imperial Valley9/1/04
7/15/01 07:43Gloucester (UK/England)United KingdomOval15 secondsufo in sky over gloucester, england - 2 objects8/5/01
7/15/01 05:00Arlington HeightsILUSAEgg5 minObject hoverd 100' above thr groung @ 5:00am, was silver in color and had a egg shap with fountain arms on it, next the object nmoved i8/5/01
7/15/01 04:30SmithfieldRIUSALight5 minutesFirst noticed what appeared to be a very brilliant star in the western sky, reddish colored, like the planet Mars might appear. After 8/5/01
7/15/01 04:19Bournemouth (UK/England)United KingdomCross1.5 minutesvery bright static light sighted early morning in the East on July 15th 20018/12/01
7/15/01 03:16Oklahoma CityOKUSAUnknown2 or 3 min.?Loud grinding/saw like noise woke and startled me. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes10/10/11
7/15/01 03:00WilmingtonCAUSAFireball20 min.I saw floating fire ball in the sky about 3:15 am . It looked like it was flicking and dropping small fire balls that would disappear2/1/07
7/15/01 02:20CharlotteNCUSAOval2 minutesBright orange object in the eastern sky.8/5/01
7/15/01 01:50LovelandCOUSACircle60 sec.Slow moving and silent a bright red orange color that was one ring of lights with no lights in the center.8/5/01
7/15/01 01:50LovelandCOUSAOther30-45 secofznge/red ring. Dark in the center. Low flying, and quiet.10/12/01
7/15/01 01:15AinsworthNEUSALight3 minutesI wasn’t scared, just in awe.7/13/18
7/15/01 01:00BayoneNJUSAUnknown5 min16 or more bright lights near NJ Turpike forming a pattern and reorganizing about 1000 feet off ground8/5/01
7/15/01 00:45CarteretNJUSAForwarded Report: Credible witness describes cluster of 14 lights moving over town of Carteret, NJ.8/5/01
7/15/01 00:40CarteretNJUSALightunknownBright-yellow V-formation spotted in the the night sky over the Arthur Kill8/5/01
7/15/01 00:40CarteretNJUSAFormationOrange lights hovering over Carteret NJ in V formation8/5/01
7/15/01 00:40CarteretNJUSALightFlickering Golden Lights in NJ8/5/01
7/15/01 00:38CarteretNJUSALight1 hourbright lights in sky, unidentifiable!9/19/02
7/15/01 00:38CarteretNJUSAFormationminutesMajor sighting by hundreds motorists along the NJ turnpike (traffic stopped!), from homes , by police, you name, they all saw the same8/5/01
7/15/01 00:30CarteretNJUSAFormation15 minutes?Slow moving V-formation of lights with orange flares. 75 cars pulled over on NJ turnpike at night to witness the event.8/5/01
7/15/01 00:30CarteretNJUSALight20 minMassive NJ sighting8/5/01
7/15/01 00:30New York City (Manhattan)NYUSALight5 mins7 mysterious objects seen over New Jersey skyline.8/5/01
7/15/01 00:30CarteretNJUSAOther15 minsStrange lights over Carteret8/5/01
7/15/01 00:30Jersey CityNJUSALight10 minutesI noticed a bright light(3) from my window-it was moving in a not as fast as a typical plane(prop).It was huge because I wair -7.oo con8/5/01
7/15/01 00:30CartaretNJUSAFormation2 mins ?dozen yellowish-orange lights flying in formation6/12/02
7/15/01 00:30Port ReadingNJUSAFormationapprox 1 min12 starlike, silent,slow moving , erratic pattern, yellowish/orange color objects, eventually fading out one by one.8/5/01
7/15/01 00:30New York City (Staten Island)NYUSACircle5mins5 to 8 circular objects / burnt orange8/5/01
7/15/01 00:30CarteretNJUSA10 MINUTESLIGHTS OVER NEW JERSEY8/5/01
7/15/01 00:30CarteretNJUSAFormationUNKNOWNmoving light formation7/16/03
7/15/01 00:30PatchougeNYUSAOval4 secondsThe observer was driving his auto with a companion along route 27 on the service road east. An oval shaped object passed overhead, ahea8/5/01
7/15/01 00:30NewarkNJUSAFormation5 minutesAmazing Siting8/5/01
7/15/01 00:29CarteretNJUSACircle2 Minutes25 lights, 75 witnesses over cataret Nj on 7/15/01.8/5/01
7/15/01 00:25CarteretNJUSAOther20 MinutesUFO spotted over Carteret, Linden, Woodbridge.8/5/01
7/15/01 00:15CarteretNJUSAFormation?V-Type formations and more, hovering, then fading out one by one.8/5/01
7/15/01 00:00Wilkes-BarrePAUSATriangle4 to 5 hoursThe truth behind the Grays ((NUFORC Note: Report of abductions is unconfirmed. PD))8/7/07
7/14/01 23:30Mississauga (Toronto) (Canada)ONCanadaChevron10 sec5 Chevron shaped objects flying in V pattern8/5/01
7/14/01 23:15Bamberg (Germany/Bavaria)GermanyCircle3 minutesThe round object was glowing red with bright light at the bottom edge; it made no sound and moved steadily.8/5/01
7/14/01 23:11New York City/Far RockawayNYUSATriangle10secondsbomerang craft flys over our lou out as hawian dancer swings fire buton8/5/01
7/14/01 23:05Tyson's CornerVAUSAChevron1 minuteSighted 2 "Boomerang"-Shaped objects over Northern Virginia (DC Area)8/5/01
7/14/01 22:45Monroe TownshipNJUSALightbright lightIt was a decending light, brighter that the stars. the sky was clear and falling downward very fast. their was no sound.8/5/01
7/14/01 22:30Joshua TreeCAUSALight5 plus secondsA large, very bright white, round satellite-appearance light, moving slowly. Then made an extremely fast "W" maneuver, and then vanishe4/17/08
7/14/01 22:20BransonMOUSAFireball10 secObject see over Branson, Missouri8/5/01
7/14/01 21:30PhiladelphiaPAUSALight2 minutesgreen light looked like rocket exhaust8/5/01
7/14/01 21:00New HollandPAUSALightfour minutesMe and my friend were driving along when I looked up and saw this hovering light over this small mountain/hill. What I saw I can sure w5/2/03
7/14/01 21:00Great CacaponWVUSALight10 minutesBright disappearing lights in sky near Great Cacapon, WV 7/14/018/5/01
7/14/01 19:50Anaheim HillsCAUSATeardrop15 minutessmall, white, slowly moving object too high for an airplane, had to stare at the sky for about a min to even see it.8/5/01
7/14/01 12:00OdessaTXUSACigarWhite 767 whith a thin cigar shape object trailing in the sky.1/19/05
7/14/01 03:00Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaLightHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: A spotlight around 40-50m up in the air, no sound just a light.3/29/04
7/14/01 00:14Mississauga (Canada)OntarioUSASphere6 minsDriving towards South from Caledonian we saw orange glowing sphere size of car flying verticals to us 20 stories above us.3/4/22
7/13/01 23:47Trenton (Canada)NSCanadaOther15 minIt looked like two airplanes on top of one another8/5/01
7/13/01 23:45RockfordILUSASphere5 minutes((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates observing a "sphere," but offers no other details. PD))8/5/01
7/13/01 23:00MaltaMTUSALight15-20 Min.Strange triangular light sighting over Northern Montana9/24/03
7/13/01 23:00Eagle PointORUSAOther10 secondsSilent flaming yellow-green object8/5/01
7/13/01 22:00WoosterOHUSACircle1 hourA circular white light that changes from red to blue to green in a circular motion as a strobe light in the SW part of the sky.8/5/01
7/13/01 21:00Chapel HillNCUSATriangle60minStrange objects near Research Triangle Park, NC8/5/01
7/13/01 17:30IrrigonORUSACigar45 secondsVery Large cigar/cone shaped object witnessed over Columbia River.8/12/01
7/13/01 13:32Port HuronMIUSATriangle8 sec.Triangle shape in the sky moving fast with rows of dim lights.8/5/01
7/13/01 07:53EagleIDUSACircle7:59smal circular light in sky lasted 6 min.8/5/01
7/13/01 04:15NorthwoodOHUSAChanging0511At apprx 0415 on 7-13 I went outside to turn water off to my parched garden. At this time I witnessed a incredibly bright series of thr8/5/01
7/13/01 04:00BeloitWIUSAOtheruntil sunriseOne big white light and 2 smaller ones on it's side8/5/01
7/13/01 02:00La VetaCOUSAChangingone hourOn the horizon, bobbing and weaving changing colors with tenacity.8/5/01
7/13/01Orlando (State Rt. 474, W. of)FLUSASphere10 minsUnknown object tracks two witnesses at close range in Green Swamp.9/28/02
7/12/01 23:59Selangor (Malaysia)MalaysiaRectangle((NUFORC Note: The witness reports seeing a "rectangle," but no additional facts provided. PD))8/5/01
7/12/01 21:09ClevelandTXUSAFireball20 secondsFireball across the sky.7/20/14
7/12/01 05:15MorristownNJUSALight5 secondsUFO sighting on 7/12/018/5/01
7/12/01 04:30NashvilleTNUSAOval30-40 secondswhat i saw was not of this world8/5/01
7/12/01 02:30Ruidoso (Bonita Lake)NMUSAFlash10 secondsFlash of Light, followed by a orange fireball8/5/01
7/12/01 01:24Port TownsendWAUSAFireball10 minutesMy friend and i saw a bright object that looked like a planet or a star, but was way too bright to be either, even venus.8/12/01
7/12/01 00:26ArlingtonWAUSALight2or 3 secs.brilliant green flame seen at approximatly 600 feet8/5/01
7/12/01 00:15RedmondWAUSASphereA few secondsGreenish-white sphere seen heading North over I-405, Kirkland/Lynnwood area8/5/01
7/11/01 23:00Grants PassORUSATeardrop30sec.large tear shape object flying north to south8/5/01
7/11/01 23:00Grants Pass (Murphy Area)ORUSAEggSecondsLarge egg shape UFO, solid (no blinking lights) white light with blue tones in it. The UFO was traveling north to south at a very high8/5/01
7/11/01 22:00OrangeCAUSAFireball6 secondsA large fireball type object appeared to be flying very rapidly across the sky coming from the south towards the north and then dissape8/5/01
7/11/01 22:00Ottawa (Canada)ONCanadaLight3 secondsBig bright green light falling from the sky in an arc.... then disappearing7/16/03
7/11/01 21:10Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaFireball20 minutesMeteor enters end exits the atmosphere!8/5/01
7/11/01 17:45HanoverMAUSACylinder7-8 secondsSilvery trashcan shaped object with strange aura observed during rush hour traffic8/5/01
7/11/01 05:00ClevelandOHUSALight15 minutes +A grouing of 3 lights forming a triangle, one very large light at the top with 2 small ones at the base. Lights remained stationary.8/5/01
7/11/01 04:00Sutter CreekCAUSAChangingnoticed fly object remaining in place (hoovering back and forth)8/5/01
7/11/01 01:30ElktonMDUSALight10 seci had to take my dog out to do his thing !!! it was a really nice night and a lot of stars out. my dog was doing his thing and i was lo8/5/01
7/11/01 00:33HelenaMTUSALight5 mins?Two lights as bright as meteors moving north & east respectively almost collide, swerve and change direction dramatically.8/5/01
7/10/01 23:00LatrobePAUSAOthermy placeWas this a ufo we saw or something else?8/5/01
7/10/01 23:00Kingman (outside of)KSUSAUnknownObject lands with Large, Bright, Blinking light.1/19/05
7/10/01 22:00SpringvilleCAUSALight15 secsTwo very very bright lights were seen going across the sky one directly above the other. They were traveling north to south and one was8/5/01
7/10/01 21:45BristolCTUSAOther2-3 seci was walking down my street at night on my way home. when i noticed a orange glowing ufo in the night sky hovering.8/5/01
7/10/01 21:15RomeNYUSATriangle2min 4minlarge triangle gray to black in color. large cluster of red an white lights under center of craft.Engin sounds louder then B52s. Movein8/5/01
7/10/01 18:00Walpole Island (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown15 secondsTuned in by a talking sky, then tuned out.8/12/08
7/10/01 15:49Isabela (Puerto Rico)PRPuerto RicoDisk3-4 mins.Follow-up sighting on UFO rash and belated report of big UFO / SpaceHarbor-like event.8/5/01
7/10/01 02:00FresnoCAUSAUnknownhoursATNOSPHERIC LENSING?? ?8/5/01
7/10/01 00:00West ChesterOHnoneFireball0:01I was looking at the stars when I spotted a UFO7/16/06
7/9/01 22:45Vernon HillsILUSACircle3 minutesMysterious light dashes accross the sky8/5/01
7/9/01 22:30Mountlake Terrace (Seattle)WAUSADisk10 secondsLynnwood W.A. spherical with lights8/5/01
7/9/01 22:13Morristown/OgdensburgNYUSALight40-50min.Three bright ,blinking lights oval in shape.8/5/01
7/9/01 20:00Spring ValleyCAUSASphere5 minutesLight spotted over Sweetwater Resivior in Spring Valley5/15/06
7/9/01 15:00MorristownNJUSAUnknown+/- 4 minsMultiple small, white, high-flying objects seen in daylight8/5/01
7/9/01 14:00Woods HoleMAUSALight20 minutesFloating RED light1/19/05
7/9/01 12:06PortlandORUSAOval12:07I heard a helicopter which sounded like it was above my house, I went outside to see and I looked at the helicopter, it had a sheriff s8/5/01
7/8/01 23:00Fergus (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle30 seconds3 UFO's spotted in Ontario8/5/01
7/8/01 22:15ClintonARUSAOther?A bright orange object that moved back and forth slowly8/5/01
7/8/01 19:40CeloNCUSATriangle10 minutesSaw three triangular shaped spaceships in sky. Had lights on corners. Have a witness.7/26/02
7/8/01 18:00GardenaCAUSADisk1-11/2 hrI witnessed these craft first on 07//3/01, @10:30am, approx. in the same area, that I witnessed them on 7/08/01. They seemed to be doin8/5/01
7/8/01 02:42Rawtenstall (UK/England)United KingdomOval10minsI SAW A UFO IN Rawtenstall..8/20/01
7/7/01 23:30RockfordILUSALight3 SecondsWe saw a fast moving green light (with no tail) in the sky above the horizon and just below the moon.8/5/01
7/7/01 23:00PoposkyMNUSAUnknown40 minme and my girlfriend were traveling north on hwy 89 leaving bemidji mn going to redlake mn and the sky was dark you could not see any s9/4/03
7/7/01 22:15MissoulaMTUSARectangle25 MinutesFlashing mulitcolored lights on hilltop dip behind hill and reappear as rectangular strobing craft.8/5/01
7/7/01 22:00HoustonTXUSALight60 secondsSaturday night was a clear, full-moon and silent night after a wave of rainy clouds passed the West side of Houston, Texas. My wife and8/5/01
7/7/01 21:52Hellesylt (Norway)NorwayDiskUnknown, couple of secondDisk formed object discovered on a picture about a month after it was taken. This was in 20011/19/05
7/7/01 21:45MelbourneFLUSAFormation2145-2146July 7,2001 at 945 pm (V) shaped formation of lights sighted in the sky near Patrick Air force base Florida.8/5/01
7/7/01 21:45MelbourneFLUSAChevron3 secondsfollow up report8/28/02
7/7/01 21:00HaubstadtINUSACircle3 MinutesBright glowing red light came over the trees to our backyard. Seemed to be the size of a football field. Our yard is about 2 1/2 acres.9/2/05
7/7/01 21:00North BendORUSALightten secondsBright light coming from the sky with no sound of any aircraft or hellicopters.7/4/12
7/7/01 19:45MesaAZUSADisk5 minutesTiny, black dome-shaped object seen near Hwy 60 in Mesa8/5/01
7/7/01 17:30Misty Fjords National Park (near, on island)AKUSARectangleA couple of minutesHuge, perfectly square, bright white object leaves with out the sound of a take off or splash.1/17/04
7/7/01 16:00BartlesvilleOKUSACircle10 secsWhite circular object, apache attack helicopter both disappear after what seems to be 'dogfight'8/5/01
7/7/01 13:08Battle CreekMIUSADiamond25 minutesobject spinning making a whizzing noise flying at a high velocity.8/5/01
7/7/01 07:20Bath (UK/England)United KingdomDisk2 minutesBath, Metallic disk/saucer, 2 minutes. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes10/8/07
7/7/01 04:20Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaCircle7 secondsFireball Over Vancouver BC, Pacific Northwest.8/5/01
7/7/01 03:00HillsboroORUSALight8-10 secondsI had just exited a residence and happened to look up into the sky as it was a very clear night. Upon turning my eyes skyward, a very b8/5/01
7/7/01 00:18ShermanNYUSAOvalless than 2 minutesLight Blue Oval over Campground8/5/01
7/7/01 00:00NoshahrIranLightSeveral hoursAn object appearing like a star at night moving in various directions.9/15/05
7/6/01 19:00Thornbury, Bristol UK (England)United KingdomSphere30 secondsWhite spherical craft seen in evening near to Sun , vanishing at incredible speed .8/12/01
7/6/01 18:45Mt LaurelNJUSACircleApprox 1 MinSmall round distant object appearing and disappearing8/5/01
7/6/01 18:00SacramentoCAUSASphere5-10 minutesSilver Ball in Sacramento Sky (carmichael) 07/06/018/5/01
7/6/01 15:00GodfreyILUSAOvalless than 1 minuteWe saw a craft that flew way too fast for any jet that current technology can produce.8/5/01
7/6/01 14:00AllentownPAUSARectangle20 min.rectangular object extended spiral tail (black and silver) and climbed to about 12k feet in under two minutes, no noise or lights.10/12/01
7/6/01 02:00FrederickMDUSALight5 MINUTESthe object was spinning in a tight circular configuration2/14/06
7/6/01 01:12AmityORUSALighthoursstrange lights in evening sky8/5/01
7/5/01 23:00OrangeCAUSALightfew secondsflashing lights8/5/01
7/5/01 22:30Klaipeda (Lithuania)LithuaniaLight6 sekondsIt was very fast and manouvering , it was able to jump from one point to another, it was very bright3/4/03
7/5/01 22:00San JoseCAUSADiamond20 minutesDiamond shaped object with white lights rotating in the middle as well as red,yellow,blue,orange lights flashing all over the object.4/11/14
7/5/01 21:00El CajonCAUSALightabout an hourgreen light crashed into star8/16/02
7/5/01 18:00Three RiversMIUSATeardrop1 minuteIt was a very bright silver color that cought my eye8/5/01
7/5/01 17:00Sherwood Park (Canada)ABCanadaFireballseconds onlyI only ever was laughed at talking about it. i never seriously reported it prior. but on or about that date and time at whitemud and ra2/7/20
7/5/01 01:00Union CityMIUSAOtherBlue and red diamonds in sky and futuristic-looking car in sky.7/26/02
7/5/01 00:05HoustonTXUSAOval25 minutesMoving bright red light becomes motionless, releases short burst of silvery filaments, then slowly disappears, straight up in the sky.8/5/01
7/4/01 23:50HoustonTXUSAOval30 minutesRed globe moved slowly from southeast to northwest and disappeared after 30 minutes of viewing.8/5/01
7/4/01 23:20HoustonTXUSALight45 minutesHouston, Texas - Red pulsating light which "dropped" another light; disappeared in the sky8/5/01
7/4/01 22:00Long BeachCAUSALight3 minFire dripping light over Long Beach, CA.11/20/01
7/4/01 22:00Big PineCAUSADisk7 1/2 hours3 objects take off from mountains near Big Ears site5/27/03
7/4/01 21:10NarragansettRIUSARectangle30 secondsAT dusk, while watching fireworks displays in the area, we were setting off a few fireworks on a cliff by the ocean shore. We observed 8/5/01
7/4/01 20:00Des MoinesIAUSATriangle20-30 minmother ship5/24/05
7/4/01 19:30IndependenceMOUSATriangle15 sec.I was in the presence of an "aluminum" looking triangle "aircraft" that was very loud, moved very smoothly and ws flying very low .8/5/01
7/4/01 17:00Brisbane (QLD, Australia)AustraliaOvalapprox 2 hoursflashing light's dissapearing on and off and ship reappearing every night so far.8/5/01
7/4/01 13:00SlickvillePAUSACircleabout 5 minutesIt was a small pearl white object, appeared to be circuler in shape and about the size of the jets rudder.7/26/02
7/4/01 07:31Weston-super-Mare (UK/England)United KingdomLightWalsh CloseStrange lights seen in storm8/5/01
7/4/01 05:00RedondoWAUSAOval5 minutesStrange Occurence's.11/26/03
7/4/01 02:10Odense (Denmark)DenmarkCircle20 seconds1 object spotted, bright-bluish white round object that fades and varies in speed.8/5/01
7/4/01 00:00KennewickWAUSALight~ 1 minuteSilent, orange ball of light seen crossing the night sky in Kennewick, WA.8/5/01
7/4/01 00:00Hatyai, Songkhla (Thailand)ThailandChevron5 secondsgreen bright light ,high luminescence ,flew from east to west7/16/06
7/3/01 23:25GermantownWIUSACircleThere wwas a red and a green glowing ball dancing around eachother in the sky.8/5/01
7/3/01 22:30San DiegoCAUSAEgg15 minutesa white oval shaped light that appeared and disappeared three times and the shooting of a lightning bolt type of ray.8/5/01
7/3/01 22:30San DiegoCAUSAEgg15 minutesMy sister, friend and I saw some UFO's8/5/01
7/3/01 20:15CollegevillePAUSACigar5 minutesI was coming out of the Collegeville ACME, the moon was rising and the sun was setting and I looked up. There was, what looked like, a 1/29/02
7/3/01 18:45ManchesterCTUSAOther30 +min.I saw a motionless, noiseless ufo that appeared to be under investigation of some other aircraft.8/5/01
7/3/01 11:30Auckland (New Zealand)New ZealandTriangle11:30 -12:13It was very eery the way it moved and kept coming back and only going so slow.8/5/01
7/3/01 02:10SeattleWAUSAFireball15 secondsIn the wee hours of July 3rd I saw a giant red fireball fall slowly over the north of Puget Sound.8/5/01
7/2/01 22:30PotosiMOUSALight45 SEC.The object started out as a dim light,such as a satelitte in our outer atmosphere.It seemed to appear out of nothing.It moved from east8/5/01
7/2/01 22:00DoniphanMOUSATriangle1 minuteTriangular shaped UFO flies over observer's vehicle at relatively low altitude.7/4/11
7/2/01 20:10Victoria (Canada)BCCanadaSphere5 sec.white,hazy,circular,looked too large and fast to be a satelite,appeared indistinct even through binocculars8/5/01
7/2/01 19:30MiamiFLUSAEgg3-4 minsfour kids rangin from 12 to 11 years of age, first noticed something falling high over the sky, at first they thought it was a crashing8/5/01
7/2/01 13:25Cle ElumWAUSAChevron10-15 secShort sighting of chevron formation through polaroid sunglasses8/5/01
7/2/01 03:00GreenfieldMNUSAOvallong timeearly this morning while it was still dark, i woke up and from my window, i saw amyriad of lights in the northeast. it looked like a h8/5/01
7/2/01 02:35East StroudsburgPAUSAEgg4 minutesUnknown craft, wierd movement and flew across the south to southwest the to north west8/5/01
7/1/01 23:30Clear LakeINUSALight2-3 secsHighh speed hhigh altitude circular green light/object, 07.01.018/5/01
7/1/01 23:00HallandaleFLUSACircle10 SecondsNo lights, circle object, about 20 in diameter, floating on building.7/16/06
7/1/01 22:40CountrysideILUSAEgg4-5 secondsneon blue eggshaped object fell from sky very large no lights no sound lots of mass and leveled out when approched ground8/5/01
7/1/01 22:35Scarborough (UK/England)United KingdomLight10-20 minutesSpherical ball of light, phased out, appeared in three different places and was above the ground.6/12/02
7/1/01 22:30Kimberling CityMOUSAFormation1 hourWe may have been an experament6/18/04
7/1/01 22:30NormalILUSAOther1/2 secondbright greenish blue light (unlike anything we've ever seen) moving at an incredible speed from mid sky to lower horison8/5/01
7/1/01 22:00Key WestFLUSASphere30 secondsSpere formation over Key West8/5/01
7/1/01 22:00ColemanWIUSADisksecondsBright light in sky, vertical movement8/5/01
7/1/01 21:20Victoria (Canada)BCCanadaCylinderapprox: 20 minutesHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Tube shaped Object7/23/03
7/1/01 20:00MonroviaCAUSARectangle5minutes3 shiny stationary metallic edged shapes in a row around 8pm.8/5/01
7/1/01 20:00London (UK/England)United KingdomOvalapprox 15minsLights over Brentford8/5/01
7/1/01 16:30GreshamORUSACircle5-10 minutesBright circular object seen moving in a South to North direction fading in and out of sight, and difficult to pick up by binoculars.8/5/01
7/1/01 15:30MarysvilleWAUSAOval15-30sec.My husband and I were out on the deck which faces the north to north west area. We were roasting some chickens on the grill when I spot8/5/01
7/1/01 13:00LongmontCOUSACigarAround 30 secondsCigar shaped craft with 5 or 6 red and white lights9/9/04
7/1/01 11:50LaramieWYUSAOther5 minutesBlood-red cloud splits in two and rains onto ground.10/31/03
7/1/01 11:00ChicagoILUSASphere5 secondsSphere seen from atop a high rise building1/19/05
7/1/01 10:00see belowPossible 2nd ufo crash on same flight path as Roswell 1947ufo.8/5/01
7/1/01 02:48Pembroke PinesFLUSAFireballAbout 1 1/2 hoursThe objects were close to 50 feet across, travelled at extreme speeds and left a trail of mattallic grey dust fading withing ten second8/5/01
7/1/01 02:45San PabloCAUSACirclefew secondsbright moon sized object appeared to be over hills in Marin county as seen from Contra Costa County, Ca8/5/01
7/1/01 01:00JeromeAZUSAFormation3 minsThree lights in formation8/5/01
7/1/01 00:30QuanticoVAUSALight10-15 secondsBright light coming closer and then disappearing8/5/01