National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 03/2000


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
3/31/00 23:30Philadelphia (SW)PAUSACircle5 minSaw a round object with lights flashing on the bottom in a circular motion around the object.4/15/00
3/31/00 21:45BristolCTUSAUnknown2minutes.xUfo Sighted Very Bright Lights Bristol,Connecticut,U.S.A.4/15/00
3/31/00 20:30WestboroughMAUSATriangle30-45 secondsOrange craft moving silently and fading in and out at random12/1/19
3/31/00 14:00West NyackNYUSAOther15 secondsSo I was playing basketball with my freinds and I saw a flying object in the sky. It was very bright and had three cicles and a sharp p4/1/00
3/31/00 14:00WestchesterCAUSACircle5-10mins.traveling northbond I saw a formation of ten silver objects going south at about 10000ft. overhead.4/26/00
3/31/00 09:40WestTXUSALight20 sec.I saw two small round lights flying together as if they were one and then the started to move slightly apart as they flew,then they sto4/1/00
3/31/00 05:05CharlestownRIUSADisk10 minutesGlowing orange shaped like an end view of airplane wing.4/15/00
3/30/00 23:30AngelicaNYUSAFireball15 secondsOrange fire ball zigzaging through air at low alitude and high was a clear starry night.4/15/00
3/30/00 22:00NewtonMAUSALight3 minutesObserved a pulsating light traveling at a high rate of speed.4/1/00
3/30/00 18:52GilbertAZUSACircle10 minutesBright red lights dropping smaller lights10/30/06
3/30/00 18:50Phoenix (south of, I-10, milepost 184)AZUSALight3 secondsAirborn object with bright light disappeared.4/1/00
3/30/00 12:25PhoenixAZUSAFlashSECONDSLooking east from approximately Campbell Ave and 12th street:the whole sky flashed bright white and a split second later a loud boom so4/1/00
3/30/00 03:30Hooker/Guymon (between)OKUSACircle15minPulsing orange circular shape roughly 10 to 15 miles east of highway 54 on the morning of March 30,20004/15/00
3/29/00 22:30MunisingMIUSATriangle30 sec.looking south from my backyard,high in the sky. noticed three stars forming a triangle moving east at a steady, slow, speed. it blocked4/1/00
3/29/00 20:20AtlantaGAUSALight2minlooking up at the b dipper top star on the dipper going SW about a yard stick at arms length a light moving to the NE about the two foo4/26/00
3/29/00 20:00Reno/Carson City (between)NVUSACircle20 secondsFuzzy circle of light with blue and yellow tinges, about 25% the size of a full moon. Sighted in the SSE, stationary, 1/2 way between 4/1/00
3/29/00 14:30Treasure Island (south of)FLUSACircle2 minutesSlow falling glowing ball over Gulf of Mexico4/15/00
3/29/00 03:00AberdeenOHUSAChanging5.5 MINApprox 3:00am 0n 3/29/00 the following opbervations were observed by myself while observing the Pleadies star cluster in northern sky. 8/5/01
3/29/00 00:00BeltonSCUSAChanging5 minutesA strange formation of 9 UFOs flew in an undetermined pattern over an abandoned field for approximately 5 minutes.4/1/00
3/29/00SteamboatNVUSAOval1 minute maxThere is no doubt that the sky and space around us are a curiously busy place.1/11/02
3/28/00 22:40HammondLAUSALight00:00:20Two elongated, flickering lights travelling east to west at high speed, circled around to the south and vanished. No sound apparent.4/1/00
3/28/00 22:20CorinthTXUSAOther15 Sec.Not like anything any one else has reported...NONE of the characteristics listed below3/6/01
3/28/00 21:15Fort. DepositALUSATriangle4 minutesOne large triangular craft with one dim light on each end and a smaller craft which looked like a helicopter. Both of which made no no4/1/00
3/28/00 21:00BouseAZUSALightabout 10 secondsLooking to the NNE towards Prescott Az, saw two amber lights. Twice as large as previous sightings beneath the big Dipper at it's 9 pos4/1/00
3/28/00 15:45CentrevilleVAUSACircle5:00I was researching antigravity and free energy when I found info on SEG's Searl Effect Generators, youd be surprized with what I found.4/1/00
3/28/00 07:45Summer LakeORUSASphere30 minutesIn the eastern sky, from highway 31, just above cloud level. Flashes of reddish orange light, similar to a flare, were seen in differen4/1/00
3/28/00 00:00Prescott ValleyAZUSACircle10 minutessaw a large craft, circular in shape very bright red. floated and then moved in several directions and then appeared to touch the groun4/1/00
3/27/00 23:20Elk (approximately 15 miles south of Mendocino)CAUSALight1.5 hrs.Sighting of a pattern of lights which changed from greenish blue to red over the Coast of Mendocino.4/1/00
3/27/00 21:40Mexico BeachFLUSACircle30 minutesThree circular objects disappearing and reappearing over the ocean.4/1/00
3/27/00 21:00Wellesley (Canada)ONCanadaLightongoingunusual night light, has been stationary for an hour, yet has a definite strobing, flashing & changing of colors.12/2/00
3/27/00 20:00Santa CruzCAUSACigar5 minutesI saw the flying cigar! It was flying low, toward the north. It flew right over me. I watched it from the south and looked real closely4/1/00
3/27/00 18:00Ann ArborMIUSALight15 secondsMy first impression was that I was looking at 2 commercial jet airliners moving together, side by side with their spotlights on. When 4/15/00
3/27/00 01:10Bella VistaCAUSAChanging10 secs.a light the size of a volleyball at arms length descended rapidly4/1/00
3/26/00 22:45PittsburghPAUSATriangle10 secs.large black triangle passed directly overhead headed NNE. height guestimate: 20,000 ft. speed was constant, similar to jet. lights on 4/15/00
3/25/00 22:00LompocCAUSACircle1 hr. 20mins.we were observing the sky in one area. This bright flashing object appeared...not flying.In stationary position. Flashing lights and in4/1/00
3/25/00 22:00Huron (Highway 159 in North Kansas Near)KSUSAFlash30 minsI was driving down the highway when something caught my eye in a field next to the road. It seemed like there were flashing lights out4/26/00
3/25/00 19:00Ho Chi Minh (Viet Nam)Viet NamLight5 secondsTwo green lights travelling at incredible speed.5/4/04
3/25/00 18:00The WoodlandsTXUSAUnknown18:01Donuts on a rope smoke trail in the sky pointing west.4/1/00
3/25/00 11:30Garrafon, Isla Mujeres, Yucatan (Light House) (Mexico)MexicoOvalUnknownI photograhed my wife for a picture by the lighthouse. When developted we noticed "something" that was not there before.4/15/00
3/25/00 00:45Des Moines (Southeast of)IAUSAFireball20 minutesRed light in stop and go movement and dropping a storbbing object low in the sky then fading out.4/1/00
3/24/00 20:27Woodbury (Long Island)NYUSAUnknown5-8 seconds2 objects traveling parallel. SE to NW. No sound. Subdued lighting.4/1/00
3/24/00 19:45Saginaw (I-75 headed north mile marker 130 mi.)MIUSAFireball5-7 secondsa white flash ball hurling......very quickly headed NE then disappearing4/1/00
3/24/00 18:30SouthportNCUSAFireball1-2 secondsOrange fireball very fast and near at low altitude4/1/00
3/24/00 18:00IoniaMIUSAOval30 secondsI saw an oval shaped metallic disk hovering in the sky in broad daylight.4/15/00
3/24/00 13:35BeavertonORUSADisk1.5 min?Bright white discoid at high velocity seen passing behind a commercial jetliner during ascent4/1/00
3/24/00 03:15SyracuseNYUSALightsecondswhile driving on i690 by the lake.looking to the south.a small blue light shot down like a falling star but it blinked out not fading l4/1/00
3/24/00 00:30Lake City (sighting/50 miles north of)TNUSATriangle10 to 15 secondsOur car was stopped in traffic, TN, so-bound I-75, approx 00:30. We saw a tour-bus size, triangle covered in blue lights, pass low over4/15/00
3/23/00 19:30ProvidenceRIUSARectangle20 TO 25 SECOn March 23, 2000 I was looking at the Big Dipper when one of the stars near the Big Dipper blinked then i saw dull orange lights comin4/1/00
3/23/00 19:30SomersetOHUSAOther4-5 sec.Three cresent red glows in a triangular formation, S.E. traversing 40-45 degrees in 4-5 sec. below Orions Belt.4/1/00
3/23/00 18:00Sioux FallsSDUSADiamond5 min2 diamond shape star colored objects.move across the SD sky silently while clocking device is off then on.3/10/11
3/23/00 02:15Norridgewock (Winding Hill Rd)MEUSARectangle13to15minsA stationary object was seen in the western horrizon. The object ommited a blinding white light. After 13 minutes the object moved east4/1/00
3/22/00 21:40TuscaloosaALUSAFormation8-10 seconds3 almost transparent, almost circular (amoeba shaped), phosphorous neon-green entities flying in a triangular formation. all 3 witness4/1/00
3/22/00 20:30St Clair ShoresMIUSATriangle1 minuteBizarre magnet-like Triangular-shaped craft floating effortlessly in the evening sky of Southeast Michigan(maybe a blimp)!!!3/19/02
3/22/00 20:05Lake ForestCAUSALight5 minutesWitnessed an amber/orange light silently fly over, stop for 3 minutes, moved again and stopped only to release 2 more smaller orange li4/15/00
3/22/00 11:00Bonnie Spring (heading towards from Las Vegas)NVUSAFireballHeading towards Bonnie Springs passanger on the back of Harley was snapping pictures.5/11/00
3/21/00 22:05East SpringfieldPAUSALight10-15 secondsa light in the sky going in a southeasterly direction under the clouds.the light showed around itself and on the bottom of the clouds t4/1/00
3/21/00 21:00Montreal (Canada)PQCanadaSphere1.5 hoursRound silent flashing red craft flies circular pattern over central north Mtl. Repeating pattern constantly. I am looking westward.12/2/00
3/21/00 21:00DuluthMNUSA5 - 7 secondsPulsating star-like object described a semi-circle around the middle star of the handle of the Big Dipper and then vanished. No object 4/1/00
3/21/00 19:30MattawanMIUSATriangle3-9 secondsone craft Flew over head toward east, Seperated into 3 craft4/1/00
3/21/00 14:45DicksonTNUSACylinder30sec.Waiting at a stop light i saw a jet in the distance.I was looking at it's trail when i saw a large tube shaped object floating in the s4/1/00
3/20/00 23:00Great Yarmouth (UK/England)United KingdomOther1 hourwe witnessed an hour long display of the unusual!!3/4/03
3/20/00 22:45Mt. PoconoPAUSAOther2 minutesWittnessed extraterrestrial almost face to face.8/5/01
3/20/00 21:00Ljubljana (Slovenia)SloveniaRectangle7 secA grey soundless object zoomed thru the night sky. It seemed pretty close and it whent faster than any plane.4/15/00
3/20/00 21:00Fort MeadeMDUSAFireballabout 2-3 hrs.flaming crafts seen over Ft. Meade,MD around march 20th 2000.12/2/00
3/20/00 13:00CalhounGAUSAOther2MIN.It was about 3;00pm when we were driving down HWY.225 going towards Calhoun to pick up my room mates pay for the week. He was with me a8/5/01
3/20/00 03:00Evington, Leicester (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle10 minuteswe were walking back from a nightclub when we noticed that there were triangular objects in the air. At first we passed them off as pla11/20/02
3/19/00 23:35Pasadena (I-5, desert, north of; south of Gorman)CAUSATriangle2 to 3 minsOn a clear night, while driving north on Interstate 5 north of Pasadena, south of Gorman, and west of the Angeles National forest, I sa4/1/00
3/19/00 22:30ReisterstownMDUSA30 seconds maybeOne Object was seen by one person at 10:30 pm. Object appeared to be a oval with a rectangular notch in the front or possibly the back.4/1/00
3/19/00 21:30San FranciscoCAUSAFireball3-5 secFireball from the center of sky moving SE , perhaps falling downward. Faster than a plane but too slow for a meteor4/1/00
3/19/00 21:00TucsonAZUSALight5 secondsWitnessed an extremely fast-moving object, moving across the lower sky toward the horizon in a Northwesterly direction. Object emitted 4/1/00
3/19/00 09:05AlbuquerqueNMUSAOval1 minutewhite/silvery elliptical craft seen 45 degrees above horizon, due west, circling in the air rapidly before speeding off northwest.4/1/00
3/19/00 08:10LaceyWAUSACrossOn my way to work i was looking at the sky like i do every day when i noticed some blue , red & yellow lights, I thought it was just an4/1/01
3/18/00 23:45Las VegasNVUSAOval5-7 minutesI was on vacation in Vegas on 3-18. My friend and I were crossing from the NY hotel to Excalbur hotel when we came upon a crowd of 50 p5/3/00
3/18/00 22:30Palm DesertCAUSALight2 + hoursWe were in our garage and looking south over the Santa Rosa Mountains a bright light was hovering at a great distance it appeared to ha4/1/00
3/18/00 22:00PembrokeMAUSAUnknown1/2 hourStationary pulsating white, red & green/blue light in the western horizon4/1/00
3/18/00 20:20EverettWAUSALight5 minutesAt first I thought it was a satelite in a North-South orbit. It grew brighter and seemed to change course slightly.4/15/00
3/17/00 10:15MemphisTNUSADiamondWe saw crafts that shot some kind of beam at each other in the air.11/20/01
3/17/00 04:00San AntonioTXUSATriangle2 minutesBlue "energy egg" beamed down from spacecraft over San Antonio Texas eludes airport radar.12/2/00
3/17/00 03:15VancouverWAUSAUnknown1 min1 Min- High Pitch Noise4/1/00
3/17/00 00:26Thousand Oaks (Highway 101 @ Kannen Rd. )CAUSATriangle10min.Iwas Traveling 101 I saw a object moveing east to west less than a mileup.Another vehicle ahead saw also a for a minute lost control of4/1/00
3/16/00 17:15AnzaCAUSALightless that 30sec.High speed light, transvering horizon to horizon, NO trail or tail.4/1/00
3/16/00 13:05Omaha (72nd & State streetNEUSACigar2 minutesReturning to work, observed what appeared to be a missle which traveled exceptionally slow.3/16/00
3/16/00 09:00HoustonTXUSASphere3 SECONDSWhile taking-off in a 737, I saw an object that looked like a large chrome ball-bearing sitting above a cloud bed.9/15/05
3/16/00 03:30MoabUTUSADisk2mini was walking to my friends house bu untile i saw a sauser.12/2/00
3/16/00 00:30Southampton, Hampshire (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown30minuteslooking out towards the moon, I looked at a cluster of stars to the right. I noticed the brightest star moving.4/1/00
3/15/00 23:27OwanecoILUSAUnknown1 minuteIt flew up, then shot up, and flew at a high rate of speed to the north11/20/01
3/15/00 23:00PortlandORUSAOval5 seconds20 foot, Tan, Oval object covers exspance of the visible sky in 5 seconds>No noise7/11/00
3/15/00 22:00New PhiladelphiaOHUSALight20 min.Light moving irratic in the sky.4/1/00
3/15/00 21:15BakersvilleNCUSALight30sec.Very unique and phenominal4/1/00
3/15/00 21:00Belmont (Canada)ONCanadaSphere10 min.Glowing orange/red probes appeared to be studying small rural town11/20/01
3/15/00 20:45Riverside/Palm Springs (over I-10)CAUSALight10 minutesIn commercial Jet from LA to Phoenix. Looking out north window below our jet, a light with no strobes was tracking our jet, after 10 mi4/1/00
3/15/00 19:30YelmWAUSADisk5 minutesI saw one large oval disc with white and blue lights at night.7/23/00
3/15/00 17:00OkeechobeeGAUSARectangle3 minlarge ufo in okeechobee10/20/05
3/15/00 16:30BoulderCOUSADiamond14 hrsConvoy of crafts came from the ground one at a time, looked like airplanes at nightfall.6/20/05
3/15/00 15:00AguilarCOUSARectangle10 minutestwo metallic boxes connected by a cylinder witnessed near Aguilar, Colorado2/18/01
3/15/00 14:46Blue SpringsMOUSAChanging45 secondsBlack box standing still about 100 feet above the trees with 4 large antennas (possibly)3/16/00
3/15/00 14:00UticaNYUSADisk2MINTwo black disks chashing an airforce jet traveling at aprox. mach speed. One disk stayed with the jet, while the other stayed low, and2/12/04
3/15/00 08:30Pine Bush/WaldenNYUSAOther30 secondsMonkeys where they shouldn't be, and others saw them too.5/24/05
3/15/00 06:39WinthropMAUSAChanging14 hoursThe strang multicolored object was up in the sky changing shape. It would occasionally give off a bright flash of light.5/11/00
3/15/00 03:00Merritt IslandFLUSASphere5 minutesUFO sighting near Kennedy Space Center 20001/17/04
3/15/00 02:00Lima (Peru)PeruCircle4-5 minutesColorfull flashing flat sphere-disc above Lima-Peru (march/2000).1/31/04
3/15/00 01:00Imperial BeachCAUSALight30 secondsI was walking along the beach and I saw a bright light comming from the coast of Tijana B.C. Mexico.4/15/00
3/14/00 22:30IndianapolisINUSACylinder3min.Iam a security officer with a chemical plant. While making a round i noticed a glowing object hovering just above some high tension lin4/15/00
3/14/00 21:00IoniaMIUSADiamond10hile driving home from a local store on David Hwy heading East. My husband was driving and my kids in backseat. I was watching the star10/12/01
3/14/00 16:35Scotts ValleyCAUSAFormation2 Minutes3 "Rods" in a Unilateral Triangle Formation appeared to follow Hiway 17 Northbound4/1/00
3/14/00 04:50New York City/Staten Island (w/ New Jersey)NYUSAUnknown5 minutessee below4/1/00
3/13/00 21:40ClarindaIAUSALight10 MinutesIt looked like a star at first...4/1/00
3/13/00 21:00CharlestonSCUSACircle15-30 secondsExtremely large, slow-moving object moving toward bridge in Charleston, SC - witnesses with no memory after sighting7/5/08
3/13/00 20:00San JoseCAUSALight15-30 secondsA light blue streak in the sky around 8pm. Meteor movement like. Odd color.6/6/00
3/13/00 17:00HealdsburgCAUSARectangle60 secondsGigantic rectangle, dark w/white spots. Followed by jets (2). Similar to Pheonix lights story.1/31/04
3/13/00 13:00TorranceCAUSAUnknown8minaluminum color, real bright, and it moves forward real fast then it just stops, then it comes back to its original spot, then go away..8/20/01
3/13/00 11:51SeattleWAUSADiamond2minI saw a diamond shape craft moveing very fast and make a turn in the sky and start to pick up speed towads vancover B.C.4/1/01
3/13/00 00:30JacksonvilleFLUSALight5 minutesA small white light moving through the night sky. (Not a sattelite!)12/3/04
3/12/00 23:00Plymouth BoroughPAUSACross20 minutesThe witness noticed a stationary group of lights that appeared to be in the shape of a cross through a kitchen window. Going outside fo3/16/00
3/12/00 21:10Arkansas (northeast tip of)ARUSACircle20 secondsSeen from 32,000 feet at night (aircraft), object was approaching at approx. 700 mph 2,000 feet below us..ball of light changing to bla3/16/00
3/12/00 20:37EscondidoCAUSALight5 minsaw 3 flickering lights slowly fade out and disapear at seperate times, no sound and clear night.3/16/00
3/12/00 19:35FalconerNYUSATriangle15secI viewed 5 triangular objects in a "V" formation heading from the South to the North. The last 2 triangular objects in the formation c3/16/00
3/12/00 15:00SedonaAZUSAOtherunknownAfter-the-fact sighting of a UFO10/30/06
3/12/00 13:30MarquetteMIUSAOval20 secondsHigh altitude, high speed object traveled across the sky before dissapearing behind a cloud.3/16/00
3/12/00 08:00SeattleWAUSACigar5-6 secondsPeter, I was driving to Rentin to drop off my car at the Toyota Dealer. I was headed south on on the freeway between I-90 and Rentin. 4/1/00
3/12/00 04:00San AntonioTXUSACircle5 minutesConfirmed Blue Egg Lights San Antonio March 2000.8/23/19
3/12/00 01:45EncinoCAUSASphereappx. 5 minutesthe object first appeared as a star. A blue line somewhere between a meteor tail and a long rocket boost appeared from it. Suddenly t3/16/00
3/12/00 01:30SunlandCAUSALight5-6 minMy friend and I were driving home when we saw an orange light in the sky. When we stopped the truck to look at it we saw that it was mo3/16/00
3/12/00 01:19Simi ValleyCAUSAFireball20 MIN.On the date of 3-12-00, A friend and I was outside in front of DENY'S in Simi Valley. When at 1:19 am in the moring when we both seened3/16/00
3/12/00 00:19Ocala (Silver Springs Shores)FLUSATriangle35 minutesTriangular craft with pulsating multi-colored lights; moving in various directions in no apparent course.7/23/00
3/12/00 00:00Coral SpringsFLUSAOtherabout 15 minutesI saw something in the sky, it was a red light, not very big but it was fairly bright. It couldn't have been an airplane because it was7/1/02
3/11/00 22:45Buckeye (1-10 milepost 107 heading eastboundAZUSA15 minutesTwo very large, round, translucent, hoovering lights over interstate 10.3/16/00
3/11/00 21:45Gold Bar/Index (near, F S 62 off HWY 2)WAUSALight00:01Blueish light seen in mountains.4/1/00
3/11/00 21:30Las VegasNVUSAOval5-10 minutesOrange colored oval object travelling slowly east from the extreme western part of Las Vegas. The object was orbiting around in a circ3/16/00
3/11/00 21:00Santa BarbaraCAUSATriangle2 min.Black triangle about the size of a mid-size commercial jet liner.3/16/00
3/11/00 21:00Gold BarWAUSASphere30 minutesTwo volunteer investigators from the Bigfoot Field Research Organization observed a glowing green/blue sphere hovering over a ridge tha3/16/00
3/11/00 19:45OrangevaleCAUSAFireball5 min3 Objects traversing the sky, burning out eventually4/1/00
3/11/00 19:10Rye (UK/England)United KingdomEgg12 secondsi object bright light ,slow moving ,silent black objectegg shape moved away from central light-light stopped and retracked on itself12/2/00
3/11/00 19:04Fair OaksCAUSALight6 minutesThree redish lights moving across the sky in absolute synchronicity. Lights were far too much apart to have been an airplane. Visible f3/16/00
3/11/00 19:00Citrus HeightsCAUSACircle5 minutesorange in color, seem to be spinning very fast, and moving at a great deal of speed, and height. We have seen this before in January 203/16/00
3/11/00 16:30HoustonTXUSASphere8 sec+-heading north to south FAST. 2 jets approaching it on either side going FAST from south to north.jets didin't turn around to chase it3/16/00
3/11/00 12:30MobileALUSATriangle1 minutea triangular shame with white lights marking the corners no lines conecting the dots but flying in syncronized form. to far in the sky4/26/00
3/10/00 21:43DuncansvillePAUSATriangle4 minutesTher was alot of wind so I decide to look out of my window to see the trees blowing, I looked into the sky and to my suprise I seen a u3/16/00
3/10/00 21:15RockfordILUSALight15-20 min.This was something we all have NEVER seen before. There has been no investigation that we know of, except it was reported on the news.4/1/00
3/10/00 20:58RockfordILUSADiamond30 minutes5 kite shaped(larger than stars)orangelights in western sky Stationary 15 mins faded gold->white, then 3 more rose slowly from N-> SW 3/16/00
3/10/00 19:20FreedomMEUSALight5 secondsBright light with diffuse edges, flying at high speed, low altitude, no sound, then disappearing suddenly3/16/00
3/10/00 18:00PriceUTUSALight10 min.A large light the color of a freeway light (orange huge). observe with feild glasses. No noise as it continued South and blinked out.4/15/00
3/10/00 04:00EphrataWAUSAOther3-5 min. Max.It appeared as a ghostly white-winged object traveling so slow as to give one the impression, it was studying the terrain below.5/15/06
3/10/00 03:00Atlanta/Dobbs AFBGAUSADisk2hrsMarch 10th i was sitting in a parking lot across from Dobbins A.F. Base to watch the jets make there mid- night runs. as I waited I kin3/16/00
3/10/00RockfordILUSALightUnknownUFOs were seen again over Rockford,IL this evening as reported by Channel 23 TV news on their 10 p.m. report. A short video clip was s3/16/00
3/9/00 22:09Mountain Home (3 miles So. of MO in center of AR)ARUSAFireball2 minutesBright, white, golf ball sized orb hit a glass like dome above the planet - creating 45 sec. of white night light in our forest - follo4/1/00
3/9/00 22:00LonokeARUSALightnaSeveral small fires in a 40 acre wooded area in the 3 adjoining counties of Pulaski,Lonoke and Jefferson in central Arkansas. on the ni3/16/00
3/9/00 21:30SpringfieldILUSA2 sec.Fireball in southern sky appx. 15 deg. abv. hor. E. to W. slight down.4/1/00
3/9/00 21:20ElmiraNYUSADisk25 secondsI saw an object that seemed to Break the laws of aerodynamics and Physics. I have also included my first sighting in great detail.3/16/00
3/9/00 21:00SallisawOKUSAFireball30 secondsFireball seen, long duration and larger than normal brightness4/1/00
3/9/00 21:00Little Rock (north of)ARUSALight5 seconds3 more people can confirm what was said on Art Bell 3-15. More from Little Rock.3/16/00
3/9/00 20:45FredericksburgVAUSAFireball5 secondsShot across the sky. Started orange then turned to a greenish color.Then it disappeared.3/16/00
3/9/00 20:45SmyrnaTNUSAFireball3 or 4 secondsA large, spherical object slowly descended through the sky in a diagonal until it disappeared behind the tree line. It glowed in a bri3/16/00
3/9/00 20:30Timbo (approx. 7 miles west of)ARUSASphere8-11 SecondsMy Sister& I Were driving north on a dirt road leaving the Flag Area of Stone County,at approximately 8:45 P.M. Thursday,March 9th,20003/16/00
3/9/00 20:30Timbo (approx.7 miles west of )ARUSASphere10+secondsMy sister and I were heading home after work at about 8:30pm-9:00pm heading somewhat northwest(with my three children and my sisters 3y3/16/00
3/9/00 20:30HoustonTXUSATriangle1 minuteIt was night and moved in a straight line from west to east at a steady pace.5/24/05
3/9/00 20:30ConwayARUSAFireball3-4secsThe same night a fireball landed in England Arkansas, I saw a (meteorite) GREEN in color with an ORANGE tail of about 2 ft. in diameter3/16/00
3/9/00 20:25Eureka SpringsARUSAFireball5 secondsdriving sw saw diffuse (sheet not bolt) lightning (clear sky) then looked to left (east) and saw rather large fireball meteor breaking 3/16/00
3/9/00 20:15BuffaloMOUSAFireball3 secondsBright flash followed by fireball breaking up into red-orange embers.4/15/00
3/9/00 19:45VassalboroMEUSAOther10 min?saw bright crescent shape light through curtains; pulled back to reveal crescent with very bright beacon or headlight hovering over tre4/1/00
3/9/00 19:30Istanbul (Turkey)TurkeyLight30 secs2 star lights rotate around each other, one remained constant, other moved...9/13/02
3/9/00 19:15Fort MyersFLUSALightless than one minuteA non-blinking light passing the moon...then just gone.3/16/00
3/9/00 19:00Memphis (near West Memphis)ARUSAFireball~3-5 secondsI also saw a fireball the night all the unusual activity was reported in AR.5/11/00
3/9/00 19:00PowhatanVAUSAFireball5 secThe object swooped down on my front pasture and proceeded to travel horizontally thru the air at a very quick speed for about 5-8 secon3/16/00
3/9/00 18:35PortlandMEUSALight1/2 minmy name is ((deleted)) portland me 04103 on 9, march 2000(thursday) at approximately 635pm while e4/15/00
3/9/00 18:30Fallbrook (north)CAUSACircle1/2secondFor some reason I glanced up into a break in clouds, before opening the door of my house causing me to stare intently at a object,that 3/16/00
3/9/00 17:05Fort SmithARUSAOval35 minutesA silvery oval-shaped object was seen shadowing two jetliners, suddenly changing directions, and flying in other parts of the sky south3/16/00
3/8/00 23:30Huddersfield (UK/England)United KingdomTeardrop10 minstwo egg shaped crafts hovering over Marsden moor, Huddersfield, uk.4/1/01
3/8/00 21:30Delft, Zuid (Netherlands)NetherlandsOther15 minutesUFO that looks like flying car, with headlights on.3/16/00
3/8/00 13:00Silver Spring Twp.PAUSAOval:30 secondsI was getting gas in a car when I noticed one planes making contrails.It was at about 2 oclock looking up .As I was starting to look aw3/16/00
3/8/00 05:37MagnaUTUSADisk2 secondsYellowish White glowing disk, Dime size at arms length.3/1/04
3/7/00 22:00Gulf BreezeFLUSAFireball10 secondson the night of the 7tha nd the 14th of March my boyfriend and i witnessed a 3- 5 fireballs in the eastern sky at about 10pm central ti3/16/00
3/7/00 20:50Severna ParkMDUSACigar5 secondssaw 2 objects flying very fast, at large bird height, not making any noise and dissapeared into thin air. they flew in different posit3/16/00
3/7/00 20:15CorryPAUSAThree dashes of light travling NNW Approx. 314degrees. Fast moving. Not Blinking. Moved together, then disappeared.3/7/00
3/7/00 19:45Kansas CityMOUSACircle2 min.Sitting outside enjoying the unusual good weather for this time of the year, I and my wife noticed a circle of light aproach from the s3/7/00
3/7/00 19:20GaithersburgMDUSAFormation15 secondsThree yellow/white lights moving in formation in north-south direction, then suddenly shifting positions within the formation.3/16/00
3/7/00 19:00HarrisonvilleMOUSAOther3-4 secondsWas outside talking with a friend when what at first appeared to be a spotlight passed overhead. Quickly realized this was not the cas3/16/00
3/7/00 07:00Venice/North PortFLUSAOval1 minuteWhile driving south on I-75 I spotted a bright metallic object reflecting the early morning sun.3/16/00
3/6/00 22:21Wattweiler, Zweibruecken (Germany)Germany3-5minLocated within a 13 arc minute circle from M42 (Orion Nebula) several light strobes were witnessed, looking like the flash of an iridiu3/7/00
3/6/00 22:20HugoMNUSALight30 secondsMe and my friend witness a bright blue light moving rapidly across the sky. It moved across 60 degrees of the sky approximately, then d3/7/00
3/6/00 22:00RolandOKUSADisk6 minutesUFO caught on videotape in Eastern Oklahoma.4/1/01
3/6/00 22:00Forbes (32KM outside of) (NSW, Australia)AustraliaTriangle3minutesA flash of light appeared in the sky as if it had sped from a distant place, before I could get closer it had disappeared but it left 8/5/01
3/6/00 19:55Silver SpringMDUSAOther10minv shape but no lights , very grayand thin type object.3/7/00
3/6/00 16:30IrvineCAUSASphere1 minuteFour spheres flying in pairs apparently in formation swooped down and away and dissapeared in a flash.3/7/00
3/6/00 12:00Gershøj (Denmark)DenmarkCircleA couple of hoursBlack sphere and small objects "searching" for something6/4/04
3/6/00 04:30Ocean ShoresWAUSATriangle2 minutesSaw three objects flying in triangular formation over the Ocean, OR it was one large craft. Monday, March 6th, 4:30am3/16/00
3/6/00 03:30Salt Lake CityUTUSAOval2 minsseen about 1 mile away. had blue/white chaser lights at the bottom with a big red light on very bottom4/1/00
3/6/00 01:15Wrexham? (UK/England)United KingdomCircle2 minThe object seemed to be following me although there were other vehicles on the road.6/6/00
3/5/00 23:33KenoshaWIUSAChanging22 secondsbright flash, occurs every other night for about 2 weeks, still happening3/7/00
3/5/00 21:45Quincy (15 miles south of)ILUSALight5 minutesStrange light on the southern horizon, eventually circling sky to fly off to northeast.3/16/00
3/5/00 20:27RockfordILUSAOther2minPulled in driveway looked north northeast saw a long light N pULLED IN DRIVEWAY LOOKED NORTH NORTHEAST SAW SOME LIGHTS HANGING IN THE 3/7/00
3/5/00 03:40Miami (2 hrs. out of, on I-95, Milemarker 117)FLUSASphere10secondsBright Dark emerald-green fireball, less than 1/8 inch diameter at arms length. No sparks or tail. Had a trajectory, coming 45 degree3/16/00
3/4/00 18:40Kansas CityMIUSASphere~45 minutesBright sphere up in daytime sky, had companions, apeared, disapeard, very strange3/7/00
3/4/00 03:00Kampung Gobek/Tanah Merah (Malaysia)MalaysiaSphereunknownufo sighted by villagers and evidence of a landing site.3/7/00
3/3/00 22:20OgdenUTUSALight5 minAt 22:20pm I could see two lights in the sky. They were flashing back and forth and then they would flicker and then go out and then r3/7/00
3/3/00 22:05Washington, D.C.DCUSALight10 secondsI observed two small lights cross the night sky from approximately Orion to the North Star. They appeared to be chasing one another.9/6/02
3/3/00 20:00Prescott ValleyAZUSACircle15 minWe saw four firey round objects floating in the sky, North Easterly direction, watch them about 15 minutes until they disappeared.3/7/00
3/3/00 19:55BooneIAUSAOval1-2 minBright Blue/silver light,right over head,statonary,thought it was a star,The objict moved due North as it dimed to a very small light.3/7/00
3/3/00 07:00Derry (Republic of Ireland)IrelandDiamond1 hourLarge diamond shaped UFO with escape craft8/5/01
3/3/00 04:00LongwoodFLUSALight20 secondsA circle of light collapsed on the starlight, and it fled due east.6/18/04
3/3/00 01:15Grove CityOHUSATriangle1 hourTriangle arrangement of lights were witnessed above road. Also, there was at least one red flashing light on one of the sides. It was a3/7/00
3/2/00 23:42Pearl RiverNYUSAOval4 hours and 30 minutesMe and four of my friends were in the woods looking for my dog that ran away earlier that day. All of a sudden, we heard a strange nois3/7/00
3/2/00 22:45PatersonNJUSALight10 minutesAt around 10.45 p.m when I just looked at the sky, i found 5 lighted objects. The size of these lights were double the diameter of the3/7/00
3/2/00 19:00SpringfieldMOUSAUnknownApprox. 25 min.Counterclockwise rotation of four lights against overcast sky.4/1/00
3/2/00 13:00Alhambra Golf CourseCAUSAFormation2 hoursWhile golfing I and six others observed a single round solid object in n/e sky. It broke into 3 objects smaller than the 1st, then form4/15/00
3/2/00 07:45Maracay City, Aragua (Venezuela)VenezuelaTriangle1:30 second'Me and my friend Jesus saw a circular flying object silver color that was flyng slowly but suddenly accelerated and then reduced its s3/7/00
3/2/00 01:15MemphisTNUSAFormation30 min +A formation of 3 objects in a straight line, unmoving, occasionally changing color.3/7/00
3/1/00 23:00HoustonTXUSADisk5 minutesIt was doing something on the woods, mostly because of the cows.4/27/07
3/1/00 23:00OskaloosaIAUSAChevron3 minutesA dark, vertical boomerang that moved slowly4/8/02
3/1/00 21:00SpringfieldOHUSAChevronabove uslooked like a plane but alot fatter and shorter... lotes off lites on the bottom of it and it was hovering on the side on rt 4 in sprin3/7/00
3/1/00 21:00Lake PontchartrainLAUSATriangle5 MinutesLight-absorbing craft pays homage to Mardi Gras.10/15/02
3/1/00 20:55Isabela (Puerto Rico) ?PRPuerto RicoChanging2 mins.Bright orange ball, moving east of Jupiter due north; separated into 3 orbs - 1 orange orb due magn. North, 2 blue orbs due WNW.3/7/00
3/1/00 20:00VeniceFLUSAFireball4 secondsThe witness was traveling on I075 north from Venice when he saw a fireball that was 1/2 the size of an aspirin at arms length and it wa3/7/00
3/1/00 19:00SterlingCOUSARectangle20 secondsSmall, silent, glowing probe above house5/15/13
3/1/00 17:00Fountain ValleyCAUSALight3 minBright star all of a sudden disappeared like it had never been there at all.3/7/00
3/1/00 14:00TucsonAZUSAOther1minuteEaster weekend,I was visiting my family,we were having a barbecue in the back yard,Around fifty feet away is a large tree,2 birds come 8/5/01
3/1/00 04:45CoramNYUSALight20 secthe orb shot up very very fast then twinkled at me. it left me thinking about past exploits8/12/08
3/1/00 00:30Pineville (Pinnacle strip mine)WVUSATriangle15 minsSaw a triangle shaped craft, very large, made very little noise, low altitude.3/16/00
3/1/00 00:00HawthorneNVUSA45 secondsUnusual heat lightning3/7/00