National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 01/2000


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
1/31/00 22:21EscondidoCAUSACircle8 minsapprox 22:21 saw a bright light hovering just east of my front driveway. No noise. The brightness would intensify then subsided then in2/16/00
1/31/00 21:00Cape CanaveralFLUSALight1 minuteGlowing green light came up right side of moving ship, stayed even then made sharp right turn 90 degrees, took off.10/8/07
1/30/00 23:15San Francisco (Farallon Island)CAUSATriangle:15Encountered large triangular object while night fishing off Farlon Island and fired 100 rounds of 22 ammo at it.2/16/00
1/30/00 10:30New WilmingtonPAUSACircle2 minutesAn airplane like object was witneesed in the sky but the lights were positioned incorrectly. Upon slowing down to get a better look th2/16/00
1/29/00 13:00BeavertonORUSACylinder15minTraveling from Portland to Beaverton Saturday afternoon our family again spotted a laeger white object in the southwestern sky. It lef2/16/00
1/29/00 10:00SeatacWAUSAFireball5 minutesFireball streaking in southeast direction, looked at first like a gigantic meteorite burning up in the atmosphere.5/11/00
1/29/00 07:30Northbend (5 mile west of)WAUSACross1-2 min.spotted object from I-5, 5 miles west of Northbend. object hovering over top of mountain. lights visible change from white to red.2/16/00
1/29/00 02:00Prince Albert (Canada)SACanadaTriangle1 hourA triangle-shaped craft or object, with red,green,and yellow lights flashing in seqences. Seemed to be hovering in the southern sky at 12/2/00
1/29/00 01:30Prince Albert (Canada)SACanadaDiamond2 HoursSeemed to stay in one area for approx. 2 hours, is still there at 03:17 and during the event the object seemed to change color and inte12/2/00
1/28/00 21:08Prince Albert (Canada)SACanadaUnknownA star looking light flashing red, white, blue12/2/00
1/28/00 20:58Laguna NiguelCAUSASphereabout 30 secondsI was lying down, and I look in the sky. I see a sphere and I thought it was a plane. I look closely, but I see it is not like a plane 2/16/00
1/28/00 20:40Prescott ValleyAZUSACircle5-6 min.Large bright yellow-orange object moving NNW to SSE; turned South towards Phoenix2/16/00
1/28/00 19:15Rohnert ParkCAUSALightapx 15 secBrite white light with a downward tail2/16/00
1/28/00 17:30East Rutherford/SecaucusNJUSATriangle2-3mins.driving west on n.j. turnpike extenstion on 1/28/00 @ 5:30 'ish pm. my passenger says look at that! what is it?! And as we looked north11/20/02
1/28/00 07:30BeavertonORUSACylinder20 minutesAS we left our home I spotted two large bright shapes in the southwestern sky. With outstretched arm the two shapes were lentil size. B2/16/00
1/28/00 00:00Damascus (Boring)ORUSAFireball2 secondsMassive green appearing fireball, appeared to have slammed into the earth, somewhere South of Damascus (Boring) Oregon.2/16/00
1/27/00 22:00TucsonAZUSACylinderi just walk out side to look at the stars and i looked up and a saw two brightly shape objects that you cylinder shape and the moved i 2/16/00
1/27/00 20:00MonticelloINUSALight15-20 minutesGolden/Amber bright star like light glows for 3-5 seconds and fades. Reappears 10-15 seconds in another location. 3 jets scramble the 2/16/00
1/27/00 19:40LeavenworthWAUSAFireball10 minutesIt was an orange ball, circle type, it glowed somewhat. It seemed to be a circle with something above it that seemed to be either carry2/16/00
1/27/00 12:00San Gabriel ValleyCAUSATriangle30 min.Craft was more or less in a holding pattern where it's path was none directional... and apered to rotate 180 degrees on its axis..or to2/16/00
1/26/00 21:45Sante Fe (near)NMUSAOther3 min3-5 round yellow lights appearing on parallel course at tip of wing of commercial aircraft then changing position to parallel back of w2/16/00
1/26/00 21:11OmahaNEUSATeardrop10-15 secondsSaw a black object move from eastern horizon to the western horizon that seemed to be decending at approx. a 30 degree angle2/16/00
1/26/00 21:00ParrishFLUSATriangle05 minutesTwo witnesses saw six lights like domino dots for the six domino, but it was in a triangular or boomerang shape above the tree line,per3/7/00
1/26/00 19:37SeattleWAUSAFireball8to15sec.Driving to a meeting in Seattle Capitol Hill area, s. bound I-5 exited at Roanoke, I was stopped at light to turn, very clear winter ni3/16/00
1/26/00 19:10WestminsterCAUSALight4 minutesI observed an unusually bright pure red light by itself, it was the size of a pea held at arms length. It was coming from the South Wes2/16/00
1/26/00 06:45OttumwaIAUSADisk10 minutesDaylight sighting of domed disk near Ottumwa8/5/00
1/25/00 21:40Montluçon (France)France6 minitSORRY FOR MY ENGLISH !!! a yellow light on north/ouest montluçon .the light was different than stars after five minits of no mouvement2/16/00
1/25/00 21:30Gold BarWAUSACigar14 secs.((deleted)) saw it before I did. It was a cigar-shaped thing. It was moving at a high rate of speed through the mtns. It glowed on one2/16/00
1/25/00 19:55EdinburgTXUSALight?Due to the hight of it's location, the objects had 3 things in common. 1. dimming of light, 2. shifting it's destination, and 3. co11/20/02
1/25/00 17:00Montevideo (Uruguay)UruguayFireball3 minOne fireball, in slow motion. Direction est-west.5/11/00
1/25/00 17:00Cairo (Egypt)EgyptCigar23:15 again for 15 minuteFamous writer and 3 others saw bright white sausage object hovering over Giza pyramids6/4/04
1/24/00 13:00Mammoth LakesCAUSADisk1 minuteTwo white craft, flying in close formation.3/21/03
1/24/00 01:10Hull (The Quadrant Estate) (UK/England)United KingdomChanging10-20 minsIt looked like a star but circular shaped, with blue paricles dropping from it, then appeared to split in two and appeared white, them 2/16/00
1/23/00 18:50FontanaCAUSADisk5 minutesThe UFO was completely illuminated by light and spunned extremely fast. It's shape was of a saucer and it hoovered slowly over the cit2/16/00
1/23/00 18:30CovinaCAUSAOvalabout 2 or 3 minsa lighted object moving across the sky... west to east... no sound, in a cloudy sky...2/16/00
1/23/00 15:00Rio RanchoNMUSASphere3 hrsBlack object hanging in the sky possible cause of geese flock disappearance8/16/02
1/23/00 11:05PetalumaCAUSADisk2 to 3 min.Object moved from South to North, at the speed of a plane.Appeared metallic. Saucer shaped, but about as tall as wide.About pea-sized, 2/16/00
1/23/00 01:18England (latitude 55 north) (UK/England)United Kingdom30 minutes +two ufos heading due east, latitude 55 north on sunday gmt 1:18 on jan. 23, 2000 reported by ground observers and possibly radar; latt2/16/00
1/22/00 23:00San DiegoCAUSAChanginga few hoursAs I was walking at the La Jolla cove, I saw 3 star like objects at the horizon. They stayed there for about 10 minutes and then change2/16/00
1/22/00 19:00Sacramento area (Citrus Heights)CAUSATriangle10min1900hrs 3 orange/yellow lights appeared in the south east sky. Moving very slowly in the north west direction.2/16/00
1/22/00 17:30Aurangabad.Maharashtra (India)IndiaFireball1 minuteNUFORC Note: Witness reports fireball. PD))12/2/00
1/22/00 11:30TacnaAZUSATriangle3 minutesIseen three objects coming out of the south at 11;30 a.m. about the 22 of jan. 2000one of the craft flying in the center was about 100 4/1/01
1/21/00 18:30Highland ParkILUSAUnknown+/- 1 minuteI was driving with my daughter. I saw this fast moving object come from the behind the moon. I told my daughter,(she's 16), to look a2/16/00
1/21/00 17:15WhitefishMTUSAFireball10 min.we witnessed a large ball of light decending from the sky. it had 2 streamers of bright fire trailing from the back. judging from the s9/6/02
1/21/00 11:30Intersection of HWY 6 and HWY 375 NevadaNVUSARectangleMomentaryWhile on vacation, I stopped to take a picture of the "Extraterrestrial Highway" sign at the intersection of Hwy 6 and Hwy 375 in Nevad2/16/00
1/21/00 00:12Valencia, Carabobo (Venezuela)VenezuelaTriangle15 secondsDespués de observar la eclipse Lunar del 21 de Enero de 2000, vi en el cielo una formación en V de 5 objetos color naranja. No se sinti2/16/00
1/20/00 23:15Pembroke PinesFLUSALight45 sec.At approximately 11:15 PM on January 20, 2000 my wife and I went out by our pool to watch the Lunar Eclipse. Just before returning int1/22/00
1/20/00 23:10BelcampMDUSATriangle2 minWhile viewing the lunar eclipse I saw a triangle of 11 small dim lights pass between me and the moon. The formation traveled to the sou1/22/00
1/20/00 22:50Puntarenas (Costa Rica)Costa RicaTriangle5 secondsBlack Triangular Craft moving north to south at time of lunar eclipse. Well camoflaged, it appeared as if a piece of the sky had moved.2/16/00
1/20/00 22:30Hialeah (561 w. 4th ave.)FLUSAOther10 secondsI saw a shooting star coming into earth and the light went off and this big object with two wings(not feathers) appear and all of the s2/16/00
1/20/00 22:22MemphisTNUSAOtherapprox 6 secondsAn arc-shaped object, moving at possibly a high rate of speed, was seen moving from overhead to south. The object was almost invisible,1/22/00
1/20/00 22:14HoustonTXUSADiamond45 secondstwo diamond shaped 'craft' during eclipse1/22/00
1/20/00 22:10Houston (Clear Lake Area)TXUSATrianglewithin a 15 sec. spanObserved two triangular (side by side) profiled object during eclipse..2/16/00
1/20/00 22:00ColumbusNEUSATriangle5-8minTriangular craft seen by three females.3/19/02
1/20/00 22:00Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaChevron00:00.30Black Chevron object, camoflauged with the dark sky. no lights, no sound.1/29/02
1/20/00 21:35BradentonFLUSAFireball2minBishop planetarium ,luner eclipse, telscopes were set on saturn,jupiter and the moon.We were sitting under a covered set of tables when2/23/00
1/20/00 21:30BradentonFLUSAFireballapp. 1 min.Waiting for the lunar eclipse at Bishop planetarium,I noticed it in the sky due east and didn`'t realize it wasn't a plane at first.2/23/00
1/20/00 18:00ColumbusOHUSAFireball5 sec.Yesterday, 1/20/00 at exactly 6:00p.m., I observed a "green meteor"? falling from north to south in Columbus, Ohio. My wife and son an1/22/00
1/20/00 18:00WilmingtonCAUSALight1/2 hourI saw three lights come together and then split apart continously for 30 min. over S Los Angeles. ((NUFORC Note: Ad' lights?? PD))1/22/00
1/20/00 17:07BryantWIUSACircle4 secondsI'm in Northern Wisconsin, object was seen in southern horizon going from east to west - 4 seconds from horizon to horizon, probably me1/22/00
1/20/00 13:30Salt Lake CityUTUSADisk10 minutesSaucer, 15' diameter, nw direction, no sound1/22/00
1/20/00 10:39CairoWVUSACircle15 to 20 secondsRotating in circles and then disappeared after about 15 seconds.1/22/00
1/19/00 22:30Potters Bar (UK/England)United KingdomFormation10 minutes7 objects bright, glowing in diamond formation. came very close then rapidly flew away changing speed and direction at incredible rates1/22/00
1/19/00 03:19Lake WorthFLUSAEggabout a minuteWhile walking to the corner store this morning, I saw a large object travelling north, actually bow-tie shaped, flitting along the sky 1/22/00
1/19/00 03:00West Palm BeachFLUSAEgg20 minutesGrey visitation and abduction.12/1/19
1/18/00 19:45WilsonvilleORUSAUnknown1 minutePulsating (like a strobe light) object in the sky, traveling south to north, then turning east.1/22/00
1/18/00 18:39Los AngelesCAUSA10 secondsBright white light appeared over the city, slowed, and disappeared. From - Wed Jan 19 10:09:11 2000 Received: from (www.1/22/00
1/18/00 18:30Pleasanton (35miles due East of SFO)CAUSALight30sec & 5minSaw a Very Bright Light Moving slowly/silently for 30secs. it had a very large fan-like projection of light behind it. when it disappea1/22/00
1/18/00 18:30Van NuysCAUSALight1 minuteA light appeared in the sky over Van Nuys Golf Course, and then disappeared.1/22/00
1/18/00 18:30ElyNVUSASphere2 minutesMe and my mom were driving along the road and as soon as we were passing the KOA campground in the corner of my eye I saw a rounded obj1/22/00
1/18/00 18:25Los GatosCAUSAOther15 minutesA vibrant white cone of light that faded leaving a glowing blue phenomenon which persisted for many minutes and witnessed by three.1/22/00
1/18/00 18:20Sixes/Port Orford (between)ORUSALight6-10 min.A brilliantly lit ball with a beam or shaft of light either coming down from it or pointing up to it on a 45 degree angle. It (the ball1/22/00
1/18/00 18:15Dayton townshipNVUSAOval:30A bright light shone straight out of an object which appeared to be oval and surrounded by a smoke or fog like cloud. The light cut thr1/22/00
1/18/00 18:15Crescent CityCAUSAFireball5 minSaw a bright light (looked like police chopper with spotlight). watched a few sec, noticed a blue tail of smoke??? Saw light beam g1/22/00
1/18/00 07:45JuneauAKUSA10 minutesevent reported to be a meteorite streaked through the skies at aprox o745 hrs Tues 18 Jan. It was reported to have impacted in the mts2/16/00
1/18/00 01:15Blackwell (08 mi. north of)TXUSALight30 sec.Light, like a star moving fast and staright.12/23/02
1/18/00 01:00ButtonwillowCAUSACylinder20 secondsLarge glowing cylinder object don't know what it was, don't wanna know6/21/00
1/18/00 00:24Flamingo (Costa Rica)Costa RicaChanging1 minuteOut of the corner of my eye a glowing bright, bright orange shape appeared.1/26/15
1/17/00 22:10PittsburghPAUSALight5 minutesAt 10:15 PM a bright shining object was seen ,low in the sky,hovering,going back and forth,and then slowly flying away.It was shining i1/22/00
1/17/00 21:40OrlandCAUSATriangle10 minutesSmall triangular object flying low to ground flashing green then gold light.6/12/07
1/17/00 18:20OrovilleCAUSACone20-30 sec.saw a bright orange light with a cone of yellow light trailing1/22/00
1/17/00 18:05Philadelphia (south)PAUSARectangle6 secI was visiting my mother. It was bitterly cold (approx. 15 degrees Far) And very windy. At appox.6: 02 PM I went out back into her smal1/22/00
1/17/00ColumbiaKYUSA2 minutesI would like to respond to a sighting that was posted here in 2000 from someone in Columbia, Kentucky. I read the post and knew finall10/15/03
1/16/00 21:00LyonsGAUSALightless than 10 secsFlash in the southern sky, according to others this was similar to the night of the meteor just off the east coast, except of course th1/22/00
1/16/00 20:50Hagerstown (sww of, on I81, Intersect.I70 & I81)MDUSALight1-2 secondsIn west, brilliant point of light (larger than star or planet) & streak fell nearly vertical from sky.1/22/00
1/16/00 19:00DavisCAUSACircle~ 1 minuteObserved bright object (mag. ~ 1) moving NE to SE. Assumed that it was a satellite until I noticed 2 blinking lights.1/22/00
1/16/00 18:00Becker (approx. 5 miles W of, on Hwy 10 towards St. Cloud)MNUSATriangle10secTraveling east along Hwy 10 around dusk, triangular craft spotted between Hwy and power plant.2/16/00
1/16/00 13:10TiftonGAUSADisk3 min.In response to your request, I filled in the date above. I do not know1/22/00
1/16/00 01:30ChristianaTNUSARectangle5 min.I witnessed a elongated, triangular shaped object glide/float across a nearly full moon.4/26/00
1/15/00 23:45Houghton LakeMIUSAFlash20 minutesRendezvous of 2 white lights, followed by enormous, pulsing light rings.10/31/03
1/15/00 23:00KalamazooMIUSACircle10 minutesA spinning lighted low down circle UFO.12/2/00
1/15/00 22:30West FargoNDUSASphere15 minutesBright glowing red orb. Did not emit any smoke, noise, or apparent heat. Moved at about 10 mph from northwest horizon to southeast hor10/30/06
1/15/00 22:00MiltonWVUSALight10 minutesA huge, bright , glowing light was seen in the sky above the hills of our property, making no sound whatsoever....3/19/02
1/15/00 22:00ChannelviewTXUSAUnknown1 hourI was arriving home from work on the night of 1/15.I happened to look up to see two two large chemtrails crossing each other.I knew tha1/22/00
1/15/00 21:00Karachi (Pakistan)PakistanLight2 minutes2 star like things travelling in a curve shape from west to north east, at equal speed, without blinking in the night for 2-3 minutes.9/17/00
1/15/00 20:15Lake Macquarie (NSW, Australia)AustraliaCircle15 minAt the approx time of 8.15pm a bright circular red light was spotted north east of Lake Macquarie NSW Australia.4/1/00
1/15/00 20:00HoustonTXUSATriangle15 secondstriangle object bearly moving,then almost disappears,then dozens of aircraft start appearing and circling sky4/15/00
1/15/00 20:00Lake CharlesLAUSALight40 minutesThere was a UFO in Lake Charles, Louisiana in 2000.1/10/09
1/15/00 19:10SkowheganMEUSAOval5 minutesLarge UFO. Oval Shaped. Brilliant white lights around it with intense red light on top.1/22/00
1/15/00 19:00Keystone HeightsFLUSACircle1 hourVideo taped approx. 3 minutes of stationary round object that darted on video screen. Numerous colours.1/22/00
1/15/00 18:00St. LouisMOUSAUnknown5-7minflashing hot pink lights, no particular pattern, shooting across the sky, up and down, side to side just above the interstate. glowing 2/27/00
1/15/00 18:00LongviewTXUSACigarTwo min.I was standing on my patio looking around my back yard, I glanced up straight ahead. Not up to the sky.I saw two very large red lights 1/22/00
1/15/00 13:52Kelowna (Canada)BCCanadaCircle30 secondsWe were returning home from the mall and my attention was drawn to a redish object moving at a very considerable speed in the clear ski12/2/00
1/15/00 02:45Monroe (Fairfield County)CTUSA3 hoursMy friend and I went out to a club, stopped for McDonalds on the way home. Arrived home around 2:45 AM friday night. As we pulled in 1/22/00
1/15/00Elgin (UK/Scotland)United KingdomBright light seen hovering above a treeline near Scottish Air Base.2/5/03
1/14/00 20:05LouisvilleKYUSALight1 hourTraveling southeast on Bardstown road, light appeared to the Northeast, the light had an absolute vertical shape with a glow in the upp2/16/00
1/14/00 17:45Charlesbourg (XXèm Rue ouest, Québec)CAUSARectangle10 secondsJ'ai observer 3 objets (2 en forme triangles)(1 en forme de point)direction du nord-ouest vers l'est.8/5/01
1/14/00 12:25HoustonTXUSADisk2 minsDisk shaped object observed at close proximity by two adult females and one juvenile male.1/22/00
1/14/00 09:23York Mills/Leslie (over the intersections of) (Canada)ONCanadaCigar5 miutes or soClear blue sky ,temperature -12 C . After leaving our garbage route for morning break,I noticed a bright lightin the sky to the east. F12/2/00
1/14/00 06:30Mt. VernonWAUSADisk15 secondsstrange red lighted craft, wobbling right to left then shooting straight up1/22/00
1/13/00 23:30Brisbane (QLD, Australia)AustraliaFireball5 secondsOK, this, I'm sure wasn't a UFO - but I found a link, and I thought I'd share it anyway... I had just got home and was locking my car d1/11/02
1/13/00 23:30Motherwell (near Glasgow) (UK/Scotland)United KingdomSphere2 minutesWhile doing some amateur astronomy, I observed a large pulsating orange sphere moving very slowly from north to south. The sphere was t12/17/11
1/13/00 22:30LouisvilleKYUSAFireball2 minutesWe saw an object that glowed blue/orange/yellow, and flickered like a candle, yet it hovered within a half-mile of us, and disappeared 3/7/00
1/13/00 15:45PhoenixAZUSACircle5 secondsSilver ball, approx 500-1000 feet altitude, .5 to 1 mile N. of Freeway 101 @ 59th ave1/22/00
1/13/00 06:30Pine MountainARUSALight2 minwent out to warm up truck at 06:30 and i saw a light to my south;i thought it was venus but it was to far south for that time was there1/22/00
1/13/00 03:00JacksonvilleFLUSAUnknownmomentsTHEY WOKE ME UP, I am terrified and if the government IS involved I believe that reporting this puts my life in danger.1/22/00
1/13/00 00:00GalesburgILUSAFireballEvent was televised on the 10 PM news. A man had video footage of the event north of Galesburg. Many orange lights were seen going on1/22/00
1/12/00 18:20SnohomishWAUSATriangle2 minutesTriangle shaped object hovering above farmland1/22/00
1/12/00 01:31Los AngelesCAUSADisk1 min 30 secIt was a metalic looking object with blue and yellow flashing lights.12/2/00
1/12/00 00:22NorthbrookILUSADiskThis was large. I was not near it at all. I had just left the highway and was headed east on Lakecook Road comming to the intersectio1/22/00
1/11/00 22:40San DiegoCAUSAOval1.5-2.0Already left message on answering machine. My son was out jogging about a block and a half from our home,and stopped in his tracks whe3/16/00
1/11/00 22:10DenverCOUSAFireball4 secondsBright aqua green flashing roundish ball with orange sparkles coming out the back in a triangular shape, may have had a red dot near th1/22/00
1/11/00 22:00AtlantaGAUSASphereA brite blue ball flying at a high rate of speed.I have seen oject two times before over a three month period.All three times on the sa1/22/00
1/11/00 21:00BoiseIDUSAUnknownall nightDuring the night I saw lights moving like battling in the sky. Movements were evasive in nature, random ziz zaging and spiralling in s1/22/00
1/11/00 11:15BrownellKSUSA5 secondsI saw 3 bright flashes,light up the sky. I looked up and saw large bright windows, and red,one white, and blue lights which appeared to1/22/00
1/11/00 02:00WestchesterILUSATriangle10 minutesI observed a very bright white light in the sky, approx. 3-4 miles away. It didn't appear to be moving. As I drove towards it, the li1/22/00
1/10/00 22:00Erie (area)PAUSAUnknownless than a minutedark object with strobe/beacon.stationary over Interstate 90 near Erie,PA12/7/06
1/10/00 21:30San DiegoCAUSALight10 secondsGreen ball of light flying up from bushes.4/26/00
1/10/00 21:00ConroeTXUSALightmore than 30 minthree lights in triangl form moved in " L " shape patern.....seemed to be one object....9/2/05
1/10/00 20:30SeviervilleTNUSAOval15 minsi walked outside to get something from the oval shape custer of lights flying really low was flying west,north-west very slowly.1/22/00
1/10/00 19:15MannfordOKUSAOval6 to 8 secondsTwo bright objects perpendicular to one another and appeared to be heading on a fast collision course, when one passed over the other, 1/22/00
1/10/00 09:15BrentwoodTNUSADisk4 minutesSaucer shaped craft,that faded in out of view 3 times.1/22/00
1/9/00 23:25SanfordMEUSALight3 secondsi saw a fast bright object streak towards the earth, with no explosion or fire visible.2/18/01
1/9/00 23:00AmarilloTXUSALightongoingStationary light2/16/00
1/9/00 19:07GuytonGAUSACircle3 secondsGlowing circle flying east->west twice the speed of a jet.1/22/00
1/9/00 17:30Los AngelesCAUSASphere2 minutesThe object was was a cross between a sphere and a disk. It was very bright. It omitted a very bright orange like color, that seemed a1/22/00
1/9/00 15:30Worcester (Midlands) (UK/England)United KingdomLight2minsWe had just turned off a slip road to get on to the motorway, as I was heading back to University, when I saw a light in the sky which 4/26/00
1/9/00 00:20Las Vegas Blvd.NVUSALight10-15 minutesWe saw two clusters of stars moving in a strange but uniformed direction.1/22/00
1/8/00 17:00Kent/Warren (between; on Rte 341)CTUSAChanging3-4 minutesWhile driving, saw an unusually large bright triangular light in the distant sky; upon slowing, it appeared above as a grouping of brig1/22/00
1/8/00 17:00MaitlandFLUSALight~ 45 mins20 to 30 bright lights, star like, flying wnw (?) , in formation, one red, the others were white, flying very fast, but due to distanc1/22/00
1/8/00 16:45MaitlandFLUSAFormation1:00Formation of lights of varying degree. Yellow to orange. Moving slowly from west to east above all airplane traffic. Have video from1/22/00
1/8/00 08:36Beech Hill, Berkshire (UK/England)United KingdomSphere1 minuteMetallic sphere spotted in the sky, object was reflective, didn't move, after a minute it had vanished from sight...6/4/04
1/8/00 07:30KnoxvilleTNUSACigar15 min2 Cigar shaped ships flying over Knoxville TN5/24/05
1/8/00 02:20Darwin (NT, Australia)NTAustraliaFireballvery bright orange light travelling slowly1/22/00
1/7/00 23:00MontgomeryALUSATriangle4to5minlow slow bright light, no sound1/22/00
1/7/00 22:45Citrus HeightsCAUSALight15?There were six light that changed formation then they disappeared.1/22/00
1/7/00 21:40Westwood (Los Angeles)CAUSAFormation30/40 secondsSaw, sitting in the garden, 4 star like dots, similar to satellite but moving much faster,heading in V formation (no leader) East-West 3/16/00
1/7/00 21:35Three RiversMIUSAFireball00:10The night of January 7th I spotted a very bright lime green firebal? streaking past our living room window. Irt was between 1st and 3rd1/22/00
1/7/00 19:00Citrus HeightsCAUSAUnknown15 minutesWe saw 6 lights that seemed to hover in like a triangular formation. They seemed to be suspended in air. When they moved they all seeme2/16/00
1/7/00 16:20Las VegasNVUSAUnknown10 min.hypersonic arcraft entering Nevada Test Site airspace1/22/00
1/7/00 05:15Rock IslandILUSACircle2 secondsGreen fireball in the ENE, visible from about 40 degrees above the horizon to about 5 degrees, seemed to fall straight toward the groun2/18/01
1/7/00 00:10EdgewoodWAUSASphere10 minutestwo very bright amber colored orbs on a trajectory2/18/01
1/7/00PhelpsWIUSA10 minutesI have been visited since 1974, I had a missing time that time, over the past 44 years.1/12/18
1/6/00 22:00AustellGAUSAFireball6 secbright blue or white fireball flying at a high rate of speed. me and my boyfriend were heading to work when we saw the object in the sk1/22/00
1/6/00 16:00Riley CountyKSUSATeardrop1.5hrsSaw 2 craft white in color. 5 small jets were circling crafts. saw third craft half hour later. one jet following aircraft.1/22/00
1/6/00 15:00San FranciscoCAUSAChevron4 minutestranslucent, silvery boomerang shape, totally silent, with short, feathering discharge from the back edge2/16/00
1/6/00 10:25YorkPAUSACigar15 secondsDaytime UFO siting in York, Pennsylvania by two witnesses at place of employment.1/22/00
1/6/00 05:45Rock Spings, 2miles west ofWYUSAUnknownaprox 2minDriving truck along I-80 west when i noticed the truck that had just passed me swirve from the outside lain to the inside lain then bac1/22/00
1/5/00 22:45LakemoorILUSATriangle10 mina brite lite in the east moveing southwest two rows of 3 lites under craft high rate of speed when overhead a flash of lite then craft 2/23/00
1/5/00 21:00Ramona (NE San Diego)CAUSALight2 minutesBright lights seen in Ramona mountains, California2/18/01
1/5/00 20:00GalesburgILUSATrianglel large triangular object reported on our ten oclock news. Also their broadcast showed excellent footage of the craft. We called the st2/16/00
1/5/00 19:55Hawkinsville (3 miles north, 100 miles south Atlanta)GAUSATriangle5 minutesObject with 3 large spotlights making absolutely no noise as it flew over us.1/7/00
1/5/00 09:50ExtonPAUSACylinder6 second3 cylinder objects moving east to west, 9:50 am, no sound, white with two rings in black on each craft. No wings visible.1/7/00
1/5/00 05:00MiltonMAUSATriangle1:30 mI noticed a very bright light in the western sky at 5 AM while taking in my morning paper. At first, I thought it might be a star, but1/22/00
1/5/00 04:30St. Louis (MO)/Columbia (IL)MOUSAUnknown10 secondsJanuary 5th, 2000, 5 Dupo lights.3/4/08
1/5/00 04:15Summerfield, (approx.1/2 mile west of)ILUSAChangingapprox.4-5 minutesAfter being dispatched to the north side of Lebanon,I saw two large,very bright white lights that changed into one,then when I got clos1/7/00
1/5/00 04:00CaseyvilleILUSAOther1:00-02:00-high altitude glitering streak-too red orange 40' high ball lookig like jap riseing son of ww2,tree high .2/16/00
1/5/00 02:00FlorissantMOUSARectangle3-10 secondsDark Rectangle sighting in heavly populated St. Louis county flying low and silent11/9/04
1/5/00 02:00FlorissantMOUSARectangle3-5 secondstwo story rectangle flys low and silent over the city of Florissant12/3/04
1/5/00SpokaneWAUSA1min.i saw three beings about 4ft tall looking into a cars window. they spotted my dog an i walking toward them.they lined up, one behind th2/14/10
1/4/00 23:35DupoILUSATriangle5 minutesA delta shaped craft slowing moving within a few miles of downtown St. Louis, Mo. Within hours of a similar craft reported by police.12/9/00
1/4/00 21:30ColemanTXUSAFireball30 minutesLight in the sky - much larger than a star, and looking like a flare gun's flare, but suspended in place. Would flicker out and then r1/22/00
1/4/00 20:30ScottsdaleAZUSALight10 secondsEmerging, pivoting array of lighted objects.7/6/10
1/4/00 19:00DuryeaPAUSAOval7-10 secs.The UFO was a perfect blue oval.2/18/01
1/4/00 05:51Mono (Town of) (Canada)ONCanadaCylinder10 minutesBlue glowing cylindrical object very low to the ground moving very slowly across the sky.11/20/01
1/4/00 03:15UnionMOUSATriangle1 hourTrangluar Craft over Union, MO Jan. 5th 2000. ((NUFORC Note: Report from law enforcement officer. PD))10/30/12
1/3/00 22:43RenoNVUSALight3 secondsAt 22:43 Jan 03, 2000 I observed in the night sky, a bright white object traveling at a very high rate of speed from north to south. It1/7/00
1/3/00 21:30West ManchesterOHUSALight30 seconds to 1 minuteFlashing white light approx. tree top level.1/7/00
1/3/00 15:18Union CityTNUSACigar3-4 minutesme and a friend were target shooting and saw saw this thing in the sky1/22/00
1/3/00 07:30El CentroCAUSAOther10 min maxTo date I am still quite upset of what I (and later my mother) saw. I was standing at a nearby corner, looking up at a no-longer-in-us12/20/00
1/2/00 00:00JacksonvilleFLUSARectangle2hrsA rectangle shape object like a cigar box (maybe three times the size) touched down in my back yard. ((NUFORC Note: Hoax?? PD))1/10/09
1/2/00 23:00NVUSATriangle30 secondstriange shaped craft with three bright lights came within ten yards of our car on hwy in Nevada6/18/03
1/2/00 22:40South PasadenaCAUSAChevron10 secondsBoomerang with 6 lights passed directly over my head.1/7/00
1/2/00 22:00TustinCAUSALight15 secondsI saw a bright blue stream of light with a long trail behind it directly compass north of my home. It flew level accross the horizon fr1/7/00
1/2/00 21:50Sierra MadreCAUSAFireball1 minuteWhile traveling east on Grandview St. and approaching Santa Anita Ave. I saw..a green first I thought it was a pyrotechnic1/7/00
1/2/00 21:40JurupaCAUSALight10 secondsWhite light moving towards earth got bigger, faster, and became bright pale blue, split and burned up.1/7/00
1/2/00 21:40San Fernando ValleyCAUSATriangle7 sec.I was traveling East in the middle lane on the 118 freeway in the San Fernando Valley area of California. Immediately in ahead of me ap1/7/00
1/2/00 21:37VistaCAUSADisk3 secondsWe saw a disk from the side so it appeared like a cigar. It was bright, "neon" green with a bright orange, firey trail running behind i1/7/00
1/2/00 21:36ClaremontCAUSAapprox 10secpulsing colored lights streaking across the sky northwest to southeast1/7/00
1/2/00 21:35Big Bear LakeCAUSAOther6-7 sec.I seen a object low on the eastern sky traveling to the south almost horizonal maybe 5 degrees down the object was blueish front trali1/7/00
1/2/00 21:35La QuintaCAUSAFormation5-10 sec4 lights in diamond shape formation1/7/00
1/2/00 21:33Glendale/Eagle Rock (Los Angeles)CAUSAFireball2 secondsApparent meteor apparent meteor6/6/00
1/2/00 21:30RedlandsCAUSAFireballapprox. 2-3 min.Flaming Green Fireball reported over mountains in San Bernardino County Sunday Jan. 2, 2000.1/7/00
1/2/00 21:30Anaheim HillsCAUSALight1:30We witnessed 3 green and 1 pink light flying in formation1/7/00
1/2/00 21:30TemeculaCAUSAFireball8 secondsWhite light, changing to green, trailing flame, disintegrated, probably a meteorite.1/7/00
1/2/00 20:00OrovilleCAUSALight10+minutesThese lights(egg shape)put on a dazzling show they would go in a long oval circle probably a football field in length the egg shape lig1/7/00
1/2/00 19:34KennewickWAUSALight5-10 secondsNorthern angle of sight 30-45 degree angle from ground Bright light came down zig zaged then straight down and fizzeled out. Saw same 1/7/00
1/2/00 19:33MurrietaCAUSAFireball3 secondsFrom intersection of Las Alamos and Hancock, looking east I witnessed a single whitish object break into 3 or 4 pieces across the sky1/22/00
1/2/00 19:30Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaLight2-3 secsPoint of light moving quickly12/2/00
1/2/00 19:00Tinaquillo (Venezuela)VenezuelaOval15 secondsI saw three silver colored lights moving all in the same direction without any sound being heard.1/3/01
1/2/00 18:30ChandlerAZUSADiamondshortdriving on hwy 10 out ochandler, my brother saw 5 triangle shaped objects, he said they wern't jets. no noise. hovered and moved slow1/22/00
1/2/00 02:00Aegean Sea (Turkey/Greece)Aegean SeaUnknown10-20 minutes1/2/2000 Aegean Sea6/18/04
1/2/00 00:30MesaAZUSAOval5 min.golden orb's flying about.1/10/09
1/1/00 23:00ErathLAUSAEgg2:00Yellow egg shape craft displays of technolegy5/15/06
1/1/00 22:00EvansvilleINUSACigar2 secondsLong black cigar-shaped craft flew over at low altitude and was extremely quick despite no engine noise (only wind)2/24/01
1/1/00 21:35Houston (NW )TXUSASphere10 secBright green sphere hovering then accellerating exponentially.1/22/00
1/1/00 21:00PatokaILUSATriangle5 minutesTriangular shaped object flying very low to the ground over my parents yard in rural Illinois.6/12/08
1/1/00 20:30HoustonTXUSAFlash5 secondsMyself and a friend were driving east on Loop 610 South in Houston near I-45. As we drove up the elevated roadway, our eyes were natur1/7/00
1/1/00 17:00MedfordORUSAFormation5 minsthe quick flash of an object that looked like a boomarang8/5/01
1/1/00 17:00RockfordILUSADiamond5 minutesDiamond Shape taking samples from Rock River6/7/19
1/1/00 16:20San FranciscoCAUSALight15 minutesIt's a cold, clear, sunny, windy day, with large, rapidly moving clouds. probably preceeding a storm front. Observed a bright, starlike1/7/00
1/1/00 14:45GurneeILUSALight1 min. 30 sec.Driving to movies with my daughter and mother and just before arriving daughter noticed a light in the sky to the wasn't movi1/7/00
1/1/00 05:00ClovisCAUSALight1 minIt's a plane, it's a star, NO it's a UFO!2/24/07
1/1/00 03:30Nellis AFB (Near)NVUSALight2 hoursstars that seem to move in an unstar-like manner.....2/18/01
1/1/00 03:00BellefontaineOHUSALight10 sec.After we ( my girlfriend and I ) got done skiing at the Mad River Mt. walking back to my car, I look up in the sky and see two red obje1/7/00
1/1/00 02:13LaporteTXUSAOther10 secSpotted unusually shaped, unlit object moving north.2/16/00
1/1/00 01:00MexicoLight10 minutesRed/Orange light in the sky.7/11/00
1/1/00 01:00Healesville, Melbourne (Australia)AustraliaUnknown20 minutesLight darting around over resevoir8/28/03
1/1/00 01:00Washington, D.C.DCUSACylinderabout 1 minuteNear end of 1AM fireworks while standing outside Metro station in DC observed at least 5 cylindrical things moving at high speed across9/6/02
1/1/00 01:00Zurich (Switzerland)SwitzerlandLight20 min.Large red orange light was seen traveling slowly over Zurich on New Year's Eve under a cloudy sky.3/7/00
1/1/00 01:00OmahaNEUSALight11 minutesThe flying object was moving back & forth in the sky, in a straight line very rapidly.4/9/20
1/1/00 00:45Canouan (Caranage Bay Resort) (Grenadine Islands)Grenadine IslandsChanging1 minuteWitness and I both viewed an object which appeared very close then moved across the sky changing shape, then moved off slowly out of si4/1/00
1/1/00 00:23San DiegoCAUSALight15 secInstense Green light traveling from NW to SE. Paused momentarily (3-5 sec) before turning in a Southerly direction.1/7/00
1/1/00 00:03Los AngelesCAUSAUnknown2 minutesHigh speed weird noise over Los Angeles midnight new years 2000.3/6/01
1/1/00 00:01BakersfieldCAUSArock huntingI have found the proof we all been waiting for Reply and ill show you4/8/02
1/1/00 00:01New York CityNYUSASphere2 minutesI was celebreating with my friends, when I saw spheres flying around. I was ontop of my friends building, I can assure you that it wa3/7/00