National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 10/1999


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
10/31/99 23:48TurnerORUSACircle5 minuetsGlowing red circle, abotu 15 ft. above the ground. Shot quickly across the sky than disapeared in about 5 minuets.11/17/99
10/31/99 23:30Orland Park/Palos ParkILUSACircleon goingstrange circular lite flying in a set pattern sometimes 2 lite but as many as 1211/2/99
10/31/99 21:30BillingsMTUSA10/15secondsweather conditons were winds gusting 40/45 mph when all power went off in area, we stepped outside and immediatly nsaw 8/10 large red l11/2/99
10/31/99 21:00MiamiFLUSAChevron0.5 to 1 minuteBoomerang-Shaped Craft Spinning Slowly and Steady in the Night Sky12/23/20
10/31/99 20:30AuburnGAUSACircle5 minutesWe all noticed a green light coming across the sky that was practically touching the trees. This object had no sound, was completely g11/17/99
10/31/99 20:00AuburnGAUSARectangle5 minutesWe noticed a bright lime green colored object coming across the sky right above the tree tops. It went slowly across the sky from nort11/23/99
10/31/99 19:00Clinton (southern end of Whidbey Island)WAUSAUnknown30 minutesObject viewed (at night) multi-colored lights(very bright, strobe-like)11/2/99
10/31/99 18:45NassauNYUSATriangle10 MinutesTriangular object seen hovering over my car making no sound at alll, viewed by myself and my daughter5/12/09
10/31/99 18:15GrahamWAUSAOther1 minute +Object in sky appeared to be on fire moved at slow steady pace straight toward the Earth.11/9/99
10/31/99 18:00RochelleILUSAFireball4 secondsWhile driving into Rochelle...saw a glowing ball of light falling over a cornfield and disappearing into a V-Shaped opening in the sky.6/21/00
10/31/99 17:30DenverCOUSASphere5 minutesWhile visiting relatives in Denver Colorado on the outskirts of the city my daughter and her boy friend pointed to the sky just above t11/9/99
10/31/99 09:30San Diego (Spring Valley) (20 mi. E of SD airport)CAUSAFireball45 secondsWife driving in car sited orange fireball size of thumb at arms length. moving from west to east movig 1/3 of sky in 45 sec.length of t11/2/99
10/31/99 00:30HoustonTXUSACylinderOne min.Object with bright lights(white) on both ends, with a red in blue light just behind the white lights on both ends. Moving slowly north11/9/99
10/31/99Martha's VinyardMAUSAI want to refresh Peter Davenport's memory about my former unpublished report of Sept.l2th or l3th of this year and his return EMAIL. 11/2/99
10/30/99 22:30SmithvilleTXUSACircle25seci was taking dog for walk and was noticing how pretty sky was when i noticed an red-orange glow in the sky.11/2/99
10/30/99 22:00La Grande (10 miles east of)ORUSARectangle<1 minuteA very slow moving brightly lit object crossed I-84 north to south about 150-200 feet above road and disappeared into mountains south o11/17/99
10/30/99 20:00Tracy (15 miles South of)CAUSADisk60-90 SecondsOn or around October 30, 1999, two craft where observed approximately 500 feet in the air 15 miles south of Tracy California.11/17/99
10/30/99 19:25San DiegoCAUSAChevron10 secondsBoomerang shaped object flew over my house. Dim lights were in a chevron shape. Flew from the ocean (west) to east. Very fast. Lights c11/2/99
10/30/99 18:55WoodbridgeVAUSAOval10 minutes3 ooval objects came from about 75 degrees at high speed and turned West at steady speed.Object were engulphed in red and orange like f11/2/99
10/30/99 18:00Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaUnknownquite some timeI dont know if you want to post this or not but here goes october 1999 six individual lights spaced equally apart with the moon on the1/31/04
10/30/99 03:36La JollaCAUSATriangle1 hourHave viewed(and photographed some)numbers of craft since 09/11/99, at various ranges from approximately 100 yds to several miles.11/9/99
10/30/99 01:10Darwen, Lancashire (UK/England)United KingdomCircle20minBLUISH-WHITE CIRCULAR LIGHT11/2/99
10/30/99 00:25Carpinteria (near)CAUSALight20 minsWhat was thought an aircraft, suddenly stopped, did a series of acrobatic tricks, tremendous speed from standstill, no noise. Suddenly9/19/02
10/29/99 22:00BozemanMTUSALight30 minme and my friends were standing out int the field behind the middle school and we saw a light come up from the ground out by the airpor11/23/99
10/29/99 21:30Ocean CityMDUSALight3-5 minutesmy wife and i saw 3 lighted objects in the sky. the objects initially were a continuous bright light, and then a pulsating soft light. 11/2/99
10/29/99 17:45TuscaloosaALUSACircle15 minutesWe saw a strange contrail and craft.11/9/99
10/29/99 01:30RachelNVUSALight5 minStrange light seen outside of area 516/21/00
10/28/99 22:00ChannelviewTXUSATeardrop15 minutesGlowing orange teardrop with pulsating red glow on one end.2/7/19
10/28/99 17:55PhoenixAZUSAChanging20 MinutesThe night before I saw The Ship My Freind called me out to see a fast moving object orangr in color Move ocroos the sky faster than eve11/23/99
10/28/99 13:45Little RockARUSAUnknown4 minutesI saw an object in the sky above Little Rock. It first appeared to be an airplane without any discernable features or a shiny balloon. 11/2/99
10/28/99 04:47Cedar RapidsIAUSATeardrop40 secI was driving home after work when I was a teardrop silvery and shiny object, (and it was obvious that it was chrome colored) passed ac11/2/99
10/28/99 01:50AugustaKSUSALight1.5 secondsBest described as a reverse shooting star. A point of light streaking upward quite a distance to the east of me.11/2/99
10/28/99 01:40CanfieldOHUSALightongoingWhite light east southeast of here seems to be flashing red and blue11/2/99
10/27/99 23:55KnoxvilleTNUSAUnknown40 sec.Unusual lights in sky moving and fading out.11/2/99
10/27/99 23:00TucsonAZUSAFireball10 secblue gree ball spotted over house from first witness, second witness saw only a foreball slowly descending11/9/99
10/27/99 21:00Ripon, North Yorkshire (UK/England)United KingdomCircle00:00:10two orange balls next to each other moving eraticly then dissapered over near roof tops11/9/99
10/27/99 19:30AustinTXUSAOval5 minutesA man and his two kids see a clear UFO less than a mile away during an autumn evening in Austin, Texas. Dazed deer present.2/24/07
10/27/99 16:45Kansas City (over the metro area)MOUSACircle15 minutesI saw what appeared to be a moving star, but stopped andchanged speeds noticeably, and finally direction.11/2/99
10/26/99 23:13LaurelMSUSAOval3min.bright object moving slowly across sky .Too bright to be airplane and no red or green wing lights11/2/99
10/26/99 23:12PetalMSUSATriangle3 minsObject was seen heading north just east of Petal, Ms at appox 1500ft It was the size of a DC-10...It hovered , and moved slowly to the 11/2/99
10/26/99 22:15Chicago (southwest suburbs of)ILUSAUnknown2-3 minutesIn a suburb of Chicago-Driving north on Harlem Ave I saw a huge object. There were very bright lights around the bottom and a large bri9/19/02
10/26/99 22:05WestmontILUSAOval3 minutesoval shaped huge object with orange running lights circling ship . moving very slow2/18/01
10/26/99 22:00LombardILUSADiskIt was so huge it took my breath away. At first I thought it was the moon until I opend my sun roof and saw the moon above me. I follow11/2/99
10/26/99 21:15Newport (UK/England)United KingdomOval21:35oval, lit up brigthly with flashing lights at the bottom.11/2/99
10/26/99 21:00Melbourne BeachFLUSATriangle2 hours on and offwatched multiple craft, turning, stopping, hovering and flying in formation and two craft landing in the ocean then disappearing. We ha11/17/99
10/26/99 20:00Chesapeak BayMDUSADiskall nightEvidence of geostationary mothership monitoring Eastern Seaboard/DC.11/11/13
10/26/99 19:30TacomaWAUSATriangle15 seconds?I saw a huge triangular object traveling at a high rate of speed while I was on my way to my evening shift at work11/2/99
10/26/99 19:10MoraviaNYUSAFlash1.5 hoursApproximately 20 lights that sometimes flashed red and white were moving through the sky. They did not appear to be flying toward a c11/2/99
10/26/99 18:00CharlotteNCUSALight5-10 minApprox. 6-8 jets in sky. @ bright shining objects like small stars standing still. As one jet moved toward them, one moved away at a mu11/2/99
10/26/99 14:45OshkoshWIUSACylinder7 secondsOn my way to work I was traveling south on highway 41 between Oshkosh and Fond Du Lac, Wi. I was watching a plane high in the air spray11/2/99
10/26/99 12:00ClintonSCUSATriangle4 minutes ?The triangle was headed east and traveling at a steady speed until it got to some clouds and then it seemed to slow down and ease behin11/23/99
10/26/99 07:05Concord (Near)NCUSAOtherapprox 2 minObjects travelling westward, bright lights revovling.11/2/99
10/26/99 06:00CookstownNJUSACylinder30 minthe object was moving very slow flashing red and green lights other aircraft were moving going on there normal route i looked at 11/2/99
10/26/99 04:30CarthageTXUSATriangle2hrI was traveling west on Hwy 79 and there was a super-bright star in the sky with a light going up the back and two red lights on the si11/2/99
10/26/99 02:40DFW Airport (north of) (Dallas)TXUSA60 secTriangular "formation" of 3 very bright white lights above 37,000 feet.10/12/01
10/26/99 02:40DallasTXUSATriangle1.3mintriangular object flying east with bright lights10/12/01
10/26/99 02:38Costa MesaCAUSALight1hr(still occuring)Object was fairly still, however would make unusually sharp moves on occasions.11/2/99
10/26/99 01:40ResedaCAUSASphere2 hrs.What looked like a star, appeared to be flashing multi-colors and oscillating.11/2/99
10/26/99 00:00San JoseCAUSAChanging???It was Midnight when i saw them i was out side for some air after a party for my B-day and i looked up and saw 3 UFOs and wondered what9/2/05
10/25/99 23:05Bullhead CityAZUSALight20 minutesI was out with my dogs and watched a red light object moving slowly from so. to so. west and stopping and moving very slow. It remain11/2/99
10/25/99 21:00LawrencevilleGAUSATriangle2 min.A football field size triangular object with a fire-burner on the very back floated, with no sound, over my counsin and my head.10/31/03
10/25/99 21:00YadkinvilleNCUSAFireball3 secondHuge fireball with long tail of fire, streaming across the road in front of me.6/3/10
10/25/99 19:30Huntington BeachCAUSAEgg30 secondsThe sky was clear. I was on my porch smoking and I noticed three egg shaped lights in the formation of a triangle flying very fast...11/2/99
10/25/99 15:00ArlingtonTXUSASpherecouple of minutescoming on to I-20 going toward dallas, i saw what looked like a black ball suspended over the shopping mall complex to my left.11/17/99
10/25/99 14:00Edmonton (Canada)ABCanadaCylinderapprox: 40 minsHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: I noticed a black cylinder orientated vertically.8/1/03
10/25/99 12:18CorinneUTUSADisk15 secondsA bright white disk-shaped object flew in veiw.11/2/99
10/25/99 11:30FlorenceMSUSAChanging1minsaw a shiney object moving from west to east and i was looking had no sound.11/2/99
10/24/99 23:35Gardena (Los Angeles County)CAUSAChevron7minutesobserving night sky, noticed two large(very large)V shaped objects flying@40,000-60,000ft. flying W to SE. Both objects were illuminati11/2/99
10/24/99 22:00Downers GroveILUSAOval5 minuetsBizzare shaped object that looked like the planet Saturn appeared out of nowhere, and dissapeared2/22/05
10/24/99 11:30BaldwinWIUSALight2 hoursI am a former pilot and current skydiving student. I was near a small private airport in Baldwin WI watching several loads of jumpers 11/2/99
10/24/99 06:00Iowa CityIAUSASphere3 minutesround white ball beyond treetops straight north moving ENE fluctuating11/2/99
10/24/99 01:15MesaAZUSALight5 secondslooked up to see light appear out of nowhere: as if it saw me, it sped up; shot into NOTHING! It was head WSW, but it disappeared too 11/2/99
10/23/99 22:30NorwoodPAUSATriangle15minThree dots forming a triangle, Bright gold and glowing white. Moved up and down and sideways,slowly.Stopped and hovered then disappeare11/2/99
10/23/99 21:30HaywardCAUSADisk< one minuteVertical column w/3 lights in linear design moved silently across sky. It disappeared behind thin fog/cloud and never reappeared.11/2/99
10/23/99 21:00HaywardCAUSACylinder30 secondsRectangular gray object glided silently across the night sky and disappeared behind a cloud11/2/99
10/23/99 18:00ErieCOUSACylinder5 minSomeone pointed out an object in the western sky facing the Rocky mtns that appeared to be not moving. Couldn't tell what it was.11/2/99
10/23/99 07:15Florien/Hornbeck (between, Hwy 191)LAUSATeardrop1 minuteCraft appeared polished aluminum color, nose down attitude, flat bottom, slightly domed on top, hovering, no noise heard, no movement s11/2/99
10/23/99 06:30Rocklin (outside of Sacramento)CAUSAUnknown10-15 secondsHeard loud whishing sound (10-15 sec) It circled the house and left. Was loud enough to wake 3 people up. Daughter went outside to inve11/2/99
10/23/99 05:30Mumbai (India)IndiaOtherunknownIt glowed with a redlight in the sky. It moved horizontally and vertically a little. It looked like a star but it wasn't one. I just wo11/2/99
10/23/99 02:00Johannesburg (South Africa)South AfricaOther6 secondsWhat can only be described as a comet with multiple light sources (at least three - one large at front and one to the left of the front11/2/99
10/22/99 22:45SikestonMOUSALight6 secondsFast falling light in the south southeast sky turning from white to green.11/2/99
10/22/99 13:30IrvineCAUSADiamond5 minutesLarge black diamond shaped object hovering and than disapeared to the north11/2/99
10/22/99 12:00Kansas City/Excelsior Springs,MOUSACylinder15 min.A large white object moving slowly at cloud level that was over an aproach corridor to KCI airport. It slowly entered a large cloud and6/12/11
10/22/99 09:00HamiltonOHUSACigar2 minutesMetallic cylindrical object with rounded ends,Daylight sighting11/2/99
10/22/99 06:10Klamath FallsORUSASphere3 secondsObject was seen just as it decended over the horizon, behind local 7,000 foot mountains, to a heading of approximately 355 degrees, alm11/2/99
10/22/99 01:30RipleyTNUSARectangle30 minSaw large rectangular object apparently cloaking itself in Tn. in 19906/4/04
10/21/99 23:40Tigard (12 mi so of Portland, Exit 290 I 5)ORUSALight2hrs onObject moved north to south approx 40 15 sec. and stopped. Remained in that position till 0130am 11/22/99. at that time i went 11/2/99
10/21/99 22:35AuburnWAUSALight2 secondsI was sitting in the family room of my home with windows facing North toward backyard when my attention was suddenly drawn to a very br11/2/99
10/21/99 21:00Maryville/SeviervilleTNUSACylinder1 minI heard area coyotes and dogs howling very loudly and when I went out side I saw a cylindar shaped object with lights in a repeated cir11/2/99
10/21/99 20:00LancasterPAUSALight15 minutesI saw a bright light following me in the sky as I walked my dog.11/2/99
10/21/99 13:00TehachapiCAUSAChevron15 minutesobserved a white object against a blue sky which did not move or behave like an airplane11/2/99
10/21/99 11:55Kansas CityMOUSACylinder20 MinutesI and four other people watched a very large cylinder slowly move across the noon sky and enter a long, narrow cloud through one end, n11/9/99
10/21/99 03:45Lakeville (south of Twin Cities about 15 miles)MNUSALight2 1/2 hrsLight with green flashing light on bottom, east of me about 10 o'clock position over next county, noticed while trying to view northern11/2/99
10/20/99 23:00LewistownILUSAOther30-40 secondssaw 4 or 5 little lights in the north sky. they reappeared and disappeared and they went along in a line, and one light got bigger, and2/16/00
10/20/99 22:35KingstonWAUSALight3 secondsOne object consisting of 1 large and 2 small bright white lights flew over road at very low altitude.11/2/99
10/20/99 22:33Portland (40 mi. west of)ORUSACircle3 sec.Driving north I saw an object the size of a 3/4 full moon with a tail traveling east to west, 45 degrees up in the sky, and approx. 1/211/2/99
10/20/99 22:30MontesanoWAUSAFireball5 - 10 secstreaking fireball appeared and then disappeared and then reppeared. low angle of trajectory and very bright.11/2/99
10/20/99 22:30MilwaukeeWIUSASphere6-8 secondsBluish Orb Seen Above Milwaukee, WI on Wednesday 10/20/9911/2/99
10/20/99 22:30TumwaterWAUSAFireball4 sec.Green fireball going east to west across the sky.11/2/99
10/20/99 22:30AmityORUSACircle5 secondsAppear to be an orange fireball moving west and quite low in the sky. Could not est. size.11/2/99
10/20/99 22:25ShorelineWAUSAFireball2.5 secondsA bright, orange and yellowish light that shot from East to West across the sky keeping the same heighth and precision. Very close to 11/2/99
10/20/99 22:20SpanawayWAUSAUnknown10secdriving north on hwy 7 approximately 22:30hrs on oct 20, 1999, out of the corner i saw a streak of light, traveling from the nw to the 11/2/99
10/20/99 20:00Newport NewsVAUSACigar3 secondsI was on lunch break on second shift at Newport news shipyard, we were sitting on the river's edge facing south west. I looked over my11/5/20
10/20/99 19:00TempleTXUSACylinder10 minutesJust after sunset saw bright glowing object in western sky at 30 deg. above horizon. Smaller bright lights appeared and disappeared ne11/2/99
10/20/99 08:15StevensvilleMTUSAOtherone minutelooked to east saw sparkling dot with white plume coming out of left of object saw fast moving aircraft leaving vapor trails. As11/2/99
10/20/99 08:15StevensvilleMTUSAOther1.5 MINSaw sparkler type light with white plume out of top in Eastern sky about 60 degrees above horizon.11/2/99
10/20/99 07:25BoiseIDUSALight3 minutes estBright gold color light that flew west to east.11/2/99
10/20/99 02:00White River National ForestARUSALight1 hourI am a retired Dept of Defense employee which required that I retained a secret or top secret clearance for over 30 years. I retired in5/13/12
10/20/99 01:30SeattleWAUSASphere3 to 5 minutes11/20/99 1:30am purple glowing sphere moves in a straight line across a clear starry quarter moon night.3/16/01
10/19/99 23:35ConwayARUSATriangle15 minMany blue lights. About 60 meters long (base to point). 30 meters high.11/2/99
10/19/99 22:45Round RockTXUSASpheremore than 5 min.800 ft away, I now know the truth10/30/06
10/19/99 22:00Apache Junction (east of)AZUSAOther5-8 hoursA group of three encounter a formation of 10-12 ships that interacted with the group, and made close visual inspection possible.2/24/01
10/19/99 20:00SuperiorCOUSALightapprox 12 minTriangular formation of lights observed shortly after sunset, rotated every few seconds. Other aircraft lights observed in area but did11/2/99
10/19/99 19:20Indianapolis (southeast)INUSALight5 secondswhile going on our nightly walk, my wife and i saw a bright object (as bright as moon ) streak accross the southeastern sky. it seemed 11/2/99
10/19/99 18:30Santa Clarita ValleyCAUSADisk1.5objects were stationary, solid color, almost like a star. then the objects moved across the area, red,white lights, moving faster than 11/2/99
10/19/99 07:35EversonWAUSAOther20-25 minlooked like jet trail coming straight down like plane crashing. Stopped and two more appeared in other same vacinity different angles.11/2/99
10/19/99 05:45MesaAZUSALight5min.Saw Falling star fall then stop and move away from us11/2/99
10/19/99 03:10Van NuysCAUSATriangle3-5 secsextremely fast, silent, large medium gray(matte finish) triangle with shaded areas at each bottom corner flying from NW to SE.11/17/99
10/18/99 23:38Atlanta (south side of, Forest Park)GAUSAOther5 secondsI'm a truck driver, was backing into American can, window down, looked up and saw a crescent shaped object, color of moon, 1/3 size spe9/28/02
10/18/99 21:00Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaLight3/4 secondsTwo consecutive night 1999 Orb sighting + possible horse mutilation news story in same area5/6/16
10/18/99 20:00Page (Lake Powell)AZUSACircle30 secondswe were driving on the highway towards Lake Powell from Bryce National Park when we heard an extremely loud engine like sound above. we11/2/99
10/18/99 04:33BellevueWAUSALight15 minutesVied a light that I thought was an aircraft with landing lights on at first. then I noticed no falshing green or red lights, and the li10/19/99
10/18/99 04:30VenturaCAUSAUnknown5minAbout three weeks ago I woke from an strange but curiously happy dream. I heard my husband calling the cat to let it out the door near11/23/99
10/18/99 03:00LatrobePAUSA5-6 minother happneings other than ufo's7/23/00
10/18/99 01:45Los AngelesCAUSAChevron5-10 minWitnessed an very dull gray object flying around in circles and figure 8's. Too fast and too silent for any aircraft.10/19/99
10/17/99 21:00WarrensvilleNCUSALightcurrentThere are five or more lighted objects that are spaced apart from one another and they are sparkling with multi-colors.10/19/99
10/17/99 20:25Melbourne (VIC, Australia)AustraliaCylinder25 minThe Craft zipped passed, zipped back, stopped,and just stood there for about twenty mins. The wittnesses said they had an eerie feeling4/15/00
10/17/99 15:05CovingtonWAUSAChanging30 minutesWhile viewing 'double dotted line" contrail we sighted metallic craft, followed later by more which sometimes appeared like spheres and11/2/99
10/17/99 15:00JacksonvilleFLUSAChevron18 minutesGray Chevron maneuvers and hovers above NFL game1/11/02
10/17/99 15:00JacksonvilleFLUSAChevronBoomerang shaped object hovers above NFL game.1/29/02
10/17/99 14:00CharlotteNCUSACigar10 minsCigar shaped craft seen over my home town being chased by a formation of fighter pilots.7/11/00
10/17/99 07:55Victoria (Canada)BCCanadaTeardrop5 min approx.Very bright light observed in eastern sky. After watching for several minutes determined it was moving away from us.12/2/00
10/17/99 04:00MoabUTUSAFireball:05I saw it through the ceiling of my tent. It was brighter than anything in the sky. It was probably a large meteor or fireball as it i11/2/99
10/17/99 03:30Signal MountainTNUSACigar1 hoursaw bright orange light making qiuck movements,followed us for approximitly five miles, intersepted car causing electrical failure in c10/19/99
10/16/99 22:30Chatsworth (Fort Mountain)GAUSASphere5 secondsMUFON/GEORGIA FOLLOW-UP REPORT: Glowing orange sphere changes size during hover.11/17/99
10/16/99 22:15HoustonTXUSAOval20 secondsFlying object similar to blimp shaped like rounded football, illuminated from within.10/19/99
10/16/99 22:00The ColonyTXUSATriangle15 secondsStreaking light seen overhead. Went from a standstill(hover?) position and then streaked off in a flash.11/17/99
10/16/99 22:00DanvilleKYUSALight2 hoursBlue lights, white lights, and red lights. Moving sporadically and toward each other. Then they would hover. One actually flew over 11/17/99
10/16/99 21:35ChattanoogaTNUSATriangle2-3 minutesI witnessed 3 low-flying, triangular-shaped, black crafts traveling to the north, northwest on Saturday 16, 1999.2/18/01
10/16/99 19:00San MateoCAUSADisk1.30The object was in the northern sky for approximately 1.5 hours on the evening of 10/16/99. It was saucer-like shape with a very bright10/19/99
10/16/99 18:30Redwood ShoresCAUSAOther30+ minsI believe that this is the same object as seen in this sighting on the data base Occurred : 10/16/1999 19:00 (Entered as : 10/16/99 19:2/18/01
10/16/99 00:05Conway (at Salltillo Heights community)ARUSASphere1 minutewe saw a hot blue orb looking object big as a house fall from the sky.9/19/02
10/15/99 23:30GeyservilleCAUSAUnknown5 MinutesSome sort of stealth helicopter like object with hardly any sound flew right over my friend and I.7/16/03
10/15/99 23:00BuffaloNYUSATriangle30 SecondsBlack triangle with the orange lights at each corner10/8/07
10/15/99 23:00StockbridgeGAUSATriangle1 minutegreen lights in triangle pattern hovering above trees and strange dreams for 2 months after.2/8/05
10/15/99 23:00CopevilleTXUSATriangle30 secondsTriangular shaped, green lights, seen when investigating why dog was whining. Missing time later.10/19/99
10/15/99 21:00PhoenixAZUSASphereusually 2 hoursThree Bright Orange Orbs large in size12/2/00
10/15/99 20:30EllisKSUSALight10 minutesfirst seen as possible meteor, then fireball, then satellite like moving south. i witnessed it turn a 180% turn, stop, then move in sev10/19/99
10/15/99 20:30EllisKSUSAOval5-8 minutesUFO shased off by fighter jets1/17/04
10/15/99 20:30YeringtonNVUSAChevronless than 10 secondsChevron or V-shaped object with five large circular lights on the bottom, very fast.12/23/02
10/15/99 20:15Montreal (Canada)PQCanada15 minUFO's sighted over Montreal, Quebec, November, 1999.5/14/02
10/15/99 20:15SeattleWAUSAChevron1 minute4 lights in chevron-shape, crossed north t south on clear night sky. Lost sight of, then shape came back south to north, very fast.10/19/99
10/15/99 20:00BreckenridgeTXUSAOther2-3minCraft came over on a dark but clear night.It was moving south east to north west. The craft was a vee shape but not the sahpe of the1/11/02
10/15/99 19:30Mississauga (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle3 SECONDSWas outside taking a coffee break and notice three what i first thought was three fighters flying in formation, but there was no engine12/2/00
10/15/99 19:20NewbernTNUSALight2 min.amber colored light,moves slowly, occasionally disappears in plain view4/1/00
10/15/99 19:00Kansas CityMOUSAOther3-5 minutesMISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: I was looking to my left when I spotted a white light about 9 o'clock high10/31/03
10/15/99 18:30TaylorMIUSASphere20 secondsI was walking towards what used to be Marshall's at the back entrance of the Southland Mall in Taylor, Mi. As I walked toward the buil4/13/10
10/15/99 18:00Sierra VistaAZUSACircle2mina bright white light turned into a floating disk for 2min.than turned back into white light and zipped away.6/3/10
10/15/99 14:30FremontINUSADiamond3 minutesA huge diamond shaped mirrored surfaced, revolving object moving across the sky in mid afternoon.4/27/04
10/15/99 14:00Yangtzee River (China)ChinaDisk30 MINUTESLOOKED LIKE THE REAL THING1/10/09
10/15/99 12:30Old WestburyNYUSADisk@ 3-4 minutesI was home in my room and looked out my window to see this very large, white object gliding across the sky going west to south-east. It10/19/99
10/15/99 08:00FairfieldMEUSALight30 minspotted light moving through the sky at high rate of speed. Thought to be a plane or helicopter but too fast for helicopter and han on11/2/99
10/15/99 06:01LewistownMOUSALight3 minColour shift= green->blue->yellow->metalic white. Slow movement to west, then east, then high velocity NNW.11/9/99
10/15/99 05:00HoldenMAUSAOval1 hourVery bright oval object that appeared to resemble a star approx. 5 am in the morning. It has been visible in the morning for 3 days no10/19/99
10/15/99 04:30MillersburgMOUSATriangle2-3 minutesi've already submitted a report, i had the wrong date!12/16/99
10/15/99 03:00Conconully (Conconully Lake)WAUSALightmaybe 30 min.A very bright light shined through the window of cabin and with spotting scope and binoculars a father and son saw a bright light with 9/19/02
10/15/99 03:00Ritzville/Cheney (between)WAUSATriangle15 to 30 seci am a truck driver and it was 3 in the morning i was going westbound it came from my left to the right at a very hi rate of speed but 2/16/00
10/15/99 03:00Clines Corners (I-40 Eastbound)NMUSALight20:00Was traveling eastbound on I-40 in New Mexico around 3:00am. Noticed to the southwest and southeast numerous flashing bright blue light9/19/02
10/15/99 02:30Columbia (east of, near Little Dixie Conservation Area)MOUSATriangleone minuteMy friend and I were out looking for shooting stars on a country road when this large unknown object flew over us. It was a large tria9/19/02
10/15/99 02:00LexingtonMAUSAFireball2hrsA 2 hour sighting of fireball with orbiting mini fireballs and an array of white dots in the sky with unusual movements3/4/08
10/15/99 02:00Inverness (UK/Scotland)United KingdomFormation3 minutesFour bright white lights moving in a row12/12/09
10/15/99Sheffield (UK/England)United KingdomTriangleonly a few minutesTHE UFO4/1/01
10/15/99Weed/Yreka (near)CAUSAFireball< 3 minFall 1999 sighting of green and gold fireballs in N California1/31/04
10/14/99 22:10NashvilleTNUSALight11 minutesI saw a light flash like a plane out in my back yard but it didn't flash again so it caught my attention. Then it flashed again (white)10/19/99
10/14/99 20:30WarrensvilleNCUSACircle22:30husband saw a colored flash of light that stoped in the sky.we looked out and saw 1 just latter it returned with 2 others which changed10/19/99
10/14/99 20:20Mead (near Spokane)WAUSALight3 secondsI just let my dog out and look up and saw a blue light. I assume it was a shooting star however: It seemed to low and slow. I was looki10/19/99
10/14/99 16:30Kingston (Canada)ONCanadaLight30-45 secondsI was looking straight up at my TV antenna because my cable had become disconnected from the antenna. I saw a small bright light glidi12/2/00
10/14/99 14:00YonkersNYUSALight5 minutesI was watching a star like object moving very slowly10/19/99
10/14/99 08:30PrescottAZUSALight45 minOrange lights10/19/99
10/13/99 22:00LansingMIUSACircle10 minutesSeen something that was not a helicopter or a plane , too low, too silent, no sound, the damn thing hovered. Planes don't do that.10/19/99
10/13/99 19:45BoscobelWIUSALight5 minutesA red light making smoke and stopped making smoke going east.8/28/03
10/13/99 18:00PittsburghPAUSAOtherApprox 5 min.Stange Craft chased away by fighters.11/16/02
10/13/99 17:20FlorenceKYUSATriangle10 min.I 75 going south. Triangle shape. White light on each corner. Not moving... no sound.12/16/99
10/13/99 09:45Santa FeNMUSADisk25 secondswhile driving east something unusuall grabed my sight to the sky, there was 3 objects (plus 2 fighters afar)i kept looking at them and 10/19/99
10/13/99 04:28East Kilbride (South Lanarkshire) (UK/Scotland)United KingdomUnknown1 hour at leastIt was from a high flat window, several miles away high, really high up in the sky. I was scepticle as the object never moved, I could 11/2/99
10/12/99 23:00Little Falls (North of)MNUSAFormation1 hourTwo bright amber lights. About 300 to 500 feet up. One slightly lower.11/17/99
10/12/99 23:00NorwarkCTUSAFireball1 minuteI saw a white object shoot across the sky at about 50-100 feet high. Looked like a comet, but was way to close to the ground and was tr11/2/99
10/12/99 22:15TulsaOKUSAOther30 secondsIt was maybe 500ft above me, no lights, traveling VERY slow, and completely silent.10/31/08
10/12/99 22:00PhoenixAZUSAFireball10 minutes?Phoenix police dept. helicopters (2) and crew observe orange fireball that circles their craft. Report at first denied by PPD then ackn2/23/00
10/12/99 21:35Port TownsendWAUSATriangle5 minutes3 satellites forming a perfect isosceles triangle shape, moving in complete unison from the NW to the SE and turning to the South.10/19/99
10/12/99 21:33Minnesota (central, rural)MNUSAChevron90 secondsobserved two chevron crafts hovering 225 & 300 feet. aprox. 500 feet from my location. They were directly to my west, and also observed10/19/99
10/12/99 20:00Palominas (near Ft. Huachuca)AZUSATriangle10 minutesV shaped light pattern but craft was pyrymid shape and demention. Huge size of shopping mall made no sound, escorted by 1/2 hours worth10/19/99
10/12/99 17:15ScottsdaleAZUSACigar10 minutesI witnessed a extremely white bright cigar shaped light in the west/soutwestern sky, low on the horizon. It moved slowly from south to 10/19/99
10/12/99 12:07BreezewoodPAUSAFireball1 hour3 balls of light were in the sky. They were in a triangle formation, I heard that it might have been one ship with three lights.2/27/00
10/12/99 10:30JerseyNJUSADisk3 minI was on my roof. look up i saw two gray disk like abjects . .no lights just at a dead stop.7/5/08
10/12/99 09:00MiamiOKUSAOval2 MinutesFlock of Silver Ovalish Shaped Disk flying quickly through the daytime sky.10/31/08
10/12/99 05:11AlbanyORUSAFireball2minTwo fireballs in northwest sky10/19/99
10/12/99 01:30MissoulaMTUSATriangle1 minuteSome of my friend and I were outside, smoking when something flew over us. It looked like an airplane at first, but it was to big, and 11/23/99
10/11/99 22:30Addison (I-355 and US 20 (Lake St.)ILUSADisk10 minutesSaucer shaped object,with rows of red lights on bottom side; one white lighttop and bottom11/9/99
10/11/99 22:15Parker's LakeKYUSADisk10-15 minFlashing lights sighted out of my window10/19/99
10/11/99 21:45Eureka SpringsARUSALight15 min.Bright light due south, traveling east extremely slowly. Bright flash given off from object every 10 seconds, with a dim flash every 3 11/2/99
10/11/99 21:30AugustaKSUSALight10 minsObject was at 45 degrees above southern horizon. Being stationary for 5 mins. and then executed some right angle maneuvers. Focal dista11/9/99
10/11/99 21:30MontgomeryTXUSALight1hrsPinpoint of light travelled from east to west breifly then hovered for about an hour then disappeared.10/19/99
10/11/99 21:10AshlandORUSATriangle30-45 sec.I was looking into the sky towards the high east watching what appeared to be a passenger jet cross the sky when my periphial vision ca10/19/99
10/11/99 21:00WinnemuccaNVUSACigarsecondsoblong, extremely large and bright object in sky, going behind mountains. Object much larger than a meteorite.10/19/99
10/11/99 20:35Kirbyville (due south of)MOUSAOther1.5hoursAbout 2030 cst I noticed what apeared to be a "tumbler" a flashing satellite. After observing for approx.10 min. I realized that the ob10/19/99
10/11/99 20:15PortvilleNYUSAOval1 minuteit was a beautiful oval shaped object that had huge windows lite with every color you can imagine. we saw this object to the left of t10/19/99
10/11/99 20:15PortvilleNYUSAOval1 minuteoval shaped with colorful lights all around with huge windows lite up very colorful most beautiful thing in the sky. in valley area it 10/19/99
10/11/99 20:15PortvilleNYUSAOval30 secondsWas oval shaped had different colored lights all the way around the center of the object. The top was yellowish with windows with light10/19/99
10/11/99 20:15PortvilleNYUSAOval30 secondsThe object was just below the tree line. The object was light up by a yellowish light with blue lights.You could see the windows in it 10/19/99
10/11/99 18:00Parry Sound (near) (Canada)ONCanadaDisk6 secondsA silvery disk shaped object, flew over an aircraft, then disappeared.4/22/03
10/11/99 09:10CanbyORUSALight10 secondsi saw bright light come out of clouds, 2 aircraft came from behind and appeared to shot at the light, light went back into the clouds10/19/99
10/11/99 07:40Three RiversMIUSAOval10minuetsWhile dirving to work this monday morning the 11th of October I spotted two jets flying toward the horizion. Becouse of the rising sun 10/19/99
10/11/99 06:10Somerset?WIUSAUnknown2 minutesHuge pulsating red light over I-94. High overhead, moving east10/19/99
10/11/99 04:30Los AngelesCAUSALight5minIt was a large bright light sitting stationary in the sky. Within our atmosphere. Not a star. It did not move or change shape and was t10/19/99
10/11/99 01:00Milton (Canada)ONCanadaTriangleVery longStrange hovering triangular craft man made10/19/11
10/11/99 00:15MontgomeryALUSALight3 minutesBright light coming from back yard and a surreal sensation of forboding.3/21/03
10/10/99 23:45LewistonMIUSAOval45 MinutesOval shaped with lights all around it in a haze with several smaller lights flying all around it.10/19/99
10/10/99 22:30Casey Key (north end of)FLUSATriangleseveral minutesA large trianglual shaped craft flew from horizon to horizon as observed from the stern deck of a motor vessel9/19/02
10/10/99 22:30ElginORUSAChevron4 minutesObject silently traveled north -northwest. It was V shaped with five orange lights on the perimeter and one white ligh in the center of10/19/99
10/10/99 22:00Dorset (UK/England)United KingdomFlash<1 secondWhilst out late night cycling (as i have done so for many years and am a hardy fellow);I paused at the cliff tops of our local beach,(a2/14/06
10/10/99 21:30HumphreyNEUSASphere5 minObject moving erratically in sky stopped by spot light2/14/06
10/10/99 21:00RachelNVUSALight3 hoursBright lights with incredible agility seen from mailbox at Area 51 on UFO highway in Nevada for several hourse.5/24/05
10/10/99 21:00Ashland (at our home)MOUSALighttwo seperate times, 10 seWe saw on our local news that in Jefferson City,(20 minutes from our home), a craft was spotted reciently. We have not actually observe12/16/99
10/10/99 20:35HaywardCAUSACircle60-90 secMany different colored glowing objects11/20/01
10/10/99 12:40KennewickWAUSASphere45 secsStanding outside saying goodby to family members and pointing to Chem-Trails10/19/99
10/10/99 11:00San DiegoCAUSAFireball1 hourAt 10:45 in the morning, my father and I noticed a small stationary object in the sky.10/19/99
10/10/99 06:00DallasTXUSAOther10 secondsgroup of twinkling lights at high altitude11/20/01
10/10/99 04:00Kansas CityKSUSAUnknown5-10 min.Orange object over city.10/19/99
10/10/99 03:00St. Agnes de Dundee (Canada)PQCanadaEgg90 min.early morning bright object egg shape fully colorder chaging colors as it turn as it was going it change to white colors12/2/00
10/10/99 00:01MartinezCAUSAChanging1 hourBright objects, red and green flashing lights (and a diffuse white light off to one side of the larger of the two objects), about 30 de10/19/99
10/9/99 22:00Harker HeigtsTXUSAOther3 minI was walking with my dog in a clear night, when I saw somthing mocing in the sky, without a noise, like an airplane, moving straight f10/19/99
10/9/99 21:30LeesburgFLUSAOther60 SecondsCraft appears faintly at first then drifted downward, brightened, and hovered at tree top level, red in color, then vanished.11/2/99
10/9/99 12:15Port OrangeFLUSADisk30 secondsA shiny metalic saucer shape was seen flying from a northeastern position in the sky to a southwestern position, elapsed time aprox. 3010/19/99
10/9/99 01:00Fairfield (Shiloh Rd.)CAUSAFireball1-1.5 hrsIt appeared to be a very bright star that was hovering over Travis Air Force Base, however it not only went from very bright to very di10/19/99
10/9/99 00:33Los Angeles (Metropolitan area - Koreatown)CAUSATriangle29 secondsTriangular shaped object in atmosphere 4.5-5.0 degrees in size traversing from northwest to southeast.10/19/99
10/8/99 23:15Detroit Lakes (18 miles east of)MNUSATriangle2 minutesTriangular Formation of 3 lights moving at the speed and appearance of satelites.The center blocked out stars as it moved from West/NW 10/19/99
10/8/99 22:00TylerTXUSAFlash16 minutesStationary object flashed white light about once every nine seconds from southern sky at a inclination of about 75 degrees. We perceiv10/19/99
10/8/99 21:30Bel AirMDUSATriangle10 minutesAt a high school football game, Large triangle shaped object performed maneuvers at extremly slow speeds low to the ground, over the Be2/16/00
10/8/99 21:30LakesideCAUSADiamond10 minutesObject moved from southwest to northwest sky, irradicke in flight, but maintained general direction, reddish blinking lights, similar t10/19/99
10/8/99 21:00Munds ParkAZUSACone40+ mincone shaped mist with single white light at top. off i 17 at munds park at approx 9pm 10/8/9910/30/06
10/8/99 19:45BellevueWAUSACircle7secBright white light going north to south10/19/99
10/7/99 23:02SpringfieldMAUSAFormation10 secondsWe saw a v-shaped formation of orangy-yellow round flying objects fly right above us and disappear on the other side of horizon10/19/99
10/7/99 22:00ElktonMDUSAUnknown45min.up to 9 aircraft,3 apearing out of no where and up to 6 flying by the other 310/19/99
10/7/99 19:50BouseAZUSAFormationwitnessed an in line formation of bright amber lights appear for a few seconds in the NNE sky halfway up at 19:50. Aprox. 12 with 2 mor10/19/99
10/7/99 06:45Goose CreekSCUSADisk20 minutesI took my dog outside to go to the bathroom and I noticed lights up in the sky - a row of them. They were blue-white lights - very bri10/19/99
10/7/99 04:00AustinTXUSAOther3MinsIt appeared from my vantage point to be like a large metorite but it was traveling too slow and the angle was all wrong. My best descri11/9/99
10/6/99 23:10ConestogaPAUSALight10 minutesI was looking out my back window, waiting for my husband to come to bed. I saw lights in the distance (red and yellow flashing) which w10/19/99
10/6/99 22:46May's LandingNJUSADisk3 minseen in the distance, lights that went around the craft in a strob,circeler around it. was hovering for about 3 min's and went stright 10/19/99
10/6/99 21:00Manchester (St.Louis)MOUSADisk5-10 secs.The unidentifiable object went by my 9 year old daughters bedroom window,around 9:30 in the evening, very close,quiet,over the neighbor10/19/99
10/6/99 20:35Angleton (5 miles north)TXUSACross5 minutesVertical, symmetrical key-shaped or awl-shaped, terrestrial (?) craft, as outlined by 8-to-10 red lights.9/6/02
10/6/99 20:00St. Petersburg (50 SE of)FLUSAUnknown10 to 15 mins.Sighting was reported by an aircraft who was southeastbound from St. Petersburg Fl to Ft. Lauderdale Fl along the west coast of FL. Pi10/19/99
10/6/99 19:32WichitaKSUSALight10-15 secondsI cannot call this a report of a flying is more a report of a light in the sky. I was standing in my front yard, facing Sou10/19/99
10/6/99 14:00Birmingham (UK/England)United KingdomOval1 minutesmall, oval object floating in the sky (not a balloon)11/3/05
10/5/99 22:00Newcastle (Northumberland) (UK/England)United KingdomTriangleABOUT 1 MIN30 SECSTRIANGULAR,BRIGHT,INCREDIBLE SPEED,AMAZINGLY HIGH UP,OUT OF CHARICTER TO ME.3/17/04
10/5/99 21:15TucsonAZUSATriangle< 5 secondsDark unlit object streaking across Tucson sky at unbelievable speed.10/19/99
10/5/99 21:00ChesapeakeVAUSAOther30 secondsI was doing some observations for my astronomy class tonight and I saw something very strange. I was looking west about forty five deg10/19/99
10/5/99 21:00HoustonTXUSAChevron1-2 minutesI saw an object chevron shaped in the evening sky, moving southwest. I live southwest of Bush Intercontinental airport and was watching10/19/99
10/5/99 20:35RosemountMNUSATriangle5 secondsI observed 2 rather small, dimly-lit long, triangular shaped objects flying in formation heading north at a rater low altitude at somew1/7/00
10/5/99 20:30Yuma (out side of)AZUSAOtherDriving down the interstate and seeing a UFO in So. Arizona10/12/01
10/5/99 15:00Los Angeles/Atlanta (between, not sure where)GAUSACigar30secondsThis is a bit new to me, but I thought I had to tell you about somthing I saw recently on a flight from Los Angeles to Atlanta. I play 5/14/02
10/5/99 10:57Tuaran (Sabah) (Malaysia)MalaysiaFireball4 minutes2 glowing fireball (white blue) crossing from west coast going to Mt. Kinabalu direction. Elevation more than ten thousands feet approx10/19/99
10/5/99 08:25TampaFLUSACircle4 minutes +Traveling across Gandy bridge, saw silver saucer shape trailing right behind a jet approaching Tampa In'tl. airpt. I noticed because th10/19/99
10/4/99 19:51HoustonTXUSAEgg19:54Saw what at first appeared to be 2 stars in the horizon.10/19/99
10/4/99 19:25TucsonAZUSA5 secondsbright light flashed on, moved slightly to right, dissipated, light lingered briefly10/19/99
10/4/99 17:25GilletteWYUSAOther10-15 sec.At 5:20 P.M. my wife and I were taken our 10 year old to football practice. We were going east on 14-16 when I saw this craft flying fr10/19/99
10/4/99 10:05Mount VernonWAUSAFireball10 min +Bright Comet-like object seen in Washington state10/19/99
10/4/99 03:00Rochester (MN)/to LaCrosse (WI) (driving)MNUSALight2+ hoursBright lights in the sky witnessed from highway10/19/99
10/4/99 02:00BroomfieldCOUSAUnknown2-3 secondsSensation like sonic boom shook house, with no noise -just a pressure wave10/19/99
10/3/99 23:15KennesawGAUSACigar10 SecondsLarge Cigar-shaped UFO sighted near Atlanta.9/28/02
10/3/99 23:00OrondoWAUSA1 secondGreen fireball on october 3rd.11/17/99
10/3/99 22:40TacomaWAUSAFireball1-2 secondsHuge Greenish Fireball fell west of I-5 hwy while I was driving So.10/19/99
10/3/99 22:15TrailORUSAFireballsecondsWhite luminous basketball-sized falling fireball.10/19/99
10/3/99 22:00TrailORUSAFireballsecondsBluish fireball lighting entire area, falling at treetop level.10/19/99
10/3/99 21:55Wilsonville (exit, I-5, 1 mile N of)ORUSAFireball1-3 secondsBright green glowing ball-shaped with a long glowing tail, traveling across and downward from East to West at treetop level; looked abo10/19/99
10/3/99 21:45SalemORUSAFlash2 secondssaw something out of the corner of my eye turend in time to see 2 flashes10/19/99
10/3/99 21:45SeattleWAUSATeardrop10 secs.An eliptical-teardrop shaped object travelling approx.15-20 degrees above the horizon, from SE to NW in a horizontal position along Se10/19/99
10/3/99 21:44Beaverton (northwest area)ORUSAFireballapprox.1 fireball traveling east to west with "sparklers" around perimeter. Object approx. 5" diam. to my sight.10/19/99
10/3/99 21:41TacomaWAUSACircleone half secondobserved a circular shaped bright, almost floresent, light green, with some white colored light shoot across part of sky.9/28/02
10/3/99 21:40ClackamasORUSAFireballtwo secondsFrom S to N SW of here at approx 20 degrees (above some old growth firs) two quick strobe like flashes followed by a linear green strea9/19/02
10/3/99 21:40Battle Ground/VancouverWAUSACircle5 secBlue ball with a blue/white contrail moving from east to west in a downward path10/19/99
10/3/99 20:20DuncanvilleTXUSATriangle30 minutesBetween approx. 8:20 and 8:55 pm I saw four (4) things in the sky. 1)an object that was large and triangle shape move fast and silent. 10/19/99
10/3/99 19:00AnsonMEUSASphere4-7 secondsIlluminated sphere moving very fast overhead in a straight line of travel from horizon to horizon. Object seemed close and possibly hal10/19/99
10/3/99 15:30Bridgeport/StamfordCTUSACircle1/2 of an hourThe Advocate newspaper(Stamford)front page news:"UFOs in Stamford?"(Sun.Oct.10th,1999)A half dozen witnesses saw circular shaped object10/19/99
10/2/99 22:45KalispellMTUSAChevron5 SecondsGroup of 5 (perhaps 7) faint, diffuse, eliptical white lights, traveling quite quickly north to south. Relatively low altitude; discer10/19/99
10/2/99 22:00VicksburgMSUSACircle2 minuteeslarge object seemed to be hovering over the trees.10/19/99
10/2/99 20:30NewportORUSAChanging2 hoursOriginal sighting was that of a Pyramid of lights, however, the shape of those lights changed in what I believe to be the rotating of a10/19/99
10/2/99 20:00St. George/HillUTUSADisk5-10min.My wife , my friend and I were sitting on my front pourch when we all noticed a very bright light in the sky that was projecting a cone10/19/99
10/2/99 20:00San Diego Co. (East part)CAUSADiamond3 hoursThis event has happened on numerous nights over eastern San Diego County. The craft appear to hover in a general area and then leave.11/20/02
10/2/99 19:15TracyCAUSAOther20 secAblation Cone with trailing smoke contrail Moving South to North. Extingushed at near overhead. Cone angle 20 approx. Deg.10/19/99
10/2/99 19:08Prairie CityORUSACigar20-30 secondsAppeared to be jet with short vapor trail then vapor changed to something like a fireman spraying with a fog or fan spray that spread W10/19/99
10/2/99 12:00LewistonNYUSAOther15 secondsWe were fishing in the lower Niagara River, near the water intakes for the power plant just upstream from the Riverside Inn.10/19/99
10/2/99 01:45TulsaOKUSAChevron5 secondsLooked up the light was just north of my house I realised then that it was a formation of 5 lights but the body of the craft was visibl10/2/99
10/2/99 01:45AlhambraCAUSALight3 secondsLuminous green object seen in slow descent before winking out.10/19/99
10/1/99 23:00Blankenberge (Belgium)BelgiumFormation10 secondsupside down V formation of 9 birght lights on high altitude changed to M formation in less than a second4/8/02
10/1/99 22:05IndependenceMOUSAChevron15 secondsLooked up an saw tiny points of light creating the shape of a Chevron.10/19/99
10/1/99 21:30Endicott/BinghamtonNYUSAFormationkept hooveringbright lights moving back and forth, they kept comming together and seperating11/17/99
10/1/99 20:00MiamiFLUSAUnknown25 sec.Red and Green light in the sky.10/19/99
10/1/99 19:00Nellis Air Force Base (50-100 miles east of)NVUSALight3 minutesOn Friday October 1 around 7 in the evening I was driving south and about 50 miles east of Nellis Air Force base.I noticed an bright ob11/17/99
10/1/99 19:00Las VegasNVUSALightapp. 15 secondsA moving object which possibly changed speed and direction in an unorthodox manner10/2/99
10/1/99 18:12NormanOKUSACigar2 minSoundless cigar shaped object(s) transited South to North. Weather- clear, unlimited visibility, near 70 degrees F.10/19/99
10/1/99 17:00New York City (Manhattan)NYUSAUnknown5 secondsI witnessed a being in the middle of the day in Manhattan about six and a half feet, its face definately not human?2/18/01
10/1/99 04:40ElyriaOHUSATriangle5or more minutesThe front was shaped like a triangle, with two lights on the wing tips. Blueish-gray in color...Low rumbling sound, Moving very slow. 10/2/99
10/1/99 04:00PortlandORUSALight15-25 secondslooking west the object appeared approx near the top of our atmosphere. It was huge! It at first just seemed to appear out of thin air.11/2/99
10/1/99 01:00Oak BrookILUSALighti minutea green-blue light comes out and down out of a cloud, and goes back into the cloud5/14/02
10/1/99 00:30San AntonioTXUSAFireball30 secondsObserved amber bright light decending for apx. 20 seconds.10/19/99