National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 09/1999


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
9/30/99 23:50Newcastle-upon-Tyne (UK/England)United Kingdom30-40 secSeven orange lights travelling N.E to S.W10/19/99
9/30/99 22:30San Rafael/ Vallejo/ FairfieldCAUSATriangle45 minutesOriginal observation of bright lights of craft 20-25 miles away; lost sight of craft for awhile as I meandered through hills on way hom2/16/00
9/30/99 21:00Pearl RidgeHIUSASphere4 minutesSmall blue flourescent ball hovering the skies of Oahu.10/12/01
9/30/99 21:00AberdeenWAUSATriangle5 minutesUFO seen - Giant, seven lights, slow, low, very loud low pitch roar, traveled over town.4/27/07
9/30/99 21:00MontesanoWAUSATriangle2 MinutesLarge, loud Trangular Object, lighted below10/15/03
9/30/99 21:00LivingstonNJUSAOtherabout 1 min.just star gazing and 1 star was moving10/19/99
9/30/99 20:24Mount VernonWAUSADisk8-11 sec.A disc shaped object glowing a dull red fading to magenta moving at extreeme velocity moving from north-northeast to the southwest over10/2/99
9/30/99 19:30Chandler (but seemed far away and high in)AZUSASphere5 minutesSphere was aiming light like a flashlight on glowing smoke.10/19/99
9/30/99 15:35MorrowvilleKSUSASphere15-20 secondsFast, noiseless, highly reflective object seen10/2/99
9/29/99 22:30Overland ParkKSUSAFireball2-4 sec.Green fireball with trail headed N-NW in Eastern KS - arching downward - resembled size and speed of a single discharge from a roman ca10/2/99
9/29/99 21:37LawrenceKSUSATriangle3 minutesPulled out of Checker's parking lot, (grocery store)onto 23rd St. Driving East until I came onto 23rd & Ohio St. Present with my wife, 10/2/99
9/29/99 21:10Midwest CityOKUSARectangle10 minutes3 Objects witnessed: 1 object was traveling NE to SW - flashing red, white, green. Two objects came straight from the East, they came o10/19/99
9/29/99 18:45NashvilleTNUSAFireball5 minutesfiery object looking like craft in movie "it came from outer space" or comet-like with fiery tail observed traveling in nw direction fr10/2/99
9/29/99 15:25OlatheKSUSASphere1 minuteTraveling W to pick up son from school. Saw extraordinarily bright orb slowly traveling N in straight line. Size was about diameter of10/2/99
9/29/99 14:30Warnambool, VIC (Australia)AustraliaUnknown0.05 secondsIt was very quick. We have a picture of it.11/2/99
9/29/99 07:02LubbockTXUSAOther2 secondsMeteor looking object, very bright. Visible only 2 seconds after which it vanished. Suspected meteor however it's trajectory was North 10/2/99
9/28/99 22:00PocaWVUSADisk2 minutesStanding outside on front porch when strange disk shaped object flew over a hill and headed as if it was to land. One witness told anot7/1/02
9/28/99 20:30Seaview (Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape) (South Africa)South AfricaOther10 minutesSaw 2 lights, like car headlights about 200meters in the sky, just hovering, a red light on one side of "wing" and a green light on the10/2/99
9/28/99 18:50ScottsdaleAZUSADisk30 minutesround flat type disk hovered and proceeded to move slow. white in color .eventually slowly moved away and disappeared 10/19/99
9/28/99 01:20ColumbusOHUSALight5 sec.My girlfriend an I were outside of our apt. it was a nice night, no cloud, the object was as bright as a star from the big dipper, goin1/7/00
9/27/99 21:45Upper Sandusky (on Rt.30, west of)OHUSAFireball20mindriving east on 30 noticed an unmoving orange fireball just to NE of road. Remained stationary for 10-20 min. then started toward south10/19/99
9/27/99 20:30EncinoCAUSALight2 minutesSaw a motionless light floating in the sky. It flashed off and on at 1/2 second intervals then disapeared. From - Thu Sep 30 23:30:13 10/2/99
9/27/99 19:57CanbyORUSAFormation3 minutesTriangular formation, pinpoints of white light, sighted in the western sky.10/2/99
9/27/99 14:00Cape Kennedy (@ Imax Theatre 1)FLUSAOther15 secsDuring the film "Mission to Mir", there appears to be a narrow elongated football shaped light which crosses a black sky from left to10/2/99
9/26/99 23:30Winnipeg (north of) (Canada)MBCanadaUnknown10 SecondsBlue light moving rapidly from N/W to S/E. Visible vapour trail, no vehicle visible. Duration approx. 10 seconds.12/2/00
9/26/99 23:15AmesburyUnited KingdomUnknown30 secondsLit was not natural.1/24/12
9/26/99 20:00Surrey (Canada)BCCanadaChevron10-15 sec.This was a chevron shaped craft black in colour with yellow lights in the V shape.12/2/00
9/26/99 15:31Calumet City (just south of chicago,ill), illILUSACircle1-2 secondssaw a brite circle quarter sze on tv screen while watching nsa education channel ,which was showing a view of the earth.10/2/99
9/26/99 11:30BellevueWAUSATriangle10 secondsThe object was black, triangular and had some protrusions on the back (fat end of the triangle) that may have been tail fins like on a 10/2/99
9/26/99 09:30La GrandeORUSAFireball1-2 secsAs I left my house, I noticed to the northeast a fireball descending to the horizon behind the mountains surrounding our valley. I orig10/2/99
9/26/99 09:00Castlegar (Canada)BCCanadaOtherthroughout the dayHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Chemtrail/contrail seemed to be coming from the bizarre looking craft or tank.3/17/04
9/25/99 23:30St. DavidILUSALight2 minutes((HOAX??)) Lights seen in the night sky.6/24/16
9/25/99 23:10Lake OswegoORUSAFormation4MIN.As reported directly to Peter Davenport by phone 9-25-99, 23:25pm-------I went outside with binoculars to do a sky watch and was lookin10/2/99
9/25/99 23:08Las VegasNVUSADisk4 minutes(Peter: we discussed this over the phone with you last Saturday). My husband and I were outside in our spa in South Las Vegas. At 11:0810/2/99
9/25/99 23:08Las VegasNVUSAOval7 minutesLocation:South Las Vegas Time/Date 9/25/99 at 11:08 pm Sighting:5 round objects (about 1/2 size of the full moon)appearing one at a tim10/2/99
9/25/99 22:00Duanesburg (Mohawk Valley)NYUSALight10minsWe could not identify shape since it was night. The lights were identifiable. Not as an airplane, we've seen those often around here,10/2/99
9/25/99 21:20RiversideCAUSAOther10 minutestwo objects came from east to west then broke apart soon they came together again but now there were three they zigzagged between eacho10/2/99
9/25/99 20:00EwenMIUSAFireball1 secGreenish blue fireball which appeared to be quite large in size. Arced toward earth in a west to east direction but north of Ewen, MI.10/2/99
9/25/99 20:00NashvilleTNUSACigar1 minute?silver cigar shape10/2/99
9/25/99 19:30Goldendale (3 miles ne of)WAUSACircle3-5secBright greenish light heading north-east11/2/99
9/25/99 19:15EverettWAUSALight3-5 minutesI watched a streak of light move in a southerly direction heading downward eventually disappearing behind the Olympic Mountains.10/2/99
9/25/99 02:00FranklinNCUSACircle30mRecently my mother and myself have witnesst a white light with red and blue lights flashing around it.We have witnesst it together and 11/20/02
9/25/99 00:45Wilberfoss, York (UK/England)United KingdomLight2 minsBlue/white fanning light, which closed to a point and gradually faded to ground level10/2/99
9/24/99 22:00Lower LakeCAUSATriangle1 hourAt 10:00pm our dogs and the neiborhood dogs started to bark. I went outside to check why they were barking. I looked around and saw i10/2/99
9/24/99 22:00Beaconsfield (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle1min3 disks of dim light connected to triangular shape in night sky10/31/03
9/24/99 20:30EulessTXUSAUnknown1 minuteObserved unknown objec exhibit instantanious accelleration and decelleration in airspace near DFW airport10/19/99
9/24/99 19:30TroyMIUSATriangle2-3 MinutesVery very large triangular object outlined with lights appearing from the west, stopping briefly, then disappearing in the east at a ve10/2/99
9/24/99 19:30New York/San Francisco (flight between)NYUSALight2 hours approxOn flight from New York to San Francisco saw series of varying lights buzzing the plane for most of the journey.7/23/00
9/24/99 18:00PhiladelphiaPAUSAFireball10 minsThree round, orange, reddish balls hovering, moving, but not advancing forward. After 5 mins, one moved slowly off the the left.10/19/99
9/24/99 07:00ChicoCAUSAOther3-5 minsmall silver object, low flying in very strait line emitting what looked to be a thick bright billowy contrail the shape and length of 10/2/99
9/23/99 22:50HaileyIDUSACircleStill thereTonight at 10:30PM in the eastern sky just above the mountains we saw what appeared to be Venus or a very bright star and decided to vi10/2/99
9/23/99 22:00WhitefishMTUSACircle10 minCircular Craft Flashing a Red Beam8/28/03
9/23/99 21:50Pointe-Claire (Canada)PQCanadaCircle2 mina light from a sky touched down about 200 feet away from me. It was a shinnig circle of light that hovered left to right then lifted ba12/2/00
9/23/99 18:25Victor/Teton Mountain RangeIDUSAFormation25 minutesSaw two very bright white lights to the east accompanied by several other dimmer white lights. 25 minutes of unusual movement, individ10/2/99
9/23/99 17:30Sunderland (UK/England)United KingdomFlash10 secondsthere was a flash in the eastern sky then an object flashed over head from east to west leaving a trail behind it2/16/00
9/23/99 14:00MillsboroDEUSAEgg45minutesFollowed vehicle and occupants from Home to destination approximately 30 to 40minutes away. Stopped when vehicle stopped and appeared t10/2/99
9/22/99 23:45Maple GroveMNUSAOval45 seconds to one minuteIt hovered above us for about 1 minute without a sound and then took off.3/6/01
9/22/99 21:30WhartonOHUSATriangle3 minwhile driving home from a football game, my family and i saw 3 lights on the horizon10/2/99
9/22/99 21:00Shanghai (China)ChinaTeardrop30 secondsPicture of UFO taken accidentaly8/19/00
9/22/99 01:00LaCygneKSUSAChanging45 minutesI have a video and still pictures3/4/08
9/22/99 00:20ManassasVAUSACircle30-40 secondssitting outside, saw bright light in sky, traveling at a high speed.10/2/99
9/21/99 20:49EverettWAUSAChanging25-30 secondsI watched a cylinder shaped object head west, then changed form to a boomerang, transparent like state and then it traveled south10/2/99
9/21/99 20:30Columbia Station (heading west, past Grafton)OHUSADisk30+ minutesMy daughter saw wierd light in the sky, and called out to myhusband and I who ran to the window...upon seeing this low flying, quiet br9/19/02
9/21/99 19:15Post FallsIDUSAFireball20 minutesDriving eastbound I-90 near ID/WA stateline. Observed fireball with other cars stopped by side of highway for approx. 20 minutes.10/2/99
9/21/99 18:55SpokaneWAUSAFireball7minorange fireball w/short tail10/2/99
9/21/99 18:45IndianapolisINUSAChevron5-10 secondsI observed a large boomerang shaped object and a smaller object that I am sure was associated the the first. The event was at right abo10/2/99
9/21/99 18:00San DiegoCAUSACircle1.5 secondsIlooked up saw circular object with 3 whitish lights on the outside one big red in the middle and went away strangely in an instant.11/11/03
9/21/99 09:10HamiltonMTUSADisk5+ mins.Husband saw 1st. It was sitting still directly west of Hamilton, over Bitterroot Range. As soon as he pointed it out to a friend, it be10/2/99
9/21/99 08:00DenverCOUSALight40 secondsStar like light moved about 10 moons, disappeared, reappeared and moved 10 more moons then disappeared again.10/2/99
9/20/99 22:30Silver ForkCAUSASphereunknown durationLarge sphere above the American River2/14/06
9/20/99 22:05Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaLight7 sec.Enjoying the starf filled night.I was alerted by a rapidly blinking light to the east.It moved flashed twice and dissappeared.It reappe12/2/00
9/20/99 19:00MesaAZUSALightAppx. 45 seconds.I was sitting in my back yard looking at all the airplanes, when I looked south. I saw a bright light that was not seeming to move. Its10/2/99
9/20/99 17:10BarringtonNHUSACigar15 secondsBoth witnesses see cigar shaped object in sky, tree level, far distance, when reaching crest of hill, object was gone.10/2/99
9/20/99 13:00HattiesburgMSUSASphere6 to 10 secondsI was watching the sky when over head I saw a Black spherical object pass over.10/2/99
9/20/99 10:45Highland ParkCAUSATriangle5:00 minutesA trianular object observed hovering, but wobbling, and then going up at a high rate of speed.10/2/99
9/20/99 05:30I-80 (eastbound, M.M. 48)UTUSACircle20 min.Object changed color, shape and size. Was aproched by jet,and shot out of view.10/2/99
9/20/99 04:00Mission ViejoCAUSALight20 secondsA red light about the size and shape of a star moving at about the speed of a shooting star but with no tail. As I watched it it slowed10/2/99
9/20/99 02:00Momoishi (Japan)JapanTriangleunknowedEncounter described in details.8/24/10
9/19/99 20:23PhiladelphiaPAUSADisk2 minThree circular craft in a triangle formation passed in a northerly direction10/2/99
9/19/99 17:10BothellWAUSALight5 - 10 secondsObserved through binoculars a bright light moving from north to south at a high rate of speed.10/2/99
9/19/99 17:00JanesvilleWIUSALightiam a teenager for one thing, and me and my mom were driving home and i saw this craft four four seconds we were by an airport at the t10/19/99
9/19/99 11:00Ashville (2 miles south of)OHUSAOther2 secWeird brown triangular object3/21/03
9/19/99 08:50Santa BarbaraCAUSADisk30 minutesWife saw it first looking north, altitude approx. 1000-2500 feet, then lost it in marine cover. Hovered, slight climb, hover, slight cl10/2/99
9/19/99 08:50Santa BarbaraCAUSAOther8 minutesI observed an object rising slowly up from about 2000 ft. until it disappeared into the low clouds. It was star shaped and rotating.10/2/99
9/19/99 03:00ClevelandTXUSACigar15mincoming down new salem road saw objects in sky again..only three cigar shape with lights going around10/2/99
9/19/99 02:51SeattleWAUSATriangle15 secondsThree glowing triangular objects moved from east to west at a high rate of speed, silently and in perfect formation.10/2/99
9/18/99 21:08SnohomishWAUSAUnknown3 minutesA vehicle of some sort appeared to be over the Snohomish/Arlington area that pulsed between a red and white light. There were also one 10/2/99
9/18/99 21:00PhiladelphiaPAUSACircleall nightThere was a bright light that slowly traveled across the sky above Philadelphia heading West.10/2/99
9/18/99 20:05John Day (Clyde Holliday Camp Ground, 7 miles west of)ORUSALight20 minutesSix very high lights in the sky manuevered in different directions, turned abruptly with no radius, and one chased another.9/19/02
9/18/99 18:30NashvilleTNUSACircle2minsit was something moving slowly and high in the ski. not a plane or a helicopter but something.7/16/03
9/18/99 09:15East MachiasMEUSALight7 minFlare Lights11/26/03
9/18/99 08:25Catalina (35 mi north of Tucson)AZUSASphere45 secondsWalking on our ten acres toward our business I noticed a shinny,bright object hovering near power lines. The color was chrome like and9/19/02
9/18/99 06:25SeattleWAUSA1 to 2 MinutesWatched a very bright star - planet like object for one to two minutes which remained stationary. This suddenly totally disappeared.10/2/99
9/18/99 03:30London (Croydon) (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown10 secs2 orange glows came over our heads no sound possibly possibly connected together but could see no shape constant speed sighted for abou9/19/02
9/18/99 02:00Kelowna (Canada)BCCanadaFormation30 secondsFormation of seven moving lights, curving quite fast through the night sky12/2/00
9/18/99 01:38Kill Devil HillsNCUSAFormation10 sec5-6 pale orange lights brightness of major Orion constellation stars viewed at 33 dgr from horizen moving due south together for 45 dg10/2/99
9/18/99 01:00New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSAUNKNOWNI "dreamed" I was being whisked upward at a tremendous speed. I was frightened. In the morning I found an outline of an oval "burned" o10/2/99
9/17/99 23:55Virginia BeachVAUSAFireballsecondsa ball of light shot over my head.10/2/99
9/17/99 22:30DandridgeTNUSATriangle10 minutesWatched red light grow large then disappear when I was getting into my car. Reappeared in front of me while driving, I pulled over and 10/2/99
9/17/99 22:18Council BluffsIAUSAFlash2 secondsWhile driving home from school in Council Bluffs down Interstate 80 I observed a bright flash that streaked across the sky a great dist10/2/99
9/17/99 22:00PhoenixAZUSAOval45-60 minIt changed colors, hovered for about 10 min. then faded to a light fuzz and slowly jetted away. This repeated the exact same routine, i10/2/99
9/17/99 22:00HazelwoodMOUSATriangle30-40 secondsMore or less triangular shaped object. Moving east to west, turned wo move west to east. Slow moving. Appeared small, but it was hard t10/2/99
9/17/99 21:55CheyenneWYUSAUnknown3 secondsSeen an oject west of town at hotel it refected city lights with brown golden color moving west fast with no lights no sound and no vis10/2/99
9/17/99 21:05CanbyORUSACircle5 min.saw two bright objects aprox one eigth size of moon,in the southwest of the sky.there was a red beam joining the two objects.10/2/99
9/17/99 20:50AnacocoLAUSADisk40 minutesMy wife called me to the living room to see an ornange pulsating light. I watched it for a bit and it shot straight up, almost out of s10/2/99
9/17/99 20:11BoringORUSACircleabout 3 minutesA total of three crafts were seen, one of them branching off the other.10/2/99
9/17/99 19:27HonoluluHIUSACircle5 minMe and my friend were talking and my friend spotted a sphere in the sky. It was moving kind of slow and then reached a point in the sky10/2/99
9/17/99 16:30PaysonUTUSASphere8 secondsLarge mirror-like sphere observed streaking across the sky south of Payson, Utah3/16/01
9/17/99 09:00Colorado SpringsCOUSASphere30 secondsThe object looked to me like a soccer ball, it was round, silver colored and motionless while I watched it.5/26/16
9/17/99 06:10White RockSCUSACircle30 minutesOn September 17, 1999 in White Rock, SC a bright circular object was spotted in the northern sky. As a airliner aproached it moved to t4/1/00
9/17/99 05:35Western North Carolina MountainsNCUSAFireball5 secondsI saw a brilliant flash in the southern sky going from East to West. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor?? PD))10/2/99
9/17/99 04:00Todos Santos, bcs (Mexico)MexicoSphere1:204:00 A.M. a large white light was seen above the tallest mountain east of Todos Santos at Lat.23.30 (Tropic of Cancer) and Lon. 110.W10/2/99
9/17/99 01:00Hinsdale (unincorporated area)ILUSAOther1 houri feared for my life12/7/06
9/16/99 22:00MenomonieWIUSACircle5 secondsWoman taking break from work sees a ball of light change color and then shoot off out of her sight.10/19/99
9/16/99 20:45Sault Ste. Marie (Canada)ONCanadaLight2minObject was bright light which crossed sky from sw to ne in approx 2 min12/2/00
9/16/99 04:05MenomonieWIUSAEgg30 script to Leader Telegram article reporting strange object in sky witnessed by 3 people.10/19/99
9/16/99 04:04MenomonieWIUSACircleForwarded from the Leader Telegram: A rural Menomonie couple and a Dunn Sheriffs Deputy watched an object in the sky early Thursday Mor10/2/99
9/15/99 23:59Montreal (Canada)PQCanadaIn 1999 in September,around midnight,I saw three white lights(not flickering,constant-just like stars) make a zigzag pattern across the12/19/03
9/15/99 23:45SecanePAUSALess than a minuteAwakened by flood of light through bedroom window.1/11/02
9/15/99 23:30Cedar RapidsIAUSAUnknown15 minutesLooking west, at about 20-30 degrees up from the horizon, saw strange light that appeared to be moving very slowly or hovering. Lights 10/2/99
9/15/99 23:00Columbia FallsMTUSADisk30 secondsBright object seen close up in Montana '99.11/11/13
9/15/99 23:00Yellowknife (Canada)NTCanadaFireballa few secondsBlueish Green Fireball Traveling South to North, prompting me to turn around and head back to civilization.12/2/00
9/15/99 22:50Santa AnaCAUSATriangletwenty secondsFive dark triangles in a "V" formation9/2/05
9/15/99 22:00PlantationFLUSATriangle30 secondsWe saw the stealth bomber fly over our house at night near Ft. Lauderdale, FL in the late 1990's9/2/05
9/15/99 22:00Estacada (Near)ORUSAChanging2 hrs.My friend, and I was riding late at night, and seen a bright light coming over the hill10/19/99
9/15/99 21:36NampaIDUSATriangle2-3 minutesI witnessed a very large triangle moveing very slow heading northeast torward northern oregon. It had a white blinking light on each co10/2/99
9/15/99 21:05RushvilleILUSALight45 minutes4 orange lights luminating in sky and disappearing10/2/99
9/15/99 21:00DanvilleVAUSAUnknown5 minutesunusual colored flashing strobe lights1/7/00
9/15/99 21:00LebanonOHUSATriangle3-5 minutesUltra-slow totally silent low-flying huge dull black triangular body with evident 'cockpit.'2/18/01
9/15/99 20:50RushvilleILUSAFireball20 secondsorange light moving across sky and stops and exlpodes into a fireball and disappears10/2/99
9/15/99 20:15PomonaCAUSALight2minobject was heading north toward mt.baldy,reversed course(on a dime)headed south traversed the sky.about a fist away from moon it zig za10/2/99
9/15/99 20:00NampaIDUSAUnknown45 SecondsWitnessed white contrail that appeared to go from level flight to straight down. Contrail actually indicated 90 degree turn S to W to 10/2/99
9/15/99 18:50MinneapolisMNUSACircle1/0 of a second?Two witnesses to a large unidentified craft that moved but made no sound.9/21/00
9/15/99 09:00BathMEUSATriangle2 minutesOrange lights that changed to bright white2/14/10
9/15/99 07:00Smithville/Sink CreekTNUSALight5 minsmithville /sink creek ufo hotbed11/26/03
9/15/99 05:00Terre HauteINUSATriangle90secondsTriangular shaped ship seen flying at low altitude across southern Terre Haute, Indiana2/18/01
9/15/99 04:00BahamasBahamasCircleA minuteCarribean Sea11/20/01
9/15/99 01:30TemeculaCAUSASphere10 min.I was working the night shift at a manufacturing plant when I went outside to take a break. It was around 1:00-1:30am and night visabil10/11/05
9/15/99 01:00RedlandORUSAUnknown20 secondsObject hovering in same spot two nights in a row, emitting amber glow.12/3/15
9/15/99 00:10Dayton,Trotwood,West CarrolltonOHUSATriangle20 Min.While out driving along a country road my brother,sister in law,and I observed five triangles flying from the west heading north. One 10/2/99
9/15/99 00:00Egg HarborWYUSA1 houra bright colorful object over the lake,it would break apart into many lights,then back together again and stayed in one spot3/21/03
9/14/99 22:29MukilteoWAUSACircle3 secondsWhen looking towards the N.W. sky from the back porch of my apartment, I witnessed a glowing, greenish object moving horizontally from 10/2/99
9/14/99 22:00VancouverWAUSADiamond1 minuteI thought it was a star10/2/99
9/14/99 21:45BryanTXUSATriangle10 to 15 secMoving northwest to southeast, silently moving triangle shape. Blocked stars from view as if it were a triangular shadow moving across 10/2/99
9/14/99 20:00Center MorichesNYUSALight7 sec4 or 5 lights on an angle10/2/99
9/14/99 19:07GreshamORUSAChanging25 minuteswatched a black object float across the sky level while appearing to rotate on 3 axis, seperate into 2 objects, reconnect and then slow10/2/99
9/14/99 16:30Federal WayWAUSACylinder30 secondsCylindrical, or cigar-shaped, bright bronze object with bright orange "appendage" underneath stationary at 80 degrees in SE-SSE clear b10/2/99
9/14/99 09:00Federal WayWAUSACylinder30 secondsI saw a day glow bronze colored cylinderical craft near Campus drive and First Ave. Hovering with appendages (4)5/11/00
9/14/99 06:30Richmond (Canada)BCCanadaFireball10 minutesI was driving home from the Vancouver Airport and something had obviously just cut a swath through a cloud at 30 degree angle to the ea12/2/00
9/14/99 06:00LaurelMDUSACircle3 minutesI saw a orange/red glowing object that stopped glowing and then moved, at a very high rate of speed, out into space at about a 20-30 de10/2/99
9/13/99 23:10TulsaOKUSAFlash1 secondBluish-white flash lit up the sky for approx 1 second. Flash was low altitude, behind a hill near the airport with no explosion. Couldn10/2/99
9/13/99 22:05St. JosephMIUSALight30 secI just witnessed three solid bright white lights moving in a south-southeasterly direction. There were not blinking or colored lights v10/2/99
9/13/99 21:00De PereWIUSACircleI was coming home from my aunts house and a black object crossed my vision11/2/99
9/13/99 20:30BellinghamWAUSAOval1min 30 seclooking to the north I saw a orange colored object flying west.It changed directions to east,then back to west,then north where is diss10/2/99
9/13/99 11:30WilmingtonMAUSAOther2 and 1/2 hoursIn the eastern sky about 45-50 degrees I noticed what looked to be a star. About every minute there would be a flash at around 7:00 to 10/2/99
9/13/99 11:00Mt RainierWAUSALight5 mins.At aprox. 11am this morning I observed a comet like object ( a round glowing ball of light with a tail)desending rapidly towards the ca10/2/99
9/13/99 04:30NewburyportMAUSAOval5 min.Bright oval-shaped light, approx. 30 degrees above horizon in N.E. portion of sky. Moved slowly from left to right. Observed for approx10/2/99
9/13/99 04:25SelinsgrovePAUSAUnknown3 - 5 secondsobject was travelling from north to south at about 500 feet above the ground, air speed of approx. 900 mph. reappeared approx. 10 secon10/2/99
9/13/99 04:00ClaremontCAUSALight45 minutesflashing bright light changing colors and smaller objects flying around it in the night sky.10/2/99
9/13/99 02:15BlanchardvilleWIUSAOther60.3SecJest chasing objects: Jet goes down in local farm.12/2/00
9/13/99 01:01AshlandOHUSAFireball2 secAt 01:01 on the 09-13-1999. I did see what looked to be fireball moving south on a heading of 170. I was looking south while driving s10/2/99
9/12/99 22:00Navarre BeachFLUSALight1 minutebright yellow orange light over the ocean,blinked a couple of times and went out.10/2/99
9/12/99 21:10OlympiaWAUSALight1.5secObservation of commercial aircraft approaching Sea-tac airport(SW to N dir.),inbound 2110pm, appearance of sattelite? crossing in a NW 10/2/99
9/12/99 20:55Pagosa SpringsCOUSACigar3minJust before dark, I was looking off my porch to the west mountians and saw a blinking white light rising very slowly into the ski until10/2/99
9/12/99 20:00Idaho CityIDUSALight3-4 minutesbright light that vanishes6/21/00
9/12/99 18:30UnionNJUSAUnknown15 minutes2 black hovering objects...approx 10k ft high..10/2/99
9/12/99 12:45Navajo (15 miles west of, on I-40 Eastbound)AZUSAOval5-7 minutesWas Driving east on I-40 and notices the oval/ovid shape at NNE direction. white and moving west8/5/01
9/12/99 10:00DarlingtonSCUSADiskWe saw two objects flying in the air in Darlington.5/14/02
9/12/99 05:15Philadelphia (northeast)PAUSACircle1 to 1 1/2 sec.While in patrol at above time notced a bright star or planet in eastern sky,approx 30 degrees above horison.Iwas looking there a few mo10/2/99
9/12/99 01:15CampbellCAUSALighton goingIt can't be a star ,I watched it move a good distance within 5 to 10 min. It stoped , then moved , stoped ,moved, etc. It didnt look s10/2/99
9/11/99 23:05Kilmarnock, Aryshire (UK/Scotland)United KingdomLight5 minutesIt seemed to be observing my house. It started growing again then emitted a flash. I opened my eyes. The light was gone.4/8/02
9/11/99 23:05Kilmarnock,Ayrshire (UK/Scotland)United KingdomLight5 minutesIt was a bright light that stood out in the sky as there were no other stars and it was too big to be a star.4/8/02
9/11/99 23:00Roland HeightsCAUSAFireball20 secI saw a moving white light, from south to north, directly above me. It was as bright and large as the largest brightest star above me.10/2/99
9/11/99 23:00Jordon (Minneapolis)MNUSALight5 minSatalite looking object, changed direction,stopped10/19/99
9/11/99 22:50Nantahala National Forest (Center of)NCUSALightaprox. 2hoursWhat we saw was a patch of illumination that was somewhat rectangular and vertical in orientation. It was approximately 30 degrees abo10/2/99
9/11/99 22:40Goes (Netherlands)NetherlandsDisk3minutesGreen/gray light10/2/99
9/11/99 22:16ActonCAUSAFireball3 secondsWhile driving westbound on I14 from Acton I saw green ball of light move across the sky from my upper left to my lower right view throu10/2/99
9/11/99 22:00Grand RapidsMIUSAFlash10 seconds90-degree turn by a meteor10/2/99
9/11/99 22:00CorneliusORUSALight1 minuteThought we were seeing a satellite arcing approxiamatley E-W, then object increased brightness, apparent size, then dimmed/brightened, 10/2/99
9/11/99 21:58CharlotteNCUSALight1 minuteWhen looking in the sky, I saw a light moving very high up in the sky, It wasn't blinking like an airplane and moving to slow to be met10/2/99
9/11/99 21:57KirkersvilleOHUSAChanging2 minutesA flying object with 3-5 lights inside a changing shape, on a straight (west to east) trajectory.10/2/99
9/11/99 21:30Bradley BeachNJUSALight1 minuteStar-like light that moved in different directions, heading south, south-east and dissappeared.1/7/00
9/11/99 21:30Fort EdwardNYUSATriangle15 secObserved a silent object move across sky flying from a Northwest to Southeast path at about 1000' at a high rate of speed.10/2/99
9/11/99 21:30BoiseIDUSATeardrop5 sec.unknown object,possible space junk,illuminated the sky from east to west -- intensely blue in color.10/2/99
9/11/99 21:20Paramus/TeaneckNJUSACircle20-25minutesI was driving on rt.4/ rt. 17 interchange in Paramus, NJ and we saw it hovering. We have a photo of it at this time. After going to a 110/2/99
9/11/99 20:45New Milford (Bergen County)NJUSAOval5 minutesGoing home SAt night-8:45-Saw glowing oval object in the sky through the trees.-5minutes- Near home- Stop in parking lot- it is gone Fr10/2/99
9/11/99 20:45CliftonNJUSAOval15 minutesBright white craft moved slowly and low to the horizon, heading approx. south-southeast.10/2/99
9/11/99 20:25SpokaneWAUSAChanging15 secondsWatched what looked like a shooting star, kept getting bigger and faster. Dropped for about 10 sec, then came to a complete stop. Hov10/2/99
9/11/99 20:25SpokaneWAUSAOther2 or 3 secondsLike a Meteor but it was larger, slower, brighter and more colorful.10/2/99
9/11/99 20:24Spokane (30mi nnw of)WAUSALight6-10secLarge round bright green light moving quickly across the sky.10/2/99
9/11/99 20:10VernalUTUSAChevron5-6 minutesPilots at local airport watched unidentified craft for several minutes.10/2/99
9/11/99 20:00SpokaneWAUSAFireball3 secondsI saw a bright floresnt green ball with a tail of greens and some yellow streak across the sky heading in a west. It was flying horizo10/2/99
9/11/99 20:00CasperWYUSATriangle30 secSaw 1 UFO far off making shapes, another UFO snuck up on me from the same direction. Flew close to me and turned East. I ran11/17/99
9/11/99 19:00Brownwood (rural area surrounding)TXUSADisk1 minuteSaw an oval shaped saucer with dark hull covered in lights.8/28/02
9/11/99 19:00Midwest U. S. ((location deleted))USAChanging10 minutesDaytime changing Balloon-like phenomena2/1/07
9/11/99 16:08PuyallupWAUSALight5 minComing onto highway 518 I saw a light, then noticed there were more, very high up in the sky. Made my husband pull over off the freewa10/2/99
9/11/99 15:30PasadenaMDUSADiamond45 minsseen objects in sky thought it was a ballon at first then started making funny movements then disappeared then seen agian in differnt l10/2/99
9/11/99 05:50FargoNDUSALight35 min.i was outside at work and saw in the east, a very bright light. in an otherwise starless sky.stationary at first. but then extreemly sl9/12/99
9/10/99 23:00Pollock PinesCAUSALight20 minutesMy friend and I were sitting outside on the patio of Crystal View Station when I noticed a light approximately 3500 ft in the air slowl10/2/99
9/10/99 22:40Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaLight23:05peter on fri. sept 10 at exactly 9:50pm while outside looking to the south i observed what appeared to be a formation of spot lights ru12/2/00
9/10/99 22:30HoustonTXUSASphere30 secondsFour withe esferic objets over the skies of Houston8/16/02
9/10/99 22:00CottonMNUSATriangle5 secondsI was sitting on my deck and the craft came over. It was an inverted V shaped craft. It took about 5 seconds to fly over. There was n12/16/99
9/10/99 22:00BremertonWAUSATrianglemin or soThere was four of us setting on my back pouch. we saw this thing in the sky that shape like a triangle move all in prefect uniform.11/2/99
9/10/99 21:41ArlingtonVAUSAOther2 secSitting on couch watching TV and saw out my window a large 'falling star' entering from the west and falling earthward.9/12/99
9/10/99 21:10Weiden (NE Bavaria) (Germany)GermanyLight5-6 seconds2 bright light "events" happening about 10 min. apart.9/12/99
9/10/99 19:43Kansas CityKSUSATeardrop7 min.I saw what I intially thought to be a helium baloon rise up in a gradual fashion and hover at about 3-5000ft,it appeared to change shap9/12/99
9/10/99 14:05GardendaleALUSAOther05 minutes (appr.)I was sitting at my computer, sitting close to my window when out the window when all of a sudden I heard a huge black helicopter came 9/12/99
9/10/99 13:35Fair Oaks/SacramentoCAUSACylinder30 secondsSaw a pearly white craft - cylinder in shape with a silver belly the whole length of craft. Flying from west to east, clear skys. Jus9/12/99
9/10/99 12:35ModestoCAUSAFormation15 secondsThree luminous disks trail a jetliner6/18/03
9/10/99 05:00MilwaukeeWIUSATriangle2 Min.One dark morning I saw a triangular shaped object with lights and it made no sound just before I pulled out of my driveway.7/1/02
9/10/99 03:15BrentwoodTNUSA3 SecondsBrilliant Orange Fireball10/2/99
9/10/99 02:13VacavilleCAUSAFireballapprox 5 secondsEastbound on I-80 through Vacaville, object appeared to travel from west to east10/2/99
9/10/99 02:00FlorenceMTUSALight30 minutes3 bright lights moving erratically in Florence, MT.6/4/14
9/10/99 00:30Hemsby , Norfolk (UK/England)United KingdomLight8 seconds2 lights just appeared and moved rapidly across the sky paralel to each other then seemed to close in on eachother then drift away. the10/2/99
9/9/99 23:00Cozumel (Mexico) and Ocho Rios (Jamaica) (between)Caribbean SeaTriangle45 minMy husband and I, while traveling on our honeymoon, observed something strange following our ship just before midnight.10/2/99
9/9/99 22:00BothellWAUSAOther20 minutesPulsating bright green lights seen NorthWest of Bothell area. Number of lights would change from 1 to sometimes 4 or 5.10/2/99
9/9/99 22:00Santa CruzCAUSAOtherSeveral housThree lights across the horizon slowly travelling from side to side seeming to dip into the water then flying high above. They were far1/22/00
9/9/99 22:00Mount ShastaCAUSA5 hoursmultiple anomalious lights,white flashes,orange fireball, wt/rd lights on side of Mt. Shasta moving and signiling10/2/99
9/9/99 20:45Charlottetown (Canada)PECanadaDisk15 minutesSuspended white light with blue and red blinking lights low in sky on very clear night1/10/09
9/9/99 19:00MarathonFLUSADisk10minutesWe were driving in a car going south on us1. just south of the airport i said look at that. My friend and his wife saw it when i pointe12/14/04
9/9/99 05:00Los AltosCAUSACircle30 minutes +During lightning storm and early morning hours (still dark)an object with lights stayed motionless in the same area.9/12/99
9/9/99 02:00MentorOHUSAChanging3:15 am-?got up lights went out saw light outside, square balloon-shapes objcets and sm. gold discs, lights, changed shape got scared then saw b10/2/99
9/9/99 00:40RentonWAUSALight2.5 secondsAn extremely large,bluish white fireball fell from the sky at an 75 to 80 degree angle. A very long trail of smoke was emitted and I co9/12/99
9/8/99 22:00AlbanyORUSATriangleappox 10-15 secThe craft was flying at approx. 200 feet with no lights on. It had no sound at all and we were able to see it clearly. It appeared to9/12/99
9/8/99 21:58BellinghamWAUSATriangle10 secondsAt 9:58pm on 9/8/99 I was on the back deck smoking a cigarette and remembering what Art Bell said that enough people just don't look at9/12/99
9/8/99 21:45SpokaneWAUSAFormation1 minuteThere were three objects flying in triangular formation at satellite altitude and light intensity. None of the objects were traveling 9/12/99
9/8/99 21:10DenverCOUSALight15 min aproxA star was moving, grew very bright, then faded out. a few minutes later we spotted two stars moving fast, North and South. Then we s10/2/99
9/8/99 21:00AlseaORUSAFormationless than 5 min3 satelite-like objects flying in tight formation over Oregon.7/11/00
9/8/99 20:57Redding AirportCAUSALight2:47Chased light approxamentley 1400 miles in plane at mk. 3.8 for 1.8 hours10/2/99
9/8/99 20:00AlseaORUSALight3-4 minutesReport(s) explained as NOSS satellite array4/14/09
9/8/99 19:00Desert Aire (Mattawa)WAUSAOther20 minutesVery bright, yellowish with flames from short tail. Travelling horiz. East above Saddle Mountains. Second one appeared going in opposi10/2/99
9/8/99 12:00French VillageMOUSAFireball1-2 SecondsLooked like a metor storm. 3 falling objects about 15 minutes apart in the east/southeast sky. They were bright, white streaks of lig9/12/99
9/8/99 12:00Prairie ViewILUSALight5 secondsLight in sky moving rapidly, then disappearing9/12/99
9/8/99 01:30AndoverMAUSAUnknownabout a dayemmited a green/white glow10/2/99
9/7/99 23:08Restoule (Canada)ONCanadaLight3 minutesWe thought it was one but it was 3 different objects2/18/01
9/7/99 23:00AustinTXUSAUnknown30 min. +Two objects that would normally be assumed to be stars except too low in the sky, changing colors - blue/green to white, to red. appear9/12/99
9/7/99 22:37Lake OswegoORUSALight5min.While listening to Peter Davenport on Art Bell's Show 9-7-99 about the UFO reports out of Oregon, I decided to go outside during the br10/2/99
9/7/99 22:36Squamish (Canada)BCCanadaFormation1 minuteAt approximately 22:36 hrs on the 7th of Sept. 1999, I witnessed three (3) what looked like satellites in a triangular formation headed12/2/00
9/7/99 22:35SalemORUSAOther11/2-3 secondsGreen umbrella shaped object coming in from the east and moving directly towards my position.looked like meyeorite except too big and s10/2/99
9/7/99 22:30SumnerWAUSAFormation3 to 4 min.We saw 3 illuminated objects in a 3 point formation cross the night sky.9/12/99
9/7/99 21:30PiercetonINUSACone45 minutes5 objects n/ne of observation point, minimum movement, appeared to be hovering in circular pattern. Could not estimate distance.9/12/99
9/7/99 21:18RhinelanderWIUSATeardrop30secondsshape of teardrop bright green outlined in red going straight across sky it is a very cloudy night lots of lightning the ufo slowly van9/12/99
9/7/99 20:07Elk GroveCAUSALight1hr10mintracked 10 starlike objects across sky 8 were traveling south to north, 1 traveled west to east and one traveled north to south9/12/99
9/7/99 12:15GallatinTNUSACylinder30 secondsI was driving in a new subdivision when I saw an object flying slowly in the sky. The color and shape of the object was unlike any airc9/12/99
9/7/99 07:15Los Angeles (20 minutes E of) traveling via 737 to DenverCAUSAOval2 secondsLeaving Los Angeles International Air Port (737) FrontierAirlines (Departure flight was set at 07:00) about 20 minuets into the flight 8/5/01
9/7/99 05:40GulfportMSUSASphere3-5minslow moving bright sphere, traveling due North. Object was followed shortly after by a dim red, much smaller object, traveling much fa9/12/99
9/7/99 05:10St. PetersburgFLUSACigar15-30secsomething strange in the sky9/12/99
9/7/99 05:05Poinciana,Lake Wales,Lake Helen,KissimmeeFLUSAChanging30-45 secondsSaw what appeared to be meteor breaking up.Changed shape to 12-24 balls of light with and with-out tails,red,yellow,green,blue.They see9/12/99
9/7/99 05:05Ocoee, FL but reported on radio as far south as Lake Wales, FLUSAOther20 sec. to 1min5 upright disks traveling south, low altitude, medium speed, with light beams directly between each disk, which appeared to be in align9/12/99
9/7/99 05:04TavaresFLUSACigar3 min.driving west on s.r. #19 @ 5:00 A.M. ON 9-7-99.on the right windshield area i noticed a low large cigar shaped object with 3 lights (br9/12/99
9/7/99 05:03South MiamiFLUSAFireball30sec3 blue-green spheres seen approx 0503 on 09/07/99, on 10 o'clock over horizon.9/12/99
9/7/99 05:00Charlotte City/Sarasota (between; on Hwy. 75)FLUSALight1 min. ?I saw a white clow, it looked like a jetliner crashing. I don't believe in spacecrafts, but I thought maybe I should. Manatee and Hil10/2/99
9/7/99 05:00TampaFLUSAOther3-5 minutesWent out to get paper and saw bright light in the sky. Looked like a huge plane exploding at first. Bright flames at rear bluish in c9/12/99
9/7/99 05:00Slidell and Thibadoux (New Orleans)LAUSADisk10 minsGlowed orange, green and blue9/12/99
9/7/99 05:00Manasota KeyFLUSAFireballone minute"It looked like six Jumbo jets flying together inunison, but they were not aircrafts. They were too fast," he said. "They looked like10/2/99
9/7/99 04:00Clarendon (North of)ARUSAUnknown1 minuteobserved an object leaving a contrail and emitting an orange glow9/12/99
9/7/99 03:55NormanOKUSAUnknowntwo minutesWhile waiting outside of building to clock in we saw a large glowing object with a red tail of fire slowly travel from the west to the 9/12/99
9/7/99 03:35MadisonWIUSALight3-5 minsaw red light over lake. dived into two one changed color revoled around each other. merged togeter shot stight up.10/2/99
9/7/99 03:00Orlando FlridaFLUSAFireball6 MinutesPlease note I have seeing and video tapes tringle shape UFO in mexico city Dec 30 1994 while in vacation with my wife.other objects wer9/12/99
9/7/99 02:00Witchita Falls/Ft Worth (between)TXUSAFireball2 minutesan orange light observed going from the N.W to the S.E on 09/07/99 lower tx panhandle10/2/99
9/7/99 01:00SalemORUSAOther2-3secondslarge greenish white umbrella shaped object coming in fast left ionized trail.10/2/99
9/7/99 01:00AustinTXUSADiamond45 minutesstrange and extremely hypnotizing.Bright red,green,white lights in triangle form.Hovered with sporatic movement.9/12/99
9/7/99 00:00Traverse CityMIUSA10 minutesWe did not see a craft but we did see (pink Lightening) It was in the 50's last night, and there were starts everywhere, no clouds. I 9/12/99
9/7/99Central FloridaFLUSA?Channel 9, WFTV, ran a tape of the object seen over the Central Florida area last Tuesday (?). It was rather a good tape, so perhaps y10/2/99
9/6/99 23:45Highland ParkMIUSATriangle30-45 secondsThe craft was larger, and flying lower than any aircraft I've ever seen and produced absolutely no sound.12/12/11
9/6/99 20:17Sulphur SpringsTXUSALight1 minuteBright light passed overhead.9/12/99
9/6/99 20:00De PereWIUSAUnknownapprox. 1 hrOnly saw object as bright spirally light.9/12/99
9/6/99 19:15Frankfort/New LenoxILUSACigar20 minFirst noticed object in Western sky, like a craft with a small contrail.As veiwing object it seemed to look like a cigar shape. My hus9/12/99
9/6/99 09:40Kingman (About 20 miles,NW of o the w of hyw 93)AZUSAFireballapp:4 mmAt first the size o a pee, comming from the north. It stoped about a maile away ( size )Now of basketball. Then it went to the East.Mov9/12/99
9/6/99 03:00ColumbiaNHUSALight5 minutesVery bright stationary light which decreased in intensity just over wooded ridge.4/28/01
9/6/99 02:00CarrolltonTXUSAFlash2 minutesMy boyfriend and I witnessed an intense flash of light yellowish,orange and I thought a plane exploded in midair.8/5/00
9/6/99 00:40MinneapolisMNUSAUnknown:02Fast moving blue-white light.9/12/99
9/5/99 23:35Peterborough (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle18 secvery large triangle,seven lights along leading edge,no noise,sean at night,on the 5/9/99.3/4/03
9/5/99 22:30Green Ridge St ForestMDUSALight2 minA flashing red, green and white light seen in the sky that appered to disapper and reapper then manuver in 90 degree angles across the 9/12/99
9/5/99 22:30HanfordCAUSAFireball5 secondsFacing south I observed a round, green fireball traveling straight down almost vertical, with a vapor trail as it burned out.9/12/99
9/5/99 22:30BruleWIUSAFormation10 MINSTriangular formation of three lights moving across the sky.10/2/99
9/5/99 22:30West LibertyKYUSALight1 1/2 hoursbright pulseating light diffferencating from green to orange to white9/6/02
9/5/99 22:10WileyWAUSALightThree lights moving in formation.10/2/99
9/5/99 21:33Cedar CityUTUSALight00:03flashing light high in sky.9/12/99
9/5/99 21:30TustinWIUSA15 secondsStar like object with a constant speed the size of the typical star of that particular evening.11/2/99
9/5/99 20:50ZumbrotaMNUSACircle3-4 secondsTwo circular shaped objects came from the north, northwest and flew at a 45 degree angle to eachother. They kept the same distance apa10/2/99
9/5/99 13:33HawkinsvilleGAUSADisk1 minWe saw four saucers with bright lights .8/5/01
9/5/99 10:30BerkeleyCAUSACigar1 minuteListening to Art Bell 9/9, I was struck by the report of glassy cigar shaped object seen in Florida. Similar object seen here.9/12/99
9/5/99 06:30SuttonWVUSADiskapprox 10 MinObject in Early Morning Sky over Sutton,WV 3 witnesses10/30/06
9/5/99 06:15DurhamNHUSARectangle10 secondsWe saw a white rectangular-shaped object very high in the eastern sky moving very slowly.10/2/99
9/5/99 05:30Pedasi (Panama)PanamaLight20 minuitesWe were standing on the beach at Pedasi (on the Azuero Penninsula) waiting for our boatman to bring the boat from its mooring to the be10/2/99
9/5/99 04:45PlacervileCAUSASphere10/15 sec.falling green ball of light that leveled out changed color and dissapeared.9/12/99
9/5/99 04:20Hudson RiverNYUSACircle15-20 MinutesLarge craft ...Flu over Hudson River and flashed a red light that"traced from right to left"9/28/02
9/5/99 01:30Grand View (near, remote location in N. Wisconsin)WIUSAFormation5 minutesMyself and approximately 15 others witnessed three lights moving in a triangle shaped formation for about 5-10 minutes. 9/12/99
9/5/99 00:40SeviervilleTNUSACircleongoingvery distant, small, appeared to be like an airplane from a distance, but was not moving, had alternating flashing red, blue, and green9/12/99
9/5/99 00:30RedmondWAUSALight3 minutesbright light that did not move at all. 1 bright light turned to 3 distinguishable lights. dissappeared suddenly9/12/99
9/4/99 23:00Tonasket (20 miles east of)WAUSALight20 minutesvarying speed pulsating light, very bright to very dim10/2/99
9/4/99 22:30Brighton (outside of)IAUSAFireball30minutescamping, object zig-zagged, stopped off and on, went behind a large cloud bank and was so bright it lit through the cloud, weird hard t1/11/02
9/4/99 22:30SummervilleSCUSACircle15 min((HOAX??)) I was stopped on dirt road in the woods and two bright objects passed over me.9/12/99
9/4/99 22:30NashvilleTNUSALight6 secondsI had walked out back and looked up at the sky and a golden light was moving slowly across the sky. There were no flashing lights so I10/2/99
9/4/99 22:00St Gorge (Canada)PQCanadaTriangle30 sec3 Satelite-like triangular formation.12/2/00
9/4/99 21:30RidgefieldWAUSALightsecondsa large white ball coming towards me then as I focused on it, it seemed to know somehow that I was aware of it and it turned, faster th9/12/99
9/4/99 21:24Richmond (just east of)INUSATriangle3-4 minObserved fireball with small tail in slow swirling motion, then observed a series of orange lights in a perfect V formation.9/12/99
9/4/99 20:00New York City (Manhattan)NYUSATriangle15 secondsA triangular object moving quietly, larger than anything I've ever seen. And, to close, not to make noise!!8/5/01
9/4/99 20:00ConwayARUSALight2 minutesI witnessed a C130 military aircraft flying over. The plane had one large light flying along side the fusilage of the plane and one sma9/12/99
9/4/99 11:00Red Rock CanyonNVUSAsecondsI took several pictures in Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas on the fourth of Sept. I had them developed the other day and in one of the 10/2/99
9/4/99 08:40IndianapolisINUSACylinder5 minutesI saw a smoky gray cylinder with blue vertical stripes dividing the cylinder into thirds. I have no idea of the altitude, since I don'1/7/00
9/4/99 00:40Santa ClaraCAUSALight8-10 secondsBright light appearing in the sky which then accelerated at a rapid rate till it was no longer visible.9/12/99
9/4/99 00:38PittsburgCAUSAOther3 secondsFireball sighting9/12/99
9/4/99 00:30SalinasCAUSALight1 minute?My sister in Salinas saw a green light - about the color of a traffic light. At first looked like a shooting star but was slower and t9/12/99
9/3/99 21:20BloomingtonINUSACylinder10 secondsBright white cylinder moving swiftly toward the horizon. 4 witneses saw the same thing from 3 locations at the same time.9/12/99
9/3/99 21:00Tonasket (20 miles east of)WAUSALight30 minutesrevolving multi-colored lights10/2/99
9/3/99 20:30SalemORUSAChevron35minAt 2230 I saw a bright flash of light in the NW sky..this was followed by a sighting of a pinkish colored boomerang shaped loo10/2/99
9/3/99 12:38San JoseCAUSAOther2 events 6 seconds and 3I saw a strangely burning object about 10x as large as a flair. It wobbled, and an angular shape could be seen within it. #2 sighting 10/2/99
9/3/99 04:45HackensackNJUSASphere10 secI was loking up at saw what I thought was a planet in the clear sky.A big bright planet.Then the object got larger and larger and then 9/12/99
9/3/99 01:30SavannahGAUSAFireball5 secondsBlue-green fireball4/9/04
9/3/99 00:00BeckleyWVUSAOther1.5 hrs +Over a period of 1.5 hours last night, we watched a total of 8 separate star-type lights in the northeast and southwest areas of our sk9/12/99
9/2/99 21:00SewardAKUSALight3 minUS Navy's "Classic Wizard", aka "White Cloud"11/26/03
9/2/99 21:00SewardAKUSALight3 min3 lights observed. Pretty sure they were in orbit. 1 leading, 2 following equal distances from lead in triangular form heading in a n10/19/99
9/2/99 20:30Central LakeMIUSACylinder30-40 minutesSaw shiny metallic object in NW sky at sunset, high on horizon. Appeared to be tilted at 45 degree angle, hovering high above horizon.10/2/99
9/2/99 20:00Galva/Victoria/Oak RunILUSAChanging2 hoursThree balls of light come out of a cornfield aprox. 40 yards above the ground and about 20 yards from the road. Multiple sightings wi10/2/99
9/2/99 13:00VancouverWAUSASphere00:202 floating white-ish orbs and 1 red spinning cube.10/2/99
9/2/99 12:10Aldergrove (Canada)BCCanada3 SECONDSSOMETHING FALLING OUT OF THE SKY12/2/00
9/2/99 03:30New OrleansLAUSALight2 hoursLight streaked across sky ... power failure/brownout followed.9/12/99
9/2/99 03:30Gold BeachORUSALight3 minutesRed lights in V formation less than 2 miles off Paf.coast-westerly flew off due North first. Easterly advanced of center light & went 10/19/99
9/2/99 03:15DallasTXUSAUnknown1 minuteThursday morning (9-02-99) at 03:15 I was awakened by my TriField meter with external coil. Loud alarm for over a minute.9/12/99
9/2/99 02:00Los Angeles AirportCAUSAOther20 seconds2 military jets heard very loudly, moving low and fast, heard and gone in 20 seconds around 2AM near L.A. Airport. Related to West Coas9/12/99
9/2/99 00:45St. LouisMOUSA15 sec.Wed. night while listening to your reports of "re-entering" objects being chased by military aircraft, 2 F15s scrambled out of St. Loui9/12/99
9/2/99 00:15Victoria (Canada)BCCanadaOtherseconds (repeated)A few repeated, multi-coloured streaks of light in an apparently south-easterly direction12/2/00
9/1/99 23:58MurfreesboroTNUSAFireball5-10 minutesTwo objects seen possiably leaving moon's surface or flying around Moon....10/2/99
9/1/99 23:30HuntingtonWVUSARectangleless 1minuteA bright star suddenly appeared in the western sky. It then fell toward the earth in a streak of white light. Near the horizon, it sudd9/12/99
9/1/99 23:30IndependenceMOUSAOther1 minuteAircraft in formation9/12/99
9/1/99 23:30EverettWAUSAstillRadio signals posible military 14.290 mhz in amatuer band reported it to FAA they said thy wood refer to Langley Air Base VA.9/12/99
9/1/99 23:30LimaOHUSALight1 to 3 minLooking to the Northeast, I saw two orange lights that just disappeared. I have seen these lights on several occasions along with frie10/2/99
9/1/99 23:00ChicoCAUSAOtherapprox 30 seca fast moving object appeared in the raod while I was driving, blue and white lights, I stopped and watched, the object stopped and hov9/19/02
9/1/99 23:00BrierWAUSAFormation30 secWhile sitting in hot tub gazing at the stars my wife and I observed 3 what appeared to be satelites9/12/99
9/1/99 23:00AlaskaAKUSALightall weekThere is High Auroral Activity all week that can probably be seen in Juneau to Seattle Lots of nuts will mistaken this as Unidentified 9/12/99
9/1/99 22:30Santa BarbaraCAUSACigar5 sec.Bright orange vertical cigar shaped something at 45 deg. slowly drop into ocean?9/12/99
9/1/99 22:30Adelaide (South Australia)AustraliaLight20-45 minsthe 2 lights moved around quite fast zig-zaging and going around in circles behind the cloud........3/21/03
9/1/99 22:30SpokaneWAUSATriangle5 secondsBrief very rapid movement over hills to north from spokane valley. Banks of lights on wedge shape. Very strange.9/12/99
9/1/99 22:00Orwigsburg/Deer Lake AreaPAUSADiamond2-3 hoursObserved 4 to 6 orange*, red*, and yellow* glowing objects surround me and my 3 freinds, and seemed to observe us more than we observed9/12/99
9/1/99 22:00NenanaAKUSALight20 minutesSeveral stars moving then stopping and moving again in another direction.5/24/05
9/1/99 21:45Santa BarbaraCAUSACigar10 sec.An orange stick shaped object paused at about 80 deg. and slowly went down over harbor area to the south.3/16/00
9/1/99 21:40OrlandCAUSAFireball2 to 3 minWe have a Dairy in Northern California just east of Interstate 5. I was out side feeding the cows and to the east on the horizon level 9/12/99
9/1/99 21:40Donner Summit (15 miles West of; Interstate 80)CAUSALight25 secondsDriving West on I-80 about 10 miles West of Donner Summit; saw red light formation approaching from Northwest to Southeast. As it came9/12/99
9/1/99 21:40PortlandORUSA10+ sec.High Performance A/C at full military power10/2/99
9/1/99 21:40SacramentoCAUSAChanging5-10secondsstreaming,flow of light,similar to that of northern lights (aurora)9/12/99
9/1/99 21:40Middlesbrough (UK/England)United KingdomTeardrop10min?bright teardrop descending3/11/06
9/1/99 21:35PortlandORUSA25-35 sec.Observed and heard two F-15 air natl. guard jets with full afterburner turning south over my location (west hills) at btwn. 2130 & 213510/2/99
9/1/99 21:30PortlandORUSAUnknown1-2 minutesdirection traveling NW to NE objects were about the size of split pea at arms length colour, red One appeared from nowhere traveling NE9/12/99
9/1/99 21:30ChicoCAUSAFireball20 seconds?Four glowing objects slowly moving across the night sky, leaving a short trail.9/12/99
9/1/99 21:30El Dorado HillsCAUSALight1minuteSaw 3 lights in triangular type formation. with clouds glowing around each light. No blinking just solid light. traveling in perfect fo9/12/99
9/1/99 21:30Marinwood (northern part of San Rafael)CAUSATeardrop7 secondsStanding on the back deck of my friend's house, facing east, we observed 3 objects to the north/northeast moving in a perfectly straigh9/12/99
9/1/99 21:30Northern California (16,500 ft over Sierra Mountains)CAUSAOther1min 30 sec6-7 flaming light objects with comet-like tails viewed by pilot of aircraft at 16,500 feet in dark over Sierra Mountains.9/12/99
9/1/99 21:30AuburnCAUSAFireball30 secSparkling Streaks- First impression was that it was space debris entering- What was unusual was that there seemed to be a formation of 10/2/99
9/1/99 21:30EugeneORUSALight5 secondsWhite fuzzy circle, red streak, fireball, acceleting at a very fast rate, gone...9/12/99
9/1/99 21:30Wilsonville/CanbyORUSALight1 minOrange glow of light that faded away moved horizontal, glow diminished but still visible.9/12/99
9/1/99 21:30AuburnCAUSAFireball2 minutesTraveling across the entire horizon in less than 2 minutes, 7-8 comet-like objects blazed across the sky. One of the objects trailed of9/12/99
9/1/99 21:30Black Rock CityNVUSAFireball20 secondssmall bright lights traveling in straight line with red trails10/2/99
9/1/99 21:30AlturasCAUSA1 min.Group of bright lights (varied colors,green, yel.), ea. had tail, broader & shorter than comet.NW/SE like a jet would fly, not like met9/12/99
9/1/99 21:30Black Rock City (near Gerlach)NVUSAFireball45 sec. - 1.5 min.Horizon to horizon cluster of slow-miving, fragmenting fireballs with colorful trails10/19/99
9/1/99 21:30AlturasCAUSAFormation20 secondsbright lights in formation traveling south to north9/12/99
9/1/99 21:30RenoNVUSAFireball1 minuteA Meteor with a Difference.9/12/99
9/1/99 21:30Lake Trinity (Aprox. 30 miles north of Redding, CA)CAUSAFireballAprox 2 min.Witnessed a bright red ball of light floating across the sky, much slower than a metor, that broke up into several parts and left an or9/12/99
9/1/99 21:30Saddleback Fire Lookout- Tahoe Natl. Forest- Downieville DisCAUSAUnknownapprox. 30 seconds?16 Sept 99 5:11 P.M. After hearing Ron Davenport this afternoon, on the local radio station in Nevada City, CA (KVMR-FM), I decided10/2/99
9/1/99 21:30NovatoCAUSALight3+ minuteswe were traveling east on hwy. 37 and saw moving slowly above us from the north/west, what looked like three giant bars of light, simil10/2/99
9/1/99 21:30BeavertonORUSA60Heard at least 2 low flying jets.10/2/99
9/1/99 21:30VacavilleCAUSATriangle3-5 minThe object was considerably larger then a C-5, and was irregular in shape. As it was clear the object did have a surface mass he descr10/2/99
9/1/99 21:25Coos BayORUSAOther15-30 secondslarge fireball, faded to long cone shaped object moving from west to east about 15 to 20 degrees up from horizon10/2/99
9/1/99 21:25FlorenceORUSAFireball15 secondsOrange, moving south, followed by small illuminated object below and slightly behind. Continued burning until obscured by trees.9/12/99
9/1/99 21:13FairfieldCAUSATriangle3-5 min.A huge black triangular object was seen slowly traversing across the sky very close at what he estimated to be 900' off the ground. Th10/2/99
9/1/99 21:10PortlandORUSAOther15 min space between 2 evTwo seperate fly by's of apparently military Jets, with no wing or nose lights, Afterburners produced only visible light. Extremely Lou9/12/99
9/1/99 21:00PaolaKSUSACigar<1 minuteShape shifter, Cigar shaped craft.9/9/13
9/1/99 21:00KapaaHIUSATriangle10min.While vacationing on the East Coast of Kauai I went out on a clear night and looked up at the stars. I saw lots of satelites and I also11/17/99
9/1/99 21:00Mica MountainWAUSALight5 secRound pure white UFO. About 45 degrees off horizon. Not fast enough for a meteor and too fast for a plane. Went to the ground.9/12/99
9/1/99 21:00SunriverORUSAFireballI am only giving brief report. I did not see object but work part-time Many people stargazing at Sunriver nature center obsrv. saw fire10/2/99
9/1/99 21:00MedfordORUSAChanginga few minutesMy sons caretaker was standing in the parking lot in Meford, Or. last Wednesday and saw a bright orange/red ball coming over the Table 9/12/99
9/1/99 21:00PortlandORUSAMilitary in Oregon is lying to you!!!10/2/99
9/1/99 21:00Coon RapidsMNUSATriangle8-10 secondsLarge boomerang shaped invisible object blocked starlight while flying across sky1/10/09
9/1/99 20:30Gold BeachORUSAFireball1 minuteFireball flew from west to east by south-east. Split into three peices and disapeared over the horizon.10/2/99
9/1/99 20:30SuisunCAUSAFormation<3 minutesTravelling west to east viewed w/binoculars -two groups-silvery white-sparkles10/2/99
9/1/99 19:40VallejoCAUSA1hr 20minI'm not sure my first post went through, I was kicked off the internet. A power outage occured between these hours throughout a large p9/12/99
9/1/99 19:40LakewoodCOUSARectangle19:44A very bright white rectangular object which did not appear to be moving, but instead a clould moved over it and then it went behind Gr9/12/99
9/1/99 19:40MexicoMOUSAUnknown45 secBlack object seen flying very high/fast changing direction/altitude at incredible rate until it disapeared into the clouds.9/12/99
9/1/99 19:00ZanesvilleOHUSACircle15 secondsA round greenish ball of light whitnessed in thge late 90's during daylight10/10/14
9/1/99 19:00BicknellINUSALighthomeit was a still light and then disepeared12/12/09
9/1/99 17:00FlagstaffAZUSAOval20 minutesoval shaped with some kind of "bumps" on top5/24/05
9/1/99 16:00StuttgartARUSACigar60sec.I observed a silver cigar shaped object traveling at about 4000ft. at a speed of about 250-300mph.The object was traveling west north 4/15/00
9/1/99 15:00ChicagoILUSACigar1 secondI am the producer of the CBS television Series "Early Edition" filmed in Chicago. A second unit filming a locked off shot of a clock i10/2/99
9/1/99 12:45ClevelandOHUSALight20-30 minutesDistinct, isolated grouping of seven white orbs during the day several miles straight up (12 o'clock) that hovered then faded.12/19/03
9/1/99 06:30StocktonCAUSAFormation2 hrsMultiple contrails on polar trajectory5/24/05
9/1/99 06:00LincolntonNCUSAChanging5 minutesGlowing object in morning sky10/2/99
9/1/99 04:30WadsworthOHUSALight30-45 secondsStationary orange ball of light just above horizon: Southeast Medina County, Ohio. Aprx 4:30am EDT. Stargazing several miles west of 9/12/99
9/1/99 01:15BothellWAUSAFormation3-4 seci was waiting outside of my friend's workplace (ATL, a Phillips company) for him to get off when i saw 4 star like objects flying in a5/24/05
9/1/99 01:00Santa CruzCAUSAUnknown1 minutelooked like a shooting star, but stars don't move that way.9/2/05
9/1/99 01:00Tinley ParkILUSATrianglesecondsI was outside having a smoke and noticed two objects in the sky or space far up shooting across the sky and were red and blue tint of c8/28/02
9/1/99 00:00WillsboroNYUSACircleperfect circle.s.circle8/25/00
9/1/99 00:00Junction CityOHUSATriangle1-2 minutes5 red lights circled each other hovering about 150 feet off ground for about a minute and a helf then fly away and a high rate of speed6/12/08
9/1/99BatesvilleTXUSACircle of "scorched" grass, perfectly round, exactly 12ft in diameter from any point, scorched area being two feet deep. Middle of cir10/2/99