National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 08/1999


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
8/31/99 23:30MatthewsNCUSAChevron10 minutesA large chevron black craft floated over a park and parking lot. The craft made absolutely no noise.9/12/99
8/31/99 23:00HunterNYUSATriangle10 minutesI saw three pink "stars" flying in a triangle formation11/9/99
8/31/99 22:45Havana (Rural Route)ILUSAFireball30 minutesFireball crafts being launched from a larger craft.2/16/00
8/31/99 21:30Coral GablesFLUSACircle7 minutes14 objects,appearing to be reddish or orange in color,moving in a V formation.No sound,moving southwest.9/12/99
8/31/99 21:10MadisonNCUSACircleONCEMe and my Family were out in the front lawn watching two jet planes flying in the same direction NE_SW,when far above the clouds was an9/12/99
8/31/99 20:30ElkoNVUSALight1 minute,maybe 2((HOAX)) while going to restroom in hallway of roomming house I observed lights going northeast, then they just blinked out.9/12/99
8/31/99 20:30ElkoNVUSALight2 to 3 minutes long((HOAX)) seen like airplane lights under partly cloudy conditions over Elko, but vanishhing in the clear portion of the night time sky.9/12/99
8/31/99 01:00LumberportWVUSALightcurrent"star" - constantly changes colors - red,violet,green,yellow - in NE sky. Stationary for entire sighting9/12/99
8/30/99 22:30Raquette Lake, adirondack mts.NYUSALight15 minutesmy son and I were fishing in a canoe and we noticed a light in the sky that was traveling in spurts of distance. It was not a steady l9/12/99
8/30/99 22:30Raquette Lake (Golden Beach Campground)NYUSALight1 hourA second object joined the first after the first had circled repeatedly for over 45 minutes, leading us to believe that it was a milita9/17/03
8/30/99 20:45Okinawa (Japan)JapanEgg2minsitting under the stars and suddenly 2 objects appeared as they split into two different directions at abnormal speed. There was an pla10/2/99
8/29/99 23:30Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaLight5:00The UFO was gliding in small circles to the East-South side of the city. The UFO made sharp turnes in the sky.12/2/00
8/29/99 22:15Manitowoc RapidsWIUSAFireball1 minBright Fireball10/2/99
8/29/99 22:00Bloomington (East Bloomington)MNUSATriangleSeveral Days at the same This seemingly craft has been hanging around here all summer! But tonight it came closer and we could see three lights in the shape of9/12/99
8/29/99 20:35Temple CityCAUSALight15 minutesRed star-like object in the northeast sky.9/12/99
8/29/99 20:35Temple CityCAUSALight15 MINUTESBright red light.9/12/99
8/29/99 15:00OshkoshWIUSASphere00:01I watched a black sphere slowly moving in a SW direction.9/12/99
8/28/99 22:10Chicago (xxxx W 55 St., by Midway Airport)ILUSACircle5 min.siglent circluar black craft was in front of a full moon. it flu up to the top then right then left then vanished From - Fri Sep 10 19:9/19/02
8/28/99 22:00New York City (Bronx)NYUSACircle20 secondsI recorded on a 8mm camcorder, a round/disclike object moving across the face of the moon....twice!!!8/30/99
8/28/99 20:40Granada HillsCAUSAFlash1 secondExtremely bright flash lasting about 1 second from a pin-point in space. Lit up whole backyard. At about 20 deg due West from Zenith.8/30/99
8/28/99 20:20Richmond (near Ottawa) (Canada)ONCanadaLight2 min.We saw a light travelling high across the evening sky which stopped, changed direction, grew very bright, and disppeared rapidly upward12/2/00
8/28/99 20:00WichitaKSUSACigar5-8 minoblongular type object in western sky. appeared to be heading south, then stopped for a long period of time and sped off northwestardl9/12/99
8/28/99 18:00AlbuquerqueNMUSAless than 8-10 sec.It looked like a long silver gray parasail canopy. Huge. Swooped down over the city & quickly shot up where it stayed on a fairly e8/30/99
8/28/99 11:45New York City (Staten Island)NYUSASphere1 minuteRound bright silver object w/ belt wobbled across the sky10/2/99
8/28/99 05:31Burbank (East of)CAUSAUnknown1hour +Two very distinct light sources holding a stationary position aprox 5mi e. of Burbank Airport. Aprox. 3000 - 8000 ft.alt., aprox 1 mile11/20/02
8/28/99 02:00Cayey (Puerto Rico)Puerto RicoChevron12-15 secondsHuge V shaped craft over Cayey, Puerto Rico8/5/12
8/28/99 02:00San DiegoCAUSACircle5 minWalkin out of house at early morning notice man with two small children staring into sky. I look to see what appears to be an orange ca8/24/10
8/27/99 22:30BrierWAUSAChevron3 minutesI saw and heard a chevron shaped, blue-ish lit object one night while outside.1/22/00
8/27/99 22:30Durban (South Africa)South AfricaFireball30 secondsorange ball11/20/01
8/27/99 20:58SouthfieldMIUSALight50 secondsExtremly bright white light (strong enough to hurt your eyes) twice the size of Venus or Jupiter, moving slowly from NWest to SWest dir9/12/99
8/27/99 20:58SouthfieldMIUSALight1 minuteSlow moving extremely bright white light, bright enough to hurt your eyes, rapidly changing to low density light while still moving.9/12/99
8/27/99 19:00Newburgh (near)NYUSATriangle1-2 minutesTriangular shadow passes over moon5/24/05
8/27/99 05:30AuburnWAUSACirclea few secondsLarge harvest moon shaped object between the hills in Auburn Wa.8/5/01
8/27/99 00:15Port AngelesWAUSAFireball2 secondsBright Blue-White fireball with Yellow-Orange Halo and Tail.9/12/99
8/26/99 21:20Great FallsMTUSALight30 secondsFour lights moving at a 45-50 degree horizon9/12/99
8/26/99 15:00Olympic National Park (Coast of Pacific Ocean)WAUSADisk1 to 2 min.s (?)Swimming is surf.Two boys saw first.Yelled and pointed:"WHAT IS THAT!!!" I saw it.Close over bank.Bright silver.Up FAST!Angle.Tracked! 10/2/99
8/26/99 00:00GrapevineCAUSALight3 secondsI didnít write the date down, but the incident occurred about 1999-2000, I was driving late at night (between 11-1am) just leaving the8/30/13
8/25/99 23:00Hamilton (Canada)ONCanadaLight30 seconds2 small lights (like stars) which were very high up and moved in rapid and highly erratic patterns4/27/04
8/25/99 22:30Versailles (east of)INUSASphere2 to 3 minutesThe third time the orange sphere appeared, it brought with it, a friend, they moved across the sky together.7/23/00
8/25/99 21:30Santa Cruz/Loma Prieta (mountains)CAUSASphere7 minutes2 objects above Santa cruz Mnts.9/12/99
8/25/99 21:00El Dorado HillsCAUSAFlashsecondsMy daughter and I saw a colorful streak or flash across the sky at aprox. 8.45 a.m. I asked her what she saw and she discribed the sam11/20/02
8/25/99 15:30ResedaCAUSASphere30 objects traveling east to west,30 seconds apart,high alt.,high speed, no tails or trails.10/2/99
8/25/99 09:00San JoseCAUSAUnknown5 secDriving to work on HW 680, today, I and a friend who was in her own car saw an irridescent green streak, very bright against the blue s8/30/99
8/25/99 05:32Hot SpringsARUSAUnknown3-5secAt time stated above I was out looking almost strate up in the aera of Jupter when I saw this very bright light moveing north to south 9/12/99
8/24/99 23:15Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaUnknown35 minI noticed what I thought was a star shining way too brightly. I called my wife to have a look and she confirmed that it was no star. Th12/2/00
8/24/99 19:50BoonvilleMOUSAOther15 minWe noticed an object suspended in the air at dusk. Object remained stationery for a time. The object then moved vertically and disappea9/12/99
8/24/99 09:10MercedCAUSAChanging1 minuteThis large craft appeared above our office this morning. Within its short duration, the craft reduced almost all of our sunlight. App8/30/99
8/24/99 09:05SandyUTUSATriangle25 minsighting took place to the east of sandy city (suburb of slc) above the little cottonwood canyon. object seemed to float occasionally m8/30/99
8/24/99 01:03RenoNVUSACircle10 sec.object moved west-northwest for about 10 sec. very white color, sparks flew from behind9/12/99
8/23/99 16:00AnaheimCAUSARectangle5 minutesbrown rectangular object, appeared very high, no movement or sound10/2/99
8/23/99 14:40MilfordCTUSACigar2min30seccigar shape ship with message.1/3/01
8/23/99 14:15OzarkMOUSADisk30 minsSilver-Gray Disk Hovering Directly Over My Residence10/2/99
8/23/99 12:00SteelvilleMOUSASphere15 min.QQ Silver shining sphere traveling towards sun, radio reception scrambled, vanished into thin air6/21/00
8/23/99 04:15Ashcroft (Canada)BCCanadaOvalless than 1minIn eastern sky flaiming whit sparks low over mts.flat torgectry12/2/00
8/23/99 02:30WilmingtonNCUSADisk2 minuteswife walking dog in yard. heard humming, she looked up and seen disk hovering over our house9/6/02
8/22/99 23:30Portland (@ the Holiday Inn)MEUSATriangle5MINbright orange not to high up but move way to fast to not make any sounds,sharp turns at high speeds in and out of formation,dropped and3/16/00
8/22/99 23:00Two Rivers/ Shoto/ Rockwood (Just north of Manitowoc)WIUSAFireballa couple of secondsBright fireball about as bright as the full moon streaking towards the southeast10/2/99
8/22/99 22:00Hwy 199CAUSAFireball:30A brilliant bluish/white ball of fire that looked at first like a comet streaking across the sky but than turned and came directly towa8/30/99
8/22/99 21:40Opole and Lednica (between) (Poland)PolandSphere1,5 MINBeing on a road, from the car windows me and a woman have seen immobile lighting spherical object in dirction of SSW , ~ 30 degrees hig9/12/99
8/22/99 21:30Cave JuntionORUSACigar:30A large object on a hill 2miles away that began to rotate and fly disapperared.8/30/99
8/22/99 21:15RedmondORUSAFireball2 secBluish tinted fireball 45 degrees above horision. Moving directly magnetic South. Part split off.8/30/99
8/22/99 20:30Cranbrook (Canada)BCCanadaLight3minutesI saw 2 bright lights at sunset.One remained stationary while the other moved to the southwest.The one that stayed tripled in size then12/2/00
8/22/99 20:00Lahaina (Maui)HIUSASphere3or4 secondsBright sphere, brightly lit with white, red and green. Quiet, fast moving, heading northwest.8/30/99
8/22/99 19:30DallasTXUSACircle15secclody day round silver or chrome craft shaped like huge ball 3000 to 5000 ft stops in clouds then moves up out of site with such speed 8/30/99
8/22/99 13:30Rocky MountNCUSACircle1min.I thought I saw a parachute or a balloon coming down from a heavy bank of clouds, then saw it zig-zag falling-leaf fashion.8/30/99
8/22/99 11:55ChicagoILUSAOther30BLUE Cube10/30/06
8/22/99 06:00SyracuseNYUSAOther20 minutesvery suprized & dejaview of it as to want to record12/23/02
8/22/99 01:00Oak HarborWAUSALight3 hoursI saw a red light that seemed some distance from me to the east making very strange (impossible for known aircraft) movements.8/30/99
8/22/99 00:30EastonMDUSARectangle2-3 minutesWe were woken by a low humming noise and an object with a bright light descending from the sky. It landed across the water from our h8/30/99
8/21/99 23:00ColusaCAUSAOval1-2 secondsMy son-in-law was coaching a highschool football scrimage. A friend filmed it on his video camera and gave it to him after the game. 8/30/99
8/21/99 21:40CharlestownINUSACircle@ 20 secondsSeemed to be a sattelite but for 3-5 seconds it brightened to near the brightness of Jupiter.8/30/99
8/21/99 20:20Snoqualmie Pass (Interstate 90)WAUSARectangle10 secondsViewed solid object, rectangular or diamond shape, 300-400 ft above ground from apprx. 1000 ft away while driving. Daylight.Hovering.158/30/99
8/21/99 15:15Renton (NE of, approx. 5 miles)WAUSAUnknown15 minWhile looking at aircraft producing contrails, (4 parallel trails)through binoculars, my brother spotted ufo.8/30/99
8/21/99 12:00Surrey (Canada)BCCanadaSphereabout 5 minutesSilvery sphere buzzes jet aircraft, suddenly stops and hovers12/2/00
8/21/99 03:00Lake WhitneyTXUSATriangle3 hoursAs My wife and I were delivering Newspapers throughout Rural Bosque County Texas, We observed an unusual set of lights hovering in the 8/30/99
8/21/99 02:45Gold Bridge/Lilleot (between) (Canada)BCCanadaLight15 secondsBright fire coloured object, unusual tracking, flaring3/16/01
8/21/99 02:00RentonWAUSACigar5-8 minutessaw object approx 100-200 yrds in length hover above Valley Medical Center. Object was orange/red glow.8/30/99
8/20/99 23:30White CityORUSACircle11:30-12:00pmWhen I was going home from Awana I saw something (I thought it was Venus) When I went inside the house and looked out the window it mov7/23/00
8/20/99 23:00MinneapolisMNUSASphere3minsTwo bright Spherical shapes chasing each other at high speed9/12/99
8/20/99 22:10Saskatoon (Canada)SACanadaFormationLess than 1 minI saw what a first appeared to be a satellite but it was being followed by three lights in a V formation and then another 3 lights in a12/2/00
8/20/99 22:00AkronMIUSALight15 min.From the night sky 4 bright twinkling colored balls appeared, hovering over our heads then moving to the sky to a large ball of light.10/28/02
8/20/99 21:30GranvilleOHUSADisk15-20 minhopping, disk shaped opject that made no sound and had colored flashing lights that changed color.2/22/05
8/20/99 21:00Grove CityPAUSALight2 hoursBall of light that remains Stationary, but changes color constantly8/30/99
8/20/99 20:00Adelaide (South Australia)AustraliaFormation10secs20;00 hrs 25 degrees above horizon to the NE two objects a few degrees apart looked like stars, then suddenly began to move North and d10/2/99
8/20/99 16:30Crisp Point (on Lake Superior, 25 mi. NW of Paradise)MIUSA/Canadian WatersFormation10-15 secUnidentified object flying on/above the horizon of Lake Superior, seen from the beach. The object flew (or floated?) at an apparently i8/30/99
8/20/99 14:00SpokaneWAUSASphere20 minBright Star-like object hovered/drifted/changed direction then disappeared.8/30/99
8/20/99 05:45Fort SmithARUSACircle15 min.Three balls of white light "dancing" and then disappearing and then reappearing.8/30/99
8/20/99 01:00BarstowCAUSAChanging5 minutesStrange beam emmiting craft perform strange manuvers over California desert.8/5/01
8/20/99 00:00Wasaga Beach (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown1hour 30 minsThe bright white light got bigger as it got closer to the back of our car..10/11/05
8/19/99 22:00VallejoCAUSAChanging15 minbright flashing light moving erratically across the sky. when viewed on tv screen, it dances around at super speeds even in slow motion8/30/99
8/19/99 21:15Tukwila (Sea)WAUSASphere22:00I awaited darkness (approx.9:15pm...9:20pm) to check the reflectors outside my motorhome, and was walking backward up my road (away fro10/2/99
8/19/99 20:00Great FallsMTUSAOval5 minon august 19th. @ 20:00 hrs. we witnessed an unidientified craft. It came to a complete stop for 10 seconds, then proceded to climb st8/30/99
8/19/99 19:45LaVergneTNUSASphere5 minStrange satellite behavior observed over Tennessee.4/28/01
8/19/99 15:45WilmingtonNCUSATriangle8-10 secondsRolling triangle seen moving in front of storm system.8/30/99
8/19/99 11:30ColumbiaMOUSASphere60 secondsObserved small nonreflective sphere traveling SW at a low altitude8/30/99
8/19/99 04:00CenterTXUSAFireball15 secsA bluish white fireball type object, a little larger than a basketball zoomed from the other side of the lake from the trees across the8/30/99
8/18/99 21:10Grove CityOHUSAOval10 minutes2 oval shaped objects with 3 jets following for about 10 minutes, then there was 12 black helicopters flying in same direction. Looked 8/30/99
8/18/99 04:10Izmir (Turkey)TurkeyOvalMy close encounter of the third kind with small greyish aliens with their egg-shaped ship.12/2/00
8/18/99 03:14Sun Cove (Entiat Estates)WAUSATriangle10 to 15 sec03:14 Large triangle shape object traveling from S.S.W to N.N.E. towards chelan.8/30/99
8/18/99 01:34Rhodes Island (Greece)GreeceOther1 minuteWe just saw a Bright Ball flying below the clouds...if it was an airplane we would hear it...(we are pilots) had a High Airspeed h10/2/99
8/18/99 01:30TollisonAZUSAFireball8 secondsI was looking East toward Phx. I saw a huge fireball fall toward earth, It turned blue as it flared and went out, I thought it was a m8/30/99
8/18/99 00:10HoldenMOUSACircle3 minutesmy daughters and i saw a round object with light circling around came down out of the sky and went behind some trees across the f8/30/99
8/17/99 23:34MarmoraNJUSALight10-20 secondsErratic Light In The Sky8/30/99
8/17/99 22:57Grand RapidsMIUSALight18 minutesSighted a ball of light in the SW sky. It would flash red,green, and white while dimming and brightening.8/30/99
8/17/99 21:00FairfieldCAUSAOther2min.STRANGE SILENT CRAFT SKIRTS MAJOR A.F. BASE!9/17/00
8/17/99 21:00WestfieldNJUSACirclethree secondsI was on my hammock with my 19 mos. old son -- I was trying to rock him to sleep when I saw a small circular pinpoint -- green in hue -8/30/99
8/17/99 19:30PhoenixAZUSADiamond5-10 minutes?four lights in diamond config., size: laptop held at arms length. fast, silent, superstruture.9/12/99
8/17/99 17:00Guildford (UK/England)United KingdomSpheresoccer gameslowede down over our soccer game and spn there for about 40 seconds and left extrmely fast10/31/03
8/17/99 16:00Las VegasNVUSADisk20 min.Two silver disc directly over the city.8/30/99
8/17/99 14:00Port HuronMIUSACircle<5 minutesIt was a summer day, my neighbor and I noticed with absolute amazement two saucer/orbs just above the cloud line. They moved at a speed7/3/20
8/17/99 05:50PortlandORUSAOther15 minStationary object over downtown Portland Oregon, white in color shaped like 3-pointed star or "Y".8/30/99
8/17/99 03:15Moses LakeWAUSAChangingapx. 5 min.3 blue/green lights (sometimes merged into one) moving absolutely silent across the sky from apx. west to east8/30/99
8/17/99 02:30Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge (Kennedy Space Center), FloriFLUSAFireball30-45 sec.While camping out overnight on the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge, at around 2:30 a.m. 8-17-99 I witnessed what appeared to be a large 8/30/99
8/16/99 23:00Grand MaraisMNUSASphere14-16 minutesIn late August, 1999, my wife and I were staying at a cabin on the ridge overlooking Lake Superior just outside Grand Marais, Minnesota1/31/11
8/16/99 22:45BentonvilleINUSAFireball30-60 sec.It was an orange ball hovering over (to our vantage point) a grain elevator. After a short time, it just vanished. The next night, th8/30/99
8/16/99 22:40Navarre BeachFLUSAFireball15 secondsWe saw 10 or 12 red lights over the Gulf of Mexico. They moved rapidly and in formation. They seemed to move in a circular motion the8/30/99
8/16/99 21:30LanghornePAUSAOthersecondsGreen, glowing ball not quite the size of a full moon, silent, fast, sighting lasted a couple of seconds. The object passed directly o9/12/99
8/16/99 18:00Gillispie (along U. S. border) (Canada)NBCanadaChanging5 minutes est,((HOAX??)) I saw a UFO that resembled the Star of David.2/24/07
8/16/99 08:30WoonsocketRIUSASighting Happened: Made front page headlines of the Woonsocket Call in Woonsocket Rhode Island. August 26, 1999 edition Article in news8/30/99
8/16/99 04:00ToledoOHUSALight4 munitesthree crafts looking like stars flying very high in sky.travaling from swest to neast.8/30/99
8/16/99 02:45Trapper Creek (10 miles north of)AKUSAOval5 secdriving south on the Parks hiway, just happened to look out the side window and up as a large oval shaped craftpasses overhead right to2/24/01
8/16/99 01:45JanesvilleWIUSAFlash2to5secondsAt 01:45 am. I was at work and we were outside taking a break when I saw a giant flash of light in the sky it was 50 times bigger then 9/13/02
8/16/99 00:25Thunder Bay -RR#3 (Canada)ONCanadaLight4 minutesDim light floating around then separating. Glowing bright like lightning, and getting dimmer and farther away. Coming back at a fast 12/2/00
8/15/99 23:50SalemUTUSAOther3 SecondsBluish-green, very bright flash of light toward the southeastern horizon.7/1/02
8/15/99 23:30Newquay, Cornwall (UK/England)United KingdomCircle30 secondsRapidly accelerating and direction changing blue ring of light seen for thirty seconds.3/16/01
8/15/99 23:30Windsor (Canada)ONCanadaCircle5 mins.a brigh light shot across the sky after all of the street lights went out7/1/02
8/15/99 23:18Denver (50 miles east of) on Interstate 76COUSAFireball3-5 secondsA very bright flash with a trajectory going from left to right and turning colors along the was - 3-4 seconds at most.4/1/01
8/15/99 23:18AztecNMUSALight3 minutesI saw an incredibly brilliant bluish white light traveling at an uncomprehendable speed!7/1/02
8/15/99 23:18TularosaNMUSAFlashJust to let you know the light over Aztec N.M. was seen here also. It was reported by Joel Vincent on AM 1270 for several days after 7/1/02
8/15/99 23:18Rawlins (39 miles west of)WYUSAFireball1-2 seca fireball went straight down behind mtns. and ended in a bright flash.8/5/01
8/15/99 23:18BosqueNMUSA4 sec.Bright bluish-greenish-white light trail splitting into multiple radians7/1/02
8/15/99 23:18Las CrucesNMUSAFireball10-20 secondsa close friend of mine witnessed the same phenomenon (sp?) that was reported in northern new mexico 250 miles south of albuquerque, in 7/1/02
8/15/99 23:18Gallup/Albuquerque (between)NMUSA2secWe were driving East on I40 toward Alb when I saw a flash of blue light that lit up the whole sky. I saw no craft with this light. li7/1/02
8/15/99 23:18AlbuquerqueNMUSAUnknown2 seconsAn extremely bright flash of light lit up the sky and groud and appeared to travel from SW to NE.7/1/02
8/15/99 23:15See Report...COUSASee ReportThis is to alert you to a radio broadcast in Denver at that time with witnesses calling in.8/30/99
8/15/99 23:11AlbanyORUSASphere6 minutesGlowing sphere, DEFINATELY not a plane or helicopter.7/1/02
8/15/99 23:10Jemez SpringsNMUSAUnknown2 secondsBrightly lighted clouds observed.9/12/99
8/15/99 23:00SpokaneWAUSALight10 minutesSaw a light similar to a star that darted around the sky in straight lines.8/5/12
8/15/99 23:00Rio Rancho/Bernillo (between)NMUSAOthera few minutesmy mom and i were driving home from work we saw the sky lite up almost like day light a few seconds later we saw this trail like thing 12/23/02
8/15/99 23:00MontaukNYUSACircle15 min.Montauk Mystery Lights1/3/01
8/15/99 23:00SalemORUSAOther0215Subject: RE: Missing Time Mid August 1991 Don't have the date of this event, but suppose I could find it if I were to look for it in8/5/09
8/15/99 22:55East NorthportNYUSAFireball8 SECONDSBall followed by Stream of orange light.8/30/99
8/15/99 22:45EurekaILUSAFlash3 secsNot sure if this was natural or unatural....7/1/02
8/15/99 22:30JenksOKUSALight30 secondsThree satellite-looking-lights moving in triangular formation.8/30/99
8/15/99 22:30Los LunasNMUSA2-5 secondsI saw a bright flash through my skylights (facing West) in my home on August 15. I verified that I checked out a movie on that day rece10/2/99
8/15/99 22:30SocorroNMUSAOther5-7 secFalling object.8/30/99
8/15/99 22:30Lake PowellUTUSAFireballseveral secondsA bright orange/red fireball fell to the horizon line from an uncommonly bright lighting of the sky.8/30/99
8/15/99 22:23Maury IslandWAUSAflashI was driving north on 99th Ave. and saw a brief intense flash in the sky directly ahead of me. I initally attributed it to lightning 8/30/99
8/15/99 22:22SedonaAZUSAFlashsecondsstanding out side on my porch watching the sky and the nite turn to day light flashed all at once it last a half a second8/30/99
8/15/99 22:00Brampton (Canada)ONCanadaLight20 secondsThe object flew straight up towards the sky for approximately 15 seconds, got smaller then dissapeared.3/4/03
8/15/99 22:00Little FallsMNUSALight20 secondsI was walking a dog with my cousin in Little falls, MN atw about 10:00 p.m. On our way back I looked up at the sky for no reason as di3/16/00
8/15/99 22:00MattesonILUSALight7-10 minutesLight over Route 30 and I-80 in Matteson8/30/99
8/15/99 21:45Huntington BeachCAUSACircle5-10 secondsA ball of light at a distance of approx. 1/2 to 1 mile moving at high speed with extremely exagerated lateral and vertical motions that7/1/02
8/15/99 21:00GaylesvilleALUSAUnknown10 minutesThree bright green lights pointing towards the sky near Bell's Crossroads in Gaylesville, Alabama.11/28/07
8/15/99 21:00FayettevilleNCUSALightabout 10 minutesBright blinking light makes high speed "C" shaped manuver.6/18/03
8/15/99 21:00Hobe SoundFLUSACircle10 secsVery fast circular object with lights flashing in a circular pattern, it made no noise and was very low.1/21/08
8/15/99 20:30BathMEUSAChanging2 minutesA few years ago on my way to work, at about 9:30 at night I observes while driving what appeared to be a huge air plane to my left. The10/20/05
8/15/99 20:30Gila Bend/Yuma (between)AZUSAFireball2 minutesI saw an intense orange ball of fire that was probably a flare, over military airspace7/1/02
8/15/99 19:15GlendaleCAUSAFormation15 minutesHigh flying large object followed by 20 small ones. Joined by other large object8/30/99
8/15/99 18:50VancouverWAUSAUnknown10 minSighting near Vancouver, Washington/Portland Oregon in August of 19998/7/07
8/15/99 18:00McCroryARUSATriangle15 secondsWe witnessed a triangular shaped object in the western sky above the town over McCrory, AR - - It then vanished - not just the object, 7/1/02
8/15/99 17:30BoulderCOUSALight2 minVery fast object over boulder7/1/02
8/15/99 16:30LancasterCAUSAFireball10 sec.Very loud humming sound with a very bright bluish red flash. then a fire started as a result of the light.7/1/02
8/15/99 16:00EleanorWVUSACigarcouple minutesaDriving In Car when it appeared appeared in sky. It was long and silver with a long black line in the middle.7/1/02
8/15/99 14:00GreencreekIDUSACigar3 minutesMiddle of day, an object was in the sky, no loud noise that would be like a plane of that size. It wasn't small. It was in the countr7/1/02
8/15/99 13:30Lake Saint LouisMOUSADiamondless than two mins.elongated grey diamond object that was aware of my obsrevation.7/1/02
8/15/99 13:00Seattle (1-90, between Mercer Island and Seattle)WAUSAUnknown30 sec.It was an object between two clouds, perfectly square. It was a brighter white than the whitest clouds.10/2/99
8/15/99 13:00ValparaisoINUSADisk10 secondsI was looking at (enjoying) the sky on a nearly cloudless, bright and calm day when I saw the object.7/1/02
8/15/99 13:00BoulderCOUSAOther10 minutesDark metalic object along Colorado Frontrange10/15/02
8/15/99 12:00Senatere (Canada)CanadaSphere15 min.Large silver ball follows plane.2/10/12
8/15/99 02:30CentervilleIAUSACircle1 hourBright Circle of Light followed me from Oskaloosa IA to Centerville, IA.6/20/19
8/15/99 02:00TalcoTXUSALight30 secsIt was the size of a basketball and it hover about 40 ft. in the air without sound and without any beam of light did not light up sky.7/1/02
8/15/99 01:00ParkersburgWVUSACylinder2 minutesCylinder/cigar shaped "light tube" slowly climbs higher and higher.8/28/03
8/15/99 00:00Kelowna (Canada)BCCanadaOval8 minutesPurple Glow, Oval Black Shiny Metal6/20/05
8/15/99 00:00PlanoTXUSAUnknownUnknowntransported into another place by unknown, possibly alien contact attempting to show me something.4/30/04
8/15/99 00:00Saint John (Canada)NBCanadaDisk3 SecondsDisk shaped object with green lighted tail.10/31/03
8/14/99 23:25Slough, Berks (UK/England)United KingdomCircleapprox 14 sec14 round objects flying in a v formation heading roughly east/south east of my posistion directly towards Heathrow Airport!(8 miles awa8/30/99
8/14/99 23:00Trout LakeWAUSALight10-20 secondsA lower orbit satellite appearing object moving unusually slow for a satellite became a billiant orange ball 3-4 times it's original si8/30/99
8/14/99 23:00GrandvilleMIUSA5 secondsSaw 2 yellow/orange perfect circles cross the sky in 5 seconds5/15/13
8/14/99 22:30East LynneMOUSADisk1.5 hoursdisk shaped object glowing bright as daylight11/20/02
8/14/99 22:07Fort WorthTXUSACircle3min 30secI saw two object streeking fron east to west at great speed one was behind the other a good distance and they were very fuzzy looking a11/20/02
8/14/99 22:07Fort WorthTXUSACircle3min 30secI Saw two fuzzy things what I thought were meterorites traveling east to west.One was behind the other going at extreme speed. The othe8/30/99
8/14/99 22:00RichlandWAUSALight8 - 10 secondsI saw a bright light appear directly above me in the sky. It was moving slowly and was not a shooting star or the lights on a plane. 8/30/99
8/14/99 20:50MilwaukeeWIUSALight1 min2 lights,moving EXTREMELY fast,one "chasing" the other.Second light suddenly u-turned & was gone.8/30/99
8/14/99 20:00Washington, D.C.DCUSADisk2 minutesBlack motionless disk spotted in the evening above Washington, D.C.9/6/02
8/14/99 19:30DestinFLUSATriangle< 1 secondWhile vacationing in Florida, I took a picture of a sunset. After the film was developed, an object was visible in the photo.11/2/99
8/14/99 12:00PeoriaILUSAOther1 minuteLong pencil-shaped metallic color object, travelling at about the speed of a helicopter.8/30/99
8/14/99 12:00ColumbusOHUSACircle15 minutesI called the radar installation but they would not tell me if or what they saw in my area.I called during the object's persence.5/14/02
8/14/99 04:00Turnagain PassAKUSAFlash1-2 sec.From banks of Turnagain Arm I saw a whitish/blueish strobe type flash. It lit up the water and sky. Weather was clear. It was due so8/30/99
8/14/99 03:46Salt Lake CityUTUSATriangle1.2 minutesSilent and stealty8/30/99
8/13/99 00:00WinchesterVAUSALight1 minutei tracked 2 objects flying high from n.w to s.e., when the lead object emmited a brillient light, much brighter than an airplane strobe9/6/02
8/13/99 23:30Paw PawILUSAUnknown7 secondsa bright light appearred and dropped down slowly (about 3 seconds). Then remained stationary for about 3 seconds, and then travelled to8/30/99
8/13/99 23:30Near the Wisconsin DellsWIUSATriangleAbout 5 MinutesThree rotating lights inside of a cloud, configured in a triangle shape, emit colored beams of light.4/22/22
8/13/99 23:00Casa GrandeAZUSATriangle2-3 minutestriangle with very bright lights on I-10 near Casa Grande2/1/07
8/13/99 23:00VancouverWAUSAOval20minother reports similar to ours in Vancouver Wa. but ocurring in Wisconsin and Iowa. three rotating green orbs emitting light beams acro10/10/11
8/13/99 23:00VancouverWAUSACircle20 mingreen rotating circle, emitting green lights approx. 40 miles8/30/99
8/13/99 22:15MonticelloIAUSAFireball3 secondsHappened to catch a very bright and large green fireball streek through the sky in Iowa.8/30/99
8/13/99 21:50CheyenneWYUSATriangle15min/eachFrom the N.E, to the SW., at 9:50 pm., a reddish orange cloud surronding it., with sparkles inside the cloud., but you clearly could se10/2/99
8/13/99 20:46MesaDEUSAOther?Long with two black lights at the end and a greenish purplele stripe in the midle.7/16/03
8/13/99 11:00Casa GrandeAZUSATriangle3 minutesTriangle object that moved with incredible speed10/20/05
8/13/99 03:58WestbyWIUSATriangle1 min.triangle going due n.e from the middel of persious8/30/99
8/13/99 00:30Algonquin Park (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown7 minHovering object with strong light beam in Algonquin Park.7/8/04
8/12/99 23:45Put-in BayOHUSASphere13 Sec.A Dot shape flew halfway across the sky and made a Z shape and than went away.8/19/00
8/12/99 23:30Woodland (N of; off hwy 113)CAUSAUnknown4 secDriving about 5 to 7 miles North of Woodland CA--South of Knights Landing CA; saw Large flash of light illuminated every thing around f8/30/99
8/12/99 23:00StrausburgOHUSATriangle15 secondsI saw a black triangular craft silently move across the night sky.5/24/05
8/12/99 22:30BloominggroveNYUSAUnknown4 minutesobjects flying at avery high altitude12/9/00
8/12/99 22:00Horne Otrokovce (Slovakia)SlovakiaTriangle30-60 secondsUFO stops in mid-air then takes off with lightning speed.6/13/14
8/12/99 22:00North South Padre IslandTXUSA10 secondsSaw what I thought at first was falling star then very distinct eradict behavior happened.11/9/99
8/12/99 22:00Myrtle CreekORUSACircle1 minute, appx.Object appeared to be very high. Looked just like a star, same light color etc. Object moved from aprox. north east horizon to south ea8/30/99
8/12/99 22:00MilwaukeeWIUSATeardrop10 minutesLarge top shaped UFO over Lake Michigan leaves 3 witnesses with possible coverup or were cops really aliens ?11/21/10
8/12/99 21:25FresnoCAUSAUnknown3 secthree lights traveling west to east,in a triangle formation, or one large object, very high and faster than anything I know of8/30/99
8/12/99 21:00MariettaOHUSAFireball1-2 minitsit was unbelevible as the "craft" fell from the night sky7/16/03
8/12/99 21:00ElizibethtownILUSACircleI was looking at the eastern part of the sky and a bright light brighter than the north star just appeared out of no were. It lasted fo10/2/99
8/12/99 16:00Chesapeake Bay (northern)MDUSADisk10 secondsWhite disk seen from Air France flight over northern Chesapeake Bay.4/16/05
8/12/99 14:00International waters (Mexico)MexicoSphere4-5minsWhile on a fishing trip in Mexico i saw a small sperical UFO.7/5/05
8/12/99 10:00FlagstaffAZUSALight8 minutesWe were drivin along then bam! orange light sooo close to us the military sez it wuz a missile yeah an orange missle floating.3/7/00
8/12/99 09:30Fort Wayne (SW Allen Co.)INUSATeardrop6 minutesMoving very slow. Then it disappeared8/30/99
8/12/99 03:58Apex (N 35 41 25 W 78 45 01)NCUSATriangle1aprox 15 secondsA very large triangular aray of (3) lights seen in the east and moving rapidly north north-west.9/19/02
8/12/99 03:30HerminiePAUSAFormation1 minuteThree (3) large dimly lit fuzzy lights in an "L" shape formation at very high altitude. Viewed during the Perseid meteor shower.8/30/99
8/12/99 03:30Highlands RanchCOUSAFormation5 minutesDuring the Perseid meteor shower, my family and I noticed three lights moving in a triangular formation from the south to the north.8/30/99
8/12/99 03:30North WilkesboroNCUSATriangle1min,30secWhile watching the Perseid meteor shower,at the time stated,a triangular formation of lights came from the west-southwest direction hea2/23/00
8/12/99 03:25Long BeachCAUSADisk20 seconndsWhile viewing the meteor shower, I noticed just to the right of Jupiter a small orange dot heading due north over me, passed extreme sp8/30/99
8/12/99 02:30Gold CanyonAZUSAFormation35 sec.The objects seen were three points of light in a triangular formation at an extreme altitude which appeared directly overhead and moved8/30/99
8/12/99 00:00Natal Province (S. Africa, east coast)South AfricaDisk20 minssaw bright disc in sky which performed manouvers11/20/02
8/11/99 23:07KetchikanAKUSACircle7 secondssaw a bright objet in an area where there is or never has been any thing8/30/99
8/11/99 21:45Cortez (4 miles north of)COUSALight4 minutesSaw light traveling from Southwest to Northeast. It was approximately 60 degrees above the horizon from first sight across the sky till8/5/01
8/11/99 20:45Peterhead (Scotland)United KingdomEgg5 minutesbright white object travelling very fast,trail dissipated after 1 second visible in daylight8/30/99
8/11/99 17:30Hwy. 90SDUSATriangle7 hoursA cloud appeared in the sky, huge, oval in shape, emitting the most amazing magnetic field, shooting lightening out in short spikes aro8/30/99
8/11/99 16:00EttersburgCAUSARectangle2 min.Faster Than any convetinal flying apparatus. It was like a fleet of ships moving west to east. Perfect uniform.10/2/99
8/11/99 12:22Messina (Italy)ItalyCylinderMy mistake of using no filter in fotographing sun eclypse with a digit camera (Casio) resulted in pictures with no shadow onto the sun.8/30/99
8/11/99 05:25SellersburgINUSALight25 secondsStar-like light seen over trees moving and changing direction towards constellation Orion8/30/99
8/10/99 22:30MunisingMIUSAEggovernight into morningsaw object flash and disappear on first night and on the next morning 3 objects appeared to come together in a triangle formation.10/2/99
8/10/99 22:30DenverCOUSAOtherfive minutesI saw a very strange looking objecet in the north eastern part of the sky about a week ago.8/30/99
8/10/99 22:30Westland (western suburb of Detroit)MIUSALight30 secondssmall ball of light expanded sudeenly (about 10 times its original diameter, shrunk & disappeared8/30/99
8/10/99 21:00JerichoVTUSAUnknown:58 secondsGreenish pulse of light caught my attention. I captured one minute of video.8/30/99
8/10/99 11:00PortlandORUSALight10/15 minuts11:00 am I noticed an object in the sky, i thought it was a plane or balloon, no sound. It was travelling north to south. I then saw a 8/30/99
8/10/99 10:00Adana (Turkey)TurkeySphere20 minutesThe object was motionless6/3/03
8/10/99 02:00GwinnettGAUSALight3secondsa blue or dark green light appeared and quickly disappeared with an orange trail behind it traveling in this atmosphere away from us th9/28/02
8/10/99 02:00TillamookORUSACylinder45 minutesA cylindar shaped object, traveling over the pacific ocean, sighting from oregon.8/28/02
8/10/99 01:00Napa (near)CAUSAOther8 minutesIt was approximately 1 a.m. and I was returning from my office in Napa with a friend, heading West on Hwy 121. The evening was rather d3/16/00
8/10/99 01:00ConwayARUSATriangle2 minutesThree triangle shaped craft, Black in color as far as I could tell. The craft would apear and disapear as they flew across the sky. In 11/2/99
8/9/99 22:30ColumbusOHUSAFlash2 seconds2 bright flashes in the sky.12/20/00
8/9/99 22:00King of PrussiaPAUSACross5-15 secondsWhile on our roof, my two sons and I saw three glowing, noiseless orange/brown/yellow glowing objects flying fast in perfect formation 8/30/99
8/9/99 20:18Yakima (About 10-30 miles NW of)WAUSAFireballabout 2-3 minutes (we lefComet-like object, high in sky, set at \ angle, nearly vertical, stationary, no aircraft in sight.8/5/01
8/9/99 20:00Yosemite National Park (above Half Dome)CAUSAOther20 secondsWatching 2 fighter Planes fly across sky and then saw a bright Craft with 2 bright lights on both sides, when 2 planes came close, it d8/30/99
8/9/99 20:00PhillipsburgNJUSAUnknown10 min.Southwest sky. Rocket or missle shaped went straight up until lost from view (binoculars)8/10/99
8/9/99 18:00Villa RicaGAUSAOther5 secondsCrown shaped object seen 1/4 mile away moving fast just above treetops. Metallic, smooth with silver color.8/30/99
8/8/99 22:30DenverCOUSAUnknown10:40Saw a very bright amber light eluminating out of a four pointed objected. about 10:30pm and around this date.8/30/99
8/8/99 22:15ReidsvilleNCUSATriangle2 hoursTriangle object over field, 30 ft from ground, also saw being from this sighting5/14/02
8/8/99 20:00New BrightonPAUSACirclemomentaryI was taking a picture of a wooded area to test the resolution of my new digital camera. When I went to look at the image on my compute9/12/99
8/8/99 13:00New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSAOval15+minutesUFO'S in Brooklyn New York broad daylight sighting11/9/02
8/8/99 12:00Crewe/Cheshire (UK/England)United KingdomOther20-30 mins"H" shape high altitude moving e to w. looke pale blue/white.(imagine a civil craft at altitude) Clear blue sky."H" shape "crosspiece" 4/25/02
8/8/99 10:30Long ValleyNJUSADisk30 minit was big and green and had flashy lights. It looked to have shed a light down on something and take that something up. It was rathe4/1/00
8/8/99 03:00Lethbrdge (Canada)ABCanadaUnknown5 mins3 am flashing light,s nobleford and and hwy #23 intersection5/15/06
8/7/99 23:45Prescott ValleyAZUSALight5 minsBright orange light traveling North-West.8/10/99
8/7/99 21:00Payson (near Roosevelt Lake)AZUSADiskappox. 1 hr.&20 minTwo very bright star like lights that at first were stationary then moving closer to each other, then one moving off very fast and comi8/30/99
8/7/99 20:30PampaTXUSALight1 minuteLight traveling on a north - south trajectory.8/10/99
8/7/99 17:00New York City (Manhattan)NYUSATriangle4-5 minutesBlack Tetrahedron Pyramid UFO in plain daylight over New York City.10/19/11
8/7/99 10:35WestminsterCAUSADiamond22 minutesI looked up, at about a 165 degree angle, and spotted what appeared to be a silent white radiant elongated diamond shaped object, it wa2/16/00
8/7/99 03:00Santa Nella (along I-5)CAUSADisk30 secondcircular shaped frisbee like disc with a flourescent white glow approximately 900 to 1,000 feet off ground and approximately 1,000 yard8/30/99
8/7/99 02:00TitusvilleFLUSAUnknownabout 20 secondsGigantic Low-Flying Craft Moving Slowly, Flat Bottom with Lights, Dissapeared When I Turned To Follow Its Flight Path7/16/03
8/7/99New York City (Manhattan)NYUSATriangle1 to 2 min.Craft was triangular-pyramidal sort of shape.With 3 circular bright lights under the craft.These lights were so bright like the s9/30/16
8/6/99 23:00Fittstown (on a farm)OKUSA30 sec.My son told me this and he is not here for a few days.He stated that he was outside at my mother farm when he saw the sky light up brig8/30/99
8/6/99 22:30EurekaCAUSACircleUFO came over house where my girlfriend and sister were. It was bright orange. It stayed, then left, and they saw it explode far up in 8/10/99
8/6/99 16:00Newport BeachCAUSADiamond2 minutesA large shinning diamond flying slowly or hovering.1/22/00
8/6/99 04:00TooeleUTUSALight3 to 5 minutessaw a light moving in random directions.....11/2/99
8/6/99 02:00GraylingMIUSADisk45 min1 object seen with naked eye - 5 others seen using night vision goggles.9/12/99
8/6/99 01:30OremUTUSATriangle15 minutesNoticed what first appeared to be an airplane in the sky, but never did change position, eventually it seemed to move farther away, or 8/30/99
8/5/99 23:20TomahWIUSAOther20secondsThe object was a distorted mass of some sort that moved in a northwest direction across the sky,not real fast but not slow either.8/10/99
8/5/99 19:00NorthfieldMNUSAEgg10 min.they buzzed over hyw.35 and stoped over my appartment building and then they rose up into the clouds and vanished.8/10/99
8/5/99 17:30JacksonvilleFLUSAChanging20-30 secondsI was lifeguarding at a local pool when i looked up to the sky because it was a pretty sunset when i saw somthing move from behind a la1/7/00
8/5/99 10:30Cannon FallsMNUSAUnknown30 minutesI'm not sure what I saw, could be satelites, maybe?8/10/99
8/5/99 05:15MeridianIDUSALight30 secondsA white light, typical of visible orbiting satellites, moved erratically on a westerly course in the pre-dawn sky.8/10/99
8/5/99 01:30SpokaneWAUSATriangle5-10 min.Triangular shaped UFO silently flies over Spokane, Wa. August 5th, 19993/4/08
8/4/99 22:05ArcadeGAUSAFlash1.5 minutesI went out to put the mat back on the back porch. A flash lit up the yard. An intense periodic flash of light occurred about every 5 se8/10/99
8/4/99 21:00Rogue RiverORUSALightseveral hours each nightunblinking star-like lights moving N.E.high and very fast.One every 5 or ten minutes.All taking about the same path.8/10/99
8/4/99 04:00Grants Pass (Murphy area)ORUSAEggSix secondsAt 04:00 hours flying NE to SW, two white egg shape objects, flashing off and on.8/30/99
8/4/99 03:00RochdaleMAUSASphere12-15 min.I observed a phosphorescent purple sphere going back and forth over the trees while camping out in the woods.8/10/99
8/4/99 02:50Camp Ripley (rural, just west of)MNUSAFormation1 hr. or so.Two hovering amber lights, one slightly below the other, fixed in place; and occasional bright blueish/green flashes.8/30/99
8/3/99 23:20Blue Ridge Summit (area)PAUSAUnknown12 minutesIt was a warm summer night i was on my way to work the night sky was very clear ,and the sky was full of stars but from my view i could6/4/04
8/3/99 23:15Lesage (near)WVUSALight1 min approxAn amber light was moving slowly over the hills from east to west. It suddenly blinked out and then blinked on again a few seconds late8/10/99
8/3/99 22:13MadisonWIUSALight80 secondsbright white light, moving fast, got brighter towards the horizon, and then disappeared.11/2/99
8/3/99 22:00CockeysvilleMDUSALight1 second or lessI breifly looked up and saw a white light flash across above the treeline then disappear because of its rapid speed.8/10/99
8/3/99 22:00BeavertonORUSADisk30 secondsObject appeared in the west, moving very fast in a south easterly direction. it was a dish shaped object, did not appear to have lights8/10/99
8/3/99 21:45SalemMAUSA60secondsbright light fading to dim, followed by another dim light, both disappeared.8/10/99
8/3/99 02:45Bishop Auckland, Durham (UK/England)United KingdomLight1 min 45secsvery bright light, appeared to be an extremely bright star until it moved.8/30/99
8/2/99 00:00SausalitoCAUSACircle2 minapprox.6 objects flying in formation. manevering in relationship to eachother breaking formation acelarateing then rejoining formation9/12/99
8/2/99 23:30WestportWAUSALight1:30A very bight light entering the atmosphere. Turned to level flight then it traveled at level flight to a point in the sky and stopped. 10/2/99
8/2/99 22:30Brackley Beach (Canada)PECanadaOval7minMy boyfriend and I were driving down a beachside road, when overhead we saw an oval shaped object appear for about two minutes. Before 12/2/00
8/2/99 21:00Marsden (see below)ARUSAFlash5 secondsfalling object like roman candle9/12/99
8/2/99 18:15UticaNYUSAOvalOval/egg shaped object, white translucent color observed appearing to hover/vibrate moving slightly to the West. Turned away, looked a8/30/99
8/2/99 18:00Federal WayWAUSAUnknown15 mini thought it was ballons floating by i pointed it out to my niece &nephew object then became stationary.iwonder what it was because onl8/10/99
8/2/99 14:00Ontario (Canada)ONCanadaFireball10 secondsFire in the sky4/22/03
8/2/99 02:00HollywoodCAUSAOther3-6 mins.Friends and self were at a high point in the hills of Hollywood, when strange beams of light flashed the parking area of a lookout poin8/10/99
8/1/99 23:30EugeneORUSAOther3 seconds!Opaque white luminous boomerang-shaped craft. Clearly outlined, but fading very quickly.8/10/99
8/1/99 23:00Shanty CreekMIUSAUnknown20 min.Looking to the east 5 lights that looked like stars circled a center star, then formed a triangle and linear spread out then repeated. 8/10/99
8/1/99 22:45Ferndale (near, countryside)WAUSAOther5 to 8 secondsA faint star-like object traveling North very rapidly in an erratic pattern.9/19/02
8/1/99 22:30West KennebunkMEUSASphere3 min.witnessed a small unidentifiable object up close ( 25 yards)9/2/05
8/1/99 22:10MontereyCAUSAOval6-7 mins.Luminous oval-shaped light seen over Monterey.8/10/99
8/1/99 21:30SeattleWAUSADisk3 secondsBrilliant, moon sized, white disc descending rapidly over Seattle that disappeared behind Capitol Hill.9/17/00
8/1/99 21:10ReddingCAUSALight1 1/2 minutesBright light that looked like a low flying star with no blinking lights and no sound. Traveling from west to east8/10/99
8/1/99 21:00BoalsburgPAUSALight2-3 secondsBlinking light observed flying west to east at extreme speed.8/10/99
8/1/99 20:00RialtoCAUSALight2-3 minutesslow moving object burning and dropping pieces of burning material2/18/01
8/1/99 20:00BethlehemPAUSASphereI was swimming at my aunts pool when I out and noticed a bright red flash far away and then out of no where it just appeared much close8/10/99
8/1/99 18:30Bear Valley Ski ResortCAUSACigar1 minuteSilvery UFO rose out of the huge, deep canyon to the north of the ski parking lot to a spot overhead in about 3 seconds & I then lost s8/10/99
8/1/99 17:35The ColonyTXUSASphere1 hourI witnessed 15-20 silver spheres dancing around a large white craft in the skies overhead!8/10/99
8/1/99 17:30SeattleWAUSACigar7 secondsA cigar shaped obect suddenly appeared out of nowhere, a light pulsed along it's length from right to left, the object faded and then d8/10/99
8/1/99 15:31SeattleWAUSACigar6 minuteslooking south-south east, object was moving from left to right and away from us. Peach or amber glow was like setting sun on moon. Sp8/10/99
8/1/99 15:30SeattleWAUSACigar7 minutesWe witnessed a large peach-colored cigar-shaped object move at a high rate of speed in a southerly direction.8/10/99
8/1/99 15:00ClevelandNYUSACigar30 secondsIt looked like a very bright shiney metel, silver color like aluminum foil color. It had a grey colored stripe in the very center and i1/22/00
8/1/99 13:00TucsonAZUSASphere15 minSaw a large silver object while pumping gas. Purchased a camara at the am/pm store and took a roll of film. While filming, saw severa12/16/99
8/1/99 13:00San JoseCAUSADisk5 minutesshiny metallic saucer shaped.6/12/08
8/1/99 12:00South PointOHUSAEgg5 minutesbright egg shaped craft11/2/99
8/1/99 03:45Rocky Mount (4mi s.e. of)VAUSADisk2 mina giant craft well over 100' in diameter slightly tilted down toward its direction of travel aproximately 1 mile or so directly east of8/5/01
8/1/99 03:39Pickering (Canada)ONCanadaOther2 secondsDriving home on earily Aug 1,99 north of Pickering Ontario in a rural area I observed a flash of light (white) almost like a big star. 12/2/00