National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 07/1999


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
7/31/99 22:30Salt Lake CityUTUSADisk2 minuet10:30 pm. stepped out side for a break from work, saw two orange lights in the night sky. first thought was they were just 8/10/99
7/31/99 21:50Cortez (4 miles northeast of)COUSALight2 minutesStar-like light traveling at high speed from Northwest to Southeast. It became larger and flared,then back to former size. Disappeared 9/19/02
7/31/99 07:05Miami BeachFLUSAOval15 minutes3 grey object, ovale shape, pulsating12/20/00
7/30/99 22:30Ballard (Seattle)WAUSALight4 minsAn object was seen near the Orion's belt and traveled in a southwesterly direction turning bright green and then faided out.8/10/99
7/30/99 14:00Kankakee/Dwight (between; rural)ILUSAChevron30 secondsMultiple small aircraft flying in formation, but one is tumbling without losing ground to others.6/4/14
7/29/99 02:15RedmondWAUSACircle30 min.The object moved slowly and flashed 5 colors. I watched it for 30 minutes before going to bed.8/10/99
7/29/99HighPointNCUSACylinder5 minutesoccupants of these craft have the ability too pose as a low storm cloud too!12/19/03
7/28/99 23:30BellinghamWAUSALight5 secondsi was driving with my friend, we saw a brilliant shiny white ball, it zoomed irregularly accros and down the sky, it was faster than an8/10/99
7/28/99 23:30DolgevilleNYUSATriangle3 secondsMe and my girlfriend were getting out of the car and we started looking at the stars because the sky was realy clear. As we were doing3/16/00
7/28/99 22:50Twin FallsIDUSAFireball3-4secgreen fire ball larger than full moon tail 6-7 times longer than fireball going due north at time of spoting arched doun, because of c8/10/99
7/28/99 22:00Ponca CityOKUSATriangle10 minsnight sighting of large triangle object2/14/10
7/28/99 22:00Burks Falls (Canada)ONCanadaCirclewhite circular light got brighter, dimmed, disapeared, re-apeared, then disapeared again12/2/00
7/28/99 21:33BremertonWAUSACircle4.5minmoon was about 25' off of the horizon object was at 5:30 location of moon .at arms length object was size of thumb nail changed color t1/11/02
7/28/99 21:30DaytonOHUSAOther2 hours +Summer of '99 Nostrodamus prophecy sighting near WPAFB5/15/06
7/28/99 04:30LebanonORUSAOther30 secondsObserved a large grey illuminated dog-bone shaped object to right of moon.8/10/99
7/28/99 01:00WinlockWAUSAChanging01:35Husband saw 2 on the way home from work. We looked thre a telescope and watched the 1 move and turn corors. It was N.W. Moving S.W. The8/10/99
7/27/99 23:30Montreal (Canada)PQCanadaUnknown15-20 secat about 23:00, i was looking up the sky, up above my head, 90o, i saw a dot light like a star zigzags for about 15 to 20 seconds. the 12/2/00
7/27/99 23:00VancouverWAUSALight3-4 minssaw blue oval light. appeared to be emitting from center(lighter and brighter in the center), sped in horizontal line then vanished fr8/10/99
7/27/99 22:00The Colony/Lewisville Lake (North of Dallas)TXUSAOval30 secondsExtraordinary Event! Neighborhood witnesses oval light with large luminous contrail pass over houses 400 yds away at 150 ft!8/10/99
7/27/99 22:00RavennaOHUSADisk1MinuteHeard of sighting on WNIR FM 100.1 FM 7/27/99Witness was sprayed w/cool clear liquid.FBI takes his cloths/cleaning rags, hospital denie8/10/99
7/27/99 21:40ShorelineWAUSALight1 minuteTwo lights seen moving rapidly towards each other, they crossed paths before losing sight of them8/10/99
7/27/99 19:00Fort A.P. Hill/ Bowling GreenVAUSAOval15secondsWhile Crossing a major 4 lane High way. I watched A bright oval, cross the sky and fade away.8/10/99
7/27/99 05:10Canon CityCOUSAFlashapprox 30 sec.While enjoying my am coffee and waiting for the sunrise, I was looking toward the southwest, when suddenly near one last remaining star8/10/99
7/27/99 02:45Palm SpringsCAUSATriangle10 SecondsTriangular formation of lights moving very slowly southwards8/30/99
7/27/99 01:30MacwahocMEUSAOther45secondsjust like ship chased by 2 dozen ohio cops 5 years ago except narrower than one on tv at least 5stories high 6 lights green and orange 8/30/99
7/26/99 23:15EdgewoodWAUSAUnknown5 min.Strange object with size, movement and high rate of multiple flashing light sequences that are not seen in modern human technology11/20/02
7/26/99 23:00Monroe/SnohomishWAUSALightAll NightSo far, 50+ small star size objects moving across the night sky, appearing to be in low earth orbit.8/10/99
7/26/99 22:30ShelbyvilleTNUSAOval20 secondsSpotted a luminous blue oval-shaped object traveling in a S to N direction. Object appeared to have a red glowing ring surrounded by a8/10/99
7/26/99 22:00Chicago (southwest side)ILUSADisk30 secondsSlow moving, then rapid moving to out of view disc shapes object in night sky9/19/02
7/26/99 22:00SpokaneWAUSAFlashmultiple timesMultiple lights on sequencial nights8/10/99
7/26/99 21:30VestalNYUSALight1 minuteLight flies over observatory immediatly after MIR.8/10/99
7/26/99 21:00Leeds (outside Birmingham)ALUSASphere5 secondslooked like a ball of white light (pulsating light to dark) in the northern sky moving from East to West, probably about 1.5 miles dis8/10/99
7/26/99 16:00PortlandORUSAChangingabout 10 min.Big black object that came apart and molded back together.9/17/00
7/26/99 15:00Surrey (Canada)BCCanadaSphere2.5 minutesSphere passess over apears then disapears5/4/04
7/26/99Kocaeli (Turkey)TurkeyDiskwhen i was military base near the sea (100meter) far from base 2 object suddenly fly up no motor sound no light but arrive the sea open7/26/02
7/25/99 22:30Verhalen (between Balmorea & PecosTXUSADiamond35 secondsHigh speed low altitude pass from east to west at approx. 500 ft high.after passing to the left made 45 degree right turn and vanished.10/2/99
7/25/99 22:30CincinnatiOHUSAFlash10minI stepped outside because I heard a noise. It turned out to be nothing. As I was heading back inside to go to bed, I heard a plane ove8/10/99
7/25/99 22:00Colorado SpringsCOUSALight15 minutesHeading South into the city saw 4 huge bright orangeish lights forming curved line. Had never seen them before. Was somewhere above cen8/10/99
7/25/99 20:40Moses LakeWAUSASphere2-5 minutesSmall distant luminescent sphere, looking somewhat like a star but much larger and during mostly daylight.8/10/99
7/25/99 20:30SandyUTUSATriangleAbout 1 1/2 minutesA triangular black object with four lights on it flew about 50-100 feet above my home.8/5/01
7/25/99 20:00Caicara (Venezuela)VenezuelaCircle15 MinutesWe watched the craft and an alien for 15 minutes.8/5/01
7/25/99 20:00Rocky Mount (Plain Dealing)LAUSATriangle30-45 secondsWhile swimming in pool I looked up and noticed what looked like a bird just hoovering, it suddenly moved backwards about 2 lengths and 8/10/99
7/25/99 19:00SenecaKSUSAEgg6to8minslowly moved then speed up horizonaly rapidly, then darted verticly8/10/99
7/25/99 15:00ManitowocWIUSACircle1 minI was siiting on my porch and i saw two perfectly round orbs.8/16/02
7/25/99 11:35Walworth County (eastern part)WIUSAOval1 minuteLight grey flattened ball, about the size of a muskmelon, with no propellors, fins, wings, lights, markings, holes, depressions, dents,11/20/02
7/25/99 05:00Oklahoma City (Tinker AFB)OKUSAOther7secondsA falling type streak that went down, up, down and back up leaving a trail with a flash before it disappeared.8/10/99
7/25/99 03:55JacksonvilleFLUSALight5 minutesunusual light8/10/99
7/25/99 02:30London (Canada)ONCanadaFlash45 secLooking out of a back window, I noticed a large, extremely bright, white light cross the northern sky.12/2/00
7/25/99 02:30Boca RatonFLUSADisk5hrsAfter seeing a star pulsing colors me and my 8 year old son shot some pretty good 35mm stills through a 270mm lens with 800 speed color1/7/00
7/24/99 22:20AshlandORUSALight1-2 minutesA light drifted from west to east, roughly following the Rogue Valley corridor.8/10/99
7/24/99 22:00Den Helder/Texel (Netherlands)NetherlandsOther10 minuts1.Fireballs 2. A light bigger and brighter as a star, travelling from east to west, very fast. It stood still twice, and at the end it 1/22/00
7/24/99 21:30HaleMOUSACircleMe and myfriend were jumping on the trampoline and we saw this really bright circular object move real slow across the sky then it zoom8/10/99
7/24/99 19:50Alamosa (east of, on Hwy 160)COUSADisk~1 hourMy friend and me were coming down the mountain into the valley when I spotted it in the clouds just sitting there as clouds went by it.8/5/01
7/24/99 19:00South Shields (UK/England)United KingdomFireball5-10 minutesUnnoticed fireball travelling towards ground then dissapears behind building never to be seen or mentioned9/2/05
7/24/99 19:00PhiladelphiaPAUSAFlash1minDriving south and watching out the window three people in the car but I was watching the sunset all of a sudden I yeld there it is! The8/10/99
7/24/99 03:15Edmonton (Canada)ABCanadaTriangle2MINUTESI was having my morning coffee and loooking at the sky for a satellite that passes by every night around that time when i noticed the s12/2/00
7/24/99 00:25GarlandTXUSAChanging15 to 20 secondsI feel a little silly about this but I was standing on my back patio when what i thought was a plane flew from SW to NE no sound and ch8/10/99
7/24/99 00:12Lancaster CountyPAUSARectangle20 mins approx.Large rectangular craft on the ground with windows and antenna. approx 50 yards long by 25 yards wide.8/10/99
7/23/99 23:45CoalingaCAUSATriangle2 minutesinterstate 5 ufo8/27/09
7/23/99 23:40WoodbineIAUSAUnknown4 minutestwo groups of lights two flashing one just on both groups mirroring the other9/6/02
7/23/99 23:12Huntingdon ValleyPAUSADisk60-90secDERBY SHAPED CRAFT TRAVEL WEST-EAST.8/10/99
7/23/99 23:00Cedar City/St. George (between)UTUSAOther5-10 min.Unknown object seen in sky, with lighted tail. Changed directions and altitude,rapidly. Had appx 30 meter tail that looked like "spark1/11/02
7/23/99 23:00Van HornTXUSADisk5 minI am a truck driver I was traveling west bound on I 10 through the town of van Horn a appox 11:00PM Friday the 23rd. I was listening t8/10/99
7/23/99 22:30MariettaOHUSACigar30-45 sec.2 craft appeared from the west chasing one another acrost the sky before they took off down the ohio riverand out of site8/30/99
7/23/99 22:30ModenaNYUSACigarApprox 5 min.Saw and video taped strange objects over my house.12/23/02
7/23/99 20:27Tracy/Patterson (Between)CAUSAUnknown6min.We saw 2 different objects. One looked cyl. in shape the other was a bright light. We have a video of the objects. We were driving on t8/10/99
7/23/99 19:50South ChinaMEUSAOther5 minsA self luminous eliptical object was seen to be descending towards the horizon.9/12/99
7/23/99 05:30Trona (near, SR-395)CAUSAOther1'30"lights appeared to be resting on desert floor,as viewed from highway.8/10/99
7/23/99 03:00ThorntonILUSALight5 mina loud sound and light entered my room3/19/02
7/23/99 02:51Mississauga (Canada)ONCanadaLight40-45 secondsBright white light moving at a fast rate of speed towards the west. Travelled for about 20 seconds, made a 90 degree turn to the north.12/2/00
7/23/99 02:00Spring GreenWIUSALight2 hourssaw a moving light in the sky8/10/99
7/23/99 01:30WheatonILUSAOther2 hoursOver the past several weeks my family and I have been seeing strage lights in the sky. The first time I saw the object I believed it wa8/30/99
7/22/99 23:59Owings MillsMDUSAUnknown10 SecondsI saw four bright white lights, one red in a pattern straight across not similar to any aircraft I've ever seen.8/10/99
7/22/99 20:00Bay Point/ PittsburgCAUSAOther20 minutesShooting Star turns into Bright red light. July22,1999. Pittsburg, California5/15/06
7/22/99 19:30West Palm BeachFLUSAChanging5 MinutesBlack object with no discernable shape appeared North of Palm Beach International Airport at 1500 - 3000 ft. for five minutes.8/10/99
7/22/99 02:50Hamilton (Canada)ONCanadaFormation15 seconds9 "V" shaped objects flew over us. Thay wern't Birds but flew in the same formation as geese.12/2/00
7/22/99 02:15Hood RiverORUSADiamond45 secondsThe critical detail would be of the shape and brilliant colors of pink and purple.8/5/01
7/22/99 02:00South Shields (UK/England)United KingdomOther1.5HhrsCorny as it may seem I believe that we are not alone, although I have never seen a ufo there is still time. Anyway enough babling, I li11/17/99
7/22/99 02:00TulsaOKUSALightsecondsMeteor w/ sparks.9/12/99
7/21/99 23:30Fort LewisWAUSACylinder3 minTraveling along a main road on Ft Lewis I noticed from the north a air craft was traveling just above ground level about a half mile aw7/25/04
7/21/99 18:00JacksonLAUSAOther5 minutesSilent black helicopter.1/6/17
7/21/99 02:00SpokaneWAUSACircle20secsilver color and it move very fast,8/10/99
7/21/99 00:00ClarksonKYUSALightmoving down slowTaking a walk and I looked over to the right and there was a round red light moving down slowly and looked as if it was on fire but was4/18/12
7/20/99 23:20Loughbrough (UK/England)United KingdomCone30 secsglowing lights humming sound spinning it could dart from place to place in a split second.beams of light8/10/99
7/20/99 23:00LargoFLUSALight10 minutesBoy gets friend to believe in UFOs with big ball of light.4/27/04
7/20/99 11:31Port Macquarie, NSW (Australia)AustraliaDiskufo sightingit was right a bove our school it was macking a huming noies it was scary8/10/99
7/20/99 03:00MinneapolisMNUSADisk2 mininvestigated light. saw object moving toward me. circular not a helicopter. Saw two occupants through "windshield". Looked human, on10/2/99
7/20/99 01:00Myrtle BeachSCUSATriangle1 mini saw three objects that where moving at very high speeds2/16/00
7/20/99 00:00TonasketWAUSA10 minutesI saw a bright flash of light that flashed quickly. It stayed in the same spot. every flash was about two minutes apart. I also heard8/10/99
7/19/99 21:30Las VegasNVUSAOval5-10min.Two round bright white ufo's were sighted on National airlines jet N7 316 Boeing 757 time 21;30 hrs just outside Las Vegas,Nevada one h8/10/99
7/19/99 21:00Dicomano (NNE pf Firenze) (Italy)ItalyDisksecondsDark objekt moving slowly from E to V. Rappid accelerat and and make 1 jump up and down.From vertical verry fast flight spinning in a s8/10/99
7/19/99 16:00Leeds (UK/England)United KingdomDisk3-4hoursWhen I was 9 I saw a UFO in the sky in 1 place for a few hours9/2/05
7/19/99 11:00Kansas City/Emporia (countryside between)KSUSA7 minutesThis is not a vehicle but a most unusual event in the sky. It is the appearance of wide, transluscent line coming out of the western 8/30/99
7/19/99 05:00DurangoCOUSAUnknown5 minsHadn't started to get light yet, I was watching the stars, and one blinked on and off several times then started to move laterally very8/10/99
7/19/99 02:30KennewickWAUSAFireball2 secondsin the north east sky - a huge GREEN meteor like event with a brilliant bronze like tail. an sudden instant after seeing the green fire8/10/99
7/19/99 02:05LincolnNEUSA3-4 secondsan unseen object passed overhead from in back and then to the front of me, it cpa'd my location to my right side and was approx 20 - 258/10/99
7/18/99 23:30Manchester (UK/England)United KingdomLight3 minutesOne large and 2 small orange disks seen in the western sky.8/10/99
7/18/99 22:30RobbinsTXUSACircle15or20minOn a clear night in Texas,while packing the truck 5 orange balls of light floatedand shot of in many differant ways.6/21/00
7/18/99 22:30HoustonTXUSACircle1 secBright sphere of light, 30 degrees above western horizon traveling at extreme velocity from SW to W, much too large to be a meteorite8/10/99
7/18/99 22:30Pound RidgeNYUSASphere5 minutsI saw a sphere flying north east. It was going fast then slowed down. blinked twice and let off a smaller sphere.8/10/99
7/18/99 22:00BlytheCAUSALightA strange light, hovering in the sky that didnt make any noise and then vanished.8/28/03
7/18/99 22:00ClaremontCAUSATriangle7-8 secondsObject was V-shaped with 7 round lights visible. The lights were dull, not bright. It was traveling southeast to northwest. Possibly a 8/10/99
7/18/99 21:10La Grande (Union County Airport)ORUSAChanging5 minutesBright light traveled from North to South, decended as if to land, approached landing strip--disappeared.8/10/99
7/18/99 16:00YorkPAUSADisk1 minute appoxConvex disk with cylindrical top aroudn the penn state york campus12/16/05
7/18/99 11:45Chino HillsCAUSAFlashnorth easti walk out on my dads deck and then my little brother and i pointed out an object to him that was flashinng quickly and then it disapea1/11/02
7/18/99 04:15East SpringfieldPAUSACircleabout 15-20 secondsseen round orange/red object heading in northwesterly direction11/20/02
7/18/99 04:10EscondidoCAUSAFireball5 minutesA large circular orange light which moved to the north, then south, north again the up until it dissapeared.8/10/99
7/18/99 02:00JacksonvilleFLUSAFlash20 mins.Observed an object strobing red, wht, & blu at altitude & distance, stationary for apx. 20 mins.8/10/99
7/18/99 01:00MaltaNYUSALight2 secondsfast moving white light8/10/99
7/18/99 01:00Columbus (north of, at the 160mile post)OHUSA3sechigh speed vehicles traveling north by northwest, spanning the horizon in seconds.8/10/99
7/18/99 00:00Atlantic OceanNJUSAUnknown10:00Object seen SSE of Corson State Park, approx 24:00 hrs., going n.e. firery obj billowing puffing billowing sm10/12/01
7/17/99 23:20Maitland (NSW, Australia)AustraliaLight1.5 minsMoving lhazy bright light, sped up, split into 2 then both vanished.7/26/02
7/17/99 23:00Parma (Italy)ItalyTriangle5 secA triangle form U.F.O. with lights diveded himself into 3 perfect triangles and then disappeared.6/20/05
7/17/99 23:00SanduskyOHUSASphere30 min/ morePolice officers and one other person, see green/blue orb over Sandusky shoeline, 4 people see the same object.2/5/03
7/17/99 22:30HattonWAUSASphere30secondsOn this date I was driving,(I am a Trucker) north on U.S. 395 between Pasco and Ritzville Wa at about 10:30 pm when I saw an orange bal8/10/99
7/17/99 22:00SewellNJUSATriangle2 mintriangle, 3 white lights on corners, one red light in center2/23/00
7/17/99 22:00SewellNJUSATriangle15 secondsSaw a craft with 4 lights, flying over my house, making a low humming sound.8/10/99
7/17/99 13:15Lemon CoveCAUSADisk5 min.My husband and I were driving by Lake Kaweah close to the main marina when I looked out the truck window and observed a disk shaped obj8/10/99
7/17/99 00:00North Bowers BeachDEUSAUnknown20 MinA bright light the shot up in the sky and dissipeared for 3-5 min then came down about 20-30 miles away and made a cloud on the way up 8/10/99
7/16/99 23:50Bayfield (Lake Superior's Apostle Islands)WIUSASphere1 hourBright red non-flashing point-source of light, with 6 rapid flashing lghts.8/10/99
7/16/99 22:00StraughnINUSALight3 SecondsWe was looking at the night sky & watching Aircraft fly over,so I had a good perportion of the speed & size of the aircraft. I then not8/10/99
7/16/99 21:00TemeculaCAUSATriangle1mindriving along spotted a strange looking triangular object with lights it moved slowly through the sky.8/10/99
7/16/99 20:50Charlottetown (Canada)PECanadaDiskSilent aircraft hoovers near hospital8/28/03
7/16/99 20:30AcworthGAUSATriangle5-10 minsMe and my brother were taking the garbage out to the pile one night. We were standing in the yard just talking when we saw what looked 10/12/01
7/16/99 20:00BouseAZUSAOtherGoing West to East by constellation Taurus. Saw a colored line moving very slowly. colors were red,orange and yellow all at once no fl8/10/99
7/16/99 14:30HighlandCAUSARectangle10 secDaytime observation of a very large rectangular object with rounded ends. Silver in the middle with white ends. No observable thickness8/10/99
7/16/99 00:00BirminghamALUSASphere10 minsThe object was seen over my house it was silverish gray and seem to just hover in place for 10 mins.9/4/03
7/15/99 23:30Southern Utah (mouth of Muddy Creek)UTUSAFireball1 minute4 people witness a green flare-like "shooting star" that sends chills to this day as to its origins.....1/7/00
7/15/99 23:00CarmelINUSATriangle15-20 minFamily sees triangular shaped ufo8/16/02
7/15/99 22:15HoustonTXUSASphere30 secondsExtremely bright spherical object about 40 degrees above the east-northeast horizon, about the size of a dime in the night sky. Extrem8/10/99
7/15/99 22:15Mallets Bay (in Colchester, Rte. 127)VTUSATeardropApprox.1 to 2 secondsleft Broad ACRES AT APPROX. 22:15 DRIVING NORTHEAST,PASSENGER SPOTTED OBJECT FIRST.IT WAS OVER LAKE TRAVELING SW to NE IN A DOWNWARD AR8/5/01
7/15/99 22:00Gull Lake (Canada)ABCanadaLight2-3 minutesBright light in night sky over Gull Lake. AB5/24/05
7/15/99 22:00La FargeWIUSAFireball5 minutesI was in the school parking lot when I looked up to a hill across the street and saw a orange glow.9/12/99
7/15/99 21:55IndependenceMOUSALight5 secondsI was standing on the front lawn about 9:55 PM central time when a bright light caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. I turn8/10/99
7/15/99 21:50CharlotteNCUSAChanging4 minutesGlowing object blue and white4/15/00
7/15/99 21:00San JoseCAUSAFireball15 secondsI seen a green object possibly a comet streek across the sky leaving behind in a summer night8/12/01
7/15/99 20:15Cherokee PassMOUSAOther20 minutesSummer 1999, around 7pm, driving in truck with family.. Observed craft on left hand side of the highway about half a mile away, lo1/7/15
7/15/99 19:00OxfordMEUSADisk10 minutesA Disk shape object spinning slowly with lights around it. Hoovering over some trees...2/1/07
7/15/99 17:05West BendWIUSAEggeveningit is true they do exsised.6/20/05
7/15/99 16:00AtlantaGAUSASphere5 secondsTwo silver and bronze metallic spheres were witnessed from aircraft approaching Atlanta airport3/21/03
7/15/99 15:00Boulder (North Boulder)COUSAOval10-15 mins.My Girl-Friend and I noticed something strange in the sky above Boulder, Oval in shape and I have a Video Tape of it.. Interested??11/17/99
7/15/99 10:30Ste-Martine (Canada)QCCanadaSphere8 secweird bleu cercle8/24/04
7/15/99 04:15Paddock Lake (rural area, approx. 4mi. north)WIUSADisk2-3 minutesI was going S/B on Hwy 75 on my cycle when I saw a dull orange glow at approx. 30 degrees up directly ahead of me over the road. As I a8/10/99
7/15/99 03:30OntarioNYUSASpherecontinuousWe were sitting out on my deck visiting about old times (NO alchohol or drugs involved) and noticed an object in the Northeast sky at a8/10/99
7/15/99 03:00ReedsvilleWVUSAUnknown5 min.We got beam with a brilliant light from the sky.2/22/05
7/15/99 02:00SomervilleTXUSAOther30:00Bright Globe Circles House11/26/03
7/15/99 02:00NapervilleILUSALightbout 30 minThe object had a bunch of lights on it when all of a sudden they all went out but 1 light and flew off into space.2/22/02
7/15/99 01:00MosierORUSALight20 SecondsBlue/White Light Gives Calm Feeling In Mosier, Oregon11/21/10
7/15/99 01:00GuernevilleCAUSAFormation5 mins.Woke up at 1am, went out onto deck outside bedroom and looked up at the sky through the trees. Saw 50 or more craft, flying West toward8/10/99
7/15/99NorwayNorwayUnknownOutside my cabin in the forest, I was surronded by a "lightwind" as I must call it.6/23/04
7/14/99 23:50Cleveland (Newton, Silver Creek)WIUSAFireballa few secondsBright Fireball in the northwestern part of the sky9/19/02
7/14/99 23:30Lt Kingshill Highwycombe (UK/England)United KingdomLight10 secsGreen Light seen to pass east to west looking south , no sound heard.7/14/99
7/14/99 23:00Deer ParkNYUSADisk5 minswe saw a craft as we were driving down the road.8/10/99
7/14/99 22:23Monument ValleyUTUSAFlash7 secondsA flash of neon green light "opened up" and remained opened for 5-6 seconds. It made no sound, and two seconds later, we heard a plan8/30/99
7/14/99 17:00BlyvilleARUSAOther20 minutesUneven wing span - no noise , until directly above- seemed to be attracted to us4/27/07
7/14/99 14:00Grand RapidsMIUSALight5 minutesBright white orb.9/10/14
7/14/99 04:53Rochester HillsMIUSALight30 secondslight as bright as Venus traveled from west to east,no sound,no aircraft lights even through binaculars.7/14/99
7/14/99 04:30Otter Lake (Canada)PQCanadaDisk05:00While I with girlfriend and her two children, a boy and girl aged 6 and 7 years, were camping at an abondoned old lumbercamp about a fo2/11/03
7/14/99 04:00WeidmanMIUSALight5 minutes3 lights seen in formation.7/14/99
7/14/99 01:35SpringfieldMAUSALight2-3 min.2 bright white strobes. 1 behind other. medium/low alt. slow/medium speed. 10 deg. down from zenith. curved course NW to NE. totally si7/14/99
7/13/99 22:50MissoulaMTUSACigar3 minutesComing home late from a soccer match, I saw the objects moving from behind a local mountain towards the south end of town. They moved s8/10/99
7/13/99 22:45Fort Qu'Appelle (Canada)SACanadaOther2 minutes approxStarlike objects rotate around each other & then speed away in opposite directions in an erractic flight path at varying speeds.2/18/01
7/13/99 19:30New RochelleNYUSACircle7 secondsIt was about 7:30pm and I was observing the fishermen and planes land at a nearby airport.7/14/99
7/13/99 18:00TacomaWAUSACigar5 minSilvery craft looking like a Boeing 777 shape sized craft w/no discernable wings or tail (except a small vertical stabiler, looked like7/14/99
7/13/99 12:30Morton GroveILUSAFireball3 sec.I to saw what looked like a comet at about 12:30 PM. I was out on the drive way with a friend large comet with a long tail. It was very7/23/00
7/13/99 07:45New RoadsLAUSATriangle20 secondsTranslucent watery appearance with waves like heat waves.7/14/99
7/13/99 03:15LivingstonILUSASphere2 minWhile driving on I-55 near Livingston, Il saw bright light in sky, much larger than the stars8/10/99
7/12/99 23:30ReynoldsburgOHUSASphere45 minI was looking out my 3rd floor window and looked to the north west , toward the airport and saw bright lights floating just above the t7/14/99
7/12/99 23:17Chautaqua RoadNYUSAEgg7 minsme and my friend (who was driving) were traveling up chautaqua road when we noticed a light just ahead in the sky and very low. It was7/14/99
7/12/99 23:00Elko/Carlin (Between; near the Independence Mts.)NVUSAOther15-20 minWhile driving between Elko and Carlin, NV, I observed a large craft(?) It was mis-shapened, but came to a point in the front(?) It was 5/11/00
7/12/99 22:15Lake Oswego (Portland)ORUSALight20 mins.My boyfriend and I saw 3 peach colored lights (spheres) hovering for about 20 minutes over the south sky.7/14/99
7/12/99 22:10ChicoCAUSALight1.5 to 2 MinutesA bright, steady light traversed the sky over my area from SSW to ENE. It appeared to be at great altitude be cause the light seemed to8/10/99
7/12/99 10:15ArlingtonTXUSAUnknown15 minutesOne vehicle stopped and changed directions. The other vehicle approached and they circled each other. Then one left heading south and7/14/99
7/12/99 08:00Carmarthen (Wales)United KingdomFlash10-20 secsChrome like object seen moving in the smoke trail left behind after an aeroplane7/14/99
7/12/99 01:10Santa Cruz (@ 3200Ft Near Bonnie Doon Airport)CAUSACircle5+mins.Writer 47 Yrs old located at W.End Henry Cowell Rewdood State Park at my Private Residence 3200 Ft. off the Pacific Coast Santa Cruz, C8/30/99
7/11/99 23:40NicholasvilleKYUSAUnknown50secBright lights7/14/99
7/11/99 23:20NicholasvilleKYUSATriangle45secSeen I triangle going from west to east7/14/99
7/11/99 23:00GrandviewWAUSAFlash00:30Strobing lights moving in irregular pattern @ 40 degrees above horizon 2 came together and then separated light intensity would change7/14/99
7/11/99 22:00ManassasVAUSASphere10:00i witnessed a bright spherical object that hovered at a low alt. and moved very slowly. the object dissapeared and reapearred a moment 7/14/99
7/11/99 18:30SayrevilleNJUSAOval2-3 minsI saw a glowing orange oval shaped craft hovering in the southern sky.8/10/99
7/11/99 17:30Baileys Cross Roads (just outside Wash DC)VAUSAOval15 minssighting of 4 oval objects that did not look like balloons or aircraft8/10/99
7/11/99 01:00Likasi (Congo)CongoDisk15 minutesThe silence the huge machine and the gold shinning of the dome we felt also strange during the passage4/27/03
7/10/99 23:17Revelstoke (Canada)BCCanadaDiamondWatching Meteor Shower, a large sliver/white dimond was in the NW position, watched for about 7-10 min and then gone.Venus does not do 12/2/00
7/10/99 22:45NewbergORUSACircle40 minBright red object, moved alittle than stayed stationary until it fizzled out. Was it Baloon with flare? Red Sun? Meteorite coming towar7/14/99
7/10/99 22:36Haworth ((UK/England)United KingdomOther20 secondsa boumarang shaped craft that shocked three campers3/4/03
7/10/99 22:30SeattleWAUSALight3 mins.Blue light rise maybe 20-40 miles away. Blue light for 3 seconds then small light maybe red/white (dim). object accelerated to altitude7/14/99
7/10/99 22:30DousmanWIUSASpherecurrentBright spheric shaped object observed in the southwest sky moving erratically, it was very bright and observed for more than 30 minut7/14/99
7/10/99 22:00Green Acres/Coos Bay (HWY 42)ORUSAFireball1 or 2 minutesI went outside to call my cat approximately between 10 or 10:30 at night, and looking up at the stars as I often do a fireball colored 7/14/99
7/10/99 18:00PortlandORUSACigar5 minutesCigar shaped object, reflective silver/white in color seen moving silently through the sky.8/10/99
7/10/99 17:10TucsonAZUSAEgg20 minutesobject traveled at treetop level west untill it was due south of our home. It then sank below the tree line. About 10 minutes later it 7/14/99
7/10/99 15:00San DiegoCAUSASphere15-20 minsSpherical craft hovered over baseball stadium, made series of rapid manuevers, then flew away extremely fast. Rotating disc appeared, a7/14/99
7/10/99 07:20OmahaNEUSATeardrop10-15minHovering teardrop type shape with vertical "smokestack" coming out of top, Driving west on I-80, witnessed it dissapear.7/14/99
7/10/99 00:55ColumbusOHUSALight25 minutesA light in the sky was seen moving slowly through the sky. After moving to the north, the light started to fade, moving away from us to7/14/99
7/10/99 00:55VancouverWAUSACircle4 minVery slow moving on southward heading orange pulsating light. Same size orange glow was dropped? and left trail when falling then vani7/14/99
7/9/99 23:30SeabeckWAUSAOther2 hoursIt was a nice, clear night and we were star gazing from 2330 to 0200. We saw some very unusual flashes of light and in one case, a obje7/14/99
7/9/99 23:00Cascade (7 miles NW city of)IDUSALight10 seconds"Star" brightend in shy, then slowly faded away to invisible8/10/99
7/9/99 22:45Woodburn (7 miles east of)ORUSAFireball2 secondsred glowing object, white at center, just above horizon to the North. Did not appear to move. Disappeared from view.8/5/01
7/9/99 22:35McKenzie Lake (Canada)ONCanadaCircle1 min.Two bright slow flashing red lights over heavy woodland clearly visible from across the 1/2 mile lake. The two objects were completely 12/2/00
7/9/99 22:15SpringTXUSALight10minThought I saw a shooting star but it just kept going. Vary slow and direct, changed direction vary sharpley. Another craft crosed it's7/14/99
7/9/99 21:40Stone MountainGAUSALight5minBlue round object appeared on the southwest side of Stone Mountain,GA then proceeded north, then proceeded west and gained speed and al8/10/99
7/9/99 20:35SeattleWAUSALight10-14 secondsA bright light about the sized of a dime appeared, high in the NE sky. It lasted for about 5 seconds, then dropped immediately to abou7/14/99
7/9/99 20:00TrinidadCOUSAFireball2 secondsAt first thought it was meteor but there was heavy cloud cover behind the path. It formed an arc from what looked like NE to SW of Tri7/14/99
7/9/99 18:04Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaCross20 sObject appeared to be very bright, very large and very distant.12/2/00
7/9/99 15:00MentorOHUSASphere2 min.Saw sphere over treetops ,thought it was moon ,change colors, spin and split into two spheres10/2/99
7/8/99 22:35Colonial HeightsVAUSALight10 sec.a round light started glowing as if there was a fog or cloud in front of it then it got brighter moved slowly to the the right stoppin9/19/02
7/8/99 22:30LedyardCTUSALight30 secondssolid light traveling horizontally across horizon which grew very bright and disappeared.8/10/99
7/8/99 22:30HealdsburgCAUSALight3 minutesBright light orange tint hovered stationary over academy on Russian River then abruptly moved perhaps a few hundred yards and again rem8/10/99
7/8/99 22:21Salem (NW part of town)ORUSAChanging8hrsAt first sight looked like star but kept moving almost in triangle upward motion. Colors kept changing as it moved upward. Am not sur8/10/99
7/8/99 22:00SheridanINUSATriangle10 minutesThe object was 20 feet above us in the shape of a triangle with red, white, and blue lights on the tips of it.9/17/00
7/8/99 21:45PottstownPAUSASphere1 minutewe saw 2 orange spheres appear high over the Pottstown area from our location to the south on a hill in Berks County. Spheres just appe7/14/99
7/8/99 13:15Crown PointINUSAOther2 minutesMy son and I witnessed what looked like a jet fly over our house, except that the arrow-like shape of it does not look like anything we7/14/99
7/8/99 10:25Plymouth (1/2 mile north east of)WIUSACirclea few minMy 13 year old son and I saw an aircraft flying with two black circles buzzing it.2/24/01
7/7/99 23:39Grissom AFB (approx. 20 south of)INUSAEgg10 min in my sightas (craft) ? travelled S. it's narrow end was forward, it was a shinny metallic in tone.10/12/01
7/7/99 23:15Des MoinesIAUSALight15 secondsWhat looked like a star was moving to the north for a duration of 15 seconds before being blocked out by some high clouds.7/14/99
7/7/99 23:05JeromesvilleOHUSAFlash10-15 secswhile stargazing on a moonless night in a rural area both myself and father-in-law observed an intense white-light almost blinding. Aft7/14/99
7/7/99 23:00Bald Eagle LakeMNUSAFireball5 secondsGlowing green orb or fireball hovers across Bald Eagle Lake, MN in 1999.3/16/12
7/7/99 21:30TampaFLUSAFireball46minI have a video tape, I was taping lightning and played it back and saw alot of unusual fireballs and things such as that.7/14/99
7/7/99 21:30Delta (Canada)BCCanadaDiamond30 minutesHuge, dazzling diamond-like craft splits into two and 'dances' just over my head!3/24/16
7/7/99 21:00CharlotteNCUSAChanging3 minutesSilent hovering glowing object8/30/99
7/7/99 16:30SeattleWAUSALight20 minutesStar Wars blows up incoming.1/10/14
7/7/99 12:30Woods HoleMAUSADisk?A flying disk pictures over Nobska Point Light8/10/99
7/7/99 11:23LisbonOHUSALight20 minutesMy mother called me out of the house to see a small light moving across the sky. I later saw another such object and my mother told me8/10/99
7/7/99 10:00Replot Bridge (Finland)FinlandRectangleI have a WebCam program that shows images from around the world and I look at different sites everyday. I saved this image of the Repl8/10/99
7/7/99 04:15LoomisCAUSALight20 secondsRapidly moving, hazy lighted object, moving across sky from west to east.7/14/99
7/7/99 03:52Barrington HillsILUSAUnknown8 sec.pinpoint of light moving SSE, became brilliant with a flash, picked up speed and disappeared. Very high altitude. Clear starry night.7/14/99
7/7/99 03:00San JoseCAUSAUnknown1 SecGrays up in my FACE!12/12/09
7/7/99 02:30North HamptonNHUSA2.00 minsI was awake with my eyes closed, beam came thru my window & I opened my eyes7/14/99
7/6/99 22:50KaukaunaWIUSATriangle10 secondsA silent, triangular shaped object with a faint reddish light in each of its 3 corners flew directly over me.7/14/99
7/6/99 22:40PascoWAUSAFlash2-3minAt about 10:40pm I was walking home from work and saw a bright fast moving satelite moving from the south to the north. It was travelin7/14/99
7/6/99 22:30Stokes CountyNCUSAChevron2-3 minutesObserved object moving rapidly across the sky. Very bright lights, I could easily see a distinct > shape.7/14/99
7/6/99 22:00Omaha (~ 60 mi. NW of)NEUSATriangle5 minutesTriangular object observed4/13/10
7/6/99 20:30NewtonIAUSASphereless than minuteLarge light in southwest sky4/27/04
7/6/99 15:00St.Catharine's (Canada)ONCanadaCigarA few secondsHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Silver-Bullet Shaped Object.5/4/04
7/6/99 14:30YakimaWAUSASphere10-12 min.We watched a round , silver or white object hoovering between Yakima and Ellensburg Wa. It was hard to see with the naked eye so I got 8/10/99
7/6/99 14:23TacomaWAUSACigar4 minutesdriving, saw cigar craft. Moving slowly. Began to fall--started wobbling. Corrected self. Flew off.7/14/99
7/6/99 11:15Rochester (3 miles east of, Hwy 12 W)WAUSAEgg10 secsI was driving east on hwy 12, there were a few light clouds in the sky, I saw an ovoid shaped object at about 5-7000 ft. If I extended8/30/99
7/6/99 00:00CranstonRIUSAEgg10 secondsA silvery egg-shaped craft is seen over a highway.4/8/02
7/5/99 23:00East HoquiamWAUSAUnknown10 minutesI and my girlfriend saw very bright white light appear,hover,disappear quickly without sound.Few minutes later same thing happened,same7/14/99
7/5/99 23:00Leicester (UK/England)United KingdomSphere5 MINUITESits the bestest sighting i've seen yet9/1/04
7/5/99 21:30San Antonio, Ibiza (Spain)SpainTeardropstill thereMy sister has just called from the island & says there are a lot of people looking at the sky. its bright & moving slowly in an irregul7/14/99
7/5/99 15:00ChicagoILUSACigar5-10 minutesFor 5 to 10 minutes two witnesses observe a stationary cigar shaped object not consitant with the shape of a blimp while driving down I8/30/99
7/5/99 01:00PeabelsOHUSA30 minitsAt a family gathering We were star gazing .we saw a star start to move .ITwas bright white and very high .we thaught it was a secrit pl1/7/00
7/5/99 00:30AnnapolisMDUSAFireball1min + 1mina fire ball or all thick tail of white or light yellow falling northwest for one minute and 3 minutes later went back up for 1 minute L7/14/99
7/5/99 00:15Virginia BeachVAUSALight20 minIt looked like a thick glowing trail of an airplane. It took hard right angle turns. It was enormous and miles high in the sky.7/14/99
7/5/99 00:15State CollegePAUSAOther5 minVery large dark cicular object with quad vabor trails with a pale blue tinge in coloring on the vapor trail.4/1/00
7/5/99 00:07Knotts IslandNCUSAUnknown@ 30 min.6 of us were in a boat in the dark and looking at the stars, we noticed what appeared to be like a vapor trail that was way up in the s7/14/99
7/5/99 00:05MorgantownPAUSAChanging30 minutesStrange gaseous lights almost like the video I've seen of the Aurora Borealis, only I'm in Pennsylvania and it occurred in the southern7/5/99
7/4/99 23:59WachapreagueVAUSACigar10 minutesOrange cigar shaped light about one thousand feet in the sky. Disappeared and then came returned about five minutes later.7/14/99
7/4/99 23:45Lovingston (East of)VAUSAUnknown20Between 23:30 and 24:00 a vapor trail11/20/02
7/4/99 23:30Fort BidwellCAUSALight10 MinutesWitnessed two light sorces while camping7/14/99
7/4/99 23:00HumboldtIAUSALight20-30 secoundsSaw an object (about the size of star) traveling very fast high in the sky. It then shot straight up out of sight.7/14/99
7/4/99 23:00Mount PleasantSCUSACigar10 secHazy orange glow moving perpendicular to long cigar-shaped axis. Moved rapidly across sky.7/14/99
7/4/99 22:00Pauls ValleyOKUSASphere1 to 2 min.Possible satellites in a formation?11/21/10
7/4/99 22:00MillstadtILUSA5 secondsBlue Hovering Light3/8/07
7/4/99 21:50Little RockARUSALight1 minA red light (not blinking, a saucer-like object, flying toward the fireworks of the 4th of July (infact we thought at first it was a fi8/10/99
7/4/99 21:30LackawannaNYUSAOther5 min3 different objects. one flash of red light bouncing across sky. one triangular shape spinning then jumped in a right angle. one wa 29/28/02
7/4/99 21:30DillardGAUSAFlashless than a secondAn extremely fast flash of light moving from southwest to northeast. Than approximately 20 minutes later the flash reoccured moving no11/17/99
7/4/99 21:30LackawannaNYUSADiamond30 MinutesDiamond shaped object of red tint hovered then moved in a north to south direction.11/2/99
7/4/99 21:30NorthportALUSALight:45object observed in rural setting; one very bright rounded light with sharp crisp rays (one observer did not see rays); through binnocul7/14/99
7/4/99 21:00Culver CityCAUSAOtherongoingStar like objects moving irregularly8/5/01
7/4/99 21:00Pine RidgeSDUSALight15-20 secssteady light yellow orangish light moving from southwest to middle of the night sky turning sharp and headed due north.3/6/01
7/4/99 21:00ArcadiaCAUSA5-8 minutesBright red light in sky. Hovered, soundless, in same position. Ruled out it was a helicopter, or blimp due to lack of sound. Same place8/10/99
7/4/99 15:30SacramentoCAUSAOther8 minutesI seen something floating down from the sky i though it was a big piece of plastic it was white and wobbling i lost it when it fell bel7/5/99
7/4/99 11:00FremontOHUSACircle4 th of julya red oblect that moved fast that changed coler.2/14/06
7/4/99Johnson CityTNUSAthis is getting odd.9/13/02
7/3/99 21:45Medicine Bow National Mountains, Medicine Bow National ForesWYUSAFlash3 minutesWhat I thought was a satellite passing overhead burst into a flash of purple light. (See full description.)9/12/99
7/3/99 21:20AlamosaCOUSALight1 minuteObject like a star moving at a rapid rate from the south east. Pin of white light stopped directly overhead, suddenly expanded blue.7/14/99
7/3/99 20:00Laughlin (into Bullhead City, AZ)AZUSALight20:30Two objects with extreme light couldnot make out if round or what. They were as if 10 & 12 oclock stationary in the SW sky. We were 7/5/99
7/3/99 18:00Bedford/CarliseMAUSALight15-20 seconds1 object splits into 2 (white - red light)2/18/01
7/3/99 01:30AlbuquerqueNMUSAFireball streak across the sky; and two semi-trucks stopped side by side in the desert in the middle of the night on I-40 E in New Mexi8/5/01
7/2/99 23:25MeadvillePAUSALight10 secondsMoving light,decending,turned on large flood light,silent,light faded out and object pulled back and proceeded upwards very high at a s8/10/99
7/2/99 21:30GreenwoodINUSADisk3 secondsWhile watching an aircraft pass over, directly behind the tail and underneath the aircraft I witnessed a round,disk shaped object. With8/10/99
7/2/99 21:00Las VegasNVUSATriangle5 minutestriangle ships fly over vegas12/9/00
7/2/99 14:00Luna PierMIUSASphere4 minutesSaw 3 spheres came from north east direction.4/11/14
7/2/99 12:00St. PaulMNUSAOther5-10 secondsI ran across your web site and will relate my experience, I was driving to the post office with my monthly mail and this would usually 7/11/00
7/2/99 11:30TroyALUSACigar5 seconds2 White Cigar Shaped craft flew over Hwy 2316/12/02
7/2/99 00:05PlanoTXUSAUnknown35min+Second time I have seen this Light in the sky same place moves very little red and green lights very high in the sky not a star not a p8/10/99
7/1/99 23:50Viborg (Denmark)DenmarkLight1 hourSmall object. Moving fast sharp light. Close to military area in denmark.12/2/00
7/1/99 23:00GreenvilleILUSAFireball5 secGreen fireball of double ball pattern (colon configuration : with one tail) observed.8/30/99
7/1/99 23:00Green RiverWYUSAOther1 hour +Rare occurence of lights from the home of close encounters(the movie)2/16/00
7/1/99 23:00Xangrila (in Rio g Do Sul State) (Brazil)BrazilTriangle10 minutsb Before i report this sighting, i mustad some extra information , because i believe to be crucial from my experience, and sorry4/22/03
7/1/99 22:30BuffaloWYUSACylinder3 minutesSmall, clear, blinking object seen in northern Wyoming4/28/01
7/1/99 22:05SalidaCOUSACigar1 minuteShiny object heading west, 10 miles east of Salida.Planes appear to have chased it away.7/5/99
7/1/99 22:00SalidaCOUSACigar2-3 minutesLarge cylindrical object steadily crossed the sky in the light of the moon.It did NOT display FAA blinking light.7/5/99
7/1/99 22:00Coso JunctionCAUSALight2 minswas standing on the porch of a mini market/gas station where i worked..and looked up to the west for some reason and saw a bright green6/12/02
7/1/99 21:30WalthamMAUSATriangle20 minutesMassive silent and fast, July 1999 in Waltham Ma.12/16/05
7/1/99 21:20CloverSCUSALight10 minutesOn the night of the Sept.01,1999 I observed within the space of 10 minutes 2 meteorites followed by a burst of light seen in the sky (c9/12/99
7/1/99 20:00Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaEgg4 minutesEliptical orange object getting bigger and smaller8/5/01
7/1/99 19:30CharlotteNCUSAOther1 minuteNoisy, "sky train" moving slowly with suden accellaration12/20/00
7/1/99 19:00BirminghamALUSAFlash4 secondsI looked in the sky and saw a flash, but I only saw a glance of it. It was dark. But it didn't go down like a meteor,it went up and dis2/23/00
7/1/99 19:00SpokaneWAUSASphere10.00min.We were over the Spokane river and saw two large silver black sphere shaped crafts it felt as though one craft was perfectly in mathima12/2/00
7/1/99 19:00DannemoraNYUSAUnknownan hour (?)Bright orange ball moves slowly over Chazy Lake, then vanishes over trees. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes6/9/09
7/1/99 15:30Junction CityARUSALight2 minutesa bright star looking object that glowed brighter then dissapeared12/23/02
7/1/99 15:00FlorenceORUSACigar5 secondsWent on vacation in Florence Or. Driftwood II park. Bright cigar shape craft. Looked like it was going to land on the beach. This was 7/14/99
7/1/99 14:00Montreal (Canada)PQCanadaSphere1secondtwo black spheres high above.4/8/02
7/1/99 09:00ChicagoILUSADisk15 minutesIn the Summer of 99 in Chicago I witnessed a UFO up close1/19/17
7/1/99 06:00PhoenixAZUSAUnknown.5 minAn object flys from North to South, makes turn into space.1/11/02
7/1/99 00:00MorgantonNCUSADiamond30 secondsa diamond-shaped, auburn-colored craft appeared in the sky and after traveling a very short distance, emitted 2 objects from either sid12/16/99
7/1/99Sydney (NSW, Australia)AustraliaCigarin a railroadThey were flying above myself and then,i remembered nothing because of a white flash.11/9/99