National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 04/1999


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
4/30/99 14:45Findley LakeNYUSACircle5 secondsDriving my car up the on-ramp onto 17 off of 426... and while making the turn onto the highway (heading west) I saw a perfectly round 5/24/99
4/30/99 09:30CairoWVUSADiskat nightwell its has blue,red,green,yellow lights. its just sits there for hours at a time.1/11/02
4/30/99 01:30NovatoCAUSAFireball3 sec.greenish blue fire ball5/24/99
4/30/99Interstate between C. Girardeau, MO & Cairo, ILMOUSAOther10 secNight sky lit up like daylight.9/12/99
4/29/99 23:45Chicago (southwest suburbia)ILUSALightAbout 1 minutesChatting in a car and getting ready to leave, we(two of us) saw a small white light fly at a medium plane speed from the NEE sky to the9/19/02
4/28/99 20:30Santa CruzCAUSAFireball5-10 minutesRed balls of light seen over Monterey Bay in Santa Cruz, CA. Many witnesses.5/24/99
4/28/99 20:29Santa CruzCAUSAChanging2minOne large white orange to gold roundish, Looked like incoming meteor at first then slowed and did a slow complete circle up and around 5/24/99
4/28/99 18:10Melbourne (VIC, Australia)AustraliaCircle1 minWalking in the paddocks near the radio towers at night when in the distance above the mountain range I saw a large, very bright, white 5/24/99
4/27/99 21:00Casa GrandeAZUSAOther15 minWest 4 orbs observerd for appx for 15 min9/19/02
4/27/99 20:45FlagstaffAZUSATriangle20minutes+Driving North on Highway 66 and saw a 2 bright white lights. I asked my husband what it was (we drive home this way every day/night). 5/24/99
4/27/99 04:30LovelandCOUSACircle5 minutesAn orb of orange/yellow light that pulsated or dimmed then brightened period of about a second5/24/99
4/27/99 00:01AudubonNJUSASphere1 minuteWe looked up and saw something out of the ordinary. An apparent high flying airplane began to make improbable changes in direction.5/24/99
4/26/99 22:15ModelCOUSALight2 minutesBright yellow-orange light stationary at first, then accelerated to right and faded out until it disappeared.5/24/99
4/26/99 00:30Oshawa (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown10 secondsRapidly moving lights in westerly direction, then disappearing.12/2/00
4/25/99 23:30PaiaHIUSACylinder5-10 minutescylinder shaped red glowing craft moving very fast from the north to the west5/24/99
4/25/99 20:30Ann ArborMIUSAFormation15 secEarly evening - sky not yet dark, planets just beginning to appear. I was outside on the deck looking in the southeast sky trying to f4/1/00
4/25/99 19:00Bowling GreenKYUSAChevron3 minutesson and I were outside and I just happened to look up and this big black thing. About 500 ft. above us moving so slow. Went north about11/20/02
4/25/99 13:00SummersvilleWVUSADisk5 minsMy wife and I saw a silvery disc flying above Rt. 19, close to the hosp. It made no sound. It seemed to be rotating. It then flew up ne5/24/99
4/25/99 04:04WalkerMIUSALight10 minutesBright light in eastern sky increased in intensity, then turned red and shot off.5/24/99
4/25/99 02:30Yuma (approx. 100 miles E of)AZUSALight2 secondsPinpoint light movement.10/12/01
4/24/99 23:00Trout RiverMIUSALight1:minme and my freinds were looking to the north and i seen it and told them to turn around and look and they looked back and saw it and the5/24/99
4/24/99 21:30OlympiaWAUSAOther4 secondsPossible meteor impact due south of the washington state capital of olympia, washington5/24/99
4/24/99 21:00Las VegasNVUSALight15 minutes4 lights/hovering/moving radically about 1 general area; gaseous area resolves to chevron formation of jewel color lights/ move slowly 6/23/99
4/24/99 21:00Las VegasNVUSAChevron15 minutes4 lights in clear/clouds stopping/moving/hispeed @ sharp angles;lrg chevron/luminous objects form from gaseous bar/moves overhead6/23/99
4/24/99 14:04IndianolaWAUSAUnknown04/19/99Three bright white lights evenly spaced with a additional flashing red light to the immediate left of the center bright white light. I4/26/99
4/24/99 14:00FitchburgMAUSADisk10 minutesAS we drove headed back towards fitchburg state college on john Fitch Highway, we noticed a light that drifted through the clouds north5/24/99
4/24/99 11:30SuncrestWAUSATeardrop2 secLarge tear drop shaped opening in the sky lasting 2 seconds observed while witness was flying a radio controlled plane west of Spokane.5/24/99
4/24/99 02:00MarionNCUSATeardrop45 min.huge bright star moving from left to right, then turned to tear drop and then went dull and moved over our lake home. strange but true.4/26/99
4/24/99 01:15ColumbusOHUSACircle10 min.saw light orange objects moving south to north ,then 4 more moving south to north,then turning west5/24/99
4/24/99 00:30St. PeterMNUSATriangle15 secTwo triangles with lights in the corner traveled east to west at high velocity towards eachother and then disapeared.5/24/99
4/23/99 23:25Seattle (North)WAUSALight15 secondsI was laying in my bed with the ability to look out the window while watching television. I live on the 4th floor in an apartment bldg.5/24/99
4/23/99 02:33WanamingoMNUSATriangle1 minuteThree light figure no noise.8/16/02
4/23/99 02:30FargoNDUSATrianglethree secondsBrief horizon to horizon motion by three inter-weaving craft.12/16/99
4/22/99 23:40AlbuquerqueNMUSATriangle20-30 SecondsI was looking out the east facing window of my bedroom when I noticed three dim amber colored lights that seemingly appeared out of now5/24/99
4/22/99 22:50AlbuquerqueNMUSAFireball4 secondsA red & green light streaked across the sky, south of Osuna, from East to West then dissappeared.5/24/99
4/22/99 21:43AmbridgePAUSARectangle9 secondsI was talking to my neighbors when I saw a silvery white line in the sky. It moved slowly acrossed the sky then it just zipped away.5/24/99
4/22/99 20:00PiedmontMOUSACircle5 min.Small bright orange object that appeared and disappeared at random.7/5/99
4/22/99 09:00Battle Creek (Three Rivers event, near event 1)MIUSAUnknown1hourOn the morning of April 24, 1999 my wife and myself were driving to Battle Creek MI,our rout took us through our home town of Three Riv11/20/02
4/22/99 04:00BerkleyMAUSAFireball3-5 secondspale orange color fireball type object with long tail seen heading due east looking at northern part of sky, disappeared behind thin cl5/24/99
4/21/99 22:30AddyWAUSAFireballFireball.1/17/04
4/21/99 21:45Margaret River (Western Australia)AustraliaFireball3-4 minSaw a fireball in distance, it approached slowly at about 200m above our house. It then passed directly overhead and dissappeared in th5/24/99
4/21/99 21:30RichlandWAUSA5 secondsFirst thought that it was a flair and then realized it was to big and moving to fast. Thought it was close enough to North Richland th5/24/99
4/21/99 21:20ValleyWAUSAFireball3 sec.I walked out the door and saw ahead of me, in the distance, on the horizon, a falling, brightly glowing fireball, that was nearly the s4/26/99
4/21/99 21:05KennewickWAUSACircle3-4 secondsA large red glowing ball of fire with a long tale was seen in the south eastern part of the sky. The object was as big a full moon in t5/24/99
4/21/99 21:00West Palm BeachFLUSALight5 Minutes@ diffrent lights one moving from south to north, another 2 minutes later moving west to east.4/26/99
4/21/99 09:15Vantage (Between Kittas and Vantage)WAUSAOther15 SecondsIn response to newscast asking witnesses to meteor event report in.4/26/99
4/20/99 21:45PlattsburghNYUSALight7 minutesI saw what I thought was a star, and then a plane....then it started wobbeling. It had plane colors, but it didn't blink and didn't mo5/24/99
4/20/99 21:30Santa MonicaCAUSATriangle1 hourI saw 2 triangular shaped objects with circular lights along the left & right sides. Approx. 5 min. later I saw one by itself flying in4/26/99
4/20/99 20:00Rockingham (by Racetrack)NCUSATriangle3 minDriving on US 1 North hovering south of Race Track spinning with light on each corner of Triangle. Started moving along road for about8/10/99
4/20/99 05:55DenverCOUSAFireball5to6 seconds?"just before" sun-up; snow whit fire ball streaked west to east above and across city skyline. Looked like just the picture of an old M4/26/99
4/20/99 04:20Santa CruzCAUSAFireballWe experienced multi-colored lights from the sky which appeared to be illuminating from four objects shaped like softballs. 6/23/99
4/20/99 03:00Milton (Canada)ONCanadaOther5 minutesVery close encounter of a man-made aircraft with hovering abilities and a soundless propulsion system6/4/04
4/19/99 22:10ClaringtonPAUSAOther20 minthought it was a satelite,but it turned-arced-came back -very high tight circles directly over-head second night it occurred.9/19/02
4/19/99 21:05Plant CityFLUSAOval2 SECONDSI saw a phosphorescent green orb shaped object about the size of Venus move at very rapid velocity over Plant City, Floida.4/26/99
4/19/99 20:10RialtoCAUSADisk2-3 minutesRound shaped, green lights x 4 each, approached from westward direction, headed eastward, "it stopped completely", lights changed color4/26/99
4/19/99 03:45HoustonTXUSAUnknown25 minutesSuper Bright Ruby Red Lights Aproxmatly 1000 feet apart and aproxmate altatude of 3500 feet moving 5mph at times stationary totaly sile4/26/99
4/19/99 02:00MilfordCTUSACircle1 min or lessWere we scanned by an orb or probe?6/12/02
4/18/99 23:00VenturaCAUSALight20-30 minutesFour white lights perfectly aligned and moving horizontally.5/24/99
4/18/99 21:00Apache JunctionAZUSALight2145While leaving my brothers nearby home (approx, 1 mile from my own) I was at first struck by the beauty of the night sky. The cresent mo4/26/99
4/18/99 20:15LakewoodCAUSAChevron10 sec5-7 lights in a chevron pattern flew directly over head at a high altitude with no engine noise heard.4/26/99
4/18/99 19:00New Mexico (southern)NMUSAOther45mintswitnessed 5 to 6 aleins glowing red in color on the ground under crafts lights.6/23/99
4/18/99 02:00Wolf CreekUTUSAChanging40 minUinta Basin/Wolf creek UFO highly visible,low flying,40-45min sighting,eratic moves with no noise IMAGES9/17/00
4/17/99 22:30Parkersburg (just outside of, on route 50 east)WVUSATriangle3 min.It was hovering in one spot about 100 ft off the ground, it was triangled with the brightest white lights I have ever saw, when the spa5/24/99
4/17/99 21:00Los AngelesCAUSATriangle30 secondsA "V" formation of lights following a Los Angeles Airport flight path. (How could no one else see it)?4/26/99
4/17/99 20:00Cessnock (Australia)AustraliaOval1hr30There were about 6or7 flying at a distance, Oval & dark in shape with pipe work on outside.4/27/07
4/17/99 14:03Vashon Island (near Seattle)WAUSATriangle5 minutes -?We were watching two very bright "headlights" approaching us (we were on slope) and they were coming through btwn 2 tree tops. Then it4/26/99
4/17/99 13:20DecaturILUSACircle50 secondsI was in my van with my 2 children, headed east on West Main Street. In the eastern sky we saw a round, red object with smoke behind i4/26/99
4/16/99 23:05Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria (UK/England)United KingdomOther5 minutesOn April 16th 1999 I observed an unknown object.1/7/00
4/16/99 23:00Iowa CityIAUSACircle3-5 Minutes ?It was circular with three round lights on the bottom in the form of a triangle, hovering right over us before taking off into the sky11/8/05
4/16/99 22:10Butte (Approx 40 miles S. of, on NB Interstate 15)MTUSALight15 minLow flying red & white light, traveling from left to right, which stopped mid air, darted backward, spun around and drift/darted around10/12/01
4/16/99 21:00Dallas/Ft. Worth (Euless)TXUSADiskMy father and i were coming home from one of my friends house when my dad noticed something in the sky.It was a disk like saucer shaped11/20/02
4/16/99 20:50Ward (northeast of, on Hwy. 67/167MM 25)ARUSASphere6-10 secondsFire ball dropped straight from sky.9/28/02
4/16/99 20:30Bettendorf/DavenportIAUSAOther5 MinutesCircle with beaver-tail-like object on the side.7/5/99
4/15/99 20:45Kampala (Uganda)UgandaDiamondhalf hourI work for PBS -- was doing NGO work in Africa. Witnessed one glowing object hovering across horizon, then shooting off at a speed and8/5/01
4/15/99 20:00SunnyvaleCAUSALight4 minutesStationary lights seen surrounded by circular cloud that shrank in diameter to nothing.9/12/99
4/15/99 19:00FyffeALUSARectangle2-3 minutesHuge craft, silent , intelligent, aware of us observing it12/12/09
4/15/99 17:55Clay CityKYUSADiskunknownOn 4/15/99 was taking a photo of a rainbow w/ digital camera. Upon reviewing image, I noticed an unknown object that I had not seen wh5/24/99
4/15/99 13:00St. CharlesMOUSAOtherI looked out side and there was a stange craft. I thought it was a plane so I asked my freind who is a pilot and he didn't know what i4/26/99
4/15/99 10:30ModestoCAUSADisk1 mina dark metal sauser wobbling and hovering about 7 to 8 thousand feet. it stoped wobbling flew one mile west then went up and was hard t10/2/99
4/15/99 07:00CharlottesvilleVAUSAOther3 hoursOn this night I was with 4 other people and we were hanging out outside as it was a nice evening. It was just getting dusk and I was si8/16/02
4/15/99 04:30Wendover (76 miles north.& 50 miles south S.L.C.)UTUSAOval3/4 seccrested ridge,bright white flash,around a curve,observed object moveing north to south at aprox. 25,000 agl leval travel,2 secs.appeare8/5/01
4/15/99 02:30Mexico City, D.F. (Mexico)MexicoSphere21 minutesI woke up with a sensation of dehydration and sweat and drank a glass of water feeling a need to open the windows curtain and I saw an 4/15/00
4/15/99 00:50Manchester (UK/England)United KingdomLight1 minthere was only the one, it seemed like a meteor or controlled fireball yet is was a deep red and didnt seem to fall, it just 'hovered'4/27/07
4/14/99 23:45Marathon KeyFLUSATriangle4-5 secondsThe object flew directly overhead, from south to north. The lights were white, in a vee pattern with one in front and two on each side.5/24/99
4/14/99 22:30Washington, D.C.DCUSAFireball15 secondsIntensely fast green glowing fireball crossed the sky from nw to se over the Washington DC beltway and went below the viewable horizon.9/6/02
4/14/99 22:20Pomona/LaVerneCAUSASphere8 minutesBright orange light hovering in southwestern sky, moved northeast, then hovered again and proceeded to release several smaller light sp4/26/99
4/14/99 22:00Maharepa, Moorea (French Polynesia)French PolynesiaFormation15 secondsWitnessed an object traveling in a straight line emitting sparks from the front section trailing towards its rear, like throwing a spar7/5/99
4/14/99 20:30OaktonVAUSAFireball5 secondsSomething burst out of the sky and plummeted downward. It had a green glow like fire and no tail of light visible. It then disappeare4/26/99
4/14/99 20:25Milford/Milton (between; heading parallel to Rout..)DEUSACircle2 to 3 secondsAs I was driving, I think I saw what appeared to be a fireball or bolide meteor with a long tail. I previously thought it landed close 4/26/99
4/14/99 20:15New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSALight3 secondsTravelling by car westerly. We Spotted a Very Fast moving, very bright White Light/Fireball which eventually turned green as it "flew" 9/28/02
4/14/99 00:45HoustonTXUSAChevron5-10 secondsI saw a boomarang shaped object. It was gliding across the sky.6/23/99
4/14/99 00:10Oak RidgeTNUSAOval2 minutes or soi looked up because something caught my eye.looking in an easterly direction i saw a glowing green oval hovered for a moment 4/26/99
4/13/99 22:30YoungstownOHUSAOvalaprox 8 min.A large oval glow hovering over a house was reported in Youngstown on a late April night.8/16/02
4/13/99 21:20GardenaCAUSADisk2MIN.Looking in Southeast 4/26/99
4/13/99 20:50Poca (3.5 miles north of)WVUSASphere5-10 minSaw unusal light "star" move across sky - amber orb lowered and followed 2 witnesses (from dime size to basketball size in seconds. whi7/1/02
4/13/99 01:00Beaverton (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle00:20i was walking with a few friends and i saw 3 lights in the sky and they kept on getting closer and closer and suddenly i could make out12/2/00
4/12/99 21:30TacomaWAUSALight10 secondsI looked up into the night sky only to see a "comet" streaking across the sky, but then it made a squiggle and disappeared.4/26/99
4/12/99 08:30RamonaCAUSALight1 minuteA small light flew across the sky pretty slowly. It wasn"t a plane there were no flashing lights.4/26/99
4/11/99 23:49Winter Park (suburb of Orlando)FLUSAChevron20-30 secondsI observed a delta formation of 5 lights in the northwest horizon.The lights were manuvering radically in one small area.At one point,a4/26/99
4/11/99 04:00Grove CityOHUSAUnknown7 minutes9 bright white to yellow to green light zipping across horizon, ungodly speed, hoover over my truck for 2 miles then took off. light wo4/26/99
4/11/99 03:50Klaksvik (Finland)Faroe IslandsLight1 minuteSmall light seen in sky at night4/26/99
4/11/99 03:15Huntington BeachCAUSAOther1+ Hrs14 Lights lined up at approximately a 45 degree angle High point left to low point right, 7 bright white lights made up the upper \ sh4/26/99
4/11/99 02:30Launceston (TAS, Australia)AustraliaCrossongoingObject seemed to move at speed and then stop. It was radating a yellow/gold colour.4/26/99
4/10/99 22:00BurkeVAUSAUnknown5 MinutesIt could heard us speaking to it.4/27/04
4/10/99 21:50Saratoga LakeNYUSAOval12minObserved scintilating oval object rise over treeline at the south end of lake,move left,right and hover then descend below treeline onl4/26/99
4/10/99 21:47Pleasantville (outskirts of)IAUSALight3 mina big, very bright light traveling close to the ground very fast, w/a spinning red & white light also, as it flew away, it looked like 4/26/99
4/10/99 20:00Grand RapidsMIUSATriangle30 minutesIn the middle of some highway, there was just some big craft hovering us real slowly out of nowhere, it was no airplane.12/16/05
4/10/99 19:30CharlotteNCUSAOther90 secondsLarge craft - noisy - many lights - altitude 200 feet - speed less than 65 mph - strange aspect ratio, almost the same aspect ratio as 5/24/99
4/9/99 23:45MarmoraNJUSAUnknown5 secondsBright Orange Light In Sky.4/26/99
4/9/99 23:44EdmondOKUSAFireball5 secondswest bound I 44 10miles east okla city ok fireball flash and then something faling to ground estimated altitude 18000 feet. light so br4/26/99
4/9/99 09:45MurfeesboroTNUSAChanging1:30secit started out as 2 lights with a body then it had 3 lights and lost its then gaind 1 more light then the light went out the it5/24/99
4/8/99 00:00Cardiff-by-the-SeaCAUSAFireball7-10 minutesA ball of orange light, 5X apparent size of a star. Drifted SW towards E. No flashing lights. Soundless except for once when it seemed4/26/99
4/8/99 22:30Granite CityILUSALight25 minutesOne large, orangeish light seen initially during thunder storm. Another similar light appeared a good distance away.4/26/99
4/8/99 20:45Manhasset (Long Island)NYUSATriangle4 minutesobject was moving away in a westerly direction. very slowly and at times appeared to be standing still. very large and appeared triangu4/26/99
4/8/99 14:30RidgecrestCAUSAChanging30 minuteswe were checking out the STELTH flying overhead when we (3 of us) seen 3 objects flying overhead ,they flew out of sight when we seen 24/26/99
4/8/99 03:30Leicester (UK/England)United KingdomFormation30-40 secondsDriving home i stopped at traffic lights. I saw a formation of 3 orange/brown lights flying in a equalateral formation (about a mile aw5/24/99
4/7/99 23:00Mumbai, MAH (India)MBIndiaSphere15 secWe were on out our terrace studying the stars in the night sky, when we heard a loud noise, something like a jet plane.12/2/00
4/7/99 22:58E. FalmouthMAUSATriangle5 secondsTwo stange lights were outside my window. Inoticed them moving towards my home. It had a triangular shape,with 2 very bright lights on 4/26/99
4/7/99 20:00Utrecht/Amsterdam (between; Utrecht, Noord) (Netherlands)NetherlandsUnknown15 minutesI was drivin on the A2 when I saw in the sunset 5 objects haniging in the air. After a few minutes one disapeared with a light flash! T6/23/99
4/7/99 13:30FargoNDUSAOther12 secondsa friend and i were were walking outside and looked up at an airplane flying high in the sky. right away i noticed an oject flying behi11/20/02
4/7/99 08:40WaikoloaHIUSAChangingI was out side with a couple of my friends checking out the stars. When we saw glowing bright light that4/26/99
4/7/99 08:37Kamuela (Waimea)HIUSAChangingI was in the park and then i saw a bright flash and it dashed across the sky and then it disapeared4/26/99
4/7/99 08:00Medellin (Colombia)ColombiaDisk1 minuteit had yellow , orange ,and red lights in the middle .it was very fast and my friends and i saw it with binoculars10/15/02
4/7/99 03:20Las CrucesNMUSAOvalless than a minuteBlack disc with greenish/bluish/white corona traveled parallel with I10 between Las Cruces and El Paso.4/26/99
4/6/99 22:50Columbia FallsMTUSATriangle5 secTriangle, approx 75 degree, 5 bluish lights-tip & 2 each side, NE to SW, No Sound, Fast, Large.4/26/99
4/6/99 22:00LakewoodWAUSAOther10mini have seen this a few times . it is green mostly , i thought i seen some blue and some red, it was far away it looked like a thick lin4/26/99
4/6/99 20:40FayettevilleARUSALight4 min.Slowly moving orange light in a clear night sky disappears in an in an instant.4/26/99
4/6/99 10:38AustinTXUSAFireball4 secs.Green comet looking thing flew across sky.4/26/99
4/6/99 01:15Aberdeen (UK/Scotland)United KingdomFireball4 secsSeemed like an enermous asteroid entering Earth.8/5/01
4/5/99 23:15LibertyMOUSATriangle10 minutesCraft seen hovering over houses, when persued it left at a rapid velocity. Similar craft seen a few minutes later.4/26/99
4/5/99 23:10Buckfastleigh, Devon (UK/England)United KingdomCircle5 minsappeared as bright silver globe with huge 'comet' trail...obesrved with binoculors, changed colour to bright blue, sudden waver in trag5/24/99
4/5/99 22:45LettsworthLAUSALight2 minutesnoise, vibration, light seen being chased by helicopters4/26/99
4/5/99 21:40Valhermoso SpringsALUSAOtherI was on my back porch,talking to my girlfreind,looking at the stars.All of a sudden,a circular red light appeared high up in the sky.I4/26/99
4/5/99 21:40BaltimoreMDUSAFireball3 secondsMy husband and I were traveling north on Rt. 295, leaving Baltimore Washington Airport. When looking north to the city of Baltimore, w4/26/99
4/5/99 21:10MineolaTXUSACircle10minOne Hovering craft...Multi-colored lights...Possible USAF persuit!7/5/99
4/5/99 16:00Chatham (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown14 secondsVery Fast, 25000 feet, South to North, Silver, Flashing VERY BRIGHTLY 4-5 times per second, horizon to horizon in about 12 seconds12/2/00
4/5/99 15:00HuntsvilleALUSACigar15 minwife an I were driving that afternoon ,when we first saw it it was standing on its end.lost site of it while we made a curve an went pa6/18/03
4/5/99 14:10Montreal (Canada)PQCanadaCircle2 minsaw it fly by and hover over the parking lot about 600 feet up12/2/00
4/5/99 08:20PullmanWAUSALight3 minutesA bright point-like light appeared in the evening sky (not yet dark enough for most stars to be visible much less satalites). It moved 4/26/99
4/4/99 23:00Fort WorthTXUSACircle10 secondsA round bright light, the size of a baseball, with a halo around it, danced around my wall for about 10 seconds, then shot out of my wi4/26/99
4/4/99 23:00Eastbourne (UK/England)United KingdomTeardrop1 minuteI saw a flying saucer on 4 April 1999 over the shores of the English Channel11/28/07
4/4/99 22:20La MiradaCAUSAFireball20 minsamber color object moving from east to west along lax glidepath and on two accounts droping smaller objects of sme color.4/26/99
4/4/99 22:00Stoke on Trent (UK/England)United KingdomFireball4 minutesCube of Fire6/25/20
4/4/99 22:00LibertyMOUSADisk10minutesDriving home on the 4th or 5th, I thought it was Easter night. There were not many cars out we saw it while driving. It moved very fas11/9/99
4/4/99 21:30Bainbridge IslandWAUSAUnknown2 minutesSomeone in my bedroom, at least 3, and one touching me on the front where the crease of my neck is, my body tingling5/24/99
4/4/99 19:15Aandurah (Western Australia)AustraliaCircle10:00 minswhile driving to work i saw a bright orange object,perfectly round and giving off a strong orange glow.4/26/99
4/3/99 23:16ConverseTXUSALight2 minutesCraft moving at a high rate of speed was quickly changing directions and then vanished.4/26/99
4/3/99 20:04ThorntonCOUSALightWe saw a bright light 20 degrees above the western horizon that appeared to have a disc shaped object to its immediate left.4/26/99
4/3/99 16:30Coral GablesFLUSAUnknown2 MinutesHigh, Fast-moving contrail of smoke4/26/99
4/2/99 22:30NatchezMSUSATriangle10 secondsTwo lightly orange glowing triangle objects4/26/99
4/2/99 22:30St. Louis ParkMNUSAEgg3 minutesBasketball size object,metallic,flying down street than into a park.4/26/99
4/2/99 22:03Tijeras (south of)NMUSASphere20 secondsVery bright amber sphere traveled just above tree top level. Size of dime @ arms length. Object 50 - 300 yds away. Observed by myself &4/26/99
4/2/99 21:00Port Elizabeth (South Africa)South AfricaOther25 secondsi saw a huge mothership consisting of three levels i had enough time to observe this spectacular ship. i kept quite because nobody will2/16/00
4/1/99 23:00New York City (Staten Island)NYUSAOtherApprox. 2 hrsStrange Brush fires near Verazanno Bridge7/14/99
4/1/99 21:30Goring, Oxon (UK/England)United KingdomFormation15minsShips flew over house and stopped over field4/26/99
4/1/99 20:00OrlandoFLUSASphere10 minsi was about 20 miles away from i don,t know what it was i do know that it was not a plane of anykind i have ever seen what i saw was a 4/26/99
4/1/99 20:00WarrensburgNYUSARectangle5 minutesThe UFO we witnessed was shaped with 2 boxed like squares at each end connected by a long like rod between the 2. The back of the UFO h3/19/02
4/1/99 15:30FentonMOUSAFlash3-4 secondswas talking with the sales manager of one of my best customers on the telephone. by chance i looked out the window and saw a flash of c11/20/02
4/1/99 00:00Encinitas: along I-5, from encinitas to oceanside over oceanCAUSACircle5 minutessighted an orange ball moving all over the sky near the moon over ocean4/26/99