National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 03/1999


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
3/31/99 23:45SeattleWAUSATriangle1minuteHuge triangular craft, white unblinkng light in each apex, center red strobing light that strobed slowly on and then slowly off (lumino4/26/99
3/31/99 21:30IssaquahWAUSAFireball10 secondswhite light suddenly appeared; then turning neon green. It looked as if it was crashing into the mountains. When it dissapeared behind4/26/99
3/31/99 21:00Post (3 mi. west of)TXUSAUnknown5 seconds5 seconds of wierdness on hwy 380, 3 miles west of Post, TX, in 1999. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes8/5/09
3/31/99 19:30MontoursvillePAUSAChevron4 sec.Fast moving vee shaped craft with no sonic boom or audible propulsion.8/28/02
3/31/99 18:00ComptonCAUSAEgg15 minutesEgg/Saucer over Los Angeles.6/4/14
3/31/99 00:39Carson (the city of, near L.A. Airport)CAUSADisk20 secondspolice helicoter crew see unknown object as it flew at their helicopter and then north at a high rate of speed, out of view.4/26/99
3/30/99 21:08Covington/KentWAUSAFireball1sec.I saw a greenish glowing like fire ball in the direction of 230 degrees magnetic moving left to right opprox 30 degree angle.4/26/99
3/30/99 21:00SouthingtonCTUSADisk2 minFloating thing10/8/07
3/30/99 20:23PittsburghPAUSACone5 - 10 secondsI saw a circular bright white object sitting (5 secs?) in the eastern sky. It moved straight up and winked out.4/1/00
3/30/99 19:30PittsburghPAUSALight1hr 1/2The object hovered at about 100 feet very bright white lights that would change intensety and every now and then a red light would join4/26/99
3/30/99 14:30AtlantaGAUSASphere1 minuteDark sphere underneath clouds moving east to west - afternoon.4/26/99
3/29/99 22:20PomonaCAUSALight14 minsOrange/red glowing object with flashing white and red lights to each side SE of Foothill and Garey, Pomona, CA. Hovered for approx 5 m4/26/99
3/29/99 20:00Pacific GroveCAUSATriangle4 minutesAt 20:00 hours, on March 29, 1999, I was closing my upstairs bedroom window that looks out to the Monterey Bay, I noticed that two star4/26/99
3/29/99 04:00La VerneCAUSASphere1 hourLarge sphere, several projectiles and a rounded cube!4/26/99
3/29/99 02:00JenkinsKYUSAChevron4 secondsBright green object in chevron shape9/13/02
3/28/99 23:32HendersonCOUSAFireball1.5 to 2 fireball going from east to west some green "sparks" given off,4/26/99
3/28/99 21:30Harvey's LakePAUSALighthoursIn the East by North East sky at night we have noticed a blinking light. Red, Green, and White. The object will sit in a stationary pla9/13/02
3/28/99 19:30EnolaPAUSAUnknown5 minutesMoving light4/26/99
3/28/99 18:00KentWAUSASphere5 secondsI saw a red spherical object moving in a westerly direction over the horizon. I was looking in a S-SW direction of about 210 degrees4/26/99
3/27/99 22:00Marstons MillsMAUSAEgg50 minutesWhile walking our dogs my son and I noticed a strange craft or light that seemed to travel in short spurts( not particularly fast). The4/26/99
3/27/99 02:30WheelingWVUSAFireball5 secondsDriving west on Interstate 70, watched a bright green light passing above me moving heading west. Was visable until it went behind hil4/26/99
3/26/99 23:30BowieMDUSALightone hourOn 032699 at 2330 hours I noticed a light in the sky that kept changing from red to gree to yellow. I obseved the light, stationary in4/26/99
3/26/99 22:53Colorado Springs (NORAD)COUSAI have seen several ufo's in the past 3 years. I was stationed in NORAD Mountain Complex and knew that the goverment had information a9/19/02
3/26/99 22:37EriePAUSAFireball2-4 secondsi was sitting in the parking lot of my employer,facing to the was 03/25/99 at approx. 10:37 pm.i noticed a green ball with a tr11/20/02
3/25/99 20:50Interstate 40, East BoundNCUSAOvalno more than8secon 03-25-99 me and my wife were on interstate 40 east bound when we saw a bright light in front of us it stoped and then all of a sudde4/26/99
3/25/99 13:20HillsboroORUSADiskLess than 1 min.Hovering silver disc4/2/99
3/24/99 21:00LongmontCOUSADisk3 minuesI saw lights in he sky. It had five lighs in a row, each flashing one a time in a row. It was also urning slowly.4/2/99
3/24/99 20:30Pacific CityORUSASphere45 minutesThree lighted circular aircraft3/10/11
3/24/99 20:00Novi Sad, Kac (Yugoslavia)YugoslaviaCircledon't knowFalling from the Sky4/8/02
3/24/99 20:00Overland ParkKSUSADiamond2-3 minutesCraft flew out of the east at about 600 feet moving west and then turning to the north (not a regular flight pattern for this area for 4/2/99
3/24/99 19:00Nelson from Castlegar (Canada)BCCanadaLight10 secondsHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Light the size and brightness of a streetlight at about 100-150 yards away.3/17/04
3/24/99 11:57LincolnNEUSADisk8 secondsSilver/White disk shaped object seen4/26/99
3/23/99 21:30NewportKYUSASphere5 minutesWitnessed luminous bright blue sphere descend into city of Newport, KY.11/17/99
3/23/99 21:30USADisk1 hourhovering disk sighted near air force base4/22/22
3/23/99 21:15St. Petersburg (south)FLUSAChevron4 seconds500-600 ft.chevron shaped craft moving to the NW fast at about 3500ft elevation craft had 12-16 dim white lights to the front of chevro4/2/99
3/23/99 19:22ChesapeakeVAUSAOval10 secondsIt was about the size of a mid-sized car. Very Bright yellowish orange. It moved parallel to the ground.4/2/99
3/23/99 18:15Cross LanesWVUSACylinder5 minutesNoticed a very shiny object at a very high altitude that looked like a strange jet. It left a contrial and moved across the sky at abou4/2/99
3/23/99 14:15Colorado SpringsCOUSASphere45minutesa glance at norad12/3/04
3/23/99 14:15Palm SpringsCAUSATriangle30 MinGold triangle over Palm Springs7/26/02
3/23/99 14:00Vantage (Eof, across Columbia River)WAUSA20 min.Not a UFO sighting but a mutilation report, head of mammal (elk?) spotted at wayside with precision skull cuts.11/20/02
3/23/99 03:00PlymouthMNUSAOval2.0 hoursIobserved an object changing colors and moving in a manner inconsistent with anything i've ever seen. I woke my wife and asked her to l4/2/99
3/22/99 22:15Turks/CaicosTurks and Caicos IslandsFormation20 secondsA formation of 2 groups of steady white lights moving fast and silently from W to E across the night sky 40 m SSW of Turks12/23/02
3/22/99 21:45Dallas/(Irving)TXUSADisk30-45 secA huge multi-lighted object hovered stationary over the eastern part of DFW airport.4/2/99
3/22/99 21:00JacksonMSUSALight4:00 MinutesMy wife was walking to the driveway to leave and called me outside. We spotted a large blinking white light moving in a zig-zap pattern4/2/99
3/22/99 03:30HikilkiMNChinaOvaljkjk((HOAX)) corn fell over3/10/11
3/21/99 23:00JasperARUSAUnknownThis is regarding a possible abduction when I was a caretaker on a 40 acre farm in the ozarks. I was alone at the time and in the midd7/4/11
3/21/99 22:48Knappa (Near; approx 12 miles from Astoria)ORUSAUnknown5-8 secondsI was outside and saw a helicopter with its search light on. I went out for a closer look and saw 'something', and it appeared to be a4/2/99
3/21/99 22:00BristolVAUSADisk5 minutesMy name is ((deleted)) and i was driving down the street. A flash of light with a flying saucer suddenly appeared it swayed back and4/26/99
3/21/99 00:55RomeNYUSAUnknown5sec.two sets dim red lights, not high in sky, moving fast NW direction, no other lights, no sound4/2/99
3/21/99 00:02OconomowocWIUSAFormation10 secI saw two pairs of lights moving east to west very high and moving much faster than any aircraft I have seen. They crossed paths and we4/2/99
3/20/99 20:30Poca (in Manilla Creek)WVUSASphere30-60 minutesAs it moved across tthe sky and stopped looked like a star.Dropped down from the sky to several hundred feet above the ground. Followed7/1/02
3/20/99 20:15HorseheadsNYUSAChevron15 secondsThree boomerang shaped objects seen going north,had glowing lights on tips4/2/99
3/20/99 16:00MaconGAUSAEgg.1 secondWhile videoing trees and sides of house object enters frame at high rate of speed moving from east to west9/28/02
3/20/99 16:00Salt Lake CityUTUSADisk30 secsObject emerged slowly from above intersection of two contrails (X) and came from SW direction. Contrails ran from NE to SW and from NNE4/26/99
3/20/99 01:24LansingMIUSADisk3 secondsIt appeared from the southwestern sky and dropped very slowly into the south-southeast horizon.. slower than any meteorite but faster t4/2/99
3/19/99 23:30AugustaGAUSAOval5 minutesWe were standing outside when we looked up and saw a white light and it changed to red, and it was going very slow and then all of a su5/24/99
3/19/99 19:15BaltimoreMDUSAFormation1 minuteSwirling mass of approximately 12 red to amber lights.4/2/99
3/19/99 16:20WeavervilleNCUSAOtherforty secondsTwo black helicopters following possible object near Parkway entrance4/2/99
3/19/99 07:00Chicago (Hwy. 531)ILUSAOther45sec.I viewed object heading west moveing very fast.Craft then changed direction heading east,craft again changed direction moved straight u4/2/99
3/18/99 21:10KissimmeeFLUSAOtherone minuteUFO sighted at night while on way home from teaching my martial arts class. Sighted as I drove through town which is a well lighted met4/2/99
3/17/99 21:00Lake AlmanorCAUSALight60 seconds?i witnessed 3 crafts, in the sky, with strange lighting, and suspicious movements, tonight at about 9:00pm over dyer mountain, near Lak4/2/99
3/17/99 20:30Salt Lake City (west of)UTUSACircle15 secondsWhile traveling east on I-80 outside Wendover NV. we noticed 4 circular and very bright yellow lights. Shortly after noticing this, th4/2/99
3/17/99 20:30ChicagoILUSATriangle1 hourI was inside my house and I looked up thru my skylight to see if there was a full moon. I saw a triangle shaped craft moving from sout5/24/99
3/17/99 20:15VernonNJUSACylinder10 to 15 minutesSaw 1 UFO hovering over Mountain Creek Ski Resort. Stopped my car on side of road and got out to view.Dark clear night sky. Craft was l4/2/99
3/17/99 20:00GurneeILUSATriangle2:15a triangle black object3/11/03
3/17/99 19:55BoiseIDUSAUnknown10 secondsTwo redish lights moving together, quickly, without sound in a West to East manner.4/2/99
3/17/99 19:30MoiraNYUSALight8 min.lights appeared over forested area first as one set (red over white) second time (closer red over red) third time (closer two sets of r4/2/99
3/17/99 04:30Iowa CityIAUSATriangle10 minutesdark triangle moves slowly and appears to hover in night sky.4/2/99
3/16/99 23:30GermantownOHUSADiamond2 minI observed the object in the oprox location towqard the south west. the object was hovering above a farm house and then it procedded to4/26/99
3/16/99 13:00Fort LauderdaleFLUSATriangle2 minutes3 star, triangle formation, moved overhead, created spark, moved back out in direction it came from.5/24/05
3/16/99 11:40AlbuquerqueNMUSASphere5 minutes +I saw a silver sphere shaped craft that was following in the contrail of a passenger or military aircraft.4/2/99
3/15/99 22:10New York City (Bronx)NYUSACircle4-5 minutesthere it was two round circles gliding across the sky heading west toward manhattan college.4/22/03
3/15/99 22:00Stockholm (Sweden)SwedenCirclecouple a minutesFour lights on strange flying structure at airplane height.8/28/02
3/15/99 20:00HurricaneWVUSAUnknownapprox. 5 minutesSlow moving, green lights, huge object. Sunnybrook Rd. area, but could be seen for miles.5/9/03
3/15/99 12:00LombardILUSA1minuteI would like to respond to the 3-19-99 Illinois report. At midday in March (I'm not sure of date) I was driving near Rt. 53 in Lombard 4/26/99
3/15/99 04:15Wilmington Island (Savannah)GAUSAFireball9 secondsIt was a red ball of light that didnt move.4/2/99
3/15/99 04:00NashvilleTNUSALight4-5 minutesPure pulsating light, moved strangely in the sky, best described is like the minute hand on a clock, you can't see it move but you know10/2/99
3/15/99 01:30Shelby TownshipMIUSALight3 hours (approx.)A white light with a red light on the left and a green light on the right darting in the sky4/2/99
3/14/99 14:00MadisonWIUSACircleApprox 30 sec.My friend Rick and I were getting out of my car when I noticed a silver ball in the sky. I pointed it out and said"What the hell is tha6/23/99
3/14/99 01:15LihueHIUSALight5 min.Bright green lights floating in space with a strange motion pattern.4/2/99
3/14/99 00:45ParmaOHUSATriangle10 secondsV-shaped object flying from South to North estimated to be at high altitude because high cirrus clouds visible through mostly clear ski4/2/99
3/13/99 23:00Diamond BarCAUSASphere2 secondsI'd just finished watching a video and had gathered my things to go upstairs. When I walked into my bedroom I saw I'd left the drapes 4/2/99
3/13/99 20:03Waipahu Peninsula (Waipahu)HIUSALight10-13 secFacing 170-180, saw brilliant flash at 65 deg azimuth. Color: White, no blue, red or orange. Traveled from N - S.4/2/99
3/13/99 19:35New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSARectangle30-40 secsaw object flying without sound about 2-3 hundred feet above water next to Varrazano Bridge1/11/02
3/13/99 05:55GalaxVAUSASphere10 secondsBlue orb seen in southwest mountains of Virginia in 1999.4/20/17
3/13/99 03:43Niagara Falls (Canada)ONCanadaFireball1 minuteA green fireball falling to our south, maybe 5 or 10 miles away.12/2/00
3/13/99 03:40Fowlerville (East South East of)MIUSAFireball3 secondsWhile driving east on I96, at 3:40 a.m. I saw a green fireball with a gold tail moving downward at a 45 degree angle. After approx. 3 s11/20/02
3/13/99 01:00Angeles Crest HwyCAUSASphere5 secondsI was out of my car on the highway, releaving myself when a very bright sphere shaped object came out of the valley and flew strait up.4/2/99
3/12/99 22:00BradleyILUSATriangle90secsi saw what appeared to be a large triangular shaped object floating in the sky.4/26/99
3/12/99 21:23Quito (Ecuador)EcuadorLightabout 15 secondswith my friends we were having a nigth picnic when A. said look, LOOK!! is something on top of the pichincha and there she was a light 8/5/01
3/12/99 21:00Grand RapidsMIUSAFormation30 secondsI saw a double V formation of faint green triangular craft.9/28/02
3/12/99 18:30AgawamMAUSATriangle5minutesI was outdoors and it was dark for about a hour when i noticed strang lights above the connecticut river. I hastely ran and got witness11/2/99
3/12/99 07:15Grand RapidsMIUSATriangledrive bywe had went to grand rapids to drop off some parts from work on the way back you could see these to big triangle shape ships just flott8/5/01
3/12/99 05:10ColumbusOHUSAFireball30 minutes3 objects within 30 minutes4/2/99
3/12/99 00:45Bellevue (east of)OHUSALight20-30 sec.I was driving west on rt. 20&18 when I seen a very bright light to the NW of my location,(about 5 miles E. of Bell. when suddenly it sh11/20/02
3/11/99 23:55Santa RosaCAUSATriangle4 secondsTravled very fast north to south. Lights on all points. Very little sound.4/2/99
3/11/99 22:48RockmartGAUSAOtherit was a huge triangle shaped object with a beam in the middle of it sort of like a laser pointer except wider.and blue lights on the s4/2/99
3/11/99 22:35LemontILUSATriangle6 minSighting of a triangular craft by my daughter and then myself. My daughter actually drove under the object. Describes it as an equila4/2/99
3/11/99 20:20Las VegasNVUSALight10-15 minutesTwo large amber orbs appeared/hovered due North/West of the Stratosphere Tower. Hovered for five to ten minutes. They remained stationa4/2/99
3/11/99 19:30VeniceCAUSAFireballthree seconds +Orange fireball seen falling in L.A. 03-99 with sparkler like streamers behind, streaking quickly for three seconds.8/5/01
3/11/99 19:01JacksonvilleFLUSATriangle1minDelta wing shaped craft approx 60-70' in diameter/tip to tip hovered @ 11:00 for about 1 min. No sound. six round depression on undersi4/2/99
3/11/99 16:28Las Vegas (north of)NVUSAI'm a truck driver.I have made trips to the desert n. of Vegas. Out in the desert, in the middle of the night. my cargo was unknown. Bi4/2/99
3/11/99 15:00South San FranciscoCAUSADisk4 minutesI was looking up because I was carring laungry down stairs. This saucer went right over my head with out making a noise. I was in a s4/12/13
3/11/99 02:35GreendaleWIUSADiamond5 minI work in a suberb of milwaukee ,Wi and it is not really that unpopulated , however i get off work at 2:30 and about 5 min into my ride4/2/99
3/11/99 01:00CollingdalePAUSAConeCone shaped object,flashing colors(green,red,white,yellow),slowly moved to different locations in the sky and seemed to be huvering the4/2/99
3/10/99 23:24Jewell Basin National ParkMTUSAOther5 minutesTwo craft near Camp Misery ranger station one large triangular one small, very small, cone shaped.4/2/99
3/10/99 22:15Tacoma (Lakewood)WAUSASphereunkWhile on Patrol in the North parking lot at Pierce College, I observed a green spherical ball of light descending from west to east. Th4/2/99
3/10/99 20:00Glen BurnieMDUSAUnknown30 Minutes3 Lights In Triangle Shape...Glen Burnie, MD / Pasadena, MD2/12/04
3/10/99 02:00JohnstownPAUSACigar1 hourishMy encounter.1/12/12
3/9/99 21:45HowellNJUSATriangle15 min.A large triangular shaped object travelling from NE to SW at approx. 2,000 ft.4/2/99
3/9/99 12:30Seattle (Shoreline)WAUSATriangle20 minutesThere were four of us, we are almost %100 what we saw was a UFO. WE followed, it moved rapidly and had multi colored lights. It would4/2/99
3/9/99 00:08GreenfieldCAUSALight2-3minutisSaw what looked at first to be a commet untill it lost its tail and let out strange colored smoke then moved up and west very fast.4/2/99
3/8/99 15:45Guilford (UK/England)United KingdomCircle5 secondsit poped out from behind clouds, paused, moved Westerly,4/2/99
3/7/99 22:00ChampaignILUSAFormation5 minutes totali was riding in the car and i looked out the window and saw some strange lights in the sky. i thought it was just and air plane but the5/24/99
3/7/99 22:00ArabALUSALight45 minutesObject in the night sky moving in an irregular pattern.4/2/99
3/7/99 20:30Tarzana (West San Fernando Valley)CAUSALight4 SecondsBright yellowish light, size approx. pea at arms length. Passed dead silent overhead at estimated 1000 ft. Straight line trajectory fr4/2/99
3/7/99 19:56Kiev (Ukraine)UkraineFireball3 minutesMedium fireball in the sky...4/26/99
3/7/99 04:30Christchurch, Dorset (UK/England)United KingdomDisk5-6 minutesVery bright orange object in clear night sky at almost exactly due north from my location and 20 degrees from the horizon moved very sl4/26/99
3/7/99 01:00BelvidereVTUSAEgg10 minsno sound..LARGE..passed closely over our camp and down across the valley and out a pass in the moutains.12/2/00
3/6/99 22:57Dublin (North County) (Republic of Ireland)IrelandCigar5 secondsTwo consecutive flashes of strong bright light accompanied by a cigar shaped illuminous green object traversing the night sky at incred4/2/99
3/6/99 17:30Adelaide (Aldinga Beach) (South Australia)AustraliaCigarunknownThis photo was taken by a friend and the object was not seen when the photo was taken but I noticed it when the film was developed.....4/26/99
3/5/99 23:00Falkirk (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle10 minutesOn my way home one night i seen a triangular object 90-100 feet in the air - which i proceeded to follow6/6/00
3/5/99 20:00MaranaAZUSAFireball1hrwhile driving along interstate 10, in the vicinity of Marana Az I saw a large fireball that shot out from a cave located on a mountain 4/2/99
3/5/99 02:30New FairfieldCTUSACircle45 minutesat 2:30am I looked out my bedroom window and thought I saw a bright star. It began to move in a circular fashion. I got binoculars out 3/7/00
3/5/99 01:00Cape GirardeauMOUSAUnknown15 Minutes2 fast objects chased by planes.9/17/00
3/4/99 21:35MorgantownWVUSATriangle20minI saw a triangle shape in the sky that seemed to hover in one place then it started spinning it was black the lights were yellowish. Th4/2/99
3/4/99 21:00FairbanksAKUSASphereapproximately 2 minutesSaw hovering objects in eastern night sky over Fairbanks International Airport.4/2/99
3/4/99 21:00Puerto Vallarto (Mexico)MexicoFireball3 minutesOrange object moving from north to south in the western sky in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.9/17/00
3/4/99 20:45GreerAZUSALight10 min.Driving home one night, I looked up and saw a bright light, approx. 30 degrees off the road. It was flashing very fast, from red to ora4/2/99
3/4/99 20:45PhoenixAZUSAOtherFive MinutesWe saw a very bright light that looked like a comet, with a smoke looking trail coming from behind the light.4/2/99
3/4/99 19:55PhoenixAZUSACone2 X 2 min.Possible rocket launch unknown to Air Traffic Control.4/2/99
3/4/99 19:30BridgeportCAUSALight10 minutesBright light appeared over truck while driving up Jack Sawyer Road one mile south of Bridgeport just after dark. Got out of the truck a2/16/00
3/4/99 19:00WellingtonNVUSAFireball5 minutesWe saw a comet-like light in the southwest sky while travelling toward Wellington Nevada4/26/99
3/4/99 19:00LancasterCAUSAOther8 minutesPicture perfect white, "comet-like" object moving West to East. Second object, same as first -- but moving due South. Elapsed time, 8 4/2/99
3/4/99 19:00Golden ValleyAZUSALight3 minutesWe were driving down a dirt side road in Golden Valley when we spotted in the sky over the hills a ball of light with a fan shaped bea4/2/99
3/4/99 19:00Chowchilla (south of, Madera County)CAUSAFireball15 minutesGreen glowing ball with an orange streak, (like vapor). Then saw a bright white ball with a triangular white glow behind it.4/2/99
3/4/99 18:55Nevada City/North San Juan (between)CAUSALight5 minsaw a light in the west surrounded by haze like a comet, then the haze got bigger and bigger, then the light dissapeared leaving a big 4/2/99
3/4/99 18:55RentonWAUSASphere20 min.a non moving light over Sea Tac Airport that was brighter then Bright light over vicinity of Sea Tac Airport S.W. Bright light in vici4/2/99
3/4/99 18:48ColvilleWAUSAFireball2 secondsJet breaking sound barrier folowed by a bright green fireball4/2/99
3/4/99 18:00NilesOHUSACigar10 minutesWitnessed cigar shaped objects with tails streaming behind them. Some were going up, others going down, some criss-crossed each other, 4/2/99
3/4/99 16:00Miami ShoresFLUSADisk7:00minCraft was Disk Shaped with a dome, self illuminating bright white, saw on a clear day through my telescope.6/23/99
3/4/99 12:15WichitaKSUSADisk5 minA silver disk seen hovering over Mc Connel AFB4/2/99
3/4/99 07:15FresnoCAUSACigar4 to 5 minutesLooked up into night sky and saw a light that at first we thought was a helicopter with a spotlight until the object left but the light4/2/99
3/4/99 06:55NovatoCAUSAOther30 secondsHeavy sound of helicopter(s) shaking house. Went out back. Could not see source of noise. Coming closer. Looked up and saw what appe4/2/99
3/3/99 22:51Gilroy (5 miles So of)CAUSAFireball< 1 secVery bright white/light-green light going East-West seems to expand suddenly (explode ?) and vanish in a fraction of a second. Trajecto8/5/01
3/3/99 21:00CampbellsportWIUSATriangle15 minutesCraft going West turned completely around heading back East4/2/99
3/3/99 21:00ClermontGAUSAOther2 minutesV-shaped object with brite white lights running all under it. Flying East to West4/2/99
3/3/99 17:00Fair OaksCAUSADiskphotoTook photos of unusual chemtrails, after photos developed last week, theres a picture of a yellow round object with blue around one sid9/12/99
3/3/99 12:10San AntonioTXUSATriangle15minutesi was the third witness on the scene.i saw 1 craft only .5 craft were seen by the other witnesses. it started almost directly overhead4/2/99
3/2/99 20:30SeffnerFLUSALight45 secondswalking to my car in the driveway I saw a contrail , visible because of the full moon.....the object resembled a satellite ...a faint4/2/99
3/2/99 20:15DallasTXUSASphere60 secondsWhile stargazing at The Orion Nebula I heard a noise over my head like aero-braking or something. As I looked up I witnessed a jet bank4/2/99
3/2/99 19:04Miami BeachFLUSACircle30 scsI was on the beach and saw 2 orange red objects very high up moving east to west in quick jerking motions, followed about 5 seconds lat2/16/99
3/2/99CovinaCAUSAEgg2-3 minObject, peach glowing egg shape ends up and down moved slowley south to north high in sky. emitted single popping sound.4/2/99
3/1/99 23:52Del MarCAUSATriangleStrip BarIt was green with flashing lights. Bright red lights. White lights towarsdthe front.4/2/99
3/1/99 22:00Eagle MountainTXUSALight4 MINUTESMy husband was standing in our living room when he noticed two objects in the east, he called me to come see. There were two strange cr4/2/99
3/1/99 22:00Toronto National ForestAZUSALight10:34slowly moved across the sky then disapered in half a second looked like 3 or 4 lights on bottom all white no flashing what so ever4/26/99
3/1/99 22:00RockfordILUSAflashback2/18/01
3/1/99 18:30ButteMTUSADisk3 SecondsSmall disk in a blizzard totally unaffected8/5/01
3/1/99 18:00LumbertonMSUSAChanging4 hoursThe night before the comet, at first that's what I thought it was. It originally appeared as a "ball of fire" in the sky. Then two more6/23/99
3/1/99 17:30Piney (Lawrence County (rural) )TNUSALight10 minuteshovering light, no sound, exited at very high rate of speed4/2/99
3/1/99 16:00Chicago (Irving Park Road)ILUSATriangle2 minutesBringing my family home from the Forest Preserve, driving toward downtown throgh Irving Park Road my son Jose saw a triangular shaped 9/19/02