National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 12/1998


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
12/31/98 23:59AppletonWIUSATeardrop1 minuteI was at a party waiting for 1999 I saw 6 crafts which formed a triange.5/24/99
12/31/98 23:50Macuto (Venezuela)Venezuela5 sec.objects moving at high velocity over the sea, north to south coming from the caribbean sea.9/9/03
12/31/98 23:49ArubaArubaCircle8 secI saw a smal circel form coming from the north it stop and then rapidity moving to the south.It was about 45 degrees high looking at th7/13/05
12/31/98 23:41Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic)Dominican RepublicEgg2 minutesObject was yellow ligthted egg moving north to south at a very low altitude and amazingly fast for a plane,no noise of engine. New year5/24/99
12/31/98 23:30Burnt HillsNYUSALight2 minutes3 bright white objects slowly flying, then hovering, with small orange sparks falling from each2/16/99
12/31/98 23:00Jonesboro (near)LAUSAChanging3 minSlow pink blob11/26/03
12/31/98 22:50Nassau (Great Harbour Key, 30nm nw of Nassau) (Bahamas)BahamasFireball30 secondsGlowing ball flying parrallel to the earth at about 10,000 feet5/24/99
12/31/98 21:31Las VegasNVUSADisk5 min.I was standing on top of Parking Garage, looked up at sky, so.east, and saw to look like 12-15 disk, silver in color, and perfectly cir10/2/99
12/31/98 19:30Cherry HillNJUSALight5 min.I just arrived home. It was about 7-7:30 PM. I was taking some items out of my van. I was facing north, stand at the back of my van. I 5/24/99
12/31/98 11:30Bejuma, Edo. Carabobo, Caracas (Venezuela)VenezuelaLight4 minuteswe saw a bright yellow-blue-red light in the sky very high and a very high speed2/16/99
12/30/98 17:58SpokaneWAUSAFireball4-5 secondsextremely bright light appearing to the south of our location moving straight down from upper atmoshpere to ground was not moveing hori5/24/99
12/30/98 12:00Vieques (Puerto Rico)Puerto RicoyearsBack in early 90's at area 51, when the media began to uncover most of what the government was working on and also the different types10/31/08
12/30/98 02:00Cape May Court HouseNJUSASphere< 30 secondsDriving home from my girlfriend's house during the winter break for Christmas I noticed a sphere-like object, silvery/chrome/reflective10/30/06
12/29/98 00:16Primm (5 miles west of, on I-15 WestboundNVUSALight2 Min.Yellow in color. with a black rectangle in the yellow light. It was traveling from west to east. North of I-158/5/01
12/28/98 23:50Silver SpringsNYUSASphere10 minutesin the S by SW sky 3 fingers held at arms lenght above the horizon. This orange light ball moved erratically to the west maintaining al2/16/99
12/28/98 22:35Kure BeachNCUSACone5 minCraft approached as a star in the night sky - zig zaged extemely fast side to side. Hovered over ocean,motionless suspended for approx2/23/00
12/28/98 21:30Hilton HeadSCUSALight30 MinA fast moving light is observed over the ocean2/14/06
12/28/98 19:45Winter Park (just outside Orlando)FLUSAFireball3 secondsLarge green fireball seen through clouds falling diagonally for 3 seconds and terminating in a flash of white light.5/24/99
12/28/98 05:45WeatherfordTXUSALight15 min.Our dog was barking so I went to investigate. While watching the dogs outside I noticed a very bright light that seemed to be coming to2/16/99
12/27/98 22:30HodgkinsILUSALight5 min.Several co-workers and I were at work by the quarry in Hodgkins, IL and saw something in the sky.2/16/99
12/27/98 10:30StruthersOHUSASphereWe saw two sets of crosses composed of five luminous spheres each. One cross was slightly higher than the other. The spheres were of v4/26/99
12/27/98 04:38Christchurch (New Zealand)New ZealandUnknown12 secondsMoving extreamely fast, no sound, changed direction. >From one end of the night sky to the other in 11 seconds.2/16/99
12/27/98 01:00StrathamNHUSARectangle30 seconds?I saw a rectangular shape in the sky. One blueish light in the center, one "pearl" colored light at each end. No lights were flashing b2/16/99
12/26/98 23:00ModestoCAUSARectangle30 secondsOn Saturday night 2 other persons and myself observed 4 primary targets in a parallel formation, traveling in the eastern horizon at ab2/16/99
12/26/98 12:30Eagle RiverAKUSAOval15 min.Girlfriend and I, were driving down a remote road, and we wittnessed a oval shaped craft land on top of a mountain. It was a very clea9/6/02
12/25/98 23:30VanceSCUSACircle3Frightening & beautiful at the same time, but we definitely have never forget that experience.5/14/19
12/25/98 22:50JamestownPAUSALight1-2 min.I saw what I thought was a planet because it was in the ecliptic plane. Further observations concluded no lights or becons, no sound a2/16/99
12/25/98 22:00CarmelCAUSACircle10 minutesMy friends and I were sitting on Carmel Beach facing west. It was pitch black outside. Approximately three to four miles of the cost we9/12/19
12/25/98 19:04Salt Lake City (south of)UTUSACircle3-4 secondsWe were traveling south on I-15 to Utah County from Salt Lake county and to the right as I watched incoming airplanes from the south I 2/16/99
12/25/98 16:00Haltwhistle (Near) (UK/England)United KingdomLight5 minutesBright light followed our car in fog; happened near Hadrian's wall in England, Christmas of 98'.1/17/04
12/25/98 14:00Fountain HillsAZUSASphere10 secondsWe saw a spherical, metallic object in the west. Moving extremely fast to the west. No way to determine the size of the craft as we d2/16/99
12/25/98 13:30Kansas CityMOUSAChevron5 minutesOn Christmas Day 1998 we saw a boomerang north of Kansas City.2/24/01
12/24/98 21:00HathawayLAUSACylinder5 min.It was Christmas Eve "98. My girlfriend was leaving my house and I walked her outside to her car. All of a sudden, we both saw a cylind10/2/99
12/24/98 19:00FairfaxVAUSAUnknown1.5 sec.I was ouyside my cousin's home smoking a cig. before getting ready to go to work at Dulles airport as a aviation mechanic. I was watchi11/20/02
12/23/98 22:35ManitowocWIUSAChevron20 minutesWe were looking out in the easterly direction when we saw a chevron shaped object hovering above the lake4/2/99
12/23/98 22:00MiamiFLUSACircle3 minutesBig round red pulsating, plasma like ball in S. FL heading west & disappearing from view4/22/03
12/23/98 19:57Toa Baja (Puerto Rico)Puerto Rico4 secondsThe Object was Trianglar in shape there was no sound are Lights. It moved slowly.and was only visible with the stars as a backround.I'v1/17/04
12/23/98 17:20Grand CanyonAZUSAOther45secondsa friend and I were waiting for the sunset at the far west observing area when I watched a stingray shaped craft cruise in from the sou7/5/99
12/22/98 23:30Missouri CityTXUSAFormationon goingThe back yard at 11:30 Pm was lit up like dog was several pictures..enclosed is best one...2/16/99
12/22/98 21:00Rome (GA)/Cedar Bluff (AL)GAUSAChanging2.5 hoursAt 9PM, in Cherokee, AL while leaving my lakehouse, I saw the first one hovering, then moving. I used perspective to ensure movement. 2/16/99
12/22/98 20:05IndianapolisINUSACircle.5 sec.Appx. 1/4 mile east of SR135 8 miles South of Indianapolis a green ball appx. the size of 1/16 of a thumbnail at arms' distance traveli2/16/99
12/22/98 18:30PhoenixAZUSASphere15 minutesthree sphere shaped lights in a trianlge formation above camleback mt.3/21/03
12/22/98 12:00East BethelMNUSAUnknown5 minutesWell, i just recently looked at a picture that was taken late last year. Now, I don't know if it's a jet, or a ufo. i was hoping some11/17/99
12/22/98 07:25DenverCOUSAOval5-6 secGoing to work, ahead of me at a stop light I saw a small object moving at a fast rate. It was crossing my direction of travel at an est2/16/99
12/21/98 18:30Rupert (5 miles north of)IDUSADisk10 minutesDark night, craft "sliding" erraticly from NW to SE, bright white lights spaced around in circle with millions of "sparklers" inbetween9/12/99
12/21/98 06:30MansfieldOHUSASphere30 secondsPewter spheres over interstate3/18/14
12/21/98 02:10Myrtle BeachSCUSADisk30 secondsSpotted Medium Speed moving object heading NNW, below the clouds.2/16/99
12/20/98 20:30West Palm BeachFLUSATriangle10 secondsTriangle UFO sighting1/5/11
12/20/98 19:30CharlestonSCUSASphere3 secondsGreen flaming ball streaking from north to south with tail behind2/16/99
12/20/98 02:30Kansas (on interstate)KSUSAUnknown2 minutesLow flying object with light shining down on road , apparently a helicopter which made no noticeable noise. 500 Lights On Object0:1/21/08
12/19/98 21:00Quartsite/PhoenixAZUSAOval20 minutes that we sawMe and my boyfriend were on our way to California on I-10. I saw a bright light, bluish in tone and told my boyfriend to look. It proce4/2/99
12/19/98 20:00RiddleORUSALight15 secondsWas looking at the night sky on a clear night and noticed an object about the brightness of the North star moving West across the sky. 2/16/99
12/19/98 18:20Fleetwood/DryvillePAUSALight1 to 2 secondsSaw a red dot in the sky, which then appeared to change shape and streak away.2/16/99
12/19/98 03:57PhoenixAZUSAFireball3 minutesI saw a green fireball in the sky and there was definitely an aircraft behind the ball of light.2/16/99
12/19/98 03:30Kansas (location unspecified)KSUSALight1 minuteWhat I thought was a helicopter made no noise as it flew over my car.10/30/06
12/19/98 00:57MagnoliaTXUSALight50 minutesI am located about 35 miles slightly northwest of downtown Houston, TX and about 12 miles directly east of Magnolia, TX. I observed tw2/16/99
12/18/98 22:00West RichlandWAUSAUnknown1 hourI saw 2 lights settled in a constellation, which appeared to be stars, but had a sudden abnormal movement. One below the belt of orion 2/16/99
12/18/98 22:00Boca GrandeFLUSADisk5 minutesFootball field size saucer with blinking white lights, made no sound as it traveled across the sky near Boca Grande, FL5/15/06
12/18/98 21:00MechanicsburgPAUSAUnknown20 minutesCraft of undetermined shape with a single strobe light hovered in the area. One had a white strobe, which turned red, then white again.2/16/99
12/18/98 19:27UticaNYUSALight45 sec.two very bright lights in southern sky descended slowlyand dimmed to gray then back to bright and disappeared.2/16/99
12/18/98 06:30Port AngelesWAUSADiamondaprox 10 minNight time sighting, 3 large gold lights on corners, one red light on nose of diamond, couldn't see any body but heard FAINT JET ENGINE2/16/99
12/18/98 00:25IrontonOHUSA5 to 10 secondsIf this was an aircraft I've no knowledge of the type.12/9/00
12/17/98 22:00SeattleWAUSALight3-4 sec.Definitely a meteor, IMHO. steady white light, falling roughly parabolically ~ENE of me. Lasted about 3-4 seconds.1/28/99
12/17/98 20:38SevernMDUSAFireball5 SecondsObserved green fireball in South sky falling straight down1/28/99
12/17/98 19:00West PlainsMOUSAUnknown2 HOURSbright orange lights in perfect horizontal formation 5-8 sec & went out 1 by 1. Also object traveling very fast, then bright light and1/28/99
12/17/98 14:12Bossier CityLAUSACircle3 minutesI was looking into the bright blue sky wathing a trail from a high speed us aircaft. When I was looking I saw a bright circular item s1/28/99
12/17/98 09:00EscondidoCAUSAOvalsecondI glanced up and saw a small white oval traveling very rapidly across the sky. I ran outside to get a better look as I had been looking4/26/99
12/17/98 07:10DecaturALUSAChanging10 min.Driving east just before dawn the sky was cloudless. Suddenly a cloud appeared very dence about the size of a football field. it was at1/28/99
12/17/98 02:15La HabraCAUSAFireball5 secondsFirst appeared as a huge meteor, but instead of burning out it exploded out; left a "dark hole" where it dissapeared followed by a stre1/28/99
12/16/98 23:33Plantation KeyFLUSAat least 1 minIt was 11:33 PM on Wednesday 12/16/98 on our way home from Miami to Marathon Florida. |At about 89 mile marker,my wife said : Do you se1/28/99
12/16/98 23:33Port CharlotteFLUSADiskapprox.1-3minsilent ship close enough to hit with a rock(but i didn't)5/24/05
12/16/98 23:30Long KeyFLUSAFireball20-30 secondsWe saw approx. 12 comet-like objects moving from the SW to the NE. They were in a ununiformed formation, & all had massive comet-like t1/28/99
12/16/98 23:18BakersfieldCAUSAFireball2 minutesOrange glowing fireball with structures radiating from the light source1/28/99
12/16/98 21:38Demotte (viewed from)INUSATeardrop4 - 5 secondsGreen round glowing fireball with short glowing tail, fell slowly from below cloud cover to very near ground level, viewed at distance.1/28/99
12/16/98 20:53ConroeTXUSALight7 secondsFast point of light (no tail) decending rapidly towards the earth at a down angle of ~45 degrees of 45 degrees1/28/99
12/16/98 19:40LubbockTXUSAChevron3 minutesObject southbound, displaying three white lights, slowed, hovered, quickly accelerated and made a low, banking turn to the east and the1/28/99
12/16/98 05:00Manchester (UK/England)ManchesterUnited KingdomOther5 to 10 minutesA brilliant white light that grew in intensity until it lit everything up and an inverted Y shape of smoke3/4/22
12/15/98 23:30Orlando (Disney World Resort)FLUSAUnknown1 minuteThree or four red lights int he shape of a squre or triangle way up in the sky moving at a rapid pace.1/28/99
12/15/98 23:30Fort MyersFLUSALight5 seconds3 lights with a very large flame trail traveling west to east2/16/99
12/15/98 23:00Grand PrairieTXUSADisk20If anyone is really listening, or cares, we are NOT ALONE!2/18/01
12/15/98 22:50Senftenberg (Germany)GermanyOther1 minutelightsoder shades, that´s turning around a center1/28/99
12/15/98 22:30HintonWVUSALight5 minutesTwo lights at extremely high altitude and speed, travelling parallel to each other, in an Westerly direction. They first appeared to b6/6/00
12/15/98 22:00MiddletownOHUSACircle10-minI was driving to work at approx.22:00p.m. going down rte.4 heading toward Middletown,Ohio from Dayton,Ohio where I reside. as I approac1/29/02
12/15/98 22:00MillingtonTNUSACircleWell on that night i was sitting at home when my dad called me from his car on his way home from work.He told me that i should go outsi9/12/99
12/15/98 22:00AlbuquerqueNMUSACross15 secondslarge cross shaped ship flew over the city .2/16/99
12/15/98 21:00BethlehemPAUSATriangle4 minutesDark equilateral triangle outlined by lights, no noise, east to west movement, very slow speed.4/2/99
12/15/98 20:00FairbanksAKUSAFormation5 minutesformation of brilliant amber-orange lights completely silent over Fairbanks, AK12/12/09
12/15/98 19:30EastonPAUSACigar5 min.While driving home with family, heading south on 25th St. Saw a cigar shaped craft, with lights flying low, slow and heading east tow11/9/99
12/15/98 17:40Saratoga Lake/Saratoga SpringsNYUSAChanging15 minutesWhile videotaping a craft hovering silently over Saratoga Lake, a second unlit craft shot up from the lake,lit up and hovered.5/24/99
12/15/98 17:10OrovilleCAUSALight20 minutesA pair of lights joined by another light. They separate back into pair and single.1/28/99
12/15/98 17:00Saratoga Springs (Crescent & Kaydeross Ave.)NYUSASpheretwo minutesGlowing,spinning rapidly,displaying quickly changing multi-colored patterns and repeating designs,hovering silently at 70ft.Videotaped.5/24/99
12/15/98 17:00CarmelINUSAFireball1 hourI went outside to pick up the trash cans and i saw 10-15 jets heading in the same direction towards two fireballs. I remember thinking2/16/99
12/15/98 15:15CincinnatiOHUSAEgg30secs.It was fast, at a very high altitude. It looked very small and had an odd contrail. Clear sky.4/2/99
12/15/98 10:00Rocky Point/Hampstead (Rural area outside of)NCUSASphere5 minutesHunter views UFO and is later buzzed by two military aircraft.8/30/99
12/15/98 09:25ArabALUSASphere45 minutesBright orange sphere in southwest quadrant of sky which appeared to be at an altitude of approximately 40,000 feet close to Atlanta/Bir2/16/99
12/15/98 09:07AtlantaGAUSASphere15 minutesShiny golden metallic sphere gliding across the skies of Atlanta, GA. December 15, 1998, 09:07am.4/26/99
12/15/98 07:10AtlantaGAUSAEgg2 minutesOn approach to downtown atlanta via automobile (traveling east on I-20) I noticed what I thought was a military helicopter or transport1/28/99
12/15/98 03:30PetalumaCAUSACircle1 secondBright white disk, traveling rapidly in a straight line from Northwest to North toward the horizon.2/16/99
12/15/98 00:45Montreal (Canada)PQCanadaUnknown10 secondsMeteor with a green tail shooting straight down towards eastern canada or north-eastern us.12/2/00
12/15/98 00:30BaltimoreMDUSADisk10 minutes..An armada in formation flying over the Baltimore beltway8/25/00
12/15/98 00:00WaterfordWIUSARectangle5 minsilent Large slow moving rectangle shape close to ground . waterford wisconsin 199811/28/07
12/14/98 21:05LittletonMAUSADisk1 secondFaint disk travelling parallel to I495 southbound in Littleton MA.2/16/99
12/14/98 20:15St. CharlesMOUSAFireball15-30 secondsMyself and my wife while sitting at a traffic light saw what looked like a green fire ball, slightly smaller than my pinky finger if he1/28/99
12/14/98 19:30Albany (Western Australia)AustraliaFlash10 MinutesLooking up at the sky for Meteors and Come across a real Bright Star but was moving and had red flashing light on it then disserperd to1/28/99
12/14/98 15:25Redmond (Due east of, beyond Issaquah, near mtns.)WAUSADisk1 minuteWork at Microsoft Redwest, was crossing to Cafe for coffee break, and looked to east at Cascades, suddenly saw 2 objects coming north t11/20/02
12/14/98 05:50BloomingtonILUSAFormation30 secwalking my dog early in the a.m. just happened to look up and saw what looked like two stars at about that distance folllowing each ot1/28/99
12/14/98 04:00SpokaneWAUSAFireball4 secondsI saw a greenball of light fall from the sky.1/28/99
12/14/98 00:50MukilteoWAUSAFormation5 - 10 secondsSaw formation of 5 translucent lights coming out of the south1/28/99
12/14/98 00:00WhartonTXUSALight1-2 secDriving in the country roads1/28/99
12/13/98 23:25CottontownTNUSAOther30 minMany shooting stars spotted1/28/99
12/13/98 23:20Sikeston/Morley (between)MOUSASphere5 sec.object seen traveling from south to notrh1/28/99
12/13/98 23:20Sikeston/Morley (between)MOUSASphere10 bound from south to north.1/28/99
12/13/98 23:10LeavenworthKSUSAFireball2-3 secondsThe ufo appeared as a falling star except that it was falling more straight down instead of arching across the sky. It was blue W/Blue 2/16/99
12/13/98 23:10IndianapolisINUSAFireball4secI saw a green-white fire ball moving west southwest. It looked like(size and shape) the HailBop comet but, moving much faster.1/28/99
12/13/98 23:00Baton RougeLAUSALightabout 5 secIt was a long light, blue with a purpleish tint. Resembled a shooting star, but appeared and disappeared but ended before the horizon.1/28/99
12/13/98 20:45Fort SmithARUSALight2minFirst off I just want to say I have no idea what is going on in Ft smith Ark Also I just want to say I was not going to report this at 1/28/99
12/13/98 20:00Massachusetts (Loc. Unknown)MAUSAFireballabout 15 minutesA light was moving at extreme speeds in a sharp circle it was changing from blue to white on route 2 east bound.7/5/99
12/13/98 19:00HauserORUSALight30econdsnoticed a flash of light while driving looked up and saw nothing then a few seconds later a saw the a bright ball of light travelling a1/28/99
12/13/98 14:00DenverCOUSAFormation5-10 minutesA formation of a constant group of 1 dozen metallic/lights near DIA1/28/99
12/13/98 12:30Fall RiverMAUSALight5 secondsi seen a flash and looked in the sky,then i seen a green streak going from right to left for about five seconds.2/16/99
12/13/98 06:45St. PetersMOUSALight8-10 minutesObserved extremely bright object in the sky.1/28/99
12/13/98 05:00Clayton/Chesterfield/LadueMOUSAOval1 hour 15 minI first spotted two objects west of my position. They were 1000 feet above ground level in the night sky. One was greenish blue and a1/28/99
12/13/98 02:00Ashburton (UK/England)United KingdomCigar2 minutesFour large white lights surrounded by a luminus edge5/24/05
12/13/98 02:00LafayetteCOUSAOther2 hoursEvent was a meteor shower. 5 meteors spotted in one hour plus 6 regular shooting stars.1/28/99
12/12/98 23:30Bradenton/PalmettoFLUSALight1.5 secGreen light moved extremely fast over the sky in the north. seemed to move downward to the horizon. no meteor. not a plane. Duration ab1/28/99
12/12/98 18:45Atlanta (E of, near the LA border)TXUSAFireball20 secondsI was sitting in a stand hunting when I caught the reflection of a light on my glasses. I looked up and thought it was a planet which 11/20/02
12/12/98 18:00Amsterdam (The Netherlands)NetherlandsCircle5 min.great circle with lights over Amsterdam2/1/07
12/12/98 02:30Bangor/Falmoth (Between)MEUSALightUntil I gave up looking aWe were driving extremely early in the morning, when I looked up at the sky to watch the stars. I noticed an unusually bright looking 5/24/99
12/12/98 02:00Ashburton (UK/England)United KingdomCigartwiceSubj: two sightings since dec98, also sky news report covered up why? Date: 18/01/02 To: In december 98 my gir7/26/02
12/11/98 23:00Milton (Canada)ONCanadaCircle3-4 secBright glowing object12/2/00
12/11/98 22:30New BostonNHUSALight40 minutesHovering light with flashing blue and red; movement was irratic and non-airplane like. Appeared as large (moving) star. Another small1/28/99
12/11/98 19:50PensacolaFLUSAFireball4 minutesilluminating firey red ball that slowly sunk over the bay between Pensacola and Gulf Breeze1/31/04
12/11/98 19:00Culver CityCAUSALight5 secondsWhile driving home I saw a light high in the sky, moving from east to west in a straight line, except at one point it acted like it wen1/28/99
12/11/98 16:45Colorado SpringsCOUSADisk15 minIn twilight a disk shaped object "about the size of a dime held at arms length was seen by a husband and wife. They grabbed field clas2/16/99
12/10/98 21:30Santiago (Chile)ChileCigar3 secondsvery bright elongated light in the sky,must had been more than 200 meters long7/5/99
12/10/98 21:11PlymouthMAUSADiamond10 minutesi am 14 and was coming back from my football banquet in a car with my father going north when i noticed a very bright diamond shaped ob1/28/99
12/10/98 19:50HesstonKSUSATriangle10 minutesTriangle shaped with a very bright light on each corner with a flashing red beacon in the middle.1/28/99
12/10/98 18:27Santa RosaCAUSALight70 secondsStrange, projectile-firing light over northern california.1/28/99
12/10/98 04:55LincolnshireILUSAFireball7 secondsRed fireball travelling south to north with tail 4 or 5 times size of object. Lasted 7 seconds then winked out.1/28/99
12/10/98 03:19ManchesterNYUSAFireball3secondsgreen fire ball seen in the sky 3/4 the size of the moon.9/28/02
12/10/98 03:05Fort MillNCUSADisk10-12 secondsThe object was a dull orange glow, shaped like a flattened image of Saturn. It crossed in front of Orion and I caught it in my binocula1/28/99
12/10/98 01:15Camp PendeltonCAUSASphere3 1/2 HRSBlue Sphere5/24/05
12/10/98 01:00I-81 (northbound between mile marker 34 to 38 aprox.)TNUSATriangle3 min.UFO hovered over my vehicle while traveling on I-81 , late at night.1/28/99
12/9/98 20:43Chagrin FallsOHUSALight10 secI was outside looking up at the western night sky at 8:43:30pm est, at about 2 o'clock high. I saw a small point of light move from the1/28/99
12/9/98 08:05PhoenixAZUSACircle20 secondsstrange light moving at high speed1/28/99
12/9/98 07:15Eureka (sighted from)CAUSATeardrop15 min.Looking out window of house and saw a massive object descending in a straight path to earth near the horizon in the far distance.1/28/99
12/9/98 06:25Jerseyville (north of)ILUSALightone minuteA moving, brightly lit object was about the cross the highway in front of my but vanished.1/28/99
12/9/98 01:30AlamosaCOUSAOval45 secondsI am a police officer in alamosa colorado. on the date and time above, i was on routine patrol, i was traveling northbound along a coun1/28/99
12/9/98 00:00KalamazooMIUSALightabout 1 minutea little ball of light making little circles in the sky1/28/99
12/8/98 23:02Belton (5mi south on SR Y)MOUSAFireball2 sec.Green fire ball with orange sparkles trailing behind1/28/99
12/8/98 20:05Lake ForkTXUSALight3 secondsA previous report of a very bright light was a satellite.9/12/99
12/8/98 20:00Vilonia (Just south of)ARUSACircle5 min. aprox.I was talking to some friends outside. I saw an arch of light shaped object moving south slowly, I had to use binoculars to see the arc9/28/02
12/8/98 18:30De LeonTXUSALight5 minutesmy daughter and I were returnung from town which is about six miles from our house when we saw three round orange colored lights in the11/17/99
12/8/98 06:30Fort SmithARUSATriangle5minI own a Telescope as of a few days ago, tonight was the first night it was clear since I bought it, anyway I as I looked off to the no1/28/99
12/8/98 03:00Houston (Canada)BCCanadaLightUnknownHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Light/Object sitting on the ground.3/17/04
12/8/98outer spaceCircle1-2 secondsDuring the space walk on Monday, I was watching CSPAN and saw something strange. At one point during the space walk the robotic arm or1/28/99
12/7/98 22:15Soddy DaisyTNUSASphere7 minutesWe saw a round object hover about 200 feet above the cooling towers of the Sequoia Nuclear facility. The object emitted a soft white gl1/28/99
12/7/98 18:00Anchorage/GirdwoodAKUSALight12 minBright white light moving swiftly over Anchorage & Elmenforf AFB, followed by red flashing lights (helicopters?), also radio call in re1/28/99
12/7/98 16:10Alloa (UK/Scotland)United KingdomOval5 minutesThe UFO in the sky we saw it on a birthday of my friends!!!!!5/14/02
12/7/98 10:00Soddy DaisyTNUSASphere5-10minsBright sphere seen over Sequoia Nuclear plant in Soddy Daisy TN3/23/11
12/7/98 04:30MedinaOHUSAFireball5 - 10 secondsRed/Orange fire ball, Baseball size with sparks, smoke, and trail.2/16/99
12/7/98 00:00PlanoTXUSACircle1/2 sec.On tape, I have cicular objects moving across screen to fast to be an airplane. Defenatly not a weather ballon.1/28/99
12/6/98 23:58Orange (W/B SR-22, Garden Grove Fwy, @ Main St.)CAUSAFireball< 1 secondWhile driving on the freeway at 2358 hours on a Sunday night, I observed a green fireball with an orange tail shoot straight down.5/24/99
12/6/98 21:30PhilipsburgPAUSADisk4hoursLast evening my wife first saw 3 craft with red and white strobe lights flying horizontal and vertical in the clear sky outside my son'1/28/99
12/6/98 20:30Culpeper County (location unspecified)VAUSACircle25 minutesSee Full description ((Police officer reports sighting of a "bright ball of light."))1/28/99
12/6/98 19:40Santa RosaCAUSALight15 minutesPale red light, approx. 1000 foot altitude, very slowly elevated to 1500 feet,then proceded towards our direction, so we continued driv1/28/99
12/6/98 19:00Tjorn (Sweden)SwedenSphere2.5 secondsA blue/greenish sphere suddenly appeared above the horizon, and then fell right down and faded.1/28/99
12/6/98 18:45PhoenixAZUSACylinder45 secondsWhile working security I seen a object enter earths atmosphere, then glide over mountains east of Phoenix.1/28/99
12/6/98 18:25Las VegasNVUSATriangle5 minutesCame over Mountain to East which has Antenni and banked to South and flew just below broken cloud cover. It had no running lights but 1/28/99
12/6/98 08:30RomeGAUSAFireball5-7 secNE to NW Very fast and low flying, White light changing to Bright blue, then blueish red glow, turning to red, then turning solid yello1/28/99
12/6/98 07:30Washington C.H.OHUSAFireballWe spotted a green fireball flying over the city as we were coming home from a near by resturant. It looked similiar to a fire work of 1/28/99
12/6/98 00:30ColumbusTXUSAFireball4 secondsWas heading back to Houston Tx, when I saw a green fireball streak across the sky from west to east. Only it sorta dashed across like s1/28/99
12/5/98 21:21PahrumpNVUSACircle1 minuteenroute to las vegas I observed a green orb from my rearview mirrior and the in my windsheild. It made a slight change of directions 1/28/99
12/5/98 20:30Las VegasNVUSAUnknown10 secondsBright light shining directionally out of a cloudy shape or object, got bright and smoky and then disappered.1/28/99
12/5/98 19:00Ajijic (Mexico)MexicoLightvery bright pinpoint light w/ cone shape vapor trail. Observed for 5 min, looked to be at 3 to 5 k ft. pinpoint started to move and dis1/28/99
12/5/98 19:00Valle de Bravo (Mexico)MexicoLight2 MINUTESWhite bright light like a headlight with a cloudy proyection though heaven was clear. It suddenly disspareared leaving just the bright 1/28/99
12/5/98 18:15GlendaleAZUSAOther60 secsObject appeared from behind mesa, ascended at about a 70 degree angle, taking maybe a minute to ascend 8-10,000 ft, passing into cloud.1/28/99
12/5/98 17:02Marina del Rey/Los AngelesCAUSAUnknownfull minuteWhile walking with three other witnesses at about dusk, I viewed a contrail headed toward me from a direct West compass heading. The o1/28/99
12/5/98 03:00AtlantaGAUSAFireball1-1.5sec.Atlanta "meteor" fireball, December 5th 1998, approx. 03:00am Image computer recreation of event mailed to 'images site'.1/28/99
12/4/98 22:25StanfordCAUSALight15 secondsI am a senior in college, and was walking northwest in a campus parking lot. I looked up and noticed a very distinct formation of light1/28/99
12/3/98 23:30KirklandWAUSATriangle1minute +On Thursday night, December 3, 1998, I was driving alone toward my home. At approximately 11:30 pm, I turned right onto Slater Street,1/28/99
12/3/98 23:30KirklandWAUSATriangle1minute +I saw a wedged shaped craft with very bright lights, approx. 150 feet above the street near my home on December 3,1998 at 11:30 pm.1/28/99
12/3/98 18:30AlbanyNYUSALightunknownSearch lights??with no apparent origin from ground.1/28/99
12/3/98 18:15AlbanyNYUSAOvalFour oval lighted shapes, flying rapidly in circle, coming together in single center point for a few seconds, then apart again.4/2/99
12/3/98 18:00San Saba CountyTXUSAFormation40 minutesGlowing amber lights hovering in formation and morphing from 1 to 51/28/99
12/2/98 17:00ColumbusOHUSADisk5 minutesIt was a round/disk shaped object that reflected the sunlight. It was hovering at an angle. I say hovering cause it moved like that, no1/28/99
12/1/98 21:20Fort WayneINUSAOther2 minutesIt hovered slowly and silently over us just above the trees on a NE - SW course. It was covered in bright white lights that did not pr1/28/99
12/1/98 18:00Westfield (5 Miles North of)INUSAFireball10-12 SecondsThis was observed while driviing north on US 31. Object flying WNW from ESE app. 500 ft. alt., at 4-500 mph. Medium brightness yellowi8/5/01
12/1/98 17:50CulpeperVAUSAOval5 minutesWhile on patrol. Noticed an eye ball shaped object. that was very bright in the sky.9/19/02
12/1/98 15:50Malmoe/Copenhagen, Skåne (Sweden/Denmark)Sweden/DenmarkCigar30 minThis was the second time within 10 days that these "Fire-Cigars" was seen above Malmoe city. The first time (on the 20th of November 986/23/99
12/1/98 07:10GlenhavenCAUSACross6 seconds4 objects flying in close formation in a southwest direction at high speed, low altitude, making no sound accept the wind passing by th1/28/99
12/1/98 06:30Traverse City (M-72 West outside)MIUSAFireball10 to 20 secondsA flaming ball according to my dad and what I saw was a flash through the clouds.2/23/00
12/1/98 04:30HoustonTXUSAFireballi could not sleep so i went to get a cup of water. then i looked out of the window to see a lager light that was multi. colored and the12/16/99