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UFO Report Index For 10/1998


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
10/31/98 22:24Brampton (Canada)ONCanadaCircle25-34 secsOn hallowe'en 1998 my friend Jessica and I seen a flying what seemed to be an alien space craft that was there for NO longer than 35 s12/2/00
10/31/98 19:00MissoulaMTUSAChanging20 secondsI noticed a very dim pin point of what looked like a star go from a pin point to half the size of the moon while its light intensified11/19/98
10/31/98 19:00Interstate 80 (westbound, location unknown)OHUSALight45 minutesA strange light behind the clouds followed our car for at least 45 minutes,appearing and disappearing several times,for alomost the ent11/19/98
10/31/98 10:00AnchorageAKUSACircle10 secondsIt was gray and did not move or have any light to it.3/2/04
10/30/98 20:00KirtlandOHUSAChevron2-3min.semi-vee to boomerang shaped object forward edge,lit by a dozen dim white lights.two lights on sound very low altitude.2/1/07
10/30/98 12:30Sudbury (south of) (Canada)ONCanadaCone4 hrscraft was seen in eastern part of sky ,moving in a southerly direction.It had many different coloured lights and appeared to be spinnin12/2/00
10/30/98 03:30Kelowna (Canada)BCCanadaFireball< 2secBright white, spherical object. Approx size = match head held at arm's length. Direction of travel: an ARC, approx. NE to SW. No tail12/2/00
10/30/98 03:30Spansh Cay/Abcos Inlands (Bahamas) (Near Coopers town)BahamasSphere1-2hrsSleeping on a boat on spanish cay,When I woke up,And look out of the south side state room to see a white ball of light dipping in & ou5/3/00
10/29/98 20:30Caldwell (approx 40 miles nw)IDUSALight40-50 secat first looked to be a very bright star,it began to get brighter and brighter and coming closer and larger.Then turned at high speed t10/12/01
10/29/98 19:45LahainaHIUSASphere5 secondsMy freind and I saw a bright sphere like object move across from West to East very rapidly. Towards the end of its flight path, a orang11/19/98
10/29/98 19:00NashvilleTNUSAOther5 minutes8 rocket pay load for emissary sen. J. glenn sts-95 ((NUFORC Note: Nature of report is unclear to us. PD))6/12/07
10/29/98 18:45Los Alamos (viewed from)NMUSAUnknown20 minutesWent outside at approximately 18:40, and witnessed a very large non-random group of white lights located to the east to slightly southe5/24/99
10/29/98 09:35Yuba CityCAUSAFireball1 sec.Large blue/silver sphere with green halo travelled across sky approx 20 deg. arc leaving a white trail. Event lasted 1.0 sec.11/1/98
10/29/98 07:00MissoulaMTUSALightLocal TV caught it on their sky cam camera. Showed it on night news. Other reports of 911 being overloaded with calls from police the 11/1/98
10/29/98 06:30Dublin (on U.S. Interstate 680 North)CAUSACircle5 secondsIn early a.m., already a bit light, at about 45 degrees, a fireball steaked in front of me for about 5 seconds. I was driving about 65 11/20/02
10/29/98 03:30Grand Rapids (North of)MIUSAFireball1 minuteA green fireball with a long "tail" moving rapidly and turning the landscape green11/19/98
10/29/98 03:00Lihue (Kauai)HIUSAOther7-10minI saw what at first was one glowing greenish light and then a total of three that moved in unison in a square pattern down/up and then 11/19/98
10/29/98 00:01Danialson/New Haven (between)CTUSAOther15 secondsGreenish Blue Shooting star seen in Connecticut.2/16/99
10/28/98 23:50Chicago (SW sky over Lake Michigan)ILUSAOval45 MinutesLying in bed I noticed a bright ball in the sky that rapidly changed colors from red to blue to white. After realizing that it hadn't 9/19/02
10/28/98 23:10SherwoodARUSAOther20-30 minIt was about 100-120 feet away. It was about the size of a mini-van. It was an oblong light. It was not shining, but rather glowing.4/26/99
10/28/98 22:00AmarilloTXUSAChevron5 secChevron, translucent, with 3 or 4 small dim white lights. Rapid, straight line movement across wind.11/1/98
10/28/98 21:30Big RapidsMIUSAFireballless than 10 secgreenish fire ball coming down from sky with long tail on it.1/28/99
10/28/98 20:35observer enroute on MN hwy 61 northMNUSASphere5 secondsskies o/cast. Objt. had app. of a meteor but w/ distinct green color. Initially dismissed as meteor11/1/98
10/28/98 10:30DetroitMIUSACircleless than a minutewhite bright circle hung in the sky for approx. 3 seconds before gliding silently in a arc away(northernly) from it's position2/1/07
10/28/98 03:00Polson/PabloMTUSADiskhoursCheck the Polson Paper "Lake County Leader" for the date of 10/28/98. Many people sighted theses and a friend said he was abducted. I h11/19/98
10/28/98 01:38Spokane (I-90 from mile 238 eastbound, over)WAUSAFireball4 secondsfrom south to north very fast went over horizon not sure of color 1/10 size of full moon11/19/98
10/28/98 01:00PagelandSCUSALightbright lightwhile laying in bed watching tv i closed my eyes and before i closed my eyes i looked at the clock and it was 1:00 am and i open my eye10/7/03
10/27/98 03:32NewportTNUSACircle1 sec.While traveling East on I40, between Newport, Tn. and Ashville, Nc. I saw an object streak across the sky. The weather was clear. The s11/1/98
10/26/98 23:14ScottsdaleAZUSAOther5-10 secondsI heard a very loud noise like a jet engine on the next block. I looked in that direction (E-NE) and heard a second noise exactly the 11/1/98
10/26/98 21:50RosevilleCAUSAFireball15 seconds?small red fireball with long white tail, moving West at a very high speed parallel to the ground11/1/98
10/26/98 19:23La VetaCOUSATriangleMe and my wife were going south on I-25, when I notice some flashing orange bright lights. When I looked up to the sky I stopped the ca6/23/99
10/26/98 18:18Tumwater (driving N on I-5)WAUSAFireball2-3 SecondsLarge Blue Fireball with a tail flying in a northern direction. This object was not a typical falling star. The object than disappeare11/1/98
10/26/98 18:05Corfu (Darien/Pembroke/Alexander)NYUSATriangleabout 30 minsA strange light was seen heading east. I followed it. I thought that I had lost it. I looked over to the left side of the road, and 9/19/02
10/26/98 17:58I-405 North-bound, between 124th and 160thWAUSAFireball3-4 secondsA very bright tourqoise ball with a red tail, close to the ground, seemed to explode or flash out at tree level.11/1/98
10/26/98 17:00Redding (a couple miles south of)CAUSACircleabout 1 secondwas watching my kit of birmingham rollers fly, then out the corner of my left eye I noticed something shinney, like a dule chrome, just11/19/98
10/26/98 17:00ReddingCAUSAOvala second or twowas watching kit of pigeons fly, saw out the corner of eye, noticed it and it was gone within a couple of seconds11/19/98
10/26/98 07:00CleburneTXUSALight7 secondsSilvery-blue light streaking across sky, South to North, 1:00 o'clock high to 2 o'clock. Turned to yellow-orange color at 2:00 o'clock 1/28/99
10/26/98 04:50PewaukeeWIUSAFireball30 secthree blue green firebals falling.11/1/98
10/26/98 03:23Kaufman (outside of)TXUSALight35sec.Large oval light, with smaller red light on top that was not blinking, in northern skies.11/1/98
10/26/98 00:30Marina del ReyCAUSA1-2 minutesI hung up the phone with a friend and went to bed. I had pulled the covers around my shoulders and my eyes were closed. With closed eye11/1/98
10/26/98SpencerIAUSAFireball3-4 SECONDSTraveling north on US Highway 71 at approx. 2am on the north edge of Spencer. Saw blueish green fireball traveling west to east. Had r11/1/98
10/26/98Vancouver (watching from field at barn)WAUSAFireball15 secondsSaw a large ball of light while at my barn in the evening. The sky was clear no rain, clouds. It sailed over my head due north.11/1/98
10/25/98 16:20DenverCOUSALight3 minutes3rd sighting of UFO's in DIA area4/26/99
10/25/98 21:20PocatelloIDUSALightapx. 10 min.I was looking out my kitchen door when I saw at a distance a bright flickering white light that appeared to have a diamond shape with r11/1/98
10/25/98 20:25PerrineFLUSAFormation6 secondsMy son and I were looking at constellations when suddenly 4 illuminated units flying in a triangle formation came across the sky, from 11/1/98
10/25/98 19:30VallejoCAUSATriangle45 secondstriangle with four circular lights within moved in unorthodox patterns across the sky 4-5,000 feet above our heads5/11/05
10/25/98 18:30State CollegePAUSADisk15 minsaw large craft with 2 small craft at sunset.thought were jets but were not...barely make out faint outline of mothercraft.....ufo's fl9/28/02
10/25/98Pell City (33.56' 52"N - 86.15' 00" W)ALUSASphere3 secondsCommmercial pilot driving East on I-20, notice object out left window, object is small, bright pulsing white, headed toward ground at a11/1/98
10/24/98 23:15Delray BeachFLUSATriangle5min.My 11 year old son and myself driving north on Military Trial saw bright light in sky.1/28/99
10/24/98 22:00TacomaWAUSALight15 minutes2 white glowing round object's,1 made a 45 degree turn,the other a 90 degree turn.6/4/04
10/24/98 20:15MilwaukeeWIUSALight2 minutesobservation of an orange object in the night sky11/19/98
10/24/98 17:00WilmingtonNCUSALight45minSame as previous description of the other witness.8/16/02
10/24/98 17:00WilmingtonNCUSASphere30 minutesApprox 1 hour before dusk, 7 chrome-colored spheres appeared in the north/northwest sky. The objects didn't appear to be balloons and w11/1/98
10/24/98 13:30Westcliff (near)COUSACircle<1 minuteA friend and myself went to take some pictures of an area we were planning on investing in when we spotted a strange object.11/19/98
10/24/98 07:00Kunming (China)ChinaCircle20 minutes4 times of holving UFO I saw1/17/04
10/23/98 21:45AlexandriaLAUSAFireball60secgreenish white fireball ascending across clear night sky fromeast to west following an irregular flight path and chg's in speed.when ob11/1/98
10/23/98 19:00HumestonIAUSACircle2/hrhovering objects sighted in iowa.11/1/98
10/23/98 18:37Hollymount (County Mayo) (Republic of Ireland)IrelandSphere1min30secondsThere were 3 witnesses to a glowing ball of light in the west of Ireland It was metalic because the sun which was setting reflected off10/2/99
10/23/98 18:30VancouverWAUSAOther1-2 min.i was out in the smoking area at the local hospital. several hospital employees noticed object in the sky.11/1/98
10/23/98 18:04Seattle (I-5 at about NE 65th)WAUSAFireball1 second or lessWhile driving north on I-5 at approximately NE 65th and looking to the northwest towards Greenlake, I saw an electric blue fireball tha11/19/98
10/23/98 18:00MarysvilleWAUSAFireball1 second or lessWhile driving northwest on Totem Beach Road, north of 64th NW, my housemate saw an electric blue triangular shapes fireball light with 11/19/98
10/23/98 17:00New BerlinWIUSADisk7 MinThree disc shaped objects with 2 C Shaped formations extending from each side. Objects were hovering motionless & in an instant vanishe4/2/99
10/23/98 16:30Cave Creek ( N. Scottsdale border)AZUSALight20 minAt least four bright objects hovered for several minutes, then randomly moved slowly up and down while becoming very intense when desce2/16/99
10/23/98 01:30WestcliffeCOUSALight50 minutesLight in southeast sky, very bright not Jupiter, changed colors white, green, then red, faded completely then reappeared.6/22/17
10/23/98Chicago (O'hare Airport)ILUSATeardropsightingI was on patrol I looked up in the sky at the little dipper & at the bottom left of it inbetween a star to the left bottom was a very b11/1/98
10/22/98 23:40Newtown SquarePAUSAOval3 MinutesShape was rounded but slightly elongated with slight fin-like sides. Moving very slowly: not stationary like a star but too slowly to 11/1/98
10/22/98 18:40Kenton/BellcenterOHUSADisk20 seconds10/22/98 bellcenter ohio disk, 20 seconds,slow moving,west/north/west 4-5 mph degree of flight unknown!2/5/03
10/22/98 18:30Cincy (near, rural Ohio)OHUSALight15 minA few years back in ohio...4/28/01
10/22/98 03:30RupertIDUSASphere2 minutesI was on my way to milk cows at my dairy, like any morning. A bright purple sphere was to the north of my house when I walkes out the d12/12/09
10/22/98 02:40SilverlakeWAUSALight30 secondsObject shaped like a 1/4 moon moving rapidly south, then turned east for a few seconds then back south. It had a dull "glow" about it,11/1/98
10/21/98 22:42ColumbiaTNUSAFormation6sU-shaped formation of orange gold lights travelling south at high speed.11/1/98
10/21/98 01:30CampbellCAUSAOther10MINUTESAmerican stealth and flying sub dissapear into a portal above a house in Campbell ca 950081/11/02
10/20/98 22:00HuntsvilleALUSATriangle10 minutesUnknown Triangular craft near Huntsville8/5/01
10/20/98 20:30AvonNCUSAChevron3 minTHIS OBJECT DIDNT HAVE ANY SOUND.10/31/08
10/20/98 18:00MoorparkCAUSAOval10min.Oval shaped metallic rotating object with blinking lights. At first sighting it was rotating above a house then zoomed in closer to me.11/1/98
10/20/98 17:30SpokaneWAUSASphere2-3 secAn object about the size of a large grapefruit,spherical,dull silver,no lights or appendages,came into view from the west at roughly a 7/5/99
10/20/98 11:52Sector el Brujo,Cabo Rojo (Puerto Rico)PRPuerto RicoSphere2 to 3 minutesRound bright light flying low at moderate speed over Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. No sound or blinking lights.9/12/99
10/20/98 11:30CorunnaMIUSAChangingone min.large, flat black with grid lines and port holes soundless craft7/26/02
10/20/98 02:00LewistonMEUSAFormation1/2 hour +While gazing up at the stars, you had to look carefully but I noticed a formation yet more a bunch of single lighted objects. They were1/28/99
10/19/98 22:30AntwerpOHUSATriangle10 minutesLarge Triangular UFO over Antwerp3/4/08
10/19/98 21:45Georgia (ZIP 30458)GAUSATriangleStatesboroTriangle shape UFO Moving slowly over house. Several red glowing lights underneath not blinking. Saw it thru the sunroof and went outsi11/1/98
10/19/98 21:35DeweyvilleUTUSASphere15secsMy son and I,were driving home going northbound along HWY39 we noticed a very bright large green sphericial object traveling east to no11/1/98
10/19/98 21:30DefianceOHUSATriangle1 minuteI was pulling out of a drive when I noticed a triangular craft with a light at each corner two white one blue I pulled over to get a be11/1/98
10/19/98 18:00Virginia BeachVAUSAFireball10 minutes2 fireballs flying north to southwest about the speed of jetliner.11/19/98
10/19/98 16:30Big ArmMTUSADisk5-10 minutesFacing East, clear sky, characterized by bright light blinking at very cadence from one to five. Movement pattern was up, down, then t11/1/98
10/19/98 12:42VancouverWAUSALight3-5 secondsI saw a green phosphorous light in the sky west from Vancouver Washington, and a bit to the south, appearing to drop with a very slight11/1/98
10/19/98 04:40Chesterville (Canada)ONCanadaDisk5-7minsearly morning sphere sighting, hovering just above trees appx 100 yds away, silent but craft very distinctive.4/27/04
10/19/98 01:30Las VegasNVUSASphere2 sec.Bright green comet streak.11/1/98
10/19/98 00:34VernalUTUSAUnknown2:00 hrs.We were Elk hunting when we saw what appeared to be a plane crashing. So we got in our truck and proceeded over the ridge to investigat11/19/98
10/18/98 23:54PortlandORUSAFireball7 secI was driving over the burnside bridge into downtown Portland, A metallic green fireball very slow in nature. slower than the dozens of11/1/98
10/18/98 23:35Dublin (Blanchardstown) (Republic of Ireland)IrelandLight30minsA moving star in the sky, jerking, zig-zaging, etc...11/1/98
10/18/98 18:00GermantownTNUSALight7 secondsI saw a white light move from left to right, back to the left then it dissapered.11/1/98
10/18/98 18:00Sandy ValleyNEUSALight4 daysthese lights flew folowing me and a freind,one of them actually liked to run right in to us.i also see a alien,ill never forget that,to4/2/99
10/18/98 09:30JacksonvilleILUSALight1 1/2 hoursFirst one appeared in the eastern sky and moved slowly south, about 10 minutes later another light appeared in the same spot the first 11/1/98
10/18/98 00:01The DallesORUSASphere10 secondsGreen comet-like object w/ tail. (I judge it was a shooting star?!) Slow straight fall northeast of city, in the direction of Spokane,11/1/98
10/17/98 19:00Duluth (around, Lawrenceville exit area)GAUSAOther30 minutesI was driving home on the interstate. I saw a very large bright light in the sky. I thought it might have been Venus or a plane. As 9/28/02
10/17/98 16:00Pensacola BeachFLUSAFireballapprox 2 min.Perfectly round flame colored object growing larger and then vanishing within an instant.1/28/99
10/17/98 15:00Apple ValleyCAUSASphere7-8 secondsCanyon Balls in Apple Valley California.2/16/99
10/17/98 11:30BridgewaterSDUSAOther5 minutesBroad daylight , clear sky, very strangely moving object-like a child skipping rope12/7/06
10/17/98 03:38Lake StevensWAUSALight2 minutesCraft with unusual sound flies over dark and fog shrouded Lake Stevens while being pursued by fast moving car.11/1/98
10/17/98 02:17Ottawa (Woodroffe & Baseline) (Canada)ONCanadaLight30 secfrom centre of Orion, a seemingly far off single point of light, brightness of a star, moved downward to horizon, side to side (about 212/2/00
10/17/98 01:30Oxnard/Camarillo (from, freeway)CAUSAFlash5-10 secondsWe were two driving south to LA on the 101 freeway through Oxnard. Suddenly the sky lit up in green and bluish flashes.11/1/98
10/16/98 21:55CarbondaleILUSASphere5 secondsI saw a spherical object at a distance. It had a slight green glow. It just appeared, then took off in a northeast direction very qui11/1/98
10/16/98 21:30SalemORUSALight10 secMy husband and I were traveling south on I-5 north of Salem when a huge bright light appeared ahead of us mid-sky. It seemed to be ove1/28/99
10/16/98 20:00MiddletownCTUSAUnknown15 minutesThe object was traveling at a very high altitude, at first glance I thought it might be a sattelite, but it made a few stops, then a dr11/1/98
10/16/98 20:00BreckenridgeTXUSAOther2 minutesOn about this time my wife and I saw a V shaped object fly over our house. It was NOT the shape of the Stelth bomber. It was a 90 degre9/15/05
10/16/98 19:00San FranciscoCAUSALightALL NIGHTEvery night - all through the night, there have been 5 "star-like" crafts in the sky over the San Francisco Bay. The brightest is in th11/1/98
10/16/98 16:30Baker/Stateline (between)CAUSAChanging5 to 8 secondsA watery ripple in the sky like a ribbon flapping in the wind, then forming the shape of a craft (see below)1/28/99
10/16/98 12:30Las VegasNVUSAConecaught on cameraive never seen anything like it in my 5 years of flying already. this was from the ground caught on my camera6/21/00
10/16/98 11:40SacramentoCAUSATriangle5 minutesobserved v shaped object with lights and no noise in the sky traveling slowly at night10/31/08
10/16/98Ronan/Polson (Lake County)MTUSADisk3 hoursTwo large craft stationery @ 20000 feet above sea level11/19/98
10/15/98 23:00DallasTXUSADisk10 secondsAn UFO staying on the skjy with half red and half orange.1/27/05
10/15/98 22:35Port WashingtonWIUSATriangle1-2 minutesCraft a cross between Triangle/Chevron/Arrowhead/Diamond; clear, starry night; witnessed what I believe to be: quiet, low humming craft1/22/00
10/15/98 22:30Dublin (south of)INUSADiamond1 minuteOne diamond shaped aircraft in the sky west of Richmond,Indiana flying from the SE to the NW in October, 1998.1/17/04
10/15/98 22:30AdamsvilleALUSACircle5 minutesTwin spheres of light Porter Road near Shady Grove, Adamsville, AL. ((anonymous report))3/29/18
10/15/98 22:00HintonWVUSALight15 minutesSingle light travelling at high rate of speed, radically changed course numerous times. Stayed in same area for entire time, orbiting 6/6/00
10/15/98 21:15WestlakeOHUSALight60 secondsWitnessed flyby by a craft composed of six perfectly round, bright lights.1/28/99
10/15/98 21:15Laguna NiguelCAUSAUnknown1 minuteBouncing orange lights in night sky.9/13/02
10/15/98 21:00EnterpriseALUSATriangle15 minutesLarge black triangular ship seen near Enterprise, Alabama.2/1/07
10/15/98 20:00Fort LawnSCUSALight30 minutesI've seen these craft for a few years now, but only in cool/cold weather. They seem to have a leader, a large orange ball of light with11/1/98
10/15/98 19:48Tyson's CornerVAUSAFireball1 secondVery large and bright blue-green fireball witnessed while driving North-bound on I-495 (The Beltway).11/1/98
10/15/98 19:00AshevilleNCUSALight30 minsred drifting light about 50 degrees in the western sky slowly drifting up and to the north would get very bright then fade but not puls1/7/00
10/15/98 18:00WarwickRIUSAOther5minBright flat object moved upwards and disapeared behind cloads.11/1/98
10/15/98 18:00GlenwoodARUSADiskfew secondsI am a college student and a mother of a 5 and 2 year old. I had come home from a long day at school and discovered I had to run into t11/20/02
10/15/98 16:01Winston-SalemNCUSASphere12 secsilver-white sphere crossed sky in 12 sec.11/1/98
10/15/98 15:30New AlbanyINUSAChanging1 hourObjects Changed From Oval To FootBall Shape For An Hour1/27/05
10/15/98 14:00KnoxvilleTNUSACylinder5 minutesmetallic cylinder hovering above city.11/26/03
10/15/98 06:35HoustonTXUSAFireball4 secondsA small, single fireball in the sky at an indeterminate altitude.8/5/01
10/15/98 01:30Round RockTXUSAEgg15 secondsOn approx. 10/15/1998 @ 0130 .I went to my back patio for a cigarette. I was outside for at least 3 min. i know this because i was almo8/30/99
10/15/98 01:00Red BankSCUSAFlash2hrscolorful gaseous objects make unusual sounds and harass individual12/23/02
10/15/98 00:00AzuzaCAUSATrianglea very unusual object, in a triangular shape that hovered for a while then darted off. it had a vety pecular color to it8/12/01
10/14/98 22:00TucsonAZUSAOval2 min.At approx. 10:00 Pm, we were sitting on the porch off an upstairs bedroom facing the eastern sky. I was standing looking at the stars 11/19/98
10/14/98 19:55OtisORUSAOther3 secondsFrom WSW to ENE, crescent shaped object,blue,white in color. Slower than normal meteor speed.11/1/98
10/14/98 19:55OvertonNVUSAFireball10 secondsApprox. 7:55PM on 10/14/98 while travelling North-bound from Overton, NV. I witnessed what appeared to be a "falling star" directly Nor11/1/98
10/14/98 06:45Winnipeg (Canada)MBCanadaSphere1hourat 6:45am when l was heading off to work my mom and l saw 5 large white spheres ,they were moving slowly in a circular pattern11/2/04
10/14/98 01:45South Eastern Coast (Republic of Ireland)IrelandChevron5 minWas at a hotel on the southern coast of Ireland, just enjoying the night air, when a light appeared about 30 degrees off the horizon,11/1/98
10/13/98 06:00Painesville twpOHUSAOval20 minutesmetallic sphere sitting upon surface of lake erie. silent and shimmering rotating appearance10/11/05
10/13/98 02:30Heron State Park (between Dulce and Taos)NMUSAChangingapprox. 1hrWatched a strange light for about an hour. During its flight, it made numerous odd flight changes, including bouncing up and down like 2/16/99
10/12/98 19:00miamisburgOHUSACircle5 SECONDScraft came from creek dipped approx 5 foot from van shot to the north - next week same time - 3 giant bubbles hanging above rd6/22/22
10/12/98 19:00AshevilleNCUSAFireball30minA MOVING RED BALL OF LIGHT.4/2/99
10/12/98 19:00AshevilleNCUSALight40 minRed light moved slowly over Asheville, dogs acted is if they were in pain.5/15/06
10/12/98 07:00MurrayUTUSALight5 min.It was a red light in the north west sky. it rose very slowly for about three minetes and then droped down flashing red and white.To sl11/19/98
10/12/98 04:00LincolnNEUSAEgg11 sec3 Lights not as egg shaped but close, thumb nail. Flying in tryangle formation flew over for 7 seconds not to close but not far away. f11/1/98
10/12/98 02:00Miami Twp.OHUSAOther20 min.I work as a security officer and during my outside rounds I observed a white light in the northen sky. The weather was partly cloudy a2/16/99
10/11/98 22:45Elk GroveCAUSAFireball4 secondsGreenish blue fireball streaking across horizon11/1/98
10/11/98 22:40Bar Harbor (Bar Island Crossover)MEUSASphere30 SecondsMy friend Steven and I were crossing over to Bar Island at low tide when we witnesses a green spherical object crossing the sky at a gr11/1/98
10/11/98 20:30HighlandINUSASpherePossible shperical object in northern sky. Colors were green over yellow over red. Disappeard, then reappeared west of original locat11/1/98
10/11/98 20:30HighlandINUSASphere4 hrs +Spherical. Red, yellow, and green lights. Below clouds, yet very high up.11/1/98
10/11/98 14:30Mount CarmelTNUSALight10 secondsBright shiny object splits in two and disappears above horizon.11/1/98
10/11/98 14:05Vega Baja (Puerto Rico)PRPuerto RicoCigar2 minutesI went out and saw this cigar shaped object, high above, about where the sun would be at 12 o'clock. I stared at it trying to identify 11/1/98
10/11/98 02:15MontaraCAUSAOther1 hourBoomerang shaped lit up at the neds and center of the boomerang.11/1/98
10/10/98 23:50DelanoTNUSAFireball15 secondsI came home from work one night and I seen a bright fire like ball go across the top ofthe mountain and it was going fast then it stopp3/21/03
10/10/98 22:30St. John's (Canada)NFCanadaEgg2 hoursStarted off as 3 points of intense yellow light in triangle formation - then grew larger - it becage a single egg shape - VERY bright.12/2/00
10/10/98 20:50MooresvilleNCUSALight2 secondsStar gazing in back yard with telescope and binos. Saw shooting star and an oblong shape of light.11/1/98
10/10/98 20:30Spokane (About 30 miles SW of,I-90, maybe MM 254)WAUSATriangle10 minutesDark boomerange object seen for ten minutes hovering over the freeway with a bright light out the front that lit up the fields. No jet 8/5/01
10/10/98 20:30NYC/Westchester areaNYUSATriangle<1 minuteLights over NYC10/30/06
10/10/98 17:30Las VegasNVUSACircle45min.Ufo sighting in las vegas near Area518/30/99
10/10/98 17:30Las VegasNVUSACigar10 minutesWhite, vertical cigar shape floating around in the eastern sky.11/1/98
10/10/98 13:15ElginILUSACylinder30 +/- minWhile looking up at sky I noticed a bright light hovering above the sky. then I noticed a jet airliner traveling in the same area and I11/1/98
10/10/98 03:30Phoenix (north part)AZUSAFireball10 to 15 secbright green moving north to north east. it was bright green and kinda clear. quite fast too.2/16/99
10/10/98 02:30HollywoodCAUSAChanging5 minutesI was standing outside on Sunset Blvd. at Vine and looked straight up which I normally do not do. I saw three bright white lights in a 11/1/98
10/10/98 02:00Turin (Italy)ItalyDisk15 secWe were doing a patrol during the night,me and my friend were on guard duty in a military camp wich was a big field in the middle of a1/19/05
10/9/98 22:00RichmondKYUSADisk2 minutesTwo of my children and a friend were out on the trampoline, and saw a disc like structure flying very fast and stoped and dropped what 11/1/98
10/9/98 21:00London (UK/England)United KingdomOther1-2hrsWhite lights seen emitting other smaller lights, then a matchbox type shape flew above head and morphed into plane10/28/02
10/9/98 19:40Oakland - Near the Bay BridgeCAUSAFireball3 minutes+It looked like a large remote control firework that was going East to West, occasionally disappearing and reappearing.11/1/98
10/9/98 19:30Reading (UK/England)United KingdomSphere2 minutesluminous orange sphere as big as a house flying horizontally then at angle of about 45 degrees flew off into sky.1/11/02
10/9/98 17:50Pikeville (Farmingdale Drive)NCUSADisk1 minuteI walked outside wearing my red lesned sunglasses and I saw it. It went SW then NE and had a reflective covering and was moving faster8/5/01
10/9/98 16:00NoblesvilleINUSAChanging35 secstranslucent craft changing shape and silent8/30/99
10/8/98 22:33SonoraCAUSALight45 secondsIt was a red light (not flashing, brighter than Mars) about ten degrees above the horizon, in the East heading towards the South with a2/16/99
10/8/98 21:12AustinTXUSATriangle10 secondsTriangular shaped object moving from north to south. Object was barely discernable from the night sky. Leading edges faint orange. No11/1/98
10/8/98 21:00Fort CollinsCOUSAOther30 sec - 1 min.Double boomerang formation or chevrons tip to tip, a dozen or so white lights, not blinking, moving slowly NE to SW, no sound11/19/98
10/8/98 19:00BarringtonNJUSADiamond3 minutesI was driving across an overpass on Clements Bridge road, overtop of highway 295, when I saw a round, bright white light through the pa4/2/99
10/7/98 22:05GonzalesLAUSATriangle2 minutesSilent triangle shaped ufo up close and personal12/5/01
10/7/98 02:30MiamiFLUSALight1 hourObject was not moving,but flashing different colors(blue,red,white and maybe yellow,1 object was seen.It lasted for aprox one hour unti5/24/99
10/6/98 23:00Dublin (Republic of Ireland)IrelandTriangle10 minsThree star like objects.2/8/05
10/6/98 20:45Cream RidgeNJUSATriangle12 - 16 secondsThree small white lights in triangle formation flew over head at night then disappeared suddenly.4/1/01
10/6/98 20:05Bellevue/IssaquahWAUSAUnknown3-5 secondsDashes of silver light. Traveling at an upward angle from the south to north.11/1/98
10/6/98 19:05DenverCOUSAFireball1-2 secs.Red fireball with red tail traveling east to west11/1/98
10/6/98 02:00Vass (Town of, on hwy #1)NCUSACircle3 sec.I saw a green irredesent ball in the sky11/19/98
10/5/98 23:29NewhallCAUSASphere3-4 secondsLuminous, green, round sphere of light moved across sky fron S to WSW11/1/98
10/5/98 21:30Mission HillsCAUSASphere15 MInUFO and US military play follow me if you can.9/24/03
10/5/98 20:55HoustonTXUSAFormation5 to 8 minutes4 oblects moving in A tetrahedral pattern, with A fourth object directly behind11/1/98
10/5/98 20:00Dana PointCAUSAFireballAt least 10 secondsSimilar to a Shooting Star, but not! Brillient Bright Green in color with sparkling long tail.2/16/99
10/4/98 23:00BelmontNYUSACircle7 secA pencil lead streak across the sky dropped hundreds of miles, the object slowly move toward the west.8/30/99
10/4/98 21:15Goat Island/Isle of Palm (between, Intracoastal Waterway)SCUSAFireball@ 7 Secondsglowing ball with fire-like tail shooting across sky from Atlantic Ocean toward United States...ball began to fade out then shot off ag11/1/98
10/4/98 21:10CharlestonSCUSAFlash1-2 secondsObserved very bright sky illumination over Charleston, SC. 1-2 seconds duration.11/1/98
10/4/98 21:00CharlestonSCUSAFireballsecondsSaw a large reddish orange fireball with a long green tail..9/19/02
10/4/98 21:00Savannah (central)GAUSAFireball5 secondsI was sitting on the deck of the Best Western Hotel at Savannah and I saw a streak across the sky with flames trailing.10/30/06
10/4/98 21:00CharlestonSCUSAFireball3-4 secondsstreaking blue/green fireball lit up sky. fireball going east to west and appeared to disintergrate after 3-4 seconds1/11/02
10/4/98 21:00James IslandSCUSAFireball4 secondsMeteor? Flash of brillant whiite light across sky in front of waxing full moon covered by cirrus clouds - then a fireball about the11/1/98
10/4/98 21:00CharlestonSCUSAFireball10 secondsThe sky lit light heat lightening then the a ball of light was shooting across the sky. My thought was it looked like a Roman candle b11/1/98
10/4/98 21:00Gold CanyonAZUSAOval6 secondsTwo ellipses, the first one was slightly larger than the second and they appeared attached or tethered to one another11/1/98
10/4/98 05:00Columbia River { mile marker 230}WAUSAFireball3 secondsFlaring green fireball,with sparks and smoke trailing behind it. traveling vertically downward11/1/98
10/4/98 04:45YamhillORUSAFireball4 secondsA blue/green ball of light.11/1/98
10/4/98 04:42AberdeenWAUSAFireball05-10 secondsDescending fiery object exploded and lit up whole sky momentarily like transformer explosion at high altitude8/5/01
10/4/98 04:37SuquamishWAUSAFlash6 secondsvery intense lighting up of the sky11/1/98
10/4/98 04:37Walla Walla (west of)WAUSAFireballfew secondsI bright green flash, followed by an object decending at a 35 degree angle in the sky.3/19/02
10/4/98 02:45AlbuquerqueNMUSA1 minute +VERY bright white light, appeared to be about half the diameter of the moon.11/1/98
10/3/98 14:30CarbondaleILUSAChanging20 mina Black object not moving. It was about 1500-2000 feet in altitude, and about the size of a gumball held at arms length.11/1/98
10/2/98 19:55BettendorfIAUSALight1 minuteHeavy Blue Light beamed down and chased family in house, simular to 50 foot wide search light.11/1/98
10/2/98 14:00Wasaga Beach (Canada)ONCanadaCigar10 -20 secondsFlash in the sky then silver cigar shaped craft appeared.12/16/05
10/2/98 12:40DecatorTXUSATriangleapprox. 5 minutesfloated silently above our truck2/16/99
10/2/98 09:30El MonteCAUSACircleabout 10 min.I noticed three craft flying in a straght line with a fourth craft flying between the second two, making a right trangle, off to the ri2/16/99
10/2/98 09:20SedonaAZUSAFireball5 minutesObject like a white fireball, with a short tail, hovering11/1/98
10/1/98 23:10MosineeWIUSAOther5 minutesI was driving south on U.S. Hwy 51 and I saw a craft that didn't move for 5 or more minutes. The craft also made no noise.11/19/98
10/1/98 22:30MoundsvilleWVUSATrianglecontinous5 large objects observed, 4 of them flying in a rectangular motion. Perfect 90 degree banks at incredible speed!!!8/5/01
10/1/98 22:00FranklinINUSATriangle10 minutes((HOAX??)) I have seen posts with stories similar to mine. Giant triangular aircraft emitting no noise.2/10/17
10/1/98 22:00Kansas CityMOUSAOther1 hourBalloon , very colorful object matched our speed for 10 miles. We were on hwy, they were on city side street.5/20/21
10/1/98 21:15IpavaILUSATriangle15 minAn object which resmbled car headlights in the sky was spotted to SW. A discernable craft flew directly overhead and proceeded to disa11/1/98
10/1/98 21:02Mt SterlingILUSAFormation15 minutes3 orange fireballs in triangle formation - 1 triangle shaped craft without sound.11/1/98
10/1/98 21:00Wadley (5 hrs from San Luis Opsipo) (Mexico)MexicoTriangle15 min eachWhile on a 5-day camping trip in Mexico, two campers had a close encounter on TWO occasions.11/19/98
10/1/98 21:00Warrington (UK/England)United KingdomFireball8 secondsIt was a clear night, the fireball was huge and you could almost hear a rumbling. It shot across the sky from left to right at an incre7/26/02
10/1/98 21:00ClarindaIAUSATriangle60 secondssilent and large UFO just above tree tops.8/5/09
10/1/98 18:56ManchesterNHUSAOval2minhovering above city landfill. beam of light from craft to ground.11/1/98
10/1/98 18:50La Jolla (oveR)CAUSAFireballsix to seven secondsAt dusk, an orange,white,pink,and voilet color fireball traveled totally horizontal west to east,not as fast as a shooting star,and the11/19/98
10/1/98 16:00Del MarCAUSAFireball4 secondsFireball streaked across the sky and fizzled out 5 miles inland4/2/99
10/1/98 13:30ElginILUSADisk20 minutesI can only say that I know what I saw, I even took a digital picture of it. 1:30 in the afternoon, clear blue sky, an airplane head10/19/99
10/1/98 10:00San FranciscoCAUSASphere6-7 MinutesSoccer Balls over SF2/3/12
10/1/98 08:00ChicoraPAUSADiskDoing my morning walk, road in front of my house, we lived in housing plan, as I started walking back, I felt something drawing me to l12/23/02
10/1/98 07:00ChesterSCUSASphere6 hoursTwo orange orbs flying around for 6 hours7/23/20
10/1/98 05:30BayfieldCOUSALight30 minutesLarge light object in sky with lightning storm and huge beam of light from below in southern Colorado1/3/01
10/1/98 04:30Rio RanchoNMUSAFireball2 min.Sighted during the major meteor shower last year.4/2/99
10/1/98 02:00NisquallyWAUSADisk3 min.burnt out disk gets ride from trucker to air force base11/2/04
10/1/98 01:30St. PaulORUSAFireball5 secondsWe own a farm here in St. Paul. We (my mother and I) had pulled off to the side of the road to check on some farm equipment we had in a11/1/98
10/1/98 00:00LoganUTUSATrianglea few minutesWe saw 5 triangular objects moving at high altitude to the south, circling each other like small birds.7/5/99