National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 09/1998


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
9/30/98 21:00HermanMOUSATriangle15 secondsThree silent lights pased overhead from north to south at a constant speed and position10/31/03
9/30/98 16:00San Juan (Puerto Rico)Puerto RicoSphere30 sec.A perfectly round blue shining sphere rose from a swampy area and flew in a deliberate fashion over the area .8/12/08
9/30/98 01:00TucsonAZUSALight3-4 secoriginal call 9-30-98-Saw 5 lights in crooked 'J' form. ZOOM from north to south.No sound.Light constant-NOT meteoric in appearance.See4/2/99
9/29/98 20:15RochesterNYUSAFireball4 secsWalking dog, looked up, saw large orange fireball with a long orange tail streak across sky directly above.11/1/98
9/29/98 19:25WaucondaWAUSAFireball2 secondsgreen fireball falling in NE direction. Smell of ozone shortly after.11/1/98
9/29/98 18:44YumaAZUSAFireball1.5 secLight green ball, the size of one quarter the moon, when the autumn moon is at twelve o'clock, traveling in a due north tragectory. [Ob11/1/98
9/29/98 07:25Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaFireball1 to 2 secondsTravelling eatward by car at dusk, dontown Vancouver. Myself and passenger spotted orange fireball streaking apparent east. Object was 12/2/00
9/29/98 06:15ArlingtonTXUSAFormation5 secondsA series of 10 lights moving across the sky in a straight line11/1/98
9/28/98 21:30MesaAZUSATriangle2200bright white triangle when viewed with telescope. also bright red light flashing. object has not moved for over an hour. call to she11/1/98
9/28/98 21:30Fair LawnNJUSATriangleSeconds1 large triangular Craft flew through the sky followed by A small light sphere.11/1/98
9/28/98 18:00Dominican Republic/North CoastDominican RepublicLight4 secThree lights were moving fast in a straight line with continious speed, moving within the formation10/28/02
9/28/98 16:00EverettWAUSAUnknown1 hourNoticed two illuminated objects high in the South East part of the sky, one was stationary the other moved towards it and positioned it5/24/99
9/28/98 14:30Crystal FallsMIUSALight5minI saw a moving light in the sky that wobled about as bright as jupiter But moving i could also see jupiter off to the side i then saw a9/19/02
9/28/98 04:39CincinnatiOHUSAFireball5-10secondslike shooting star or meteorite but had a rather long tail.1/29/02
9/28/98 04:35AustinTXUSATriangle10 secondsshape resembled a b2 bomber, gray/brown bttm, apprx 1000 feet high traveling slowly and completely silent along the I35 corridor. Disa11/1/98
9/27/98 23:35BurienWAUSATriangle4 secondsExactley the same as the Salt Lake City,UT sighting Reported 9/26/98. I read it for the first time today and it's what convinced me to11/19/98
9/27/98 16:15Johnson Creek (Near; on I-94 east, heading toward Milwaukee)WIUSASphere1 min (est)Saw a bright, white, spherical object at cloud level. It moved from north to south at a rapid pace, then disappeared.11/1/98
9/27/98 01:15MesquiteTXUSATriangle1mintriangle headed west toward downtown dallas12/2/00
9/27/98RedmondWAUSACircle6 - 7 secondsI was looking eastward and saw a bright yellow ball streak across the sky, traveling horizontally from south to north, for 6 - 7 second11/1/98
9/26/98 23:30SteilacoomWAUSAFireball45 min.White circular fireball with slight blue halo around edges seen south of Steilacoom towards known military airfield. Object was relati9/26/98
9/26/98 23:00Fort CollinsCOUSATriangle10 minutestwo craft with 3 white lights arranged in tringle and red light in center of triangle. slow flight. no noise.9/26/98
9/26/98 22:30San JoseCAUSAFormation5min2 sets of 5 objects moving in parallel formation11/1/98
9/26/98 21:45Athens (near)GAUSACircle5 secondsMy girlfriend and I saw a ball of light streak across the sky9/28/02
9/26/98 20:15LittletonCOUSAOther2 secondsI saw a bright green "shooting star," but it was much brighter and larger than a normal SS, which I've seen dozens of. It appeared in t11/1/98
9/26/98 19:03Lochbuie/BrightonCOUSAOther10+ minutesObserved two bright objects at sunset over mountains west of Brighton, Co. Objects remainded constant in brightness and intensity for 11/1/98
9/26/98 13:00Castle Peak Summit (9300')CAUSADisk10 minutesObserved a large greyish disk with a bright orange ring on the bottom.9/19/02
9/26/98 12:30Pleasant HillCAUSALight10 minutesI walked up a hill and saw 4 lights come from the sky I ran got my camera and started to film. The battrey ran out then the UFO's dis9/26/98
9/26/98 09:30Mt. VernonNYUSAOval4 minutesobject was moving in a straight line,fairly in size.the color of the clouds but much brighter,and moveing at a steady pace9/26/98
9/26/98 03:05Rock SpringsWYUSAFireball5-10 secondsWas driving and saw a greenish/blue fireball looking object, travelling west to east.9/26/98
9/26/98 02:25Grand Mound (2 miles west of, on Highway 30)IAUSAOther3 secondsGreenish dust at 1000 to 4000ft moving east to west at approxament speed depinding on altatude 500 to 1000mph8/5/01
9/26/98 01:00PhoenixAZUSASphereone to two minutesRed and green light came over the hill and I thought perhaps a cesna off course but it stopped and sat for about 30 -45 seconds then ab6/20/11
9/26/98 00:00WarwickRIUSACircle3 hrsHeard on AM 630 WPRO art bell,ufos were spotted.Went out w/ portable radio saw a big bright light an what appeared to be a comet.11/1/98
9/26/98 00:00RoslynWAUSAFormationI was camping and looking at the stars with my brother and dad, when we saw two small balls. They were in formation one in front the o9/26/98
9/26/98Bishop/BentonCAUSAFireball1-2hoursresident of Bishop driving past old road saw lights thought they were cops other veical drivers saw lights in sky manuevering.around 8:9/26/98
9/25/98 23:40San Diego North County (Mira Mesa)CAUSASphere1 seca fast moving green glowing airborn object, came into view and traversed my field of vision in a southwardly direction as I drove my ca9/26/98
9/25/98 23:00Bellevue/RedmondWAUSARectangle25 minutescraft leaped across the sky to hover above me2/22/05
9/25/98 23:00Bosque FarmsNMUSAUnknown~3 minutesWell I was looking at the cresent moon with my celestron 4.5 telescope and I saw a shadow traveling across the moon.11/20/02
9/25/98 23:00Eskasoni (Canada)NSCanadaLight5 secondsBlue Light rockets up into space2/14/06
9/25/98 21:35Fort LewisWAUSAFireball5 secondsGreen fireball seen north of my location. Looking through a gap between trees, we saw a fireball slowly move to the ground (roughly 1 11/1/98
9/25/98 21:25Silverdale (near Seattle) Across from NSB Bangor (Trident SuWAUSAFireball<3 secondsOne (1) Large green fireball.9/26/98
9/25/98 21:25MonroeWAUSAFireball3 secondsBright green ball of light about size of moon apeared at 60 degrees ended at 20 degrees11/1/98
9/25/98 21:23Lindell Beach (Canada)BCCanadaFireballMy son saw a green fireball in the sky at 9:23 p.m. through the front room window. It was about a quarter of the size of the moon. Co12/2/00
9/25/98 20:00AcampoCAUSATeardrop2-3 secAn orange colored, teardrop shaped object trailed by white sparks appeared in the Eastern sky at about 130 degrees from the horizon. 11/19/98
9/25/98 12:15Fire Island Pines (off Great South Bay)NYUSACylinder10minWhile Kayaking in the Bay, I noticed a large black Cylinder rolling/floating in the sky, I pointed it out to a man on shore and a passi11/1/98
9/25/98 05:41MemphisTNUSAFlash3 minApprox. it was 5:41 in the morning and I was driving down this road called farm road and all of a sudden, I see this flash and it went 9/26/98
9/25/98 04:40Sunrise BeachTXUSADisk20-30 secufo and alien sighting9/26/98
9/25/98 00:40Milwaukee (80 Miles NW of, 6000ft MSL)WIUSAOval20 sec.I'm a Cargo Pilot who flies a nightly run between MKE and EAU, WI. At 0040 central time. My co-pilot and I witnessed a very intense li8/5/01
9/25/98MarysvilleOHUSADisk10sec' in color, hovered for about 5 seconds, turned white and disappeared.9/26/98
9/24/98 23:59WyolaMTUSADiskhalf an hour I looked forward and noticed in the upper right hand corner of the wind shield a dark well defined disk shaped object.11/1/98
9/24/98 22:35North PoleAKUSASphere10 minutesTwo Orange sphere appeared low on horizon just to left of North Star. One was hidden during filming I believe by trees. They hovered,9/26/98
9/24/98 22:30New York CityNYUSAFireball5-7 minA red, glowing object hovering above the East River. It then dropped into the river, and its glow could still be seen after the object 9/26/98
9/24/98 22:15Modesto (North of)CAUSALight1 SecondI was driving northbound on Hwy 99, to the NW I saw what appeared to be a GREEN shooting star "drop" from the sky in a NW direction (fr9/26/98
9/24/98 22:00Huntington BeachCAUSAFireball1-2 sec.saw a larger, brighter, greener, rounder, and slower than normal "falling star" toward the SW while driving to my girlfriend's house. 11/1/98
9/24/98 21:15Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaCircle5 secondsBall of light low in sky descending slowly at steep angle from East to West12/2/00
9/24/98 20:15LongmontCOUSADiskI looked out the window and I saw this saucer shaped thing. I looked all different directions and it still was there so it couldn't hav4/2/99
9/24/98 01:30Bowling GreenOHUSAFlash5 secondsWe saw a bright oval shaped flash of white light that traveled across the sky near the horizon.9/26/98
9/24/98 01:30Harrisburg (south of, on I-83 between Exits 11 & 10)PAUSAFireball5-6 secsIn the western sky a fireball the size of a baseball fell. First it was white, then red and then green11/1/98
9/24/98 00:15Sheridan (10 miles South of, at the Sheridan Pipeline)WYUSAOther10-15 minutesIt looked like a star at first but since when do stars move in an octagon motion i went inside to get my bill of lading and came back o2/24/01
9/23/98 23:20RochesterNYUSASphere3 secsI observed a very bright sphere travelling from 60 deg. to 20 deg. East of Rochester, NY. It was a bright white sphere, moving very fas9/26/98
9/23/98 23:10MukilteoWAUSALight2 secAdditional sighting of "Greenish" ball of light.9/26/98
9/23/98 22:50BellevueWAUSAFireball3 secondsWhite/green fireball falling slowly in vicinity of 405/520 interchange.11/1/98
9/23/98 22:49PuyallupWAUSAOther2 secondsStreak of green light with small head and long tail, like meteror9/26/98
9/23/98 22:45CastaicCAUSACigar2 hoursIt looked like a bright star,,,,but it pulsated, and gave off different shades of green and blue,,it also seemed to move back and forth9/26/98
9/23/98 21:45HoustonTXUSAFireball2-3 sec.I saw a fireball fall from the sky.9/26/98
9/23/98 21:35Browns Valley (Oregon House)CAUSASphere2 minutesSignted object in western sky. It was moving vertical from 20 degrees above the horizon to the horizon. The color was orange and green 9/26/98
9/23/98 21:20RentonWAUSAFireball4 secGreen Fireball9/26/98
9/23/98 21:15PowayCAUSAFireball10 secondsThis is the second sighting in 3 weeks. first sighting 3 weeks ago was a large black object low in sky trailing a blue green red tail9/26/98
9/23/98 21:15KentWAUSAOval2 secondsBright fluorescent blue-green object, flying very fast East to West, in Southern sky. No noise. No tail, but very phosphorescent. Calle9/26/98
9/23/98 21:11EverettWAUSAFireball2 secondsBright Green blazing ball passing from Northeast to Southwest burning out before the horizon.11/1/98
9/23/98 21:10Surrey (Canada)BCCanadaCircle3-5 sec.I saw a bright green coloured fireball coming down fairly slow and dissappear in midair without a sound.12/2/00
9/23/98 21:10ScottsdaleAZUSAFireball1.5-2 SecondsGood day: This evening at approximately 9:00pm in Scottsdale Arizona I was driving eastbound on Sheer Blvd. at 110th street, my attenti9/26/98
9/23/98 21:10Tacoma (southwest of)WAUSAFireball5 sec.At 10 min. after 9pm I was facing to the south during my lunch break when I saw a fireball with a green tail traveling east to west at9/26/98
9/23/98 21:10BothellWAUSAFireball5 secondsViewed a brightly green shooting-star like fireball. It started about in the southeast sky at a downward angle and traveled west before9/26/98
9/23/98 21:10Bothell (south of)WAUSALight3-5 secondsObject entered atmosphere from above, traveling east to west.9/26/98
9/23/98 21:10BayviewWAUSAFireball4-5 secmovement from east to west, travelling appx. 45 degree angle towards the ground9/26/98
9/23/98 21:10Victoria (Canada)BCCanadaFireball5 secondsA bright green fireball witnessed by my son and I at around 9:10pm local time12/2/00
9/23/98 21:10SeattleWAUSAFireball5-8 secondsWhile travelling south on highway 509 (south of 1st south bridge), a greenish fireball observed in SouthWest sky at about 10 o'clock hi9/26/98
9/23/98 21:10Poulsbo (North of)WAUSAFireball2 secondsGreen fireball with yellow tail.9/26/98
9/23/98 21:10VancouverWAUSAFireball5 secondsA 5 second slow 60 degree arc of light; slower & brighter greenish glow toward end of arc traveling east to west.9/26/98
9/23/98 21:05Fort WorthTXUSAFireball3-4 secondsgreen fireball coming down changing colors9/26/98
9/23/98 21:05EnumclawWAUSAOther3 - 5 sec.I was going to work wednesday night, going West on a back road. Igot a flash on my left side ,looking left or south Isaw a bright green9/26/98
9/23/98 21:00HoustonTXUSAFireball4 secondsI was at the Texaco gasoline loading rack on the north side of Houston. I was loading my truck, when i happened to look to the west and9/26/98
9/23/98 21:00AustinTXUSADisk1 minuteI was standing in my driveway, I looked up and saw a circular craft coming into view from a northwest direction. The size was like som9/26/98
9/23/98 21:00EverettWAUSAFireball1 seconddriving s. on I-5 by everett mall, saw green fire ball moving e-w at about 500-1000 feet. small object w\tail moving very fast. expecte11/20/02
9/23/98 21:00WinstonORUSALight2 secondsBright, green fireball9/26/98
9/23/98 21:00WinstonORUSATeardrop2 secondsLarge, green fireball like object9/26/98
9/23/98 20:55HollywoodCAUSAFireball6 - 8 secondsViewed a green "fireball" fall from the sky.9/26/98
9/23/98 20:11SalemORUSASphere1 minuteObject was perfect sphere with blue half circle trail size tip of my pinky9/26/98
9/23/98 18:35PortlandORUSAOther~10 minutesSame night as green fireball seen from Eugene to Seattle, and a report of sivlery UFO seen in Vancouver (heard on Art Bell) an unusual 9/26/98
9/23/98 13:59WestboroughMAUSASphere1.5 minutesRound Ball, Diameter the Sun would appear near sunset, perhaps a tad smaller. Silvery to almost translucent, pulsating between visible 9/26/98
9/23/98 10:30Anson (just east of, on Hwy 180)TXUSAFireball2 secondsI saw a baseball sized fireball, green with yellow and red sparks trailing it, for about 2 seconds and then it disappeared.9/26/98
9/23/98 09:30BedfordVAUSADisk10minsilver disk approx size of moon with 2 black rings traveling east to west9/26/98
9/23/98 04:50SchenectadyNYUSASphere15 secondsBright green-white light flying soundlessly overhead9/26/98
9/23/98 04:00Los AngelesCAUSAChevron45 seconds ishlarge boomerang shaped craft that glowed an irridescent white light. approx. 4am ..... the 4th week of september........ moving at a st11/1/98
9/23/98 02:40Bellevue (north of)WAUSAFireballsecondsWhile driving west on 520 toward 405, observed a very fast fireball dropping vertically to my right (north) and disappearing behind the9/26/98
9/23/98 00:45PlymouthWIUSACircle4 or 5 secondsBluish-green ball of light, moving from the east to the west. Object had a tail.9/26/98
9/23/98Deerhorn Valley/JamulCAUSALight5seconds+@905pm I was looking So. at sky for shooting stars then a green blu ball came into my vision it fell an it seemed slower than other nit9/26/98
9/23/98Adrian/Jackson (between)MIUSAFireball2 secondsLooked like a meterite except the color and tale both bluesh green streaked threw sky just like a meteorite didn't think much of it exc9/26/98
9/23/98San Fernando ValleyCAUSAOther3 secondsI was driving north on the Ventura Freeway(101 Freeway). Off to the north east I saw a very thin blueish streak moving slowly towards t9/26/98
9/22/98 23:55LadsonSCUSASphere0.5 SecondsAt approx. 23:55 EST 09/22/98 what is best described as a small orb or disc passed at high rate of speed directly above witness and was11/1/98
9/22/98 23:30Courtenay (Canada)BCCanadaFireball3-4 secViewed from beach facing East on Vancouver Island. Saw what I assumed to be a meteor until listening to Art Bell on 09/23/98. The gree12/2/00
9/22/98 23:15Highlands RanchCOUSAOtherHighlands RanchObject moved silent to west at an estimated altitude of 2500 feet.9/19/02
9/22/98 22:00Cedar CrestNMUSAFireball4 sec.Walking our dogs at 10:00 pm 9-22-98 looking south a large ball of light with a tail 3 times larger than the ball that sparked and flic11/1/98
9/22/98 21:30Doylestown (near)PAUSAOther1 hourIt was octagon shaped. It appeared to spin in a counter-clockwise direction with moving lights of red, green and white. It seemed to st9/26/98
9/22/98 21:30New BerlinWIUSAChevron60secondsI was on my way to work the night shift as a nurse in a local nursing home. I was traveling 35 miles per hour going east. I immediatly 10/2/99
9/22/98 21:06EugeneORUSAUnknown2 secondsBright Light/Metor.9/26/98
9/22/98 20:00FargoNDUSATriangleUnknownWe saw a light in the sky that was hovering and moving too oddly to be a terrestrial aircraft.4/26/99
9/22/98 17:00PowayCAUSACylinder2 secVertical cylinder, gold and hot, bright light on the bottom.9/26/98
9/22/98 16:18PortsmouthRIUSAEgg2 secAmber/gold rising from tree level 45 deg up. Fast and accelerating. Dissaperaed behind tree branch. Very bright.9/26/98
9/22/98 04:45Colorado SpringsCOUSAFireball10-15 secGreen 'fireball' with a blue tail.9/26/98
9/22/98 03:00Big LakeAKUSALight3 minutes?Observer awoke and looked out window, seeing greenish colored light being orbited by smaller white/yellow lights9/26/98
9/22/98 00:10AustinTXUSATrianglesecondsi was walking my dog.looking up at stars i felt a pressure i looked to my left out of the right corner of my eye i seen something acros9/26/98
9/22/98 00:10WestlandMIUSATriangleI was watching something on tv when i saw 4 triagnle shaped objects in the sky.9/26/98
9/21/98 23:00Thessaloniki (Greece)GreeceOther4 hoursThere was a star over a skyscraper. During the 4 hours, this star wasn't moving. Suddenly the craft from white went to blue and then di6/23/99
9/21/98 21:00DearbornMIUSAOther5 minutesGroup of strange lights in SE Michigan area. 9/21/1998.11/14/14
9/21/98 20:00Bermuda DunesCAUSAFormation5 secondsWhile gazing up at the stars, I witnessed a large formation of lights heading southbound accross the sky.9/26/98
9/21/98 19:40Sedona ( Village of Oak Creek)AZUSAOval20 seccraft accompanied by two silent aircraft and followed by one loud aircraft11/1/98
9/21/98 19:25SedonaAZUSAOther15 min.Gigantic craft, silent - stacked rounded lit windows, huge turbo engine. Followed by three black helicopters1/11/02
9/21/98 19:00ReddingCAUSALightongoingWitnessing bright lights, mostly white with green and red, in the sky at every point on the compass, starting at 7:00PM and lasting unt11/1/98
9/21/98 17:10BakersfieldCAUSAChanging5 minutesAt 17:10 hrs I was driving west heading into downtown and had a clear view of the horizon. Off to the south I saw a silver cylindrical9/26/98
9/21/98 15:00Bodie (State Historic Park)CAUSASphere2 minutesI saw a spherical object traveling east to west at 3PM. It appeared to change from white to black to silver and flew below the clouds. 11/1/98
9/20/98 22:30Bothell (northern sky)WAUSACircle5 secfireball desending from sky toward horizon.9/26/98
9/20/98 22:20RosemeadCAUSADisk1 minuteI saw a saucer-shaped UFO with multi-colored lights.4/8/02
9/20/98 22:18SpanawayWAUSAUnknownunknownWhile listening to Radio Station 96.5 (Seattle Station) at 2218, many people, including a Police Officer - called to report 4 objects i9/26/98
9/20/98 22:00CentrevilleVAUSALightMy friend and I were observing airplane traffic when we noticed an object similar to a satillite manuevoring very bizzare and then at a2/23/00
9/20/98 20:00Anasco (Puerto Rico)Puerto RicoFlash3 minutesI saw three UFO close to the moon after hurricane George in Puerto Rico1/10/09
9/20/98 14:00TukwilaWAUSASphere15 minutesFour lustrous orbs sighted over Burien6/12/08
9/20/98 10:30TolonoILUSACircle3-4 secsOut cutting hedges and saw object in sky10/2/99
9/20/98 05:50Las VegasNVUSAOther10 secDriving to work. Green Bright light caught my eye going from northwest to south east. My daughter spotted it at the same time. It was b11/1/98
9/20/98 01:15Fort BraggNCUSATriangle20 minutesTwo triangle UFO’s over Ft. Bragg.8/23/19
9/19/98 21:30SeattleWAUSAEgg3 minutesThe "craft" had about 6 white lights around its perimeter and a redish one in the middle. The thing was moving slowly towards the west,11/1/98
9/19/98 21:00ScottsdaleAZUSADisk22;30iT looked like a big star twinkling.Thru binaculars it had red green, and white lites blinking like a disco lite. In the distance wher11/1/98
9/19/98 21:00SeattleWAUSADisk15 minDisk hovered over highway11/1/98
9/19/98 19:00Comerio (Puerto Rico)Puerto RicoEgg30 secondsSlow moving silent craft seen in the mountains of Comerio, Puerto Rico.5/15/06
9/19/98 00:00Boulder CityNVUSATriangle5 minutesSilent, triangular craft, lined with pale blue/white lights, headed south1/28/99
9/18/98 23:51CastaicCAUSAFireballfew secondsTraveling north on I-5 in Castaic, seen a greenish-white brilliantly lit fireball. Perfectly round in size come out of the sky, at a do11/1/98
9/18/98 22:25Salt Lake CityUTUSATriangle10-12 secondsBlack (flush w/night sky) triangle craft flew directly overhead. This craft produced no sound. The only reasons we could identify the9/26/98
9/18/98 21:30Del MarCAUSAFireball1 minuteThis was like a green colored light, like a star. It was lower than any other aircraft would be. It was decending, in an easterly dir11/1/98
9/18/98 21:00Diamond BarCAUSAOval1 minuteGreen Pulse light seen for the second time in Diamond Bar. Last year the same light went horizonal across the sky. It was traveling fas9/26/98
9/18/98 19:00AshlandKYUSAOval2 min.short-lasting experience with small object in the sky.8/5/01
9/18/98 19:00Cornwall (South Stormont) (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown2 minutesBrilliant wide well defined beam of light from an invisible source that withdrew slowly and disappeared.6/12/08
9/18/98 01:45CozadNEUSAChanging30 secondsI witnessed a distortion of the star field from the right to the left. North to south.9/26/98
9/17/98 23:45Belle River (Canada)ONCanadaLight7 minutesAt first I thought it was a star, but all of a sudden it took of.12/2/00
9/17/98 22:00Stoner (Canada)BCCanadaOtherapproximately 2 minutesHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Approximately 100 feet above the tops of the trees sat a "huge", pulsating glowing orange/yellow ball.3/17/04
9/17/98 21:35MokenaILUSADisk30 secondsWe were looking out my window, and there it was, just sitting there, making no sound and hovering at around 25 feet up, and it dissapea5/24/99
9/16/98 21:30San Diego (Point Loma/Ocean Beach area)CAUSALight1 to 15 MinutesAs two copters were approaching airport from the West, (along I-5) the light shrunk X2 & rapidly descended into the cover of a Star Pin9/26/98
9/15/98 23:30Auke BayAKUSALight40mins.A large red light between 400ft agl. and up,erratically moved in all directions and at varing speeds. A smaller green light departed fr9/26/98
9/15/98 23:00Auke BayAKUSALight1.5 hoursA very bright light, small red glow on top. Off to the top left a blue/green ray of light. Every 30 seconds (Aprrox) two white lights9/26/98
9/15/98 23:00PuyallupWAUSAFireball5 sec.A bluish/gree fireball (size of a large grape - with arm extended) and a long white tail trailing behind as it arched over the Puyallup11/1/98
9/15/98 23:00BelenNMUSALight15 minutesMass sighting after flashing headlights at main UFO.2/11/16
9/15/98 22:30EscondidoCAUSAChanging4-5 MinutesNeon orange dougnut shaped craft drops blue balls of lights3/28/04
9/15/98 22:00Melbourne BeachFLUSACircle10secWhat looked like a bright green ball entering the atmosphere.11/19/98
9/15/98 22:00GladwinMIUSAUnknownover an hourMy husband and I were sitting out on our back porch, facing west, watching what seemed to be lightening. It was like strobeing lights c3/16/00
9/15/98 22:00St. Austell, Cornwall (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown15 minsI was looking out to sea when I noticed a light flashing constantly, but in different positions out to sea. I continued to watch the o2/16/99
9/15/98 21:00GrimsbyVAUSA5 minutesFour lights that form a triangle.12/12/09
9/15/98 21:00Ft. FairfieldMEUSALight15 mina bright light3/4/03
9/15/98 21:00Wadley, San Luis Potosi, SLP (In the desert near) (Mexico)MexicoDisk15 min, 5 minutesCraft was approaching, it accelerated very fast, stopped and changed direction several times.11/19/98
9/15/98 21:00AnnaILUSALight10 secondsI saw a light going across a field after dusk. It was to fast for a plane and it had no landing lights.2/16/99
9/15/98 21:00BethelCTUSAEgg3minIn Sept. of 1998 at aprox. 10:00PM my wife, daughter and I came out our front door headed for our automobile to visit my wife's mother9/17/03
9/15/98 20:30Melbourne (Australia)AustraliaCigar5 seconds((HOAX??)) Green light "calls" witness in melbourne Australia 1999.2/1/07
9/15/98 20:15HodgkinsILUSASphere2minutesWhat I saw was purely unexpected, the sun had just set and I was sitting in my car when I noticed one plane being followed by what look11/19/98
9/15/98 20:00LubbockTXUSAOther5 minutesSee-thru UFO's?7/28/10
9/15/98 20:00PasadenaCAUSAFireball20 secsI only submit this because of the increased number of sky sightings the past 10 days- what I saw was the largest shooting star [?] that9/26/98
9/15/98 19:00HawkinsvilleGAUSADisk8-10 minutesSept 1998 Hawkinsville, GA. 10-15minconsciously 3men flat silver disk.8/16/16
9/15/98 18:30New York City (Manhattan)NYUSATriangle10 minutesObject zig zagging east to west and stopping in distance turned out to be huge triangle with many lights when it flew directly overhead9/12/03
9/15/98 18:00VarysburgNYUSASphere5 min7 red orbs convene into silver orb in proximity of high tention power lines, orb travels se towards wethersfield wind farm.5/24/05
9/15/98 18:00SeattleWAUSAOther1 secondAngled orange light array traveling at stupendous speed across I5 Highway near Boeing Field in the evening.9/2/05
9/15/98 16:45Brisbane (QLD, Australia)AustraliaCircle45 sec.Circular beams of light decended through the cloud, rotating, then did a pitch and yaw manouver before ascending again5/24/05
9/15/98 12:00JamestownNYUSAEggtwo minssliver orb, seen flying with air force one9/24/03
9/15/98 12:00EdmondOKUSACylinder1 minuteCrash site is known as Cherry Farm Edmond Oklahoma 199812/12/09
9/15/98 04:00Salt Lake CityUTUSASphere2 to 3 secUPDATE: Sept 15,98 sighting, MUFON report3/2/04
9/15/98 04:00Salt Lake CityUTUSASphere2,3 secA solid Spherical object appears over one of the building and the Westminster College in Salt Lake City.2/16/00
9/14/98 22:00Hudson Valley, NY/Danbury, CT (near Taconic Parkway)CTUSAFireball2 minutesDriving east toward Danbury on I-84, near the Taconic parkway, myself and a passenger noticed a bright "glowing" orange sphere in the 2/16/99
9/14/98 21:30Grand IslandNYUSASphere90 secRound(circular) completely illuminated object and silent.4/2/99
9/14/98 19:27OkanoganWAUSA3 minutesdog barks,objects come within 1000 ft inflate like balloons and change from red w\ green mist to blue w\ white mist then deflate and ta9/26/98
9/14/98 12:00Randle/Packwood (between)WAUSACigar10 secondsi was driving east on us. hwy 12 towards packwood. i was in the passenger seat to my right at pompey peak, when i noticed this metalic 11/1/98
9/14/98Niagara FallsNYUSAFlash38 secscraft headed in westerly direction from east to canada illuminated as if it were object entering atmospere but gave off white greenish 9/26/98
9/13/98 23:10BradentonFLUSAOther6 secondsDimmed orange lights in formation of a half circle--six lights in semi-circle with one light in center of semi-circle9/26/98
9/13/98 22:10BoulderCOUSAOther10 secondsI witnessed a shape over head coming from the north9/26/98
9/13/98 22:00Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaFormation1 minutered and green circles in a V formation6/12/02
9/13/98 22:00Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaCircle15-20 secs6 or 7 circular objects flying in triagular formation10/12/01
9/13/98 21:20WeedCAUSAFireball6 - 8 secondsVery bright blue-green fireball moved downward then went out.4/2/99
9/13/98 21:00Grants Pass (Murphy area)ORUSAFireballApp. 3 secondsFlying from the South going North East. The green fireball with barely a tail came between two trees on the land behind our home, and 11/1/98
9/13/98Woodinville (Hyw 9 & 522 jxn.)WAUSALightmaybe 3 secI was exiting off hwy 522, as I made the left hand turn on to hwy 9. I saw a large white light, with a green tint to it. It had a very 9/26/98
9/12/98 20:30SheridanORUSATriangle1.5 hoursobserved 2 sets of 7 lights. yellow, blue, red and green. Distance undetermined. Used a spotting scope. Lights pulsed in some pattern.9/26/98
9/12/98 18:15DanvilleCAUSAFireball2-4 secondsi was looking up with my dad and this bright white fireball came out of the east and headed west and blew up/dissapeared over Mt. Diabl9/26/98
9/12/98 18:00ShalimarFLUSAFireball10 minutes. A burning orb appeared for the west at about 45 degrees and slowly moved to about 20 degress changing color from a bright red to a ve1/17/04
9/12/98 16:00Harris RanchCAUSADiamond5 secondsFaster than the speed of life.2/12/04
9/12/98 10:30Mt. BakerWAUSAOval5-10 Seconds Was seen by 10-14 people clearly for 5-10 seconds. Object was in a flat horizo11/1/98
9/12/98 10:30LoloMTUSADisk5 minMy son and I saw a bright, white colored object in the sky right near the moon, but lower about a half hour ago.9/26/98
9/12/98 09:00Corpus ChristiTXUSASphere4 daysAs I left my home I saw a clear sphere in the sky with a type of irridescent light inside of it. The shape inside was like or was a med10/31/03
9/12/98 04:45PortlandORUSALight20 secondsVery high altitude, small light, appeared to be a star. moved from west to east, when overhead turned 90 degrees to the north.11/1/98
9/12/98 02:00ManchesterKYUSACigar1-2 minutes((NUFORC Note: No information provided by witness. PD))12/1/19
9/11/98 22:00Lombise (Belgium)BelgiumTriangle30 minobject apeared to try to hover but seemed to have some mechanical problem.9/2/05
9/11/98 00:00RoswellNMUSADiamond5 secondsMy sister and I were driving south to Carlsbad and were about 5 to 10 miles outside of Roswell, NM. All of a sudden a bright, pulsat9/26/98
9/10/98 23:15Mannering Park (NSW, Australia)AustraliaDiskweirdwe were coming home from a party when we saw a strange shape in the sky. It was dark and we couldn't make it out properly, but then sud11/19/98
9/10/98 22:45Buena VistaCOUSAChanging10 minutesBall of light that was thought to be a star dropped out of formation and changed colors and direction at super speeds8/5/01
9/10/98 22:30Edinboro (near)PAUSATriangle~2 minutesLow flying, slow moving, triangular object with lights on the bottom spotted in rural PA.1/30/15
9/10/98 21:00St. CharlesMOUSACigar25 secondsCigar shape with 3 port-hole windows, lit up with bright white light, moving slowly So. to No. Obvious pointed frame work(trianular lik1/28/99
9/10/98 20:00San AngeloTXUSAFireball30 mins to and hourbig, glowing, slow , red comet-like fireball with a tail that slowly stretched accross the sky, and took forever to slowly fade away4/27/07
9/10/98 19:00PowayCAUSAFlash6 secFlash of the brightest light ever, fire colored, tail twice as long, travelling west to east,horizontally. Was in the Union tribune on9/26/98
9/10/98 19:00SophiaNCUSAFireball3 secondsA huge blue, orange ball shooshed in front of us12/19/03
9/10/98 07:15OceansideCAUSAFireballApprox. 10-15 sec.Bright, fire-like object streaked from west to east in a level, horizonal attitude at a speed that took approximately 10 seconds to cov9/26/98
9/10/98 04:30Horeshoe BayTXUSACircle5 sec.Green Balls in the sky9/26/98
9/9/98 01:25TomahWIUSACylinder15seconds+looking E, trvin N 2 S. 45 deg up, 60deg long.started as cylinder white/blue then stoped for 1/2 sec then 8 little spheres apeared9/26/98
9/8/98 21:30Emory (5 Mi East of)TXUSAFireball4 secAt 45 Degrees in NNW sky. White ball as big as pencil eraser in hand with halo at first. Bright white like sun fading in intensity unti8/5/01
9/7/98 21:00Barnsley (UK/England)United KingdomCircle20-30minsThe carft was silent and moved at a short pace, bright yellow and like a huge ball with flashing lights around it.7/16/03
9/7/98 17:30FallonNVUSALight3 minThere were 4 this time , My neighbors ran over to my house beating on the door , I ran outside and everyone was pointing up.They were m9/26/98
9/7/98 14:50Berthierville (Canada)QCCanadaDisk2minthe saucer was as big as my house, and there where no rush,just like a sunday afternoon ride.2/12/04
9/7/98 00:45Longmont (approx 8 miles south of, CO-I25 interchg)COUSALight1 secondIn an instant I saw a red "glowing" light streak across 2/3 of the entire western skyline, Western sky above Boulder foothills, taking10/12/01
9/6/98 22:15Idaho FallsIDUSAOther1 to 2 MinutesVery large wedge (flying wing) with tall winglets (Looked to be about 15 to 20 feet tall)at each wing tip. There were what looked to be5/11/00
9/6/98 21:20Kansas CityKSUSADisk1 minuteMy mother and I saw a disk shaped object rise above the horizon, east of 78th street on I-70. Object then turned into a bluish white li9/26/98
9/6/98 20:00Manashtash Ridge (near Cle Elum)WAUSAUnknown1 1/2 HOURSDue west of our position, spotted an unusual flickering and bright light above the horizon. Observed light in relation to other stars,9/26/98
9/6/98 19:45CottonwoodAZUSAOther3-5minutesStar shaped light turning red then white jumping across the sky split into 3 white lights then returned to red star9/26/98
9/6/98 18:51BakersfieldCAUSAOther30 secDark oval with something attached to bottom of object about half the size as the top object hanging in a "j" type.9/26/98
9/6/98 01:05TylerTXUSASphere10like a beach ball with a light inside. at first it seemed like a metorite and I fell to my knees in fear, I fell to my knees, but then10/11/05
9/5/98 22:30Medicine Bow Natl. Forest (40 mi. W of Laramie)WYUSATriangle25 secondsLarge Triangular Craft moving North of Laramie, WY. The object, which might have been about ten miles away, was size of a full moon. 11/1/98
9/5/98 21:30Kimball Twp. (5 miles S.W. of Port Huron)MIUSAFireballapprox. 5 secondsI was at my residence when I and two other subjects observed a green fireball proceed from the West to the East. The green fireball was9/26/98
9/5/98 15:15Shrewsbury (UK/England)United KingdomCircleabout 30 secondsA round white object flew diagonally behind a cloud.11/9/04
9/5/98 02:00CharlestonSCUSAFireball5 secondsI work a Chas. AfB and I walked off an airplane and looked across the horizon and saw it moving horizontally. I have seen thousands of 9/19/02
9/4/98 22:30Mt. Rainier north side, near Cateract ValleyWAUSALight30 minutesSpeed Walker on Mt. Rainer came out on que.9/26/98
9/4/98 22:03Hartsdale/White PlainsNYUSATriangle5-7 minutesObserved at altitude of approximately 300 feet based on ceiling (5000) and aircraft approaching local airport (White Plains Airport). 10/2/99
9/4/98 20:45Blue RiverORUSACylinder3-4 minutesWhile outside watching the skies I observed what at first I believed to have been a satellite travelling in a northwestern direction. I9/26/98
9/4/98 20:20DuarteCAUSALight30 secondsTwo lights flickering over the san gabriel mountains. The two lights were moving east quite fast without any sound.11/20/02
9/4/98 15:00CheyenneWYUSACigar1 minuteSaw two silver objects flying over Cheyenne. Performed odd maneuvers. Thought nothing of it until I got into the city & saw an AF copte11/19/98
9/4/98 06:05Nitshill (UK/Scotland)United KingdomTriangle15 seondssilent and fast triangle no lights brown? in colour2/24/01
9/3/98 23:38Freeport (Long Island)NYUSASphere5 sec.We were driving West on Southern State pkwy. a Blue-Green Sphere Shaped Object zoomed East to West across the sky9/26/98
9/3/98 10:30RochesterMNUSACigar30 secondsLong silvery object spotted in sky.9/26/98
9/3/98 03:00Crescent City (100 Miles South of)CAUSAFormation4 min - Good Stare5 points of light, quite distant, looked to be playing,having fun.4/2/99
9/3/98 02:00StantonCAUSALightall nightWell I was sleeping on the tope bed of a bunk-bed. You could say it was probably a dream but it's not. I was lying bed and I felt some3/16/00
9/2/98 23:33PortlandORUSADisk15 SecondsI went out to lock my car at 11:33 PM on September 2nd and saw a white disk shaped object streak across the northern sky.9/26/98
9/2/98 23:00JuneauAKUSATriangle1 minuteSeeing 3 space crafts in one night,7/16/03
9/2/98 21:00SchaumburgILUSAOval:30 secsOne brightly-lit oval took off from the ground into the sky.12/12/09
9/2/98 06:00GalesburgILUSACircle5 mina ball bearing aprox 200 feet from ground8/30/99
9/2/98 02:00Flamborough (Canada)ONCanadaFormation30 min.Viewed a v-formation of approx. 15 bright white lights in sky on Sept. 2 1998 at 2 a.m.2/16/99
9/2/98 00:30CheyenneWYUSALight6 secLight traveled from horizon to horizon in six seconds. Flashed at ending horizon.11/19/98
9/1/98 22:00Ft. Myers Beach (off coast of)FLUSATriangle3-5 mins.Sept. 1998 Ft. Myers, Fla. Triangular w/lights 3-5 mins. NO SOUND8/12/08
9/1/98 22:00Snow Shoe (in general area of)PAUSACigar2-5 minutesSilent object passes overhead.8/29/14
9/1/98 20:30Desert Center (~west to 10 miles east of Chiriaco Summit)CAUSASphere45 minutesAt two different locations 15 miles apart we saw 4 huge orbs of bright light. Two very different formations. On the second sighting saw10/12/01
9/1/98 20:00ThompsonUTUSAFormationfive minutesInfra red to ultra violet five rainbow colored lights in a straight line strobing in sequence left to right.then moving off quickly.12/23/02
9/1/98 19:30AvocaPAUSATriangleapprox 2 minDriving South on I-81 around 20 miles South of Avoca Airport. Saw large object hovering right off the side of highway. Nighttime spott4/1/00
9/1/98 19:30Dartford Tunnel (near; Kent) (UK/England)United KingdomTrianglea few minutesDark grey silent hovering triangle with lights on each corner - over England.8/7/07
9/1/98 16:30JonesvilleILUSACigar10 minuteshad seen the same lookung object earlier in day disapeared behind buildings around 4:30 Iwas stuck on lift bridge it was not moving abo7/14/99
9/1/98 10:30TolonoILUSACircle3 secI was trimming hedges. took break, looked up an saw object appear the disappear9/12/99
9/1/98 06:00LeonardoNJUSADisk3 minutesSaw three disk shaped objects over my house. Very qiuet. Nothing spectacular, but I NEVER saw anything like it before.12/23/02
9/1/98 01:00SeasideORUSATrianglemomentsOn this warm night I was watching the starry sky, suddenly and lasting only moments, a silk-like floated over my sight line. It gave t4/2/99
9/1/98 01:00New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSAOval20 MinutesTwo eliptical luminous pink objects travelling North East at approximately Mark-2 in parallel formation. However, there was sound emi9/26/98