National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 08/1998


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
8/31/98 22:00TucsonAZUSAUnknown60 secondsPair of objects flying side by side.11/1/98
8/31/98 08:20Toronto (North York) (Canada)ONCanadaDisk10 minutesThe two ufo's were spinnng sluggish circles around each other - rotating between being on the outside circle and the inside.12/2/00
8/30/98 04:00St. AugustineFLUSATriangle5-7 minutesThree lights, silent craft, leaving a green Haze in the sky5/24/05
8/29/98 21:30West SalemOHUSAChanging1 minuteIt had approx. 4 large lights, in a diamond shape that would blink, and immediately following it, a large burst of fire from the rear..11/1/98
8/29/98 17:00San FranciscoCAUSADiamond45 minutes3 diamond shaped craft with 4 bright lights hovered on the eastern sky.11/1/98
8/28/98 22:45Alberta (Canada)CanadaOther30 secUFO encounter x22/18/01
8/28/98 22:30FrancesWAUSAFireball2 fireball seen falling in an arc toward Longview,WA and appear to hit the ground with 3 flashes11/1/98
8/28/98 22:30Gulf Islands (Canada)BCCanadaTriangle1-5 minswhile camping a we paid little attention to a very high flying object with no flashing lights or motor sound, flew above us, pulled 90 12/2/00
8/28/98 22:25Mt. VernonORUSAFireball4-5 secBright Blue (as that of an arc welder) light, that lit up entire landscape. It was 1/4 dia of moon (in arc seconds)11/1/98
8/28/98 19:00West IslipNYUSAOther5 minutesLarge black boomerang low to ground near my house1/24/12
8/28/98 15:00Grande Prairie (Canada)ABCanadaTriangle50 seconds...we looked up to see a small triangular shaped object traveling at very high speed.5/24/05
8/28/98 05:45MinneapolisMNUSASphere1 minuteObject just sat in the air glowing brightly, then dimmed. There seemed to be no pattern to it.11/1/98
8/28/98 05:45MobileALUSALightapprox. 1 minuteA string of what appeared to be about a dozen streetlights, but obviously were NOT. (Mobile, AL)2/1/07
8/28/98 02:15San DiegoCAUSASphere5 minutesFrom the south a somewhat dim yellow/green/orange sphere floated up and to the north from behind some trees. It then almost stopped and11/1/98
8/27/98 23:00Villa Nueva State ParkNMUSACigar2 minutessteadily moved across the sky & then hovered, 2x, creating a triangle formation & then dissapearing.7/5/99
8/27/98 01:30OregonOHUSAFireball1-2 minutesBright Orange Fireball appeared in SW sky. Traveled slowly at about 30degrees across the southern sky toward the east. No sound, long t11/1/98
8/26/98 23:00WaterfordMIUSAFireball5 - 10 secondsStargazing on my deck and sighted what I thought at the time was a large green meteor (Largest I ever seen)11/1/98
8/26/98 22:00MariposaCAUSAFireball5 SecondsObserved a light behind a tree that was bright white, then it took off and as it did, it turned brillaint green11/1/98
8/26/98 21:30Amherstview (outside Kingston) (Canada)ONCanadaDiamond20 min or moremultiple ufo sighting12/2/00
8/25/98 14:00Winnipeg (Canada)MBCanadaSphere30 min4 witness daytime sighting of metallic rotating ball at Winnipeg international air show.5/24/05
8/25/98 13:00SandpointIDUSADisk10 secondsWhile traveling north on rapid lightning, my husband, myself and a family friend observed a bright silver disc hovering motionless in t4/2/99
8/25/98 02:00Pebble BeachCAUSAUnknown10 minutesUnsual light seen throughout house late at night.1/21/08
8/24/98 22:00Landover (Raljon)MDUSADiamond20 secsSitting in the end zone at Jack Kent Cooke stadium, over my right shoulder noticed dark diamond with rounded corners come up over the 11/1/98
8/24/98 20:45WestfieldMAUSATriangle20minutesIn the summer of 98, my nephew had come into my third floor apt and said Uncle Ed you have got to see this . We went outside and we 6/12/02
8/24/98 13:00Albuquerque (Outside of)NMUSATriangle10 SecondsMy family and I were driving through the United States, and my father took a back road...and we stopped the car to take pictures of the12/2/00
8/24/98 06:15Houston (5 miles south of)TXUSALight2 MinutesRed Light traveling N/E along the Hardy Tollway. While the light was red, a blue light, then green was visible next to the red light8/5/01
8/23/98 20:30North WalesUnited KingdomCircle5-6minsRound black circular object,sighted in a feild in north wales uk.8/5/01
8/23/98 11:45Santa RosaCAUSADisk2 minutesPitch black disk shaped object in broad daylight. 4 witnesses12/3/15
8/23/98 05:00East HartfordCTUSAUnknown5 minutesthe neighborhood lights up brighter than the day time for a split second3/19/09
8/22/98 23:15Sparta (12 mi.north of, countryside)NCUSAUnknown5 minutesA 69-yr-old male sighted small lights below the planet Jupiter. Looking through binoculars, another male 65 years old, sighted small li9/19/02
8/22/98 23:05Xenia (app.10 Mi. E of Dayton)OHUSAUnknownapp. 30 sec.Standing in backyard with girlfriend. Saw yellow-orange dull glowing light traveling SE to NW at fantastic speed. Blinked out of view!!2/22/02
8/22/98 22:20NorthglennCOUSAFireball5-8minSlow moving for the most part but had quick acceleration,absolutely no noise,bright light's (blue & orange)4/2/99
8/22/98 20:00TellurideCOUSALight3 secondsSimilar to report from Longmont CO on 9/7/98.Very fast moving light11/1/98
8/22/98 08:50OsceolaINUSALight5mins+5 bright orange lights in a line going up the western horizon, slowly moving up the sky, quite spaced apart. 2 of them seem to have ex11/1/98
8/22/98 02:00Madera/Manteca (on the hiway)CAUSAOther18 minutesnot enogh room.2/22/05
8/21/98 22:55SalemORUSAChevron30-45secondsobject was travelling below cloud level,from north to south. boomerang shaped pinkish silver color manuevered without changing speed th11/1/98
8/21/98 22:30Bishop (remote, High Sierras, above)CAUSARectangle10 secondsWitnessed a craft cross the sky above the Sierra Nevada mountians.11/17/99
8/21/98 21:00Mt SterlingILUSALight30 minutes8/21-8/27 Approx. 50 lights in south sky moving up & down, & side to side.1/28/99
8/21/98 21:00Glastonbury (UK/England)United KingdomSphere5minsred ball splits in 2 then joins back together over middle drove glastonbury england 19983/19/09
8/21/98 15:00TorranceCAUSAEgg2 MINUTESegg shaped, reflected the sun.11/1/98
8/21/98 03:00WoodbridgeVAUSATriangleunknownWent out to see the ring around the moon,when I saw strange light in the sky. As it got closer noticed it was a triangular craft with a11/1/98
8/20/98 23:30CentrevilleVAUSASpherenightIt was short and was a sphere I saw and what got me the most was the was like an electric blue colored sphere. The5/24/99
8/20/98 23:30High RidgeMOUSAFlash10 secondsI got out of my car and went to unlock the door. I was still facing the door and there was a flash of light. The flashing only lasted6/6/00
8/20/98 23:00Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaLightseveral minutesLight following/circles Aircraft3/19/02
8/20/98 22:30GoblesMIUSADisk3 minutes4 disks looked as if they were playing a game of "chicken" in the sky above a lake.11/1/98
8/20/98 22:30IllwacoWAUSALight3 minutesSmall white light grows to be huge, then shrinks and zips off into space and disappears.3/4/03
8/20/98 22:00Shawnee MissionKSUSAUnknown5 minutesBright shining light darting fast leaving trails in the sky.4/30/15
8/20/98 22:00Chechauoene (Morocco)MoroccoChanging6 secondsClearly saw a flying boomarang-shaped object that made no noise and had no running lights in Morocco.8/30/10
8/20/98 20:59Lees Ferry Grand Canyon CO RiverAZUSAOther1.5 minutesA light that looked like a planet, shined a light, retracted the light to size of a satellite, and then shot across entire horizon.6/22/22
8/20/98 15:00OxnardCAUSATriangle10 mins4 triangular objects hovering in clear sky, almost invisible to the eye.4/22/03
8/20/98 14:00Grande Prairie (Canada)ABCanadaUnknown3 minutesWhile flying my R/C plane I noticed a nearly invisible craft flying very high above my model.5/24/05
8/20/98 02:30Penola (near, rural) (South Australia )AustraliaTriangle10 minuteslarge black triangle with lights on each corner paced my vehicle for about ten minutes3/21/03
8/20/98 00:00San AntonioTXUSAFireball1 minuteIt was a clear midnight, and a friend of mine were leaving from work. As we were heading to our cars, we were talking and not paying a7/30/02
8/19/98 23:40Des MoinesWAUSASphere30 minutesMulti-colored sphere shaped object observed in western sky for approx. 30 minutes, the first 15 minutes or so in a stationary position.11/1/98
8/19/98 21:28FlagstaffAZUSAFireball2 minutesA meteor-like object, trailing burning debris, changed into a blinking point of light. It then made a gentle turn to the north and gra11/1/98
8/19/98 10:00DaniaFLUSADisk5 minutesI observed craft cruising over ocean.11/1/98
8/19/98 00:00AlbuquerqueNMUSALight3minlight in the sky heading west that changed color and like a rubberband it zipped back heading east into space disapearing in the stars5/24/05
8/18/98 21:15SilverhillALUSADisk3 minutesdisk shaped craft with sequential lights at approx, 100' altitude crossing fields then hiway I was traveling.7/23/00
8/18/98 20:30Dayton (Sutro hills area, NE)NVUSAEgg15 minIn the evening playing with my daughter, back door blinds were open. My daughter SCREAMED 'LOOK DADDY LOOK, ALIENS'(She's only 3 1/2.)11/1/98
8/17/98 22:30DarienNYUSATriangle5 secondsUFO over a failed Laser Light show at Six Flags Park.8/5/01
8/17/98 21:50FriendswoodsTXUSADiamond20 minutesVideo of 2 events: Very bright beam of light in sky, going up and down. Light was orange in color, it pulsed and would fade in and out11/1/98
8/17/98 21:00Beacon FallsCTUSALight1minMy friend and I had just got out of my car in my driveway, looked up to the night sky which was the western sky, and saw a small light,4/2/99
8/17/98 14:10North PlainsORUSAOval3 mincolor silver,oblong shape,distance about a mile away,it wobbled and that was how i saw it had no wings,moving west to east11/1/98
8/17/98 08:00El DoradoKSUSACircle7 minutesI was standing in my driveway getting into my car when it happened. My back started to get extremly hot, it felt like I was getting a 11/1/98
8/16/98 23:15Gridley (10 miles N of, and 20 miles SE Chico)CAUSAFlash3 to 5 secondsBrief period of light flashed in my car window about 1/4 mile to right and problably no further than 2 to 3 miles in front.2/24/01
8/16/98 01:30San Juan IslandsWAUSACigar15secA cigar shaped object was less than a quarter of a mile from our a/c clear visability and stationay then vanished.11/1/98
8/15/98 23:30Crestline (Silverwood Lake)CAUSATriangle2 MINUTES8/15/98 SILVERWOOD LAKE , CA. TRIANGLE SHAPED VEHICLE W/ LIGHTS BUZZING SOUND. 45 SECONDS 3/21/20113/23/11
8/15/98 23:30New York City (JFK International Airport)NYUSALight:45-:90Green fireball, which dropped a smaller one going west to east...1/28/99
8/15/98 23:00AnnapolisMDUSATriangle2 minsclearly saw 3 green triangles in V formation12/12/11
8/15/98 22:45PontiacMIUSALight1 minuteBlue Lights and Missing Time9/4/03
8/15/98 22:30Luton (UK/England)United KingdomLightfew minuteslight moving in a line before dissappearing12/5/01
8/15/98 22:30SeattleWAUSAUnknown15 secondsComplex, dark and silent, as it floated over my house.11/2/04
8/15/98 22:15Simi ValleyCAUSALight2 minutesThe object in the sky at first appeared to be an unknown type aircraft with it's landing light on. The light went out and no red or gr11/1/98
8/15/98 22:00SterlingVAUSAUnknown8-10 minutesTwo witnesses- a large star with four smaller stars revolving around it.5/2/03
8/15/98 20:28Southampton (UK/England)United KingdomTeardrop3 minutesmysterios grey silent blob like shape errily glides across from my view2/14/06
8/15/98 20:15ThomasvilleNCUSASphere30 to45 secfishing in boat with my son.when a flock of small birds flew up from behind us. sa birds flew away . about 20 feet to our right 7 to 82/22/05
8/15/98 20:00Lefroy (Canada)ONCanadaSpherefew minuteswhite dot zigzaging across the dawn sky blinkering on and off12/2/00
8/15/98 20:00ToledoOHUSAUnknown15 minUFO at the Mall5/24/05
8/15/98 19:00Keflavik (Iceland)IcelandCircle6-8 secondsBall of light traveling at a high rate of speed over Keflavik Iceland, circa late summer 1998.5/24/05
8/15/98 19:00EverettWAUSASphere20 minMysterious orb floating fifty or so yards above me in the evening sky7/13/05
8/15/98 17:30San FernandoCAUSATriangle21/2 many ligth's in the sky day's before the sighting telling a frend about the ligth's at the same location a ligth came by at great1/3/01
8/15/98 17:00Tracy (near; on I-5; close to Gilroy)CAUSACircle2-3 minutescomit looking light in the sky10/8/07
8/15/98 12:00EverettWAUSAOther5MMe, my brother and two friends were out late one summer night. We then saw a 5 balls of light connnected to each other hovering in the 8/16/02
8/15/98 11:00PerryvilleMOUSAFireball2 minutesFAST MOVING, COLOR CHANGING OBJECT.8/30/13
8/15/98 02:00LoganUTUSATriangle2 MinutesTriangular craft with an odd luminescence coming from the bottom of the craft. It made no sound.6/4/04
8/15/98 01:30JanesvilleWIUSALight25 minuteswe saw about 4 strange lights about 200-300 feet above the ground near a section of woods in our city we see this all the time. i can g9/13/02
8/15/98 01:00Highlands RanchCOUSAFlash5 minutesFlashing UFO lights over church in Highlands Ranch, CO 1998-995/15/13
8/15/98 00:00StonewallLAUSA45 minutesTone heard throughout home10/30/06
8/15/98DeshlerOHUSARectangle1-2 secondsA brief flash of sight(like a cloaking device failed for a second) showed a building size craft with "windows". Beings were seen.11/20/02
8/14/98 22:00SeattleWAUSARectangle5+ hours (overnight?)Large visible object on moon4/28/01
8/14/98 16:00BurlingtonNDUSAFireball5 minutesFireball at Des Lacs and Souris River Forks5/15/13
8/14/98 03:15The DallesORUSAFireball90 secondsI was laying in my bed looking through the window which faces to the west. When suddenly a bright orange ball of fire appeared. I watch11/1/98
8/14/98Blewett Pass-top of mountain passWAUSALight4 secondsApprox. 4 a.m.traveling to seattle I saw a oval shaped object with a line of light on the side it had a jet stream effect around it .11/1/98
8/13/98 22:30EriePAUSACircle5-7 secondsA large green disc that travesed the night sky.5/4/04
8/13/98 22:00CoarsegoldCAUSATriangle5 min.My husband and I spotted a silent craft with white lights in the shape of a triangle and one red light on the top center.8/5/01
8/13/98 21:43New RiegelOHUSAOtherThe craft was black with a stealth like figure.2/16/99
8/13/98 19:45PlainviewNYUSALight1-2 minwe saw a sphere of light move steadily across the sky. Then it zig-zagged. It changed from whit to faint blue and flashed. It then ping11/1/98
8/13/98 10:10JeannettePAUSAChangingThey hovered over the church. It was like they were talking. They made wierd noises.7/26/02
8/13/98 04:13Belvidere (5 miles north of)ILUSAFlash10secsLarge blue flash and con trail similar to meteor, however with a evenly split blue tail. And a con trail that sustained for approximate8/5/01
8/13/98 03:00HamptonNHUSACircle3-5 secondsMoon size, like object, quiet, white and bright August 1997-1999 3:00 AM. Any one else?5/15/06
8/13/98 02:00Lake AlpineCAUSASphere8 secondsWhite spherical orb about three times the size of a full moon was observed from one mile away.6/12/11
8/13/98 01:00Tuskegee National Forest @ HWY 85ALUSADiskunknownLarge white glowing disk. Transparent. Smaller craft coming from it1/28/99
8/13/98MidlandTXUSADisk1 to 5 secondsThe object was not a plane and did not have any distinguishing features except that it was it was small gray and saucer shaped.1/17/04
8/12/98 22:24BothellWAUSADisk30 minutesIt looked like the saucer on the USS Enterprise from Star Trek. It had two disks, one on top of the other. Also, it had a flashing wh11/1/98
8/12/98 22:24New Brunswick (Canada)NBCanadaCircle1 hourbright orange light in the sky moving in zigzag, side by side and up and down.12/2/00
8/12/98 22:00Coimbra (Portugal)PortugalDisk3 minutesIt was standing there, looking at us, i don't know why5/24/05
8/12/98 21:30Fair LawnNJUSAOval5-10mins.I spotted 2 Unidentified Flying Objects that night. It all started when my siter, my dad, and I went out to watch the meteor shower. My11/1/98
8/12/98 21:09San MarcosCAUSAOvalabout 10 minutesFriend and I were driving down the highway...moderate traffic. I noticed the aircraft first, it was hoovering over the freeway about 3011/1/98
8/12/98 03:15Cleveland (above cei plant. public power.)OHUSADiamond3,4 minhovering craft small yellow/white orb decends from middle bottom of craft 20/25 feet slowly rising back up to main craft.craft glows a 11/19/98
8/12/98 00:30EttrickWIUSACircledont know what this meansBig red glowing ball that flew fairly low and didnt make any sound, no flashing lites3/4/03
8/11/98 00:15MandanNDUSADisk30+ min.I viewed an object that looked like a star initially but when viewed standing still it moved slightly. It looked like lights were flash11/1/98
8/11/98CanbyORUSAUnknownunknownAbout 4 weeks apart, my husband and I discovered round marks on our bodies after waking. No known cause is discernable. His has disappe11/1/98
8/10/98 23:30GeorgetownTXUSAChanging2 MinutesAppeared to be space-plane re-entering atmosphere. Eventually flew directly overhead without ever making a sound. First appeared to b11/1/98
8/10/98 22:00Halifax Regonal Municipality (Canada)NSCanadaLight20 min +3 craft 2 moveing in figure 8 motion other just doing it's own thing12/2/00
8/10/98 22:00HarrisburgPAUSATriangle30 minutesHuge Flying Black Triangle12/14/06
8/10/98 22:00TrabucoCAUSALight30 minutesIt was approx. 10:30 PM when my mother did her usual routine of walking the dogs before going to bed. She lives in a rural area within11/1/98
8/10/98 22:00ModestoCAUSATriangle20 minutesTriangular object in night sky over central valley in No. Ca., seen from Sierra Foothills11/21/10
8/10/98 21:40SeattleWAUSACircle2 minutesI was taking my wife to the airport heading south on I-5 and we were going by downtown Seattle when looking directly to our west we saw7/11/00
8/10/98 21:30SedonaAZUSALight10-15 minutesAn extremely bright light appearedout the window lasting 10-15 minutes disappearing in a flash with no sound ever heard.2/18/01
8/10/98 21:30Center HarborNHUSALight16 secondsAs I was looking up at the night sky in a North to North east direction, at approx.9:30 pm, I noticed what appeared to be a satellite m4/1/00
8/10/98 20:30Sukhbaatar (Mongolia)MongoliaUnknown3 minutWhen I sit on our house's gate I saw one thing that was flying from behind a mountains. it was one circle light. There sun was going do3/2/04
8/10/98 18:30Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaDisk.30a saucer shaped dark grey object that went north about 200 feet above the ground8/1/03
8/10/98 17:00West. SimsburyCTUSAOtherabout one minutesmall blimpish looking spacecraft that was silverish/metalish in color that wasent moving and disappered once i looked back up at sky7/26/02
8/10/98 15:00OtisORUSASphere3 minutesSilver basketball size sphere chases eagle.8/30/99
8/10/98 06:00AlbuquerqueNMUSAFireball20 minObject seen streaking across sky, leaveing huge contrail, it was across the horizon over head, and heading east to west, along hwy40(ro8/5/01
8/10/98 01:00Big PineCAUSALight01:30Mysterious lights in the Owens Valley California8/5/01
8/9/98 23:30Croatia (rural)CroatiaOval15 secondsoval with a blue light and no sound. First very slow and then disappeard suddenly.1/17/04
8/9/98 23:20LompocCAUSACircle40We saw a circular flashing object in the eastern sky slowly descending.11/1/98
8/9/98 19:20SingaporeSingaporeOther10minI were on the express way when i saw an object in the sky about 200meter far looks like the Stealth floating in the sky. Many people ha11/1/98
8/9/98 11:00Birkshire CountyMAUSAChanging10/minBright object 10000-20000 + feet in eastearn sky at first statoinary then appearing in different location in general area of sky withou1/28/99
8/9/98GraylingMIUSASphere30min.Brownish orange, large lights. a smaller , same colored light came out from under one of the lights. Lights would blink out then reappe11/1/98
8/8/98 21:30Chatsworth (Fort Mountain)GAUSACircle10 secondsMUFON/GEORGIA FOLLOW-UP REPORT: Hovering dark mass surrounded by yellow glow12/16/99
8/8/98 20:00San LeandroCAUSAChevronhoveringI first saw two bright yellowish beams in the sky, higher than clouds, and as I got closer, a black disc over the beams, tilted, and th11/1/98
8/8/98 09:30TacomaWAUSAOther1.5 minutesOn the morning of approximately August 08, 1998 I along with a friend were fishing at the mouth of the Puyallup River where it empties 7/14/99
8/8/98 02:00Houston (Canada)BCCanadaDisk10 minutesCraft follows vehicle on Canadian Highway with spotlight10/31/03
8/8/98 00:00North CharlestonSCUSAUnknown8 minutesSaw a UFO at night in the woods near power lines.3/4/08
8/7/98 23:30Bonmahon (County Waterford (Republic of Ireland)IrelandFireball2-3 secondswe stood on a cliff and watched the skies when a blue fireball crossed the skies at a very high speed. This was seen again 3 days late11/1/98
8/7/98 23:00Polzeth (UK/England)United KingdomCircle3 secondseight glowing orbs in v triangular formation, high speed.8/11/04
8/7/98 19:00Lenoir CityTNUSAOther1 minuteI was riding in a boat and noticed a very bright pair of lights at about 30 degrees above the horizon I turned to ask my wife if she sa11/1/98
8/7/98 14:00Dickson CityPAUSAChevron40 - 50 Seconds2 chevron UFOs head directly toward each other, then do a “loop-de-loop” around one another, and continue on their original headings.3/21/03
8/7/98 00:00Casa GrandeAZUSATriangleabout 3 minTriangle Shaped Object Over I-10 Near Casa Grande3/19/09
8/7/98 00:00Casa GrandeAZUSATriangle5 minutesTriangle Shaped Object Over I-10 Near Casa Grande.8/7/07
8/6/98 21:45AlbanyORUSACone45 secondswe saw 2 objects in the sky over albany or that stood still then took off in the sky we were driving north on I5 just inside city limit11/1/98
8/5/98 23:45Grand Junction (west of)COUSALight30 minutesSaw three objects which flashed red, blue and white lights. Lights appeared to be stationary. Binoculars revealed three distinct lights9/6/02
8/5/98 21:00East MachiasMEUSALight1 minuteLight in sky got brighter and truck almost stalled out light flickered out.11/1/98
8/5/98 21:00MumfordNYUSACircle3-4 minutesSaw multi-colored lights on circular craft in the woods.6/25/20
8/5/98 09:00Ballina (Australia)AustraliaOther2 minutesA floating clear glass bubble with a man sitting inside it.4/18/12
8/5/98 01:00NewtonKSUSAFormation30 minitsall 3 started to move forwored very slowly10/31/03
8/3/98 21:29PortlandORUSALightca. 2 min.Very bright steady blue-white light in sky over 3-5 deg. arc, steady movement over ene to wsw path, abruptly vanishing at "apex". No s11/21/98
8/3/98 00:30MidlandSDUSAUnknown45minutesRed ball of light exploding into many small white lights with one strobing along highway.10/30/06
8/3/98 00:00SalemMAUSAChanging3hrsBright light hovered over Marblhead Bay for several hours. Oval to disk shape but seemed to also change shape as well as color. Bright 11/21/98
8/2/98 23:30RichmondVAUSASphereseveral minutesSphere...silver...shiny....spotted in western Henrico County (Richmond, VA)1/17/04
8/2/98 20:45Perth (Western Australia)AustraliaLight1minblue light from se to nw at high speed11/21/98
8/2/98 15:00Huntington BeachCAUSADiskDaylightDaylight UFO sighting over Huntington Beach, California11/21/98
8/1/98 00:00Pittsburgh (on I-79)PAUSATriangle2 min.I was somewhere north of Pittsburgh, on I-79. When I looked up and saw a triangular shaped craft FLOATING above and to the right of me8/5/01
8/1/98 23:30Moldova Noua (Romania)RomaniaChanging01.00.00A strong light bellow the Donau, maybe on yugoslavian teritory. A light like a shining star with irization, with green mouving filament11/16/02
8/1/98 23:00Monhegan IslandMEUSAUnknown3 minutesSighting off the coast of Maine.5/15/20
8/1/98 23:00AlbuquerqueNMUSATriangle10 MinutesTriangular UFO over South Valley High School6/20/05
8/1/98 23:00PierreSDUSAUnknown10 secondsRed and green lights moving with no sound over Pierre, in central South Dakota, seen in 1998 now finally reported.3/4/08
8/1/98 22:30LincolnNEUSALight3 minutesWe saw streaks like tracers shoot out from a light in the sky.2/16/99
8/1/98 22:30MinocquaWIUSASphere5-8 minutesAn orange object moved across the sky.11/21/98
8/1/98 22:30OleanNYUSALight15-20 minutesRound, bright , orange lights, moving in patterns around each other moving very slowly and it appeared there were smaller light formati11/21/98
8/1/98 22:30Rome (Italy)ItalyCigar20 secluminous and silent cigar flew low in a summer night along the freeway Rome-Ostia5/2/03
8/1/98 22:30Big Sur (Monterey Co.)CAUSACigar1sec.Dark cigar shaped no lights streek though sky, airplane following.11/21/98
8/1/98 21:00LitchfieldILUSAOther11:30pmIt happen in my backyard2/16/00
8/1/98 20:45St. LouisMOUSALightless than 2 minutesObject appeared below the moon. Travelled from Southeast to Northwest. Changed color and direction erratically.11/21/98
8/1/98 20:00BrigantineNJUSALight5 min3 orange lights over NJ bay area, with REALLY loud humming noise heard.12/14/04
8/1/98 14:30HowellMIUSAUnknown5 minutesI was working on the roof of the house and looking up when I saw something at what looked like an average passenger jet altitude moving11/21/98
8/1/98 14:00Fort SillOKUSACylinder4 to 5 mincan shaped object over FT Sill OK8/5/01
8/1/98 03:00ChicagoILUSALight2 minutesAlien healing. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes8/5/09
8/1/98 00:30Excelsior Springs/Kearney (between)MOUSASphere1 1/2 min.I saw a blueish-pink glowing sphere maybe a hundred feet off the ground...4/2/99
8/1/98 00:00BinghamtonNYUSASphere5 minutesA red sphere glowing object that moved extremely fast from place to place, hovered over the house, and then disappeared in a second.3/19/09
8/1/98Provincetown (Cape Cod)MAUSALight3 seconds maybeLooking west I saw a "green shooting star", that, while falling, produced four jet engines, changed color to orange and shot straight u4/2/99