National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 03/1998


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
3/31/98 19:30Ozark National Forest (near Spring Lake, aprx.5 miles to N)ARUSARectangle1.5 minutesOne large orange-pink light,like meteor,then three rows of white light came on. They went out all at once.9/28/02
3/31/98 05:00BarabooWIUSALighta few secondsa yellow-orange light that zipped or zig-zagged, apparently a mile or two away on the southeastern horizon.1/28/99
3/30/98 23:00Davenport (Vanderveer Park)IAUSACircle?I didn't see it at the time, it was over 2 years later I was looking over my 3-D photos and saw a splotch. I dig enhanced it and deter11/20/01
3/30/98 22:30Bel AirMDUSAFormation3-5 sec.3 round glowing objects in triangle formation in Southern sky approx 22:30 in Southern sky1/28/99
3/30/98 22:00Mountain ViewCAUSAother2 minutesThis is just a short note regarding any sightings that you may receive for the above mentioned "UFO". The sighting may have been seen 1/28/99
3/29/98 20:18LunenburgMAUSAFireball2 sec.Green fireball seen falling quicly from South to North, looked almost as big as moon, followed by two smaller pieces/ debris.1/28/99
3/29/98 19:30IndioCAUSALight3-5 min.Bright light or dot with orange tail shot upwards and south across the sky. Tail stopped and so did light. Hovered in sky, then flew pa1/28/99
3/29/98 02:29YakimaWAUSAChanging10 minutesThe object changed color and shape. It kept the same course and speed flying into the wind.1/28/99
3/28/98 20:30Death Valley (Furnace Creek Ranch)CAUSAFireball7 secsA fireball travelled north to south, from horizon to horizon, due east of our location, at an elevation of about 45 degrees when due ea2/16/99
3/28/98 13:00UrbanaOHUSADisk2minutescraft chases airliner and jets intercept too late11/9/02
3/28/98 04:30MalvernPAUSACross20 minutesBright light, when viewed through binoculars was actually a cross made up of 5 or 6 lights vertically, 5 or 6 horizontally forming a cr1/28/99
3/27/98 23:00Clifton Park (30 min north of Albany)NYUSAOther15minit came after me and my dog, i was walking him that night9/19/02
3/27/98 23:00NewnanGAUSADisk2305They flew around in circles and would fly up then down then side-to-side. there were about 8 of then maybe more and they looked like hu1/28/99
3/27/98 22:35Arroyo GrandeCAUSADisk5min3 disks flying silently at high speeds, stopped to hover, then climbed out of the atmosphere.4/25/02
3/27/98 21:00PuebloCOUSALight30 min.Stationary for duration, 3 lights flashing red , green and white , SSE 150 deg. ; WSW 240 deg. ; WNW 300 deg. (APPROX.) Between 9:30 an1/28/99
3/27/98 20:40MilwaukeeWIUSACircle10 minutesLight spotted moving very fast heading NE and quickly turning W. Other simular round lights seen w/ same characteristics. Objects moved1/28/99
3/26/98 22:00Lake WalesFLUSALight1 hourstrange yellow lights have been appeared an disappeared for about the last three months i was able to take over four hours of video if 3/19/02
3/26/98 21:50St. Cloud (south of, over Lake Tohopekilagia)FLUSALight9 to 10 minutesseen one light at first so my wife and i took a ride to clay whaleys landing"a public boat ramp on lake Tohopekiliga" and then four lig3/19/02
3/26/98 21:45KissimmeeFLUSALight5 minutes (approx)four bright amber lights in a row moving from east to southwest1/28/99
3/26/98 21:30WesthamptonNYUSAUnknown10 secsLarge, stationary object app. 100ft above ground, with lights 1/28/99
3/26/98 21:30St. CloudFLUSALight5 minutesFour extremely large bright yellow lights lined up horizontally relatively close together hovering at an equal distance apart from one 1/28/99
3/26/98 19:00Beautiful Home Community of Monroe CountyKYUSALight2min.A large white light, moving from north to east.1/28/99
3/26/98 19:00PoseyvilleINUSAOval50 secondsI couldn't tell if it was about ten crafts or one craft with about ten lights. They were tinted red, and have been seen around my town.1/28/99
3/25/98 23:30AlexandriaLAUSATriangle2 minutesFive white lights in V-shaped pattern seen along Interstate 49 just south of Alexandria6/5/12
3/24/98 22:10TeagueTXUSAFireball10-12 secsPassage of what appeared to be a "fireball" from the East to the West1/28/99
3/24/98 22:00Fort Pierce/Orlando (between)FLUSAFireball45 minutesWe watched for 45 minutes 2 lights, then 1 light in the sky. It looked like a orange fireball and stayed with us as we drove north boun3/19/02
3/24/98 21:55TempeAZUSATriangle10Triangle shaped craft with three brightwhite lights and strobing colored lights dropped items behind treeline formed into one light and1/28/99
3/24/98 21:50Lake PlacidFLUSALight30 minutesTwo bright lights that moved around in the sky.3/19/02
3/24/98 16:38SouthportCTUSACircle15 sec.Black circular craft give us a glimpse and then dissapears over pine trees.7/1/02
3/24/98 11:30Ceasar's Creek and DaytonOHUSALightfew secondsUFOS - Dayton/Ceasar's Creek4/28/01
3/24/98 02:25Fraser Lake (Canada)BCCanadaSphere00/03Star like sphere appeared over ridge. Rose 5 degrees above horizon. Stayed stationary for 30 seconds. Went horizontal at incredible spe12/2/00
3/23/98 18:45Lichfield (near); Staffordshire (UK/England)United KingdomCigar2-3minsGolden cigar tail fin, motionless in sky, high elevation, sudden brilliant flash of light preceding total disappearance. Viewed from ca3/19/02
3/22/98 23:30DoylestownPAUSADisk5 minLights in the sky, hovering. No noise. It hovered over some trees. Then I heard sounds from jets, ( airforce? ). Before the jets, some 1/28/99
3/21/98 22:30San AntonioTXUSAFormation30 MinutesFirst 7 then up to a dozen lights at very high altitude darting around.5/15/06
3/21/98 20:15HollandMIUSAFlash10:00 min.A bright flash of light came on and off 2-3 minutes apart 3 times in the same spot in the northern sky then one more time a little to t1/28/99
3/21/98 20:00Ten Sleep (outside of)WYUSADiskGoing down the road I came up to a turn with a Sub station off to the left the UFO hovering above the sub station with a light fog arou3/19/02
3/20/98 21:46KearneyNEUSATriangleaprox 20 secGoing west to east. No sound. No lights. Illuninated by city glare. Alt. unknown. Straight overhead. Width, 2.5 fingers at arms lengt1/28/99
3/20/98 20:50Kansas CityMOUSAFormation30min.I observed a bright pulsing(red, green, and white)light with several smaller white lights around it, while riding in the car with my si1/28/99
3/20/98 18:00OkobojiIAUSAFireball3 minutesA large fireball came across the sky above the lake. It was yellow then changed to green.1/28/99
3/20/98 01:00KentwoodMIUSATriangle5minCraft motionless above us we pulled over and stopped very large triangle shape several glowing lights on bottom, craft as big as one or1/28/99
3/20/98 00:00Harriman State ParkNYUSALight3minWhile camping on top of a moutain me and 2 friends saw a star start to come at us. As it got closer it shined a white light at the to o3/19/02
3/19/98 23:00Grosse IleMIUSADiamond5 min.Two crafts came into view & Flew slowly across the sky1/28/99
3/19/98 19:00Spring HillTNUSALight20 minutesIt was a light formation containing 5 lights regularly spaced moving in a circular pattern. These lights were fuzzy edged like headligh1/28/99
3/18/98 02:00Trout RunPAUSAFireball5 minGood friday Fireball sighted on isolated PA.road1/31/11
3/16/98 23:00WorcesterMAUSAUnknown20 secondsTwo lights, travelling close and very fast, from N to S1/28/99
3/16/98 20:56Bar HarborMEUSAFireball20 seconds?It looked like an audio tape. Was moving very slow in the night.1/28/99
3/16/98 20:30AlbanyORUSACigar8-10 minutesThe object was a cross between cigar and cylinder. Red tip, blue back. Traveling at high rate of speed at same altitude as plane (Apr1/28/99
3/16/98 13:30SeattleWAUSASphere5 secondsCommercial Airline Flight From Juneau AK to Seattle4/2/99
3/16/98 03:22LunenburgMAUSALight3 secondsBright green light moved quickly overhead from WSW to ENE, transversing 30 degrees of sky in less than three seconds.1/28/99
3/16/98 03:15HoldernessNHUSAFireball5 secLarge greenish blue fireball seen almost overhead, travelling in northerly direction.1/28/99
3/15/98 00:00RoswellNMUSATriangle1 minWe were traveling north on US285 about 35 miles north of Roswell NM. A large triangular shaped craft appeared seemingly from nowhere a4/14/09
3/15/98 22:30FarinaILUSAFireball20 min((HOAX??)) Flaming eyeball floats across the horizon then a glow in sky makes a streak above us in a 60* angle1/10/09
3/15/98 21:30Los OsosCAUSASphere10 housPossible UFO abduction,1/31/11
3/15/98 21:30GreensboroNCUSALight10 minutescolor changing light that made no engine noise and dissappeared in a clearsky4/15/00
3/15/98 20:30AnchorageAKUSAOval15 minutesDriving home after daughters birthday, noticed light ascending from over top of mountain range. Stopped to watch, for it emitted great 6/18/98
3/15/98 20:30DanburyCTUSACylinder5 secondsA hazy object hidden in clouds just all of a sudden dissapeared.12/2/00
3/15/98 20:00North PoleAKUSASphere90 secRed orb, blue orb...similar to the Marfa Lights5/24/05
3/15/98 19:00GladewaterTXUSATriangle30 minutesTriangle lights.1/24/19
3/15/98 18:00Atlantic Ocean (around Bermuda/Cariibbean)BermudaOther1minWhile serving in the U.S. navy out to sea, I saw the same object twice and it seen me.1/17/04
3/15/98 14:30Gunnison (30 Miles NE of)COUSADisk30 SecondsDaylight sighting while ice fishing on a lake in South Western Colorado.8/5/01
3/15/98 14:00BozemanMTUSATriangle3 triangle shapes with flashing lights in triangle formation.12/16/99
3/15/98 13:00SouthavenMSUSADisk20 min.My Grandmother and I were going home on Hwy 51 in Southaven, MS when I saw a flying disk, metalic in nature move through the sky.6/18/98
3/15/98 08:00Gympie (Australia)AustraliaTriangle20secEarly morning travel with three blue triangles.9/4/03
3/15/98 04:00Moree, NSW (Australia)AustraliaSphere1hrIt was 4am and from our farm we could clearly see a bright, glowing object. I got out the video camera and zoomed right in on the objec1/28/99
3/15/98 04:00Oak CreekCOUSALight2 minutesI was driving to catch a flight at Denver International and had at least a three hour drive. I was driving down County Road 14 to Stat9/2/05
3/14/98 21:00FrankfortINUSATriangle2 minutesTriangle Shape Over Frankfort Indiana10/8/07
3/14/98 19:50TacomaWAUSAFireball1 to 5 minMy mother saw this, she said it came from the north towards her as she was inside looking out her window. It was a large RED FIRE BALL1/28/99
3/14/98 15:00BradentonFLUSACigar5 secondsWhile walking home from school I saw a small (about this big-> / <-)hovering overhead it then shot out a small orb which I lost track o7/25/04
3/13/98 23:40TulsaOKUSALight20 secondsOne small light overhead. no flashing lights.constant color. apparantly no wings. low altitude(under low cloud ceiling). fast moving1/28/99
3/13/98 22:15NovatoCAUSAFlash3 min.Strange oscillating white and red flash seen over Novato, CA, 10:15 PM on Friday, March 13, 1998.1/28/99
3/13/98 21:50SeattleWAUSASphere3 - 4 minutesWe watched approximately 15 dimly lit white spheres that pulsed brightly together in different colors while slowly rising towards the s1/28/99
3/13/98 21:00Zoetermeer (Netherlands)NetherlandsLight3/4 minutesI was looking through the window of my bethroom, watching the plains that flew by in the night. Suddenly I saw a bright orange licht th1/28/99
3/13/98 21:00San DiegoCAUSACircle20 minutesphoenix lights over san diego7/16/06
3/13/98 20:00Caribbean Sea (U.S. Navy Ship)Caribbean Sea/Atantic OceanFormation2 minSaw the same object , twice, out to sea , while serving in U.S. Navy.6/4/04
3/13/98 19:00Caribbean Sea (U.S. Navy Ship)Caribbean Sea/Atantic OceanFormation2 minSaw the same object , twice, out to sea , while serving in U.S. Navy.6/4/04
3/13/98 17:30FlorenceORUSACigar2 minscigar shaped craft4/27/04
3/13/98 13:30San JoseCAUSASphere15 sec.At approximately 1:30pm on 3/13/98, a group of seagulls caught my eye. As I looked up at the gulls,I noticed above them at about 4-5 wh1/28/99
3/12/98 22:10AshtabulaOHUSACigar1 minuteFirst saw lights in sky (thru my high window) Object sitting still with lights 5 or 6? Down low--no sound I turned out light--it veered1/28/99
3/12/98 22:00Emley Moor, Huddersfield, West Yorks (UK/England)United KingdomDiskapprox: 1 1/2 minutesHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: A flying saucer at ground level about to take off.5/4/04
3/12/98 08:34GreenlandNHUSASphere3 to 5 secI saw a glowing green sphere cross the sky horizontally east to west3/19/02
3/12/98 04:30Red RiverNMUSACylinder3 hoursThere were 2 extremely bright objects stationary in the sky, side by side for over 2 hours south of Red River1/28/99
3/12/98 02:30San AntonioTXUSALight5 minutesScanned by an unusually large scanner8/28/02
3/12/98 01:40KennewickWAUSADiamond2-3 mins.Six objects lighting one by one,then leaving from north to south as one.3/19/02
3/12/98 01:10Eagle CountyCOUSAFireball00:01I have seen 5 greenish/blue fireballs in the course of a 2 week period, above and around the Eagle County area of Colorado.1/28/99
3/11/98 23:30QuincyCAUSACircle2-2.5 minIt was an object, blood red, about magnitude 1, travelling NW to SE. No sound. 4 contrails.1/28/99
3/11/98 22:03Colorado SpringsCOUSAOther10-15 sec.Seven narrow cylinders with tapered ends, flew in silent formation, from the south,due north. They appeared to have no single light. Th9/19/02
3/11/98 20:10NorthportNYUSAlight2 secondsno crafts were seen, only a brilliant silver-blue light that moved north to south ....3/19/02
3/11/98 19:30Los Penisquitos (San Diego)CAUSALight5secondsthe object traveled from the south to north west in a downwards direction, the event lasted roughly 5 seconds, the object if I held a p1/28/99
3/11/98 16:45Kauai (2/miles off north coast of)HIUSASphere3/MIN,While fishing off of the north coast of Kauai, Hawaii we saw a metalic sphere moving at a very high rate of speed in a North Westerly d8/5/01
3/10/98 20:00AlexandriaVAUSAChevron4 secondsMarch 97 0r 98 4-5 seconds Alexandria, VA Chevron shaped and huge glide overhead then suddenly go out of sight...4/9/04
3/10/98 19:00WindberPAUSAFormation5 minutesTight,straight-line formation hovering approx 1000'. V-shape intense white light each. Cntr craft left,rest followed as observer stoppe1/28/99
3/10/98 19:00ColumbiaSCUSADiamond5 minutesBrightly lighted craft hovering over us on Interstate 26. Had lights shining down from the craft as well as lights shining up into the3/19/02
3/10/98 18:00Fort GordonGAUSALight2 secondsHUGE streaking light on a military base - 30 witnesses (including two civilian instructors - both prior military).1/17/04
3/10/98 18:00Savannah (Wilmington Isl)GAUSACone2minutestriangle object headed south floated by house in early evening1/28/99
3/10/98 07:00Santa MonicaCAUSASphere1:30Metallic sphere over Los Angeles International Airport.2/14/06
3/9/98 22:25TucsonAZUSATriangle10 minutesI was traveling east coming home from work and saw three bright, white lights in the SW sky. They were appeared to be about the size o1/28/99
3/9/98 19:40Butte CountyCAUSALight20 secondsA single star-like object moved in straight line, west to east, traversing overhead from horizon begining to horizon ending within 18-21/28/99
3/8/98 22:00ColumbusGAUSAChanging3 to 5 minI saw a redish&orange ball of light moveing up&down on a vertical path,no sound at all.12/9/00
3/8/98 12:00WichitaKSUSACylinder3 minutesOn lunch break, heading east in car. Stopped at light, saw object in distance above the horizon. An airliner was heading south, away fr1/28/99
3/7/98 22:00ChinookMTUSAChanging2hoursI was outside of my house,admiring the night sky,when I noticed an object streak across the sky and then stop very quickly. Then anothe1/28/99
3/7/98 20:00West Palm Beach (Vero)FLUSAFireball1minTwo lights over ocean exploding into the sea.3/19/02
3/7/98 19:50Punta GordaFLUSADisk5 minutesTwo brightly glowing objects sighted about 100 degees during twilight at about 40-50 degrees above the horizon.1/28/99
3/7/98 19:30Bonita Springs (in the east as seen from)FLUSAOther15 secondsrocket plumes,apparently rising into the sky in the east.3/19/02
3/7/98 19:30Kennedy Space CenterFLUSATriangle30 mintwo crafts in the clouds, one with a vague lightbeam coming out the bottom3/19/02
3/7/98 19:30West Palm Beach (Road House Grill)FLUSAFormation5-10 minutesI was working at Roadhouse Grill Saturday night, at 6:30 pm my co workers send he so 2 ufo outside at 6:30. Then at 7:30 when I help ta1/28/99
3/7/98 19:00Central Florida (Melbourn to West Palm to Orlando)FLUSALight3-5 minutesTwo lights in their own haze. Very bright one on right moves off and dissapears 30 sec. later other light moves in same directiona and1/28/99
3/7/98 19:00Port CharlotteFLUSALight1 to 3 min.Observed 2 flickering white lights to the east 4 fingers above horizon moving erracticly.Light on left above right,right faded out fist1/28/99
3/7/98 18:50Lehigh AcresFLUSAFireball3 minTwo glowing fireball objects with a large afterglow spread out behind them.1/28/99
3/7/98 18:50Gilmour (Canada)ONCanadaOval6 minutesOrange shaft of light eminating up to a wheel5/24/05
3/7/98 18:50EnglewoodFLUSASphere1-2 min.Appeared to stay in place one being slightly higher in the sky with tails extending from below and to the east. First one disipated an1/28/99
3/7/98 18:50SarasotaFLUSACone30 secondsObject observed coming from SE at twilight, sky very clear and not yet dark. Object was white with small white core moving towards us (1/28/99
3/7/98 18:48SarasotaFLUSALight90 secondsObserved 2 lights, one staggered lower and to the right, East of Sarasota, FL.1/28/99
3/7/98 18:45NaplesFLUSACone2 sorta of cone light oval i smaller i a little larger moving not together but in the same pattern3/19/02
3/7/98 18:45Fort MyersFLUSAFireball1 minute2 incoming spheres of light with cone shaped mist eminating from all around the spheres.Standing facing east,the spheres were moving fr1/28/99
3/7/98 18:45TampaFLUSAOther3 minutesOn the date and time listed above my girlfriend and I saw two unknown objects over the Tampa Bay area. They were appeared to be trapezo1/28/99
3/7/98 18:45Vero Beach (Northern)FLUSAFormation2.5 minutes2 bright lights moving toward us one lower the other. One turns and disappears leaving an illuminated doughnut shaped fog. Then the ot3/19/02
3/7/98 18:45Port St. LucieFLUSALight5 MINUTEStwo bright beams of light in the eastern sky2/8/05
3/7/98 18:45TampaFLUSAUnknown30 secondsI viewed two bright white-colored objects for about 20-30 seconds just before dusk. The objects then vanished.1/28/99
3/7/98 18:45Lighthouse PointFLUSALight20 seconds2 bright white lights with comet like curved fan shaped tails streaming behind, stationary in east sky over ocean,45 degrees above hori1/28/99
3/7/98 18:45West Palm BeachFLUSACircle5 minutesTwo bright circle lights seen in West Palm Beach, Florida.8/28/03
3/7/98 18:45OrlandoFLUSALight2 MinutesWe saw 2white lights in the sky about 300 yards apart and 30 feet in diameter. One was close to a cloud, and dissapeared behind the cou1/28/99
3/7/98 18:45Sebastian InletFLUSALight3-5 min.lights turn night to day off southeast coast 3-7-98 ......5/15/06
3/7/98 18:40Temple TerraceFLUSALight60 secondsTraveling east spotted two white lights 30 degrees elevation. They were strangely foggy in appearance but moved independently. No craf1/28/99
3/7/98 18:40North Fort MyersFLUSASphere1 minuteTwo glowing objects staionary in the eastern sky. Skys were clear. One object lower on the horizon than the other. One object disappear1/28/99
3/7/98 18:35OrlandoFLUSASphere2 minutesWe observed two sperical objects which were bright white surrounded by a haze which hovered in the eastern sky and then suddenly disapp1/28/99
3/7/98 18:30Lake PlacidFLUSALight3 minutesTwo round, yellow, hazy lights. Smaller than full moon. Came toward us from the east. Sky was clear. Light on left slightly lower alti3/19/02
3/7/98 18:17Benson (Just outside of)NCUSAFireball2 minutesA comnet shaped object suddenly appeared in the sky and appeared to move across the sky slowly until it turned away from me and disappe3/19/02
3/7/98 18:00Cocoa BeachFLUSALight2-5 minutesTwo very bright lights moving across the sky... one slightly lower than the other. Both vanish within a couple of minutes...3/2/04
3/7/98 16:46South Abaco (Bahamas)BahamasCone1 minuteTwo very bright white lights with blue cone shaped contrails approached from northeast, turned south, and then appeared to depart ionos3/19/02
3/7/98 08:00MalabarFLUSATriangle30 sec.SW 15mph. Boomerang shaped with stroblights rotating 3 or 4 city blocks large5/15/06
3/7/98 01:00Thunder Bay (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle20secondsIndiglo coloured, triangle shaped craft that was visible for 30 seconds.12/2/00
3/7/98Port SalernoFLUSAUnknownjust a few secondstwo lights connected to nothing going from the sky to the water.3/19/02
3/6/98 23:55Southampton (Hampshire) (UK/England)United KingdomChanging20 minuteswe had been out and on the way home (because we had to be home by 12;00) and the sky lit up and a purple and brown shape appeared it wa3/19/02
3/5/98 22:45PittsfieldMEUSAFormation15 minone large craft silver spinning and emitting a strange light. three smaller fireball-like balls moving in random directions around the1/28/99
3/5/98 19:00NorfolkVAUSAFireball3 secondsIntensely bright green fireball almost the diameter of the moon shot across the sky. Long bright green trail. Visible for 3 seconds o1/28/99
3/5/98 16:00Spanish ForkUTUSATriangle15 minutesthe craft hovered above a neighbors house about 150ft up then began to move away until it got about 2 miles and then hovered again for 1/28/99
3/5/98 10:00GoletaCAUSACircle10 minutesDay sighting disc craft geostationary chased away by jets.8/7/11
3/3/98 20:00Bali (Indonesia)IndonesiaSphere3 secswhite sphere in Indonesia8/12/01
3/3/98 20:00HoustonTXUSASphere7 secondsStrolling with my wife in the Heights part of Houston, on a quiet and dark residential street. I had been seeing a number of horizontal7/4/12
3/3/98 20:00FlagstaffAZUSALight15-20 secondsdont know if you have a report on ufo sighting over arizona but something buzzed over us at blinding speed on march 3rd about 8pm and 11/20/02
3/1/98 22:00New AlbanyINUSALight1 minuteBright Welders Arc Light In The Night Skys Over New Albany Indiana2/24/01
3/1/98 20:00Cebu City (Philippines)PhilippinesOther1 to 2 monthsEnd of the Century UFO5/15/06
3/1/98 19:00WindhamNYUSAFormation5minsaw the objects in the sky my wife and I they were still than 2 of the objects movwd south the other four moved east i called the alban7/11/00
3/1/98 03:00LeesburgGAUSAUnknown45 minutesU.F.O. spotted ouside Leesburg, Georgia hoving over trees before rapidly diving dove and up again.9/17/00
3/1/98 03:00Sunderland (UK/England)United KingdomRectangle5 minuitesOblong craft, moved slowly across night sky out to sea. No noise or lights8/28/03
3/1/98 02:30Beal AFBCAUSADisk5 secondsWhen I notice shiny object, whatch it for 8 minutes before it turned black and disipared in 4 seconds.10/4/19
3/1/98 02:20LodiWIUSAfireball30.secgreen fire ball with spark trail moving from east to west over the Badger ordence army ammo plant it looked like fireworks it was as bi1/28/99