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UFO Report Index For 10/1997


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
10/31/97 22:18Santa AnaCAUSALight2 min.Saw an orange, round object in the northern sky under clear conditions. Object was flickering in brightness and was moving very slowly 6/2/98
10/31/97 10:00El PasoTXUSAOther2 minutesI saw what appeared papers swirling high in the atmosphere. They changed into two huge white kite like objects which then turned into 1/28/99
10/31/97 00:00NoconaTXUSASphere12 secondsA very dim, round ball of light that moved at a very high speed across the sky--much faster than a jet, but slower than a meteorite.1/28/99
10/30/97 07:30PittsburghPAUSADisk3 minutesobserved stationary disk object hovering in clear daylight about 100 feet driving nearly beneath it.1/7/00
10/30/97 00:00Ophir MountainUTUSACircle10 minutesOn or about October1997 at approximately 12 a.m. in the morning we were hunting in an area that we always go it's in the town of ophir12/1/19
10/29/97 19:00Childress (North of)TXUSASphere10 secondsI submitted this report last week, but haven't seen it posted, so I thought it may have been lost in the shuffle. Incidentally, as a c1/28/99
10/29/97 19:00Childress (approx 20 miles north ofTXUSALight5-7 secondsA bright light, which I thought was a "falling star", suddenly leveled off at my altitude, veered to the north, then came directly at m8/5/01
10/29/97 16:30Glen AlpineNCUSALight1 min.I herd a humming sound and a bright lite. From - Thu Oct 30 14:34:07 1997 Return-Path: Received: from colora1/28/99
10/28/97 20:15Jackson CenterOHUSAlighton/off 3 hoursthree orange lights appear in back of our factory while on a smoke break all moving back and forth!!!1/28/99
10/28/97 18:45Willow SpringsMOUSATriangle3 mintriangle shaped with 5 red lights along the edge and 1 white light in the middle traveling east and low to the ground.9/9/04
10/28/97 18:05SacramentoCAUSAlight5 mintuesI was driving when i saw lights flashing on and off. The lights were very fast, faster than a plain. When the object flew over my head 1/28/99
10/27/97 21:42Funafuti (Tuvalu)TuvaluUnknown15 secondsDawn arrives ahead of schedule [from the West] over a remote Pacific Island.5/14/02
10/27/97 19:30Stoke-on-Trent (UK/England)United KingdomCylinder30 SECONDSTRANSLUCENT (V) FORMATION OBJECTS AT CLOSE QUARTERS 19971/27/05
10/26/97 22:00CharlotteNCUSATrianglefew secondsI spotted two triangular craft over the treetops........8/30/99
10/25/97 22:00St. Thomas, (U. S. Virgin Islands)VIU. S. Virgin IslandsLight5-8 SECDSWas staring at a very clear night sky over the Caribbean when overhead I saw what appeared to be a satellite (I see them very often). 3/7/98
10/25/97 21:45MinneapolisMNUSAtriangle1 minuteA small V of lights moving very quickly from west to east1/28/99
10/24/97 22:05Santa RosaCAUSAcircle5 secondsCircular object; leading edge visable and dull white;shape of crecent moon; heading nw to se; twice size of moon; no details other than1/28/99
10/24/97 20:42FairfieldCAUSASphere2 secondsRound blue-green object seen hurling to earth. It disappeared before reaching the ground. It was only visible in the night sky for ap1/28/99
10/24/97 18:00HoustonTXUSAtriangle5-6 secondsWitnessed black, metallic UFO pass by airplane window at 28,000 feet. Witnessed by several people in daylight.1/28/99
10/24/97 15:00Musquodoboit Harbour (Canada)NSCanadaOther45 secs +/-H shaped craft seen in daylilght hours 9 years ago in Musquodobit Harbour area of Nova Scotia.2/14/06
10/24/97 06:30BlountvilleTNUSAcircle3 minutesBrightly lit circular object (circular light pattern) hovering 1 1/2 minutes and suddenly darting away faster than conventional aircraf1/28/99
10/24/97 00:00NorfolkVAUSAcircle10 SECONDSGreen, luminous round object that had a dark vertical line (or absense of light)appeared suddenly descended and disappeared.1/28/99
10/23/97 22:30WeehawkenNJUSAother4 secondsGreen orb without streaking, incoming over Hudson River between NYC & NJ. A high-speed descent that looked like it was destined to cras1/28/99
10/23/97 21:00OrlandoFLUSAOtherapprox. 10 minutesRounded rectangle of a cluster of frosted raspberry lights slowly moving north, then, swiftly gone...4/8/02
10/23/97 16:30BillingsMTUSAcylinder16:30-16:33Dark gray, cylindrical, object about 100m wide and 40m tall. Hovered in circle, about 20 miles away.1/28/99
10/22/97 15:00MilfordCAUSADisk5 secondsSilver saucer shaped craft seen clearly over Sierra Nevada mountains for a short time.11/28/07
10/21/97 22:00BluffUTUSALight1 minutefollowing a green fireball, a red light appeared on Comb Ridge.2/18/01
10/21/97 18:45NorristownPAUSACircle20 MinutesI viewed three UFO's in the sky, moving at high speeds and amazing shapes in the sky not possible by human planes.12/19/03
10/20/97 22:00Grimsby (UK/England)United KingdomEgg2 minutesBright green egg shaped object hovering for some time then shot off in a nothern direction very fast8/16/02
10/20/97 20:00Round RockTXUSADiamond1 hour or moreMajor UFO event, Round Rock Texas6/4/04
10/20/97 19:30South of Kalamath Falls,ORUSAFormationapprox 8minFive lights appeared in the sky all the same distance apart, in a straight line.4/2/99
10/20/97 08:45Gig HarborWAUSALight30 seconds to 1 minuteI saw my first UFO when I was on my way to school as a child.12/12/11
10/20/97 00:00Rome/Armuchee (between)GAUSAlightON THE 20 OF SEPT WE SAW BIG BRIGTH LIGHT IT CAME DOWN9/28/02
10/19/97 20:45AbileneTXUSAUnknownSaw a bright light before grocery shopping and disappeared and took off.9/2/05
10/19/97 02:00AttleboroMAUSALight10 minutesA small globe of white light hovering over the grass paced my car for several minutes.1/16/14
10/19/97 02:00CroftonMDUSAotherApprox. 2 hrs.I heard a strange noise in kitchen.I thought that my cat knocked over the trash bin again.So I whipped my silk rob on, and walked down 1/28/99
10/18/97 15:00EvansvilleINUSAunknownabout 1 min.Daughter & I were fishing and when we heard & saw a plane I said "look honey, see the plane!" At that time somethuing appeared just beh1/28/99
10/17/97 20:00IgnacioCOUSATriangle1 hourThree triangular shapes with extended "legs" floating southwest over SW Colorado NW New Mexico mountains.4/14/09
10/16/97 19:05HollisterCAUSALight40 secondsVery dim light, extreme altatude, traveling from Pacific easterly aprox. over San Jose or S.F., dramatic turn to south/east toward Araz1/28/99
10/16/97 08:00RoosevilleMIUSAlight1 minuteI was coming down the I94West ramp onto the freeway, when I was eye level with the sky, I looked at the clouds and there was a light as1/11/02
10/16/97 05:34HickoryNCUSAFireball3minutesI was outside when I saw a red "fireball" moving in an oval pattern.6/23/99
10/16/97 01:30JacksonvilleFLUSASphere10 minutesMetallic Sphere Scans My Entire Body8/5/01
10/15/97 23:30Deer GroveILUSATriangle152 friends and I were going for a late-night walk on my farm. We were standing on a hill and I looked up towards the trees, and saw a ve8/30/99
10/15/97 23:30Fort William (UK/Scotland)United KingdomUnknown-30secUFO exploded in the West Highlands of Scotland..2/18/01
10/15/97 22:00St. LouisMOUSAUnknown1-minute+inside the house, but could tell it was above us4/26/00
10/15/97 22:00AlvaradoTXUSAChevron30 secs"V" Shaped craft over Night Sky in Alvarado TX. Oct. 199710/31/03
10/15/97 22:00FreeportILUSAFlash15 secondsTwo different reports of blinking light seen by same witness within a years time.12/9/00
10/15/97 21:30WaldorfMDUSALight7 minutesThree circular lights fuse into one and become an intensly bright beacon4/27/04
10/15/97 20:45StephenvilleTXUSACircle10 minutesCentral Texas Sighting in Fall of 1997. Pulsing, single craft at EXTREME SPEEDS.1/3/01
10/15/97 20:15HarrodsburgKYUSAUnknown45 secondsIron-gridwork, lightless, silent UFO seen over central Kentucky.12/16/05
10/15/97 20:00WestfeildWIUSALight2-4 minutesWe were driving down the road. We saw it out of the window. we lost track of it and then saw it again whan we reached our destination.2/16/99
10/15/97 20:00BladenNEUSASphere2 minutesufos on the moon????2/24/01
10/15/97 20:00RosburgWAUSATriangle3-4 minutesTriangular shaped object.7/19/10
10/15/97 19:35Austin/Eureka (between, Hwy. 50)NVUSAlight35 secondsI was driving west on hyw 50 and saw 6 bright lights 3 on a ship, and then they were gone!1/28/99
10/15/97 19:00Shark River HillsNJUSATriangle5 minutesI was walking my dog on a dark, clear evening. I sensed a weird feeling and looked up to the sky. Above the tree tops, I couldn't mak2/1/07
10/15/97 19:00BoulderCOUSATriangle5 minSaw 3 lights moving slowly over the foothills11/17/99
10/15/97 18:40AbingdonVAUSALight~10 minutesBristol Herald Courier run on Thursday (10-16-97) the following day "Unusual lights in sky over Mountain Empire generate speculation". 8/5/01
10/15/97 17:30DaggettCAUSARectangle6-8 seconds.One very fast, very low flying rectangular object changes direction, stops, then seperates into three equally fast smaller objects.10/8/07
10/15/97 17:00New Britain (?)CTUSARectangle5 minutesRectangular foot-ball field with dark red lights slowly moving high altitude evening sky.8/22/14
10/15/97 15:00New York City (Staten Island)NYUSACylinder2 minutes?Metallic Cylinder Moving thru New York Harbor2/14/08
10/15/97 10:00DallasTXUSALight5 minutesMy friend and I were driving home from a date, I opened the sunroof to view the moon lite sky. As I was starring at the stars somethi6/2/98
10/15/97 07:00PasadenaCAUSAOval30 secondsit was a plasma craft . It looked just like the pics taken in mex of a plasma craft.2/18/01
10/15/97 03:00LagrangeNCUSAFireball3 SECONDSI saw two glowing, softball sized objects fly across the road directly in front of my truck.8/12/01
10/15/97 03:00Atlanta (north of)GAUSALight5 minA blue grayish kind of light.3/7/98
10/15/97 02:15DuncanOKUSAUnknown05:15This is what I can remember about my abduction.1/28/99
10/15/97 01:00ParisTNUSALight10 minutesblue ball of light subdues me and my girlfriend.5/24/05
10/15/97NaalehuHIUSASphere5 MIN.It looked like a natural object (for a meteor) but it didn't follow the laws of gravity8/25/00
10/14/97 23:55San DiegoCAUSALightongoingI walked outside and there were a few stars that were twinkling. Which were in the configuration of ORION. I called my boyfriend outsid1/28/99
10/14/97 16:00Syracuse (North)NYUSAUnknown30 sec. max4 Military planes fly past flying rod, and information blackout still ocurring.8/5/01
10/13/97 22:15HollisterCAUSALight1-2 min.I was walking on a county road looking at the stars as I often do When I noticed a star becoming brighter, Then to my amazement it move1/28/99
10/13/97 20:15RenoNVUSAOther60min.We saw several objects performing naneuvers that not possible for present day aircraft to accomplish. This sighting is indescribable th1/28/99
10/13/97 05:00Ogden/ClintonUTUSACircle3 hoursMy husband woke me up to see this. It is hard to describe because it was inside a cloud. It had an outer ring of triangular lights that8/5/01
10/13/97 03:00BuffaloNYUSAother4500Please Not Post1/28/99
10/13/97SandyUTUSALightA bright light spotted over the Great Salt Lake.4/1/01
10/12/97 23:00FranklinNHUSAOther15 secondsRound green ball-shaped object8/16/02
10/12/97 22:30ChicagoILUSALight5 minutesMe and my friend were driving back from a Cubs game and we saw a red light in the sky it was moving very fast, then stopped, went back 9/19/02
10/12/97 21:51Kenner (34th St.)LAUSADisk1:21mintwo disk like objects passed over me and my mother objevts seemed to be a couple of thousand feet overhead6/2/98
10/12/97 19:00White Tank MountainsAZUSAlight20 minutesSaw bright light past mountains. Looked at it through binoculars. It was very large. Must have been 18 or 19 miles away. Due to it's si1/28/99
10/12/97 18:30Huntington BeachCAUSASphere20 secondsSphere chased by Huntington Beach Helocopter10/20/05
10/12/97 10:30Poole (UK/England)United KingdomOther1 minuteUFO Sighted in Poole, Dorset England3/19/09
10/11/97 23:30Eslö, Scania (Sweden)Sweden10 minutesDuring an IYCW (International Youth Camp Weekend), when we were sitting in groups of different campfires in an area of a quarter of one1/28/99
10/11/97 22:00Hafnarfjordur (Iceland)IcelandSphere5 minplaying with a jet6/12/08
10/10/97 21:00AustinMNUSAOther1-houri was traveling northbound on state highway 105 approximately 8 miles south of Austin MN when an object came down directly above my car1/28/99
10/10/97 20:00BonaireGAUSATriangle<5 MinutesTriangular Object Sighted at Very Close Range2/1/07
10/10/97 17:00MesaAZUSASphere30 secondsA small dark purple quad-thruster craft hovering 200-300 feet in the sky. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes2/14/08
10/10/97 16:00ConnersvilleINUSAdelta4 hours3 differants types , cluster ,delta , and one in a 3 pointed star design . followed it for six miles .1/28/99
10/9/97 19:00DetroitMIUSAtriangle5min.A wedge shaped object flew over head of us as we stood on our deck in our backyard. Ther was a bright light in the middle of the ship a1/28/99
10/9/97 11:40CamarilloCAUSACircle2 minutesall three of us were friends. My friend,(deleted), saw it first. He said "What's that shiny thing in the sky?" I said, "Where? I d1/28/99
10/7/97 03:26MM82/MM83 (between, on I-80)PAUSACircle5 minutesDriving west on i-80 ufo was hovering about 100 ft off ground less than 50 ft from interstate.It was about 200yds in diameter and the u3/7/98
10/5/97 20:30UticaNYUSALight2 minutesI looked up at the sky, and two or three bright red dots were in the sky, and moving at right angles very fast.4/1/01
10/5/97 19:00CheyenneWYUSAOther1.5 minSeen a object in clear sky.looked like commet coming from south to north.lost tail half way across sky1/11/02
10/4/97 18:00WarrentonVAUSALight5 secondsBright star like object going from south to north at extreme high rate of speed.1/28/99
10/4/97 13:00TaylorsvilleKYUSAlight5 minutesI observed approx. 5 small blinking lights clustered together, after about 5 min. they turned off or fazed out. These could not be see1/28/99
10/4/97 01:57ScottsdaleAZUSALightstill thereLocation facing East at 01:57AM East being 12 like a clock face..look at 12:45-13:00 just above the horizon and just below a group of s1/28/99
10/3/97 21:30WacoTXUSALight1 minute or moreLights flying around the moon.6/12/11
10/3/97 21:00Jim ThorpePAUSAOvalless than 1 min.The turn was that of a very sharp L12/9/03
10/3/97 02:00PleasantonTXUSAUnknown7 minutesObject moved with uncertainty and vanished.5/24/99
10/2/97 14:00Los Angeles (Malibu Beach)CAUSASphere3 secoval, spheric object moving fast and straight10/28/02
10/2/97 02:00RinggoldGAUSACircle2 minutesMy mother and I were driving down Alabama Hwy When a round silver shiny object appeared in My driver side window. It stayed right Besid8/5/12
10/1/97 23:15LakelandFLUSAlight1 minute3 oval shaped reddish-orange lights flew over my house, heading directly south. The lights formed a perfect triangle, but flying severe1/28/99
10/1/97 22:00SummervilleSCUSATriangle20 minTriangular shape with lights in a V, no sound, very slow moving.10/30/06
10/1/97 21:55MartinsvilleVAUSAOther5 minsYellow/Orange lighted object moving from NE to SW. Very bright toy top shape with no sound. About the size of a penny held at arm reach1/28/99
10/1/97 21:45DeltonaFLUSACigar5 to 10 minutesCigar shaped, light blue to white, with beam of same color light.4/22/22
10/1/97 21:30BourbonnaisILUSATriangle-1 minI was traveling home from visiting my dad in Carle Hospital on 113 heading towards Custer Park, IL. It was dark out I was in farm count1/19/05
10/1/97 21:30OaklandORUSALight1 minuteHigh altitude light turned, dropped several Thousand feet, turned and disappeared!11/19/98
10/1/97 19:00PelzerSCUSATriangle3 minutesLarge, black, triangular, object flew low and silent over South Carolina state prison yard.1/10/09
10/1/97 19:00Green BayWIUSALight15-20 minutesThree red lights4/14/09
10/1/97 09:00CharlotteNCUSACigar2 minutesCigar shaped, silvery-white object @ 500-1,00' up, in a clear blue, cloudless sky. Object was silent, immobile, and when I glanced dow1/28/99
10/1/97 08:00Oregon (rural)ORUSARectangle20 secondsnoisy rectangular object falling from the sky and crash landed5/15/06
10/1/97 03:00JeffersonNYUSAOther05 minutesRural mountain area. Tree covered hill. 1860' MSL. I awoke to see a bright white light approx 1,500' so east of my camper. The circular10/2/99
10/1/97 01:20GarlandTXUSARectangle40 secondsI had just got off of work at 1:15 a.m. I was driving down to the Hypermart USA because it was the only store open 24 hrs. I notice thi11/20/01
10/1/97 01:10Fort JenningsOHUSAOther2 minutesI saw an object moving from north to south which appeared to have red and orange revolving lights around it. The craft was absolutely 1/28/99
10/1/97 00:00BemidjiMNUSATriangle10 MinutesIn october 1997 my dad and I seen 3 lights in the shape of a triangle tumbling over each other in Bemidji Minnesota.12/3/04