National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 04/1997


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
4/30/97 23:30Westboro/MarlboroMAUSAOther15 minutesTwo friends of mine were driving back from a class last Wednesday when they spotted a strange object over a field. At first they thoug1/28/99
4/30/97 23:00ColumbiaMOUSALight20 seconds5 lights in the sky east of columbia dipping rapidly, disappearing then rising again rapidly9/19/02
4/30/97 21:00Twelve MileINUSADisk3-6 minutesThe kids & I saw several bright white lights in a row hovering over the tree tops that were along the edge of a field.2/22/05
4/30/97 20:00Toronto (Canada)ONCanada3 minutes at leastour web camera captured images of a strange craft hovering and moving over toronto12/2/00
4/29/97 17:00Fresh PondCAUSAFormation25 minutesLarge green glowing ball of light over the Sierras12/14/04
4/28/97 22:00HoustonTXUSAlight30 secondsMy wife and I witnessed around 10 to 13 amber lights flying in a 'V' formation at a high rate of speed over Houston.1/28/99
4/28/97 00:25WilliamstonSCUSATriangle3 mins.20ft. from the road and 150ft. up a trianguler craft was hovering silently.6/6/00
4/27/97 01:00San-Carlos mountainsAZUSALighthourA friend who hauls water from an artisian well on the reserve told us about her {friends}, in the mountains. We were on vacation in Phe9/26/98
4/25/97 01:45Delray BeachFLUSALight5 minutesSingle white light changes to multiple sources with red light, splits up. Red light moves differently and sparkle type exhaust noticed.7/4/12
4/25/97New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSAOther15-20 minutesShape changing object6/4/04
4/24/97 23:00Depoe BayORUSA2 hrs.Group of 8 women witness complex light moving dramatically in night sky. Light moves over sea, joined by 2nd light, both disappear.10/19/11
4/24/97 21:45New BrightonMNUSATriangle45 minutes20-35 triangular shaped craft sighting.Bright flashing lights at corners.3/7/98
4/24/97 21:30Coos BayORUSASphere2 min.Woman looking at stars in E sky sees a "dark tan circle of flames" moving to the N. 10 min. later, same obj. going S; closer, larger.11/2/99
4/24/97 01:00ClarionPAUSALight~2:00 min.It was a partly cloudy night in April 1997, the thursday following Easter Sunday. My two friends and I were hanging out on the roof of1/28/99
4/23/97 21:30Norwich (UK/England)United KingdomLight3minBright light floating in sky for 2minutes then slowly moved off and suddenly accelerated out of sight.8/5/01
4/23/97 21:00OrlandoFLUSAlight45-50 secondsbright light travelling east to west veryhigh in the sky similar to headlights comingthrough fog then disappeared suddenly1/28/99
4/23/97 19:30HoustonTXUSATriangle20 minutesStationary hourglass-shaped object that appeared to be made of glass4/27/03
4/23/97 18:00GuntersvilleALUSAOval2MINnew glass like craft seen2/14/08
4/23/97 00:05SeattleWAUSA2 sec.Attorney/public employee sees peculiar white light move across cloudy sky very rapidly. "Looked like a lightbulb." Flew behind cloud.11/2/99
4/22/97 01:00SpokaneWAUSALight20 minutesLarge bright red light, size of Venus at its brightest, observed over Spokane, Wa. at 1:00 a.m. on April 22, for about 20 minutes. Appe3/7/98
4/22/97 00:34WorcesterMAUSAEgg30secondsIt was a bright white/Yellow light, moving at an incredible speed. Too fast for any plane Went from west to East, The White light woul3/7/98
4/21/97 21:20Los AngelesCAUSA3 -10 sec.Man noticed a peculiar "star-like" obj. in sky; suddenly accelerated and moved N to S VERY fast. Obj. zigzagged twice, disappeared.11/2/99
4/21/97 20:40La ConnerWAUSA20 sec.Woman sees extremely bright, oval shaped obj. streak down out of a clear evening sky to the W. 1/4 dia. of full moon.11/2/99
4/21/97 20:40StanwoodWAUSA3 sec.2 males witness an extremely bright light descend in W night sky. 5 times size of bright star. 80 deg. angle of descent. No sound.11/2/99
4/20/97 23:00Las VegasNVUSALight2-3 secondszig zagging light in the sky2/22/02
4/20/97 20:05LakewoodWAUSA3 sec.Man sees 5 prominent shafts of "emerald green" light in N sky radiating in a "fan pattern." Seemed to come from one point in the sky.11/2/99
4/20/97 19:30Penryn (UK/England)United KingdomSphere2 minutesMir incident12/9/00
4/20/97 19:00BillingsMTUSALight10 minutesOne arc light over billing montana.12/20/12
4/20/97 15:00Richmond HillNYUSAOval10 minutesBack in 1997 , i lived in Richmond hill NY At my parents house, My mother had given me this Binocular for my Birthday one my hobbies wa4/9/20
4/20/97 04:28GreentownINUSAFormation20 mins4 UFO's spotted, In Northwest Sky, near the Big Dipper constellation. They all moved in roughly the same direction.(N-NE)3/7/98
4/20/97 04:00RenoNVUSA5 sec.Couple in hotel room witness a very bright, white light streak from E sky to N. VASTLY faster than any aircraft. Unblinking.11/2/99
4/20/97 02:00CarlinvilleILUSAOther1 hourIn the night, I was awoken by the prescence of a groteque, glowing ship, with a glow as so sinister in a cloak of shadows IT was with.7/25/04
4/19/97 22:00Suisun (North S.F. Bay Area)CAUSACircle30-45 minHwy12 & 113,8 mi.SE of TravisAFB./Color-bright,shimmering,"traffic light"green/Elev.-2k'/Char.-Silent,mutate frm- rnd(dime) to lg (silv3/7/98
4/19/97 01:30Reno (north of)NVUSAOther4 to 5 minutesWhen first seen, it was a huge, brilliant white, "bow-tie" shaped object which exploded into a much larger sphere filled with red, gree9/26/98
4/18/97 23:59TampaFLUSATriangle5 minutesET Stops for Big Gulp?5/15/06
4/18/97 20:40Cleveland/EuclidOHUSATriangle2minIt was dark and the craft flew slowly over us! There was no sound at all coming from it.It had round lights on the bottom of it and app2/23/00
4/18/97 07:05DallasTXUSADiamond15 minutesLooking East, saw bright red light descendingdown thru cloud layer, then back up into clouds,repeating twice. Red light had a diamond s3/7/98
4/18/97 04:20HartfordSDUSA3 sec.Man sees a large, white disc in the night sky. Obj. splits into 2 smaller orange orbs, one of which maneuvers, then 2 orbs rejoin!11/2/99
4/17/97 22:45Lake DeGrayARUSAFireball30 to 40 secJust found your sight and saw listed a sighting from Arkansas (4/17/97 22:45 Bismarck/Caddo Valley (between) AR Light 30 seconds Orange4/27/07
4/17/97 22:45Bismarck/Caddo Valley (between)ARUSALight30 secondsOrange burst of light that sped out over the lake9/28/02
4/17/97 20:23West MemphisARUSALight1 minuteTwo lights merge together due south thenproceed rapidly to the southwest where theydisappear at the horizon3/7/98
4/17/97 17:30OkanoganWAUSA3 sec.Woman near Tunk(?) Valley sees large, very bright ball of light streak down out of the sky. "Layers" of light: green, red, green.11/2/99
4/15/97 23:30MccallIDUSAOther20 minutesA swarm of dozens of dim lights in the night sky.8/16/21
4/15/97 22:45Coolidge/Casa Grande (between)AZUSAlight10 minutesOn different nights in April a co-worker and I were on our way home from work. I saw some lights in the sky and he thought they were li1/28/99
4/15/97 22:30BakersfieldCAUSALight2 secondsI was looking up at the sky for Hale-Bop,when from the south a round yellowish light zoomed across the sky at a very high speed.3/7/98
4/15/97 22:30Harrisburg (area)PAUSAFormation20 minFormation of lights observed over Three mile Island area. Exactly the same formation and sequencing of lights as seen in Pheonix about 8/10/99
4/15/97 22:00CharlotteNCUSAUnknown10 secIn mid conversation we both looked up to the sky simultaniously. We saw what we thought was a shooting star very high in the eveni6/12/08
4/15/97 22:00LincolnNEUSASphere20 minOn a spring night in 1997 I was sitting in a car at a park with a friend talking. I would periodically look out my window for no reaso5/24/99
4/15/97 13:00South PointOHUSAEgg10 minutesI and a co-worker were traveling on Route 52, just past the bridge into Ashland, Kentucky. A large, silent, matte silver object appear1/28/99
4/15/97 11:33Punta Arenas (Chile)ChileUnknown3 min 30 secUFO watched over Punta Arenas, Chile on april 15th. 1997.3/7/98
4/15/97 10:00HawthorneCAUSALight2 secondsA light flashed by a man at close range.6/9/09
4/15/97 05:40AtwaterCAUSAUnknown10 minsVery bright light hovering over central california3/19/09
4/15/97 02:30PlainwellMIUSADiamond5 mins.Diamond-shpae object in the Southeastern sky, heading northwest at a underterminate speed.10/2/99
4/15/97 02:30Fort PierceFLUSAFireball2 minutesWhile traveling north on I-95 we saw what we thought was a shooting star but as it kept coming down it seem to burn up or burst into a 11/1/98
4/15/97 01:30FullertonCAUSAChanging30 minutesthe object made no noise,as it changed colors,and hovered in complete silence until it was ready to move.5/4/04
4/15/97 01:00White MountainsAZUSAOther2 hoursone object was in the shape of the number six on a piece of dice.2/18/01
4/14/97 18:00Big Bear CityCAUSAOvalone minuteThe object hovered over the airport then disappeared.3/17/04
4/14/97 02:15EdisonNJUSATriangle50 secondsLarge, triangle shaped ufo that emanates light at each corner, moves on straight a straight linear axis while in 360 degree rotation.10/12/01
4/13/97 19:07San DiegoCAUSALight4-6sec4/13/97 approx.7:06pm I video taped an object flying through the tail of the Hale Bopp comet.9/24/03
4/12/97 23:15MonroviaCAUSAFormationabout 1 minuteThree (3)objects flying over Monrovia3/7/98
4/11/97 02:30Monreal (Canada)PQCanadaDisk40 secondstwo seperate UFO sightings, moments apart12/2/00
4/10/97 23:00LubbockTXUSATriangle30 minutesBlack triangle with three solid white lights and a forth blinking light in the center of the other three solid lights.9/11/15
4/10/97 01:30TompsonGAUSALight4 hrs.At around 1:30 am. we saw a light searching the top of the trees.We discounted it as a hellicopter of poachers.After aboout an hour,hou3/7/98
4/10/97 00:30Little Rock (east of)ARUSADisk4 secondsMy son saw a craft with 8 white lights under it as it flew right over our car about 150 feet above us .5/12/09
4/9/97 00:00Sarnia (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown30 secondsOn this particular night my sister and I went out to our side porch to have a cigarette when she noticed something suddenly appear to t12/2/00
4/8/97 20:00Las VegasNVUSARectangle15 seclarge, erratic, black object, movement reminiscent of paper falling, almost invisible edge on.9/26/98
4/8/97 19:45SonomaCAUSAChevron4 sec.Extremely massive matte grey/black boomerang with no center section; jets scrambled; no lights, possible aura.5/11/05
4/7/97 21:07Hastings On HudsonNYUSAtriangleWedge shaped ship hovering over school. Lights on the points of the ship. Bigger than a park.1/28/99
4/7/97 17:00AustinTXUSATriangle30 minsI was driving northbound on I-35, and was around 5 miles south of Austin when I noticed an intensely bright white light far ahead on th1/10/09
4/7/97 14:00MilwaukeeWIUSAOther5 MINUTESStrange objects descend to tree tops, cruise across tree tops and vanish into Lake Michigan.8/5/01
4/7/97 05:30Colorado SpringsCOUSACylinder5 minutesDark. Between Fontaine and Drennan Rd. A tall, brightly litobject descended in field near reservoir west of Powers Rd. Tieredwith mul3/7/98
4/5/97 19:50Randle (near)WAUSALight45 SecondsLarge bright object moving horizontal in the evening sky, very low, made no noise.3/7/98
4/5/97 14:00FairhopeALUSAOther30 SECONDSWitness observes tire-shaped object w/windows.1/28/99
4/5/97 14:00FairhopeALUSACircle1 minuteMan walking dog sees tire-shaped object w/windows. No sound, no animal reaction.9/26/98
4/5/97 01:00Palm Springs (Moreno Valley)CAUSAOvaldesertmy self and two other cousins were in palm springs califorina back from a track meet. we were in the middle of no where in the desert t7/16/03
4/4/97 20:30WinstedCTUSA5 sec.Man sees "movement" in E sky, notices 7-9 faint orange lights in "boomerang" formation. Lights move from E to NW sky in 5 sec..11/2/99
4/4/97 02:15AtlantaGAUSASphere4 minutesDaytime sighting of spheres over Midtown Atlanta.8/11/04
4/4/97 01:00Regina (Canada)SKCanadaFireball1 and a half hoursI was driving down a stretch of highway, just outside of regina. I was about an hour or so from reaching moosejaw. With me was my mothe8/11/04
4/3/97 21:00KosciuskoMSUSALight5 minutesFlashing Lights Seen Over Treeline in Kosciusko, MS 19975/2/03
4/3/97 21:00Phoenix (far west)AZUSAOval5minit was a bright light which moved kind of fast, it was making a humming sound which hummed for a couple of seconds then it was silenced11/20/02
4/3/97 20:45Melbourne (VIC, Australia)AustraliaEgg10 seconds ?At aprox. 20.45 I noticed 2 light emitting pinkish egg shaped objects n/w of my position. They were aprox 50 miles away travelling extr3/7/98
4/3/97 19:50GastonORUSAWoman repts. seeing a bright yellow light streak across S sky, turn bright green. Obj. went to the horizon, disappeared from sight.11/2/99
4/3/97 17:30SeattleWAUSAother2-4minI was on highway 520 going home and saw a black, silent "elongated key" shape traveling south over lake WA dissappered (cut into clouds1/28/99
4/3/97 01:35Port WentworthGAUSAOther5 minutesobject travelled at approx 800feet. moving north to south over savannah international airport at about 500 mph. no engine noise or exha3/7/98
4/2/97 20:15LebanonMOUSASpherea few secs.A giant red ball of light( about 5 time the size hale-bopp was)flew across the sky at well over 1000MPH.3/7/98
4/1/97 23:05Brush CreekTNUSAUnknownapprox. 45 sec.The object came up over a group of trees at what seemed to be a very low altitude. Proceeded NNE until I guessed it to be somewhere nea4/2/99
4/1/97 22:00Santa FeNMUSAUnknown10 seconds1997 Santa fe, MN A enormous "metropolis" looking ship landing and our memories wiped away, lost time8/7/07
4/1/97 22:00SedonaAZUSASphere5 minutesbright red pulsing orb that performed anti-gravity manuevers, seen from first plateau at Cathedral Rock... It was a little north of whe4/2/99
4/1/97 21:00HomesteadFLUSAUnknown2 hoursRed lights along the side, white light in front, in a search-like pattern: slow over water, very fast over land.6/20/05
4/1/97 20:10Scarborough (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle30 sec.Mom & 3 daughters see "rounded, triangular" obj. w/ approx. 20 lights on leading edge streak overhead to S. Bigger than fist overhead.11/2/99
4/1/97 20:00SingaporeSingaporeDisk5 secondsi saw this couple of years ago. never know abt this site until recently. i was staring at the skys for stars that nite, suddenly, i saw8/28/02
4/1/97 10:00Round RockTXUSATriangle15:00We never heard any aircraft noises.8/28/02
4/1/97 04:00HoustonTXUSAOther1-2 minutesLarge Bus sized cloud - emanating several beautiful colors from center but not making it past outer edge of the cloud 2 minute sighting10/7/03
4/1/97 01:00FosterVAUSACigar2 minutesFrom Halle-Bopp's distance, a huge ship sped into the atmosphere, slowed silently and closely overhead, and zoomed back into space.8/5/09
4/1/97 00:00GardenaCAUSAOtherstillMany small lights in sky all the time,unsure what.Fire flylike,some dark some white,move fast.Not everyone can see them.Dont understan9/12/99