National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 01/1997


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
1/29/97 23:15East GreenwichRIUSADisk5 minutesI witnessed a UFO which may be of the Lazar"Sport Model" variety when I was leaving work to drive home. The UFO was circular in shap3/7/98
1/26/97 22:00FlagstaffAZUSALightsix minutesIt traveled at about the same speed we were going and continued along with us for about five to seven miles.3/19/09
1/25/97 21:00MarionWIUSATriangle2 minutesOn a camping trip 3 triangle shaped objects were seen by myself and 7 other campers slowly drifting over, almost surveying the landscap3/7/98
1/25/97 06:00Mount Hope/Binbrook (Canada)ONCanadaDisk1/2 hourA large disk or saucer type object, approximately 200 feet in length, hovering above the tree line.4/28/01
1/24/97 19:00AltaUTUSAOther3 hours plusA "moving star" similar to a satellite stopped, hovered, and darted around for over 3 hours. A telescope revealed a round shape. I 3/7/98
1/23/97 18:30North KingstownRIUSATriangle3 minutes1/23/97: Huge black triangle w/ rearguard heli, sighted over deserted Rte.1A in RI, drifts overhead & out to Sea.1/27/05
1/22/97 03:35Altus AFBOKUSAChanging30secObject breaking up above western oklahoma At 3:35am Central time over S.W. Oklahoma a bright object came from the north about 30 deg3/7/98
1/21/97 19:15BlackwellOKUSATriangle10 minutes at leastA gold triangular shaped object with a red "tail" was seen hovering in the air west southwest of Blackwell, OK. It hovered for at leas3/7/98
1/19/97 20:52Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)BrazilLight30 sec3 fast moving redish lights, very high, moving first North to South, them one manuevering to NW, followed by the other 2. Clear eve3/7/98
1/18/97 22:00Las Vegas (SE of)NVUSASphere5-10 secLuminous sphere (white) travelling due west at a very high velocity (it slowed down and then accelerated). It moved along a ridge of a 3/7/98
1/18/97 22:00Babson ParkFLUSADiamondIam 22 years old now and at the time I was about 16 so I didn't have acess to a pc at the time to document this. Me my father my brothe4/27/04
1/17/97 02:00Sydney (NSW, Australia)AustraliaCylinder10 minutesA long, rotating tube like object, covered with small windows. Perhaps 50m long. With two antennae like objects protruding from the fro3/7/98
1/16/97 18:00MoabUTUSAOther3 min.Very bright stationary object approx. 30 horizon. Emitted triangular yellow greenlight, modulating from flood to spot beam. T3/7/98
1/16/97 06:30SeguinTXUSAFireball5 secondsSan Antonio Express-News ran 3 stories on the 'UFO' that was found in a rancher's field. From San Antonio Express-News story, 2 witn3/7/98
1/15/97 23:00Ellensburg (? on a pass just pass, just east of)WAUSAFireball40 secondsOrange orb2/25/03
1/15/97 20:00UnknownWIUSAFormation3 minutesFive patterned bright lights seen over highway and car engine was affected.9/13/18
1/15/97 18:30AlturasCAUSADisk3 Minutespink/reddish glow with a gray round craft there was only one. It swayed back and forth and dissappeared. Jan. 15, 1997 approx. 5:30p8/5/01
1/15/97 18:00MillsboroDEUSATriangleappx. 2 hours4 lights in square formation in sky and small triangular craft seen at close range3/21/03
1/15/97 17:30Long BeachNYUSAEgg5 minsA bright luminesant egg shaped object aproached the beach from the south and hovered with out sound for three mins.3/7/98
1/15/97 15:00Pico Rivera/ParamountCAUSAOval10-15 minsduring the day, the amount of them and what the saucers were doing1/29/02
1/15/97 11:30CirclevilleOHUSADisk3 minutesSmall(er) craft hovering over a small woods , possibly leaching power from large power lines9/1/04
1/15/97 07:00MaconGAUSADiskcan't rememberThe night of this event I was coming home from a boy scout campout with some other boys when we saw the objects. We saw 4 objects. O3/7/98
1/15/97 04:30CalabashNCUSAOval10 minutesThis was a round solid object like a chandelier with many tiny white lights2/18/01
1/15/97 01:15Mankato/Lake CrystalMNUSASphereabout 10 secondsTwo spheres, one silver, the other emerald. Great speed, seen from 1/4 mile away.2/12/04
1/15/97 00:30ColumbiaSCUSALight4 secondsLight in sky made 90 degree turn11/28/07
1/14/97 16:00McKinlyville/Eureka (near Arcata Driving)CAUSADiskONE MINUTE APROX.SMALL DISK SHAPE UFO3/7/98
1/13/97 17:30LombardILUSAFireball30 minutesWhile my friend and I were out sledding by my house we saw a comet-like object and eventually nine other similar objects appeared.4/28/01
1/12/97 23:00BillingsMTUSALight5 minutes or lessTwo bright red lights moving in perfect formation flew over Billings on the evening of Jan.12, 1997. They were flying at an altitude n3/7/98
1/11/97 23:30Brisbane (QLD, Australia)AustraliaCircle1 hourStrange lights over Brisbane8/5/01
1/11/97 22:00CarrolltonTXUSACircle45 minutesVery distinct object (circular in shape) passed over three major suburb cities of Dallas, Tx.2/8/05
1/11/97 05:00St. CloudMNUSADiamond2 min.Right when me and my friend left the my housewe saw a bright green glowing object thatlooked like a 4 sided pyrimid then after about2 m3/7/98
1/10/97 22:00ColumbusOHUSATriangle15 secondsVery large triangular craft moved silently and darkly (no lights) very fast through dark Columbus OH night.2/1/07
1/9/97 15:00Margate (UK/England)United KingdomEgg2White Egg UFO in Margate, Kent. England8/23/19
1/8/97 19:00EdenNYUSALight30-60 sec.Circular light image moving in an arc downward. Brightly lit, white-yellow with warmer tones flaring out on the bottom. It's size was3/7/98
1/8/97 17:22South AttleboroMAUSADisk7 secondsAt dusk on perfectly clear night saw large, blue bright disk fly vertically down and skim out over the earth. As it pulled out of its d3/7/98
1/8/97 17:20BrooklynCTUSADisk2 secondsFlat, round object heading rapidly SE horizontally. I was on my way home from work on roads I've travelled at this time of day for t3/7/98
1/8/97 16:00Worsley, Manchester (UK/England)United KingdomTeardrop2 minutesTear drop shape, emitting dull gold glow at around 7000 feet. Moving at same speed as airliners in landing pattern in same vicinity. 3/7/98
1/8/97Manchester (UK/England)United KingdomTriangleone minrotating triangle of light7/5/08
1/7/97 21:30Don't KnowNVUSATeardropUnknownUnforgettable Teardrop 19971/5/11
1/7/97 00:35AmeliaOHUSALight5 min.We saw a large "spotlight" at about 100-150 ft directly above us. It had one flashing red light above the spotlight and two white light3/7/98
1/5/97 17:00Beirut (Lebanon)LebanonFireball15 secondsme and my wife bringing our chuild from the school,we both saw around shaped fireball with a tail around ahundred meter long passing ju6/6/00
1/5/97 01:10HaleiwaHIUSATriangle1-2 hoursJanuary 1977 1:00 am Haleiwa Hawaii Two craft (like power boats) at 5000 feet Exchanging power beam 1-2 hour duration11/11/13
1/4/97 21:32Santa RosaCAUSADisk15 minA brief encounter with a circular looking object that appeared to be on fire... A neighbors house down the street a circular looking3/7/98
1/4/97 21:00SteinhatcheeFLUSACigar5 minIt was orangish reddish in color as if it were passing through the atmosphere.A craft at this height must have been massive.4/15/00
1/3/97 03:00Long Beach (in); and again in SeattleWAUSALight15minutesI awoke in a to a ball of white light in my hotel room in Long Beach, the object came towards me and I ran into the bathroom. The next 4/2/99
1/2/97 19:15AustinTXUSALight30 minutesWhile viewing M42 through telescope, we witness 3 anamolous moving lights, two with scope, one with naked eye, approx. 10-15 min. apart1/28/99
1/1/97 07:00JamestownNDUSAChangingaround 10 minsAUTHOR"S SUMMARY: The object was around the size of a small car it changed shape and light color and pattern as it moved. it was silen10/12/01
1/1/97 20:30ClatoniaNEUSA10 min.Woman & daughter rept. 4-5 objs. with red, blue, and white lights. Close to ground in fog. Moved very fast. (No written rept.)11/2/99
1/1/97 23:00Tom Sauk MoutainMOUSALight10 minutesThis was January 1, 1997. I was backpacking in the Mark Twain Forest of Missouri. It was about 11pm. I was sitting on a rock in the8/12/08
1/1/97 21:00CayceSCUSAUnknown1Jesus and Aliens 20121/12/12
1/1/97 19:30PhoenixAZUSAChevron20 minutesPhoenix lights witnessed and documented two months prior to major sighting.10/15/02
1/1/97 19:00Monchengladbach (Germany)GermanyTriangle3 minutesWhite lights in triangular shape hovering for minutes then disappearing upwards and fading.1/23/16
1/1/97 19:00Monchengladbach (UK/England)United Kingdom3 minutesTriangular shaped lights, low in a foggy sky, no noise, sped off in a second.1/20/16
1/1/97 15:30JohnstonRIUSARectangle1 minCube haystack shape seen a between 1997-1998 (not sure of exact date)........8/11/04
1/1/97 13:00Arrayo GrandeCAUSAOval4 hoursThese sightings were ten years apart and exactly the same type of craft, wich I have seen since then in photos of sightings on the web.10/31/08
1/1/97 12:00RyeNYUSADisk2 secondsTook a photo of a UFO by accident, good photo.12/21/17
1/1/97 07:00ChanuteKSUSACircle25-35 sec`s3 circle shaped objects travelling due north.2/16/00
1/1/97 01:30Perth (Western Australia)AustraliaTriangle1hru.f.o. over suberbia12/23/02
1/1/97ChilhowieVAUSACross3 minuntes max4 craft slowly came together from four directions (North, South, East, West) They stayed together for 2-3 minutes(shot off in different8/10/99