National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 12/1996


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
12/31/96 20:00GardnerMAUSACircle30 secondsI looked up and saw four circular objects flying in and out of each other. Then they all lined up in a row and took off quickly and dis10/19/99
12/31/96 20:00TulsaOKUSACigarunknownCigar shaped object flew over our heads from NE to SW. Had red, white, and blue strobe lights on it. Made a high pitched whine as it 3/16/00
12/31/96 18:30TucsonAZUSADisk15 minutesCraft was spotted hovering over the city.6/12/08
12/30/96 19:00Woman repts. very peculiar "lights in a circle," which "shined on her."11/2/99
12/30/96 02:30ElkinsWVUSA90 sec.Man witnesses large, brilliantly bright, silver-white light, size of a full moon, passing overhead. Obj. flashed, then disappeared.11/2/99
12/29/96 19:00HartsburgMOUSA5 min.Relayed rept.: 2x men trapping witness silent, black triangular obj. overhead. 3-4 white strobe lights; blue&red lights. No sound.8/5/01
12/29/96 20:00BastropLAUSALight1 hourdue south of bastrop A bright light was seen in the sky, and was thought to be a star until it started moving. It moved back and for3/7/98
12/29/96 19:00VenezuelaVenezuelaDisk30-45 secondsobject with bright lights, which caught fire,broke into three pieces and fell into heavy jungle10/31/08
12/28/96 20:15Highway 37CAUSAYoung man called to rept. "a ring of lights" in the night sky between Sears Point and Vallejo. (Facts unclear. No return call.)11/2/99
12/28/96 20:00LaredoTXUSAChanging10 secondsFiery object falling, breaks into 2 pieces, each dart toward opposite horizons5/8/15
12/28/96 01:00HurstTXUSAlightabout 1 secondI saw a brilliant white ball of lightmoving roughly straight downward very fastprobably about 1 mile away. It disapearedbehind trees. 1/28/99
12/28/96 01:00RockfordILUSATriangle20 minutesBlack Triangle about 75 feet width.9/2/05
12/26/96 22:40FontanaCAUSA30 min.Woman & brother witness 3x peculiar hovering lights. One of the lights extinguished, other two moved slowly behind nearby trees.11/2/99
12/26/96 15:00Mittenwald (Germany)GermanyCylinder15min. +Twin cylindrical craft in stationary formation over Bavarian Alpine town of Mittenwald 19962/1/07
12/25/96 22:00SewardAKUSALight30 secondsit was green hovering1/17/04
12/25/96 19:00London (UK/England)United KingdomLight2 minutes or soThree round white lights fixed in triangle shape over London, UK night sky on 12.25.96 converged into one.4/13/10
12/25/96 02:35Fresno/Stockton (from, to Stockton)CAUSALightseveral minutesRadio show call in, single object obsevred as a bright light, traveling at a high rate of speed in a SE direction from STCN to FAT, lig11/20/02
12/24/96 23:15Little RockARUSALight10 minutesNo Noise, No nothing except blurry lights,an extremly large object with such speed andmanuvirabilty,stopping and starting, hooveringfor3/7/98
12/24/96 10:30HarrisburgPAUSATriangle5 min.Triangle w/ 1 light on each point.6/23/99
12/22/96 01:45RenoNVUSA2 sec.Young man sees a very brigh "ball of blue light" out his window. It looked like a "single bubble of light, w/ 3-dimensional depth."11/2/99
12/22/96 12:30ParmaOHUSAOther2 minutesWe just finished lunch and went back to work at the corner of Sarasota and Sun Haven Rd. Looking up in the sky, I noticed what appeared10/10/11
12/22/96 01:45RenoNVUSAOther3 secondsI saw a HUGE ball like flash grow and then'erupt' while looking out of my windowfacing SE. It was not lightening. I love towatch the we3/7/98
12/21/96PoulsboWAUSAYoung man repts. that a young woman had encountered a small, brightly lighted, "flat" obj. on a rural road. Obj. zipped off in woods.11/2/99
12/20/96 21:00La Union (Philippines)PhilippinesOtherless than a minuteDancing Star10/15/02
12/20/96 13:00New CastlePAUSACylinder60 secondsI looked up in the sky and there it was12/23/02
12/20/96 08:00Grenfell (Australia)AustraliaOtherless than 5 secondsin a matter of seconds it came spinning from nowhere and then sort of darted of to the other direction2/18/01
12/20/96 03:26CentraliaWAUSAUnknown30 secondsMysterious Red Light Seen Right Outside Bedroom Window5/24/05
12/19/96 22:45SeattleWAUSA30 sec.Man repts. black, round obj. passing from S to N below solid clouds in W sky. No lights, silent, smaller than moon. Aircraft landing S.11/2/99
12/19/96 16:30WinchesterTNUSATriangle1 hourThis was the most usual sight I have ever seen, I swear to God.3/16/01
12/18/96 04:45SalinasCAUSA3 min.Man awakens, turns on TV. Sees 3x prominent green lights in triangular formation through blinds. Outside, sees other strange lights.11/2/99
12/18/96 22:00The WoodlandsTXUSALight5 minutesSaw bright orange light (size of Venus) with diffuse and changing orange haze 1/2 size of moon around central light.1/28/99
12/18/96 04:30EugeneORUSALight1 hourFather and son saw a light at high altitude perform zig-zags, abrupt starts and stops, and 90 degree turns. I am 18. I was going to 3/7/98
12/17/96 06:20PortlandORUSA2 min.Multnomah Co. off. at traffic light sees obj. STREAK from W to E in SW sky. 2 min. later, sees identical event, same trajectory.11/2/99
12/17/96 06:20SeattleWAUSA3 sec.Seattle METRO bus driver on Hwy. I-5 sees blue-green obj. streaking E to W just above buildings in Seattle. Thought it was close.11/2/99
12/17/96 06:15Comox Bay (Canada)BCCanada4 sec.Woman repts. multiple witnesses saw & heard blue/green that passed over WA & BC. Distinct explosion heard nearby.11/2/99
12/17/96 06:15BellinghamWAUSAMan calls to relay reports heard on police radio regarding green & blue object streaking across sky at 0615 hrs..11/2/99
12/17/96 06:15SeattleWAUSA4 sec.Young man sees "yellow tinged fireball with neon green tail" streak from E to W in N sky. Tail was curving down, and oddly green.11/2/99
12/17/96 06:15TigardORUSA3 sec.Man sees bright silver-white light in NNW sky descending at 45-60 deg. angle. Very fast, very bright.11/2/99
12/17/96 06:14HansvilleWAUSA3 sec.Woman witnesses a blue-green ball of fire, 1/2 dia. of full moon, streak from E to W and intersect the N horizon in almost level flt..11/2/99
12/17/96 02:30RedmondWAUSA15 min.Woman awakened by high-pitch buzzing. Goes outside and sees large, very bright,circular disc w/ flat top hovering nearby. Frightened.11/2/99
12/17/96 01:15MortonWAUSA4 sec.Man witnesses a large "pool of green light" streak across sky. Size of moon. Covered approx. 80 degrees arc in 4-5 seconds. Strange.11/2/99
12/17/96 21:45Dana PointCAUSALight10 secondsWe saw a pinkish light moving in a south to north direction. It traveled at a constant speed covering an approximately 110 degree arc 3/7/98
12/17/96 20:17Woodville (Outside)TXUSATriangle30-40 sec.triangular shape, rounded on ends, 1 lg yellow/orange light on each corner of triangle7/5/99
12/17/96 20:00SunriseFLUSASphere60-90 secondsWe saw a comet like shape heading west to east very fast, Suddenly the comet tail dissapeared, than ignited twice then disapeared. O3/7/98
12/17/96 00:30BellinghamWAUSAEgg3 minuteslarge egg shaped bubble, could see through it yet it was irredecent. About the size of a large pickup truck. Vibrating yet silent11/19/98
12/16/96 21:00Stevens PassWAUSA2x skiers see orange disc, then 2 others moving rapidly across sky. 1 of discs suddenly streaks off, then streaks back to formation.11/2/99
12/16/96 20:10EverettWAUSA2 sec.Boeing empl. sees peculiar green streak in E sky. Headed S at VERY high speed. Streak narrower than kitchen match at arm's length.11/2/99
12/16/96 14:25SpokaneWAUSADiamond6minrotating metallic chrome object shining-intense ruby light , diamond/flat cone shape, stationary high altitude7/1/02
12/15/96 23:00BartlettTNUSAOther5 secondsOn a December night,1996, I saw a cresent shaped U.F.O. >>>>>>>> ) It was almost as bright as the moon but not as bright. I was looki8/5/01
12/15/96 18:30NewtownCTUSATeardrop1 minuteStrange craft appeared in sky , then zoomed away2/18/01
12/14/96 20:20IssaquahWAUSA6 min.3x adults witness a "long, narrow disc w/ very bright, cream-colored light" over Tiger Mtn. Draws close to woman, pursues her.11/2/99
12/14/96 18:08West CovinaCAUSA2 min.Father, 2 sons, neighbor witness gray disc pass directly overhead, pause, move off, and hover. Moved EXTREMELY fast. Not a plane.11/2/99
12/14/96 17:15Vashon IslandWAUSA1 sec.Young man witnesses a "green gaseous" obj. streak across the northwest sky going from N to S. Very bizarre sight.11/2/99
12/13/96 21:00DetroitMIUSA10 min.Mother driving w/ 3 children sees several craft in triangular pattern, which split suddenly. They pursue objs., "catch" 2x. Scared!11/2/99
12/13/96 23:00Stroudsburg (Stroud Township)PAUSALightunder 2 min.Blue light faded to red with electrical sounding hum and then repeating.The light traveled from behind our home to the side lighting th3/7/98
12/13/96 20:00KarnakILUSACylinderAt about 8:00 at night I was sitting outside staring at the stars when I saw a streak of green light followed by an explosion.Right bef1/28/99
12/13/96 15:20Simi ValleyCAUSAEgg4 minA silver metallic object streaked across the sky in a northeast direction. It suddenly slowed to a complete stop before going straight 3/7/98
12/13/96 03:00GreensboroNCUSALight1-minuteVery large ball of light. Looked to me as if the sun were moving through town.8/28/03
12/12/96 02:06I-10, Marker 174NMUSA7 min.Truck driver & other trucks see 2x bright white lights, which split apart. 1 ascends vert., other paces truck, streaks. Many CB repts.11/2/99
12/12/96 18:00FredericksburgTXUSALight10 minutesLights appeared above Laredo4/28/01
12/12/96 17:10ElizabethNJUSAChangingvariesThere are many sighting i have seen in my lifetime, there are even some that i have heard from my neibors out of the united states.12/12/11
12/12/96 05:30UplandCAUSAFireball5 secondsEarly morning driving to work a beautiful bright green colored sphere moving very fast crossed my path about one quarter mile in front 5/24/99
12/11/96 17:15BirminghamALUSA105 sec.Pastor repts. seeing a "bright ball of fire w/ speed of a falling star" streak W to E. Slows, stops, turns 180 deg., shoots to NW.11/2/99
12/11/96 19:55Gulf BreezeFLUSAFireballone hourLarge red firy orange balls in a figure approaching a triangle in shape 40 years old , some graduate school,3/7/98
12/10/96 19:55PensacolaFLUSA15 min.3x adult males driving S on Hwy. 98 witness large, bright yellow obj. hovering. Obj. begins to expell other objs.! Complex sighting.11/2/99
12/10/96 22:30CamarilloCAUSAlight3 min.I saw a bright, white light moving very fast. It was about, maybe 2 or 3 miles away from me. I saw it outside of my window, and I saw a1/28/99
12/10/96 22:15Quartz Hill/LancasterCAUSACircle3-4minWife,Husband see 'Orange-Gold light'traveling N toS directly over house moving slow NO SOUND. Round in shape.1/28/99
12/10/96 21:00Garden GroveCAUSAOther2 minutesIt disappeared in part of a second12/1/19
12/10/96 19:50Gulf BreezeFLUSASphere15 minutesThree super bright craft emitting triangular light array.3/21/03
12/10/96 18:30NewtownCTUSATeardrop5 minutesI was walking in my basement and I looked outside. About 300 yards away hovering right over the trees in my back yard was a strange sha2/18/01
12/10/96 12:00MemphisTNUSAOval5 minutesaround shape object in memphis.please this is no lie.....11/28/07
12/9/96 23:15HastingsMNUSATriangleApprox.15On the night of December 8th, 1996 at 11.15 pm (central) a triangular shaped object appeared in the sky and hovered in the air for a du3/7/98
12/9/96 05:00Highway 15NVUSA60 sec.2 men, other cars, witness a reddish-green, very bright patch of light in a.m. sky. "Looked like liquid." Gigantic; moved across hwy.11/2/99
12/8/96 00:05JonesburgMOUSALight10 minutesMy wife and I were driving up Hwy. I-70 on our way back from St.Louis. Half way home, (around Warrenton) we spotted a strange white lig3/7/98
12/6/96 09:35Fort WorthTXUSACigar1min.20secs.Huge white mettallic object seen at jet airliner cruising altitude hovers vertically out of sight at warp speed.1/31/04
12/5/96 22:00SeattleWAUSA30 sec.Man looking W over Pug. Sound from high-rise apt. sees large "flattened oval of red/orange light" arch across sky in perfect arc.11/2/99
12/5/96 05:30BrooksvilleFLUSAMan standing outdoors waiting to see Space Shuttle sees 2 white lights at high alt. flying at very high speed overhead. Unusual sight.11/2/99
12/5/96 23:00PeeblesOHUSALight1 hourMy hunting buddies and I witnessed this while camping in a sparsely populated area of Ohio.12/16/99
12/5/96 21:25Toronto (Canada)ONCanada1-1.5 minIt was a fast flying object, which had about three extremely strong lights. It was flying very high, and I noticed no noise. It appea12/2/00
12/4/96 02:00Peshawar (Pakistan)PakistanFireball2 minutes apporxdear fellows...i don't know...either you all will believe me or not...but i don't care..itz about 6 years ago...when i became one of th4/25/02
12/3/96 04:00North BendWAUSA5 sec.Woman sees 3x very rapid pulses of light that fill the house and surrounding area. Gold, then blue, then distinctly green. No thunder.11/2/99
12/2/96 19:00SumnerILUSA15 min.Mother, 2 daughters, rept. 2x large white lights in sky, surrounded by multiple white and blue, smaller lights.11/2/99
12/1/96 23:30Wrightwood Mtn.CAUSALightYoung man sees bright red, round light in dist. Obj. descends, fades. Suddenly ascends, grows bright, moves off. No smoke or sound.11/2/99
12/1/96 19:38Kansas CityMOUSA15 sec.Two adults witness a big ball of light streak FAST across downtown K.C., fly SSW. White front, bluish middle, red aft. Trail left.11/2/99
12/1/96 22:36ColumbiaMOUSALight10 min.Little ship circling Big ship. Over eastern,Columbia MO. Dember first I was traveling eastbound on Clark LN. When I noticed a bright3/7/98
12/1/96 21:00Seattle (West)WAUSATriangle1-2 minutesMy dad and I saw a UFO at night when we where looking at the stars.2/24/01