National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 08/1996


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
8/30/96 19:00BlacksburgVAUSASphere1 1/2 MinutesTwo witnesses, no more than 40 feet from bright white sphere 3 1/2 - 4 feet in diameter blocking our way on rd.9/24/12
8/28/96 20:15BothellWAUSATriangle45 minutesLooked out window of my house on a clear night at dusk and saw what looked liked a LARGE Triangular or boomerang type thing appearing l9/26/98
8/25/96 04:00Cahas National Park (Ecuador)EcuadorFlashsecondstraveling by auto,11000ft. in Andes Mts, slowly, large "silver" mass not far above road level flew across in front of us. We stoped an1/28/99
8/24/96 21:00Fort Collins (northwest of)COUSALight9 HoursLights whirling in and around trees, Whooshing sound as the craft flew overhead. The approach of 2 1/2' to 3' tall beings. At about 3/7/98
8/24/96 15:00UnknownFLUSAEgg10 minutesEgg Shaped UFO seen from air plane over Florida3/19/02
8/24/96 01:30OsborneKSUSA03:30They came at night and stabbed my leg and left.12/23/02
8/23/96 01:00Carlisle (Canada)ONCanadaUnknownseveral monthsAlien abduction and several visitations7/26/02
8/22/96 13:00OrrMNUSARectangle14 minThe sighting took place outside of a northern Minnesota town. The cabin we were at was located at a lake. I was out on the lake taking9/19/19
8/21/96 11:30FranceFranceOther5-6minsLarge spiral pattern in sky. wind blew cloud moved pattern didn't 2 armed helicopters completly black arived at area warning of with li3/7/98
8/20/96 23:30OwensvilleMOUSAWoman w/ 2 sons sees very bright lights in night sky. Obj. illuminates her house & neighbor's house! Obj. streaks NNW; green trail.11/2/99
8/20/96 20:30PhoenixAZUSALight1 minuteStar like UFO seen by hospital security flying around Boeing 737 in Phoenix Arizona.1/10/14
8/20/96 17:00Romford (Essex) (UK/England)United KingdomDisk5 minutesDisc shaped green ufo.4/24/14
8/20/96 02:15West ManchesterOHUSADisk5-10 min.Teen girl saw circular UFO with orange,green,reddish-orange .A series of rectangular windows were around the middle body. One window i3/7/98
8/19/96 22:30SpencerSDUSAUnknown22 minutesAlien crafts-Eastern South Dakota- late summer early fall 19968/16/02
8/19/96 10:30JohnstonRIUSATriangle5 minutesFelt vibration in my stomach, looked out back window , saw a black 3 pointed craft, then a flash, and it was 11:45 in the evening... th3/4/22
8/19/96 05:20BrewsterMAUSADisk45minutesIt was daylight on approxiamately 8/19/96 I just had graduated high school in June and i was living at home with my parents i was not 2/16/00
8/18/96 23:00Ft. Wayne (50 miles NW of)INUSASphere20 minutesStationary Sphere Viewed Off Tip of Crescent Moon Not Far From Ft. Wayne, Indiana5/15/06
8/18/96 03:18Coon RapidsMNUSAOther1 minuteA V shaped craft with amber colored lights that was a big as a football field heading west towards Anoka, Minnesota on August 18, 1996.12/2/00
8/17/96 23:00BedfordKYUSALight5 minutesBright light no noise Flair.6/22/22
8/16/96 21:00Aberdeen (UK/Scotland)United KingdomLight20 minutesI was out with friends, we saw what we thought were shooting stars, we were wrong.8/5/01
8/16/96 20:15Santa BarbaraCAUSATriangle3 secondsMy wife and I were walking towards our car through the back parking lot of Andreas Restaurant after dinner. I was looking towards the d1/28/99
8/16/96 14:30FairfieldOHUSATriangle1 minuteTriangle shape observed on bright sunny day1/29/02
8/16/96 00:00TecumsehOKUSAa flying disc circled around me and gave me somthing.10/10/11
8/15/96 23:30PlattsburgNYUSATriangle20-30 minutesHigh altitude high speed triangle with red light on each tip performing complex geometric maneuvers.1/19/05
8/15/96 23:00SaginawMIUSATriangle5-10 minutes((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no detailed information about his sighting. PD))10/4/19
8/15/96 23:00AustinINUSATriangle5 minutesHuge triangle shaped craft seen with lights coming on and off, possible lost time, weird anomaly of not talking about it at the time.11/9/18
8/15/96 22:00WellfleetMAUSATriangle30 minutes3 triangular objects with green lights, making no sound, heading east over Welfleet drive-in.1/17/04
8/15/96 22:00LexingtonVAUSALight5 secondsWhat I saw was a light in the sky that moved silently and very fast down the side of a mountain.7/16/03
8/15/96 22:00PenroseCOUSAOther15 min. approxUFO shot down over military installation2/14/06
8/15/96 21:30Centerport (Long Island)NYUSACross10 SecA light brown transparant disc about the size of the full moon moving across the sky in a NNW direction.2/16/00
8/15/96 21:00Kelowna (Canada)BCCanadaEgg2 minutesLarge, bright two egg-shapped orbs attached together forming oval/circular shape.7/23/00
8/15/96 21:00Aveiro (Portugal)PortugalLight1 minuteStar-like Light in the sky made 90 degree turns2/14/06
8/15/96 20:30BeckleyWVUSAOther3-4 minutesSilent, low flying helicopter with light scanning below1/31/11
8/15/96 19:00RichwoodWVUSAFormation1-2 secondsMonongahelia National Forest/Marlingto Road UFO Formation sighting.12/2/13
8/15/96 17:00ClymerPAUSAOther20 secondsIn August in 1996 I attended a picnic at a friend's farm in Clymer PA and observed a bullet shaped craft.5/24/05
8/15/96 16:00New Leake, Boson, Lincolnshire (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle5 minsTriangle craft seen in lincolnshire, united kingdom flying from north 2 south flahing green shockwaves just before warpin12/5/01
8/15/96 14:30BethelAKUSATriangle2 minsI happened to look out my back window and was shocked to see a huge triangular shaped craft at a very high altitude.2/16/99
8/15/96 14:00GreenwichCTUSARectangle10 minutesA perfect square object, enormous in size, slow in movement with no visible signs of propulsion.1/31/11
8/15/96 12:30New ZealandNew ZealandCircle45 minutesI will only accept an email reply6/6/00
8/15/96 12:00Gold BeachORUSAOther2 - 5 min.Me and my family were on our way to the county fair and we saw the UFO2/23/00
8/15/96 03:00BeevilleTXUSALighttwo to three hoursI was abducted and I can remember the happenings, I just cant remember what they want.5/24/05
8/15/96 02:30Grand RapidsMIUSALight20-30 minTwo small objects that appeared to be non-teresteral3/7/98
8/15/96 02:30Grand RapidsMIUSALight20 minutesWe saw two red dots of apparent unearthly origin.3/7/98
8/15/96 01:00LubbockTXUSACircle1 hourSeveral strange lights in Texas8/11/04
8/15/96 01:00New BraunfelsTXUSADisk3 minutesDisk-shaped blue, white, red lights11/9/04
8/15/96 01:00BurlingtonCTUSALight10 min. plusit was a cool evening when i walked out on to the balcony. i always loved looking up at the sky at night. on this particular night i12/9/03
8/14/96 22:00Cancun (Mexico)MexicoOther5 minutesPoints of lights in Cancun 968/28/02
8/14/96 06:45OwensvilleMOUSACylinder1 minuteIn morning 6:45 before work, I just happened to look up. traveling from the NE to SW, a cylinder approx. 20-30 ft. in diam..12/21/16
8/14/96 04:00Winnaway (Canada)QCCanadaLight20 minutesTwo men on a hunting trip encounter a craft, which illuminates them in their canoe.6/5/15
8/13/96 16:45Texas (in the air over)TXUSASphere7 minutesUnknown Sphere Seen Over Texas6/18/03
8/12/96 00:30SeattleWAUSA30 sec.Young man sees 3x faint yellow light, in triangular formation, pass overhead at very high speed, he thought. Opaque in middle. Silent.11/2/99
8/12/96 22:00EurekaCAUSALight10 minutes3 minute picture1/31/04
8/12/96 19:00Bayview JettyORUSADisk2+ hoursWhat happen in barview jetty oregon 19966/9/09
8/12/96 13:00CheektowagaNYUSADisk10-15 MinutesVery large dark grey object over small community in Western New York frightens non U.F.O believers.2/14/08
8/11/96 00:45Owen Sound (Canada)ONCanadaLightapprox 1/2hrObjects began moving in a snake like motion (s'ing) around the stars. I was out on my balcony enjoying a nice cup of coffee with my 12/2/00
8/10/96 23:30KermanCAUSALight3-4 secondsI was walking back to my room witch was separete from the house. I stoped walking to look up at the night sky and saw star, well what3/7/98
8/10/96 23:00No. HollywoodCAUSASphere5 secondsBall of Light Buzzes Burbank Airport6/18/04
8/10/96 22:45SeattleWAUSATriangle10 minutesOrange triangular object, very distant, very slow, binocular brightness.12/12/11
8/10/96 22:00George (The Gorge Amphatheatre)WAUSAFormation1 minuteThree soft dim lights passing over head at a fast rate of speed in a vee formation.3/7/98
8/10/96 21:00WhartonOHUSASphere15 minutesStrange 75'ball of light that move silently at right angleand up and down.8/20/01
8/10/96 06:30Blantyre (Malawi)MalawiRectangle3 minutesA huge American car3/13/12
8/10/96 02:30AdakAKUSAOther12 minutesI was on wheel watch on a 90 ft. fishing Vesel early in the morning near Adak island. At this time Adak was still under navy control &1/8/16
8/9/96 19:00VentnorNJUSACircle5 min.i was outside with my friend and his sister and over above us we saw a circle craft hove silenttly and the a sort of door open and ligh3/7/00
8/8/96 21:00Gloucester (UK/England)United KingdomSphere5 secondsIt shifted, and no known aircarft to do does turns, without braking to peaces.11/20/01
8/8/96 20:30TularosaNMUSASphere35-45secGlowing orb of light follows test sled and then shoots off toward viewer.6/18/04
8/8/96 03:30Cuenca (Eof, in the high Andes Mts) (Ecuador)EcuadorLighta few secondsIn auto driving thru Cajas Nat. Pk, 10,000ft/ Suddenly extremely bright light flashed across the road just a few yards high and dissaap11/20/02
8/7/96 23:00West ManchesterOHUSAOval15 min.Teen saw 8 UFOs near town.Woods got red as Ufo rose out , joined by 5 white specks. Object broke off object from woods and flew to lef3/7/98
8/7/96 23:00West ManchesterOHUSAUnknown1 min. ea. time2 bros. saw an object in front of S. windowappear to come from sky and make flashesof light two different times, then shoot away3/7/98
8/5/96 00:30Tel Aviv (Israel)IsraelSphere2 hours500 witnesses + TV cameras + army presence in 1996 in Israel - never investigated -real story7/5/08
8/4/96 19:30PottstownPAUSATriangle20 minutes?((HOAX??)) Pennsylvania black ops?7/5/08
8/4/96 13:00Mc cains valleyCAUSALight45 minutesThree lights moved very fast. On vhs tape7/25/19
8/4/96 07:00KnoxvilleILUSAOval3-5 minTaking pictures of hayfields to paint.Object was not seen until film was developed.1/28/99
8/2/96 11:33FishersINUSACircle8-10 secondsI was raised and served in the military my first 20 yrs. I was a police officer (Elected Sheriff)for a four year term of office.I was a10/27/04
8/2/96 11:33FishersINUSACircle8 -10 secondsADDENDUM #2: Stationary circurlar object tilts up on it's axis,pulses white inside,disappears into slit opening hole in the sky7/16/06
8/1/96 23:30AtwaterCAUSALightsecondsI did not see a craft, what I saw was daylight at midnight, on a cloudless night.5/24/05
8/1/96 22:15WoodlawnMDUSADisk10 minutesA news story on 10 o'clock Fox News Baltimore broadcast stated that there had been a current UFO sighting on west side of town8/27/09
8/1/96 22:00NewbergORUSAOther30 min. +There was a star that moved in all directions. It would move fast and slow. It would come to sudden stops and sit for a while and the3/2/04
8/1/96 22:00Okinawa (Japan)Japan (Okinawa)several minutesI had a close encounter of the third kind while in the Marines in Okinawa Japan in 96'9/2/05
8/1/96 21:30Bishop (CA/NV border)CAUSATriangle2/3 minIt was the same night that a triangle was seen over Pheonix Az. Summer 1996 I beleive. I heard about it after I saw this thing. I was l1/28/99
8/1/96 21:00EllsworthMEUSAChevron00:10Silent craft crosses highway, then follows us unknowingly.9/21/00
8/1/96 21:00WaterburyCTUSARectangle5-10 minutesHUGE rectangular object over downtown Waterbury in 1996/19975/24/05
8/1/96 20:30CanandaiguaNYUSATriangle15minlarge triangular object, black with small red and white lights. Hovered for 10 minutes at 500ft elevation2/1/07
8/1/96 20:00HastingsMNUSAFlash3 secondsSuper bright white blinding light.7/3/13
8/1/96 19:00DurantOKUSATriangle2-3 minutesLarge low flying triangle in oklahoma8/30/13
8/1/96 17:45Granite CityILUSASphere20 minutesWe saw somthing in the sky that resembled sky writer plane @ first, but then turned into a pulsating ball.11/19/98
8/1/96 17:00PuebloCOUSATriangle3 minBlack Triangle in sky about 35 mi south of NORAD5/15/06
8/1/96 16:00San JoseCAUSAFireball15-30 secA large boiling fireball 3/4 the size of the full moon. flew by so fast that i was the only oneto see it 2 others present I thought tha3/7/98
8/1/96 12:00SandyUTUSALight5 minutesBright blue light against a blue cloudless sky, at high noon.5/2/03
8/1/96 02:00IndependenceMOUSATriangleunknownMISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: Triangle in Independence, Mo.10/31/03
8/1/96 02:00RatonNMUSALight15-20Green light that turn curves of mountains.11/3/05
8/1/96 01:00Brampton (Canada)ONCanadaFireball2 minBright shpere turning counter clockwise viewed north of brampton2/1/07
8/1/96 00:00BeavertonORUSADisk90 SecCraft above power Lines7/28/10