National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 04/1996


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
4/30/96 22:05SpokaneWAUSA23 min.Woman, several youth, witness 2x very bright lights moving irregularly in N sky. Changed elevation, seemed to move relative to a/c.11/2/99
4/29/96 21:30SacramentoCAUSAOther30 min.While out in my back yard i was trying out my new camcor- der to see how it worked.I was shooting the stars and the moon on a clear n10/19/99
4/28/96 01:45Idaho FallsIDUSA4 sec.Group of young people witness blue-green light--"ball of fire"--streak down at angle. 4 min. later, hear 2x loud booms. Dramatic!11/2/99
4/28/96 01:40Idaho FallsIDUSA4 sec.Sheriff's deputy sees EXTREMELY bright blue-green ball of light--"1/2 diameter of moon"--streak down, disappear. Lit 1/4 of NW sky.11/2/99
4/28/96 01:30KalispellMTUSA3 sec.Four teenagers on hill see immense, very bright ball of greenish-white light streak vert. down, hit ground 20 miles (?) to SW. Silent.11/2/99
4/28/96 01:00Mile 69WYUSA15 sec.Women driving truck on Hwy 80 sees obj. "w/ bright nose, no wings" flare up, go behind mountain.11/2/99
4/28/96 00:10Fort Walton BeachFlUSA5 min.Capt., 4x crew, witness VERY bright descend from sky to N, hover over water. Obj. moved from off bow to off stern, ascend vert!11/2/99
4/28/96 12:00HolopawFLUSAChanging15 minutesSunday, April 28, 1996, a day I'll never forget! Had no sound, didn't exactly land in my sight, but I'm pretty sure it did!10/27/04
4/27/96 22:30AlbanyORUSA7 min.Man at stopwitnesses black, delta-shaped obj. hovering motionless. Obj. shoots "confined beam" down to ground! Humming.11/2/99
4/27/96 01:30San JoseCAUSAMan repts. Vanderberg AFB radar had tracked obj. travelling to N up to Santa Rosa. (No written rept. or follow up.)11/2/99
4/26/96 20:55Lake NacemientoCAUSA3 sec.Woman, grandson, witness brilliant white light, 1/2 dia. of full moon, streak horizontally S to N in E sky. VERY fast. Boy upset by it11/2/99
4/26/96 20:50MercedCAUSA10 sec.Man sees very bright, "electric-blue" light traveling S to N in E sky. Light, "size of Venus," suddenly disappears. Silent, no tail.11/2/99
4/26/96 03:30LangleyWAUSA2 hrs.Woman & mother witness very bright, elongate obj. in E sky. Appeared to have 2x lights on it. Suddenly ascended straight up.11/2/99
4/26/96 12:30McAllenTXUSADisk5 min.At school my friend and I saw ufo hovering back and forth behind a radio anntena, to slow for plane too fast turning for chopper. It wa1/28/99
4/26/96 03:30San DiegoCAUSATriangle2minTriangle Ufo blacked out being escorted my helicopters.3/4/22
4/25/96 22:05BishopCAUSA55 min.Man, wife, daughter, in-laws see very bright, strange obj. in sky. Had regular pulsing lights, 1/4 dia. of full moon.11/2/99
4/25/96 22:00Gold RiverCAUSA30 min.Man sees pulsing red light in NE sky. Obj. moves slowly to SE sky, drops down to horizon slowly, disappears behind houses.11/2/99
4/25/96 21:30Santa BarbaraCAUSA1 hourMan on Rte. 126 sees bright white flash of light, then missing time. Experiences peculiar events, sees strange visions from history.11/2/99
4/25/96 23:00RigginsIDUSAEgg4 secondsLarge white egg with comet-like tail seen above salmon river at french creek.2/4/13
4/24/96 01:15Port AngelesWAUSA40 sec.Man sees "round, black orb" pass across top of crescent moon. Obj. appeared jet black. Excellent written rept. and drawing.11/2/99
4/24/96 03:00San DiegoCAUSATriangle2.5 minutesherd a strange humming like a low decible bass. ((anonymous report))12/4/17
4/23/96 22:45MOUSA1 sec.Tel. Rept.: Law enforcement officer reports co-worker witnessed a short-lived "line of light" suddenly appear in night sky, disappears.11/2/99
4/23/96 17:10RichmondVAUSA6 min.Woman, other commuters on Ridgefield Rd. witness bright, shiny, chrome-colored obj. hovering below overcast. "Just above trees."11/2/99
4/23/96 19:20Goose Eye (UK/England)United KingdomLight3 secondsBright fast moving light making a pattern in the sky and leaving a slight trail.12/9/03
4/23/96 04:45Colchester (Canada)ONCanadaCircle15-20 minutesufo over lake erie in brood daylight / 19961/31/04
4/22/96 21:30EdmondsWAUSA4 sec.Man repts. seeing a round, "shapeless," red object in sky while riding bicycle. Hears momentary, high-pitched "beep or click."11/2/99
4/22/96 03:15RochesterMNUSA45 min.Woman sees "bnright whitish-gold light" hovering in sky. Two smaller lights on either side.11/2/99
4/22/96 17:00GunteersvilleALUSACircle2minnew type of ufos almost un seeable to the eye1/17/04
4/22/96 05:00PhilippinesPhilippinesFormation3 mins.It about during the easter festivities that year when I saw three red-orange dots came together from different sides to form a perfect12/16/05
4/20/96 22:05ReddingCAUSA3 min.Man sees "2 glowing balls of light" descend out of sky, reverse positions, streak to E. Objs. gave off sparks as they moved E.11/2/99
4/20/96 01:00GilmanVTUSA4 min.;Young man on Rte. 135 hears rear defroster buzz, sees huge, very bright boomerang-shaped obj. overhead. Rnd. bubble on bottom.11/2/99
4/20/96 15:00La CrosseWIUSATriangle5 minutesFive of us were on the top of a building downtown near dusk flying a kite. I looked up and saw the triangular shape above us with roun2/16/00
4/20/96 12:00Santa Paula (near)CAUSATriangle1 minuteWe pulled into a ranch near railroad tracks off of byway 126 near santa paula. I always carried binoculars in the car and when I got ou3/17/17
4/20/96 00:00SocorroNMUSATriangle50 sec.Triangular shaped object seen over Socorro New Mexico11/28/07
4/19/96 21:00Durban (South Africa)South AfricaLight10 minutesFast moving lights on ocean horizon6/21/00
4/18/96 17:40Brisbane (near) (Queensland, Australia)Australia5 hours plusFive hours plus interaction with an "invisible entity". Four persons directly in contact. Two peripheral witnesses. Numerous physica1/28/99
4/17/96 21:00Pine BluffARUSA6 sec.Man repts. "8-12, maybe 15" objs., "size of stars," moving VERY fast in formation W to E overhead. Then sees 2x a/c in formation.11/2/99
4/16/96 01:45Pleasant HillCAUSA2 min.Man driving on Hwy 4 sees 2x bright lights, flashes headlights at them. Objs. extinguish, then reappear as 1 red w/4x white lights!11/2/99
4/15/96 16:35Fort CollinsCOUSA30 sec.Man repts. seeing "metallic object" in W sky against sun. Highly reflective, then turns black, becomes smaller. 2 boys see, too.11/2/99
4/15/96 05:13BakersfieldCAUSA4 sec.Man sees enormous blue light pass S to N in W sky. Obj. flashed, turned pure white, streak N, then break up into pieces. 1/10th moon.11/2/99
4/15/96 05:13BakersfieldCAUSA4 sec.Reporter calls re multiple repts. of bright obj. streaking over Bakersfield. Writes article. (MANY other repts. after article.)11/2/99
4/15/96 05:13CampbellCAUSA4 sec.Woman observes round ball of light streak from E to W VERY fast, flashed 3-4 times. Visible through clouds, "like heat lightning."11/2/99
4/15/96 23:00KelsoWAUSACylinder2 minutesBack in 1996 in kelso washington,i saw a cylinder inthe night sky at first it was grey then it turned and it was yellowish orange.11/3/05
4/15/96 21:30Perth (Australia)AustraliaTriangle10 minutesTriangular object with smaller objects joining with it. 3 witnesses.5/15/06
4/15/96 21:00Salmon Arm (Shushuap) (Canada)BCCanadaFireball5 minutesFlying Fireballs , Piloted by ?9/29/04
4/15/96 21:00Los AngelesCAUSAOtherone minute"twinkling" points of light seen above LA, one darting Westbound6/4/04
4/15/96 21:00Big Stone GapVAUSALight3-4 minutes1 LIGHT SEPARATES INTO 3 & HOVERS OVER TREE, THEN COMBINE & DISAPPEAR.7/3/13
4/15/96 14:00MonroviaCAUSAChevron15 minutesHighly polished shuttle looking craft which hovered at high altitude in the air directly above me3/4/08
4/15/96 14:00LacoocheeFLUSAFireball3 secondshuge fireball approx. 30 mile fire trail, traveling upward at a speed approx. 10,000 miles p.h.5/24/99
4/15/96 05:30Fort MorganCOUSALight2 minutesLittle tiny light8/16/02
4/15/96 05:11Long BeachCAUSAFireball1.5 secondsA Large Brilliant green fireball was seen "fall to earth" in the direction of the Long beach airport.There was no fire or evidence of a1/28/99
4/15/96 00:30GretnaLAUSASphere1.5minRed strobbing object, approx. the size of a basketball.2/18/01
4/14/96 22:00St. JohnsMIUSA2 sec.FAA employee reports seeing 20x tiny, "pinpoints of gold or yellow color" lights streak overhead. Multiple clusters.11/2/99
4/14/96 03:10St. IgnaceMIUSA5 min.Man, wife, 2 adults witness 2 very bright objs. pass across sky, followed by 4 smaller lights. Huge tail 1 mi. long. Steady pace.11/2/99
4/14/96 03:10PetoskeyMIUSA1 min.MI Hwy. Patrol off. w/ partner on Hwy. 31 see 2x glowing obj. overhead. Obj. had "long, burning tail, like rooster tail." 2nd car saw.11/2/99
4/14/96 03:05CheboyganMIUSAMI State Trooper calls to rept. that 2 troopers in Cheboygan, MI, will call on 02MY96 to rept. 14AP96 sighting of amber lights.1/11/02
4/14/96 02:10WyomingMNUSA45 sec.Man, 3 neighbors witness "huge" cluster of amber lights pass slowly from SW to NE. Sky crystal clear. Steady pace, no noise.11/2/99
4/14/96 02:05PetoskeyMIUSAEmmet Co. Deputy describes multiple reports of cluster of lights "w/ flame behind it" from MI State Patrol, deputies, local police.11/2/99
4/14/96 02:05St. CloudMNUSA1 minuteMan delivering newspapers sees large "trapezoid of very bright amber lights w/ strobes" pass slowly overhead SW to NE. Silent.11/2/99
4/14/96 02:00Polk CountyWIUSASheriff's Dept. repts. call from citizen of large, bizarre obj. passing overhead below clouds. Bright amber lights.11/2/99
4/14/96 02:00MinneapolisMNUSAMinneapolis FAA Center repts. calls from MI State Patrol regarding bizarre aerial event over Cheboygan & other nearby towns.11/2/99
4/14/96 13:00GrotonCTUSAOther?Unknown object appeared in photograph, was not noticed at the time photo was taken,Curious?2/22/02
4/14/96LuckWIUSA1 minuteWoman, husband see "huge" cluster of 5x BRIGHT lights pass from SW to NE beneath broken clouds. Beautiful "tail of light!!"11/2/99
4/13/96 23:17Fort MyersFLUSA4 sec.2 males see orange ball of light streak from SE to N. "100x faster than Blue Angels." Covered 45 deg. of sky in 4 sec.; 2x size Venus.11/2/99
4/13/96 19:30Man repts. very strange obj. in night sky. (Facts unclear.)11/2/99
4/12/96 23:55PhillipsburgPAUSA15 min.Crew of bus jet call to describe sighting: intensely bright ball of light at 40k' approached their a/c, "jumped" 10-20 mi. in seconds!11/2/99
4/12/96 23:55PhillipsburgPAUSA15 min.NY FAA Center (ARTCC) shift-supervisor calls to rept. strange obj. seen on radar at 40k'. Obj. paced jet, seen by several other a/c.11/2/99
4/12/96 22:08BaltimoreMDUSA5 sec.Man sees formation of 10-12 dimly lit amber lights in wedge-formation pass E to W overhead at VERY high speed, like shooting star.11/2/99
4/12/96 21:45OlatheKSUSA7 min.Man repts. "cluster of lights in W sky, very bright, stationary, 1/3 dia. of moon." (Calls next day--object is Venus.)11/2/99
4/12/96 02:00NikishiAKUSAHousehold awakened by obj. that streaked overhead. Bright light in front, vapor trail left in sky. Obj. returned, hovered, turns red.11/2/99
4/11/96 13:00MemphisTNUSA30 min.Auto mechanics rept. bizarre red light that streak around shop, "like laser." Appears to come down out of sky; no other people nearby.11/2/99
4/11/96 20:00Atlantic OceanAtlantic OceanLight4 hoursDuring a flight from Boston to Amsterdam a strange point of light could be seen for almost the whole flight.3/7/98
4/11/96 12:44Santa CruzCAUSACylinder5 minutesStrange craft observed over Santa Cruz CA.8/10/99
4/10/96 23:00MoundhouseNVUSADiskUnknownI may be the only human alive that remembers seeing the inside!9/2/05
4/9/96 21:50BradentonFLUSA40 min.Woman, co-worker see very bright light to W over ocean. "Teardrop" shaped obj. drops from it, shoots off! Guards static.8/16/02
4/7/96 18:15SeattleWAUSA10 min.Man & wife see a circular, or disc-shaped, obj. streaking overhead. Very high, goes up through high clouds. Like "silver cigar."8/5/01
4/7/96 13:30BellflowerCAUSA10 sec.Six people see witness 747 airliner approaching airport w/ "30' white sphere" just below it. Obj. suddenly departs over horizon.8/5/01
4/7/96 11:50LakewoodCOUSA6 sec.Former USAF pilot sees silver/gray disc streak up to aft end of departing UAL DC-10. Obj. accelerates dramatically, ascend @ 45 deg.!8/5/01
4/6/96 22:07BillingsMTUSA10 sec.Man in hot tub sees 2 very bright objs. side by side streaking S to N, both suddenly stop. Joined by 3rd obj. from NW. Streak off.8/5/01
4/6/96 20:00St. Helens (UK/England)United KingdomDisk6 minsSaucer shaped craft, stationary in sky at night, white visible silhouette no surface detail3/4/03
4/6/96 02:00Huatulco (Mexico)MexicoLight4-5 minA moving light that resembled a star but moved in a crazy, erratic fashion and then zipped away and disappeared3/19/09
4/5/96 21:00San DiegoCAUSAAnon. female caller repts. multiple observers see 2 bright red lights hovering in night sky. States her pos. "5 mi. NW of Pogey VOR."8/5/01
4/5/96 21:00San DiegoCAUSA10 min.Anon. male caller repts. 2 bright red lights hovering together "35 deg. to left of Venus." Objs. move in formation to left, disappear.8/5/01
4/5/96 20:30San DiegoCAUSA30 min.Pilot repts. 2 bizarre, large, bright red lights hovering "at 245 degrees, 45 degrees up" viewed from his home. Faded sequentially.8/5/01
4/5/96 23:30ArlingtonWAUSADisk5 minCraft hovered over a barn on the side of the road and put a spotlight in my car8/5/01
4/5/96 21:00San DiegoCAUSAFormation60 secondsTwo military members sighted two red lightsnorth of downntown San Diego.8/5/01
4/5/96 21:00San DiegoCAUSALight20two red slowly pulsating lights. Brightest things in the sky. Have video. Slowly moved south and then just vanished one by one.8/5/01
4/5/96 15:00Burgess Hill (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle2 minsMy husband was in the garden when he came rushing inside and said he had to use the phone to report something he had seen. he has an in3/11/03
4/5/96 12:00ReddingCAUSADisk1 min.I saw it hover for a 1min.Then it tuck off at a high speed.1/28/99
4/4/96 02:45Las VegasNVUSA6 sec.Man driving S on Hwy. 215 East sees "huge falling star" descend out of night sky. Strange, distinctly blue color.8/5/01
4/3/96 23:00FontanaCAUSA18 min.Wife, husband, 3 children observe large, orange ball of extremely bright light in night sky. Obj. hovered, zigzagged, disappeared.11/2/99
4/3/96 23:00FontanaCAUSA18 min.Fontana Police relay rept.: Family had just called to report large, orangish light rotating, maneuvering in sky over city.8/5/01
4/3/96 22:30Las VegasNVUSA5 min.Man and family witness 5 bright, whit lights oriented in single file pass overhead slowly from E to W. Very strange.8/5/01
4/3/96 16:00LagrangeKYUSAlight5 min.While walking through Lagrange golf course, bright lights were seen over trees.1/28/99
4/2/96 20:15JacksonvilleFLUSA5 sec.Man standing outside house witnesses "star" moving W to E in N sky. "Star" suddenly "turns 90 deg., goes straight up out of sight.8/5/01
4/2/96 13:00Muscle ShoalsALUSAOther4 secondsMan, lying on back looking up, sees tiny bright white speck streak across blue sky from W to E. Obj. zigzagged twice, disappeared11/2/99
4/1/96 23:00Anamosa/Cedar Rapids (between)IAUSAFireball2-3 minutesI was delivering a pizza to a house out of town. I was returning towards a gravel rode from a suburb. I came to the end of the drive 5/3/00
4/1/96 23:00PurchaseNYUSATriangle30 minutesThe Westchester Triangle 96?7/23/00
4/1/96 23:00DaytonNVUSADisk10 HoursMade Eye Contact....2/14/06
4/1/96 22:26MasonMIUSAUnknown"Alien" body, decomposing, with silvery skin, approx 36" - 48" tall was found by Mason residents under leaves in their yard.8/5/01
4/1/96 22:00WashingtonPAUSAUnknown2 MinutesUFO encounter along a country road9/17/00
4/1/96 22:00HarrisburgPAUSAFormation1hrLight formations over Harrisburg, PA on 4/1/96.5/24/05
4/1/96 19:00Monument ValleyUTUSALight45 secondsrun off road by bright light, Monument Valley Utah6/4/04
4/1/96 18:00KingstonARUSATriangle3 minlow elevation above trees hovering, no sound. triangle shape.dull metalic color w/ 3 pulsating dim lights on each corner. calm experien9/28/02
4/1/96 01:00WartraceTNUSAUnknown5 MinutesAwoke to being chased by a bright light.. Thought it was a nightmare. Next afternoon was questioned by parent about bright lights.11/28/07
4/1/96LumbertonTXUSA90 min.Multiple witnesses report yellow object in night sky.8/5/01