National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 03/1996


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
3/30/96 23:00AuburnWAUSA30 min.Flashing red light reported by two women.8/5/01
3/30/96 21:00ThroopPAUSALight15-20 secondsBright light moving off horizon, jumping upward, stopped then dissapeared.12/23/02
3/30/96 17:00N. EverettWAUSACylinder3 MinWe saw a cylindrical object traveling north along the adjacent hills 3 or 4 miles to the east of the I5. Like spilt mercury.8/11/04
3/30/96 10:00AndersonCAUSACross30 minutesairplane 200 ft altitude, about 40-50 ft width, 60 ft length, motionless for 20 minutes, then turned slowly and moved forward ne about 4/2/99
3/29/96 15:00Teotihuacan (Mexico)MexicoDiskA few secondsA disk-shaped flying object appeared above the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan in Mexico8/10/99
3/28/96 19:40GreendaleINUSARectangleapp. 10 sec.We saw a transparent U3/2/04
3/28/96 19:40GreendaleKYUSARectangle10 secondsA transparent ufo with lighted windows, flying low and slow just above power lines.3/2/04
3/27/96 02:15SeattleWAUSA8 sec.Couple see very bright, white light moving S to N over Puget Sound. "Cigar, or elongate" in shape. Suddenly reverses dir., streaks S.11/2/99
3/26/96 21:45Thousand OaksCAUSA10 sec.Man & wife in hot tub see 2 "tiny triangles" streak from S to N directly overhead, as fast as "shooting star." Silent; yellow color.11/2/99
3/26/96 19:30MiamiFLUSA30 sec.Couple on roof see extremely bright red light flying directly toward them. Saw yellow on nose, tail was "on fire." Streaks off.11/2/99
3/26/96 00:16Pleasant ValleyCTUSA6 sec.2 policemen witness "meteor," which splits into 3 lights that hover. 2 of them "regroup," streak E. 3rd light follows them!!11/2/99
3/26/96 14:00IrvineCAUSACone5 minsstrange bright orange cone(with pointed top) slow drifting in the sky9/24/03
3/25/96 23:56PortlandORUSA3 sec.Couple witness 3 "pinkish, beige, solid" lights streak overhead to NW very fast. Each object the size of a "very dim star."11/2/99
3/24/96 23:15AllentownPAUSA10 sec.Couple witness obj. "like a cross, with circles on the bottom" pass over their truck. Six transparent "windows" on bottom surface.11/2/99
3/24/96 20:10AustinTXUSA3 sec.Comm. pilot & friend on Austin airport see "triad of white lights" streak directly over airport. "Speed was incredible." Radar neg..11/2/99
3/24/96 19:25MedfordNYUSA20 sec.Man, daughter, nephew see 6 "tiny white dots" pass S to N at extremely high speed. They believe was 1 obj. w/ 6 lights. Fast!11/2/99
3/23/96 20:58SalinasCAUSALight50 sec.Young man and girlfriend see 2 tiny, distinctly pink-colored points of light streaking from N to S in W sky. Moved oddly, "floated."11/2/99
3/23/96 20:00OcalaFLUSA2 min.Woman witnesses extremely bright light in neighboring field behind trees. Hears a huge "crash" that rattles neighborhood.11/2/99
3/23/96 19:16Guemes IslandWAUSA2 sec.Man reports seeing a meteor at 50 degrees (magnetic) descend almost vertically. Size: 3mm at arm's length. Very fast.11/2/99
3/23/96MiddletownNJUSAWoman, husband, multiple train passengers witness bizarre "aircraft," which suddenly stops, becomes bright red, blue, then yellow!11/2/99
3/22/96 23:29HoustonTXUSA10 sec.Elect. eng. witnesses a V-shaped formation of approx. 20 objs. pass overhead from W to E. Very fast, silent. Excellent report.11/2/99
3/22/96 16:00MeridianMSUSA20 sec.Man, former USAF intel. officer, sees spinning, silver colored, metallic opal-shaped obj. to S of Hwy 20. Obj. instantly disappears!11/2/99
3/22/96 08:00BethesdaMDUSA5 sec.Fed. empl. sees extremely bright "cylinder, or the side of something," hovering in sky. STREAKS off. Other fed. empls. observe.11/2/99
3/22/96 21:30Maple ValleyWAUSAOval45 secondsObject with flashing colored lights on its underside hovers over home in Maple Valley for almost 1 minute.6/18/04
3/21/96 21:00Three RiversMIUSALight10-15 minuetsWihte light UFO 1912/3/04
3/21/96Three RiversMIUSATriangle5 to 10 minuetsBack in March 21,96 whil photographing the night sky whth my Sears VHS Camcordor, I filmed what I thin might be a black triangle. I10/27/04
3/20/96 21:00SeattleWAUSA5 min.Young woman & 2 friends witness 3 lights overhead, arranged in a triangular pattern. Suddenly, a 4th light appears. Not aircraft.11/2/99
3/20/96 19:00AppalachinNYUSADisk4 MinSmall disk flyes over school in Apalachin, NY8/10/99
3/20/96WoodlandCAUSAMan sees diamond-shaped obj., which appeared "shiny and metallic." Obj. looked "like 2 triangles." Ascended, streaked off.11/2/99
3/19/96 20:30St. PetersburgFLUSA20 min.Five adults witness bright object in W sky, 45 deg. above horizon. When aircraft flew by it, obj. streaked to S, then returned.11/2/99
3/19/96 20:30Texas highway 54 heading into NM - after crossing I-10TXUSAOther2-3 minutesTypo in fist report...1996...First saw bright non-stationary object in the sky, then felt the head from this "hot star" on the left sid7/14/99
3/16/96 22:00GuatamalaGuatamalaLight2minSharp 90 degree turns from what appeared to be a satelite12/2/00
3/15/96 18:35EvansvilleINUSA5 minTwo men in car see 2 bright orange lights in N sky, which move, then extinguish. Reappear in NW sky, split into 5 objs., disappear.11/2/99
3/15/96 23:00WethersfieldCTUSACircle10 secondsOn back to back nights, as a teenager hanging out with my friends we all witnessed strange activity in the sky over Wethersfield. Walk10/4/19
3/15/96 21:00CharlotteNCUSAFormation1 min, first, then 5 mins1st night saw rectangle rimmed with lights, gliding, then next night, along same path, saw 4 orbs, rotating, creating geometric shapes.12/1/19
3/15/96 13:00WethersfieldCTUSADisk50 secondsTwo F-15's or F-16's, couldn't tell the engine set-up, followed a silver object over Wethersfield from South to North (toward Hartford)8/30/99
3/15/96 03:00San Felipe (driving south to) (Mexico)MexicoDiamond15 min.While traveling to San Felipe for a fishing trip Three Immigration Inspectors and myself a Customs Inspector spotted a "diamond" to the11/20/02
3/15/96 02:00MantonUSAUnknownI was frozen in my bed...terrified. Little people came. White..big eyes. Horrified. Repetitively. Feared. Made myself forget. I6/2/13
3/15/96 01:30CotatiCAUSASphereapprox. 2 minutesSmall, clear orb that floated up the hood of our car and up the window without changing shape or being affected by engine heat.1/31/11
3/15/96 01:00SpokaneWAUSAFlash2 minutesFalling star turns into flash, then flash goes away, then in a total different direction what looked like a satellite goes out of site,7/3/13
3/15/96SewicklyPAUSADisk2 sec.Psychologist, husband, son witness a dome-like obj., w/ transparent "window," hover in their yard. Human-like outline in window!!2/18/01
3/14/96 10:00ShafterCAUSAUnknown10 minutesObject goes through shinihg hole! ((NUFORC Note: Possible hoax?? PD))11/8/05
3/13/96 23:05Pink HillNCUSA4 min.Man walks onto porch, notes very bright light in sky with"4 small lights on one end, giving off sparks on other." Suddenly moves off.11/2/99
3/12/96 17:30Clacton-On-Sea (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle1minBlack triangle 1996 Essex England10/12/01
3/11/96 15:33Salisbury, Wilts. (UK/England)United KingdomDisk3 minsUFO was sighted to side of lane . I stopped car and got out to communicate with craft - which flew off at very high speed .4/1/00
3/11/96Horry CountySCUSASheriff's dept. relays: Citizen reported seeing a large obj. "w/ a ring of lights around it" rise from ground level. 2 deputies see.11/2/99
3/9/96 01:15BoiseIDUSA90 sec.Two young men in public park witness "meteor," then realize there are multiple tiny V-shaped objs. overhead. Objs. form wedges.11/2/99
3/9/96 21:05MorristownNJUSAOtherSecondsOrange Glowing Dot Between Orion and Canis Major Constellations.1/30/14
3/8/96 01:00LlanoCAUSAOval5 minThis huge craft made no sound at all as it moved.8/5/01
3/7/96 20:55HendersonNVUSA2 min.Man & wife witness odd obj. w/ red and orange flashing lights fly very low over their house from the SE. Reversed direction, flew off.11/2/99
3/7/96 00:25Coral GablesFLUSA45 min.Young man and woman report witnessing an obj. in the W sky, that was moving & flashing red, blue, and white. Moved suddenly.11/2/99
3/6/96 19:00FrankfortILUSAOther10 min.Object was 50 ft. across the bottom, dome on the top, red, green, and blue lights on the sides; around 150 approx. off the ground.1/28/99
3/6/96 18:05LakesideCAUSALight20 min.I CALL THIS "BIG RED' APROX 100 ft .accross---NO sound--HOVERED barely above tree tops.3/19/02
3/5/96 19:45Whidbey IslandWAUSALight2 min.Two women witness 3 "huge, bright golden lights" hovering above water to NW of home. Objs. dimmed in sequence, disappeared.11/2/99
3/4/96 19:25Casa GrandeAZUSAMUFON UFO investigator relays report: man witnessed white sphere of light streaking from NW to SE over Casa Grande.11/2/99
3/2/96 19:10SeattleWAUSAAnonymous caller reports seeing "a red thing with a tail pass near the moon." She inquired whether it could be " satellite w/ tether."11/2/99
3/2/96 00:30Mountain VillageAKUSA60 min.Woman repts. stationary light "w/ search light going around in circles." Red, blue, white in middle. (Possible twinkling star?)11/2/99
3/1/96 22:15BathILUSA1 minuteWoman, children, neighbors witness "big orange ball of light." Obj. dims, then reappears w/ red blinking light. Moves off fast.11/2/99
3/1/96 21:30SeatacWAUSA15 min.Man reports seeing bright light 20 deg. above W horizon. Red, white, green, blue. (Probably Venus.)11/2/99
3/1/96 19:58BothellWAUSA10 min.Experienced UFO investigators witness elliptical obj. w/ red light in middle, white & blue lights on ends. Chase in car for 10 min..11/2/99
3/1/96 19:55RedmondWAUSA1 minuteFour young people see bright orange "fire in the sky" pass slowly overhead, fly W. Possibly 4 tiny lights on each corner. Bizarre!11/2/99
3/1/96 19:30SeattleWAUSA10 sec.Woman walking dog, witnesses a large, oblong obj., very bright yellow-orange, streak overhead at "incredible speed."11/2/99
3/1/96 19:08IssaquahWAUSA2 min.Couple witness bizarre object circle overhead, fly to the W at slow speed. Red light in center, white flashing on nose, blue behind.11/2/99
3/1/96 19:00ByronNYUSAFormation3 hoursI had a 3 hour lost time experience, on my front porch one night.1/29/02
3/1/96 was a very bright light. the 1st big light stayed in one spot for about 20 min. the other light would come out of the big light. the10/30/06
3/1/96PrincetonWIUSAMan witnesses a large, orange-colored ball of light. Minutes later, he sees a bizarre cluster of sequentially blinking balls of light.11/2/99