National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 01/1996


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
1/31/96 20:15Buckhead RidgeFLUSALight5 min 30 secI observed an object apparently making a controlled reentry or entry into the atmosphere. It was the size of a medium sized star and 3/7/98
1/31/96 02:00Heflin (Talladega National Forest at Oak Level)ALUSALight2-3 hrsParked at hunting spot appx 2 a.m. with vehicle facing west. saw bright light moving north to south at speeds not humanly possible the4/26/99
1/30/96Oregon CityORUSA2-3 min.UFO investigator relays sighting report: 2 women witness 2 very bright lights 25 deg. above horizon, 3rd similar obj. approaches both.8/5/01
1/28/96 21:00Peterborough (UK/England)United KingdomCross3-5 minutesglowing triangles in East Anglia U.K.10/12/01
1/28/96 20:30Aguascalientes (Mexico)MexicoOval5 minutesThe witnesses of this sighting are my father,my brother and I, we were burning some electric cable in the ranch (San antonio de los Ped8/5/01
1/28/96ChandlerAZUSASerious-minded woman calls to report vivid vision of "aliens" during prior night. Awakes in a.m. w/ several bizarre phy. anomalies.11/2/99
1/26/96 23:59SedgewickMEUSA2 min.Woman w/ husband witness a white orb, larger than (apparent) size of moon, w/ "orange dots imbedded in it." Obj. streaks off.11/2/99
1/25/96 21:30PhoenixAZUSA30 min.Young man and his mother were witness to approximately 4 objects overhead in a formation.11/2/99
1/25/96 21:15ReddingCAUSA12 min.Young boy reports being witness to the strange obj. reported by others over Redding. Obj. was circular, w/ no lights, not an aircraft.11/2/99
1/25/96 15:04BartlettTNUSAWoman observes two "aircraft," then realizes that one is a cluster of "slivers of metal in the sky." Objs. hover, maneuver, disappear.11/2/99
1/23/96 20:15MinotNDUSA15 min.2/18/11
1/22/96 21:30ClarkMOUSA11/3/05
1/22/96 21:00ReddingCAUSA11/3/05
1/21/96 22:45Walsall (UK/England)United KingdomCircle1 minute aprxsmall red object with zore degree turning circle4/25/02
1/20/96 22:00MadisonWIUSA3 min.Anonymous caller reports seeing a cigar-shaped craft, with "8 dim blue and red lights" along its length. (No other details provided.)11/2/99
1/20/96 21:44StocktonNJUSALight15 mintues2 men saw craft appear as star and moved at lighting speed and disapear into another star.12/23/02
1/18/96 06:30FayettevilleARUSA5 min.Woman & husband witness double, parallel columns of light going straight up into the sky. The source of light was in rural area.11/2/99
1/18/96 03:15San DiegoCAUSAA man called to report his sighting of a UFO over the ocean, "15 miles, or so," with red flashing lights.8/5/01
1/16/96 22:32MonitorWAUSA5 min.Husband & wife, other observers, see 3 gold spheres, 3' in diam., fly slowly W to E above Wenatchee R., then 3 more! Fly over E horiz..11/2/99
1/16/96 22:32MonitorWAUSA5 min.Chelan Co. Sheriff's Office calls to relay a report of several bright, orange lights moving east above the Wenatchee River.11/2/99
1/16/96 07:40SeattleWAUSAWoman opens curtains on 2nd floor of home, sees multiple bizarre designs, or "letters" pressed precisely into layer of snow on deck.11/2/99
1/16/96 00:30HemlockMIUSAUnknownnot surenot so much an aircraft seen but entities in our room appeared4/22/22
1/15/96 05:00SpanawayWAUSA11/3/05
1/15/96 22:00Birmingham (Huffman/Centerpoint)ALUSATeardrop10 MinutesI was working security at a local hospital and was sitting in security truck, which had a monitor for the Birmingham Police Dept instal6/12/07
1/15/96 18:00Loredo/Eagle Pass (between)TXUSAFormation30 seconds - 1 minuteLiner lights. 4, turn off, 3, turn off2, turn off. High and near the U.S./Mexico Border3/7/98
1/15/96 02:30Hill CityMNUSAOval30 minsSomething odd scared the hell out of me and I swear to god it was real12/23/02
1/15/96 00:00Panama City BeachFLUSACircle15 sec.Facing the gulf of mexico we noticed a luminescent circular object appear out over the gulf. It was translucent and glowing11/30/99
1/14/96 21:00CollinsvilleILUSA11/3/05
1/14/96 17:00ChesterfieldVAUSA1 hour11/3/05
1/14/96 06:05CharlestonSCUSA25 min.Two men witnessed a large, white plume in the morning sky. (May have been Delta rocket launched from Cape Kennedy at 0600 hrs.)11/2/99
1/13/96 20:22Osage BeachMOUSAMISSOURI HIGHWAY PATROL Report: Citizen reptd. a very bright light, size of coin at arm's length, streaks overhead.8/5/01
1/13/96 05:45LancasterMOUSA5 sec.MISSOURI HIGHWAY PATROL Report: MO Highway Patrol Officer called to relay report from the Iowa Patrol.8/5/01
1/13/96 21:00SelmaORUSATriangle5 MINUTESSighting over Selma Oregon6/12/07
1/13/96SpringfieldMOUSAMISSOURI HIGHWAY PATROL Report.: Over 60 reports of UFO's made to law enforcement agencies on evenings of 13JA96 and 14JA96.8/5/01
1/12/96 21:40LatourMOUSAWoman and daughter witness a very bright obj. in sky, then a 2nd bizarre, oval-shaped red light. Red light "explodes" into fragments.11/2/99
1/11/96 20:15SnowflakeAZUSASeattle UFO investigator relays report from her mother in Snowflake, AZ4/22/03
1/11/96 17:58WoodinvilleWAUSA4 sec.Seattle UFO investigator reports witnessing a brilliantly bright, round, yellow "ball of light" traveling extremely fast to the north.8/5/01
1/10/96 18:50MeadvillePAUSA30 min.Father and son witness a very peculiar, multi-colored light, as it appeared to rotate.7/29/10
1/9/96 04:45RockvilleMDUSA11 min.Woman awakened by a bizarre sound, "like a broken lawn mower." Sees a bizarre, elongate obj. w/ bright lights on both ends, middle.11/2/99
1/8/96 21:20WenatcheeWAUSA11 min.Radio personality goes out to car, sees 3 "golden globes of light" moving NNW to SSW. Each ascends vert. Other witnesses.11/2/99
1/8/96 17:00Langley (Canada)BCCanadaDiskapprox. 5-6 hoursA disk flew directly over my head. My mom and I continued to watch it for 5-6 hours.2/5/03
1/7/96 11:30St. GeorgeUTUSA2 sec.11/3/05
1/7/96 07:00PortlandORUSA30 min.Couple witness 2-3 dozen points of light overhead moving SE to NW. 5 min. later, they are seen going SE. Moved sporadically.11/2/99
1/7/96 21:00LoganUTUSA15 min.Report of green laser beam, probably emanating from the Dept. of Physics at Utah State University.11/21/10
1/7/96 17:00BoiseIDUSATriangle4-5 minutesHuge triangle shaped object seen hovering over Boise Idaho3/2/04
1/6/96 04:30Nottingham (UK/England)United KingdomDiamond2 minutesbright glowing object left tracer mark as it sped off2/14/10
1/5/96 22:00E. GreenvillePAUSA40 min.Woman, and 2 neighbors, witness a large, white light, which approaches them. Becomes gold, w/ windows, each a different color.11/2/99
1/5/96 01:30Round LakeILUSA3 min.Woman sees 2 solid red lights move across sky, maneuvering, "mimicking one another." Stop, become green; 1 disappears, then 2nd.11/2/99
1/3/96 18:15Fort SmithARUSA1 minuteMan taking out trash, sees 3 greenish-yellow balls of light dip down out of clouds, hover, go back up. Many other obervers, reports.11/2/99
1/3/96 15:30KelsoWAUSAMan, daughter witness peculiar bright white, round light hovering in N sky. Obj. rises, turns, and becomes elongate, disappears.11/2/99
1/3/96 23:08Hayward (next to Hawyard Airport in; I was in airport)CAUSAUnknown5-6 secondsI was with my brother at the airport fuleing up a plane. After that we drove the turkback to the fule center. I was looking toward the 3/7/98
1/2/96 01:30ScottsdaleWAUSA5 sec.Mother of UFO investigator repts. witnessing 2 very bright, yellowish balls of light over McDowell Mtns to N of city. 20 deg. up.8/5/01
1/1/96 07:10PhoenixAZUSA35 min4 adults see 4 lights move erratically for 35 min. Then 5 silent boomerang ships w/ glowing silver underbellies fly by in V formation!11/2/99
1/1/96 23:00SeattleWAUSASphere20 secondssaw circle in lightning10/31/03
1/1/96 21:00ElizabethtownNCUSATriangle4-5 minutesTRIANGLE SHAPED SHADOW BLOCKS OUT STARS8/5/01
1/1/96 12:00San DiegoCAUSASphere30seconds-1minuteA metalic sphere flew across the daytime sky.12/9/03
1/1/96 03:30Key LargoFLUSATriangle3-4 min3:30 in the morning observe a black triangular shaped craft fly directly over Key Largo Fl. aproximately one tholusand ft. up and 20006/18/98
1/1/96 03:00Hamilton Hill (Australia)AustraliaUnknown15 minsit came to me in the form of a dream. i was looking out side my windows of my bedroom and i saw 3 grey beings. they seemed to be about11/28/07
1/1/96 01:30Crescent CityCAUSALight30 minutesunexplainable white light above the mountain, flashing it blue, all animals making noises.12/7/06