National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 09/1995


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
9/30/95 23:15Canberra (Australia)AustraliaLight1 minuteStrange light seen over Canberra Australia10/27/04
9/30/95 23:10TroyMEUSAMan repts. obj. in night sky w/ flashing red, green, white lights. Repts. than 4 of objects suddenly "came together." (Facts unclear.)11/2/99
9/30/95 23:00AndersonINUSA1 min.Young woman repts. seeing "4 very bright lights." Objs. hovered, then streaked off. (Caller failed to leave phone #.)11/2/99
9/30/95 21:00Konstancin-Jeziorna (Poland)PolandLight15-20 secondsAs I, then aged 47, and my neighbour Marcin, a boy aged 14, walked our dogs in a wide agricultural field outside the single-family resi2/1/07
9/30/95 20:00BaltimoreMDUSADisk5 minU.F.O SEEN IN HAMPDEN IN THE FALL OF19957/5/08
9/30/95 19:00MonroevilleINUSATriangle2 min. or soUFO in Monroeville Indiana3/19/09
9/30/95 13:30N. ProvidenceRIUSAMan reports seeing cluster of 3 objects "like white balloons" pacing airliner in N sky. Objs. disappear, return. Change color,shape.11/2/99
9/29/95 19:30ManchesterMEUSA10 min.Man & son driving on I-95 see strange, stationary light, then 2nd streaks up. First obj. approaches car. Son recalls details of ship.11/2/99
9/29/95 19:30ManchesterMEUSAMother calls to report that her son would not go to bed "until he had drawn in detail the interior of ship" he had seen that night.11/2/99
9/29/95 19:00SacramentoCAUSA3.5 hrs.Man reports object with white & red lights "very close to sun and moon." (??) (Detailed facts not available.)11/2/99
9/29/95 12:50San FranciscoCAUSA6 sec.Woman sees a bright white obj. hovering steadily in daytime sky. 1/5 size of moon. Suddenly got smaller. (Was soap bubble in sky.)11/2/99
9/28/95 21:50Las VegasNVUSA15 sec.Young woman witnesses "neon green & yellow" object zigzagging overhead. Dog very agitated, would not leave house.11/2/99
9/28/95 21:00ScottsdaleAZUSAfireball10-15 SecondsSighting of lone fireBall on 09/28/95.In the hours between 8pm and 10pm.1/28/99
9/28/95 21:00NapaCAUSAWoman repts. seeing obj. hovering in sky to W of Napa. Claims "it blew up into 5 pieces." Obj. turquoise, w/ tower. (Unconfirmed.)11/2/99
9/28/95CopleyPAUSAMan reports 2 "white UFO's w/ red & green spinning lights" hovering N & NW of Allentown, PA.11/2/99
9/27/95 22:00Ringtown (2 mi.outstde)PAUSATeardrop4:mmwhile driving ,noticed an object in clear night sky ,seemed to be comming in my direction1/7/00
9/25/95 23:00RonanMTUSAWoman & fiance' witness strange light in E sky. Was visible at 0610 hrs. same day. (Not vis. in same area of sky next night.)11/2/99
9/25/95 22:50PolsonMTUSARadio DJ reports seeing an object "strobing blue & red" in eastern sky.11/2/99
9/25/95 22:30SeattleWAUSATriangle1-2 min.Cloudless night, clear: craft silent, six round, pale orange lights on underside of craft; travelled south to north, not fast.I saw it 1/28/99
9/25/95 21:18FlushingMIUSA2 min.Man hears dog barking, goes outside, sees a bright "falling star." Looked like "a spider dropping on a string." (See 26SE95.)11/2/99
9/25/95 20:00FlushingMIUSAMan, wife, and son witness same obj.seen night before. With binoculars, obj. looks emerald, red, and brown.11/2/99
9/25/95 15:45Lake OswegoORUSAMan reports witnessing "black disc" above his garage. Obj. was "flipping. (Same person reports other sightings on other dates.)11/2/99
9/25/95 06:01Salt Lake CityUTUSA8 sec.FAA controller reports seeing bright red/orange obj. streaking E to W in S sky 20 deg. above horizon. Left straight,glowing trail.11/2/99
9/25/95 00:00HernandoFLUSATriangle2 minuteswell i was over a friends house i was 15 years old. i have a telescope and we were looking at the moon it was a clear night and fule mo3/11/06
9/24/95 23:00LynnwoodWAUSAMan reports seeing bright light to west of Lynnwood. (Detailed facts not taken.)11/2/99
9/24/95 20:45ScappooseORUSA3 min.Three young people witness a triangular-shaped craft hovering nearby. Craft had 2 white lights, 1 red. Maneuvered slowly.11/2/99
9/24/95 20:25BoiseIDUSA20 min.Woman calls to report seeing large, triangular-shaped, black mass hovering, moving slowly. Son sees same thing from diff. loc..11/2/99
9/24/95 20:00KissimmeeFLUSADisk10 mingreen glowing disk with lizard like creatures.1/19/05
9/24/95Maple ValleyWAUSA45 sec.Woman witnesses a "ball, a bright light, floating across sky." It "zigzagged, faded, shot straight up."11/2/99
9/23/95 23:00ThibodauxLAUSAOther1 minuteEyewitness of a large, silent, bluish-white object traveling over Thibodaux from east to west.11/26/03
9/23/95 21:45Delta (65 miles SW of)UTUSAFlash15 minutesHuge flashing someting passed overhead. It lit about 1/3 of the sky. It flashed like a strobe light at about 4 second intervals.8/5/01
9/23/95 15:45Lake OswegoORUSAMan reports seeing peculiar flashing light above house in daytime sky. Observed "black disc overgarage."11/2/99
9/23/95Washington CountyORUSAUFO investigator reports that his brother, a UFO skeptic, had reported seeing, with 2nd witness, a UFO within 150' of him.11/2/99
9/22/95 05:40PortlandORUSA20 sec.Man on way to work witnesses 2 bright, white "stars" over the Columbia R. Suddenly, started doing incredible maneuvers. Silent.11/2/99
9/22/95 23:30Lake CharlesLAUSA3 min.Man & son witness 3 bright, "neon red" objects flying overhead in tandem formation. Objs. suddenly maneuver to form triangle.11/2/99
9/22/95 22:00Brantford (Canada)ONCanadaLight5 minsWas parked on the side of a highway surounding farm fields. Looked up in the distance and noticed a large light. It was at a standsti12/2/00
9/22/95 21:30RedmondWAUSATwo young girls out walking, hear dogs barking, then see bizarre craft hovering nearby. Then see 4 others. Round, large, w/ lights.11/2/99
9/22/95 21:00Safford (Outside of, Mt. Graham)AZUSAUnknownUnknownominous fog, amber glow and loss of time3/21/03
9/22/95 16:00MeridianMSUSAOther30 secI was on the 5th floor of the hospital in the room with my grandmother who was dying. She died at approx 4 pm. Other family members wer5/24/05
9/22/95 03:00Safford (BLM land 15 outside)AZUSADisk5 min.air craft 12,000 feet long at about 10,000 ft. Made up of two sqs. linked at edge one lite with ports and lights lead half dark in nigh1/28/99
9/22/95Virginia BeachVAUSAMan repts. object flew overhead, giving off "gold specks." Several neighbors witnessed event, several alarmed by it.11/2/99
9/21/95 23:00SeattleWAUSA90 sec.OR citizen on Space Needle sees 3 "dull orange lights" fly overhead. Objects performed some unusual movement in formation.11/2/99
9/21/95 21:00ConcordiaKSUSACloud Co., KS, Sheriff's office reports "2 circular spheres, w/ revolving center," had been obtained from citizen. Many other callers.11/2/99
9/20/95 23:30Black ShearGAUSA4 hrs.Multiple, bizarre craft reported by local law enforcement officers. UFO researchers saw same objects from 30 mi. away.11/2/99
9/20/95 22:00SunflowerMSUSACylinder5 mins1995 Blue cylinder object flies over car stops and darts off with great speed.4/17/08
9/20/95 21:00TroyMIUSAChanging30 secondsLoud vibrating sound, two objects merged & then shot away so fast2/6/15
9/20/95 21:00PuyallupWAUSAMan repts. seeing obj. "w/ long tail, several football fields long." Left bright, broad trail in night sky.11/2/99
9/20/95 19:30Cold BayAKUSAFireball2minutesFireballs traveling low on horizon at great rate of speed and manueverablilty2/16/00
9/20/95 05:00WilberforceOHUSAOval5:09Over 40 passengers!10/31/08
9/20/95 03:30RenoNVUSA1 hourMan, wife, 3 relatives witness "rounded, saucer-shape" obj. overhead. Flashing white & colored lights. Moved like "bouncing ball."11/2/99
9/19/95 23:43HumboltCAUSAUSNavy Ch. Petty Off. repts. seeing "red orb under Jupiter." Obj. moved right, then left, then zipped off at very fast rate.11/2/99
9/19/95 22:46Johnson CityTNUSABizarre, complex sighting of multiple objs. near Tri-City Airport. Bell-shaped, hovered, maneuvered strangely. Shot light at ground!11/2/99
9/19/95 05:57StanfordCAUSA1 min.Woman out walking sees "round object w/ ring oriented vertically around it." Appeared in E sky, passed overhead to hor. in 30 sec..11/2/99
9/18/95 21:45Kansas CityKSUSAMan reports seeing multiple, "see through" objects racing around sky. Claimed many calls made to local TV. (Adv. lights!)11/2/99
9/18/95 20:55SeattleWAUSAWoman repts. a strange light passes overhead at extremely high speed. Flew totally silently, left an "after image" in the sky.11/2/99
9/18/95 18:40N. KingstonRIUSA90 min.Young man from Univ. of RI calls to report seeing small dot in sky that "does loop-dee-loops, blinks." Had little tail behind it.11/2/99
9/18/95 04:20WilcoxAZUSA1 minuteMan sees oblong, white/yellow obj. streak by his car, leaving a thin "contrail." Flew toward Wilcox, turned right, flew toward Mex.11/2/99
9/18/95 04:10AlturasCAUSATwo brothers pull off highway to rest during all-night drive. One remembers experiencing strange, sharp buzzing sound; confused.11/2/99
9/17/95 20:00RichardsonTXUSA30 min.2 young men tossing football on high sch. grounds witness approx. 15-20 bizarre obj. in stormy sky. Some hovered, others moved.11/2/99
9/17/95 11:00Astoria (outside of)ORUSACylinder2+ minutesShiny metallic silver disc (no lights) sighted near Astoria, OR10/4/19
9/17/95 00:30Colorado SpringsCOUSAMan reports witnessing a gray colored "flying-wing" shaped craft flying silently overhead. Moved at steady pace.11/2/99
9/16/95 23:15MerlinORUSAWoman relays report of some type of UFO sighting in town. (Limited facts.)11/2/99
9/16/95 21:15SeattleWAUSA20 sec.Man repts. large "vee-shaped boomerang w/ fluorescent light on leading edge" pass slowly overhead. Estimated 500' altitude.11/2/99
9/16/95 01:00WilsonvilleORUSALight3 minutesBright lights from miles away to within 150 yds and 300 ft in the air.7/1/02
9/15/95 22:45CorvallisMTUSAYoung couple witness strange "white light w/ 2 red lights" pass overhead. Object made several sharp turns, flies strangely.11/2/99
9/15/95 22:30WyomingPAUSAUnknown10 minutesI was driving home late at night an observed 3 columns of green light in a field.7/11/00
9/15/95 22:05New York CityNYUSA18 min.Senior med. care exec. calls to discuss events re 09/15/95 sighting in NYC harbor. Many other responsible witnesses found.11/2/99
9/15/95 22:00La HabraCAUSADisk5 to 7 minsUFO in sky with light blinking independent ring of light disk saucer shape4/27/07
9/15/95 22:00Fort St. James (Canada)BCCanadaSphereapprox 2 min.Bright glowing ball2/5/03
9/15/95 22:00New York CityNYUSA18 min.Woman reports many passengers aboard Staten Isl. ferry witness huge craft rise from, roil water! Excellent report! Video prepared.11/2/99
9/15/95 21:00WindhamMEUSALight5 minutesCraft rises slowly into space, takes off at speed of light into space.2/4/13
9/15/95 15:00SeattleWAUSA3 hrs. 7 witnesses on Phinney Ridge see 4-6 tiny metallic "cigars" hovering, moving, ascending in cloudless sky. Dramatic sighting!11/2/99
9/15/95 14:00Las VegasNVUSAOther20-25 mingarbage can shaped object5/24/05
9/15/95 10:25RedmondWAUSA6 min.Young man w/ 2 co-workers witness tiny, distinctly white round disc drifting slowly toward NE. Flew in dir. 90 deg. to winds.11/2/99
9/15/95 07:30PowayCAUSAOther6 min.Rainbow colored cloud that changed colors constantly, hovering just above treeline.8/28/03
9/15/95 07:00KissimmeeFLUSADisk5 mingreen glowing glow around silver disk with red ball on bottom4/14/09
9/15/95 02:00WasillaAKUSALight10:00Noticed two objects traveling in an erratic manner in a southerly direction out of the North-East.3/7/98
9/14/95 21:45BuffaloNYUSAOther2 secondsThe starlike object moved VV from right to left. Iam a former U.S.A.F. fighter bomber crewchief.3/21/03
9/14/95 21:40DouglasAZUSA15 min.Young woman returning from church w/grandmother witness strange obj. w/ "flashing lghts going in circles." Cell phone had static.11/2/99
9/14/95 20:40Columbus (Canada)NBCanada5 sec.Man steps outside house to smoke, see obj. extending out over edge of roof. Sees bizarre obj. w/ solid, hazy lights streak off.11/2/99
9/14/95 19:00ClairtonPAUSA10 min.Young woman w/ 4 friends see obj. streak out of the sky, stop, and hover in N sky. Larger than sun; orange & yellow.11/2/99
9/14/95 05:05Potter ValleyCAUSA5 sec.2nd similar sighting. Woman sees a large, bright red/orange disc, followed by blinking sphere, streak by window 2nd day in row.11/2/99
9/14/95 03:55MasonMIUSA40 sec.Woman sees small, white light--"like a giant lightning bug"--move along wind row of trees. Very bizarre.11/2/99
9/13/95 22:33SilverdaleWAUSA2 sec.Man feels urge to go outside house. Briefly sees formation of 4 "bright, pale orange" objects streak overhead very fast to N horizon.11/2/99
9/13/95 05:05Potter ValleyCAUSA30 sec.Woman suddenly awakens at dawn and witnesses bright red "dot" hovering outside her window. Suddenly got larger, moved to N.11/2/99
9/13/95 04:25MidvaleUTUSAMan witnesses multi-colored obj. moving relative to nearby stars. Appeared to have two smaller objects on each side of it.11/2/99
9/13/95 01:39SuperiorAZUSA30 min.Night watchman at Magna Mine reports motionless, multi-colored obj. in night sky. (Possible star?)11/2/99
9/13/95 00:30MissoulaMTUSA45 min.Man reports witnessing at least 15-20 strange looking objects streaking silently overhead.11/2/99
9/13/95 00:20TallahasseeFLUSA30 sec.Two men witness "large white disc, w/ slight yellow tinge, larger than full moon," move slowly across sky to S, turn. Halo around it.11/2/99
9/13/95 00:10Corpus ChristiTXUSA10 min.Man out walking sees bizarre obj., w/ pulsing red light on top, beaming light on house! Obj. was approx. 1/2 block distant.9/19/02
9/12/95 23:50OrangeburgNYUSA15 min.Young couple witness "yellowish white" disc approach their location on remote mtn. top. Streaks off, returns w/ 2nd smaller obj.!11/2/99
9/12/95 21:15W. New BrunswickNJUSA6 sec.Woman sees "yellow orange disc" streak overhead as she exits NJ Turnpike at Exit 15E. Obj. larger in appearance than full moon.11/2/99
9/12/95 10:21North HavenCTUSA5 min.Woman observes bizarre object hovering motionless in cemetary. Looked like "large, bright red bicycle helmut w/ speckles on it."11/2/99
9/12/95 08:58LeadvilleCOUSA2 min.Several adults, waiting for tourist bus, witness 2 tiny metallic-looking objects in daytime sky. Objs. suddenly streak off to W & NE.11/2/99
9/11/95 23:30New LondonCTUSA3 sec.FAA controller repts. seeing extremely bright "meteor" streak almost straight down to southern horizon. "Prob. visible over L. Isl."11/2/99
9/11/95 23:23WhitefishMTUSA5 min.Man & wife witness cluster of lights move along hor. to NE near Salish Mtn. Obj. suddenly "fires" 4 " bolts of light" at mtn. twice.11/2/99
9/11/95 23:00MelbourneFLUSATrianglei believe it was during a night time shuttle launch. i walked out side to see it and i looked up and i and i saw this big triangle like9/19/02
9/11/95 22:15Las VegasNVUSAMan repts. bright, multi-colored obj. in NW night sky. Disappeared while he was in house.11/2/99
9/11/95 16:30Pierce CityMOUSACigar5 sec.Cigar- shaped metallic object hovers over field- shines light, disappears in daylight near Pierce City MO.9/24/03
9/11/95 16:30Pierce CityMOUSACigarfew secondsupdate 9/11/95 ufo Pierce City11/26/03
9/11/95 16:25Salt Lake CityUTUSA1 minuteFAA controller, 5 airline employees witness 6 very bright objects streaking N to S in western sky. No radar returns.! Exclnt report!!11/2/99
9/11/95 00:30GrotonCTUSATriangle1 hourImmense triangular craft moving 20mph over Groton, CT, and Montauk, LI, NY, at least 1 mi wide.12/15/16
9/10/95 22:00AuburnWAUSA25 min.Young woman sees "black boomerang w/ dim lights" descend in sky. Then, she w/ 5 friends, see triangular ship w/ 5 lights hovering.11/2/99
9/10/95 21:12Valcatier (Military Base) (Canada)PQCanadaLight15minswhite light coming super fast to a stop then taking off again slowly and shutting off its light like a switch.12/2/00
9/10/95 21:12Quebec (Canada)PQCanadaLight16 minsfast white light decelerating to a complete stop and taking off again at a very slow pace,then shutdown.12/2/00
9/10/95 20:00EffinghamILUSACigar30secILLinois. siting6/18/04
9/10/95 12:35Las VegasNVUSA8 min.Man, wife, son witness tiny, milk-white sphere hovering in cloudless sky. Streaks off to NW. 15 min. later see silver disc overhead.11/2/99
9/10/95 09:30MarionVAUSATriangle10 minutesThe football field sized object was triangular and had a gondola - shaped structure underneath.9/29/04
9/9/95 22:50SilverdaleWAUSA2 sec.Man outside smoking witnesses 3 "dull orange" circular craft streak overhead to west. Each approx. 1/4 diameter of full moon.11/2/99
9/9/95 19:05Lake OswegoORUSAMan sees w/ binocs. motionless, white obj.. Suddenly disappears then reappears in other part of sky. Red, metallic in appearance.11/2/99
9/9/95 00:30St. Charles (1.5 mi north of, Randall Road)ILUSAChevron5-10 minutesFirst appeared as a bright white light like an approaching airliner,seen from a vehicle traveling S.on Randall Rd. Moonlight night. Eas4/2/99
9/8/95 06:35PortlandORUSAMan relays radio repts. about large, bright object, "diameter of full moon," seen over W OR. Vis. through overcast, beeping sound!11/2/99
9/7/95 03:30MedfordORUSACircle253 silver circular shaped objects at different time spotted in the skies over Southern Oregon in 1995. All were the same in shape and co7/4/14
9/6/95 23:02AshlandNHUSACylinder5.5 hoursBreathable fluid tank; multiple species; peaceful agenda12/2/00
9/6/95 21:30Grand Canyon, North RimAZUSALight1/2 secondWhile driving North on the only paved road out of the "Grand Canyon" national paark after veiwing the sunset there we saw a very, very8/5/00
9/6/95 01:30Stirling (UK/Scotland)United KingdomOther6 MinA colourfull cloud that kept turning in on it'self8/20/01
9/5/95 23:00BoiseIDUSA30 min.Three adults witness what appears to be "a straight line of 5-7 lights" hovering motionless in sky. Definite, distinct colors.11/2/99
9/5/95 18:00AlbuquerqueNMUSATriangle20 sec.It moved fast and stopped over my head. Then, it hovered for 10 sec. before it speed off like it had turned. But the object never turne4/1/00
9/5/95 15:00CowetaOKUSADisk4 hoursI have done conciderable research on this subject since contact. It fits documented discriptions listed in UFOlogy by Jim Marrs.8/7/07
9/5/95RichmondKYUSATriangleApprox 2 hrsGiant triangle craft witnessed by a friend and two park rangers over a lake and a military base. The craft sit over us for at least 3 m7/31/20
9/5/95Mercer IslandWAUSAYoung woman repts. seeing large object--"10 times the size of an airplane"--above. (Facts unconfirmed. No written rept.)11/2/99
9/4/95 22:30Colorado SpringsCOUSAMan repts. witnessing a "bright star" in night sky, with white, red, green, blue colors. Began to move, then suddenly disappeared.11/2/99
9/4/95 05:45Playa del ReyCAUSALight1min.Anomalous light approaches LAX neighborhood and disappears at high altitude.12/2/00
9/3/95 22:30Virginia BeachVAUSA40 min.Man & wife witness twinkling light to east. It "drifted left, moved, then disappeared." (Possible star?)11/2/99
9/3/95 15:00West SimsburyCTUSA10 minutesWest Simsbury Late 1995 Nightmare Imp Woods Alien Misinterpreted.11/6/14
9/2/95 23:00New York City (Manhattan)NYUSA45 sec.Two males leaving concert in Central Park witness strange moving light close to E. horizon. Moved very precisely, turned, vanished.11/2/99
9/1/95 10:30Eagle ButteSDUSALight3 minutesThe unexplained bright blue light.1/11/02
9/1/95 10:00SavannahGAUSADiamond3 minutesStrange spinning lights behaving strangely in downtown Savannah9/15/05
9/1/95 09:30PahrumpNVUSALight12 minutes9;30a.m. six starlike objects following an airforce jet spotted in the northern sky. 11;30a.m. approximately 145 starlike objects sig11/2/99
9/1/95 09:00PahrumpNVUSAChangingTwo hoursTime 9:00 a.m. went outside to pump water up from well. I heard an airforce jet,so I looked up. At about 1:00 oclock high, the jet wa6/21/00
9/1/95 02:00Ocean ShoresWAUSATriangle5 minutesBlack triangular craft vibrates me out of sleep, blocks out sky. Verified next day by independant witness.8/30/99
9/1/95 01:00FrankfortINUSA2-5 minutesI was a teenager and sleeping. I had school the next day. It must've been about 1-2AM when it felt like my room was shaking and my room8/23/19