National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 08/1995


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
8/31/95 05:15RenoNVUSAMan goes outside to start car. Sees "two balls of light w/ different colors around them. Something "square" underneath, maybe doors.11/2/99
8/31/95 21:50MukilteoWAUSA20 min.Six adults witness multiple bizarre objects near Paine Field. Objects hovered, jumped suddenly, disappear. Emitted yellow light.11/2/99
8/31/95 20:30RandolphNJUSA2 min.Young girl repts. seeing cigar-shaped craft w/ very bright lights, big round light in front, hovering above tops of nearby trees.11/2/99
8/30/95 23:10Rock ValleyIAUSATriangle1 hourI was out stargazing and a large, completely silent triangle UFO passed overhead at phenomenal speed towards the East. Two more went ov11/1/98
8/30/95 05:40BakersfieldCAUSAMan reports very brilliant, red object rising in western sky. (Rocket??)11/2/99
8/30/95 05:35Travis AFBCAUSA3 min.USAF sgt. reports sighting "small round light, then a gap, then a long trail of fire behind it" in western sky. Front of obj. white.11/2/99
8/30/95 05:30FresnoCAUSAWoman calls to report sighting of very bright red object rising in western sky. (Rocket from Vandenburg AFB??)11/2/99
8/29/95 21:45La HabraCAUSAMan sees 2 triangle hovering in night sky. They dim, get brighter. (All facts not available.)11/2/99
8/29/95 21:45InglewoodCAUSAWoman reports observing peculiar light flashing white, green, blue. Sees same object 2 days later. (Possible star?)11/2/99
8/29/95 05:50BoiseIDUSA1 sec.Man repts. sighting bright white light streaking E to W 60 deg. above S horizon. 1/3 diameter of full moon. 2nd sighting by others.11/2/99
8/29/95 02:00ElizabethtownKYUSATriangle1 minuteBlack Triangular shaped craft with 3 pulsating red lights.12/9/03
8/28/95 10:45BurbankCAUSA5 sec.Woman reports seeing bizarre "white orb" in sky. As big as an aircraft. Appeared to be "moving sideways." Called police, USAF.11/2/99
8/28/95 02:30Castle RockCOUSA10 min.Man repts. seeing "a slender object, with a string of lights across body." As wide as a full moon. Observed w/ binocs. Very unusual.11/2/99
8/28/95 01:50Mass CityMIUSA4 sec.Woman sees a "pecular light w/ a strange shadow." No sound. Repts. that State Patrol received multiple reports.11/2/99
8/27/95 21:30Oregon CityORUSA30 sec.Family camped 20 mi. S of Mt. Hood witness strange object streak through 50 deg. across sky. Other observers in campground.11/2/99
8/27/95 21:00Lost LakeORUSA1 minuteMan & wife witness "line of 8-9 lights in a row." Center light(s) blinked on and off. Lights then streak out across sky. Strange.11/2/99
8/27/95 13:10MedfordORUSA15 sec.Man repts. seeing a strange, metallic obj. "w/ no protuberances, but dome in center," pacing a landing C-130 aircraft. Disappears.11/2/99
8/27/95 04:00Los AngelesCAUSA2 sec.Man repts. large "ball of fire" descend at 45 deg. angle. Descended behind mountains 6-7 mi. distant. Prominant tail. Ejected obj.11/2/99
8/26/95 23:45PhoenixAZUSA3 min.Man witnesses a "blue, spherical object go across the sky slowly." Obj. was below clouds. Slightly smaller than full moon.11/2/99
8/26/95 23:30Dade CountyFLUSAMetro Dade Police relay UFO report. (No follow-up call from observer.)11/2/99
8/26/95 23:00WillistonNDUSA10 min.Man, wife, and 2 adults witness peculiar, bright white light pacing their car on highway. Two other lights appear, move around sky.11/2/99
8/26/95 21:15AuburnWAUSA5 min.Woman, son, 3 men witness obj. w/ "4 bright lights, 1 big red light underneath," suddenly appear in night sky. It rose, streaked.11/2/99
8/26/95 20:00Inyo Co.CAUSAInyo Co. Sheriff's office relays UFO rept.. Person reported "large, green & yellow, oblong object" flying east.11/2/99
8/26/95 15:42ProvoUTUSA3 min.UFO investigator witnesses bright, silver/white object approach over nearby mountains in approx. 5 seconds, hover for 2-3 minutes.11/2/99
8/26/95 10:00SalidaCOUSA30 min.Young man videos peculiar disc, "w/ double level row of windows," hovering N of city. Many witnesses, TV coverage. Good video.11/2/99
8/26/95 02:38Interstate-5CAUSACigar1:10UFO contact on a road trip9/4/03
8/25/95 01:00MorrisALUSAOther40 secondsThere was a roundish object with glowing, shifting lights lining the edges of the craft as it hovered silently above the trees.11/20/01
8/25/95 23:00Crescent CityCAUSA50-60 people witness several peculiar objs. to W maneuvering over water. Call goes out over CB radio net regarding objects.11/2/99
8/25/95 22:00Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaDiamond2Hrs. 45MIN.U.F.O. shoots at large meteor over Toronto, Canada three times and disintegrates it.12/2/00
8/25/95 22:00SarasotaFLUSA5 sec.Man repts. seeing "elliptical, solid object" descend through clouds. Was not plane, had no wings. Obj. darted "all over the place."11/2/99
8/25/95 20:30BothellWAUSA5 sec.Woman driving on Redmond-Wdinville Hwy hears strange buzzing noise, then sees peculiar blue light, bigger than moon, going N..11/2/99
8/25/95 20:00HelenaMTUSA2 min.Woman & children at fam. reunion see unlighted, round obj. "colored like pearl" pass overhead against wind. See 3 more sec. later.11/2/99
8/25/95 15:00Kansas CityKSUSAMan calls to report AP news wire report regarding object over W Pennsylvania. Report appears to contain multiple tech. errors.11/2/99
8/25/95 13:26Haslemere (UK/England)United KingdomTeardrop10 secsthe object was there for about ten secs then disapaired.5/15/06
8/25/95 09:15OleanNYUSATriangle4 to 5 minuteslow, slow moving Triangular shaped craft with lights on pionts of triangle and one in center on bottom sighted10/31/08
8/25/95 03:00OxfordMAUSALight10 Minutes4 Balls of Light, changed color followed by search light scanning woods and back yard.9/6/02
8/25/95 01:30BreezewoodPAUSA5 sec.Prof. race car driver encounters bizarre, bright blue obj. hovering above ground in lonely valley. Obj. strobes blue, green, streaks11/2/99
8/25/95 01:10OregonOHUSAFireball5 minutesThe Ohio, Winsor, ONT & Pennsylvania Aug 25th 1995 UFO/Meteor incident6/25/20
8/25/95 00:44Nelson LedgesOHUSASphere1 minuteblue spherical object12/2/00
8/25/95 00:42NilesOHUSADisk15 secondsI had just gone to bed when I noticed bright lights coming towards my home. I immediately got up and went towards the window and saw t5/11/00
8/25/95 00:40PittsburghPAUSAUnknown45 secondsobject travels very fast horizonally and then shoot straight up at 90 degree angle9/19/02
8/25/95 00:40EdinboroPAUSA20 sec.5 youth witness huge, extremely bright obj. streak from N to S. Obj. descends through clouds, accelerates, levels out. Alarmed.11/2/99
8/25/95 00:40GreensburgPAUSAExperienced UFO investigator calls to report receipt of multiple calls regarding bright obj. that had just passed N to S over W PA.11/2/99
8/25/95 00:40ClevelandOHUSA10 sec.Man witnesses 3-4 extraordinarily bright flashes above horizon in eastern sky. Thinks nuclear power station exploded. Upset.11/2/99
8/25/95 00:40AdamsvillePAUSA10 sec.Mother, daughter, friend witness huge, lighted ball streak overhead. "Turned whole sky blue." Flew N to S. Size of full moon.11/2/99
8/25/95 00:40MonticelloNYUSACircle4-5 sec.Copied written report: Physicist/astronomer sees huge, pulsing fireball to west of New York City.6/6/00
8/25/95 00:40MonticelloNYUSA6 sec.Physicist (Ph.D) repts. seeing "gigantic light, size of moon, w/ green tint" streak N to S 10 deg. above W horiz. "NOT a meteor."11/2/99
8/25/95 00:30Cheektowaga (near)NYUSAUnknown4-6 secondsbright ufo lights up night in new york near buffalo11/3/05
8/25/95DetroitMIUSAOther1 minuteWhile getting ready to walk to the store for cigarettes late on August 25, 1995, I opened my door and my dog got out . I saw lights th6/12/08
8/24/95 23:00Algonquin Park (Canada)ONCanadaLight20 minutesMy first actually sighting of ufo was in Canadian National park...Algonquin Park7/26/02
8/24/95 21:00Battle CreekMIUSAOlder woman reports witnessing "a square thing w/ a lot of lights" that descended out of night sky. (Facts incomplete.)11/2/99
8/24/95 00:00Den Haag (Netherlands)NetherlandsOther15-30 minutesA "satellite" looking object, too big,to low,to slow, followed coastline whilest admitting visable signal.8/19/12
8/23/95 23:50LouisvilleKYUSA10 min.Mother & daughter witness "donut-shaped" obj. beside highway. Pick up friend at destination, return to sighting location. Scared.11/2/99
8/23/95 21:00UplandCAUSAMan reports seeing object in sky "with lights going around it." (Facts incomplete and unclear.)11/2/99
8/23/95 20:35AnaheimCAUSA3 min.Mother & son witness bizarre obj., "the size of a football," hovering in sky. They pursue it in truck for some reason. Both alarmed.11/2/99
8/23/95 16:35PuyallupWAUSA10 sec.Young woman driving to work sees "mushroom-shaped obj. w/ ring around it" streak over hwy. Sees 2nd obj.. Very alarmed.11/2/99
8/23/95 01:30London (Canada)ONCanadaLight2-3 minutesSmall red and white light travelling in odd directions.7/26/02
8/22/95 23:25TempeAZUSA15 sec.Woman, 6 miles E of Tempe, sees 3 obj. plummet very fast toward ground. Perform incredible maneuvers, rise back into sky.11/2/99
8/22/95 22:17FontanaCAUSA10 min.Woman hears "thump" on roof, goes outside, sees bright orange orb above house! Obj. moved "chaotically." Multiple witnesses.11/2/99
8/22/95 22:15FontanaCAUSA2 min.Man, 20 neighbors, see prominant orange obj. moving across clear sky. Zigzags, swirls, disappears from sight, reappears as white.11/2/99
8/22/95 22:00BothellWAUSAMan witnesses peculiar craft "with vertical stabilizer," which suddenly streaks off. Wife witnessed same obj. from different position.11/2/99
8/22/95 21:45PrescottAZUSA2 sec.Father & son witness strange obj. streak across sky "in clump of cloud." Seconds later, they crest hill, obj. is gone, no clouds vis.11/2/99
8/22/95 21:30PhoenixAZUSA30 sec.Many witnesses see obj., "like missle w/ yellow fire shooting out back," pass directly overhead. Obj. appeared to eject small obj.11/2/99
8/22/95 01:00GreensburgKYUSARectangle5 min.08/22/95 1:00 Greensburg Ky Rectangular 5 min. Cloud with a ship inside 10/02/0510/11/05
8/21/95 21:55OlatheKSUSA30 sec.3 carloads of young people witness red light hovering over corn field. Then see a large, gray, domed obj. hovering nearby.11/2/99
8/21/95 21:30SeattleWAUSAWoman reports seeing bizarre, large, white light over Seattle. (Limited facts available as of 21NO95.)11/2/99
8/21/95 21:00LaporteWAUSA5 sec.Several children report to their father that they witnessed "red star" streak across sky.11/2/99
8/21/95 20:35TacomaWAUSA1 sec.Man witnesses "blue-green object" streaking from the eastern sky to the SE.11/2/99
8/21/95 02:00La CrosseWIUSA2 min.Trucker witnesses "big, orange ball" flying directly toward him from the south. Obj. suddenly "split into 5 pieces," disappeared!11/2/99
8/21/95 00:30DowlingMIUSA35 min.Woman witnesses two lights in clear night sky. Colors were red, white, green, and blue. Moved slowly across sky. (Possible stars?)11/2/99
8/20/95 23:00HollyWAUSADaughter, very upset, wakes mother. Both witness yellow light descend into nearby field. Two guard dogs very upset, cringe.11/2/99
8/20/95 23:00ShapleighMEUSAMother & daughter witness strange, bright lights, which appear to be moving relative to background stars. (Facts incomplete.)11/2/99
8/20/95 21:35Culver CityCAUSA5 min.Woman hears peculiar roaring sound, goes outside and witnesses "triangular craft" fly overhead.11/2/99
8/20/95 13:45Colonial BeachVAUSAMan and fiancee' witness cigar shaped craft that disappears suddenly.12/2/00
8/20/95 11:30Cantwell (80 miles east of); Clearwater Mtns.AKUSACircle45 object in the sky- - just hovering there with a big light on top and bottom.6/6/00
8/20/95 10:55BeavertonORUSAFather & daughter see strange obj. high in sky which "looked like a parachutist drifting." Obj. moved E then W, disappeared.11/2/99
8/20/95 04:00BowmanSCUSATriangle5 minutesAt approximately 4 a.m. I wass sitting at at truck stop off Interstate 26 near Bowman South Carolina doing some paper work. I noticed8/7/07
8/20/95 02:00BrunswickOHUSADisk30 minlarge disk shaped object with light beams eminating from it12/2/00
8/19/95 21:00HayworthILUSAMan reports 4 peculiar lights in night sky, which are visible on second night. (Possible stars?)11/2/99
8/19/95 01:15Forest LakeMNUSAMan wakes up w/ 2 strange cuts on cheek. Recalls recurring dream. Calls sheriff's office. Sends photos of cuts.11/2/99
8/18/95 22:45DearbornMIUSATriangle1 minutefire like triangular object with sapphire blue cloud that pulsated 500 Lights On Object0: Yes2/24/07
8/18/95 15:00Salt Lake CityUTUSA25 min.Father & son witness peculiar, silver-colored obj. moving N to S in daytime sky. Moved very slowly.11/2/99
8/18/95 01:00KearneyMOUSA10 min.Woman repts. witnessing unusual, very bright lights, "like airplane lights," in vicinity of Smithville, MO. Had blinking lights, too.11/2/99
8/17/95 00:00NewallaOKUSAOther2 minutesGrape size fast moving lights.1/16/15
8/17/95 23:00GraniteWAUSA15 min.Woman, son, & neighbor witness "large, oval-shaped bright, magenta light" below clouds. Light blinked on and off 3x in 2 sec..11/2/99
8/17/95 20:45McKenzieNDUSA10 sec.Husband & wife witness strange, red beam of light stream through screened window of mobile home. 10-12" wide. Very alarmed.11/2/99
8/17/95 19:45South ParkWAUSA90 sec.Man witnesses "white spot" flying in formation directly above landing 747 aircraft. Obj. suddenly streaked off.11/2/99
8/16/95 23:30RedmondWAUSAUnknown5 minutesredmond washington sighting 199510/31/03
8/16/95 23:00WillistonVTUSAMan witnesses flash of light in room, looks outside. Sees an "almond-shaped" obj. in western sky. Motionless at first, moves.11/2/99
8/16/95 23:00SumnerWAUSAWoman woke up in middle of night, witnesses four bright lights in two formations. It alarmed her for some reason.11/2/99
8/16/95 21:30AuroraILUSATriangle5 MinutesA slow moving craft in triangular shape at about 100 to 200 feet altitude. A series of 3 lights in a trianbular shape under the craft. 2/16/99
8/16/95 20:00OmahaNEUSADisk5minutes6 witness saucer gliding over building at close range2/14/06
8/15/95 11:00Hoh RiverWAUSA5 sec.Man driving E along Hoh R. witnesses a bright, silver disc against bright blue sky. 200 yds. from him. Mil. jets flew by later.11/2/99
8/15/95 22:30Nideggen (Germany)GermanyChanging3-5 secondsBright light near castle Nideggen, Germany in the 90s10/29/15
8/15/95 22:00DavisCAUSACone5 minutes1995 Saucer/cone shaped UFO over I-80 West Causeway Betweeen Sacramento and Davis, CA3/4/08
8/15/95 21:30Crescent CityCAUSA2 sec.Woman & daughter, walking from garage to house, witness sudden yellow streak pass overhead. Daughter was frightened by it.11/2/99
8/15/95 21:30BrunswickMEUSAOther30 secthree fire orange colored lights circling a fourth light6/18/03
8/15/95 21:05Grand HavenMIUSAUnknown1-2 Hrs.The little creatures, flashing lights, and test.10/12/01
8/15/95 21:00SandpointIDUSADiskone minuteVery large disk shape, many portholes, silver in color, nestled between two hills11/17/99
8/15/95 21:00HamptonVAUSAOther3-4 secs.Two orange-red dots flying at very high altitude and exhibiting great speed and unusual manueverability.11/20/01
8/15/95 20:00FlagstaffAZUSAOval3 minutesTwo craft seen over flagstaff. one craft had a lage ligh come on in the center . . .3/9/04
8/15/95 20:00Victoria (Canada)BCCanadaChanging10-15 seconds4 lights turned into 6, then turned into V-shape and took off.9/4/03
8/15/95 20:00Connecticut (unspecifice)CTUSATriangle5-10 minutesLarge, triangle, black, 10 lights, slow moving, no noise, cant remeber much but would like to know what i saw.5/12/11
8/15/95 17:30HamptonTNUSACigar5 secondsI wittnessed a large cigar shaped object pass between clouds6/12/07
8/15/95 17:00Chatsworth (Fort Mountain Community)GAUSATeardrop1 to 1 1/2 minutesGEORGIA UFO GROUP REPORT/MUFON of Georgia (joint post): Fort Mountain teardrop Craft10/11/05
8/15/95 16:00Aleppo (Syria)SyriaDisk5 minutesA huge UFO sighting from Syria8/24/04
8/15/95 13:30Pidley, Huntingdon (UK/England)United KingdomDisk5-10 minutesThe object was the size of a double decker bus, it had a search light and some other lights. It didn't make a sound.9/17/00
8/15/95 06:00YanktonSDUSAOval1-2 minutes5 white lights coming towards me as flying object2/10/12
8/15/95 05:29FifeWAUSA3 sec.Business owner sees "bluish-white ball of light" streaking W to E in S sky. Orange tail, gave off sparks. Very fast, horiz. flt.11/2/99
8/15/95 05:28Vashon IslandWAUSA2 sec.Former U.S.Army pilot/policeman sees blue-green disc streak from W to E in S sky. Below clouds. Illuminates them. Exclnt. rept.11/2/99
8/15/95 05:15Arcadia ShoresWAUSA2 sec.Woman witnesses a "quite large ball of light, almost the size of the moon," streaking across southern sky. Obj. was round, no tail.11/2/99
8/15/95 04:30TacomaWAUSA5 sec.Woman & friend see "yellowish, whitish triangular object" suddenly appear in "Popped out of nowhere." Disappears.11/2/99
8/15/95 01:00AppalachianNYUSALight2 seconds star like object traveling at very fast speed went across horizon in a matter of 2 seconds or less12/14/06
8/15/95 00:00CottonwoodAZUSAOther15 minutesHuge Craft Really Close With After Effects.6/2/17
8/14/95 23:00RedmondWAUSALight23:30Re: washington sighting 19952/24/07
8/14/95 21:40TacomaWAUSA5 min.Two men witness obj. moving across clear sky. Appeared to change course overhead from NE to E.11/2/99
8/14/95 20:50MartinezCAUSAYoung man reports witnessing "yellow object" moving in sky. (Facts limited and unclear.)11/2/99
8/14/95 20:30SilvertonORUSATriangle5 minutesTriangular_Precision_manuevering_19952/1/07
8/14/95 18:30Burgess Hill (UK/England)United KingdomFormation10 minutesFive circles of light undulating in the sky like a sidewinder snake3/11/03
8/14/95 10:30Snoqualmie PassWAUSA10 sec.Computer engineer driving on Rte. I-90 witnesses unusual silver, metallic descending rapidly in distance. (Possible A-6E aircraft?)11/2/99
8/14/95 05:30Federal WayWAUSA1 sec.Man sees pecular green light w/ "comet-like tail" streak from W to E 70 degrees above S horizon. 3x size of Venus. Very bright.11/2/99
8/14/95 01:00DoverDEUSATriangle1 minuteTriangle aircraft, silent, 3 lights on the bottom, no flashing lights moved in directions no airplane could ever move and landed6/27/19
8/13/95 23:10Coon ValleyWIUSA20 min.Couple see a "bright blue, flickering light" through clouds. Assert "it definitely is moving." (Possible celestial body?)11/2/99
8/13/95 22:00Gig HarborWAUSA15 minMan w/ father-in-law witness a "pulsating object" move across sky from S to N. 15 minutes later, witness similar object.11/2/99
8/13/95 22:00Ft. DickCAUSAWoman observes one, 2nd, then 3rd bright red objs. appear in night sky, maneuver, then suddenly disappear. "Shadows" beneath.11/2/99
8/13/95 21:05MartinezCAUSA1 min.Mother & son see a bright body moving overhead relatively fast. Larger than star. Color was "auburn yellow." Other repts., too.11/2/99
8/13/95 18:30Las VegasNVUSATriangle5 minutesLarge hovering invisible craft houvering in mid air at least triangle 300 yards.11/11/03
8/13/95 16:50RedmondWAUSA1 min.Young artist witnesses "round, oval-shaped object" moving across sky very fast from S to E. Peculiar lights on nose & tail.11/2/99
8/13/95 11:00NewaygoMIUSAChevron30-45 secondsLarge silent sighting in the woods of mid Michigan hovers and disappears.1/10/14
8/13/95 05:00PutmanCTUSA60 sec.Young woman repts. seeing a disc streak overhead very fast. Solid light in center, blinking lights around edge. Called police.11/2/99
8/12/95 23:56LancasterWAUSA1 hourFAA empl. reports 2 stationary radar returns over Lancaster. USAF radar confirms returns. Multiple visual sightitings of 2 obj..11/2/99
8/12/95 21:43SeattleWAUSA30 sec.Woman w/ 2 neighbors witness peculiar green lights in, or above, clouds. At one point, lights appeared to become a "bright beam."11/2/99
8/12/95 21:34NaplesFLUSAMan witnesses peculiar, bright obj. streak horiz. from NW to SE. Called FAA, no pilot reports. Obj. had "round, bright head."11/2/99
8/12/95 21:25BellevueWAUSA30 min.Young woman reports seeing 2 strange green lights in western sky. Drift north.11/20/01
8/12/95 21:00LaughlinNVUSALightc.15sec.Small red light, sat in levitation for several seconds, when all viewers focused on light, it vanished.9/21/00
8/12/95 21:00EnolaPAUSAFireball10 secondsBright orange and white fireballs1/21/08
8/12/95 20:29ArlingtonWAUSATriangle5-10 min.I was out packing groceries in and I noticed a pink colored glow across the street I went in and put groceries down and went out again 3/7/98
8/12/95 17:00Interstate 10FLUSACircleseconds4 females camped out on pensacola beach. played in water all the next day and left beach right at sunset. got on interstate 10 going we1/28/99
8/12/95 15:00WillamsburgVAUSADisk45sec.A disc that left something.12/2/00
8/12/95 03:30South of SarasotaFLUSAChanging~5 minutesProximal sighting of shape shifting, falling leaf UFO.6/4/14
8/12/95 01:00Fort Myers BeachFLUSAWoman witnesses "meteor shower" over G. of Mex.. Minutes later, sees very bright light streak overhead at very low altitude.11/2/99
8/11/95 08:40SacramentoCAUSA2 min.Multiple cars reported to stop on I-80 to witness oblong, silver obj. to east. Sunlight glinting off obj.. 20 witnesses. Streaks off.11/2/99
8/11/95 04:00PuyallupWAUSA1 min.Man went outside to smoke, witnesses peculiar light pass overhead very fast. Appeared to move south, but suddenly turned.11/2/99
8/11/95 01:32BeavertonORUSA15 sec.Woman sees large bluish-white light streaking below clouds. Suddenly turns right, disappears from sight.11/2/99
8/10/95 21:45OaklandCAUSACouple walking witness "round, strange black spot to left of moon." Suddenly approaches. Square bottom, dome on top. "Bounces."11/2/99
8/10/95 21:00PanguitchUTUSALight10 minutes5 or 6 "Stars" zigzagging around the Ursa Major. Observed by 41 year old male and 40 year old female, both of us stone cold sober.9/24/03
8/10/95 00:00Northern Alberta (Canada)ABCanadaChevron4/5 minutesVee shaped craft flew low over campfire where women were sitting.12/2/00
8/9/95 21:25FresnoCAUSA15 min.Couple witness multiple red/purple globular objects, "the size of cantaloups," moving across yard! Witnessed 10 objects at once!11/2/99
8/9/95 20:30Bournemouth (UK/England)United KingdomSphere8secondsi was watching hallies comet one night when two orange coloured balls passed in front of me; they made no noise and moved in unison; i11/16/02
8/9/95 02:10I-64 (MM 94, westbound)INUSATriangle3-5 min.It was hovering over the westbound lane at the top othe hill. It was foggy at the bottom of the hill and after starting up I saw it and3/7/98
8/8/95 23:00Alum CreekWVUSAUnknowndo not knowAlum Creek10/30/06
8/8/95 23:00Sorn (Mauchline) (UK/Scotland)United KingdomCigar5 minutesWhen I was young I use to have no curtains in my bedroom. I used to have a very large chestnut tree about 100m outside my window. (5/1/20
8/8/95 23:00TucsonAZUSA30 min.Man witnesses "blimp w/ reddish & yellow lights" in sky SW of Tucson. (Detailed data not provided.)11/2/99
8/8/95 22:40ClintonMOUSA15 min.Son wakes mother to observe peculiar pulsing red, blue, yellow lights positioned in row. Obj. appears to eject colored light.11/2/99
8/8/95 21:30Oregon CityORUSA30 min.Former U.S.Army officer (Ph.D.) reports strange cluster of lights, "like Christmas lights," moving overhead. Neighbor sees object.11/2/99
8/8/95 19:00Medellin (Colombia)ColombiaDisk10 minutesEarly 90ís donít exactly know the date of the incident, in the country of Colombia South America I was between 7-8 living with both par8/10/18
8/8/95 04:00ClearwaterFLUSA2.5 hrs.Two men fishing witness "meteor shower." Then see many objects streaking, maneuvering very fast. Approach boat. Men alarmed.11/2/99
8/8/95 00:40PortlandORUSA10 sec.Woman witnesses round, black, disc-shaped craft rise out of Pier Park (?). Looked "like obsidian." Dark, but reflected street lights.11/2/99
8/7/95 23:00BerthidCOUSA3 hrs.Father & son witness multiple stationary red, green, white lights in sky. Then witness six more. (Facts incomplete.)11/2/99
8/7/95 17:00MemphisTNUSADisk2-3 minutes6 witnesses, one goes into complete denial, occurs in a populated urban environment.10/11/05
8/7/95 12:00BakersfieldCAUSABakersfield (newspaper) publishes front-page photo of peculiar flaming disc w/ tail. No explanation provided.11/2/99
8/7/95 00:30BakersfieldCAUSA90 min.Boy reports seeing two large obj. w/ red, green, and white lights maneuvering overhead, making sudden sharp turns.11/2/99
8/6/95 23:45BakersfieldCAUSAYoung man reports large obj. moving over city, dips below trees nearby, changes colors. Other smaller objects nearby.11/2/99
8/6/95 22:30KalamazooMIUSA5 min.2 women driving 15 miles SE of city, encounter huge disc hovering almost motionless. Red, white, blue lights. Pain, marks on skin.11/2/99
8/6/95 21:57Moosehead LakeMEUSA10 min.USAF crew chief (ret.) & 2 nephews witness huge cigar-shaped obj. move across sky from E to W. Had strange, triangular lights.11/2/99
8/6/95 21:00RenoNVUSAFormation1 minutedull orange group of craft maneuvering and rotating arround each other in the sky over reno12/19/03
8/6/95 20:50BakersfieldCAUSA5 sec.Couple witness very bright obj. streak overhead to SW horizon. 1/4 size of moon. Very fast. White in center, yellow fringe.11/2/99
8/6/95 18:45BakersfieldCAUSA8 hrs.Many individuals report multiple objects in formation moving, zigzagging in sky above city. Had red, green, & white lights.11/2/99
8/6/95 04:00LaceyWAUSA1 minuteWoman awakend from deep sleep "by explosion." Saw flash of bright light in "upper right part of bedroom window." Couldn't move.11/2/99
8/6/95 00:00RedwoodCAUSA45 min.Couple witness very bright light in W sky descend, disappear from sight. Appeared to have multiple different, discrete colored lights.11/2/99
8/5/95 23:15WoodlandWAUSA2 sec.Woman & daughter witness strange, very bright, green obj. streak in E sky. "As big as moon." Seen twice by others previous week.11/2/99
8/5/95 22:00PhillipsWIUSAUnknown3 minutesField and woods light up by a red light that has no source. Light seems to scan area for about a minute. Object turns lights on and lan1/28/99
8/5/95 21:30WoodlandWAUSAHusband & wife witness strange, bright light in night sky. Other reports in area for same night. (Facts unclear.)11/2/99
8/5/95 18:37SanteeCAUSALight15 secondsThe object was in the form of a light, silently traveling from north to south, dissappearing from view without acceleration.4/27/04
8/5/95 01:05RichmondKYUSAOther35 min.While on the back deck watching for shooting stars an object shoot across the sky and stopped suddenly in mid air, a second object appe1/28/99
8/4/95 23:15BothellWAUSAMUFON member observes w/ binoculars "ivory-colored object, wingless" descend into trees in vicinity of FEMA facility.11/2/99
8/4/95 23:00Santa RosaCAUSAMan reports witnessing unusual object against mountains to E of city. (Facts unclear)11/2/99
8/4/95 22:30Crescent LakeWAUSA20 sec..Several family members see very peculiar flashing, lights in night sky overhead. Yellowish, white color. Zigzagged, disappeared.11/2/99
8/4/95 21:35SacramentoCAUSA4 min.Woman watching satellite, sees small, round ball moving across the sky. Ran around corner of bldg. to follow obj., but was gone.11/2/99
8/4/95 21:30NashuaNHUSARectangle4 minutesNo lights...just "void" or black and no sound as it went by...couldnt make out if it was a rectangle or triangle.8/7/07
8/4/95 20:00SheltonWAUSA1-2 sec.Man witnesses strange "green flash, about the size of a nickel." (At arm's length?) Flash may have had a "white outline."11/2/99
8/4/95 02:40VancouverWAUSA3 min.Son wakes mother; both witness clump of bright, white lights overhead in formation. "Like clump of stars." Obj. streaks off.11/2/99
8/4/95 02:05LynnwoodWAUSAMan witnesses 5 very luminous, "crescent-moon shapes" pass overhead.11/2/99
8/4/95 01:15BellevueWAUSA10 sec.Two men witness "round object w/ flame trail" descend out of sky. Color was "white w/ slight fire color." Very large.11/2/99
8/4/95 01:00Hazel DellWAUSA90 sec.Man reports witnessing strobe light in sky, then go dim. (Tumbling satellite?)11/2/99
8/3/95 23:00AuroraCOUSAMother & daughter hear strange "rattling" sound. Witness small saucer-shaped craft descend "like feather." Red & yellow lights.11/2/99
8/2/95 22:35LynnwoodWAUSA3 sec.Couple witness a large blue-green obj. streak downward in eastern sky. Looked "like comet w/ tail." Expected explosion, but none.11/2/99
8/2/95 19:34DemingNMUSA30 min.Man sees TV coverage of obj. over Salida, CO (27AU95). He and many other bus riders W of Deming, NM, saw same object!11/2/99
8/2/95 13:30StanwoodWAUSA1 sec.MUFON member captures streaking disc, or "cigar," on video tape. Obj. appears to transform into sphere. Convincing tape.11/2/99
8/1/95 23:00South BeachFLUSATriangle3 minThree round lights attached in a triangle shape. Making raped 90 degree movements12/12/11
8/1/95 22:45SeattleWAUSA1-2 sec.Woman, cousin, and neighbors witness large, very bright obj. descend rapidly in SW sky. "1/2 size of moon." Large tail, left trail.11/2/99
8/1/95 22:10TacomaWAUSA60 sec.Woman and landlord witness "two boxes connected at one corner" drifting north. Faint reddish color. Witness alarmed by sighting.11/2/99
8/1/95 22:00PflugervilleTXUSASphere10 minorange globe dims and out runs F 49/2/05
8/1/95 21:45Jack Fork MountainsOKUSALight1hrmost pepole disbelve but if you would just take time out to star gaze you would be shaeken for what you might see10/28/02
8/1/95 18:00Las VegasNVUSAFlashfive minitesthree bright light's, no sound, about a foot ball field away12/2/00
8/1/95 17:00AnchorageAKUSASphere12 secondsSaw a silver sphere that moved slowly, gradually picking up speed, moving from north to south.1/11/19
8/1/95 16:00Hull (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle20 minutes3 silver triangular objects over my house in 19952/22/02
8/1/95 14:00South East MercedCAUSADiamond5 minLarge silent rotating diamond, largeer than a B-52, Supended as thou they were looking at me when i saw no mentally they left, the craf2/16/99
8/1/95 01:45Van NuysCAUSAChanging5 mins.I saw this craft, it sounded like an airplane flying overhead at first, and it was shaped like a stick-figure bird (silver). I lived o5/24/99
8/1/95 00:00LondonOHUSATeardrop30 minutesInteraction with 1 of 3 objects in the direction of Wright Patterson AFB.5/15/13