National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 06/1995


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
6/30/95 22:00RockwoodMIUSAChanging45 minutesGreen sky's and strange unatural cloud activity followed by sudden lights12/12/09
6/30/95 22:00PortlandMEUSAFormationObjects flying over Portland, Maine in V shape6/12/08
6/30/95 21:00Foothill RanchCAUSADisk15-20 SecondsHuge disk type object with flat edges, red glowing steam around it, hovering very low.3/20/15
6/30/95 20:00Sydney (The Entrance)(Australia)AustraliaTriangle10 minutesGigantic craft shuddered into our airspace, completely silent4/28/17
6/30/95 19:20OlatheKSUSA~2 secondsA moon-sized circle of bright white light, like a mirror reflecting the sun by tilting, appeared in the distance2/18/01
6/30/95 18:00Corpus Christi (Water Garden)TXUSACircle1-2minutesperfectly round object w/lights around perimeter, large one in cent., made a hoovering sound, lights glowed white to yellow to orang2/1/07
6/30/95 15:00MedfordORUSADisk3-4 secondsA metallic disc with a brilliant amber colored light passed directly overhead at incredible speed at low altitude.6/12/08
6/30/95 13:00Grass ValleyCAUSACircle2-3 daysGiant lenticular cloud over music festival7/4/12
6/30/95 12:00Gold PointNVUSACigar5 minutesMyself and another man went to check on a test I was running on gold. When we arived at the sight, the other man said their is a UFO. I6/14/12
6/30/95 10:00NorthportNYUSALight3-5 minutesI was 15 years old when my friend and I spotted this light moving in the sky in a strange fashion. Up, down, and sideways in all direct4/18/14
6/30/95 03:00Ecoporanga (farm area; ES) (Brazil)BrazilEgg2 minLarge egg -shapped object floatted in farm yard area in the North Espirito Santo State, Brazil7/16/06
6/30/95 02:00CantonOHUSAUnknown5 min.I was taken against my will8/27/09
6/30/95 00:00BayshoreNYUSATriangle>3 minutes1 triangle UFO it was night time but you could tell the craft was triangle shape it was very large. ((anonymous report))5/9/19
6/30/95Port AngelesWAUSA5 daysMan repts. multiple sightings of up to 10 bright objects streaking overhead during 26-30JN95. Very bright, solid lights "like stars."11/2/99
6/29/95 22:45MankatoMNUSAOther2-3 minBall lightning phenom7/11/00
6/29/95Klamath FallsORUSAMan repts. bright obj. overhead, "brighter than Jupiter." Moves slowly to SE, enters haze at 15' K, disappears from view.11/2/99
6/28/95 23:00LisbonMEUSAYoung man looking out window sees very bright "star" drifting slowly across sky. Calls police. Two witnesses.11/2/99
6/28/95 22:25TacomaWAUSA30 sec.Man repts. two white lights, "like a star," move overhead to SE, fade from sight. Same thing next night. (Possible satellites??)11/2/99
6/28/95 22:20IrvingTXUSA7 min.Man driving S to Oakville sees obj. w/ tiny lights on bottom, flashing light on top moving N, suddenly reverse course. Good rept.11/2/99
6/28/95 21:45New ProvidenceNJUSA1-2 min.Dentist witnesses large craft w/ 15-20 windows or lights. Light beamed at ground; whooshing sound. Excellentt report.11/2/99
6/28/95 21:00PortlandMEUSAChanging20 minIt was still light out we sat under it for 3 min3/10/11
6/27/95 21:30EndicottNYUSAMan, driving down long driveway, sees bright light directed at his house. Witnesses bright light in sky. Obj. streaks off.11/2/99
6/27/95 12:00Cherry HillNJUSA1 minuteDentist witnesses small black dot very high in sky. Accelerates (against wind), streaks out of sight. Other witnesses.11/2/99
6/26/95 16:00Surrey (Canada)BCCanadaChanging1/2 hourMorphing? Interdimensional Craft - Daylight Sighting1/17/04
6/25/95 22:45Sioux FallsSDUSAUFO investigator relays rept.: his son and other children rept. witnessing 4-5 red objs. 4 miles W of city. Two objs. seen to land.11/2/99
6/25/95 19:00BatesburgSCUSA50 sec.Young man witnesses "very shiny obj., like egg" in N sky. Very bright, silver light. (Former mil., very familiar w/ aircraft.)11/2/99
6/25/95 16:22TumwaterWAUSA25 min.Five young adults witness strange "point of light" in clear, blue sky. Moves slowly. Obj. responds to flashes w/ mirror. Good rept.11/2/99
6/25/95 09:00Mojave DesertCAUSADisk20 secondsSaucer rotating over power line tower. ( THIS WAS IN THE DAYTIME AND ONLY ABOUT A HUNDRED FEET AWAY)!6/23/99
6/25/95 01:50Malaysia (at a highway)MalaysiaLight0151Playing around11/23/99
6/25/95PortlandORUSAMan reports seeing bizarre sighting while aboard Flight #725 enroute from Denver to Portland.11/2/99
6/24/95 22:45Sibley CountyMNUSA5 min.Older woman alerted by barking dogs. Sees multiple bizarre, bright, colored spheres floating across farmyard. 2nd sighting.11/2/99
6/24/95 22:30FarmingdaleNYUSA10 min.Young man & wife see blue flash, then small disc hovering over their truck, but below overcast. Pursued it on foot. Good rept.11/2/99
6/24/95 21:52FlorenceALUSA2 sec.Man & son witness "round, green object, like circle inside circle" streak across sky, disappear. Very clear view. Good rept..11/2/99
6/24/95 14:30SnoqualmieWAUSA2 sec.Young man driving E on I-90 witnesses streamlined, delta-shaped obj. streak across clear, blue sky. Excellent rept.11/2/99
6/24/95 01:00WalkerMNUSALightFive lighted aircraft after northern lights in a boat leech lake12/19/21
6/24/95 00:30Los Angeles CountyCAUSATriangle1-1 1/2 hrMe, and six of my friends watched these lights in triangular shape hover in the air, and didn't break formation and then move westward.4/1/01
6/24/95 00:10KirklandWAUSAYoung boy repts. witnessing strange light overhead at his residence. (Facts unclear; no follow-up rept.)11/2/99
6/23/95 22:30Buena ParkCAUSAlight2-3 minutesI was sleeping on the livingroom sofa facing a sliding glass door with a mini-blinds covering the glass when a bright ball of light bec11/20/02
6/23/95 03:00Austin/Eureka (between, U.S.hiway 50)NVUSADisk5 to 10 mins.I have 2 photographs of saucer shaped craft. I am a long haul driver and I was hesitent to speak of this but I wrote all the info on th10/2/99
6/23/95 03:00Austin/Eureka (near, on US Hiway 50)NVUSADisk10 to 20 mins.I saw 2 orange-red craft closeup felt static electric.4/15/00
6/23/95 00:01MonroeWAUSATwo family members witness "red ball" fly across sky. Felt vibrations.11/2/99
6/22/95 20:00KuwaitKuwaitFireball5 mintues1995 in KUWAIT a green bright light flying toward the sky2/14/08
6/22/95 15:00AmarilloTXUSATriangle3 MINTRIANGLE UFO SIGHTING IN AMARILLO TX3/19/09
6/22/95 13:30RatonNMUSA5 min.Two men installing TV dish witness strange obj. in clear sky. No visible wings, exhaust; silent. Very good view. Obj. drifted off.11/2/99
6/22/95 02:00SalemOHUSARectangle5minA friend of mine and I where in the woods camping and we kept seeing this bright light that would come on and go off so we went out of 1/28/99
6/22/95 00:00ChelseaMAUSALightUnknownPossible abduction, I'm not sure what happened that 8 years ago.3/28/04
6/21/95 22:40Burlington (Canada)ONCanadaLight5MinWe could not explain it !!3/23/04
6/21/95 21:30Oregon CityORUSA90 min.Couple witness multiple round, or oblong, lights in night sky. Positioned in circle. Seen to move south to north, then reverse course.11/2/99
6/21/95 21:00GrotonMSUSATriangle1 minuteLow slow and completely silent.9/6/19
6/21/95 00:56CameronMOUSA1 hourEmer. crew w/ police witness bright obj. streak overhead, descend. Pursue on foot. 3 youth exp. obj. very close. Exclnt rept.11/2/99
6/20/95 23:20Sedgley (UK/England)United KingdomCone10 minutes2 illuminated conical ufo's emmitting flashing circus type lights over sedgley, UK8/5/01
6/20/95 23:00WinchesterWIUSACircle5 minutesOrange glowing circle in the sky7/16/06
6/20/95 18:00HewittTXUSACigar10 minutesCigar shaped air craft chased by black copters in Waco.10/25/18
6/20/95 18:00HewittTXUSACigar6minSunny evening...shiney cigar shaped object moving slowly rotating...then disappeared, later followed by 3 military aircraft1/28/99
6/20/95 14:00MascoutahILUSASphere15minBlue sphere following spotlight beam scared us to death.7/11/00
6/20/95 09:30CommerceTXUSACircle5 min.I saw a craft in the sky that moved unlike all planes we see today!8/5/01
6/20/95 02:00HowellNJUSAOval1 minuteHuge oval craft seen moving E to W along I-195 in central NJ late one night11/8/03
6/20/95 02:00MultiOHUSAChanging2 hoursChased11/20/01
6/19/95 00:00Guayaquil (Ecuador)EcuadorOval1 minuteWe saw very close, 30 feet away from us. It stopped a tried to hide behind a tree. I moved my car to keep on seeing it and it moved a1/19/05
6/19/95 23:45CottonwoodCAUSA90 sec.Two boys report witnessing 2 bizarre yellowish-white objects fly overhead. Reported to local sheriff's office.11/2/99
6/19/95 22:00Adair CountyIAUSA5 hrs.2 young men experience multiple sightings of bizarre, bright obj., which hover, streak, & land. Very bizarre; good report.11/2/99
6/19/95 22:00Belle PlaineKSUSATriangle5-7 min.A triangular craft with a light at each end and a slightly larger central light4/1/00
6/19/95 02:30Las VegasNVUSASphere10-15 minOrange Sphere moves across sky and leaves green trail the entire lenght of the sky that remained long after the object was gone!12/19/03
6/18/95 21:45Fall RiverMAUSA2 min.Two men driving on Rte. 195 witness bizarre obj. hover overhead. Brightly lighted, "size of DC-9 w/ 60 deg. sweep to wings."11/2/99
6/18/95 00:35Croton FallsNYUSAOval5 - 10 minutesBlue lights zigzagging..11/26/03
6/17/95ToledoOHUSAWoman concerned by 4 indentations and burn mark on blacktop patio. (CUFOS investigates. Prob. due to deck chairs.)11/2/99
6/16/95FreeportFLUSAMan reports witnessing w/ 6 adults a "flashing red triangle" that appeared, disappeared suddenly in rapid sequence several times.11/2/99
6/15/95 23:00Pawleys IslandSCUSA5 minObject spotted at boat storage.4/3/11
6/15/95 23:00OshkoshWIUSATriangle15-20 secondsBlack Triangle with white lights on each corner and a darker black triangle inset.7/13/18
6/15/95 22:46Nassau (Bahamas)BahamasLight5 minutesUFOs in my Life9/15/05
6/15/95 22:30Pine BluffARUSALight15 secondsI saw a light shooting across the sky. It suddenly stopped and then completely changed its trajectory4/22/22
6/15/95 22:20Roy (near)WAUSASphereabout 8 secondsA silent small light moved from horizon to horizon really fast, in about 10 seconds time4/18/12
6/15/95 22:00St. LouisMOUSATriangle1 min.Hi. Top of the day too you. I have been keeping these stories to myself for a long time. I think the time is right to tell someone.11/21/10
6/15/95 21:00MalvernPAUSATriangle15-20 minTriangular shaped with "mother of pearl" swirling light...six green square lights all on bottom11/20/01
6/15/95 21:00MiamiFLUSALight10 - 15 Min.Arizona lights...over Miami?6/18/04
6/15/95 21:00GlendaleAZUSAFireballsecondsAuthor's Summary Line: "on orange ball of light appears over the mountains projects directly over head.. disappears" It was approx3/7/98
6/15/95 20:30Long BeachCAUSAChevron1 minute +Chevron/triangular orbs of light over Long Beach, CA.7/5/05
6/15/95 20:00HesperiaCAUSALight60 secondszero to very fast moving star and meteor glows the night green. Crash & burn at Vandenburg '953/19/09
6/15/95 20:00KapaauHIUSATeardrop20 secondsBrilliant teardrop shaped blue-green light12/12/11
6/15/95 19:55Pennsylvania (western)PAUSASphere5-8 minutesRed Globes over western Pennsylvania....3/4/08
6/15/95 19:30AlbuquerqueNMUSADisk30 secThree disk shaped objects appeared to the north. Objects were blue in color, nearly the color of the background sky. They were about ha11/2/99
6/15/95 19:00CalipatriaCAUSACircle10-20 minutesorange glowing orb-like lights seen by myself and other prisoners at Calipatria State Prison.3/11/03
6/15/95 18:00Fort BlissTXUSACircle2 hoursStrange lights seem over military base in El Paso, Texas3/19/02
6/15/95 18:00OrangeCAUSAOval30-45 secondsPossible sighting of Military Camouflage Technology5/24/05
6/15/95 17:00Chesterfield, Derbyshire, EnglandUnited KingdomCircleA fraction of a secondAt first I thought the craft was shaped like a Big Mac. I thought, Great! Everyone else saw craft in the shape of a suacer and I see on1/28/99
6/15/95 16:00PlacervilleCAUSATriangle5 minutesTriangle object in the clouds it came out of the clouds barely & I saw it come out of the clouds and it was sitting. ((anonymous))5/9/19
6/15/95 15:00Grand RapidsMIUSADisk45 secI saw bright object that huvered and then flew off with very high speed!8/7/07
6/15/95 11:30ThomsonGAUSAOval15 secondsDaytime metallic silver oval object in McDuffie County (Thomson) GA.1/21/08
6/15/95 04:30Fraile Muerto (Uruguay)UruguaySphere1 minuteSmall glowing ball doing violents moves up and down into a truck loaded with cows a few feet away from me12/3/04
6/15/95 02:00LevelandTXUSAFireball5minFlourescent blue fireball moving faster than supersonic speed1/17/04
6/15/95 02:00WashingtonUTUSAUnknown3 MinutesA red glow lighting up low lying clouds. After a few moments the glow got more clear and about a dozen red lights in no noticable arran9/26/98
6/15/95 02:00BridgeportCTUSACircle30 MINUTESHow could noone else have saw this. It was bigger than the moon. It was Orangey yellow. Maybee cause it was 2am.4/27/04
6/15/95 02:00CameronLAUSAUnknown1 minuteObject at high altitude and moving extremely fast makes instant course reversal without turning.5/11/05
6/15/95 01:03PhiladelphiaPAUSADisk5 minutes3 disc shapes in unison fairmont park area
6/15/95 00:00LakewoodCAUSADisk15 seoundsTwo red softly glowing round objects as your guest described on coast to coast 15 sec apart in 19951/17/04
6/14/95 21:40MiamiFLUSA5 min.Two young men witness a round, "cloudy white obj., 5 times diameter of brightest star," move from E to W overhead.11/2/99
6/14/95 01:35Ann ArborMIUSA2 min.Woman & friend witness "green ball of light" streak across sky, descend below overcast, & stop. Hovered, streaked off. Good rept.11/2/99
6/13/95 21:25TulareCAUSA3 min.Woman repts. strange obj. w/ 3 bright red "laser-like" lights, which flickered in irregular pattern. Called local police, FAA.11/2/99
6/13/95 18:00OmahaNEUSADisk10 minThere was not a sound when i was looking at the object or when it left the area as it dissapered7/5/05
6/13/95 14:00SequimWAUSAOvalbirthdayI saw two oval shaped U.F.O.'s flying from one side of sky to the other.And then dissapeared.5/24/99
6/13/95 11:00Long ValleyNJUSADisk2:00 minsIt was about 6 feet in cicumference and dissapeared in thin air without a trace!12/23/02
6/12/95 23:26Fort WayneINUSA30 min.Man reports "bright object with flashing color" in southern sky. (Possible planet?)11/2/99
6/12/95 23:00DrainORUSACircleest. 5 min.Bright light flashes and shrinks before zipping off.7/8/04
6/12/95 22:00Kelowna (Canada)BCCanadaTriangle3 sectriangle 3 lights9/2/05
6/12/95 00:15San FranciscoCAUSA30 min.Man reports bright object "at 7 o'clock position from moon." (Possible planet?)11/2/99
6/12/95WichitaKSUSAMan calls on behalf of person, who has had possible involvement w/ strange creatures. Directed to investigators.11/2/99
6/11/95 23:50PuyallupWAUSAMan reports bright object "at 7 o'clock position" from moon. (Possible planet?)11/2/99
6/11/95 23:20Guelph (approx 6 km west of) (Canada)ONCanadaFireballcorrection 20secsHave been told could be ball lightining, I checked definition definitely not. It was a red ball type of light, aproximately 3 times 12/2/00
6/11/95 23:00DowneyCAUSA1 hourMan reports very bright body just below the moon. (Possible planet?)11/2/99
6/11/95 22:00FairfieldCAUSA2 sec.Family of 3 driving home on Rte. 680 observe bright purple flash overhead, that "lit up half the sky." (Ed: Probable elect. arc.)11/2/99
6/11/95 19:30OgdenUTUSA2 min.Golfer observes round, silver-gray obj. size of small car moving across face of mtn. Flies up 3 ravines, ascends, disappears.11/2/99
6/11/95 19:30FarmingtonUTUSAFAA Controller calls to relay sighting report of "shiny, round object" witnessed on 11JN95 over Ogden, UT.11/2/99
6/11/95 19:20ModestoCAUSA10 sec.Young man & girlfriend, returning from hike, witness bright, white light in western sky. It flashed, then simply "winked out."11/2/99
6/11/95 17:15TacomaWAUSA2 min.3 adults witness "white balloon" to south. Then witness 3 triangular-shaped objects nearby. They slowly drift into clouds.11/2/99
6/11/95CleburneTXUSA6 min.Prof. photographer & nearby golfers witness bizarre, cigar-shaped obj., w/ metallic appearance, in sky. 5 min. of video.11/2/99
6/11/95SeattleWAUSAAnonymous caller repts. sighting 4 ufo's in NNE sky, 45 deg. above horizon. (No other facts reptd. No return tel. #.)11/2/99
6/11/95SharonMAUSAMan witnessed "tablet shaped obj., like stubby aspirin," with dull, metallic surface, descend, follow military jets. Good rept.11/2/99
6/10/95 23:20Glade SpringVAUSA5 min.Woman, children, and grandmother witness 4 bizarre, bright green "stars" hovering nearby. Suddenly got brighter, streak off.11/2/99
6/10/95 23:00Crescent CityCAUSAOval20 minsthere were two they were around us red white blue lights acting agressive got whithin a quarter mile of home and they turned around6/4/04
6/10/95 23:00New YorkNYUSATriangle10 secondsBoomerang or Triangular 5 Blueish White Lights.1/16/14
6/10/95 18:00El PasoTXUSA15 sec.Man & wife, 2 hours' drive W of El Paso on Hwy 10, witness black, round object just above ground. Obj. rises, goes behind hill!11/2/99
6/10/95 02:00Northland, (remote countryside, East Coast)New ZealandChanging6 hoursHead lights on a collison course with a hill which suddenly "jumped" back, appeared diamond shaped and zig zagged across the sky6/10/03
6/9/95 21:53ArlingtonWAUSA90 sec.Husband, wife, and child witness a bizarre, conical-shaped obj., white w/ tinge of green, move across sky. "Bigger than moon."11/2/99
6/9/95 02:40Pacific OceanPacific Ocean1 minuteIntl. airliner crew at 37k' witness brilliantly bright, yellow obj. streak ahead of them on L side. Over E horizon in 1 min.. Exclnt.11/2/99
6/9/95 00:10FontanaCAUSA15 min.Man witnesses 2 lights 15 deg. apart in SE sky. Orange color, round when viewed with binoculars. Police rept. no other calls.11/2/99
6/8/95 23:45FresnoCAUSATwo calls in rapid sequence regarding multiple objects streaking north (?) over city. (Sincere repts., no follow-up written repts.)11/2/99
6/7/95 21:00AlbanyCAUSA2 min.Man observes bizarre, rectangular obj. "w/ barber poles w/ bulbs on the ends" sticking out of opposite ends.11/2/99
6/7/95 18:30Pudsey, Leeds, West Yorks (UK/England)United KingdomDisk30 seconds3 triangular symbols, trumpet shaped underneath, black panels, metallic object.8/5/01
6/6/95 21:45OrovilleCAUSA50 min.Woman's voice repts. 4 objects over home in rural area. (Facts unclear--no return call; phone disconnected 2 days later.)11/2/99
6/6/95 21:00AlbanyNYUSAOtherall nightAlbany 1995-1996 No sound, No light Shape outline brown2/18/01
6/6/95 18:00GoldenCOUSAOther15 minutesWitnessed a Barbell like object that rotated irratically, changed directions several times, and finally dissapeared.3/7/98
6/6/95 16:45Gent (Belgium)BelgiumCirclelong time6 shape just like moon not moving about one hour in the same place we saw no idea about the distance they were we left and still they w12/2/00
6/6/95 16:00KentwoodMIUSASphere15 sec'sCircular Object10/10/11
6/6/95 16:00KentwoodMIUSACircle15 sec'sSilver/gray circular object high on horizon1/12/12
6/6/95 01:00DallasTXUSALight10 secondsBright light came out from behind nothing, stopped on a dime and then proceeded to fly back behind nothing... cloudless sky.8/12/08
6/4/95AddisonTXUSAMan repts. extremely bizarre obj. streaking across sky. No visible wings, or means of propulsion.11/2/99
6/3/95 23:53GoldsboroNCUSA3 sec.Man repts. two sightings minutes apart. Sees very bright light, "like meteor," streaking to NE. Sees minutes later going SE.11/2/99
6/3/95 23:30OlympiaWAUSA1 min.MUFON/WA member reports brief TV news report re "Project Dark Star," a mil. proj. re "disc shaped craft" under development.11/2/99
6/3/95 22:12MarysvilleWAUSA15 sec.Exper. UFO investigator, husband, driving S on I-5 witness prominent "red ball." Obj. splits, white light appears. Both wink out.11/2/99
6/3/95 21:00Durham (UK/England)United KingdomOthersecondsDim small light shoots across sky in wavy line, nmo tail6/20/05
6/3/95 13:00SyracuseNYUSAFormation15-20 secondsHigh altitude V-formation of 7 objects4/17/08
6/3/95 03:00GardendaleLAUSAWoman repts. witnessing 5 strange ships. One very large, at "treetop level." One appeared to be in trouble. Witnesses reptd.11/2/99
6/2/95 20:12HillsboroORUSAMan repts. "huge" flaming obj. w/ enormous flaming tail descend at 60 deg. below horizontal. Obj. appeared to burn out.11/2/99
6/1/95 23:45WailukuHIUSAFireball10 minutesFireball from the West Maui Mountains toward the Pacific Ocean10/10/11
6/1/95 23:30MebaneNCUSATriangle30 minI was inside my home recovering from surgery. My wife was at home with me. At app.11:30pm mydaughter returned from amovie with 2 frieds3/19/09
6/1/95 23:00MurphuysCAUSAUnknown10 minWhat did I see?6/12/07
6/1/95 23:00Angels Camp/Lake New MelonesCAUSALight3 minLake New Melones California sighting5/24/05
6/1/95 23:00Whyalla (Australia)AustraliaRectangle5 minutesLights in the sky6/12/07
6/1/95 23:00ProvincetownMAUSAUnknown45 secThree white lights at high altitude in a triangle formation moving at "jet liner" speed4/26/99
6/1/95 22:30SupplyNCUSAUnknown10 minutesWe spotted a craft moving VERY slowly and in complete silence approximately 200ft above us shining lights all about as if searching.9/12/99
6/1/95 22:30Benton CityWAUSAUnknown2 minutesvery strange sighting8/12/08
6/1/95 22:30RochesterNYUSADisk5 minutesSaucer with what looked like a king's crown on top seen in Rochester, NY, west side of I-95.10/12/18
6/1/95 22:00RoeblingNJUSALight10 minutesMy neighbor and I saw a white light executing right and left angles, no sound or shape, over a lake behind our houses.8/12/01
6/1/95 22:00KingsvilleOHUSAOther30 SecondsCube-shaped UFO2/1/07
6/1/95 21:00HomesteadFLUSATriangle10 minutestriangle lights with a flash slow moving no sound5/12/11
6/1/95 21:00New Hampshire (rural)NHUSALight10 minutesObject travels across the sky, stops, goes back and gets friends!9/24/03
6/1/95 21:00Nottingham (UK/England)United KingdomLight5 minFast moving light chased by two helicopters and a.w.c.s8/24/10
6/1/95 21:00PensacolaFLUSAFlash5 min.Flash in a Pensacola sky8/5/09
6/1/95 21:00Kingsford/Green Bay (between)WIUSADiskat the most, 20 secondsSmall silver-disc high high up in the air... very quick... then it zoomed away.3/7/98
6/1/95 21:00AustinTXUSALight30 MinutesFloating red light over Texas-matches other reports.8/7/07
6/1/95 21:00Mercer IslandWAUSATriangleLongHuge Plane Hovering for Many Moments or More, Big As Football Field.7/3/13
6/1/95 20:00MadrasORUSAOther3-3 1/2 hoursWe were possibly abducted by a pyramid shaped UFO? while traveling in eastern oregon.5/15/13
6/1/95 20:00MethuenMAUSAOval1 minuteA large yellow football shaped figure moving rapidly in sky in a horizontal movement. Very large. I saw it for about a minute. There wa1/28/99
6/1/95 20:00WarrenOHUSATriangle8 secondsI was lying on my back on a trampoline star gazing at my brother in laws something ive done for 25 yrs.clear blue sky visability was 207/4/12
6/1/95 19:00HuntingtonWVUSAUnknown~20 minutesDecades ago CNN broadcast alien contact — covered up12/23/20
6/1/95 19:00Reading (UK/England)United KingdomFireballan object that was bright just disappeared when something strange happened to it.3/16/01
6/1/95 19:00ClarksvilleTNUSAFormation15 minI saw strange lights,i grabbed a video camera and while i was tapeing a fort cambell chopper flew through the same shot. There were als12/16/99
6/1/95 19:00Trinidad City (Trinidad)Trinidad/TobagoOtherit was a blue shaped arrow12/2/00
6/1/95 19:00FerndaleWAUSALight????All i remember is that the blue orb chased me and i was taken in whatever it was i was then introduced to the greys as a peaceful scien10/10/11
6/1/95 18:00MesaAZUSAOval30 min.Large gray Zeppelin or blimp shaped craft sighted north of Mesa, AZ3/19/09
6/1/95 16:20St. PetersburgFLUSASphere65 minutesOrange Sphere 10 foot wide just sitting out side our window for 20 minutes! What is it?5/24/05
6/1/95 15:34Väsby (Sweden)SwedenCircle3 minLooked like a floating mirror, but we couldnt se something in the mirror, like floating silver.. No clouds on the sky and in the middle3/19/02
6/1/95 15:00DurhamNCUSACircle10 secsA strange object moving at warp speed in the day8/5/09
6/1/95 15:00CrestlineCAUSAChanging+-10 minutesObject like a cube rose into the air, reached what seemed an air current, changed shape to triangle moving very fast toward east.5/20/21
6/1/95 13:00CraigCOUSAChanging20 MinutesVery Shiny and Reflective Saucer seen on the South side of Craig, Colorado Summer of 19952/14/10
6/1/95 13:00Los AngelesCAUSAFormation15 minutesA silver polygon object with several satelight ships over downtown Los Angeles in the mid nintey's, stops and flys straight up.5/15/06
6/1/95 12:00MesaAZUSAOther5 minBigger than a house floating in the sky.I know what,I saw, but don't know why!4/25/02
6/1/95 12:00Los AngelesCAUSACircle30 secondsHuge stationary disk5/15/06
6/1/95 12:00RavennaOHUSATriangle5 minutei work up bout 12 am and something told me to look out the window i did across there a house that sit beside a line of pine trees that5/15/06
6/1/95 11:00Jalostotitlan (Mexico)MexicoOther1/2 hourContact with aliens in a small craft in the state of jalisco Mexico .2/8/11
6/1/95 04:00Carson CityNVUSA15 sec.Man (frmr. mil. pilot) looks SW from bathroom window, sees 5-6 bright objs. in cluster, "like galaxy of stars." Neighbor sees same.11/2/99
6/1/95 02:30Canovanas (Puerto Rico)PRPuerto RicoOther15 minutesspanish Eran las 2:30am cuando llegava a mi casa . estacione mi auto para poder entrar a mi casa cuando me disponia a abrir el porton d12/2/00
6/1/95 02:00CulpeperVAUSAUnknown5 minutesAlien abduction.9/12/03
6/1/95 02:00Mt. SpringsTXUSACigar7 secondsPale green bullet shaped object traveling west to east in full sunshine about 20 to 25 degrees above horizon.2/14/08
6/1/95 02:00WiltonNYUSALight545-50 secsPossible ufo meeting 01/1995 in Northern New York State10/8/07
6/1/95 01:30North Manitou Island LakeMIUSAcan you give me any info on a 3 dot triangle mark i got one night wile i was out camping inside upper right for arm all the clocks sto4/1/01
6/1/95 01:00Colorado SpringsCOUSALight15 secThere I was laying in a wheel barrel at lunch staring at the front range like countless other nights when a bright red light appeared2/18/01
6/1/95 01:00Colorado SpringsCOUSALight15 secAbout 1am i saw a bright red light racing from the front range of Colo northeast and changed angles and dissapeared in 15 sec.2/18/01
6/1/95 01:00CarlisleOHUSATriangle30 minutesSummer 1995 I was 11 years old. My dad had a big flash light that was really bright. One night I was outside shining the light into6/25/20
6/1/95 00:00Okinawa (Japan)OkinawaLightminutesVery bright beam of light12/16/05
6/1/95Karaganda (Kazakhstan)KazakhstanTriangle10((NUFORC Note: Witness reports witnessing a "triangle" in Karaganda, Kazakhstan. PD))10/12/01
6/1/95Paide (Estonia)EstoniaOtherI saw a strange, thin object in the sky.3/4/03