National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 03/1995


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
3/31/95 21:45PlacervilleCAUSA5 sec.Ex-USAF/aerospace empl.(ret.) sees very bright, pure white light descend vertically. Extraordinary sighting. Good rept.11/2/99
3/30/95 23:32MurphyNCUSA1 minuteWoman and grandson witness large, oval, brightly lighted obj. W of Murphy, NC. Similar sighting 03/28/95 @8pm11/2/99
3/30/95 19:30WarrenMIUSA10 min.Man calls to report woman's sighting. She had seen bright light 1-2 miles away; dims, then splits into 6 obj.11/2/99
3/30/95 05:30HollywoodCAUSACigar5 minutesearly-morning cigar-shaped UFO hovered behind trees in Hollywood near Harold Way/101 Freeway in March '956/18/04
3/30/95 04:45EugeneORUSAMan reports strange flash of light struck hood of his car. No sighting of object.11/2/99
3/30/95HonoluluHIUSAYoung woman reports yellow lights in formation over ocean. Several other similar sightings in recent past.11/2/99
3/30/95Fort WayneINUSAWoman reports seeing long, cigar-like ship, w/ smokey color. (Facts unclear.)11/2/99
3/29/95 23:54Mt. RanchCAUSAMan sees bizarre, solid light pass directly overhead.11/2/99
3/29/95 20:35JacksonvilleFLUSA10 minWoman reports bright, "neon-like" light, which moved, got brighter, ascended vertically very fast.11/2/99
3/29/95 20:15ElmaWAUSAPolice detective/MUFON investigator repts. alleged sighting by multiple witnesses. Begins investigation. (Star later confirmed)11/2/99
3/29/95 14:36RainsvilleALUSAMan repts. seeing 2 glowing orange globes, "size of VW," in distance over highway. Later sees wedge-shape craft near truck.11/2/99
3/29/95 06:30ShippensburgPAUSAOther3 minutesLarge, wingless ship hovers over university building.2/1/07
3/29/95 01:31VenturaCAUSA45 sec.Man reports three brightly lighted obj. over mtns. Move erratically, then fly west very fast. Calls 911.11/2/99
3/28/95 22:00McAllenTXUSADisk2 minutesAn out of control disk shape ship with an interesting white light.9/6/02
3/28/95 00:36CordovaAKUSA15 minPerson reports "clump of fog" circles car six times, changing shape each time. Hovered. 2nd ship on ground. Dramatic.11/2/99
3/27/95 23:00San FranciscoCAUSAUFO author/investigator calls to rept. article re "meteor shower" on evening of 03/27/95 in SFO newspaper.11/2/99
3/27/95 22:00FlorenceORUSA15 min.Man calls to rept. lengthy sighting over city. Sends newspaper article. Reported by many to local police.11/2/99
3/27/95 21:50HarmonyMEUSA90 min.Retired ship captain reports strange light to NE. (Later writes to confirm obj. is star.)11/2/99
3/27/95 21:15Loveland/Estes Park (between)COUSALight45 minIt looked like a star that was moving across the night sky. But it stopped and changed direction again and again. It changed color an1/28/99
3/26/95 17:37ScottsdaleAZUSA15 min.Man sees cluster of 8x obj. over city. Different colors. Two obj. eject brown, circular obj.11/2/99
3/25/95 23:10SalinasCAUSA20 min.Man & wife hear approaching "thumping" sound. See two bright red, pulsing triangles in sky fly from NW.11/2/99
3/25/95 23:10AuburnWAUSA1 sec.Man & wife witness vertical streak of white light descend from sky. Very fast. South of Auburn.11/2/99
3/25/95 22:30RedmondWAUSA5 min.Man reports two strange aircraft pass overhead. Lights were rotating around axis in horizontal orientation.11/2/99
3/25/95 22:00Kingsford HeightsINUSATriangle1 minute3 triangle shaped objects hovering overhead.8/5/00
3/25/95 19:00BurienWAUSAWoman repts. dimly lit, round object flying across night sky very fast. Not airplane or satellite; very familiar w/ night sky.11/2/99
3/25/95 18:20Fort WayneINUSA15 min.Woman witnessed large, dark, smokey obj. hanging in sky. She followed it in car for 15 min. Winks out.11/2/99
3/25/95 17:00SeattleWAUSA30 min.Woman repts. daylight sighting of bright, silver "helmet-shaped" obj. in E sky. 2nd similar obj. approached it, streaked E!11/2/99
3/25/95Grover BeachCAUSAMan reports numerous sightings over prior two months. (Report not inconsistent w/ twinkling stars.)11/2/99
3/25/95MontereyCAUSA"911" Emer. Dispatch operator reports sighting report from citizen in Torro Park, CA.11/2/99
3/24/95 05:00Las VegasNVUSAFAA/Joshua Approach repts. UFO sighting report from comm. pilot enroute to Las Vegas in Metroliner at 19,000'.11/2/99
3/24/95 05:00Las VegasNVUSAOakland FAA calls to rept. UFO sighting rept. from comm. pilot returning from Las Vegas.11/2/99
3/24/95 01:27North DadeFLUSA2 sec.Man at work witnessed a bright white light rise vertically, hover, then shoot off w/blue streak. Dramatic.11/2/99
3/23/95 22:25FlintMIUSAMultiple FAA controllers experience 3rd sighting: 19FE, 17MR, 23MR. Obj. returned light signal; no radar sig.11/2/99
3/23/95 22:00Lake HavasuAZUSA30 min.Five adults see very bright cylinder (or saucer??) in clear night sky. Multiple colors. Called 911.11/2/99
3/23/95 21:23SpokaneWAUSAMUFON investigator reports sighting near Mica Peak. Multi-colored obj. flying erratically. No radar contact.11/2/99
3/23/95 01:30SnoqualmieWAUSADisk5 minDisc shaped object with multiple colored lights hovered aprox 75 feet overhead. lights on bottom rotated to back. Lights flashing out o3/7/98
3/23/95 01:30Hwy. 18WAUSA10 min.Man & friend witness bright obj. descend through clouds, "pulling clouds with it." Hovered within 75 yds.. Bright lights.11/2/99
3/22/95 21:30EverettWAUSAThree Boeing employees on break see "low star" move, change color, become green triangle in SW sky. Good rept.11/2/99
3/22/95 17:30RedmondWAUSA20 min.MUFON member & husband witness 2 very bright lights, apparent size of Jupiter, move W to S.11/2/99
3/22/95 05:10BedfordVAUSA1 hourMan, co-workers witness strange, amber light darting fast in morning sky. Faded and reappeared three times.11/2/99
3/21/95 04:30BeaverOKUSATeardrop?Army or some one military pulling craft out from beneath sand..we were threatened to remain silent. I come forward now because of dis12/16/99
3/20/95 23:00Ft BenningGAUSACircle3+00 hrsOpaque ball sighted under night vision system only4/9/04
3/20/95 00:00FayettevilleNCUSACylinder5 minWhite, Glowing Cylinder, Maybe affected my mind temporarily2/22/05
3/19/95 20:31PatriciaTXUSAWoman repts. dramatic sighting. (Facts unclear; no return phone call.) Event was emotionally disturbing.11/2/99
3/19/95 20:00JacksonvilleFLUSAFAA Shift Supervisor relays rept.--Woman reported large obj. close to ground, hovering. ( No follow up call.)11/2/99
3/19/95 19:30MobileALUSA45 sec.Woman w/ children & neighbor see dark obj. fly overhead, land on lawn. Flashing lights in house next day. F-16's.11/2/99
3/19/95 19:30MobileALUSADisk13:10Woman w/ children & neighbor see dark obj. fly overhead, go through roof of townhouse, Flashing lights in house next day F-16's.11/24/18
3/18/95 21:49BakersfieldCAUSAMan repts. sighting over Bakersfield. (Facts unclear; no return call.)11/2/99
3/18/95 21:49BakersfieldCAUSA30 sec.Man sees light in sky w/ binocs. Obj. moved across sky rapidly, stopped, reversed dir., descended. Streaked.11/2/99
3/17/95 23:30Boulder CreekCAUSA30 sec.Young man & girlfriend hear very strange humming, whining sound pass above their rural cabin. Alarmed.11/2/99
3/17/95 22:00EvingtonVAUSA2 min.Woman sees "star" approach, stop, descend, move forward, disappear. Other multiple sightings near Lynchburg.11/2/99
3/17/95 19:40FlintMIUSA15 min.Five FAA controllers see 4 pulsing "clouds" of red light. Objects dart, zigzag, return light signal. Many 911 calls received.11/2/99
3/17/95 16:00LockwoodNVUSAWoman repts. sighting of disc, which landed, leaving burning circle in grass. Claimed U.S. Agents present.11/2/99
3/16/95 23:45ToledoOHUSAWoman & son witness strange, flashing, multi-color lights to west of home. Tried to photograph, streaked off.11/2/99
3/16/95MolallaORUSA10 min.Young woman on rural road witnesses strange, bright obj.. Round on top, pointed on bottom.11/2/99
3/15/95 23:32JacksonTNUSA45 sec.Man sees blue-green obj. hover below overcast for 45 sec.. Streaks off, leaving veil of red sparks.11/2/99
3/15/95 23:28S. GreensburgPAUSAWoman witnesses large ball of bright white light flying NW to SE. Turns blue, vanishes instantly. Silent.11/2/99
3/15/95 23:25FairmontWVUSA1 sec.Woman witnessed egg-shaped obj. in cloud of green light streak overhead. Trailing edge yellow. Very, very fast11/2/99
3/15/95 23:17ViennaVAUSA3 sec.Retired senior comm. pilot, wife, & daughter (comm. pilot) see obj. streak vertically down in western sky.11/2/99
3/15/95 23:00GainesvilleFLUSA5 sec.Woman saw "twinkling, flashing object" streak north.11/2/99
3/15/95 23:00unknownMTUSALight1 hourWhile driving east on the interstate 92 the main interstate east west through Montana from Washington state. Anyway to the south from4/23/21
3/15/95 22:40CollinsvilleILUSASt. Louis resident calls to describe sighting over IL. Blue-green obj., slow flight, luminous, white tail.11/2/99
3/15/95 22:32LitchfieldILUSAYoung woman, boyfriend witness hovering blue-green object very close. Obj. headed east. Vague confusion after sighting. .11/2/99
3/15/95 22:30Jefferson CityMOUSA6 sec.MO Hwy. Patrol officer & 2 other officers witness blue-green, bright light hovering. Winked out. Good rept..11/2/99
3/15/95 22:30St. LouisMOUSARadio news clearinghouse calls regarding sighting on 03/15/95. Hundreds of calls received.11/2/99
3/15/95 22:30Jefferson CityMOUSA2nd MO Hwy Patrol officer calls, confirms sightings and many UFO calls prior evening.11/2/99
3/15/95 22:30Grain ValleyMOUSA10 min.Man reports 4 strange objects in night sky. They appear to be beaming light down at the ground. Alarmed.11/2/99
3/15/95 22:00HowellMIUSATriangle20 minOn a night now known as "sightings night" I had just gotten home,and got out of car I saw a UFO fly about 20-25 feet over my head.5/24/99
3/15/95 21:30Cannis CityFLUSA7 sec.Two males walking on railroad tracks see luminous, white disc descend from clouds, level out, turn, streak north.11/2/99
3/15/95 21:00Clinton/Maroa (between)ILUSAChanging15 secondsBlue light lit the whole sky at night on the highway, like it was DAY9/4/03
3/15/95 20:30FontanaCAUSALight5 secondsObject traveling high speed from an westerly to a southerly direction at a 90 degree angle. No disruption in speed.7/14/99
3/15/95 20:30FontanaCAUSA3 minutesTwo blue lights were moveing east to west at a high rate of speed.10/12/01
3/15/95 20:00Danbury (near; Carmel VOR)CTUSAChevron00:05Boomerang shaped object approached our aircraft, reamained stationary overhead, and quickly dissapeared in vertical climb until no long1/28/99
3/15/95 17:45Shepard AFB/Wichita FallsTXUSAOther5 secondsgreen light that made immpossible movement and then darted away.10/19/99
3/15/95 14:00OrlandoFLUSAminutesDaylight encounter with creatures that excerted mind probe at a distance .10/30/06
3/15/95 06:30San AntonioTXUSAFireball10 secondsSometime in March, 1995, at 0630, facing west, l saw a large fireball move very fast from south to north, changing colors as it moved5/15/06
3/15/95 05:25HaymarketVAUSASphere10 minutesUFO spotted jumping in the sky near Dulles Airport in Virginia7/16/06
3/15/95 03:00Whatcom CountyWAUSADisk1minI was house sitting for my parents and it was aprox 3:am. I was alone and I was awoken by bright lights in my curtained windows with li3/19/02
3/14/95 22:05FontanaCAUSA5 min.Nine adults witnessing 6-8 objects moving in western sky. Shaped like arrow, then square. Many 911 reports.11/2/99
3/14/95 21:45North JudsonINUSAMan reports strange, allegedly UFO-related sighting. (Facts unclear; no return call.)11/2/99
3/14/95 21:45N. JudsonINUSAMan reports sighting. ( Facts unclear; no return call.)11/2/99
3/14/95 21:10WenatcheeWAUSA5 sec.Man & wife driving north toward Burch Mtn. see blue-green obj. streak to NW. Low on horizon.11/2/99
3/14/95 21:10SeattleWAUSAMUFON member (Ph.D. engineer) witnesses flash, blue streak north of Seattle.11/2/99
3/14/95 21:08SeattleWAUSA2 sec.Man witnessed bright, blue-green light streak S to N in eastern sky. Bigger than star. Very fast.11/2/99
3/14/95 21:08SeattleWAUSA2 sec.Man & son witness blue-green ball streak S to N in eastern sky. Son frightened by observation.11/2/99
3/14/95 21:07SeattleWAUSA10 sec.Man reports a bright blue obj. that streaked to north below the overcast. Very bright, very fast.11/2/99
3/13/95 18:30SeattleWAUSA5 min.Man witnessed yellow, flickering light to west, viewed from Queen Anne Hill. Approached him, then departed.11/2/99
3/12/95 23:54CumberlandMDUSAUnknownsecondsMarch 12, 1995 something flew over Cumberland, MD6/23/04
3/12/95 23:54CumberlandMDUSAUnknownfew secondsmarch 12, 1995 at 23:54 heard a super loud noise like a hundred train engines, but this was coming from the sky. then i seen a couple 10/12/01
3/12/95 23:54CumberlandMDUSAUnknowncouple secondsextremely loud6/20/05
3/12/95 23:41ColumbiaSCUSA30 sec.Driver & passenger witness "triad of extremely bright lights" in perfectly triangular pattern. Lights faded.11/2/99
3/12/95 23:30AvondaleAZUSA90 min.Woman witnessed two flashing lights, then five lights. Moved across sky in bizarre manner.11/2/99
3/12/95 22:33Birmingham (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle1 minuteFlying object seen overhead travelling faster than the speed of sound4/26/99
3/12/95 22:00Borrego SpringsCAUSATriangle15 minutesGigantic Triangle directly overhead, moving silently...8/5/01
3/12/95 21:00NorfolkVAUSA3 hrs.Four adults witness "star" that moved to the northern sky. May have been other tiny objects around it.11/2/99
3/12/95 20:30LeavenworthKSUSA3 hrs.Mil. empl. blinded by flash, then sees four diamond-shaped ships. Three hours of missing time.11/2/99
3/11/95 21:45Show LowAZUSAYoung man & girlfriend witnessed strange red lights motionless in sky near Snowflake, AZ. Reptd. to police.11/2/99
3/11/95 20:00Fort WayneINUSA20 min.Mother & two sons followed strange obj. "hanging in sky" for 20 min. Obj. did not seem to move. Sons scared.11/2/99
3/11/95 19:30Las VegasNVUSAFour children witness saucer close to ground. ( Uncertain about some facts.)11/2/99
3/11/95 03:00ChesapeakeVAUSA5 min.Man witnessed orange triangular obj. w/ light in center pass overhead. Surrounded by 20 red obj.. Very high.11/2/99
3/10/95 22:00Coconino Nat'l Forest north of Wupatki NM, AZAZUSAFormation10-15 min.Man and woman observe cluster of about 8, motionless blinking blue lights (not in sync), lazer-like pulses of light between them, and g3/7/98
3/10/95 20:45PortlandORUSA2 sec.Man witnessed bright obj. "like ice cream cone" streak across sky above city in arc path. F-16's reported.11/2/99
3/9/95 21:00Plant CityFLUSA1 hourTwo young brothers report bizarre object giving off "blue lines" of light.11/2/99
3/9/95 15:00Burnaby (Canada)BCCanadaOther45 minNever seen befor.. A Solid Black Craft.....8/12/08
3/9/95 15:00Burnaby (Canada)BCCanadaOther40 minutesOn the 9th of March, 1995, around 3 PM, with my recent arrival to B.C., i was sitting in the kitchen of my home drinking coffee and sa1/9/15
3/8/95 23:00Lake JacksonTXUSAWoman reports very colorful, flickering object in sky. Possible twinkling star.11/2/99
3/8/95 22:00Byron CenterMIUSACouple witnessed yellowish light descend into woods near house. Recurring sightings since 1979.11/2/99
3/8/95 05:45AmmonIDUSA2 min.Mother reports children approached by circular obj. w/ lights. Directly overhead. Telepathic msg. reported.11/2/99
3/7/95 21:25PortlandORUSAMan witnessed four lights on dark ship, w/ red blinking light on tail. Heard sound like "blimp." Other repts.11/2/99
3/7/95 19:20PortlandORUSA15 sec.Woman sees four bright lights moving across sky, w/ red, flashing light on tail. Loud sound. Flew south.11/2/99
3/7/95 15:00Geneva (Canada)NYUSALight45 minbrite white light moving real slow with no sound at 3am6/9/09
3/7/95 05:30BellevueWAUSA15 sec.Young man & woman witness 6-8 orange lights flying SW in clear sky. Winked out. Type of flight unusual.11/2/99
3/7/95 04:00TucumcariNMUSA3 sec.Man at mile marker 337 on I-40 sees strange light in distance descend to horizon. No tail or explosion.11/2/99
3/6/95 23:30BurleyWAUSA20 sec.Woman witnesses a subdued "arc of light" move slowly across sky to ground level. Saw helicopter later.11/2/99
3/6/95 22:09Ft. BraggCAUSA30 sec.Mother & children witness 3 lights in a line. Children reported it was a circle w/ a dome on top, & lights.11/2/99
3/6/95 19:45Mountain CityTNUSA1 minuteWife & husband see obj. projecting beam of light down to ground. Illuminated trees. Rose & flew off.11/2/99
3/6/95 19:10FlorenceORUSAMan called to report that he and his daughter had been followed in their car by a huge, bizarre obj. Est. width was 450 feet!11/2/99
3/6/95 19:00HilltopNJUSA5 sec.Young boy reports seeing oval-shaped object w/ "lots of lights. (Got tel. # from I. Asimov book.)11/2/99
3/6/95 00:55ColumbusOHUSA3 minutesTwo men in car hear weird, "jet" sound. See 8-9 white objects in formation. Zigzagged across sky.11/2/99
3/5/95 12:00AnaheimCAUSAOther15 minutesIn March of 1995 returning from St. Joseph Hospital to give blood for a upcoming surgery I was going west on the 91 Freeway at about 1210/31/03
3/4/95 16:32FolsomNJUSA3 sec.Woman reports past sighting of bright, neon-green obj. shooting across sky. Repts. other sighting 04FE95.11/2/99
3/3/95 22:30Sunderland (UK/England)United KingdomLight10/minsbizzare4/28/01
3/2/95 22:30RedmondWAUSA20 sec.Young man witnesses constant red light, with quick-flashing light on bottom. Does loops and random maneuvers.11/2/99
3/1/95 21:00GreenvilleILUSALight1-2 sec.Instantaneous flashes of white bars of light. They light up the entire night sky as if "God was using a flash camera".8/30/99
3/1/95 21:00SedaliaMOUSA5 min.Woman, neighbor see huge, bright lighted "cigar" ship w/ windows. Drifted over farm, rose vertically. Good rept.11/2/99