National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 02/1995


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
2/28/95 22:00EastgateWAUSAWoman witnessed strange, blinking light in SW sky. It simply winked out suddenly.11/2/99
2/28/95 19:00HarrisonburgVAUSAJournalist calls seeking information regarding recent multiple sightings near Harrisonburg, VA.11/2/99
2/28/95 05:00Electric CityWAUSAMan repts. seeing large, silver sphere in morning sky. Military-type jet flew toward it.11/2/99
2/27/95 19:59MukilteoWAUSA1 sec.Man sees very bright light descend vertically, very fast. Appears to descend to ground level beyond tree line.11/2/99
2/27/95 12:00HarrisonburgVAUSAMennonite College instructor reports UFO flap is in process in that area of PA11/2/99
2/26/95 23:30Mt. VernonWAUSA30 min.Man repts. strange light in SW sky, 30 deg. above horizon. (Twinkling star?)11/2/99
2/26/95 21:00StanwoodWAUSAMultiple witnesses observe 2 white lights near Camano Island. Moved. MUFON member followed up.11/2/99
2/26/95 20:00TallasseeTNUSAFAA empl. & pilot reports seeing triangular ships w/ bizarre lights. Over mountainous country.11/2/99
2/25/95 20:20PortlandORUSA40 min.Man repts. strange green light behind clouds. Seemed to generate "ripple" effect in atmosphere.11/2/99
2/24/95 23:45Mercer IslandWAUSA30 MIN.Woman repts. a bright, stationary light in N sky, 2-3 deg. above horizon. Red, blue, white. (Star?)11/2/99
2/24/95 23:00Cam Highway (?)HIUSAWoman repts. multiple lighted obj. moving over ocean to NW. Prior sightings, as well.11/2/99
2/24/95 20:45FernleyNVUSA20 minWoman repts. 2 sightings of red light hovering. Turns white. For some reason, 4-yr. old daughter frightened by sighting.11/2/99
2/23/95 22:00ReddingCAUSAWoman repts. hearing very loud noise outside house, sees huge, bizarre, black "helicopters." Strange!11/2/99
2/23/95 22:00LexingtonKYUSAWoman, radio DJ witness gray "barrel-like" obj., red light in center. Dog barked, acted strangely for 2 days.11/2/99
2/23/95 21:00El CentroCAUSAMan repts. multiple sightings of "huge boomerang," and obj. in formation neat El Centro MCAS over 2 days.11/2/99
2/23/95 18:20SnohomishWAUSA10 min.Man, wife, & grandson witness elongate obj. E of Rte. 9. Boy identifies it as "spaceship." Serious report.11/2/99
2/23/95 02:45HageFLUSAunknownI DID NOT SEE A CRAFT. It was alien contact. I Was on security patrol,an I Entered a area were the computers do test on product of the 4/28/01
2/23/95 00:05TacomaWAUSA45 min.Mother & son witness strange lighted obj. in S sky. Moved relative to trees. Slowly rose & disappeared.11/2/99
2/23/95SeattleWAUSAMultiple calls continue to come in regarding green fireball that flew from Portland to Seattle 22FE95 @ 0537 hrs. No sonic boom.11/2/99
2/22/95 23:00AuburnWAUSA45 min.Woman repts. very bright obj. in S sky. Brighter than star. Not visible 23FE95.11/2/99
2/22/95 20:00KentWAUSAMUFON member repts. strange contrails in sky over Kent.11/2/99
2/22/95 05:45Mill CreekWAUSA3 min.Woman observed bizarre, stationary blue-green light for 2-3 min. Disappeared suddenly.11/2/99
2/22/95 05:37SeattleWAUSA4 sec.Multiple calls regarding green obj. streaking NNW from Renton to Paine Field. Low alt. (?) One witness repts. it hovered.11/2/99
2/22/95 05:36VancouverWAUSA4 sec.Multiple witnesses, newspaper article about green obj streaking to north. Many calls to media.11/2/99
2/22/95 02:30WoodinvilleWAUSA15 min.(?)Woman lets dog out, sees whole street illuminated "like daylight." Sees slanting shaft of light. Bizarre!11/2/99
2/22/95 01:15St. LouisMOUSA4 sec.Police off. sees strange "plate" streaking over city. 50-100yds length. Strange glow. "Inch worm" type flight. Excellent rept.11/2/99
2/21/95 21:30YakimaWAUSA3 min.Man sees bright light approaching; prominent in night sky. Splits into 3 lights, 1 white, 2 red. Drifts off.11/2/99
2/21/95 20:30Colville ReservationWAUSAColville Police Disp. repts. "blue, shimmering thing" observed. Then it "blew up," and disappeared.11/2/99
2/21/95 19:00LynnwoodWAUSA10 sec.Man repts. seeing very large, very bright object pass overhead. Moving E, then turns to NE. 2nd sighting.11/2/99
2/21/95 19:00Council BluffsIAUSA15 min.Young man sees 3 solid lights; pulls off highway. Sees gigantic, gray triangle w/ "archways." Good rept, excellent drawing.11/2/99
2/21/95 03:00Sprague RiverORUSAMan was going to bed and noticed "moving star." Object appeared large, and was dipping and weaving. Disappeared11/2/99
2/21/95 01:10Lake TahuyehWAUSA20 min.MUFON member reports gigantic, black ship passes NNE over house at 5 mph. 20 min sighting. Good rept.11/2/99
2/20/95 19:00ReddingCAUSATriangle30 minutesCraft hovered at treeline above our private road.Then circled in a LARGE oval pattern about 8 times.Came within a rocks throw of our 2n11/17/99
2/20/95 18:00WarrenILUSA30 sec.2nd sighting report of 6 strange objects hovering over town. Looked like space shuttle. Many witnesses.11/2/99
2/20/95 13:05SeattleWAUSAMan calls to rept. that he can calculate when sun will blow up, based on design of Barbary Castle Crop Circle.11/2/99
2/20/95 13:00AlbuquerqueNMUSARetired Sandia Labs. engineer calls seeking plans for building UFO detector.11/2/99
2/20/95 02:30North CoveWAUSAFireball2 minutesA very very large meteor3/6/01
2/19/95 22:00PhoenixAZUSAIndep. UFO investigator calls to introduce self. Is tracking Holland, MI, 08MR94 sighting w/ radar contacts.11/2/99
2/19/95 19:00SeattleWAUSA3 hrs.Nat. UFO Center Director makes 3 hour appearance on national radio program. Multiple calls follow for 2 days.11/2/99
2/19/95 19:00FentonMIUSAMan repts. moving obj. w/ strange lights moving E to W. Hovered below overcast (?).11/2/99
2/19/95 00:15Mountlake Terrace (Seattle)WAUSA4 sec.Man repts. seeing 4 circular dots of light in a row, connected by "streak of light." Color of "static electricity."11/2/99
2/19/95 00:05FargoNDUSA10 min.Red light seen over Fargo below clouds. Hovered for 10 min., faded, flashed, slowly moved east. Seen twice.11/2/99
2/18/95 21:00KalamazooMIUSAMan calls to rept. his mother saw strange light in sky. Details sketchy.(No follow-up call.)11/2/99
2/18/95 18:00WarrenILUSA35 min.Woman w/ kids see 3 "space shuttle" type craft hover, streak. Eject smaller objects (!). Many witnesses. Good rept.11/2/99
2/18/95 12:30CharlotteNCUSASphere1.5 to 2 minutesReflective solid object hung motionless in the sky before shooting off at an extremely high rate of speed.6/15/15
2/18/95 12:00VantageWAUSAYoung rock climber repts. town of Vantage closed by police. He and partner had seen hovering obj. N of town.11/2/99
2/18/95 10:00AndoverMAUSASphere15 secondsBlue ovallish object stationary in the sky and then bolts across the horizon.2/1/07
2/17/95 22:30SeatacWAUSAVery responsible woman rept. seeing a white "ball of light" descend, hover, move south. 2/3 dia. of full moon.11/2/99
2/16/95 23:45Des PlainesILUSAFAA Regional Office calls to confirm multiple sighting reports received on previous evening.11/2/99
2/16/95 23:45KalamazooMIUSA5 minMan report seeing multiple objects moving east (!). Watches them for five minutes. (See other sightings above.)11/2/99
2/16/95 23:15Paw PawMIUSAMan & wife awakened by immensely loud roaring sound. See 5 bizarre craft hovering nearby in formation! Good rept..11/2/99
2/16/95 23:10KalamazooMIUSA5 min.Former artillery officer witnesses 4-5 ships streaking E to W south of city. Flash w/atmospheric boom 5 hrs. earlier. Good rept.11/2/99
2/16/95 21:25LyndhurstOHUSATriangle12 minutesWe heard a loud, rumbling roar, observed three stationary, strobing blue-white lights which eventually moved west at a very slow speed.4/28/01
2/16/95 19:26AlbuquerqueNMUSAMan calls to report large disc witnessed by occupants of 7 cars 40 mi. NW of Albuquerque. Streaks off fast.11/2/99
2/16/95Johnson CityTNUSAFounder/director of U.S.UFO Info. & Res. Cntr. calls. Proposes collaboration w/ Nat. UFO Rept. Cntr.11/2/99
2/16/95SacramentoCAUSACA Hwy Patrol Office of Res. & Planning calls to request info. about UFO Rept. Center.11/2/99
2/15/95 21:30LyndhurstOHUSAUnknown10 min.Heard Loud, roaring , observed 3 strobing lights at 40 degrees above horizon , 20 degrees wide formation, formation of lights was STAT1/28/99
2/15/95 21:00LiberalKSUSA8 sec.Man reports witnessing "neon light" hovering in southern sky. Obj. shoots off & disappears.11/2/99
2/15/95 21:00Santa RosaCAUSA5 secWoman sees bright flash, then witnesses large, iridescent, "sparkly" obj. streak north. Not meteorite.11/2/99
2/15/95 20:00PhoenixAZUSALight20+ minutesGreen, almost neon color, rainy night, stationary object11/1/98
2/15/95 20:00SacramentoCAUSAUnknown30-45 secondsThis does not need to be reported, nobody cares about my story anyways6/12/08
2/15/95 20:00North WashingtonPAUSASphere10-15 SecondsFalling Sparks from Hovering light6/12/02
2/15/95 07:30VaidenMSUSACigar5 minutesSaw cigar shaped object in Carroll county mississippi10/30/06
2/15/95 04:40Fair OaksNYUSAWoman witnessed very bright white light w/ strange "shadow" around it. Moved very slowly.11/2/99
2/15/95 04:00OhioOHUSADiskno sense of time...UFO hovered next to us while driving down highway in Ohio, moved behind us and then disappeared8/5/01
2/15/95 03:58NashvilleTNUSA10 sec.Man saw strange light move slowly across sky, stop, then streak off. 10 second sighting.11/2/99
2/14/95 23:28ChicoCAUSAWoman calls to report that 3 children reported seeing "round, alien ship" overhead, w/ yellow, orange, red, white lights.11/2/99
2/14/95 19:45Klang (Selangor) (Malaysia)MalaysiaFireball8minsThe sun was setting, was in car with my mother heading home from grocery store. saw floating fireballs like in the sky. tought they2/12/04
2/13/95 22:15CheboyganMIUSABizarre "aircraft" w/ 8-12 flashing lights flies silently over man's vehicle, turns, flies north. Many other sightings.1/11/02
2/12/95 22:30GustavusAKUSA5 min.Boatload of young fisherman witness very large, orange obj. It returns their light signal, then zips off.11/2/99
2/12/95 21:00El CerritoCAUSAYoung woman reports red streak passing east to south over Lawrence Livermore facility.11/2/99
2/12/95 06:25McKinleyvilleCAUSA15 sec.Man sees two delta-shaped "aircraft," w/ lights blinking in sequence. Within 400 yards. Police cars nearby.11/2/99
2/12/95 00:45ElizabethtownKYUSA75 min.Family members witness 5 lights in sky hover, "jump," then disappear. Several nights. TV coverage.11/2/99
2/10/95 20:30Cannon BeachORUSA10 sec.Man in motel room sees "flash of red light in eyes." Sees bright light in room. Sees bright "star" below overcast to south.11/2/99
2/10/95 20:00DowneyCAUSACircle20 minSaw 3 large cloud like hollow circles in the very clear night sky.1/28/99
2/10/95SeattleWAUSA30 secWoman, out walking dog, sees bright bluish light rise from Pug. Sound, turn, then zip off. No sound. Good rept.11/2/99
2/9/95 19:00VancouverWAUSAMan repts. seeing bright lights over I-5 and east. ( Put in contact w/ other observers.)11/2/99
2/9/95 19:00VancouverWAUSAWoman witnesses 3 very bright lights east of I-5. Maneuvered in sky instantaneously. Green & white.11/2/99
2/9/95 17:40AnaheimCAUSAMan calls to rept. two sightings in Anaheim on two sequential days. Sightings reptd. by many witnesses & local newspaper.11/2/99
2/9/95Huntington BeachCAUSAReporter for Orange County newspaper calls to enquire about sighting reports in area. Many calls reported.11/2/99
2/9/95AuburnMEUSAGirl reports sighting strange object. ( Facts unclear.)11/2/99
2/8/95 18:32RentonWAUSAWoman reports that son & playmates witness large, black circular craft. Multiple sightings. (Facts unclear.)11/2/99
2/8/95 05:30North BendWAUSA105 minYoung couple witness very bright "diamond" w/ lights on multiple occasions. Other reports from same area.11/2/99
2/8/95TillamookORUSAWoman witness very bright red, white, and blue light south of town. "Like triangle."11/2/99
2/7/95 23:00TidewaterORUSAMother & son witness "star," which began to move, first north, then south. No radar contact reported.11/2/99
2/7/95 21:10ShawneeOKUSA30 secCollege student walking to restaurant observes two red lights moving overhead.11/2/99
2/7/95 20:35TacomaWAUSAUnknown5-7 secWork crew on railrodad loading dock witness approx. 9 obj. in loose formation streaking north. Good sighting.11/2/99
2/7/95 16:30RentonWAUSAYoung man northbound on I-405 at S-Curves sees green ball of light streak straight down. Good report.11/2/99
2/7/95 04:55QuilceneWAUSA20 secBangor Facility empl. witnesses 6 strange lights over Quilcene, WA, on way to work. 20 sec. sighting. Good report.11/2/99
2/7/95SeattleWAUSASeattle Times reporter calls about Quilcene sighting on 07FE95. No article published.11/2/99
2/7/95RaymondWAUSAWoman witnesses object. (Facts unclear.)11/2/99
2/6/95 20:30Hamilton (near?)TXUSALight10 - 13 secs1st week of Feb 1995. abord flight from San Antonio to DFW. Bright light that speed away as we approached.5/24/05
2/6/95 19:30Nine Mile FallsWAUSA5 minMan & wife witness 3 lights streaking across sky for 5 min.. Pursued by mil. aircraft. Dramatic sighting.11/2/99
2/6/95 18:28Little RockARUSADiskWoman reports seeing multiple strange obj., in pairs, hover and fly very fast. Reports USAF F-16's in area at time.11/2/99
2/6/95BloomingtonILUSA5 minTwo truckers stop trucks, witness 3 "vertical slashes of light" beside highway. Both alarmed. Dramatic sighting.11/2/99
2/5/95 01:30GreensvilleNCUSAWoman and friend witnesses "striped, square" ship streak towards them while driving home. Followed them. Good rept..11/2/99
2/5/95AtlantaGAUSAComm./mil. (C-141) pilot reports "jumble" of very bright lights. Approached his pos., crossed road, departed. Good rept..11/2/99
2/4/95 19:10Port HadlockWAUSAMan reports witnessing 4 "white & circular lights" in the western sky. (Advertising lights?)11/2/99
2/4/95 19:00ChimacumWAUSAMan reports four lights now sitting still. (Agrees they probably are advertising lights.)11/2/99
2/4/95 18:45LewistonMTUSAMan & wife witness bright white light w/ red & blue lights. Moves slowly.11/2/99
2/4/95 17:33LewistonMTUSAUSAF officer calls to relay report from couple who witnessed bright white light, w/ red & blue lights.11/2/99
2/4/95 15:05LynnwoodWAUSAWoman from aviation family witnessed bizarre bright obj. above comm. airliner. Extended sighting. Good rept.12/23/02
2/4/95New OrleansLAUSANew Orleans FAA ATRR called to say that they had received a UFO report from a caller.11/2/99
2/3/95 23:25FontanaCAUSA20 min8 adults witness five lights in northern sky for 20 min. Police report similar calls. Good report; sincere.11/2/99
2/3/95 21:30RomulusMIUSATwo young males rept. seeing "WW II" style bomber fly overhead at treetop level. (Facts muddled.)11/2/99
2/2/95 23:00Shady GroveORUSA15 minMan and wife witness very bright, moving light over ridge to southwest. Flashing green & red lights. Good rept.11/2/99
2/2/95 20:10Traverse CityMIUSA2 min (?)4 children report seeing disc above them; bathed them in white light. Missing time, clothes. Other observers. Dramatic.11/2/99
2/2/95 20:00EastportMIUSARetired NASA eng. sees large, white, bright obj. descend very fast to SSW. Emitted "vapors." Called Langley AFB.11/2/99
2/2/95 19:15DenmarkWIUSACone75 minMany witness strange craft streaking in night sky. Descended vertically very fast, hovered. Reptd. U.S. jets in pursuit. Bizarre.11/2/99
2/2/95 04:00SeatacWAUSATwo young men report 1 red light, 3 white lights in tight pattern over Cascade Mtns. Good rept.11/2/99
2/2/95 02:00Unidentified object sig, (VIC, Australia)AustraliaLight15 minutesIrregular movement of star shape/intensity object1/28/99
2/1/95 12:00Fort LewisWAUSAProf. mech./pilot w/ daughter witness bright green light w/ tail descend westbound into Ft. Lewis. 2nd sightng of same.11/2/99
2/1/95 04:00Bolivar - 170th & 326th Road junctionMOUSATriangle10 minutesMISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: Multiple witnesses to a strange looking, lighted triangular craft near a farmhouse.6/12/08