National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 01/1995


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
1/31/95 20:10Eaton RapidsMIUSA6 min.A mother, her children, neighbors, and an aunt witness a huge "X-shaped" object fly E to W overhead.11/2/99
1/31/95 20:07MasonMIUSA3 min.Airport manager calls to rept. receipt of bizarre UFO rept. from woman in nearby town.11/2/99
1/31/95 19:32AlexandriaLAUSA2 min.FAA/Houston reports sighting by crews of two airliners 60 miles NW of Alexandria, LA. Lights move suddenly.11/2/99
1/31/95 02:00SpanawayWAUSA40Woman reports witnessing silver flashing object below clouds.11/2/99
1/30/95 20:29HarrisburgPAUSACounty Emergency Agency supervisor receives call regarding triangular ship, seen to emit three beams of light.11/2/99
1/30/95 20:00JacksonvilleFLUSA90 sec.Man and wife observe three strange lights over Jacksonville that fly to southeast and fade out suddenly.11/2/99
1/30/95 20:00OlympiaWAUSAYoung father calls to report his 3-yr. old daughter keeps talking about lizard men w/ red eyes outside BR window.11/2/99
1/30/95 06:35ElbridgeNYUSAOther3-4 minutescopper colored-top shaped UFO sighted in elbridge,ny6/18/03
1/28/95 10:53BurbankCAUSA15 sec.Two tennis players witness very bright object streak across sky at high altitude. No visible wings. Good rept.11/2/99
1/27/95 06:26SeatacWAUSALight2 min.Two witnesses see red blinking and solid white light moving over the Cascade Mountains.11/2/99
1/26/95 19:00ConcreteWAUSALight55 min.Seattle City Light empl. reports several strange lights, which "bob" below horizon, then reappear.11/2/99
1/26/95 19:00West South PortMEUSAUnknown1 min.Woman in darkened, rural beach property saw object hovering over ocean, rise, dart, descend and disappear.11/2/99
1/25/95 22:40PhiladelphiaPAUSATriangle3-5 min.saw object out of second floor window.10/15/02
1/25/95 14:30Washington, DC (west side)MDUSADisk5 minutesI was driving in a company van to pick up parts in Tysons Corner Virginia when I looked up and saw a disk shaped craft above a small cl4/1/16
1/24/95 21:15San AngeloTXUSA9 sec.Man witnesses " yellow string of lights" streak from horizon to horizon in 8-9 sec. 7 or 8 objects in group.11/2/99
1/24/95 21:00MidlandTXUSA20 secondsFather and son witness "tube filled with tiny lights" streak W to E overhead. 20 sec. sighting. Witnesses.11/2/99
1/24/95 04:42LebanonTNUSA108 min.A woman and daughter witnessed 2 large ships, and a cluster of white ships. Clamshell in shape. TEMA rept..11/2/99
1/23/95 23:42LadysmithWIUSA20 min.Rusk Co. Sheriff's office reports officer's observation of hovering light in SE sky. (Possible star?)11/2/99
1/23/95 06:15SeattleWAUSA30 sec.Man calls to report he & wife witnessed metallic disc hovering just above Pug. Sound. Streaks off. (No 2nd call)11/2/99
1/22/95 21:45RentonWAUSA3 min.Man and two sons driving south on I-405 near S-curves witness two pairs of very bright, motionless lights.11/2/99
1/22/95 20:00SeattleWAUSA5 sec.Man witnesses triangular obj. w/ dull, or "subdued" lights streak overhead.11/2/99
1/22/95 17:50ViennaVAUSA2 sec.U.S. Dept. of Energy empl. w/ wife & son witness two green spheres, joined by "gold light," streak overhead.11/2/99
1/22/95 03:00TonasketWAUSARectangle10 min.Man awakened on farm by noise from animals. Sees huge, square object hovering. Tries to shoot. Physiological effects, upset.11/2/99
1/21/95 21:50SeymourTNUSA3 min.A man and his fiancee witnessed gigantic triangle hovering in the night sky. Red & blue belly lights. Good rept.11/2/99
1/21/95 05:45PortlandORUSA15 min.Man out walking during early morning observes three very colorful objects in southwest sky. They move.11/2/99
1/20/95 19:40BranfordCTUSA5 sec.Man witnesses "very bright orange-red" object streak down out of the sky and disappear. No explosion!11/2/99
1/20/95 19:00West BendWIUSACircle20 minutesWas followed home by a bright object in the sky1/22/00
1/19/95 22:00Cancun (Mexico)MexicoChevron10 minutesGlowing objects flying over Cancun4/13/10
1/19/95 19:20RichlandWAUSA1 minuteWoman and daughter witness very bright green light hovering in sky. Descends slowly and disappears.11/2/99
1/18/95 19:30Deer LodgeMTUSA1 hourAnonymous call regarding alleged multiple UFO sighting reports between Fairfield and Deer Lodge for 1 hour.11/2/99
1/18/95 19:00GrangevilleIDUSAWoman reports dramatic "meteor shower" over northern Idaho.11/2/99
1/17/95 23:45MooreheadMNUSA30 min.Man, wife, and two police officers observe two red lights in night sky. Obj. followed a small aircraft.11/2/99
1/17/95 23:07SeattleWAUSA45 min.Woman reports unusual blue lights. (Probably lights on neighbor's radio antenna, she later reported.)11/2/99
1/17/95 22:45AnchorageAKUSALight15 min.Empl. of KRUA radio station at Univ. of AK calls to report multiple UFO reports 2245 hrs. 17JA95 over inlet.11/2/99
1/17/95 06:00Kobe (Japan)JapanOther-A Gruop of Circles in a constellation formation, hovering over Kobe during the earthquake of 1995. I saw it on a vidio about the earthq9/21/00
1/17/95 04:30BendORUSA73 min.Woman observes three strange objects hovering in morning sky for 73 minutes. Very bright lights. Good rept.11/2/99
1/16/95 20:00KuwaitKuwaitFireball5 mintuesgreen fire ball in KUWAIT toward the sky , and a power failure at the same location for one hour2/14/08
1/16/95 00:20RentonWAUSA10 sec.Young man sees very brightly lighted object streak across the sky and disappear behind a stand of trees.11/2/99
1/15/95 23:43PoulsboWAUSA2 minutesPolice officer on patrol witnesses triangular pattern of three lights. They rotate twice, then depart west.11/2/99
1/15/95 22:00CleburneTXUSATriangle2-3 minutesTwo friends and I saw a triangular-shaped hovering aircraft which quickly sped away when we stopped to look at it.3/31/08
1/15/95 21:00Plymouth MeetingPAUSARectangle1 min 30 secBowling Pin object in sky spit it a large white lit rectangle that flew over head in mid 1990's in PA rt 4762/1/07
1/15/95 21:00MortonWAUSAWoman reports 2 craft fly over house. Strange events taking place in town w/ paramilitary activities.11/2/99
1/15/95 12:00GorhamMEUSA2 weeksMan called to enquire about all the strange sighting that had been reported in his area during recent past.11/2/99
1/15/95 04:30Mount CarrollILUSATriangle15 minutesTriangle UFO with erratic movement early, slow approach, multi-colored lights to constant white lights.8/7/07
1/15/95 04:30FlintMIUSATriangletill site not visible anyNot quite sure what I saw!2/18/01
1/15/95 02:30McKinleyvilleCAUSA45 minutesMan went outdoors, witnessed approx. 50 blue and green, pulsating objects moving in the storm clouds. Good rept.11/2/99
1/15/95 02:00BlytheCAUSALightunknownI saw a bright light but saw nothing or no one around me6/18/04
1/14/95 22:00BeavertonORUSAMother & daughter witness strange shafts of green light that appear to move around clouds. Second sighting.11/2/99
1/13/95 22:30NapoleonMIUSACircle2 minwhat thats not a star I'm seeing.12/20/00
1/12/95 22:00OlallaWAUSAWoman reports objects seen streaking overhead over preceding two weeks. Multiple sightings.11/2/99
1/12/95 01:00Mojave DesertCAUSACircle45 MINStationary object in the Desert sky accelerates away at incredable speed.11/28/07
1/12/95 00:45SnohomishWAUSA20 Min.Four adults witness bright, multi-colored object moving above thin overcast. Suddenly flared, then disappeared.11/2/99
1/11/95 07:00SeatacWAUSAAirline empl. reports seeing Hughes-type helicopter near SeaTac Airport. 300-500' (est.) alt.. Unusual location.11/2/99
1/10/95 21:00Cleveland HeightsOHUSASphere20 secondsGlowing orb changes color and heads straight into Lake Erie.11/26/03
1/10/95 07:30Nordmaling (Sweden)SwedenFireball2 minutesMe and my brothers saw a flying object in the sky.7/23/00
1/10/95 07:15RiversideCAUSA30 sec.Man sees seven very bright, golden lights descend from sky, hover, and move strangely. Quickly streaks to W.11/2/99
1/9/95 23:55MemphisTNUSAMother, daughter, and friend witness 4-5 objects over school yard. Objects hovered, then streaked off. Silent.11/2/99
1/9/95 19:00Port CharlotteFLUSA1 minuteWoman, husband, and son witnessed oval object w/ hundreds of lights on it. Est. 1/2 size of shopping mall!!11/2/99
1/9/95 03:30MarionNYUSA3 min.Young girl sees bright light streaming through bedroom window. Sees 4' humanoid & weird lights in yard.11/2/99
1/8/95 23:00HortonMIUSAYoung boy and friend witness red light in sky near home. Went to get parents, light extinguished.11/2/99
1/8/95 04:00EnterpriseMSUSA15 min.A woman video tapes two bright objects, which hovered in the sky, then rose and disappeared from sight.11/2/99
1/7/95 17:30McMinnvilleTNUSA30 minutesTN Emer. Man. Agency reports UFO-related flash/explosion near McMinnville, TN. 8-page fax from sheriff's office. Fed. agents.11/2/99
1/7/95 17:00EdisonNJUSAFireball2 minOn the mentioned date, I was with a friend of mine at a local overlook area called Washington Rock. It was shortly after sunset. We w2/1/07
1/7/95 15:00Malmstrom AFBMTUSASecond call to Malmstrom AFB reported regarding sighting.11/2/99
1/7/95 14:00Lake Grove (Portland Metro)ORUSADisk<1 minuteRound silvery disk quickly passing from W to E in a straight line1/28/99
1/7/95 05:00Makapiu PointHIUSA30 min.Man and wife observe bizarre hump-backed, triangular object hover over sea. Had opaque windows. Humming.11/2/99
1/6/95 17:30GlendoWYUSA15 minutesMother and son witness large, glowing craft maneuver and descend into cloud. Pursued by mil. aircraft.11/2/99
1/6/95 17:00London (UK/England)United KingdomFireball40 SECSGREEN BALL OF LIGHT APPROX 17.00 JANUARY 19952/18/01
1/6/95 00:15Warm BeachWAUSA10 secondsTwo women observe a strange "rope" of light, with a brightly lighted sphere of light attached. Good photo!11/2/99
1/5/95 21:05SumnerWAUSADisk27 daysFor a decade now the ARMY AIR DEFENSE has been telling the people about this landing. Read the FINAL CHAPTER PROJECT BLUE BOOK IT EXPLA10/19/21
1/5/95 21:05SumnerWAUSADisk7 to 8 secSaucer comming in for landing at tree top and I was allmost under it. aprox 250X35 the ship had two doors that was black in color the r6/3/10
1/5/95 21:00ShelbyMTUSAUnknown2 minutesUSAF officer at Malmstrom AFB relays sighting rept. from Shelby, MT. Two obj. which moved silently.11/2/99
1/5/95 20:10SumnerWAUSADisk20-40 secship flew almost over my head and it was comming in for a landing. I was shook up and would,nt go after it and this is why. est 250ft l11/21/10
1/5/95 17:30EvartMIUSAUnknown10 minutesMother & son witness very bright light while driving. Stop car. Obj. splits into two "headlights," approaches car.11/2/99
1/5/95 09:50SeattleWAUSALight5 secondsMUFON member witnesses very bright light during daylight hours for 5 sec.. Appears 2nd time, disappears.11/2/99
1/4/95 21:55NoxenPAUSAUnknown5 minutesYoung man hears, then witnesses, strange ship at treetop level travel north over town of Noxen. Good rept.11/2/99
1/4/95 00:54RodneyMIUSATriangleMother & daughter witness approx. 10 triangular obj. hovering in sky, beaming lights to ground. Calls 911.11/2/99
1/3/95 23:45SalinasCAUSA15 minutesYoung woman witnessed "string of lights" for 15 min. in overcast sky. Winked off, then back on several times.11/2/99
1/3/95 21:55SeattleWAUSA0.5 secondCouple sees "meteor" streak from south to north, but turned suddenly. Very fast.11/2/99
1/3/95 20:49RedmondWAUSA5 secondsExperienced ufologist reports seeing large, round, white light that moved across sky. Saw 2 other small obj..11/2/99
1/3/95 18:00MarysvilleWAUSATriangle2 minutesYoung man sees large triangular ship w/ blue & white lights moving slowly in night sky. Streaks off to north.11/2/99
1/3/95 05:00GladstoneORUSATriangleWoman witnessed triangular ship w/ white & blue lights. She & neighbors witnessed 5 ships. Reported mil. jets in area.11/2/99
1/3/95 04:45TewksburyMAUSA15Woman heard noise, went outside, and witnessed tremendously bright light. Burst into multiple objects.11/2/99
1/2/95 06:25New Port RicheyFLUSA15 secondsMan witnesses huge, "coin shaped," orange object. Accelerated very fast and streaked off "like lightning."11/2/99
1/1/95 23:00SouthamptonNYUSALight15-20secondsVery bright light moved from one side of sky to the other and in circles at an amazing speed, changed direction and flew off.7/5/99
1/1/95 22:45AnaheimCAUSA2 minutesTelephoned Report: Man witnessed a motionless point of light, which then began moving to N and disappeared from sight.11/20/01
1/1/95 22:00SheltonWAUSACA woman visiting daughter witness discs and triangular ships over Squaxin Island in Puget Sound. Dramatic.11/2/99
1/1/95 22:00Pembroke PinesFLUSATriangle15 minutesTwo days prior to the 1995 super bowl I witnessed a triangle craft at or below a low cloud level. The location was within a mile of the7/23/20
1/1/95 21:00TucsonAZUSATriangle5-10 minutes120-140 ft, X 35-40 ft, X 30 ft, triangler craft, metalic colored, 4 lights directly down the center with 2 strobes and 3 very large li3/7/98
1/1/95 19:50Warm BeachWAUSAWoman witnessed a red "ball" from her home near beach. Object flew off suddenly.11/2/99
1/1/95 19:30SaludaSCUSAOval5 minutesVery scary3/4/22
1/1/95 15:00Cedar KeyFLUSATriangle3 minutesI could hear and see it, close encounter.8/16/02
1/1/95 15:00GreenwoodSCUSASphere20 secondsBright red sphere floating and completely silent takes off and disappears.7/14/13
1/1/95 10:00OxnardCAUSAChanging10 min1 light turns into 4 (light show)12/14/04
1/1/95 06:00Travelers RestSCUSATriangle8 secondssomething i never want to see again atleast not this close. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes3/31/08
1/1/95 03:00Kansas (Eastern)KSUSALight1 min or lessA beam of rotating light in eastern Kansas7/16/06
1/1/95 02:00El GranadaCAUSAFireball45 secondsGlowing fireball object crashed at Maverick's Beach11/4/02
1/1/95 01:00Mt. CharlestonNVUSAOval5 minutes or lessLarge, dark, silent, graceful object with lights seen moving up canyon2/18/01
1/1/95 00:02Pacific GroveCAUSARept. that local police had pursued a strange obj., and incident was "hushed up." (Facts unclear)11/2/99
1/1/95 00:00BurbankCAUSALight2 minutesI was about 5 or 6 (1995-1996)and woke up from wetting my bed. I walked to my lightswitch and before i could flip it on i was face to2/25/20