National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 05/1994


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
5/31/94 20:00MarlingtonWVUSADisk2 min.Driving home at dusk,my wife and I saw a saucer shaped craft fly directly overhead at tree top level,the craft had a circle of lights o9/13/02
5/26/94 22:37SacramentoCAUSATriangle5 min.A large triangular shaped craft passed over our car while at a stop sign on an empty street1/28/99
5/23/94 00:45BendORUSADisk3.5 hoursit came up to us as fast as it left us and shined us hard with white/blueish lights. lots of energy felt...and wind4/9/04
5/22/94 15:00logansportINUSADisk2 minit was daytime and i know what i saw3/11/06
5/20/94 23:59PittsburghPAUSAOval12 seconds1.What I saw was a series of lights flashing left to right up and down.I would say it was 100 meters away from my bedroom window.It fle7/26/02
5/20/94 13:00LiberalKSUSASphere15-20 min2 matalic spears connected to each other hovered in the southern sky for about 15-20 min.1/28/99
5/17/94 20:00MillersburgMOUSALight45mins-90minsStrange lights in Millersburg3/21/03
5/17/94 05:30Belmont (Canada)MBCanadaFlash1 secondSudden flash lights up evening sky above cornfields in rural Manitoba12/1/19
5/16/94 23:30NixonTXUSADiskIt was late at night and we were waiting for a friend to come out of a house. While we were waiting we saw the object appear from our e1/28/99
5/15/94 22:00Saskatoon (Canada)SKCanadaLight2 hoursstreams of light and triangular lights seen over Saskatoon, SK.10/31/03
5/15/94 21:15Munds Park (west of)AZUSAChevronappox. 20 min.V-shaped w/ 5 amber colored lights on the bottom9/6/02
5/15/94 18:10FallonNVUSALight45 secondsUSN trained weather observer sighted 3 "solid" colored lights, two red, one white, moving south to north silently and periodically"rock3/7/98
5/15/94 17:00El CentroCAUSATriangle10 minsHuge triangle being followed by an F-16 in the california desert..1/10/09
5/15/94 16:00ElkhartINUSASphere1 to 1.5 minutesI saw 6 spherical objects, silver or chrome in color. They were circling around eachother very close and at a high rate of speed.4/2/99
5/15/94 15:30ZebulonNCUSAOtherAbout 2 MinutesGigantic flat black ship with molded rooms on bottom and tubes leading to each room seen in Zebulon, North Carolina.4/16/05
5/15/94 14:00PortlandORUSASphere10 minutesWhile in light aircraft observed object below and behind follow in a race track holding pattern. Observed changes in heading altitude a1/28/99
5/15/94 13:00Antarctica (Ross Ice shelf) (Antarctica)AntarcticaFireball2 secondsgreen fireball streaking across the ski in a southwesterly direction1/28/99
5/15/94N. SeattleWAUSAMan repts. past sighting on Mother's Day '94. 13 objects in clear sky over N. Seattle, "wiggling up & down, back & forth."11/2/99
5/12/94 22:15WinslowMEUSADisk1 minfast moving high altitude pulsating disc2/1/07
5/12/94 11:00MitchellORUSA2 sec.Two men observed a blue/white object streak down and disappear behind a nearby ridge. Cast light.11/2/99
5/12/94 03:30Loughborough, Leic (UK/England)United KingdomDisk25 minsobserved small ufo hovering over a field/farmhouse moving in a random fashion in all directions8/10/99
5/11/94 22:00New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSACircle10-15 secondsI observed a round black object pass in front of the moon through my telescope.10/2/99
5/11/94 05:16ReadingPAUSAFireballA couple of secondsShooting star/fireball bright green light falling from the sky fast.6/25/20
5/11/94 05:16ReadingPAUSAFireballA couple of secondsshootingstar/fireball bright green light falling from the sky fast but slow enough to notice it then disappeared in air. Lasted 3-5 sec6/25/20
5/10/94 21:24FrankfortMIUSAUnknown30 minutesLarge flashing light extending down from sky to lake Michigan.1/28/99
5/8/94 22:00El Ajusco (Mexico)MexicoOval3 hrsUFO sighting and scanning sentsation in El Ajusco, Mexico7/25/04
5/7/94 09:00Long BeachCAUSAOval15-20 minutesI observed the Craft at a close enough distance to know it was not anything man made1/24/12
5/5/94 21:00Newport Beach (Near)CAUSAFlashfive secondssaw what I first thought was a comet or some other object. It looked like a falling was very high up. I watched the object 1/28/99
5/5/94 02:00PhoenixNYUSAUnknown5 minutesIt had my head in a vice-like grip and was "reading" me.1/17/04
5/5/94 01:30,stocton,on,tees (UK/ngland)United KingdomOther2 hoursUK Northeast disc gray,black if I took too steps forward I could have touched it4/23/21
5/2/94 22:00Glassville (Canada)NBCanadaDiamond5 minutesMy Dad and I were driving down the street when I looked up and saw it, it was huge, it had a triagular top and bottom with revolving li4/2/99
5/1/94 22:00Great FallsMTUSASphereabout 5 minutsGhost like bright sphere wobleing and hovering and folwoing me12/12/11
5/1/94 20:00Ocotillo Wells (near)CAUSAFireball4 hoursLarge stationary fiery ball2/3/12
5/1/94 18:00Crystal FallsMIUSATriangle1 hour or moreMultiple encounters over approximately 50 mile radius.9/12/99
5/1/94 06:30GlencoeKYUSASphere30 minutesSphere hovering over pond.6/20/05
5/1/94Sedgley (West Midlands) (UK/England)United KingdomUnknownMysterious Mi-8 helicopter and crop circles in Sedgley, West Midlands, early 1990s.12/7/06