National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 11/1993


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
11/25/93 15:00Mesquite (Approx. 15 miles west on I-15 of)NVUSAOther5 min. approx.Two adults driving see "metallic" objects in sky. Look like commercial aircraft but no movement. Watch objects for a couple of minute10/12/01
11/24/93 19:00Harlowton (in general vicinity of Malmstrom AFB)MTUSAFormationapprox. 6 hrs.6-7 hr. long event during which a triangle,disks and an IMMENSE cylindrical object were observed clearly at close range and through opt9/12/99
11/23/93 23:30Baton RougeLAUSATriangle20 to 30 secondsI saw 3 orange illuminated triangles flying very low between 2 apartment buildings, just above the trees.7/5/99
11/23/93 11:24FairbanksAKUSACigar3 minutesMe and one of my friends were coming home from sledding when we saw a mettalic, cigar shaped, UFO hovering in the air emitting a blue b6/2/98
11/23/93 03:00Essex (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle2-3 minutesI was being driven home by my ex-boyfriend, around about 3am in the morning, its November 1993, I was 17 years old then. I live in the9/2/05
11/20/93 22:00Lake Edward (Canada)NBCanadaSphere10 secondsReddish-orange sphere the size of a quater held at arm's length came out of nowhere, flying very fast in a south-westerly direction7/3/13
11/20/93 15:00Artic Circle (Russia)RussiaSpherecapturedcalled upon a russian fishing boat,it had strange encrusted object in nets ,about 15 feet in diam.The poor chaps were terrified they 11/20/01
11/20/93 03:30ElktonMDUSATriangle30 minutesI was in my deer stand when i seen a light it came down wright over top of me.A beam of light came out when it left it was allmost day 4/1/00
11/17/93 05:10MiddleboroughMAUSALight50 minutesMultiple lights moved across a field before dawn, 50 minutes of this. As one approached, I returned to truck for camera and saw brigh1/22/00
11/15/93 19:00GordonNEUSATriangle1 Hour?A very large triangle shape(black,soundless) with red lights at the corners wile traveling at night.7/16/06
11/15/93 14:30Encinal (northeast of)TXUSARectangle1 hourLarge mother ship sighting and smaller UFO chased by military fighters.9/17/03
11/15/93 12:00Rome CityINUSAEgg3 minutesTwo eggshaped objects hovered in the sky then speed away.8/28/03
11/11/93 23:00Philipsburg (St. Maarten) (Dutch Antilles)St. Maarten/Netherland AntillesCircle20 secs2 circular objects flying formation after brief positioning next to each dark blackout night no lights 1 witness caribbean3/17/04
11/11/93 22:00AlbuquerqueNMUSATriangleTen secondsTriangle.10/31/03
11/9/93 21:00LaPrairie (Montreal) (Canada)PQCanadaTriangle1/2 hourLanded triangle flyed over us.6/12/02
11/2/93 02:00EvansvilleINUSATriangle30 minutesDriving home from work one evening late around 2am on hwy 44 evansville indiana I noticed in the night sky a strange light. It looked s9/9/04
11/1/93 23:45AlbuquerqueNMUSACigar10 min.A colorful object was hovering over the Petroglyphs, which backed up to my back yard, and it had no sound.4/2/99
11/1/93 23:30TrioSCUSACircle2 minutesHuge bright object with no noise rose up out of woods behind my house!!3/6/01
11/1/93 23:00SacramentoCAUSATriangle20minutesSpectacular triangle's seem in the sky6/12/08
11/1/93 20:00Sandy (UK/England)United KingdomCigar10 minsCigar shaped silent craft flies low over Sandy then disappears2/18/01