National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 08/1993


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
8/25/93 02:00GarnerNCUSAOther3 minutesFlat square I only saw the bottom it was about 60 ft above my head10/31/08
8/25/93 01:00WilmerTXUSALight30 minmoch plane4/27/04
8/25/93 00:30County Durham (UK/England)United KingdomLightaround ten white bright lights in the moors close to my home1/19/05
8/23/93 19:56Laramie (east of)WYUSAChanging9 minutesCloud-like object at extreme range changes shape.10/31/03
8/21/93 09:30BiddefordMEUSADiamond10minutesthere was my friend his wife and myself we were at a place called rotary park.its a swimming place in biddiford. we had just finished s4/28/01
8/20/93 23:30Lancaster (Saddleback Butte Park)CAUSATriangle2 minutesthere was a meteor shower that we went to watch at the park. three triangle shaped craft passed by 500 - 1000 feet overhead1/28/99
8/20/93 23:15SelmaNCUSAOval3-4 secondsSaw a orangish yellow oval move very suddenly and make an immediate right hand turn.11/2/99
8/20/93 22:00MuncieINUSATriangle5 minutesufo sighted just north of muncie,indiana3/19/09
8/20/93 20:00MilwaukeeWIUSAOtherabout three minutesfive lights over wisconsin state fair5/24/05
8/20/93 19:00KennewickWAUSACigar1-2secSky opens, objects darts out, then disappears through another opening in the sky.4/1/01
8/20/93 12:30Bowling GreenKYUSADisk40 secondsDisc shaped object over KY skies no lights or sounds and plainly visible that it wasn't convensional aircraft.8/16/02
8/20/93 02:00GoshenOHUSATriangle5min?I was driving home from work east bound on rt.28 outside of Goshen OH when i caught sight of a group of helicopters flying in V formati1/11/05
8/19/93 21:10Fort CollinsCOUSAUnknown5 minutesRed-lighted UFO with bluish flashing light flits over vacant field.10/31/03
8/15/93 23:30Haarlem (Netherlands)NetherlandsFormationapprox. 15 min.Two circles of white 'cloudy' balls (rotating in opposite directions), no sound.7/16/03
8/15/93 22:00Piteň (Sweden)SwedenFireballi saw a big boll in the air but after a cople of secunds it transformd it self to five bolls only one big boll and 4 smale ones and a8/5/00
8/15/93 22:00MenifeeCAUSADisk5 minSaucer in California with Red, White, and Blue lights seen when driving5/24/05
8/15/93 16:00RandleWAUSAOther1 minuteA large white kite like object was circling the top of a cone shaped mountain, the type of movement was peculiar, like paper falling, 4/2/99
8/15/93 04:00St. AugustineFLUSATriangle30 minutesI saw a spaceship take off from slow speed to around the speed of light in second from only 30 feet away.8/5/01
8/15/93 04:00Palm DesertCAUSATriangle30 - 40 mintriangular object flew right over us12/23/02
8/15/93 03:00CloverdaleCAUSAFlash3-4 minutesBright stroboscopic light slowly passes by within 100 yards, and leaves with an otherworldly piercing whistle.12/12/11
8/15/93 02:00GreenvilleCAUSACircle5 minutesBrilliant vertical ring of lights moved silently and slowly over lake, then turned, illuminating the surrounding hills.1/10/09
8/15/93 00:30BristowINUSATriangle5-10 minutesI was driving home heading north on hwy 145 when i noticed 3 lights in the sky. They were flying fairly low and would go north to so6/21/00
8/15/93 00:01Lethbridge (Alberta) (Canada)ABCanada15-25 sec.Peter We just got this report sent to us.The witness observed this back in 1993 but I thought is was unusual when the witness says it w4/27/04
8/12/93 22:30Lake of the Woods (Near; closest city Ashland - 30 mi.)ORUSALight30-45 min3 luminous objects moving extremely fast, instant directional changes, changed color My parents and I were observing the Perseid met3/7/98
8/12/93 22:00SchuylervilleNYUSASphere35 minI went for a drive into town. Three minutes from my house, above the Fish creek river, I noticed fuzzy white balls of light whirring ar7/5/08
8/12/93 21:00JacksonvilleFLUSASphere1 to 2 secondsThe translucent blue round sphere moved from horizon to horizon in 1 to 2 seconds with NO sound!1/17/04
8/12/93 04:36Fort LauderdaleFLUSASphere30 secondsI observed a green orb gliding north to south about a hundred feet high.1/28/99
8/12/93 02:00Pembroke PinesFLUSASphere10 MINUTESspherical egg shaped bright green-stationary then lightning fast...twice!2/1/07
8/12/93 01:00JulianCAUSAOthernot surehuge crft moved slow and low during meteor shower11/26/03
8/10/93 21:00FrankfortNYUSADisk30 secondsMulticolored disk across the street.9/29/04
8/10/93 20:30BellevueWAUSASphere10 secGlowing orb/sphere over Bellevue Washington10/31/08
8/9/93 23:50WestminsterCOUSATriangle1 minuteA white puffy cottonball appeared and then a triangle emerged from it. It was totally silent and had a light on each corner.8/30/99
8/9/93 23:00ChelmsfordMAUSATriangle5mina friend and i were going home i noticed three lights just above the treeline of a local park, so i stopped the car in the middle of th1/11/02
8/9/93 02:45Beloit (east of)WIUSATriangle8-10 Minutes2 Triangle UFOs Spotted over Wisconsin9/2/05
8/8/93 23:00Budapest (Hungary)HungaryFormation10Budapest 1993 ufo9/15/05
8/8/93 18:00MarionVAUSAOther1 minutehard metal octagon shaped object floating away above tree tops in marion, va in summer of 199312/12/09
8/4/93 20:30LaHainaHIUSAChevron3-4 secMaui, August 1993, incredibly fast & quiet lighted craft moves across the sky, news reports confirm sighting with no explanation.5/24/05
8/4/93 00:00NewellARUSACircle1 to 2 minutesI saw circular lights for 2-3 minutes and experienced a time lapse and woke up in a different location. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes6/23/10
8/1/93 23:00Cyprus (Mediterranean Sea)CyprusTriangle5minCopying over (with translation from Greek to English) a UFO sighting posted on the greek amateur astronomers forum AstroVox: "Witness2/1/07
8/1/93 21:30Tillamook(Lees Camp)ORUSALight15 minuteswe saw 3 lights ahead of us,aprx. 2000 ft up ,hovering above the mountain(north)we watched for aprx. 5 min.i look to my left(west) i sa5/24/99
8/1/93 20:00GarlandTXUSATriangleMinutesTriangle UFO Lake Ray Hubbard.4/17/15
8/1/93 17:00WarrentonVAUSACircle5 minutesIt was a silver round disk with a dome centered ontop alot like the ones in the 1950s space movies3/19/02
8/1/93 15:00WolcottCTUSACigar5 min.leaving the hunting club i saw an object w/ aflat bottom and a tappered.ther was no noise or was traveling at 5mph.5/11/00