National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 07/1993


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
7/31/93 23:00Brentwood Short's Lake (Canada)NSCanadaOval4minit was massive and didn't make a noise... lights in a constant triangular formation crossing over the craft.7/28/10
7/21/93 23:30XeniaOHUSALight5-6 MinutesXenia Ohio. 3 white lights in triangle formation chase car.5/14/02
7/20/93 23:30HonoluluHIUSAUnknown2 SecondsTrail of light emerging from ocean and looping back into the water. Object must have been very large, since sighting was from about a 2/16/00
7/20/93 21:30Maltby (Snohomish, Woodinville)WAUSADiamond1 minuteDiamond shaped craft, red and green lights on each end of the diamond.8/5/09
7/20/93 18:00S. BurlingtonVTUSATriangle2 hour spanOrange pulsing triangle flying low with bulge in the shooting start.11/11/13
7/20/93 00:00St-Jovite (Canada)PQCanadaDisk45 min3 Dancing Flying white disk8/5/01
7/18/93 06:30LiberalKSUSAOther10-15 minutesjetliner object scanning property with broken beam - enormous and very low1/19/05
7/18/93 00:30Sainte-Julie (Canada)QCCanadaEgg10 secondsIt wasn't a rock or a birds flew in the night10/30/06
7/15/93 23:00Grand CouleeWAUSALight20 minutesSaw a bright red pulsing light hovering in the distance. Turned off on a dirt side road to see if we could get closer to it.1/22/00
7/15/93 22:00MoscowIDUSAOther3 minutesMoscow, ID-Row of 5-6 off white lights moving silently & slowly east to west summer 93.8/12/08
7/15/93 21:15MagnoliaDEUSACircle10-15 minutesSaucer-like object seen just south of Dover AFB.2/14/06
7/15/93 21:00HiloHIUSAFormationapprox. 1 hour and 15 minDuring a Hawaiian Huna training on the Big Island of Hawaii, myself and about 12 others in our group witnessed a formation of UFOs that12/16/99
7/15/93 19:00MinneapolisMNUSATriangle1 Minute?Giant triangle-shaped craft at very low altitude right over North Minneapolis2/1/07
7/15/93 17:30ElktonMDUSALight5 minutesA light descended slowly into the Elk River, just off the Chesapeake Bay.4/25/02
7/15/93 14:00Nagu (Finland)FinlandFireball60 sec.Blue-green shifting colored fireball lookalike object flying at a relative low above sea level at a very high speed in Finland12/23/02
7/15/93 03:00Puerto Rico (at sea North of)PRPuerto RicoSphere3 minOn orange globe passed our ship from astern with no sound only light on the water and the ship10/12/01
7/15/93 01:00ClovisNMUSAFormation45 secondsEarly morning around 0100; I couldn’t sleep and was looking out the window and noticed 4 blinking red lights, above the horizon, that w9/25/15
7/15/93 00:00CambridgeOHUSAUnknownDon't knowPossible Abduction (Ongoing)4/27/04
7/15/93BlairsvillePAUSACircleIn JL '93, I saw a "light" in the W part of the sky in my county Let me tell you about me; I was a police officer on3/23/17
7/14/93 20:00WinnsboroSCUSATriangle5 minutes3 Silver Triangular Ships close and low disappeared as I turned around6/25/20
7/13/93 21:00TopekaKSUSATrianglefive minutesI saw a triangular UFO with three lights on it one evening in 1993.7/11/00
7/12/93 23:30Niagara FallsNYUSAFormation20-30 sec.While walking with two friends in single file. First in line stopped and said something to second friend who was also second in line wi4/2/99
7/12/93 22:00MishawakaINUSACircle5 minutestwo craft cicled one another for a short while, then stopped, and rapidly ascended upward out of view.1/28/99
7/11/93 22:00Whitby (New Zealand)New ZealandLight10-20 minutesZig-zagging lights7/29/00
7/10/93 23:45Little ForkMNUSAOther10 minutesThere was a large bright white steady light that I could see behind the trees. At first I thought it was an airplane, but the light nev1/22/04
7/10/93 23:00BallingerTXUSATriangle204 adults watched a light in the sky coming from the southeast for 5 minutes before it got to us.We all stood up silently as this huge c4/2/99
7/10/93 02:15New EgyptNJUSACircle45 sec. - 1 min.UFO w/ green lights seen twice in NJ at night in N.J. on 5398/5/01
7/10/93 02:00New EgyptNJUSADiskApprox. 4 minutesUFO w/ green lights seen just above tree tops at night in or near New Egypt, N.J.4/1/01
7/10/93 00:00Rabwah (Pakistan)PakistanOtherless than a minuteThe Big Black Bird10/15/03
7/9/93 19:23Bowling GreenKYUSAChevron5 minutesThe warmth of the lights could be felt.5/29/11
7/7/93 23:00MarionINUSACylinder20-30 minutesA black van asked me and the other witness if we wanted a ride. We then saw a large object lift off and explode into light1/17/04
7/7/93 23:00IrvineCAUSADiskA minute or twoI was driving home late one night from the city of Diamond Bar, when I noticed a very bright light in the sky. I thought it might be la12/16/05
7/7/93ParagonINUSALight4 minThe most amazing thing i have ever seen in my life4/27/04
7/6/93 00:26Gorman (15 miles north of, I-5)CAUSASphere1 minuteDriving on I-5 at night. A spherical object the size of a bowling ball swooped down in front of the windshield from behind and to the 2/16/00
7/5/93 20:00PapillionNEUSARectangle5 or 6 minutesunexplained craft2/24/05
7/4/93 23:45Tooele CityUTUSASphere90 seconds4 intense glowing green "Stop-light" type orbs holding tight diamond formation. Not Fireworks...6/18/98
7/4/93 21:30Gold BarWAUSACircle10 minutes((HOAX??)) I believe that this craft was from another et civilization.7/11/14
7/4/93 03:00New York CityNYUSAOther30-45min.three light U.F.O.'s in the night7/1/02
7/3/93 00:00Manhatten BeachCAUSALightminutesWeird red spots on skin.4/24/14
7/2/93 22:30Puerto RicoPRPuerto Rico5 minsWell it was at night along a beach in puerto rico. I was there with my cousin and friends. We were swimming in the water and then my fr12/23/02
7/1/93 22:00Oklahoma CityOKUSATriangle4-5 minutes2 triangle craft over OKC. 1 travled N to S. 2 traveled W to E. The craft were very high, could only see their shape with binoculars. E1/28/99
7/1/93 22:00OakdaleCAUSATriangle15 minutestriangle slowly moving object with "lightning" emitting from the front of it10/8/07
7/1/93 22:00Cottonwood Lakes Trail (near Mt. Whitney)CAUSADiamond1 minuteNight time fly over of object at Cottonwood Lakes, Mt. Whitney, California - 19931/17/04
7/1/93 15:00HoustonTXUSADisk10 secodsSighted silver disk in motion on a cloudless, sunny day.4/2/99
7/1/93 12:00Cottonwood Lakes Trail (near Mt. Whitney)CAUSACircle10 minutessilver object seen on backpacking trip near Mt. Whitney, CA - 19931/17/04
7/1/93 12:00LexingtonKYUSATeardropUKNCraft in Lexington, teardrop shaped, near University of Kentucky, appearing to children.2/22/19
7/1/93 03:30KatyTXUSASphere15 secondsAn orange ball making two opposite 45 degree angle turns crosses the sky to the south in 5 - 7 seconds.1/10/09
7/1/93 01:30HughsonCAUSARectangle40min.Orange beams of light6/18/03
7/1/93 01:00Lynnwood/Alderwood ManorWAUSALightseveral minutesA bright red light hovers in the sky and then disappears. One night in July 1993, while lying in bed, I spotted through my mini-blin3/7/98
7/1/93 00:00EflandNCUSATriangle30 minslarge craft hovering in field12/12/11