National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 06/1992


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
6/30/92 22:00MendenhallMSUSAFew minutesWe were walking down a dead end road that lead to my grandma house and my friends house it's a big field to the left we saw perfect bal7/14/17
6/30/92 21:30DavisCAUSACylinderMassive, Cylindrical Shape over UC Davis.9/6/19
6/30/92 21:00Las Vegas/Charleston HeightsNVUSASphere30 minutesRed light/sphere seen over neighborhood of Charleston Heights with street lamps blinking on and off.12/12/09
6/30/92 20:30Cape CanaveralFLUSAOther5 minutesthe object would stop move at fast speed in straight line stop again and travelled at right angles2/14/10
6/30/92 20:00MillinocketMEUSATriangle30 minutesAlternating red lights in the Northern Maine Woods5/24/05
6/30/92 12:30Somerset (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown12 MINone person now still remains hence brother dead10/30/06
6/30/92 02:00New BritainCTUSARectangle10-15 secthe object was like a green rectangular light7/10/10
6/30/92 00:00Cortlandt ManorNYUSACircle2-3 minutescircular vibrating ufo11/3/05
6/28/92 14:00JacksonMIUSACylinder2 minutes ?Late eighties or early eighties day time low flying silver cylinder UFO flying perpendicular to ground10/30/06
6/25/92 18:30Granite ShoalsTXUSADisk5 minutesobject was about 6 feet in diameter. the center of the saucer stood still as the top and the bottom of it rotated in a very fast motio12/23/02
6/25/92 12:30ChapinSCUSAOther3 to 5 min.Two balls of light beneath the tree canopy swoop over my car and vanish.10/11/05
6/25/92 00:00Big Bear Lake areaCAUSAChanging20 minutesjello-y lights, it transformed before our eyes.3/11/03
6/24/92 22:00LaramieWYUSALight2 odd lightsOdd intelligent seeming lights seen during a UFO conference in Laramie, WY.6/18/04
6/24/92 21:00AumsvilleORUSATriangle8 secondsTriangle low altitude slow moving.7/31/21
6/21/92 21:00ConesusNYUSAUnknown1-2 minutesEye contact with Creature12/12/09
6/21/92 05:00Mt.VernonILUSAEgg45mn.I was driving down route 15 ,when i noticed the craft resting on the ground It was about 200 yards away.1/28/99
6/20/92 22:00JonesvilleFLUSARectangle4 minLooked up to see a rectangular shaped object floating above me, it was the size of a football field.10/30/06
6/20/92 21:00Rocky MountVAUSACircle???A large circle shaped craft that hade a large blue light on the bottom of it ,and red and green lights trailng around it.3/21/03
6/20/92 00:30FruitlandIDUSALight1 minuteBright light that zig-zagged in the sky. Speed of pattern and size is impossible with human-made aircraft.9/24/03
6/19/92 20:00Catalina Island (Cherry Island)CAUSAFlash30 secondsstrobe ufo over catalina7/16/06
6/15/92 23:30Brampton (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle3-4 MinI saw the same thing, in the same month, as the GAGETOWN, NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA, June 1992 @ 23:20 hrs case.2/14/06
6/15/92 23:00Crystal CityMOUSALight1 sec.light hovered at low altutitude area close to mo/il border and shot upward at high speed.9/19/02
6/15/92 22:00MontvaleVAUSASphere3 minutesamber,orange ufo spotted in bedford county,virginia near "closed" airforce base.3/7/98
6/15/92 22:00Las VegasNVUSALight30 secondsGreen light moving north at speed through east side of las vegas.6/18/03
6/15/92 22:00GastoniaNCUSASphere5 minutesBright Orb5/15/06
6/15/92 21:00BloomfieldNJUSACircle5-10 MinutesMoving Yellow Lights awaken me on third floor7/16/03
6/15/92 20:30Fort WorthTXUSAUnknownabout 2 minutesUFO had kaleidoscope of colors fading into each other, it hovered for about two minutes and took off with unimaginable speed.8/28/03
6/15/92 20:15MiddleburgFLUSALight25 minutesAround the light itself, a cloud like bubble formed that was shaped like an egg...12/23/02
6/15/92 20:00River FallsWIUSATriangle2-3 minsI and my brother were sitting on swings in a school playground, when a trianguler shaped object appeared.3/7/98
6/15/92 18:00Area 51NVUSAOval12 hrs.4 adults video tape object over area 51 in Nevada. Video shown on 2 different episodes of "Unsolved Mysteries".3/7/98
6/15/92 16:30ChesterfieldILUSATriangle4 hrs,cstanding directly under craft for period of time, lost time, 1hr trip took 4hr's.9/15/05
6/15/92 16:30Yogyakarta (Indonesia)IndonesiaUnknown10 minutes or lessOdd red light zigzaging over Yogyakarta, Indonesia12/23/02
6/15/92 02:00ScarsdaleNYUSA5 minIm not sure what im reporting. Perhaps a close encounter from my childhood? I really dont know3/21/03
6/15/92 02:00Sedgefield (UK/England)United Kingdom5 secondsCircles of light on pavement without beams8/28/02
6/15/92 01:00QuinlanTXUSACigar10 min.I stopped and got out of my truck to look at it and only seconds later the light on the bottom of the UFO, was turned off. y truck2/14/06
6/15/92 01:00JacksonvilleFLUSAFormation3 minAn very similar sighting to the one reported over Phoenix this year happened over Jacksonville in 1992.6/2/98
6/15/92 00:30TinnieNMUSAFormation3 min.Lights flying in the formation of the shape of a small aircraft, split into 3-4 seperate and different colored orbs and flew off fast!10/31/03
6/15/92Burnaby (Canada)BCCanadaForeign object pulled from leg 2 times from the same hole.1/29/02
6/14/92 00:45MaryvilleTNUSACylinder20 minutesUnusual Aircraft near the Secret City3/10/11
6/14/92 00:30South ConwayNHUSASphere30 minutesspherical ball of light about 2 ft in diameter and 20 yards away, interacting with me through movement8/5/09
6/11/92 16:26Nowra (Australia)AustraliaDisk16:29On one sunday afternoon an object was seen 2-3km away in the east and without doubt it was a fling saucer.2/18/01
6/10/92 23:00HoustonTXUSAChevron10 minutesit had about 6-8 red rights along the wings, no movement (stationary in one spot)above apt complex, look like a stealth bomber but larg6/23/99
6/6/92 20:00LeesburgALUSALight2 minutesA light on the horizon moving in quick and unusual manner before disappearing.3/21/03
6/6/92 05:00Tabriz (Iran)IranCircle1 MinuteThe Circle Object With Lights Around It Was Moving Gently In The Sky2/14/10
6/5/92 13:00New York City (Manhattan)NYUSALight25 Seconds((HOAX??)) 1992 UFOs over Manhattan.1/5/11
6/4/92 01:00JerseyvilleILUSAOther10minuteslarge flame observed over jerseville/IL summer 19925/24/05
6/3/92 07:36Leeds (UK/England)United KingdomSphere20secondsA golden sphere traveling at a slow rate then it was gone in a flash like the star ship enterprise in warp drive?1/17/04
6/1/92 23:30TorranceCAUSAUnknown45 minutesspace craft fly's like a lightning bolt1/24/19
6/1/92 23:30YardleyPAUSATriangle10 secondsA dark, triangular low flying object passed over my house in Yardley Pa. in the summer of 199212/2/00
6/1/92 23:20Gagetown (Canada)NBCanadaOval2 minutesMutual Sighting5/2/11
6/1/92 23:20Gagetown (Canada)NBCanadaOval2 minutesArmy Training Exercise12/16/05
6/1/92 23:00RosemeadCAUSAOval8-9 minutsflashing lights with no particular pattern or order or timeing all differant colers5/12/09
6/1/92 23:00Near Jones Beach, NYNYUSALight5 MinutesStationary single bright red light reported as a flare, estimated alt 1k to 5k feet. Subsequent extreme acceleration and speed.6/22/22
6/1/92 23:00not shureMEUSACircle5 min.Red Lights Over The State Of Maine.1/10/09
6/1/92 22:00TacomaWAUSALightUnknown... nightIn the early 90's in Tacoma WA. I had an experience with a bright light and standing outside with a light on me.4/22/22
6/1/92 22:00MesaAZUSAChanging15 MinutesBack in the early 1990s during the Early DARK Evening I witnessed a set of lights over NorthEast Mesa Arizona heading from East to West7/5/08
6/1/92 21:00AustinTXUSAFireball5-10 minutesA bright gold glow during a silvery lightning storm12/2/00
6/1/92 19:30Live OakCAUSATriangle7 minFlash of blue energy followed by an object sighting. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes4/14/09
6/1/92 19:00EnfieldCTUSASphere10 minutes3 glowing sheres were interconnected and moved as one body.6/2/17
6/1/92 18:00Dana PointCAUSASphere1 minuteGreen glowing ball4/9/04
6/1/92 18:00LincolnNEUSACigar10 min.Former Airline Captain witnessed three craft flying a wedge formation as follows: Aprox. 100 ft. above ground level traveling from west12/23/02
6/1/92 15:00Sugar GroveILUSAOval2 times each for 5-10 MinFirst off, the first night my girlfriend and I were fishing in a stone quarry and it was time to go. Right before we started to pac3/19/09
6/1/92 10:00Williams Lake (Canada)BCCanadaOthernot suretwo sea creatures sighted in early morning3/11/06
6/1/92 08:15New York CityNYUSACigarabout 10 to 12 minscigar like encounter10/12/01
6/1/92 04:00Vrċ (Denmark)DenmarkLight?intelligens elsewere2/22/02
6/1/92 04:00DelevanILUSAUnknownunknown short timeDad sees large lighted craft.12/21/16
6/1/92 02:30High DesertCAUSAOther20-30 minutesThe shape and too big to be flying that slow8/30/13
6/1/92 02:00Utuado (Puerto Rico)PRPuerto RicoUnknowna few secondsWell, I can not say the exact date it was in 1992 and it was a cool but strange expirience. All we saw were diferent lights. Blue, yell2/18/01
6/1/92 01:30Gagetown (Canada)NBCanadaDisk10 to 15minutesCanadian Forces Reservist UFO sighting in Gagetown, NB7/16/06
6/1/92 01:00Rocky MountNCUSATriangle30On that evening I was working as a patrol officer for the Rocky Mount Police Department. Between calls for service I was standing with7/23/20
6/1/92 01:00GeorgisVTUSAUnknown2 minutesMy wife and I arrived home late one evening and got out of the car and4/2/99
6/1/92 00:00LanghornePAUSATriangle3 min.The triangle of orange dots in the distance was suddenly a large mechanical mass hovering above me as I felt my heals leave the ground.8/5/09
6/1/92BentonARUSADisk2-3 minutesRound object, appearing the undeside of a suacer, hovered near me, then silently "whisked"off across the sky at an amazing speed.2/18/01
6/1/92Home Front Compound (India)IndiaDiskA minute or so.I am a Spiritualist who now believes in the unseen: for it is from that nothing - that everything comes. Time to think from the Beyond:4/3/11