National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 03/1992


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
3/28/92 20:00Roshnee (South Africa)South AfricaLightabout an hourtell me what happened to me ?6/13/02
3/22/92 21:30MilfordMAUSAUnknown2 secondsLow flying, very bright and flashing (flashed 3X in the time it took to pass) object; very high speed.. ((anonymous report))3/23/18
3/22/92 18:30Beaumont/Sour LakeTXUSAUnknown30 minIt was a huge craft with several lights rotating on and off in a circle manner located under the craft.2/22/02
3/15/92 23:00Leirfjord (over) (Norway)NorwayFlash5 minutessingle flashing light, suddenly hundreds or thousands of flashes, then back to one single1/10/09
3/15/92 19:00BoonsboroMDUSACigar10 minutesApprox.3/15/92 an object with lights was hovering at tree level ,silent and no downdraft, over my car, as I parked to observe it.8/12/08
3/15/92 15:30TampaFLUSADisk10 minutesUFO Saucer was seen hovering beyond trees as we were driving towards home and then disappeared.6/18/04
3/15/92 15:00HancevilleALUSADisk2-3 secondsMetallic disc on a beautiful sunny afternoon moving at astounding speed2/7/20
3/5/92 06:45FlorenceALUSAOvalUnknownI dont know if this is a dream or not9/2/05
3/5/92New York City (Bronx)NYUSAFireballone minuteA huge fire ball like a small moon, colors aqua, green, blue..sailed accross with soft wind sound...2:am Bronx NY4/27/04
3/1/92 21:30Whitewood (Canada)SKCanadaCigar5 hrs2 UFOs over a truck stop.1/31/11
3/1/92 19:00LovelockNVUSALight10-12 minutesHuge ball of light traveled behind mountain tops, raised up briefly, accompanied by small colored lights, then left in electric flash.11/21/10
3/1/92 01:00DallasTXUSACircleMy family and I was woken by a bright florecent blue like light that lit up the entire neighborhood an my sister was quite scared so at10/30/06