National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 02/1992


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
2/27/92 02:00SacramentoCAUSACircle30 min (?)me despertaron era algo increible a la manana sigiente le conte ami esposo y a mi hija y me dieron por loca por eso decidi callar hasta8/5/01
2/25/92 21:00SalisburyNCUSALight10 minutesMy dad had stepped outside (for what reason, I cannot remember) but he came running back in a rant. He kept saying there is something i12/21/17
2/23/92 19:00East Winn/Winn.MEUSASphere30 minutesA curious sphere crossed the roads four times. Changing its color and the "material" it was "made" from (witnessed in e. Winn, Winn Me2/16/99
2/16/92 02:00WindsorCAUSAEggEgg shaped figure floating twelve feet from ground with flashing lights.12/23/02
2/16/92 02:00South Armagh (Rep. Of Ireland)IrelandDiamond15 minsWhilst serving in the British Army in Northern Ireland, myself and my patrol were waiting for a chopper pick up, however we were told t2/14/06
2/15/92 23:30Baumholder (Germany)GermanyTriangle30minthree red lights/triangle pattern/gust blackness between the three lights..11/20/01
2/15/92 20:00West AlexandriaOHUSATriangle30minTRIANGULAR CRAFT NEAR WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB, WINTER 19928/28/03
2/14/92 22:30Panajachel (near) (Guatamala)GuatemalaChangingabout 7 minutesBeam of light follows me walking, moves high into trees on cliffside, seems to swivel as it fades out.5/24/05
2/14/92 21:00Panajachel (near) (Guatamala)GuatemalaUnknown15 minutes4 of ORION'S stars obscured on a clear night at Lake Atitlan5/24/05
2/14/92 01:30ShawneeOKUSACigar20 minsHuge cigar shaped, right above the trees, port holes and very bright light that had a peace affect.3/11/06
2/13/92 05:45PeoriaAZUSATriangle2 minutesDark triangle-shaped craft silently moved over house, traveling from north to south.3/11/16
2/9/92 21:30Rapid City areaSDUSAExtra Bright Phony Plane Drifts2/14/06
2/4/92 02:00SwarthmorePAUSATriangle2 minutesI woke up when i saw bright light coming in my window. I looked out and i saw three very bright white lights arranged in a triangle sh4/1/00
2/2/92 03:00MakawaoHIUSAOtherOne hourVisitation of beings into my home where I actually 'heard' a voice from the being.2/25/03
2/1/92 20:00Grants PassORUSALight10 minutesGoing across sky. Thought it was airplane at first...until it started melting.4/2/99
2/1/92LaffoletteTNUSAFireball18 minutesMy cousin and I were watching boxing on television at his home when his pet German Shepard was outside' and started barking like crazy.3/8/07