National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 12/1989


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
12/31/89 23:00OcalaFLUSATriangle10 minutesTRIANGULAR CRAFT MADE 90 DEGREE TURNS9/2/05
12/25/89 23:00Santiago (Chile)ChileLight15 minutesA light went up into the sky, hoovered around for awhile, changed color, and moved around. The light was bright red and eventually fade3/16/00
12/24/89 23:45OrringtonMEUSATriangle15 minutesLarge dark triangular object with two round lights on either end and smaller circular lights in the middle1/10/09
12/24/89 01:00Santiago (Chile)ChileLight20 minsUFO Santiage, Chile 19895/13/12
12/23/89 20:00HockessinDEUSASphere5 minsWe all know we saw the same circular glowing object that night9/2/05
12/23/89 08:00ChicagoILUSADisk5The Saucer Tried To Land On Our Snow-Covered Field As We Crossed To Reach Our School.2/22/02
12/22/89 03:00CiceroNYUSALight5 minutesbright lite making fast moves and complex2/14/10
12/17/89 22:00MosheimTNUSAOval5 minutesRed Oval object in the mountains of Tennessee11/26/03
12/16/89SunnyvaleCAUSAOther4-5 mn.loud explosions by white star like light11/1/98
12/15/89 18:00GlennwoodORUSASphere1 MinuteA brightly lit perfectly round sphere floated in front of the car at a traffic signal.6/12/07
12/13/89 23:00PinevilleLAUSARectangle5 Minutes?rectangular, black metallic, hover, silent, huge, low to ground, two witnesses3/31/08
12/13/89 17:30TusayanAZUSADisk3 to 4 minutesIt was saucer-shaped with multi-colored lights, it made no sound and appeared to be bigger than a large helicopter.6/4/04
12/12/89 07:00Douglas IslandAKUSASphereten secondsthe object seemed to use cloud cover to hide behind2/12/04
12/10/89 22:00Cape MayNJUSASphere5 minutesHard orange sphere seen over Deleware Bay winter of '89. The sphere dropped down to both sides of the ferry then departed.10/27/04
12/9/89 21:00Cork (Republic of Ireland)IrelandChanging20 minsbright diamond band on the lower rim,coloured . blue mist6/6/00
12/4/89 01:55BushnellFLUSATriangle5 MinutesI saw a slow moving triangle shaped craft moving northward. It's perimeter was light up a burgundy color.4/27/04
12/1/89 22:00IndependenceMOUSATriangle3minutesObserved black triangular object with lights at points heades SSE at treetop level.3/16/00
12/1/89 21:00Grand Canyon (North Rim)AZUSAFormation30 minutesThree positioned lights brightly moving slowly east over south rim of the Grand Canyon almost dark.10/31/08
12/1/89 19:00Kansas CityMOUSAOther5 minutesOn a december night head lights approached us. Then shot into the sky.8/16/02
12/1/89 19:00VancleaveMSUSATriangle1 minuteTriangle lights hover over pond11/21/10
12/1/89 17:30AlvinTXUSASphere3 minutesBig chrome balls4/18/12