National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 12/1988


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
12/23/88 20:35OvidMIUSAFormationaprox 6 mins3 spherical object formationwatched in night sky.10/7/03
12/23/88 01:01I-10 (in the desert)TXUSAUnknownunknownWhile in between two other 18 wheel trucks going 60 mph, I lost thirty minutes and the third truck did NOT see me, when he caught up to2/16/00
12/22/88 03:55Santa Rosa (23 km. south of)CAUSAChanging2 hoursFirst off, I am a very skeptical person. At the time of the sighting, I was a California Highway Patrol Officer for 6 years and very g8/5/01
12/20/88 21:00Miami to St. Paul (approx. 20 minutes North of)ILUSAChanging1.5 minutesUFO Encounter on an Airline Flight approx. 20 minutes northwest of Chicago.2/18/01
12/15/88 23:30LibertyNCUSATriangle1 minuteLarge triangular object with white lights along the side. Silent1/22/00
12/14/88 09:00Ohio CityOHUSADisk10 minutesHuge craft with lights moving slowly about 20-30 feet off the ground4/2/99
12/2/88 22:30HiloHIUSALight2 - 3 Hours7 lights observed around Mauna Kea, HI4/26/99
12/1/88 23:30Fort LauderdaleFLUSACircle1.5minutesturning into the street,we saw in front of us a huge yellow globe,it was about 200' ahead. decided to go around the block to get abette1/28/99