National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 11/1988


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
11/30/88 04:30Hickory PlainsARUSAUnknown5 minutesUFO encounter or high-tech military aircraft?12/2/00
11/28/88 23:00AuroraKYUSADiamond2 minutesHi 3 of us were out joy riding in our small ky town. It was a misty night early in fall. We came up too a stop sign at the junction of3/6/15
11/27/88 21:00AlamogordoNMUSALight15-20 minutessaw 5 objects doing amazing manuevers for 20 minutes6/12/08
11/27/88 01:30El Dorado HillsCAUSAUnknown10 minutesdrive-by close encounter8/28/03
11/19/88 20:30SunnyvaleCAUSAOther60 min. approx.Figure-eights or infinity symbolism ?7/23/03
11/19/88 18:15AnaheimCAUSACircle1-2 mins.a disneyland area ufo 198810/12/01
11/19/88 18:15AnaheimCAUSADisk30 secs-1 mini saw what i thought was a shooting star but then it dissapered only to turn itself upright and just hoover over the house tops. for se8/16/02
11/19/88 01:30TecumsehOKUSAOther25 minutesHovering UFO 40 feet above my head5/24/05
11/15/88 22:30Scaley (outside Highlands)NCUSADisk3 minutesI was talking with an acquaintance outside a house on a cold clear night. As we talked, my attention was distracted by an airborn vehic9/2/05
11/15/88 18:00StocktonCAUSATriangle7 - 10 minBlack huge triangle craft with chevron shape of lights on her belly with a larger red light in the center of the chevron shape travelin7/16/06
11/15/88 05:30DexterNYUSADisk5 minutescraft was close, silent, brightly illuminated, and appeard to be examining the local airport.9/15/05
11/15/88 05:30DexterNYUSADisk1 minuteObject was at tree level, approximately 200 feet in diameter and made no noise.3/21/03
11/15/88 05:30DexterNYUSADisk1 minute-2minslarge saucer shaped object with many colored lights, very close to me6/23/10
11/14/88 22:30SweetwaterTXUSAChanging30 minWe know we weren't the only ones to see it, but there was never any media reports about it.6/18/03
11/11/88 19:00Fort LewisWAUSACircleA few secondsA large number of circles flying in several arrowhead formations flew by at a very high rate of speed and altitude.5/24/05
11/11/88 06:30Dry CreekOKUSAOther2 minutesVery bright light moving from South to North, stopped car and stood in middle of road watching huge craft appear.10/6/18
11/1/88 21:00ClackamasORUSACylinder45 secondsI know "ancient history" is frowned upon,but here goes.I've been around aircraft(experimental or otherwise) all my life,and nothing com11/20/01
11/1/88 19:40PhoenixAZUSALight5 minutesPhoenix Lights? Seen from the Air. ((NUFORC Note: Reported by a military navigator. PD))2/20/15
11/1/88 17:00Vila Velha (Brazil)BrazilCircle05 to 10 minCuriosamente, passados tantos anos deste avistamento e, tendo vivido uma outra experiÍncia muito mais forte que essa e numa fase da vid4/27/07