National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 05/1987


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
5/28/87 20:30BurnsideKYUSACircle5 minutescant explain thank about it almost everyday for 23 years4/13/10
5/28/87 19:00SchenectadyNYUSAChevronten minutesAt dusk the craft lingered over land, close to the Knolls Atomic Power Lab, Schenectady, NY town of Niskayuna1/28/99
5/26/87 22:30AgawamMAUSAOther5 minutesNewtown Lights 19878/6/20
5/22/87 23:30MinneapolisMNUSALight2 minutesOn 3-19-19 at 11:30 pm (CST) I viewed a "star" whose form was constantly changing, emitting points of light then fusing back3/21/19
5/22/87 03:00RialtoCAUSASphereHourI stared staring at sky and see nothing but but lights of spheres. ((anonymous report))3/21/19
5/21/87 02:00San AntonioTXUSADisk10 minutesWe saw a UFO that night that was about 400 feet long that made no sound and had a beacon of light shining out of it like it was looking6/12/08
5/20/87 22:00Mcpherson/LindsborgKSUSATriangle2 hoursTriangle Shape sighted. Two hours of time lost during the encounter.6/2/13
5/20/87 02:00GalvestonTXUSAChanging1-2hoursi wrote to this site about 1 year ago and did not get a response from you. when i was 10 years old my mom called me and my brother a10/30/06
5/18/87 22:30EvansvilleINUSAOther10 to 15 mini was taking my girlfrienend home it was around 1035 i was going west on brodway i was comeing up a hill and just about to pass a old c10/10/11
5/15/87 23:00TempleTXUSACigar2 minutescigar shaped ufo seen in Temple7/5/05
5/15/87 23:00Island LakeILUSALightMilliseconds4 red laser like lines1/12/12
5/15/87 00:30Las VegasNVUSAOval2 minsLas Vegas Orbs display " V" ariel perfomance in early morning sky8/5/01
5/14/87 20:45WhitesburgKYUSARectangle3 minutesI saw two large, rectangle objects, moving silently outlined with small lights at 3 and 5 hundred feet in air.1/31/04
5/10/87 23:30SeldenNYUSAOther20 secondsSaw a star stop make two 90 degree turns then vanish3/21/03
5/10/87 23:30WalesNYUSALight5/10/87 23:304 white dots moveing and disapearing in 2 directions10/10/11
5/8/87 02:00Newgale Sands (UK/Wales)United KingdomLight5 secondslight "answers" beam shone at it.8/28/03
5/8/87 00:00Marble FallsTXUSACircle10 minutesHovering white circle, half the size of the full moon explodes without sound shoots up into the stars and vanishes.12/9/03
5/6/87 19:09GLENROCKWYUSACigar4 MinutesSighted on Friday 15. May 1987 Reported on Friday 15. May 19875/31/22
5/6/87 18:15El PasoTXUSADisk15 to 20 secondsSaw a UFO before my daily run.2/25/03
5/5/87 21:00NatickMAUSADisk10 secondsThe object was saucer shaped since the bottom part of it was covered by the trees and there were hundreds of bright lights.10/7/03
5/5/87 12:00Zarafshan (Uzbekistan)UzbekistanSpherehour?Large sphere the size of an apartment building hovered over a remote desert community.9/2/05
5/1/87 23:00WinslowMEUSAUnknown15 minutesThis sighting happened beck in the 80'S in winslow maine. I was about 7 or 8 and my brother was about 10 or 11. one night i snuck into6/3/10