National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 04/1987


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
4/25/87 14:30Bacolod City (Occidental Province) (Philippines)PhilippinesLightmore than 2-min/less thanDaylight "disc" ? Over Negros Island, Philippines, by amateur astronomer working on Observatory dome1/17/04
4/24/87 20:15SeattleWAUSAChanging20 minutesLow flying Orange Blimp over Lake Washington (Seattle, Madrona Park Beach)3/10/11
4/23/87 20:30RedmondWAUSACigar5 minutesorange blimp in night sky, redmond Wa4/13/10
4/22/87 23:30RockfordILUSASphere15 MinsHuge Orange Shaped sphere hovering about the ground about 3 feet.9/17/00
4/21/87 22:30HibbingMNUSACircle15 min.we saw a strange light in the sky so we pulled over to the side of the road and watched in amazment as it moved with lighting speed6/23/99
4/19/87 22:30Carolina BeachNCUSACigar30 MinutesI shined my bright headlights on it!5/2/11
4/17/87 12:00American ForkUTUSAFormation10 minutesAbout a dozen objects flew in a diamond formation (from our perspective) from the north overhead to the south.8/30/99
4/16/87 15:30Yanbu Al Sinaiyah (Saudi Arabia)Saudi ArabiaDisk30sec to 1minAwesome show of colours and wonder amidst desert sands7/13/05
4/16/87 15:30ClearwaterFLUSAOther3 minutesThis is not the flying spaceship UFO, but since it wasnt on the ground or identifiable this seemed the place to go. For 24 years I kept3/10/11
4/15/87 16:00Seal RockORUSASphereSecondsMy wife and I are professional photographers and were doing some stock photo work at Seal Rock on the Oregon coast. I still don't know7/30/02
4/15/87 05:00Perth (Australia)AustraliaSphere5 secondsOn a warm fresh morning in the summer of 87 i saw it suspended off the ground approx 1000yrds from me next to a main digital communicat10/30/06
4/15/87 02:00Huntingdon (Canada)QCCanadaOther4 minutesPulsating, emence light in Huntingdon QC7/8/04
4/14/87 12:00ButlerPAUSAOther45 secondsI saw an unmanned craft, 3' long fly 12' over my head slower than a man walks, then accelerate away at a great speed.5/15/06
4/11/87 22:00Carolina BeachNCUSACigar30 minutesI SAW WHAT I SAW5/11/05
4/10/87 13:00New York City (Manhattan)NYUSATriangleunknownTrianglar Dream sightings3/23/04
4/9/87 19:20LawrencevilleNJUSAOtherabout 8 minutesFour octagon shape pods hooked together with pulsating lights. Most likely the bottom of the ship or objects body.6/9/09
4/1/87 21:30MalibuCAUSAFireball5 secondsApril, 1987 - Bright Bluish Crimson Ball flying over the Malibu Canyons11/3/05
4/1/87 18:00StampsARUSAChevron10 minutesIt floated over highway 53 right over me.7/4/14
4/1/87 12:00WestminsterCOUSATeardrop30-45 minutesIt appeared to be the shape of upside down teardrop. ((NUFORC Note: Possible helium-filled scientific balloon?? PD))7/8/16