National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For 09/1986


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
9/22/86 16:00FredericksburgVAUSATriangle3 minutesI saw 4 orange non flashing glowing lights in a traingle formation.9/30/13
9/21/86 06:30JasperGAUSATriangleAbout a minute or two09/21/1986, Jasper, GA, triangular shape, a minute or two of duration, 3 feet above ground hovering8/24/10
9/20/86 23:50TucsonAZUSAUnknown10-20 secPaired blue halos ascend rapidly and silently.11/20/01
9/19/86 19:00PortsmouthVAUSAUnknown10 minutesA trail of smoke1/11/02
9/18/86 20:30Colts NeckNJUSAFireball30 minutesET Sighting in Colts Neck NJ 1986, shooting objects across the sky.10/30/06
9/18/86 16:00OwensboroKYUSACylinderapprox 3 minutes"Baton-shaped" object moving end-over-end in clear afternoon sky.9/17/00
9/16/86 18:00New EllingtonSCUSAOther90 secondsWhile driving near a nuclear plant in South Carolina, my wife and i spotted a wingless, oblong shaped aircraft.7/1/02
9/15/86 22:30WingdaleNYUSAOther20 minutes +First obect traveling at high speed, second object stationary on mountain top observed for several minutes2/1/07
9/15/86 22:30ReddingCAUSACigar1 minuteIn September 1986 I was working for the National Park Service at the Whiskeytown National Recreation Area just west of Redding, CA. I8/5/12
9/15/86 22:00Humacao (Puerto Rico)Puerto RicoLight2 minutesOn this day me and my family went to visit family friends in the east coast of Puerto Rico,near a public beach (about 4 blocks away) me6/10/16
9/15/86 22:00CalypsoNCUSAOtherappox. 5 minIn 1986 NC, a red and yellow glowing object appears to mother, son, and daughter leaving them without memory of it8/12/01
9/15/86 20:00TylerTXUSAOther10 secondsLarge ship with no sound and no lights passing over my apt complex3/19/02
9/15/86 03:00New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSASphere25 minutesA clear bright starry night. Very nice indeed with great air quality that night.I was on duty and doing guard. The premises are outdoor4/17/08
9/11/86 22:00CalypsoNCUSASphere1-2 minutesUFO of spherical red and yellow lights hovers over family leaving them with no memory of incident5/11/05
9/1/86 20:00Virginia BeachVAUSAUnknown5 minTwo creatures or aliens in Bay Colony, no UFO.8/21/11
9/1/86 19:00SantiagoChileLight30 secondsCircle in the sky, Santiago Chile, 19-20 hrs. 2 -3 days before Atlantis was Launched, 86',87' not sure.8/7/07
9/1/86 17:00Valparaiso (Chile)ChileSpherehoursMass sighting of a shiny metallic sphere8/5/01
9/1/86 15:00Oak HarborWAUSAOther15 secondsPossible military test craft in Oak Harbor, Washington.10/8/07
9/1/86 00:00MaysvilleGAUSATriangleabout 5 minutesTriangle shaped ship over Georgia in the 1980's.6/12/07